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tv   Ten O Clock News  FOX  September 7, 2014 10:00pm-10:46pm PDT

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saw a small child about a age of 6 in a gourney and they were wrapping his face. >> a boy gets attacked by a mountain lion. good evening i'm ken wayne. >> and i'm heather holmes. the search continues late into the night. debora villalon is live now at the scene with an update on the boy's condition, deb. >> reporter: heather he's doing well in the hospital.
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he's out of danger. but the same can't be said for the people who use these paths after this harrowing experience. two families, four adults, six kids all walking together. when the boy got ahead of the group and was attacked. crime tape came out in an unlikely place. a county park right behind a winery where summer hikes and picnics were jarred by the sight of a bleeding boy. >> the man came down out of the trail carrying his son. and it looked like it was a larceny ration at the back of the neck. he was bleeding pretty heavily all over. >> we do have a concern, mountain lion attack on a youngster. >> reporter: mountain lion sightings common, but attacks on a human, very rare. the cat attacked the child and tried to drag the child away. >> his parents did fight the animal off. >> reporter: rangers said the family had walked about a mile up this path then after they
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turned to head back the mountain lion pounced >> we saw a small child about the age of 6 in a goruney and they took him away. that makes your heart just break and to think if the child's parents were near by what they were going through. i heard the mountain lion attacked them from behind on the neck. and i can't even imagine going through that. >> everything that could be done is being done. and he's improved already. so that's a good sign. >> reporter: at valley medical center at san jose when the child arrived by ambulance he was in fair condition by evening >> his parents are both here. they're being very attentive and excellent parents and watching over him. he's getting great care. >> reporter: as he recovers, rangers and wardens are trying to find the mountain lion. they will use dna testing from it and the boys clothing to make sure it's the right animal and they will kill it. even as the family was fleeing from it down the path, it's tracks show it was still
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following them. >> it's extremely rare. i don't think there's anything this family could have done differently. it's an isolated incident definitely in our park system. >> reporter: mountain lions are increasingly coming into view and sometimes conflict in the bay area, in rural and urban areas and generally when they're too close they are tranquilized and then moved to remote areas. but in this case, authorities say the cat has to be identified, tested for rabies and destroyed for public safety. and the search for it will resume at daylight. reporting live near cupertino tonight, debora villalon, ktvu channel 2 news. more details now, attacks such as these are rare. since 1996 there have been 13 mountain lion attacks involving 13 people. the most recent was back in 2012. that's when a 63-year-old man was attacked in nevada county. there's been three deadly
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attacks the last person killed was a 35-year-old man in orange county back in 2004. while experts say this is the time of year when mountain lion sightings increase as the animals search for food and water, they say if you see a mountain lion don't run instead make noise and appear bigger by waving your arms. excess to yosemite's popular half dome trail is now closed after a wildfire forced the emergency evacuation of more than 100 hikers today. hikers on half dome waiting for a helicopter rescue were seen. other photos show smoke rising from the little yosemite valley area. park officials say about 45 hikers were evacuated from half dome and the others from near by trails and peaks. some people would have had to hike 10 miles to safety so the park used seven helicopters to fly everyone to the valley floor. >> we're not sure what the
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valley security was going to do. we were just looking to get everybody out safely and not put them in a situation where they wouldn't be able to get out or it would be too late for them to get out. >> reporter: park officials estimate the size of the fire at 700 acres with no containment. other parts of the park remain open. this is of course a very popular hike for people from the bay area and around the world. >> we have more on the terrain and the information getting the people out. mark i know you're very familiar with this area having hiked half dome before. >> basically going there all my life. hiking the dome every year. it's a hike several miles up from the valley floor. just to give you some perspective of the lay out. we snapped this picture. grabbed this picture of yosemite. then you're headed up toward
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the vernal floor then the destination, yours would be half dome. this is where the little yosemite valley is. it is way up there. up above nevada fall up above 6,000 feet. very isolated. this is typically where hikers camp for the night so they'll start out the hike and they camp there and make the rest of the trek toward half dome. so it's very isolated. very remote and a hike into this region. there's a 20% chance of thunderstorms for tomorrow. only a slight chance temperatures not really the big story. in fact, they've been cooling off right now near 60 degrees. relative humidity right near 70%. winds increasing into the afternoon hours. temperatures there once again in the mid-70s. very dry so the dry weather pattern is here to stay. here in the bay area around the sierra and yosemite as well. we're talking about a warming trend which will boost our fire danger that's all coming up at 10:35. another wildfire outside of
