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tv   KTVU News Special Levi Stadium Special  FOX  August 31, 2014 11:00pm-11:31pm PDT

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everything is new. new stadium, new feel. >> levi's stadium in santa clara. $1.3billion and years in the making. the san francisco 49ers new home is a new design. we're going to take you inside from the gate, to the seats, the concession stands, the locker room to right down on the field. >> it's very impressive looking at the field. looking at the atmosphere it's awesome. >> reporter: this is all access
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pass, levi's stadium. and hello everyone i'm frank somerville. >> i'm gasia mikaelian. the san francisco's 49ers have already played two games. the home opener is coming up. before we take you inside levi stadium an all access pass let's take a look at how we got there. plans have been in the works for years but it wasn't until 2012 the team broke ground in santa clara. three years later the ribbon was cut. levi's was the first profootball -- it has the capacity to hold thousands more for big events such as super bowl l in 2016. the stadium is set to have the most extensive wifi network in the nfl and is also touted as the greenest stadium in the league. but the stadium feature that's
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generated most buzz recently is the field itself. >> the 49ers are completely overhauling the turf after issues during the team's preseason loss to the denver broncos. days later, coach harbaugh cut short a public practice because players were tripping on field divots. the 49ers will be paying for the turf replacement. now we want to show you a part of levi's stadium most fans will never see in person. >> inside the 49ers locker room as ktvu's joe fonzi tells us it's much different from the locker room at candle stick park. >> the locker room at candle stick stadium are spacious. they feature 10-foot tall walnut lockers but they also have a personal touch. with plenty of rooms for pads, helmets and other gear. >> home locker room is unbelievable. it's just state of the art.
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i've never seen anything like it. >> bob malamo has been the 49ers locker room manager for more than 30 years. he knows better than anyone else than that's the facilities in the new stadium bare no resemblance to those in candle stick. >> candle stick was built for baseball. they were build small. they were built for 28 players. all of a sudden here we are trying to fit 56 players. >> the amenities are not lost on the players. >> this is a state of the art facility. it's beautiful, it's amazing. it's an honor to be in this building. >> reporter: as impressive as it is, moving to a brand new stadium dozens of miles away does have its challenges. >> a lot of stuff is hard to find. i'm sure it'll all come out but it's digging through boxes and trunks and everything else. remembering where i put them. >> reporter: the locker rooms are one of the obvious examples of how very little at levi's
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stadium resembles at what we were used to at candle stick. it'll take the better of the season to get familiar with all the stadium's features. i'm joe fonzi reporting. >> levi's stadium also has very exclusive areas. >> ktvu's claudine wong takes us inside a few vip areas inside the stadium. >> with 10vip areas there's no shortage in luxury. perhaps the most noticeable is the one that's most obscure. di east is under seating. but the biggest draw is this hall way. given these club ticketholders a chance to stand just a few feetaway from their favorite players as they make their way on the feel. once they get ready for kick off, they will walk out to the
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seats that feel like they're in the middle of the on the field action. in addition to the spacious suites this area also has an indoor and outdoor lounge. it also holds many of the 200 original pieces of art commissioned for the stadium. like this one called home territory by derek gores. it's made from old 49ers tickets, recycled game programs and fan photos. for those high rollers who might not get access, the suite tower is the next best option. it's made up of four floors and a total of 108 luxury suites. each with a large screen tv, a buffet area and capacity to hold up to 40 people. for a more serene atmosphere, vips can head up to the suite room. this is one of the features that helped earn levi's stadium a gold certification. the first for any nfl team in
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the nation. the garden helps keep the building cool. and the benches are built from reclaimed wood from a hanger at moffet field. tickets for this year's season run from $3,250 to $3,750. that is on top of that seat licensing fee which ranges from 20 to $80,000. single tickets ran up to $169 and suites are a little more expensive. they run from $125,000 to half a million dollars for the season. and for the first time this season, the 49ers are using variable ticket pricing. that means some tickets to some games may cost more than others depending on their popularity. in the studio, i'm claudine wong,. going to games in santa clara instead of san francisco is a whole new experience for 49er fans. our sal castaneda tested out
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what it's like driving to the stadium, finding parking then getting into the game. and what about the weather? some were caught off guard by the heat at the first preseason game. but we're going to tell you why you may not notice much of a difference between in the regular season. but first there's a little bit of trivia. there's one steel beam that's painted gold and signed by some of the construction workers that helped build the stadium. where is that gold beam located? the answer after the break.
