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tv   KTVU Morning News  FOX  September 8, 2014 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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francisco. delays on a major muni line after a train hits a pedestrian. parents, teachers, and kids all put in a tough spot at a novato preschool that is set to close after today. we will tell you what we have learned from a teacher. >> hikers evacuated from a popular tourist attraction in joe semitee. the growing wild fire that forced helicopters to rescue dozens of people. we are following breaking news in san francisco. a muni light rail car hit someone walking in the bay view area. sal said there are delays. brian flores just arrived on the scene. he'll have more on what happened in a couple minutes. but we are out there live this morning. it's monday, september 8th i'm pam cook. >> good morning, i'm dave clark. let's chuck about your weather and traffic on a monday
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morning. steve is is over there. >> 59 san jose to start. 75 for for a high today. the low clouds are in place. everybody is in on that. well almost everybody. and the tropical clouds continue to just kind of skim right by the sierra nevada. they do have a few showers up there. for us though the temperatures are cool. a lot more 50s. the delta breeze still robust. if you are heading out in that direction, you will encounter a few. this morning things are lighting up a little bit. fog, sun, breezy for us. high clouds not over us but they will be close. today below average though. 70s and 80s inland. 60s and 70s coast and bay. here is sal. we are looking at a commute that is pretty busy in the east
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bay. starting off with 580. a lot of slow traffic. some of the worst commute in the bay area right here. most of it is a stop and go. out to the bay bridge toll plaza, the metering lights went on 20 minutes ago. right now it's a 50 minute drive into san francisco. most of the time waiting at the toll plaza. in the silicon valley 237 that still looks good as you drive across and head on over to 880. we >> reporter: it's being infected greatly. this is the muni light rail vehicle. it is currently stopped because of a muni accident involving that vehicle and a pedestrian earlier this morning. details still coming in. what we understand is the pedestrian was trying to --
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when this person as you can see -- muni personals are here as well. in terms of traffic third and carroll is blocked off to certain parts of it. you can see traffic moving around the area. around this third line here. we understand there is a bus dredge bridge. but again pedestrian pedestrian accident. we will gather more information and bring you the very latest. live in the bay view district brian flores ktvu channel 2 news. the department of fish and wildlife continue a search for a mountain lion. it happened yesterday afternoon
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on a hiking trail. where a spokesperson for the department just gave you an update on a plan for this morning. janine. >> reporter: yes, pam, he did. two fish and game wardens and a tracker right now are out on the trail and they are at the site where the attack happened. crouched down. they are waiting to see if that mountain lion came back. sometimes they say that does happen. in the next hour or so park rangers or wardens will start an active search for this mountain lion. they know this animal is aggressive and a danger and they want to get rid of it because they were treating a six-year-old boy as prey. yesterday the boy was hiking with his family which is behind the winery when the mountain lion came from behind and dragged him off. his parent had to fight the cat off. the boy. and we are told the mountain lion followed the family back to his car. he suffered lacerations and
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rushed to the hospital for treatment. >> we found tracks of the animal but we didn't find the scent trail. we were able to confirm a lion did attack and was present in that location. the scent doesn't hold as well in the heat. so we searched until dark and then ultimately decides to bring the dogs back here first thing in the morning. so they will be starting at light. >> reporter: mountain lion sightings are common, attacks on humans are rare. when they get too close, the mountain lions generally get tranquilized and moved into a remote area. fish and game will test its dna with the dna from the boys clothing to see if it is the same mountain lion. they will be bringing in tracking dogs to help the search which should begin once it is light. the trails out here near the winery will remain closed for
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public safety. reporting live janine de la vega ktvu channel 2 news. the department of fish and game says mountain lion attacks are rare in california. since 1986, there have been 13 incidents. the most recent was in 2012 when a 63-year-old man was attacked in nevada county. there have been three deadly attacks. the last person killed was a 35- year-old man at whiting ranch park in orange county in 2004. time is 6:06. boy, a shock for some parents and teach everies this morning. the sudden announcement a preschool in novato will close for good tomorrow. alex savidge is joining us live now to tell us what we've been able to find out. good morning alex. >> reporter: dave, good morning to you. today will be the last day of class here at the bridge point academy. the school is closing because of financial problems and teachers say they first got wind of this late last week when they tried to cash their paychecks but couldn't. and then over the weekend teachers say they got a group text message from the director
