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tv   KTVU Morning News  FOX  July 9, 2014 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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. we are live where one man is dead after crashing a car into a tree, you can see police are on the scene. let's talk about weather and traffic, steve is here. it is summertime in the bay area and you know what that means, it will be mild, bayside will be warm inland and we will be waking up with clear skies in and around the bay and we
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have mostly cloudy skies as you get onto the roadways along the coastline for the morning, this will clear back and we will be mostly clear away from the coastline today. the on shore breeze has strengthened and right now the gusts are in fairfield and that cool pacific air is working through and we are expected to have a subtle drop for today. 59 in oakland and in napa at this hour. lower 60s at the coast and 60s and 70s, warmer spots and we will reach upper 80s and 84 in livermore, 72 in oakland and san francisco and 77 degrees are expected in red wood city and it will be cool once again at the coast. in san francisco, i will have a look at that forecast once again. and let's talk about the bay bridge itself and traffic here at the toll plaza backed
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up for a 15 minute drive for the span of the span fran -- san francisco side. the game is at at&t park and the best way to get there is transit and you don't have to worry about your car same with the oakland coliseum and at&t park. bart takes you second street and you can get into montgomery and walk down second street and you will be at the park. there are no meaning problems on 880 right in front of the coliseum westbound 580 looks good into oakland and it is a ditch story, we have different traffic there and most of the traffic looks good except for that crash and we will talk about that in just a moment. bart caltrans and muni, let's go back to the desk. and you just mentioned a busy section of the san jose
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road remains closed and one involves a police car. just before 2:00 this morning a man veered off the road and slammed into a tree. he was pronounced dead at the scene and it's unknown if drugs were were a factor in that crash. both he and the officer suffered minor injuries. and the city of antioch stopping a recent wave of violence and dozens of people were shot in the reason weeks. and from that area, here is more alex? >> reporter: police are launching a violent crime suppression team to deal with the ongoing issues and at least 14 people to have been shot here in just the past two
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weeks. the latest crime scene was just across the street from this apartment complex just off summersville road and you can see a security officer was here at the entrance this morning. this is where a 23-year-old man was shot to death and another man was wounded by gunfire. it is unclear what the motive was and it was the latest in a series of violent crimes and just last week he was wounded in a shooting and before that seven people were injured when somebody opened fire at a house fire and several people were injured and in response they will be doing weekly -- weekly targeted patrols working overtime to deal with the spike in crime. some things are getting out of hand and more needs to be done to help people feel safe. >> i don't want to raise my children here but i don't have
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a choice. >> antioch police chief has a lack of resources in a reason facebook resource, the chief said many of the shootings are either gang or drug related and they are hampered by many of the factors that they are uncooperative and violent crime is down and over the past few weeks they saw a surge in shootings and police will be looking for help from some other law enforcement agencies to deal with the ongoing troubles. live this morning, ktvu channel 2 morning news. police in santa cruz are investigating a bizarre murder which sounds like a bad thing. she is accused of killing a married man of five children.
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she is accused of killing computer engineer forest timothy haze. she killed him a board his yacht but injecting him with heroin. they plea of she killed another man the same way in another state. they lured her back by posing as a potential client. and it happened just outside coit tower monday afternoon. six men confronted the 16-year- old boy shoving him to the ground stealing his drill phone and wallet. kowtower was open and they are hoping somebody can come forward. >> we would definitely like to hear from the public. >> the victim tried to grab one of the tackers, he was punched
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in the head and so far there is no description of the suspect. demonstrators from sonoma county in the lopez case are now planning their next protest. and many are saying she would not file criminal charges and lopez carried a me begun which -- beebee gun which looked like an assault rifle. >> they are trying to take it off of gail house. it's very violating when you live in a community where you cannot just for -- trust your
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police officers. and they ordered the lawyers not to say anything to the news media as well the jury is talking been the responsibility and lawyers contend poor stadium security played a role in this attack. >> at planned bart extension to the south bay, it is causing a rift between the city of mill speeds and it -- milpitas and it is not father to blame milpitas after the delays that cited with milpitas. the city is opposing them after 8 months to allow the building construction work on that bart extension. it would delay hoe day
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extension but they have since backtracked and will be finished on time for 2017. there may be some hope for low-income families. a developer has pulled out to convert the luxury apartments. a group supporting residence say there may be a chance to possibly safe the property. a nurse in hyland hospital in oakland may be disciplined because of her clothing. police said she was sent home twice in one week which her boss called inappropriate. they called it inappropriate which is dirty torn and does
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not talk about a preference over that. >> i could be facing termination. >> she said she is being treated unfairly because other nurses in her department have worn dress uniforms to work without being disciplined. they say supervisors have the authority to enforce the dress code but could not comment on her case because she didn't have all the details. coming up at 6:30 the tough penalty the state water agency will be soon consider. pizza on the plane, why the pilot autographed a special delivery. and it is quite a different
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story for mean many of us, we will get into the afternoon and i will update your current conditions with afternoon highs coming up.
