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tv   Right This Minute  FOX  September 6, 2014 1:00pm-1:31pm PDT

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2-2. >> john: another good pitch. tried to freeze him up, fastball inside just off the plate. pagan -- pagan sure looked like he took a step. maybe that could have been a strike but then held in there once it was called a ball. >> matt: david price on a pace for 275 strikeouts this season. that would be the most by a left-hander since randy johnson in 2004. still 2-2.
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on the ground to shortstop. bobbled by suarez. he recovers and throws to first too late. an error charged to the rookie shortstop keeps the top of the ninth inning alive. and unfortunately for david price, that kick by suarez has made him reach the end of the line.
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david price leaves to a fantastic home ovation but leaves with runners aboard and two out in the ninth and trailing by a run. a pitching change. we'll be right back. [ man ] cortana, when my wife calls remind me to tell her happy anniversary. [ cortana ] next time you talk to caroline, i'll remind you. [ siri ] oh no, i cannot do that. oh, and remind me to get roses when i'm near any flower shop. sure thing. remind you when you get to flower shop. i can't do that either. cortana, it's gonna be a great night. [ beep ] oh wow! thanks for the traffic alert. i better get going. now that is a smart phone. ♪ oh, wait ♪ it's 'cause you make me smile ♪ do you have something for pain? i have bayer aspirin. i'm not having a heart attack, it's my back. i mean bayer back & body. it works great for pain. bayer back & body provides effective relief for your tough pain. better?
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[sfx] bong do you have something for pain? i have bayer aspirin. i'm not having a heart attack, it's my back. i mean bayer back & body. it works great for pain. bayer back & body provides effective relief for your tough pain. better? yeah...thanks for the tip! >> john: this is how close it was as you see those two communicating. twice he thought he might be out. here's one. okay. he's going to call it. no. all right. i've got to reprieve. next time he gets a chance. he hits the ball in play. i'm probably out now. darn it. i'm going to run to first. and twice. good things happen for pagan. that was awfully interesting, how close he thought he was
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starting to walk back to the dugout. strike three. and now he's standing on first extending the inning. >> matt: give a guy a second chance, and pagan takes advantage of it. got a little help. so now it's going to be phil coke to try to get the final out in the top of the ninth. the giants have options here as well. and joe panik, the left-handed batter, will stick around and face the left-handed reliever, phil coke. >> john: for phil coke, you've got to pick up your teammate. you know that going in. you definitely want to pick up your shortstop and help out david price at the same time as well as your team, keep it one run. >> matt: grounds to first. 50 cents for no coke, well, then you ain't getting no coke. to the bottom of the ninth. tigers down a run. cj what's with the line?
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>> matt: today college football on fox with an early epic season showdown. as connor cook and the michigan state spartans take on the third ranked oregon ducks. coverage begins at 5:30 eastern on fox. join gus davis, gus johnson and molly mcgrath. college football right here on fox. sparty in eugene. 5:30 eastern and streaming live on foxsportsgo. the t-mobile game changer player profile. official sponsor of game changers is buster posey. the way buster posey have stepped up for the giants of late. batting a cool .508. today, a perfect 3 for 3 with a solo dinger. he scored. a double on runs.
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>> john: on fire. >> matt: to the bottom of the ninth. and the tigers will start things against the reliever, santiago casilla with a pinch-hitter. casilla making his 48th appearance of the year here. he has saved 12 of his last 14 opportunities and that 1.79 e.r.a. that you see is one of the top ten lowest among national league rereceivers. the pinch-hitter is ezequiel carrera. >> john: carrera's job is obviously some way, somehow get on base, use his speed. >> matt: brandon crawford is the new shortstop. taking over for duffy. as carrera chops it to first. posey's got this one for the first out. follow every game with at-bat on your phone or tablet.
