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tv   News at 5pm  FOX  March 26, 2014 5:00pm-6:01pm PDT

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leland yee with wire fraud. take a look at what happened this morning. leland yee's house was searched and evidence was seized as was his sacramento office. we were there later in the morning as leland yee arrived in handcuffs that courthouse after 9:00 in the custody of fbi agents. this afternoon a judge unsealed the complaint that details a web of connections between leland yee, informants, gang members and a san francisco political consultant. that consultant solicited fbi informants to make legal donations to pay off debt from leland yee's may recall campaign -- mayoral campaign. he said leland yee had a contact dealing with arms trafficking. leland yee told the dealer he had contacts in russia, boston and southern california and a
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quote from leland yee has the things you want. leland yee was allowed to leave custody this afternoon. he is still inside the building, we are wait to hear from his -- waiting to hear from his lawyer. in court he surrendered his passport. at 6:00 p.m. we hope to have sound from his lawyer and we will bring you more details inside this complaint including charges leland yee was responsible for trying to speed through -- legalized medical marijuana in the state of california. reporting live in san francisco, david stevenson, ktvu channel 2 news. >> the fbi conducted raids in a number of bay area locations this morning as part of the criminal investigation. one of them was in san francisco bay view district at a building on davidson avenue. another raid took place in the city. agents entered a home on 7th
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avenue. the fbi tells us this raid is also connected to the arrests of leland yee and 24 other people. it happened after 9:00 a.m. you see here we got pictures of agents removing boxes of evidence. our team coverage continues with ktvu's ken pritchett live in sacramento. ken, fair to say lawmakers were stunned? >> reporter: that is true. many may know leland yee for his efforts on violent video games or gun control but he ozalso knowns -- also known as someone who wanted to spread sunshine on state government, anti-corruption efforts and it is safe to say most of the lawmakers today were blind sided by this news. you should be seeing video now of fbi agents leaving the office of california state senator leland yee, his capital
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office, carting away potential evidence in the investigation. his office was roped off, underguard all morning. -- under guard all morning. the fbi was here early, they were here at 7:30 a.m. this morning. most lawmakers didn't want to talk about this, but we talked to senate president on what was an unusual day to say the least. >> very unusual. very distressing. um, shocking. >> i am extremely disappointed and upset. >> i understand that leland yee is in custody. that is a very, very heavy thing to react to and -- and try sort it out. >> reporter: this is the third
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significant scandal in the senate. two are on leave from the senate. one charged with baby, and another convicted of -- bribery and another convicted of election fraud. she having to -- he is having to deal with this and he said that he wants california state senator leland yee gone. they want him to leave immediately. they want him to leave the senate as they put it right now and they say if leland yee doesn't reline immediately they are ready to goo the floor -- go to the floor and strip him of committeeships he may be sitting on. ken pritchett, ktvu channel 2 news. >> more details now on raymond "shrimp boy" chow he is a former member of the san francisco china town street gang, over the past years hes has been -- hes habeen convicted -- he has been
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convicted on several charges. he was released from prison in 2003 after cutting a deal with the government to testify against an associate. he is currently head of a association in san francisco, and our coverage of the story continues throughout the newscast. at 5:30 p.m. one of the raids hit a snag today, why the fbi had to call in firefighters to get a certain piece of evidence out of the building. to our storm watch coverage. a live picture of what is happening at the bay bridge. clouds in the sky. not pouring right now but think back 12 hours ago a different story. it was pouring for much of the morning. ktvu's chief meteorologist bill martin told us to expect that yesterday and how much rain did we get? >> what difference between this morning ask this afternoon -- and this afternoon. there are still showers and severe weather north of here.