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. authorities say 25 people have been killed in those air strikes. its really government will do whatever is necessary to stop continuing rocket attacks from gaza. -- gaza. the escalation started with the apparent retaliation killing of a palestinians teen. and she has outraged she has not learned from her mistakes. she suffered permanent injuries after being hit by robert. he served 18 months of a three year sentence in connection with that case. he was under a court order not to drink or drive but was rearrested three weeks ago. >> it is ashame we have to be here -- a shame he didn't learn anything. his attorney declined to comment on the case and is
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being held in santa clara county jail. and the pot clubs, they are planning a big protest and they are sending out messages urging supporters of medical marijuana dispensaries to gather in city hall. they are continuing against a new ordinance approved by them next month. it comes from an all out ban and those new rules are set to take affect next week. meanwhile, new sales, people are rushing out to buy marijuana including the attorney in settlement pete homes bought 2-gram bags for post tierty. -- posterity. he is hoping the dea, drug enforcement administration will
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not mind it. and determining the fate of the los angeles clippers. sterling got into a heated exchange during his first day of testimony. he contends that they don't plan on the sale for inside lines. time now, you've got a chance now to see some famous mill vehicles before they are auctioned off. they will be up for sale in pore toll la valley and look at that. it includes many in past wars and prices range from $10,000 to a million dollars. you can see the military vehicles on auctions, that website, the actual viewing website begins today and tomorrow at the military technology foundation at the old spanish trail and the auction is on friday and
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saturday. and passengers are not complaining even though they landed five hours late because of heavy rain in colorado. that is when the captain decided was time for them to have pizza and it made the waiting a little more bearable. >> i think it's time to take care of my passengers and i called dominoes and ordered some pizza. >> the local dominoes was about to close but they came back and made 3 5-piece is a. >> i can use a couple of slices right now. >> i can use some info from sal, how are they doing? >> well, we are looking at it dave and pam, highway 24 in contra costa, we are off to a decent start on this wednesday and let's start with highway 24
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since we mentioned between the pleasant hill road and about an 8 minute drive, average speeds are right at the speed limit and there are no major problems as you drive on to the oakland side of things and there is a delay of about 25 minutes into san francisco and that's your average drive time. and if you are driving on 508, we have slow traffic but it gets better in dublin and for the most part, san ramon into pleasanton let's go to rosemary orozco. we are getting a better view, partly cloudy and the marine layer has deepened and it's 1,500 feet and the on shore breeze is stronger as well. they are gusting to 35-mile-per- hour and that is a key sign that our pattern is switching
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and temperatures will cool slightly as we get into the afternoon. the ridge of high pressure that brought us the warmer weather into our area earlier in the week has now shifted and weakened just a bit and this is what will drive our temperatures over the next few days and even patchy drizzle along the coast, upper 50s in concord and oakland and livermore, they are starting out in the 50s and 78 in berkeley, 72 and it is just a mild day once again on the east bay shore cloudy along the coast, that is not going to change, mid-to-upper 70s for inland areas, a beautiful day, 79 is expected for you. we typically see some of those hotter numbers, low-to-mid 80s for livermore and that's a good
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looking day for you. 82 los gatos, if you are going to see them, at&t park partly cloudy skies, make sure you have an extra layer for the little ones. your bay area week den is always in view. take a look settling into this pattern and here is hoping you like it, more of the same is coming our way and we start out with the lower clouds, afternoon sunshine and temperatures don't budge a whole lot. mostly clear skies, temperatures along the coast, low 70s and for our inland cities, mid-to-upper 80s. and they are ready to reach paying $4 billion involving bad
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mortgages and the different. as reached a similar settlement and is suing bank of america in a similar case. and it is exactly what you wait about it. they will credit them with 800,000 frequent flyers miles on 800, and they have tickets and they plan on using the complaints about why it can charge some of the lowest around. they get more complaints more than any others in the area. and they just got more complicated, the rangers are now weighing in on that deal. what is your emergency. >> a one-year-old has swallowed something and is choking -- >> a frantic 911 call about a choking baby, the dispatcher's
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reaction when she realized it was her own son.