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welcome back. now the answer to our trivia question. where's the one steel beam that's painted gold and is signed by some of the construction workers who helped build the stadium. the answer, the roof garden. here's a look at that beam and here's another piece of trivia. it's the only gold beam in the stadium. the rooftop garden is part of one of the many vip areas in the stadium. but most fans that come to the games won't be vips. what will the games be like for them? >> sal castaneda grew up in san francisco, he has been a lifelong 49ers fan. and he went to the first preseason home game to see what
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it's like for the regular fan. >> so i'm going to be putting the press pass away today. i actually got myself some tickets here and they're not even 50-yard line seats. we're going to be sitting with the real folks here and having the real game experience. using the stadium's website we planned the route and got an estimated time. we set up driving to the game a little more than two hours before kick off from our newsroom in oak land. l a nd. the drive there was mostly uneventful but we did hit some traffic. we didn't hit traffic ahead of time so we used the stadium pass to find a space. it took a while for the attendant to read the receipt. >> here you go. >> all right, thank you. well i finally fell asleep, but it's finally scanned. >> my advice, pay cash.
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>> we're finally here, one hour and 30 minutes. we got seats in what would be considered the nosebleeds so we're going to see how good the view is. but a lot of stairs. more stairs. it's a beautiful view from up here but in the sun, it's hot. >> i made a mistake of wearing jeans. what was i thinking? i should have worn shorts. i have a hat. and i put some sunscreen on but that's about it. so if i come back again, i'm definitely going to wear shorts. drink a lot of water and be prepared for sitting in the sun and very hot temperatures. >> nothing really new about the food. it's expensive but there's plenty of choices and plenty of places to get it. it's hard to find anybody with a bad thing to say. >> the concession stands are a little further but better. >> i think everything is more
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open. things seem to happen a lot faster. >> the medium seats are way closer. and every viewing angle is way better and way closer. >> reporter: if you're going to a day game i can't stress enough how important it is for you to dress for hot weather and stay hydrated. most of the seats are in the sun for most if not all of the game. unlike at candle stick you don't have to worry about not being able to see the big screen because there are no blind spots in the seat. sal castaneda. >> there's actually more than 180 food items. >> the food program was put together by professional chefs who toured other stadiums. they also spoke to local foodies. they got a look at the kitchen. there are franks not hot dogs. and other offerings include burgers, curry, panini, and
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bbq. each concession stand also has vegan options. >> what we wanted to do is take the bay area food culture and bring that into levi's stadium. >> center plate says it'll have one food and beverage sale of point for every 86 fans that should cut down on the amount of time you spend in time. >> as far as drinks go. there are dozens of different beers to choose from. there are also about a dozen different wines and of course soda and water. and for a different food experience. how about this. levi's stadium has a bourbon an steak pub. >> on a typical game day chefs
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say they will go through two straight seres, two pigs, 400 pounds of shrimp. not to mention other fresh ingredients much of them from the bay area. >> what we're trying to do is add another layer to the game day experience. above and beyond the food that people are used to eating on the stands we're really trying to offer an elevated level of cousine. bourbon steak and pub is open to the public for lunch and dinner except before and during games. that's when a restaurant hosts a tailgate just for members. but afterward, everyone can stop by for a most game party. from joe montana's best contract to a gatorade cooler that has a special story behind it. we'll take you inside the
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museum, for a game experience you can visit during any game, or actually any time of the year.
