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tv   KTVU News at 7pm  FOX  September 6, 2014 7:00pm-7:31pm PDT

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today? >> gus: they have been wonderful. >> charles: they have been fantastic. you talk about elevating your game. we want to thank our crew for the job they have done today. >> gus: incomplete pass. game produced by chuck mcdonald. directed by richard dowell. >> charles: did he have the football? looked like he might have been able to tuck it away and get a couple of feet on the ground before the game was popped free. reggie daniels knocked the ball up in the air for ekpre-olomu to intercept a couple of series ago. >> gus: cook over the middle. he has a first down. michigan state will fight to the end. >> charles: style points matter down the stretch.
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people look at final scores and may make the difference for michigan state later if they are able to tack one on here. >> gus: price again. clock continues to run. 35 and counting. >> charles: you say oregon answered their question about being tough enough, gus? >> gus: you said it was an identity gak. we now understand oregon's identity. resilience, tough-minded, physic physical. >> charles: they went into the off-season with a purpose and it's still early, but they are on their way. >> gus: connor cook under pressure. he'll step out of bounds at the 40. four seconds remaining. michigan state led this game at halfti halftime. >> charles: they won't lose their identity either, though.
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you still got to deal with them now. the teams in the big ten. they will not stop because of one loss today. >> gus: final play of the game. cook swings it out to williamson who is stopped at the 30 yard line. once again, troy hill, who has been wonderful. oregon held michigan state scoreless the last 26 minutes and coach helfrich beats michigan state 46-27. their first home win versus the top ten team in quite sometime. 46 listen 27
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the final score from eugene, oregon comes back to beat michigan state 46-27. gus johnson along with charles davis. what a game, first of all. more importantly, what does this mean for oregon and what does it mean for michigan state in. >> charles: let's end it where we started. we said this was an identity game. michigan state knew who they were. wake up in the morning and go to bed at night, rough, tough, physical crew. oregon wanted to reshape their image a little bit and they are the flash and dash team but people thought they didn't have any muscle in there but that changed today. they reshaped their image p.m. for michigan state they have to run the table back in the big ten because we are talking about being one of the four teams in the college football playoffs. they have to win that because the metrics say extra weight given to conference champs but what hurt them is the final score today. if there is a tie or a close deal, that may hurt them but
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they still have a chance to have a say in it. oregon i said they had to beat stanford twice this year because stanford is in their division and michigan state plays the same way, mission number one accomplished for them. big bullies. oregon more than stood up for them and a confidence builder for them down the road. >> gus: some people at oregon felt they lost to stanford because marcus mariota wasn't 100%. he was 100% today and the heisman candidate is downstairs with our molly mcgrath. >> molly: marcus you guys were down at halftime. what was the biggest difference for your offense in that second half? >> we just came out in tempo. high five for the guys up fron and wanted to push the tempo and push up front and they did a great job. >> molly: you were pressured in this game and beat up a little bit. how were you able to keep your composure to help your team get this win? >> it's our culture, it's what we're about. you know? we think of each other first and praying for my teammates. >> molly: nonconference game
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this early in the season how huge is this win? >> it means we are 2-0. you know, it starts the momentum for the rest of the year and we are very excited. >> molly: thanks and congrats. >> thank you so much. i appreciate it. >> gus: the final score from eugene, oregon, led by the sensational marcus mariota, defeats michigan state 46-27. for more college football, turn over to fox sports right now to see the byu cougars taking on the texas longhorns. then after that game, catch the texas tech red raiders taking on utep. coming up next, except on the west coast, it's your late local news. for charles davis and molly mcgrath, i'm gus johnson saying so long from eugene. quack, quack! -- captions by vitac --
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we are! fox sports!
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he just kept saying don't move, don't turn around. >> a family terror rised. the neighbors said they are on alert tonight. this is ktvu channel 2 news. thanks for joining us.
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i'm heather holmes. and i'm ken wayne. >> just before this morning, kristina has more of what happened at the university housing complex. >> reporter: housing for uc berkeley students is home to bartell and his family. he got a rude awakening. >> i was woken up with someone shining the light on my face. >> reporter: he things someone left the apartment door unlocked. the robber hit him on the side of the head and started asking for valuables. >> he shined the light on my face. >> reporter: he took a knapsack full of his textbooks. >> that's when you go what's happening to my kids and how can
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i protect them of what's going on? >> it is a family complex and we have kids and we are so close to them. >> reporter: many residents have told me this has an appearance of being safe. there have been reports in the past of car burglaries and thefts. >> it's always a neighbors tells you. >> avila wants everyone to know what happened. this is a reminder to keep your windows and doors locked. >> i think he will continue doing what he does and eventually one day he will get caught. >> berkeley police say if you
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have any information call police. san jose are at the home of a 6-year-old boy. sergio lives in south san jose. he disappeared at about 9:00 this morning. he is autistic and doesn't speak in sentences. he was last seen wearing a super mario t-shirt and jeans. he was thrown to a retaining wall. the accident happened in january jose in the 680 corrector ramp. the driver of a honda smashed into a retaining wall. the driver and the passenger got out of the car. the driver of the mazda crash
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into the honda. it knocked a woman and knocked her over that wall. the woman has been identified as laura banellos. crews are tearing down a n novalty story. today workers are b staking a -- taking apart pieces of that building. the owners of the big house incorporated store say they want to rebuild. they see an opportunity of new development. a wild fire has forced people out of their homes. it broke out yesterday on harris
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road ten miles east of mariposa. firefighters have contained 25% of that fire. homes and busies remain under mandatory evacuation orders. the cause of this fire is still under investigation. happening now, the tail of the turf will be revealed at levi stadium. today's game is a sell out. officials replaced the old sod. this is the third round of turf to be installed at the stadium. so far no complaints. we will continue to keep an eye on the south bay and let you know if there are issues.