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of the preschool and confirmed the school would be closing after today but the message doesn't explain why. according to one teacher we talked to, the property is up for sale right now. teachers think the school has been dealing with a lack of funds for quite some time but the director has not been forthcoming with the staff. so now teachers, parents, and kids are in a tough spot. >> it puts us out of a job. we got paid on friday and we were told our checks were not cashable. all the parents just paid their tuition for the month of september. so it puts us all in a rough situation. because where did all of that money? it's unclear how many of them know about the closure. in fact, it seems as if the director will be planning on telling the parents as they
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drop off their kids later today for what is expected to be the final day of school here. i did reach out to the director, we are still waiting to hear back. alex savidge ktvu channel 2 news. a 700-acre wild fire still burning inside yosemite national park. it forbesed the evacuation of one of the tourist attractions. >> we weren't sure what the fire behavior was going to do. we knew there was a lot of people in that area. we wanted to headache make sure we were able to get everybody out safely and not put them in a situation where they would be able to get out. >> firefighters say lightning started the fire several weeks
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ago. firefighters are wet getting the upper hand. that fire is 70% contained. full containment is expected on wednesday. the fire started on friday and now burned about 300 acres. the evacuation order has been lifted and there is no possible word on the cause of that fire. nine people rescued in marin county after a charter fishing boat started taking on water off the coast. fisherman on board the boat flash issued a mayday distress call. coast guard later arrived with watering pumps. they were able to plug up the
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leak. the city of san bruno will update its recovery efforts. four years ago tomorrow on september 9th, 2010 a pg&e natural gas pipeline blew up. eight people were killed. 66 others were hurt and 38 homes were destroyed. just last week pg&e learned it's facing a possible record $1.4 billion fine for charges stemming from that answer. >> a six-year-old autistic boy was found safe at a san jose homeless camp and police are praising the person that found them. sergio zepeda was found yesterday morning when a homeless man called 911. he said the child wondered into the homeless camp. police have been terror -- the homeless man says sergio was naked and shivering when he
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wondered into this homeless camp. >> they wrapped him up in a blanket, gave him food and water. and it was our boy. >> family members still have lots of questions about how the child got so far away from home but police say there is no evidence he was abused. no foul play is suspected. police plan to nominate the homeless man that called 911 for a good. the center opening up today focusing on getting victims the help they need. >> and right now we are still look agent commute that is get -- looking at a commute that is getting busier by the moment. >> some rain popping up in the sierra nevada. actually thunderstorm activity trying to form. for us it's fog and low clouds. san francisco starting off a
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little cooler. 57. we will go for a high of 66.
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the flames also injured two adults. they were rushed to the hospital in critical condition. firefighters say some people who lived in that building had to jump out of windows to get away from the flames.
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about 50 people were able to escape that fire. also happening today members of congress get back to work in washington, d.c. after their summer recess. their to do list includes passing a spending bill. and they son-in-law a few weeks on the hill before hitting the campaign trails before the midterm elections in november. all 435 seats in the house were up for grabs. an address to the nation this coming wednesday president obama will tell us his plans for a u.s. led offensive against islamic militants in the middle east. >> over the course of months, we are going to be able to not just blunt the momentum. we will -- we will shrink the territory they control and we will defeat them. >> the u.s. is still carrying out air strikes.
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it will not include american ground troops and involve an international coalition. >> a one-stop earthquake center is opening up in napa. that includes city and county building permits. center opens up at 1:00. search and rescue crews held a training exercise. about 300 people from 38 agencies participated. most volunteers. they exchanged skills and information. this years event was sponsored by the governors office as well as sheriffs departments from napa, solano and lake counties. time is 6:16. let's go to sal. we have commute problems. you are working with brian flores. >> his crew is there and showing us a live picture of this muni problem we have on
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third street. muni line is blocked because of a train that hit a pedestrian earlier this morning. and there is a bus bridge set up for hewn me passengers. they are doing a investigation. the person that was hit by the train was transferred to the hospital in credit can condition. they do have -- brian flores is is on the scene and he'll have another live report coming up. at the bay bridge toll plaza, we have a 20 minute drive time into san francisco. it's been pretty slow since they turned the metering lights on just after 5:40. the traffic is okay once you make it on to the bridge. and some of the slowest traffic in the bay guess where is on
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580. it's also slow on 680 southbound leaving pleasanton heading to fremont. let's go to steve. thank you, sir. some clearing taking place. we have low clouds around. although today temperatures starting off with low clouds. 59 oakland. so we will go 75 for a high today. running a little below average there.
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50s on the temps. the ocean temps continue very warm. wet roads down there. but at least somebody is getting rain in this state.