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wow it's freaking huge. it's awesome. >> this is brand new and beautiful. i mean it's the at&t of the nfl. >> fans are clearly pumped to check out levi's stadium. it has a lot to offer including something unusual. a 49ers museum. >> it's a 20,000 square foot 49er museum and it has some really cool stuff. >> when you first walk in, one of the first things you see are these life sized statutes of the 26 members of the 49ers hall of fame. there's joen montana, bill walsh. and there's the million dollar back line. each statute took about 1,000 hours of work and each player actually got to pick up their
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pose. >> we gave them 20, 25 pictures that are signature poses or signature moments in their careers and each of the guys picked the ones they wanted made. >> this is the 49er way. this is the only way that we know. >> there's also a long video that you can watch showing the history of the 49ers through the years from ya tiddle to collin kaepernick. there's also tons of 49er memorabilia including the ball from the catch. there are old helmets. old jerseys and old signs saying 49er tickets for sale. a super bowl ring. everyone joe montana's old contract that paid him $239,000 a year. and his teammate michael carter
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was not amused he was upset at how brown was acting and told him that's not the 49ers way. >> he looked over at me and said, as a matter of fact rookie get off my bench which was a defensive bench where we sat at the end of the bench and sit on the cooler. and there was a gatorade cooler and it's displayed here. he had me sit on that. i spent my entire career sitting on that cooler out of respect for michael karr and to remind me what the 49er way was. it was not about me stuff or what i did. >> that museum takes you through the decades. now to levi's stadium. the museum is open every day from 10:00 to 6:00. the tickets are $15 for adults, $10 for kids. you also get a discount if you live in santa clara. one thing a lot of people have been talking about is how hot it was during those two preseason games at levi's stadium.
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>> a lot of people not just sal were caught off guard. at the first preseason game against the broncos, there were about 60 first aid calls. that's from people who wanted to get out of the heat or needed water. we break down what you can expect during the regular season and how it will compare to candle stick. >> levi's stadium, 45 miles south of candle stick right away you're going to be warmer down here. and you're going to be a little less rainfall. a little further south. how much warmer is it going to be at levi's stadium. we're going to go month to month. in september 10 degrees warmer. if candle stick was going to be 70, this new stadium is going to be 80 degrees. we'll see big differences in september, october and even november. talking about the winds now. candle stick known for its winds because of the san bruno gap. sits up here and the winds get funnels through here, channeled
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through here and get accelerated and flow and rushed. legendary for candle stick. when we move up here to the new park you don't get that at all. there'll be some breezing but not like the winds at candle stick. and the winds will be half what they were in candle stick, maybe even less. you're going to notice a lot less winds, what you're going to notice is in these early season games it's going to be more noticeable. more average for september and october for the heat. not as windy. levi's stadium should have half as much wind as candle stick park. >> levi's stadium is not just a baseball stadium; it's also a place for people to get married. and need a charge for your phone or internet service, we're going to show you how
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high tech levi's stadium is.
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so we all know that levi's stadium great spot for football. but did you know it can also deliver a little romance. >> fans are looking to tie the knot can do so at levi's
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stadium. one perfect place we found for a wedding the united club. it's the largest club area overlooking the field. it even features a staircase that makes for a perfect grand entrance for the bride and groom. many couples already jumping on this rare chance. >> and that is includes min -- mindy and joe mcgrath who live in seattle now but are originally from san diego. mindy wore the traditional white dress but soon threw her jersey on. the couple also knowns a baby named chance and he was also in full 49er game. levi's stadium is said to have the most extensive wifi in the area. >> the key to be well connected are these wifi boxes. there's one for every 100
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seats. that's a first for any stadium. the niners say that allows all 69,000 fans on game day to connect to the internet at the same time. and if you need to charge your phone chances are you don't have to walk too far to do it. the stadium has dozens of charging stations. thank you for joining us on all access pass levi's stadium. >> we hope you've enjoyed this look inside the 49ers brand new stadium in santa clara. you can see everyone more on your web -- you can see even more on your website including more details on the food you will find at the concession stand. it's all on
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