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stats, audio, mlbtv game of the day. download in the app store or another pinch-hitter and one that comes to plate with a warm ovation. alex avila has not been available as a starter due to con suggesticussion symptoms. brad ausmus told us that he would hope alex would be available to pinch-hit, and here he is with one out in the ninth. this is alex's first appearance since september 2nd as he falls behind, 0-1. >> john: alex will not be looking to use his speed, but more of his power if he has his choice to try and tie this game up with one swing.
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>> matt: a ball and a strike. not a lot of pinch-hitting experience this year for alex. his fourth pinch-hitting opportunity this season. he is 0 for 3 with an rbi off the bench this year. >> john: looking for something in so he can pull to the right field line. the ball has been carrying. >> matt: 1-2. the recent vintage tigers have shown quite a flair for the late dramatics. and this year's team is no exception. 37 comeback wins. that's the second highest total in all of baseball.
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only the angels have posted more with 41. and avila is caught looking. casilla fooled him with the breaking ball. >> john: the high breaking ball. see how it starts and catches the middle part. we've seen the high cutter get called over the middle of the plate. now we've seen the higher breaking ball. unless you know it's coming, it's going to buckle the hitter at first. the first read is going to be a ball out of the hand. >> matt: so santiago is one out away, setting him up for a series sweep tomorrow behind tim hudson. rajai davis.
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lays off, and it's 1-0. >> john: of course, they're looking scoreboard today, to see what the royals and seattle are going to do later on tonight. seattle plays texas. >> matt: royals in new york to take on the yankees on fs1. as davis fouls that one away. that one is under way. brandon mccarthy is on the mound. that one has just started. top half of the first. see what the giants do in september. in the world series years 2010, 2012, they get into the finish strong. 18-8 in 2010. 19-8 in 2012. a win today would make bruce bochy's bunch 4-2 in this
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september. two balls and a strike to rajai davis. and detroit's down to its final strike. >> john: i often wonder because of where they play 81 times, are they more refreshed than most teams with the cool weather, not the high humidity? of course, some other places it can be really uncomfortable. but they've done a nice job. to your point in september, just finishing the deal. when they smell it, they finish it. and this will be the case again this september if they're not only going to catch the dodgers but put themselves in the playoffs. >> matt: 2-2 to davis. on the ground to shortstop. crawford. throws out davis to retire the side and end the afternoon. well, the giants got off to a fast start with four in the top
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of the first. they get to the finish line with a 5-4 victory. how does this one affect the division races? san francisco just a game and a half back of los angeles, in action later tonight. and detroit falls 2 1/2 back of kansas city, in action as we speak with the yankees. final score this afternoon, 5-4, giants. for j.p., john smoltz, matt vasgersian saying so long to detroit. let's send it to ryan field in our fox sports studios. >> ryan: thanks. welcome to the post-game show. ryan field, eric garros, frank thomas. you just saw the standings. a game and a half back of the dodgers. they play the d'backs here in los angeles later on tonight. the giants peaking at just the right time. what are you seeing from them? >> eric: they're doing what they did in 2010 and 2012. they got hot near the end of the year and they're playing exceptional right now. it goes without saying. i'm going to coin them the killer ps right now.
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you've got pagan, panik, pence, posey, pablo, peavy. i mean, you look at all those guys, they have been dynamite. santiago casillas, lights out. obviously they're a team you're going to have to worry about in the postseason. >> ryan: 4-2 in the month of september. the good news, cabrera, two home runs. the bad news, another tough loss. but as far as miggy is concerned, that's still your big concern going forward. frank it all starts with the big man. he's got to be healthy down the stretch. davis price off to a slow start today and it hurt them. watching him hit today, it was painful to watch. i can relate to this because i had an ankle injury and i had to play through it as a power hitter. but it's so tough to p your honor off that back leg. two big home runs tonight. we've got to find a way -- they've got to find a way of getting this guy on the field healthy undo the stretch. >> ryan: second multihome run game this week for cabrera, but it comes in a losing effort. the tigers now 2 1/2 games back
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of the royals who are just under way in the bronx against the yankees. that game over on foxsports1. going on on fox right now, rays and o's. will myers and company, trying to play spoiler down the stretch. tied at 1-1 in the third. myers, the liner. adam jones almost came up with it. instead dejesus scores. same score in the eighth. cruz up the middle off jake mcgee. o's tie the game at 2-2. just moments ago, bottom of the ninth. now andrew miller on the mound. the passed ball. yunel escobar comes home with the game-winning run. so the rays get the win, 3-2 at the trop. so with that, we conclude this portion of "fox saturday baseball." a huge football game, as you may have heard, all week long coming
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up on fox. michigan state/oregon. our coverage starts at 5:30 eastern. a showdown in eugene between two top ten schools. a great early-season marquee matchup in college football. we'll see you then. kid: hey dad, who was that man?