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yosemite about 10 miles east of mariposa is now 70% contained. according to the calfire website, fire crews expect full containment of the bridge fire on wednesday. that fire started on friday and has grown to about 300 acres. it's still a big threat though to about 700 homes but an evacuation order has been lifted. no word yet on a possible cause. a happy ending to a story about a missing boy with autism in san jose. sergio zepeda is safe and at home with his family. last night we told you about the frantic day long search for the boy. san jose police recovered him at a homeless encampment. ktvu's allie e rasmus talks to the man who claims he found him and the family who still has questions. >> reporter: sergio's older sister was too emotional but
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wanted to express gratitude. >> thank you to the homeless people who found him and thank you to everybody. especially to god who was watching him, he was very lucky. >> reporter: it's where police say at four -- 4:00 this morning, sergio wandered in startled. >> one of the homeless men found the little boy and flagged us out. >> reporter: a man and woman said they heard noise outside of their tent, and went outside to look where they found sergio. >> he was unclothed so they gave him a blanket, some water and that was our boy. >> reporter: sergio zepeda's home is a couple of miles from here and police believe he spent the night wandering alone
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and barefoot. >> we want police to keep investigating. we didn't see anything major with him walking up the hill. that hill is not great to walk in. hardly any scratches, a little bit of dirt on his feet. >> reporter: it appears no foul play was involved in sergio's disappearance. and hospital officials told quintero's family that the child showed no signs of being abused in any way. >> he's always been a really happy child. i'm just glad that he's still smiling. >> reporter: and glad he's still smiling with his family again from the safety of his home. in san jose, allie rasmus, ktvu news. this week will mark four years since the deadly san bruno pipeline explosion and fire. on september nine of 2010, a pg & e pipeline exploded. eight people were killed another 66 were injured and 38 homes were destroyed. tomorrow on the eve of that anniversary. the city of san bruno will provide an update on the
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recovery of that city. state regulators have imposed a fine for that deadly blast. president obama announced today he will address the nation this week and lay out the u.s. led offensive against islamic militants gaining ground in the middle east. >> over the course of months, we are going to be able to not just blunt the momentum of isil, we're going to systematically degrade -- we're going to shrink the territory they control and ultimately we're going to defeat them. >> reporter: today the u.s. carried more air strikes against isi -- isil or isis. senator dianne feinstein welcomed the president's new efforts to forge a coalition to counter the militant fighters. >> i think that this is a major
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change in how isis is approached. isis is a major threat to this country, and the future right now where i think they're going is to baghdad. >> reporter: president obama stressed today the u.s. strategy would not include u.s. ground troops. he also said the offensive would not include the u.s. alone but would include an international coalition. immigration advocates furious after president obama announced this weekend that he intends to delay action until after the election. critics on both sides of the aisle say it's a case of the president bowing down to political pressure. >> i think it's terrible. they always use our community and believe me i'm a democrat, but i'm tired of waiting. it's time for him to comply. and actually do something about this, now. not tomorrow, now. >> reporter: conservatives argue the president's delay is
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proof he is subcomb to political pressures. >> he's made this determination that if he gets out in front of this issue it will hurt seven to eight senate races and he could potentially lose the senate. >> reporter: the decision however is welcomed news for some democratic senators who are working to win reelections in red states. republicans need to win a total of six seats to take control of the senate. during an interview, the president says that he admits politics played a role in his decision. he says the flood of children crossing the boarder clouded people's perception of the issue because emotions were running hype and constituents wanted democrats to act. >> i want to make sure that the public understands why we're doing this and why it's the
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right thing for the american people. why it's the right thing for the american economy. >> reporter: the administration says waiting after the election will allow a more thorough oversight of the system. some say changes will allow millions of the illegal immigrants in america on work permits, elizabeth prann, fox news. my husband texted me last night and said your father has closure. >> after decades thinking about the war, bay area world war ii veterans got the honor they deserved. we're thereafter their honor flight to the nation's capital. and funny lady jones rivers wanted a fantastic final act and today she got her final wish. hollywood says goodbye to the comedian. and crucial training that will benefit bay area residents in the event of a natural disaster.