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the rainfall this morning, the front. rainfall accumulations pop in behind this. some areas got up to an inch of rain. inch of rain. here is that current live storm tracker 2. you will see it pop in here. light activity around here. to the north there is a tornado warning, that is lasting till 5:15 p.m. they just extended it. for us we have showers by bay point. coming down heavy at times. highway 4 or 80 look at the heavy rain, martinez. towards antioch, this is on your commute. if you look up here, heavy showers aroundiant crosswalk, pittsburg -- around antioch, pittsburg. oakland area, you have heavy rain there. we are seeing more showers. there is more rain in the forecast as we go through the next few days. we will talk about tomorrow's forecast, a chance of showers
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and the weekend with bigger rain possible there. >> thank you. we go to ktvu's john fowler, john is in san francisco with what all this rain meant for reservoirs and conversation. john? >> reporter: we are in a beautiful, delightful break between storms. not raining here now but as bill said all around the bay today felt less and less like we were -- less and less like we were in a drought. people in san francisco ducked through the rain. umbrellas out. traffic slow. clouds began to part. >> i am not a rain lover. i know the area needs it. >> reporter: in contra costa county rain fell hard at times. snarling this highway 24 morning commute. by this afternoon sunshine in pacifica. it let her empty her rain buckets. >> look how quickly. this is what today's rainfall
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-- what we had. >> reporter: it is how she waters her plants. >> aplaysing how much you can -- amazing how much you can collect. for more than 30 -- >> reporter: for more than 30 years she has been collecting and using roof run off. >> sometimes you can collect water on a foggy day. >> reporter: residents asked to conserve 10%. she got a rebate. she among the people in the bay area using san francisco's hecht hetchy water. >> we are not out of the woods yet. >> reporter: today's updated water supply graph. the shed right now the red line only 40% of average prescription. that is the black line. >> we need more than 15 inches of rain to get to average. >> that is 4 or 5 storms like
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this one. every week. now the idea here is that we are still a long ways from normal but let me tell you, at 6:00 p.m., i will show youtools that will help water -- youtools that will help water manage -- you what tools will help water managers. >> stay up to date with the latest weather conditions with our ktvu weather app. . the crash this morning in san francisco sent 7 people to the hospital about 12:30 when a car hit a van. witnesses say the three people ran away from the scene but police caught them. it happened when a car hit a van. >> the van was like flooflying -- like flying. >> reporter: how many were in the car? >> three. two girls and one guy. yeah. the girl was in the black
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shirt. >> police expect all seven people injured to recover. to the south bay where a woman was hit and killed by a bicyclists during her walk. the accident happened on the san jose state university campus. ktvu's robert handa is there and tells us why the area is more hectic than usual. robert? >> reporter: this is usually a busy entrance way on to the campus, more hectic because of the construction here. you can see the large construction site over there and that makes this walkway a narrow path for pedestrians and bicyclists. san jose state university university police say thursday morning, march 20 a 89-year-old woman was on a walk with a friend heading into the campus when she was knocked down by a bicyclist going the other way. the woman suffered severe injuries and transported to a hospital where she died on
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saturday. >> everything is under investigation. and knowing exactly how the collision occurred and that process is being vetted as we speak, and so interviews are taking place, follow up is being done. >> reporter: san jose state university restricts bicycle traffic on the pathway from 8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. but the collision occurred before 6:00 a.m. the bicyclist stayed at the scene, was helpful and rendered first aid. the cause of death was from head injuries. police say it will take a week or two to wrap up the investigation and turn the case over to the district attorney. we were unable to reach the family but were told the family is considering legal action. live in san jose, robert handa, ktvu channel 2 news. a frustrating search for answers after their mother was arrested in a foreign country. 2 investigates why a woman has been held for two years without
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charges. >> continues coverage on a series of raids. what we are learning about a safe that agents asked firefighters to crack open. >> law enforcement officers say final good-bye and thank you to a sheriff's deputy killed in the line of duty. female announcer: through sunday at sleep train's big gift event get a $200 best buy gift card with purchase of selected mattress sets. or, get 24-months interest-free financing. sleep train's big gift event ends sunday. ♪ your ticket to a better night's sleep ♪