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and you can see that thundershower activity and the last few popping up. bear valley up to south lake tahoe. but san diego to l.a. and moving up to the high desert. that was the remains at norbert. the high clouds are staying south of us. and that low moves out. high pressure will build in. fog, sun, breezy. high clouds east and south. this is the coolest. this will be the coolest day of the week. thursday and friday appear to be the warmest, the hottest days of the week. microsoft trying to lure back users to
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it also has buttons for popular services like facebook and twitter. they plan to introduce apps for apple and android services. those will roll out in the next few weeks. olive garden is about to of aeroreel deal to bring in new customers at noon today. for $100 people can order as much pasta, bread, salad, and soft brinks as they want for seven weeks starting on september 22nd. there are just 1,000 passes available. we can make use of that. a big announcement early today from britain. coming up in 20 minutes exciting news from prince william and the duchess of cambridge. >> thank you, sir. thank you so much. >> the trip of a lifetime. for more than two dozen veterans.
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"it's halloween time my and disneyland is ours!" "going down!" "boo!" with haunted mansion holiday... space mountain ghost galaxy, and wicked fun in both parks, the disneyland resort just got spookier! visit "trick or treat."
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(vo) ours is a world of the red-eyes. (daughter) i'm really tired. (vo) the transfers. well, that's kid number three. (vo) the co-pilots. all sitting... ...trusting... ...waiting... ...for a safe arrival. introducing the all-new subaru legacy. designed to help the driver in you... for the passenger in them. the subaru legacy. it's not just a sedan. it's a subaru. welcome back to the morning news. another nba team is for sale but this time the team owner admits he sent a racist e-mail. bruce the owner of the atlanta hawks reported that e-mail to the nba last july. that is when the nba was
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portioning donald sterling to sell the l.a. clippers because sterling made racist remarks. levingson was one of sterling's toughest critics. he says his e-mail to team competitives was inappropriate and offensive. the funeral of comedian joan rivers was just what she said she wanted. a huge show biz affair. it included new york city police bag pipers playing new york, new york. friends and family sharing stories and laughter. the funeral was private but it was filled with stars including barbara walters, donald trump. >> joan would say it went off exactly as i planned it. exactly as i invisioned it. it happened sooner than i wanted it. but it was perfect when it happened. >> joan rivers was remembered with words from her daughter
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melissa and her very closest friends. howard stern gave the eulogy and the new york gay men's chorus sang hey big spender. time is 6:25. 30 bay area world war ii vets have come home from a trip of a lifetime to see the national world war ii memorial in washington, d.c.. family members and friends waved flags and held up signs welcoming the veterans home on sunday at sfo. many say it was a chance to give their family members the heros welcome they never got after world war ii. >> the greatest generation there was. they honored us. they wouldn't let us honor them. >> very emotional. many of the veterans say that trip gave closure. and for some it was the first time they even talked about the
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war. fremont firefighters union raised $30,000 to pay for that special trip. oakland's billion dollar trash deal is in jeopardy. >> we are live in san francisco where the city faces an ambulance shortage so severe that it has to call for mutual aid. we'll tell you how one perp had to wait two hours for an ambulance. >> the third street line is blocked in san francisco right now because of serious injury crash third and carroll in the bay view. and that streetcar is not going anywhere for awhile as the investigation continues. delays on muni. >> pretty good fog bank out there. we will give way to sunshine but temperatures staying on the cool side. there are signs of a warm up.
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good morning to you. welcome back to the morning news. we are still following this breaking news story in san francisco. there is a bus bridge set up. brian flores is right there. he will tell us more about what we know and how the commute is effected it is effected. >> let's check in with steve. he is running back to the weather center to change something. that is a pretty shot you have there. how is it going steve? [ laughter ] >> i'm fantastic. thank you for asking.
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59 oakland to start. 66. we will go for a high of 70. a little below average on a lot of these. 59 to start. a lot of cloud cover over the area today. the higher clouds are staying east and south. it's close. but it just doesn't look like it will make it here. thundershower activity over the sierra nevada. system off to the west not doing anything right now. maybe in seven or eight days it will move in. 50s on these temps. about 90% will in the 50s. 25 gusts to 32 at travis. there is a decent delta braze. they do have thundershower activity popping up. there ask a lot of rain in arizona. fog, sun, breezy. high clouds south and east. 70s and 80s inland. 60s and 70s coast and bay. here is sal. we are looking at a commute that is busy.
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we will start off with the main commute here. the bay bridge toll plaza. it's backed up for a 20-25 minute drive time into san francisco. and just a the love of that slow traffic is right here. it does look a little bit better once you make it on to the bridge. and also interstate 280. it has been a nice drive so far heading northbound. also looking at the commute this is one of the busiest commutes in the bay area. westbound 580 in livermore. we continue to see high traffic on 580. there was a collision near the scales but really the traffic has been slow any way. what is popping out on me is 680. it's already very slow out of pleasanton. we are following breaking news in san francisco's bay view district where a muni train has hit a person that was walking. brian flores is live with how
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it's effecting service. >> reporter: it is definitely eventing traffic this morning. but i want to show you the scene at third and carroll. the light rail vehicle remains. in regards to an accident involving a pedestrian now i just been talking with an mta spokesperson that says the person a male victim was trying to cross the street here on carroll when he came in contact with the side of the light rail muni trail. that person was take ton san francisco general hospital we understand he is in critical condition. possible leg injuries as well. we are rying to work out the details. as you can see, traffic is being effected right here. there is a bus bridge that is being installed here. according to mta officials. they say the line goes from carroll to bay shore to sunny dale. three shuttle buses we have seen go through here.