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critical law enforcement training is now just wrapping up at oakland airport. it's part of the urban shield conference for firefighters, hazmat and search and rescue crews. ktvu's cristina rendon live in oak lands with a look at tonight's exercise -- oakland with a look at tonight's exercise. cristina. >> reporter: here inside a hanger at the oakland airport and everyone though it was a
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mock scenario -- and even though it was a mock scenario, first responders say they're responding given the fact that we just had a natural disaster in napa. >> whether it be an earthquake, chemical hazard involving a refinery, an incident with an airplane crashing into the bay. those are the things we're testing and we're basically preparing ourselves for the next time it happens. >> reporter: this mock scenario involving the rescue of victims of cyanide. specifically dangerous chemicals. >> we're in the bad day business and those bad days happen and they can come from any source. >> reporter: ron snapp say it is urban shield conference allows agencies to practice in situations they can't create on their own. >> we have a lot of talent here and a lot of resource and it's
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really an awesome experience. >> reporter: it's a chance to make important connections. >> in the event of an emergency, you work with them in the past and you know who to go to and who you can request for resources. >> reporter: schnepp says the public will benefit from their skills if a disaster were to ever happen. and at the start of this urban shields conference on friday, there were protests in downtown oakland. people there were concerned about the militarization of police. we're told these trainings and scenarios were separate and absolutely necessary. this urban shield conference wraps up tomorrow. live in oakland, cristina rendon. people who raced to the scene, gathered for three days of training in napa. it's an annual search and rescue called zarex. this year it was held at napa's
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skyline wilderness park. most of them are volunteers. organizers say the event is important for volunteers who don't do this every day. >> we try to expose them to things whether it's technology or situations during this event that you know they might only see once or twice in their search and rescue careers. >> reporter: this year's event was sponsored by the government offices of emergency as well as sheriff departments. the back to back crashes happened around 9:30 this morning just west of the yerba buena tunnel. here's a look at the standstill after an hour of the collisions. as you can see it looked more like a workweek commute than a weekend morning. four people were taken to the hospital with minor injuries. 49ers star ray mcdonald was back on the field starting in
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the team's season opener against dallas. >> and dozens of 49er fans have gathered at levi's stadium to watch the team nominate the cowboys. last week mcdonald was arrested in a domestic incident involving his pregnant fiance. some say that the incident was a distraction but that today the team kept their focus. >> at the end of the day you have to go out there and play football. all that has to be put aside. >> jim harbaugh said he made the decision to allow mcdonald to play based upon the fact that the defensive lineman was entitled to due process. other former players echoed harbaugh. >> it's a situation that kind of has to go through the process. you know we don't know any information on what really happened that night or that
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morning. >> san jose police have said that mcdonald's fiance had some visible injuries although no charges have been filed. levi's stadium was put to the test with its first soccer game. there were 32 total arrests most for dui offenses. a dui driver hit one officer outside of the game. other than the arrests, police say the game went on without any disturbances. stars come out to say goodbye to joan rivers the only way she would have wanted it. the performances, the faces in the crowd and what they were saying. and why this time it took nearly two years for the story to come out.
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another round of full sun shire but we have some showers developing offshore. and the timing of our next warming trend. ♪ ♪ ♪ get your taste of the season, at raley's, bel air, and nob hill.
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once a whiner, always a whiner. all her life, why are you standing on my wind pipe. always about her. i don't want the radio in the bathtub with me. a list of a list celebrities say goodbye to joan rivers. in a interview she said she wanted a hollywood affair and she got her wish. >> reporter: saying goodbye surrounded by thousands. >> it was a list all the way. it was like very regal. very elegant.
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>> reporter: hugh jackman performed a song, lifting spirits. >> it was like a new orleans revival by the time we were done. >> reporter: rivers was remembered from words from her daughter melissa and close friends. among them adams and norville. >> oh my god it was joan all the way. the sanctuary is filled with flowers. you can't see the altar because there's so many flowers. >> reporter: celebrities and the audience including donald trump, whoopie goldburg and mcdonald. katie lee gifford. >> she was like my comedy aunt. if there's a god i hope she or
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he is very well-dressed today. >> reporter: fashion police cohosts came together. >> joan would say it went off exactly as i planned it. it happened sooner than i wanted it but perfect when it happened. >> reporter: designer carolina herr era was escorted by her husband, a celebrity studded send off. >> reporter: melissa river was stoic and composed really very much her mother's daughter. alexandra field. after he admitted sending a racist e-mail, bruce levenson reported the e-mail back in july. almost two years after it was sent. that was the time that the league was involved in the sale of the los angeles clippers after its owner donald sterling made racist remarks.