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. they were being carried on a train to an assembly plant
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when the train derailed. they are expected to continue and the tracks remain closed. 6:24 it was all caught on a go pro camera and several people planned add quiet day at the beach. that is when i saw a teen caught in a rip current. >> he is right there... >> is he right there. he tried to grab that young man but he was swept out there himself. that is when rob saw a lull in that current to use that chance to jump into the water >> i saw it, this was his only chance my feet left the roxanne in i went -- rocks and my feet left the area and i grabbed him. >> he was able to make it back to shore on his own. meantime a bay area surfer is recovering from the rocks at
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lands end. he was separated from his surf board and it took time for him to make it to the cliff house. he made it down to the man but the rest of the team used hopes to hall both of them to safety. and a 911 dispatcher is being praised while keeping her cool when an emergency 911 call came from her own home. that is the voice of britney asking first responders to run to her house to help her baby who stopped breathing. her one-year-old son went limp after choking on a piece of metal. >> i heard them said the address and i recognized it as my own home address. >> the father who does have
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some medical training was able to clear his son's airway and she treated the call from her house with the same urgency she treats every call. 6:26 is the time developing news from vacaville. an early morning fire, a shocking discovery firefighters made while sifting through the debris. $500 for wasting water, we will tell you how to have reaction from homeowners as well. >> right now we have slow traffic. we will tell you where the slow traffic is and how long it will take you to get through. and they are getting further inland when they are beginning to clear coming up.
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. >> now the city may go even further to fight this wave in and beyond, good morning, thank you for joining us it is wednesday july 9th, i am dave clark. this is rosemary orozco, fog rolling into most parts? >> yes, we have different temperatures and it has to do with the on shore breeze, a thicker marine layer through fairfield, partly cloudy skies through concord and more widespread with the low clouds, socked in well along the bay and our inland areas are in parts of the east bay yesterday
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and the marine layer is 1,500 feet and today it's 200,000 feet and the on shore breeze will contribute. right now in concord redwood city, 57 san jose and if you are waking up with mostly cloudy skies and even apache drizzle it -- a patchy drizzle, mostly cloudy cool at the coast, half-moon bay and mostly cloudy skies elsewhere. 87 in antioch and i'll take a look at when those clouds are expected to clear coming up, sal? we are still waking up to a commute. on the bridge itself moving along taking a look at the san
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mateo bridge along the westbound 92 to the peninsular. and in san jose, there is a little bit of slow traffic as we showed you for the rest of it and it still looks good on 285 as well. 6:32 let's go back to the desk. we have developing news, fire crews are battling an early morning fire and they found a body at the scene. this video you are looking at just came into the channel 2 newsroom and that grim discovery -- discovery came on present valley -- pleasant valley road. they are putting out hot spots and it's clear -- it's not clear how the person died. stay right here and we will bring you up dates as we get them in. meanwhile, it is a
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difficult start which is dealing with a recent wave of violence. two people were shot and one died at the scene. they is more on how they plan to keep the violence from getting worse. good morning. they are planning to launch a suppression about the violent problems in the city, 14 people shot in just the past two weeks, the latest shooting scene was at this apartment complex, it is across the street and this is on delta boulevard. excuse me delta fair boulevard and these are the delta view apartments and this is where a 2 -year-old man was -- a 23- year-old man was shot and was wounded by the gunfire and it is unclear why they were shot
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but just last week, they were injured atherton house party and police will be doing weekly targeted patrols and officers will be working overtime to deal with the spike in crime. a relative of one of yesterday's shooting victims is angered by the ongoing violence. >> i would like to get some answers. it is terrible and sad. it is too much. many of these recent shootings are either drug or gang related and many times they are making things difficult for
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investigators. violent crime had been down but it is possible the city of antioch may also look for some outside help from other law enforcement agencies. live in antioch, alex savage, ktvu channel 2 morning news. police in san francisco are looking for suspects in a deadly shooting. it happened late last night in the city's bay view district. officers say a man was shot in the head and was pronounced dead at the scene. at this point there is no information about any possible suspects. two brothers are facing murder charges in two separate shootings just hours apart. they he have identified him as kept and the second was in the