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saying good-bye. crowds of officers in fort bragg today to pay their respects to a sheriff's deputy, rick del fiorentino. he was killed wednesday. rick del fiorentino grew up in the bay area and at the memorial his family spoke. ktvu's rob roth was there. >> reporter: on this gray drizzly morning hundreds of law
5:15 pm
enforcement cars from throughout california and beyond will slowly go through fort bragg. it was a long sad procession honoring sheriff's deputy rick del fiorentino killed last week in the line of duty. people stood and watched the cars. >> devastating. all my employees said they are not working today. i said go to the funeral. [ music ] >> reporter: many people attended the service that two auditoriums were filled and over flowing. [ music ] >> reporter: rick del fiorentino had three children and a wife. >> i lost my best friend and the love of my life. >> reporter: rick del fiorentino was killed in gunfire last wednesday by a man
5:16 pm
on a ramp age. he was -- rampage. he was 48 years old. >> i believe he saved the life of many innocent people. from a monster who was determined to do damage. >> reporter: he knew rick del fiorentino, described him as a gentle giant, a practical joker who put on hunting and fishing clinics. >> the word hero has to be his legacy. not just for march 19 but for who rickey was. >> reporter: rick del fiorentino's fellow deputies said he always made people laugh. today he made them cry. in fort bragg, rob roth, ktvu channel 2 news. >> governor jerry brown and california attorney general kamala harris planned on attending for the fallen deputy
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but were kept away by bad weather. both were set to fly out on a small plane but the weather conditions made it unsafe to fly. develop said news in -- developing news in the hunt for malaysia airlines jet. 100 objection in the search area. it is thursday morning now in that part of the world where the search back on in hopes of finding the jet liner that disappeared 18 days ago. >> this is still the most credible lead we have. >> officials say 122 pieces of possible debris were spotted 1600 miles off the coast of perth in the indian ocean. the photos were taken sunday. so far none of the debris has been seen or recovered. the hope is to spot the wreckage before the black box stops sending installs two weeks from now. >> it is confirmed to be, at
5:18 pm
least then we could move on to the next phase of deep sea surveillance search and rescue. >> 12 explains 5 ships -- planes and 5 ships are looking for the plane that vanished with 239 people on board. the size of the search area is daunting. about the size of the state of alaska and more stormy weather is predicted. live picture now from pittsburg where we are getting reports of showers. you can see the clouds. our chief meteorologist bill martin back now. what are we looking at now and tonight? >> you could see the showers hitting the grounds. this is a live live storm tracker 2 -- this is a live storm tracker 2. that is where the rain showers are. coming in closer. highway 4. and around 680. coming down hard.
5:19 pm
those areas of orange and yellow, it is significant rainfall. that is slow on the bridge. bay point heavy showers as well. and we look over here, you have showers moving up around sky line boulevard. these showers were heavy for a time but they taperer off. the cell dying off. more activity towards morgan hill. widely scattered showers. look for that opportunity of showers all evening. we will have more showers tonight and maybe even into tomorrow morning. here is what is happening. high pressure tomorrow. it drives the system north a little bit. there is still a chance of a showers thursday and friday. i will get to that in the five- day forecast. saturday, for the you go. we will get rain. saturday heavy rain throughout the bay area. today we had an inch. we could see that on saturday, maybe two inches. here is what the model says, thursday now, thursday
5:20 pm
lunchtime, right, scattered showers, like what we have now. thursday afternoon, thursday evening and now friday, lunchtime again. more scattered showers. just like what we are talking about. this isn't a game changer. friday and saturday this is the one on saturday. looks like it will have legs and brings osopportunity for significant -- us a opportunity for significant rainfall. showers, 65 concord. warmer than it was today in many locations. the five-day forecast keeps this winter like weather pattern going. right? chance of showers tomorrow morning. maybe scattered showers friday. but this is the bull's eye. this morning we knew we would be wet. there is saturday. we know that will be wet. if you have plans you have to make adjustments saturday afternoon. sunday more a few showers. this is a good deal. >> absolutely. saturday will it be heavier
5:21 pm
than this morning? >> i don't know if it will be as intense but over the course of the day it will be -- yeah, it could be. >> thank you. are electronic medical records waste of money? then scores of people still missing in washington state. and it is not just officials looking for survivors. families are taking action to look for their loves ones. >> julie haener is here now for what we are working on for 6:00 p.m. >> he snapped photos of people texting and post them on billboards. >> we just natchally do it -- naturally do it. >> why public shaming is not his main goal and our coverage continues on california state senator leland yee. we learn about the other main players under arrest. these stories and much more coming up new at 6:00 p.m. subway eat fresh. .