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>> closed captioning provided by --
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totogood thing she used news b . act braces care mouthwash. it's designed to help clean around braces, frfreseshehen , anand d prp whwhitite e. act braces care.e. smsmilile e ststror. >> likely us on this minute. stay in touch alday long. now back to the show. >> scotland. one of the most beautiful places on the planet. just watch this video. it's called dynamic scotland. roger jackman uses time-lapsed video and edenboro and -- he captured some beautiful, beautiful imagery. he did get some urban images because when you think of scotland, you think of william wallace and brave hart, but there are some urban areas, but he does get that classic scotland look in there because after you leave the urban areas,
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you do see how green and lush and lovely and old that scotland is. >> ah, it's so spectacular. it's fun to see this in time lapse. the best part is every time we see it, the sky, watching the clouds roll through these beautiful areas, one of my favorite places to visit there, and he does get imagery of it is eddinburg castle, which is lovely. up there on the hill. that's something that when you tour scotland, you can actually tour the castle. i don't have to take pictures next time i go. i'll just show this to people and say this is what i did on my vacation. >> it could be entertaining. it could be funny. this time you see in succession what comes up, and it's --
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>> what? >> a jooi gigantic spider. how did she even get that there? is it a pet? >> it's cat reason wra. she reach out to katrina. she has now adopted this spider, and it's made a home with her. >> for real? i honestly thought you were going -- good editing job. >> it's absolutely real. the name of the spider is a goeltden -- it's not apparently always that dangerous. >> always. but there is that chance. so creepy to watch her open her mouth, and it looks like she's got a wrapped up piece of carmel or something. you think that she's going to show you something really gross, and instead it's creepy and it's alive, and it walks on to her face. >> i find this absolutely kind of fascinating. >> already certain spider that is when i see them, i don't know if they're poisonous or not, but i'm not go to put them in my mouth.
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>>. >> why slz more to this than meets the eye.
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now. >> i found a really cute pet that at the same time is grossing me out if that makes any sense. no, guys. it's the cutest pet gigantic snail. it's disgusting at the same time. >> oh, that's awesome. >> that's disgusting. it's a snail.
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>> it's the size of a volkswagen. look at it. >> you would want to hold it. you would want to hug it. you would want to talk into its little antennas, but -- >> where do you get a big snail like that? >> i don't know. from chernobyl? >> you guys are, like, yes, that's cute. i would love to play with it. >> absolutely adorable. you would be able to find this pet no matter what because if it ran off, it would leave a trail of slime. >> yeah, but you can't keep any salt in the house. that would be uncomfortable. >> finally anyone freaking out about this? >> absolutely. that's awesome. >> it's not deadly. it just wants a little loving. >> it likes to be tickled on the tummy, just like a dog. >> sucking on his hand like an alien. >> that's a snail hug. >> i have never had a snail hug. >> i'm so fascinated by this. >> those of you, obviously you two are looking to make this your pet is a giant african land snail.
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>> amazing, right? >> i mean -- >> you have a good eye, mr. ollie, because these are put together by the guys from the ping pong show, and they do all of the setup ping pong trick shot videos that look real because they pulled them off so well, but they're not. >> they're great videos. >> everything looks real. they have made a career now out of. >> that's our show. thanks for joining us. we'll see you next time.
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