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extreme drought. thousands of customers don't have meerts to track their water use. more than 235,000 homes lack meters. the top ten districts show higher than average water con consume -- the storm toppled treed in mexico. the national weather service is warrening southern californians to watch out for flash floods and strong surf due to the weather. a group of farmers have team up to launch a new legal
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campaign. the judge is scheduled to hear the lawsuit on tuesday in oakland. in july the department of interior refused to sign the 40-year lease. off the east coast the fisherman have fought -- they caught an a know lobster. the lobsters will become pets. regular disizs are learning what it feels like to be a police officer. how the police is building relationships with the community. a dangerous volcano continues to erupt in hawaii. lots of sunshine across the
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bay area today. a few tropical clouds will be paying us a visit.
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the city has struggle recently with troubles. the police department tried to address that last issue while welcoming it's incoming police chief. how police there are trying to build relationships with the community. >> reporter: people of all ages got to feel what it is like to be a police officer. >> the demonstrations was amazing. >> reporter: this was the open house. >> this isn't my police department, this is their police
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department. >> it comes in a tough times because of questions about police brutaliy. >> this gives folks an opportunity to see who we are. we have a tough job to do. it is important to reach out to the community and do the best we can. >> i feel good about the police. i don't mind them being on my side. i won't mind calling them when i'm in trouble. they are doing good things for our community. >> the officer made balloons for the kids. >> today has been great. >> reporter: they are preparing to transfer to tackle the city's problems. >> we are finding the ways to work together. the police department doesn't have the resources to do it on
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its on. >> reporter: they had ten times today than they did last year. ktvu channel 2 news. >> many police use to solve and fight crimes. they are trying to get homeowners and business owners to sway their surveillance cameras with the city. they sent out a twooes to get on board with the strategy. >> the whole program is voluntary. it is voluntary if you do retain that video that we are asking for, you don't have to give it to us unless you want to. >> be sure to go to the web site and answer the questions. the president will not be
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taking any executive actions on immigration until after november's election. it is to avoid political grandstanding on the election. they are not happy with the president's decision. the hawaiian volcano threaten to be -- the mayor says it is within the mile within the sub distinguish. according to a 2010 census a lot of people live in the area. it is time to celebrate the moon. ♪ [ music ] ♪ >> it is holding the 24th annual moon festival. they were lined up.
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it resumed tomorrow at 11:00 in the morning. a dragon is the grand finale. the event is free. lots of sunshine today with mostly clear skies this morning. some haze out there and fog trying to develop. the fog is concentrated offshore. so once again we are used to this weather pattern gradually pulling back across the shoreline. san jose 67 degrees. san francisco at 60. first thing tomorrow morning partly to mostly cloudy skies.
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pretty chilly in santa rosa. for tonight, we have fair skies and coastal fog trying to regroup. a bit of breeze out there as well. tomorrow we showed you a forecast. and this will be the developing water headline in the extending forecast. for tomorrow, no major changes out there. some areas will cool off just a few degrees. these are minor changes in the forecast. this is an judiciary of low pressure. here's a hurricane. here is hurricane norbert. it is weakening into a tropical depression in the next days. we will see a more of a
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southwest -- it will tracking some showers to our south and the east beginning sunday night and into monday. here is our forecast model. a few pop up showers. and on sunday a few scatters showers south to los angeles. we have low clouds of fog on monday. so monday it could feel muggy out there with all the moisture working its way closer to the region. forecast ties for your sunday afternoon temperatures in the -- upper 80s to 90 degree. livermore 70 degrees. sunnyvale 76 and san francisco in the upper 60s. your five-day forecast. we warm things up by wednesday and thursday, 90s.
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>> thanks, mark. >> and thank you for joining us tonight. >> we are here on facebook. we'll see you at 10:00. good night.
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everything is new. new stadium, new feel. >> levi's stadium in santa clara. $1.3billion and years in the making. the san francisco 49ers new home is a new design. we're going to take you inside from the gate, to the seats, the concession stands, the locker room to right down on the field. >> it's very impressive looking at the field. looking at the atmosphere it's awesome. >> reporter: this is all access pass, levi's stadium.


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