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levenson was one of the harsh critics of sterling who was banned from the league for life. >> i can say we were deeply offended. we all quickly spoke out against these words that we heard on that tape. >> reporter: levenson apologized today calling his e- mail to other team executives inappropriate and offensive. he says it was meant to bridge atlanta's racial divide. in his e-mail he said, in my theory it's that the black crowd scared away the whites and that the kiss cam is quote, too black. health officials are worried about the spread of an intense cold virus that's sending hundreds of kids to the hospital in the midwest. >> a couple of days ago i couldn't breathe at all. >> reporter: matt cornej is one of 1,000 children hospitalized in colorado hospitalized for severe stress.
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it brings on a very intense cold and is making some children so sick they're rushed into intensive care. >> blue lip, he just passed out. had his eyes rolled in the back of his head and i had to call 911. >> our pediatric care is full of pretty severe respiratory stress. >> health officials from 10 states have requested help. so far california is not one of them. they say they don't have all the answers yet and are looking into the situation. there's a new cobra at a california zoo but this one is a lot different than others. when you'll be able to see this rare white poisonous snake. plus -- >> he's never forgiven himself for killing people. the war was very, very hard on him. >> coming home, again. where this group of local world war ii veterans gets a chance for one last chance to honor
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the greatest generation there was. >> family, flags, and an emotional reunion for bay area world war ii veterans. today the so called greatest generation returned on their honor flag from the world war ii memorial in washington, d.c. the fremont firefighters union raised $30,000 to send the 30 vets on the trip of a lifetime. >> ktvu's noelle walker was at san francisco airport and she talk about those returns from their incredible experience. >> these men were never welcomed home. >> you're going to go with me to greet him right. >> reporter: today the exception is the rule. families at international airport watched the flight board. >> are they coming out? >> reporter: and waited
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anxiously for their veteran to get an exceptional welcome home. >> he's never forgiven himself for killing people. the war was very hard on him. >> reporter: sergeant perry was 22 when he served in world war ii. >> my husband texted me last night and said your father has closure. >> reporter: sergeant perry is coming home again, along with 22 vets who took an honor flight to see the war memorial before they no longer can. >> my dad is legally blind, legally deaf. he's an amputee. he's had two heart surgeries and he has lung cancer. so he's living on borrowed time. >> reporter: and this time it's their time. the greatest generation. >> thank you, sir. thank you so much. welcomed home. >> hey you. >> reporter: the last time 93- year-old richard lori was on a
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plane he jumped out of it. >> a lot different than what we came back from as reservists. >> you weren't jumping out of it for starters. >> oh, yeah. >> i think this was a long time coming. >> it's great to see people my age that went through the same thing i went through. >> reporter: and for some a lesson. >> the greatest generation there was. they honored us. they won't let us honor them. we're weeping. >> reporter: tears of happiness, loss, and appreciate. the ultimate airport greeting for the greatest generation. >> welcome home, welcome home. >> i guess it was all worth it. >> reporter: at san francisco international airport, noelle walker, ktvu channel 2 news. a turlock family is
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mourning the loss of three generations after they were hit and killed by a suspected drunk driver. investigators say a 47-year-old woman was walking with her 20- year-old daughter-in-law and her children ages 4 and 2 when a white bmw veered off the road and killed them all. the two-year-old was not injured. >> he says the only thing he wants is justice. that's it. >> invest investigators say the car came to a stop after plowing into this house. the two fled. one was caught after running into a neighbor's house. the all white cobra will
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spend 90 days in quarantine before it joins other cobras in the zoo. the cobra was caught after biting a boy. the cobra story will be used to educate people about the dangers of keeping a venomous snake as a pet. >> if there's an injury, how would you get the antivenom, how would you protect your children? how would you protect your neighbors. >> reporter: the snake has blue eyes not red which means it is not an albino as previously reported. two investigates has uncovered a high pressure telemarketing campaign targets some of the bay area's most vulnerable people. we encountered a company targeting spanish speaking immigrants with offers for
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english learning dvds. a woman was called and when she refused to buy, she was threatened with deportation. >> this is outrageous. i would consider it a scam. taking advantage of the poor, vulnerable woman. >> tomorrow at 5:00, see what happens when 2 investigates finally get that is sales man on the phone to answer our questions. a bear caught this a neighborhood. why wildlife experts are blaming the drought. back to work, right in the morning for some of you folks. meteorologist mark tamayo is tracking another warming trend when the 90s are making a come back.