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bay view district. at. >> that is what state waiter officials are considering. live in alameda, tell us what the state is considering in this deal, good morning, brian. >> reporter: they are saying the water consumers and local agencies are not doing enough to conserve water. obviously this homeowner obviously let they are lawn go and this proposal could cost hundreds of dollars if you are deemed a water waister as you mentioned and next week the what water control board will consider up to $500 a day and again this would only include things like washing your car without a nozzle or hosing down your sidewalk and if passed these restrictions would be considered infractions and any law enforcement agencies could
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write tickets. many here in the bay area are involved and some people this morning, we spoke with the koch if i shop saying they have cut back already and they can't reduce anymore. >> they cut back a couple of years ago and the last time they told us to without back and since they cut back they have already cut back. and the state has only conserved 5% and about 30% of water suppliers have imposed mandatory water restrictions. they are finding many people are ratting out their neighbors as water waisters and they have fielded 60,000 plus calls and
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that's up 20 times from last year and now we posted a question from facebook would you rat on your neighbor if they were water wasting, live here in alameda. on the immigration crisis, the trip was planned for political fundraising and at the earning of rick perry, they quickly pulled together a meeting they will be attending and president barack obama asked congress for $3.5 billion in emergency spending to deal with the thousands of young immigrants who crossed the border in recent months. in southern california
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speakers said the children are dangerous many others also attended. and they have an emergency radio system and they are expected to finally approve a plan which was first proposed several years ago. they will allow oakland police to be use by other east bay law enforcement agencies and they have long complained that the current radio system is old, outdated and not reliable. there was an embarrassing radio break down from two years ago. airport safety of officers at fso were honored publicly for the first time. the board of supervisors are resoling yours cordially and
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they have lives risked and they are risk being air leaves after the july 5th crash. you will be asked to raise the county's sales tax by a half cent. the board of supervisor is raising about $8 billion for bus, ferry computer train and bart service improvementels and it will also pay for improvements at the gill man street interchange on interstate 880. that is a confusing and dangerous intersection where many collisions happen. >> when i see things like that, it is a fear of real and
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present danger. we need to pay to support our commuters. that tax had no time limit on it. sales tax right now is 9%. the development team is working tonight build a new football stadium and they are working on it at the oakland coliseum. today's oakland tribune is urging oakland city council to reject it and the raiders are hoping to buy the as more time outside the city of oakland. raiders want to tear down -- tear it down and build a new one for the coliseum sports complex. time now 6:41 sex drugs and lots of money and it may sound like something out of a crime novel.
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they are accusing them, a father of five a board a yacht, what police said she did after the killing is stunning. live in san jose... a police officer is injured how the accidents are connected and the impact is here on the commute. and the south bay commute is getting busier especially on the key roads, some stop and go traffic, we will give you the run day. -- rundown. and we have a stronger on shore breeze, we will continue our trend and i will have a look at the afternoon highs coming up.
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. new this morning, a collision and a change reaction to the first crash. live in san jose where they have blocked off a part of the that area, we have just learned it will be closed for another hour? >> yes, may be more and that second accident happened because officer had their minds on other things and you can see it was just before this area
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and the body is still inside this smashed car and once the truck moves we will be able to see a clearer shot of it. >> reporter: it has been crashed into the center median and police rushed to the scene just before 2:00 a.m. and found a hyundai, they arrived to help but they are unable to see them and they have veered off into the area. the cause of the investigation and police had blocked off traffic near the light rail stations so they can keep cars away and apparently one driver was not paying attention. >> while we were doing traffic control for that fatal accident, it appears that a person who is delivering newspapers didn't see the flashing lights on the police car and broad sided the police
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car that was controlling traffic at this intersection. >> and it was a newspaper delivery man, he was transported with minor injuries and so was the officer inside the car and the patrol car that was hit. he did complain of pain and we are suffering whiplash and we don't know if drugs or alcohol played a factor and we don't know who the deceased is and it is too early to tell. he is a white man ables 30-to- 40 years old and police will be on the scene here for at least another hour or so, if you use this area to get to work, we are very close to coddle and the light rail station and you are being asked to avoid this area. reporting live from san jose, janine de la vega, ktvu channel 2 morning news. janine thank you. let's check in with torii campbell to see what is coming up on mornings on 2. good