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. now to our continuing coverage of the deadly mudslide in washington state. for families of loved ones presumed lost every hour that goes by brings heart break. more remains were found today. officials plan to release more details on that in another hour or so. the slow pace of the search is anguishing for survivors. >> it is horrible because i know she is down there under
5:25 pm
the mud in the dark. my family has been digging for her. >> his daughter is among the missing. she was on her way to work when the slide took out the highway. relatives broke through barricades to look for her. rescuers are using heavy equipment, cadaver dogs and bear hands. officials said today homeowners were aware of the risk. >> people knew this was a landslide prone area. sometimes big events just happen. this event happened and i want to find out why. we did everything we could have done to feel safe. >> officials spent millions of dollars in 2006 to reduce the risk of slides in the area and county never expected a land side of this magnitude. 24 bodies have been found.
5:26 pm
176 people are unaccounted for. the government's watch dog agency said medical record updates are wasting taxpayer money. the report says the department of health did a poor job implemented electronic medical records systems. they spent $30 billion to get hospitals to switch from paper to electronic records. the goal is to help doctors share informationing more easily. -- information more easily but doctors say it is not happening. >> the health and human services didn't do a good job because they poured a lot of money into something that isn't working. >> the audit sites privacy concerns saying rules vary from state to state. there is an easy fix, patients should be able to ask to be notified every time their health information is shared.
5:27 pm
fbi raids led to the rest of a state senator. >> what they were looking for, why it was so tough for them and how they got what they were looking for. >> gone without a trace. tonight 2 investigates a bay area family's search to find their mother after a trip to her homeland ended in a mysterious arrest. >> are you guys ready to change the world? [ cheers and applause ] >> the day to remember oracle arena is packed with thousands of bay area students, the message behind the star studded celebration. bulldog: [whimpering] bulldog: has your old bed got you in a twist? well, mattress discounters has up to 48 months interest-free financing. plus, mattress discounters has the largest selection of memory foam mattresses under one roof! queen-size memory foam mattress sets as low as $697! now what's best about 48 months
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complete bay area news coverage continues right now, this is ktvu channel 2 news at 5:00 p.m. >> heavy tools were needed as one of the many raids taking place hit a snag. the investigation included raids throughout the bay area, including in china town. ktvu's christien kafton is live with why investigators had to call in the fire department to gain access to an antique safe there. >> reporter: that safe was located right here in the building behind me. the mason's building. they had ocall in firefighters and ex-- had to call in firefighters and experts looking for evidence.
5:31 pm
they opened it and left with bags of evidence and boxes of evidence. >> reporter: san francisco police officers and agents swarmed searching the headquarters of the free masons. raymond "shrimp boy" chow led the organization at one time and investigators wanted paper work about his business dealing. the employee says investigators had a difficult time accessing an antique safe inside. firefighters used every tool to force the safe open. agents carried boxes of evidence. raymond chow was indicted in 1982 and convicted on fire arms charges and sentenced to 25 years but he was released in 2003 and insisted he has gone straight, even posing with political leaders. at 5:30 a.m.
5:32 pm
this morning investigators served another warrant that this -- at this apartment. the guy was there putting the door up, he was like, well, there was a search warrant so we came here and knocked down the door this morning because they weren't here. >> reporter: investigators still aren't commenting on the bags and boxes of evidence that they got here or how it fits into the investigation. live in san francisco, christien kafton, ktvu channel 2 news. >> more details now on california state senator leland yee's history of public service. goes back to 1988. he is running for secretary of state. and he was a two time san francisco supervisor and lost a bid for mayor in 2011. he 2011 -- leland yee has a doctorate and married and has
5:33 pm
four children. we got up with gavin newsom and got his reaction to the accusations against leland yee. >> anytime a official is accused of something like this it is disappointing and sad. >> he noted leland yee has only been charged, not convicted and anyone in a position of trust is held to a higher standered. the two men have -- standard. the two men have known each other from san francisco and sacramento. at 6:00 p.m. ktvu's eric rasmussen is going through the charging document. it is over 100 pages. we will hear from him live at 6:00 p.m. taking a live picture now at pittsburg as we continue our storm watch. lots of dark clouds in the sky and a few minutes ago there were rain drops here and i understand that that is happening right now. pouring across the bay this morning. our chief meteorologist bill martin is here. >> live picture. rain drops.