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another round of full sunshine across the entire bay area for today. we do have warmer temperatures showing up. but nothing just yet for tomorrow. at least for today we were tracking showers and thunderstorms. not here but primarily across southern california. especially across south eastern parts of the state. that shower activity has been drifting to the east. closer to home we have low clouds and fog as you would expect but regrouping just offshore. already a few patches pushing back into the bay. in fact, hayward at last check reporting partly cloudy skies and a few cloudy sky observations along the bay. we could be in the upper 40s first thing tomorrow. a bit of a breeze out there as well especially out toward fairfield. winds sustained out of the southwest at 22 miles per hour. oakland airport winds out of the west at 12 miles per hour. sfo winds out of the west checking in 15 miles per hour.
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for tonight we do have this, partly cloudy skies, some coastal fog that will be increasing over the next few hours while you are sleeping. here's a look outside. our live camera looking out toward the bay bridge. not much in the way of dense fog. the extended we do warm up those numbers in fact, we're talking about more 90s as you do work your way inland. overnight lows first thing tomorrow morning. definitely do want to bundle up. santa rosa, napa. san francisco 54. san jose 54. the clouds coast side right around the bay. partly cloudy skies well inland. we're tracking a tropical storm. this was a hurricane yesterday. here's the evidential track. tomorrow moving into southern california. we could take up a few high clouds primarily the south bay. tomorrow will be the coolest day of the week beginning tuesday high pressure returns. this will be the source of warming, tuesday, wednesday and thursday. warmest locations inland easily back up into the low 90s.
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possibly approaching the mid- 90s. here's our forecast model showing you low clouds tomorrow morning and high clouds drifting at least approaching the area but all that activity remains focused to the south and to the east of the region. clouds pull back to near the shoreline for your monday afternoon. and temperatures tomorrow about the same as today. could be a little bit cooler in a few spots. santa rosa mid-70s. fairfield 82 degrees. oakland 69. livermore lower 80s. we're not talking about any major heat out there for tomorrow. san jose 76 and san francisco 65 degrees. here is a look ahead your five day forecast. there's our thinking with the warming trend. it kicks in on tuesday. wednesday, thursday and friday some more 80s even some 90s. minor changes, then a little cooler for wednesday. kind of already noticed the change in the season not just yet. but that morning chill making a come back for next week. you will probably notice that first thing tomorrow morning. >> thank you, mark. the ongoing drought in nevada is forcing bears out of
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the wilderness and into popular hiking areas. it's the same bear they captured in 2008. bears have been moving closer to home. officials say this type of behavior is normal when water is in short supply. >> he's just a drought bear that's coming down this time of year looking for apples and things at that urban interface. not really causing any problems just being a bear. >> on friday, wildlife officials put a gps satellite on the bear. she was released into the wild yesterday. coming up we will hear from the raiders after a pretty impressive debut from their quarterback derrek carr. >> and more from dallas as the 49ers dominate. next in sports. kid: hey dad, who was that man?
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dad: he's our broker. he helps looks after all our money. kid: do you pay him? dad: of course. kid: how much? dad: i don't know exactly. kid: what if you're not happy? does he have to pay you back? dad: nope. kid: why not? dad: it doesn't work that way.
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kid: why not? vo: are you asking enough questions about the way your wealth is managed? wealth management at charles schwab
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hi everybody, scott reese with your sports wrap. the nfl preseason is not only painfully long it's painfully misleading. case in point the 49ers. couldn't score, a shell of themselves. then the season opener in dallas and all was fine. the defense going to work. murray gets stripped by scoota. look what i found. culiver back the other way the score 7-0. culiver would later leave with a concussion. next possession for the cowboys, an 11 point drive. justin smith sacks tony romo has to settle for a field goal. collin kaepernick looking for vernon davis after he escapes
10:45 pm
trouble and he finds him. 29-yard connection, 14-3 kaepernick 16-23, 201 yards two touchdowns. romo and not quite adds successful. erik reed, the pick. and reed has some work to do. dancing, across the entire field. now he's got a convoy and boy he might take it to the house. jason whitman can't bring him down. dez bryant didn't see any of it because he got shellacked. and he would leave the game but would return. tony romo trying everything. maybe i will just chuck it as far as i can and that will work. no. carlos hyde from 5 yards out. 50yards for hyde. it was 28-3 at


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