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morning, torii. they want to invade the big apple. first the ride share company offered a 20% price cut to compete with traditional yellow cabs. find out the new commitment they made after suffering from sticker shock. and there has been a lot of the tension from the white house dealing with the break crisis and find out how it could be a benefit for firefighters. now back to you on the morning news. thank you torii. 648 is the time, right now we want to see sal and how does the commute look? >> we have not had any major accidents except for that one we have been covering and that was not on the freeway. freeways are clear and 880 westbound from the carquinez to the mcarthur maze, about 20 minutes, it's just below 60- mile-per-hour. bay bridge toll plaza, backed
6:49 am
up for a 30 minute drive with no major delays and if you are driving westbound traffic, 580 will be busy with the pass into livermore, let's go to rosemary. at. >> giving you a live look and the clouds are more wait spread and those low clouds will hang tough another day. it brought us the warmup and brought us the monsoonal moisture and it's weakening and moving out and low pressure will be moving and we will continue that cool down as we get into tomorrow afternoon. patchy drizzle and cool inside the bay. we had the morning clouds and we will be mild and it will be very pleasant. our inland areas, partly cloudy to mostly sunny as we get into the afternoon and we will be warm and we are not going to be
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too hot and it's going to be a beautiful day. temperatures in antioch, 57 in concord and 58 in concord and napa as we get into the afternoon for today. concord you have a beautiful day and coming your way and temperatures 64 degrees expected and 75 at the lunch hour and that's a perfect temperatures to be outdoors for your lunchtime. 81 is expected and we are getting into the second half of the afternoon and it is expected right around dipper time. in areas 60 degrees and mountain view, you have a nice day coming up in neighboring areas and you can relate to these, 78 for your lunch hour and mid-to-upper 70s are expected for the afternoon and 78 degrees for -- 73 degrees as we get into the 6:00 hour. mostly sunny and you will go to 79 and 80 degrees, 70 in sol
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sir right tow shall shall el cerrito. 74 in sunny val. 74 for san mateo 64 san francisco, lower 60s and mostly cloudy at the coast. the extended forecast, i can really sum it up by saying it is milder at the bay inland and not a lot of change going on and your bay area shows temperature will -- temperatures will warm slightly as we go back to the desk. 1 million cars were rolled because of a -- recalled because of a problem with the airbags. the accords, civic, crvs and odysseys dxs, rls and also included they have airbags made by a japanese company which can
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cleaning out pieces of medical. this is covered on in the south. and celebrating your haver farm date which is of course 711. customers can get a free slish -- letter ispy and -- slurpy and we will have birthday cake flavored m&m's and icecream bars and of course your free slurpy on 4th of july at 711. and stuck on the plane on the tarmac. they made them feel better about their ordeal. call 911 one i am having a baby. >> two women get involved when
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a woman was having a baby right in the middle of a local street.
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. a man is accused of breaking into a home with a mother and child inside. he slipped out the back door, somebody spotted him and called
6:56 am
police. the suspect touched two girls and kissed one of them who was asleep at the time. the kids were able to escape the house and the police standoff continued for merely an hour until he surrendered. this is laura's law named for 19-year-old mental health worker who was shot to death by a mentally ill man who resisted effort to force him into treatment. they petitioned the department of public health, to bring him in an effort to get him treatment. they have helped formally homeless people become stable enough to get housing but it still does not address funding for mental health services. they are overriding the supreme court's decision in the
6:57 am
hobby lobby for religious reasons including all forms include being -- including the senate floor. the biggest health insurance faces a class action lawsuit by people they are supposed to serve. the and them blue cross led millions of policies whether they are participating in the new obama care plans. the lawsuit claims many of them tonight care and they unexpected unexpectedly have to pay thousands of dollars for medical bills. a new important and mother is doing well after giving
6:58 am
birth right in the middle of the street. they looked around the corner where they saw a woman at a telephone pole with something between her legs. she said she was having a baby and they called 911 while waiting for paramedics to arrive. and spinning out of the control in one bay area city, how police are responding to more than a dozen shootings in the past two weeks. and this record-breaking drought. the actions that could cost you, stay with us. we will be right back.
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the city of antioch is struggling to control a recent surge in violent crime, including a deadly shooting that happened just yesterday. we'll tell you the action the city is taking in response. a deadly crash in the south bay early this morning. how this crash led to a second accident involving a patrol car. water your lawn, pay $500 a day. the controversial regulation being considered by the state. plus an alleged prostitute arrested in the case that sounds like something out of a fiction novel. the connection police say she has to t


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