5:34 pm
live storm tracker 2. zoom up. that is where the showers are happening. they have been the strongest in the area over the last hour or so. let me move everything this way. you can see what i am talking about. this is bay point. pittsburg. there are the showers on highway 4. lingering out there. showers continue into this evening and perhaps more into tomorrow morning. we have showers on 580 as well. nothing like what we had this morning. 680. showers near dublin. this morning an inch of rain. nasty commute. this commute different. next few days, when i come back, the forecast models and they bring more rain. a couple weather systems headed our way. >> thank you. also get weather information information anytime, follow ktvu on our ktvu app, twitter and facebook. it was a die remember and it was a first for california
5:35 pm
-- day to remember and a first for california. hollywood celebrities joined with athletes to celebrate middle and high school students and teachers, all of whom earned their way to the event. ktvu's claudine wong takes us inside we day. >> reporter: they filed in by the summons thousands and -- hundreds and thousands and the excitement grew. >> great way to inspire the kids. >> i didn't think there would be this many. california's we day described as super bowl for community service. each seat earned by california students. >> 16,000 kids will fill oracle arena for we day and a lot are from the bay area. including these guys and these guys. >> reporter: this is california's first we day but the movement has seen a lot of
5:36 pm
success throughout canada and seattle. founded by two brothers who founded the group free the children when he was 12 years old. this was a star studded day with the red carpet filled with collects who dedicated them -- collects who -- celebrities who dedicated themselves. >> you can make a difference in your community, whether you are a celebrity or normal person. you can change the world no matter who you are. >> reporter: it was a day to impress and to make an impression. a day to inspire and to be inspired. today the lesson was giving back is not only recognized but also rewarded in the hopes that today is justice the beginning of a life service. claudine wong, ktvu channel 2 news. tighter security at certain times of the day, the tsa's
5:37 pm
plan to beef up security and on vacation nearby return home. -- never to return home. >> a big world wide lay off at levi strauss, done in a way you will hardly notice. >> a danger that many don't think about when flying. it has nothing to do with airplane safety, what is being down to protect passengers from other passengers.
5:38 pm
5:39 pm
5:40 pm
a report says transportation security administration wants armed guards at airplane check points during peak hours. the tsa ordered the report after a shooting at los angeles international airport last year. the report recommends putting more security near ticket counters and teaching tsa workers thew respond to shootings. the armed security should be the job of airport police. congress woman from washington, d.c. introduced a bill that would allow tracking of sexual assaults on airliners. she has been told more and more often women sleeping on planes wake up to find someone groping or fondling them. >> i could envision how a woman waking up with somebody all over her might think she is having a nightmare, someone is trying to sexual assault her.
5:41 pm
>> the fbi investigates reports it does not track how many there are. she hopes her bill would give authorities the data they need to deal with the problem. nissan is recalling cars because of an air bag failure. faulty censors may not be able to tell when someone is sitting in the seat. the recall effects models from 2013 and 2014, the altima, leaf, math finder and centra. arrested and locked up for two years without being charged. tonight 2 investigates how a woman's journey to her homeland led to her arrest and her family's fight to find answers. >> were there missed warning before the data breach at target. ahead, what a hearing in washington, d.c. revealed about the attack.
5:42 pm
>> heavy down pours right now in the pittsburg antioch area. i will have the details on how much more rain you can expect and on the commutes how much we could see. female announcer: what will you get with your new sleep train mattress? man: i'm getting a camera! - i'm getting an espresso maker! - i'm getting a new smart phone! female announcer: through sunday at sleep train's big gift event get a $200 best buy gift card with purchase of selected beautyrest, posturepedic or tempur-pedic mattresses. or, get 24-months interest-free financing. - a new tv... - a laptop... - a game console!
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tonight 2 investigates the mystery surrounding a mother arrested and locked up over seas for two years without being charged. ktvu's eric rasmussen has been
5:45 pm
looking into the woman's case for a month and she here with her family's struggle to get answers. >> reporter: this is her. she was arrested without explanation in her home country in east africa. activists call it one of the most repessive nations in the world and the case received little attention till now. >> reporter: at her apartment in oakland her bedroom is just as she left it. >> always reads scripture. >> reporter: her bible opened to the last page she read. her daughter's received a phone call, she was arrested. >> it was terrible. >> reporter: no explanation. no charges. >> us the could be anybody's mother -- this could be anybody's mother. >> reporter: they were told only their mother a u.s. citizen was held in the
5:46 pm
government jail. they documented a network of detention centers in the country. >> we haven't heard nothing. they haven't told us anything. how she is doing. >> reporter: a country that didn't win independence from ethiopia till 1993. she fled with her family and landed in san francisco in 1983. her daughters say she wanted to return to celebrate the country's independence day, not knowing she would be giving up her own freedom. >> this is a comb practice. we have 10,000 prisoners. >> reporter: he is a member of the community in the bay area and one of the few willing to speak out against the country's president and dictator. >> our country has been ruled by rumors, there is no rule. all you hear is rumors. someone throws rumors and people will start believing the
5:47 pm
rumors sometimes. >> reporter: last year a report found thousands have been detailed without charge in atrocious conditions. >> reporter: activists say some prisoners are held in shipping containers like this one and in the africa desert it could be hot and with limited food and water conditions can be deadly. >> you didn't know if it was day or night. >> she was locked up for a week when visiting in 2001. >> i didn't have my identification and the military, they hit me, whipped me. >> reporter: these women say not knowing what their mother has been forced to endure has made the last two years unbearable. >> i feel bad. i don't know if she is eating, sleeping. i feel bad. if she cold. >> 2 investigates called the embassy in washington, d.c. to
5:48 pm
ask about her but we have yet to receive a response. a state department official told ktvu they are aware of her case but have not received any formal communications from the government of such an arrest or detention. this family hopes she gets the message. they will setting for nothing less than her safe return. >> i will tell her i love her and know we are fighting for her out here. we have never given up hope and we won't. >> reporter: after we reached out to the barbara lee they met with her daughters in this videos last week. the office called the case complex but said it is working with the state department but couldn't comment on specifics. we will stay on the story to see what happens next. eric rasmussen, ktvu channel 2 news. storm watch coverage. we start with a live picture encontra costa county. you see -- in contra costa county. you see sun and clouds but it
5:49 pm
is a different picture than earlier this morning and throughout the morning commute. now to our chief meteorologist bill martin who told us to expect the rain, we got it. what is next? >> we got it on the morning commute. it was messy out there. live storm tracker 2, radar. i have 2 going here. we have the ability to have four going. we have showers by highway 4, 680 as well. they were heavy at times. pittsburg. bay point. over by antioch. showers very heavy at times. more showers showing up towards the livermore valley now. tracking this stuff. scattered showers. not, you know, real difficult to -- travel today or this afternoon. not like it was this morning. still issues as you move around on the freeways. move forward. you will see the newographic
5:50 pm
come in here, any second. right about there. there. march. more coming into saturday. and more coming as we head into monday. one, two, three. nice looking weather systems. saturday significant. looks good. more rain than today. san francisco currently 61 degrees. how is it going to go tomorrow in san francisco, downtown? not a bad day. a chance for a sprinkle into the morning. afternoon partly cloudy skies. temperatures make it back into the low 60s. two days ago we had 80s. 10:00 p.m. tonight. more scattered showers. tomorrow morning, more scattered showers. not a deal breaker. but hassle. thursday lunchtime. and more scattered showers athursday afternoon and more on friday -- showers thursday afternoon and more on friday, bang. not like four behind it but it is a good pop on saturday.
5:51 pm
there it is. this transition period, light sprinkles. no big deal. be ready for wet thursday and friday. don't change your plans. i will track that with the latest updates at 10:00 p.m. saturday look goods. scale of 1-10, it is a 7. nice to get a storm this time of year. that is a good storm. >> thank you. using your smart phone to help you stay sober. the app designed to help. one of the most famous companies laying off hundreds, the jobs being lost at levi strauss. >> julie haener is here now for what we are working on for 6:00 p.m. >> bad behavior behind the wheel displayed for all to see. >> regular behavior, we don't think about it. >> a bay area artist tells us why he sunday bold message and pouring over the -- sends a
5:52 pm
bold message and pouring over the documents of california state senator leland yee. joouly h-h -- these stories and much more coming up new at 6:00 p.m. woah, this kitchen is beautiful!
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nothing to sneeze at. the a's are worth $495 million. top 5, yankees, followed by the dodgers, red sox, and our giants. giants officials showed up what is new for the upcoming season. they are building an organic garden and opening up mew seating and a social -- new seating and a social setting. >> the name pays tribute to the original name of our team, the new york gothams. the clubhouse, the bullpen and the game room. >> the giants added low powered transmitters that will send messages in selected sections, they go to fans with iphones and ipads. an app foroverring
5:56 pm
alcoholic -- for recovering alcoholics. the app will sound an alarm if you get too close to a bar and relaxation techniques and a panic putten and -- button and people say it did help them stop drinking. target assures that new security measures are implemented to prevent another attack. target vice president testified today. the target vice president defended the chain's security system. >> will you acknowledge target failed to properly monitor your computer network. >> it is my understanding we had proper seg menitation in place. >> -- seg menitation in place. . it is a famous company in san francisco. levi strauss said today hundreds of employees are being
5:57 pm
let go. new at 5:00 p.m. ktvu's tom vacar has more on why the company is down sizing. >> reporter: long before san francisco was a center of commerce it was a working town levi strauss meant to serve. the brand has survived. >> like a good jean that represents the city. i think they do it for san francisco. >> i think it is an excellent brand. the quality is very, very good. >> quality jeans that is made to last long. i like them. i own a pair of genes. i am happy with it. >> reporter: today the firm announced it will lay off 800 management and management support personnel world wide. some here at san francisco headquarters will be sent packing. >> i felt like, you know for,
5:58 pm
them to sell the brand, employees are involved. >> employees involved in manufacturing and retailing won't be effected but this is only phase one of implementing a continuing cost savings strategy. >> i think it is the economic world we live in. i would still buy jeans from their companies. >> reporter: now in 110 countries and must react to the global environment. tom vacar, ktvu channel 2 news. >> the job cuts will save $200 million over the next year and a half. levi strauss spent a lot of money to name the new 49ers stadium. we checked the numbers, the sponsorship is costing $220 million over eleven years. now at 6:00 p.m.
5:59 pm
bribery, corruption and dealing guns, the list of federal crimes california state senator leland yee is accused of committing. >> a former gang member and convicted criminal, the alliances leland yee formed. and agents raided leland yee office and carted away boxes of evidence, the led line he has been given to resign. >> complete bay area news coverage starts right now, this is ktvu channel 2 news at 6:00 p.m. california state senator leland yee handcuffed and brought before a federal judge on corruption charges. tonight we are learning more about the federal raids on leland yee's sacramento office and a half dozen locations in the bay area. i am julie haener. >> and i am frank somerville. >> fbi agents stormed homes and businesses all over the bay area today including several houses in san francisco, a steel company, a home and a
6:00 pm
free mason organization headquartered in san francisco. >> we have live team coverage tonight. ktvu's eric rasmussen has been going through the federal indictment against california state senator leland yee and two associates. we begin with ktvu's david stevenson in san francisco with more details about the charges that came to light as leland yee appeared in court this afternoon. p david? >> reporter: frank, you can see the camera crews that are waiting for leland yee to leave the building. in court today he sat listening to the charges and shared a laugh with his attorney, even though the charges he is facing is serious, including wide fraud. federal agents arrested leland yee home early this morning. here is leland yee arriving after 9:00 a.m. in handcuffs. he did not answer questions questions questions and appeared in court this afternoon. the compliant adjudged starting in 2012 he solici


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