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so again this light rail vehicle remains on scene as police investigators, muni investigators are here investigating this pedestrian crash this morning. a mail victim to san francisco. time is 6:34. the department of fish and wildlife waiting for special dogs to arrive before they resume the search for a mountain lion that attacked a six-year-old boy. we are waiting for fish and game warden and tracking dogs to arrive to begin their search. there has been a team here over night waiting on the trail.
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just in case that mountain lion returned. yesterday afternoon two families were hiking on the trail which is behind the winery. they hiked a mile up the path. just before they turned to head back, the mountain lion pounced. we are told the animal followed the family back to their car. the boy suffered lacerations to his head and shoulder. and he was rushed to the hospital for treatment. fish and game wardens and park rangers searched for the mountain lion but did not locate it. >> the lion has attacked this young child and in an extremely aggressive manner.
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>> search crews will use tracking dogs to help locate the lions. while mountain lion sittings are common, attacks on humans are rare. when they get tool close they tranquilize the animal and head it into a new coast. reporting live, janine de la vega ktvu channel 2 news. san francisco is facing a critical shortage of ambulances. the past week it got even more dire. tara moriarty is joining us from city hall to tell us how lives are being put on the line. tara. >> reporter: basically the city has to put out a 911 call for ambulances last night.
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the city uses the fire department ambulances and contracts with two other companies in the city but last night it had to go outside of that pool. because not a single ambulance was available. this is not the first time a call from new chill aid has happened. a ugh 30th a dozen were -- so many calls were coming in. wait times for ambulances were taking up to an hour and a half. august 29th, friday night, one had to wait two hours for an ambulance. the standard maximum is ten minutes. >> i think there is a lot of different factors. there is a building explosion in this city. we have 850 thursday residents that almost doubles to $1.5 million people. >> back in july the chief spoke to us. she said an order had recently been placed for 14 ambulances to hit the streets at the end
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of this year. firefighters tell us they can't wait until the end of the year. the situation is critical now. so far this year from january through labor day there are more than 7,000 instances where ambulances were not available for patients. in that same period in 2012 there were only 1,450 calls. live from san francisco i'm tara moriarty ktvu channel 2 news. a dog died and a firefighter is recovering from injuries after a fire at an apartment building in alameda. it happened on regent street at 5:30 yesterday afternoon. fire officials say four families evacuated safely but two dogs were trapped in the fire. one of the dogs died, the other is expected to survive. a forecast was also taken to the hospital for minor injuries. investigators say the fire was
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caused by unattended food that was left on a stove. >> they are fighting the city of oakland's decision to award a $1 billion garbage collection contract to a local company. waste mapment is trying to collect 21,000 signatures for a ballot measure. if the company can get enough signatures by the september 28th deline, that measure would be on the ballot but not until 2016. waste management also filed a lawsuit over the cities decision to give that contract to oakland based california waste solutions. happening today the federal appeals court in san francisco will consider challenges to idaho, nevada, and hawaii. scheduled two hours of arguments on weather bans should be struck down in idaho
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and nevada. the appeals court has -- expect in louisiana where a judge has held a band in that state last week. new this morning buckingham palace confirming kate middleton and prince william are expecting their second child. kate is being treated at kenning ton palace. she has severe morning sickness. she had that during her first pregnancy with little prince george there who just turned one year old. the new baby will become fourth in line to the british thrown. the royal couple and families are thrilled by the news. >> congratulations. 6:40 is the time. one year ago today a fire burned part of mt. diablo. coming up in 20 minutes we will tell you about a call for help to track the recovery of charred mountain floats. >> and it is a difficult day for parents, teachers, and
6:41 am
students at this novato preschool that is set to close at the end of the school day. we will tell you what parents are telling us about this sudden closure. >> born. we are getting a quite a backup at the bay bridge toll plaza. and it's coming out across the mccarthur maze. that is increasing your drive time in san francisco. >> plenty of low clouds in place. temperatures look like they will be running a little below average today. there are signs of a warmup.
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welcome back to the ktvu channel 2 morning news. it could be a tough situation for parents in novato who are finding out their parents preschool is set to close for good tomorrow. alex savidge is there with what we have learned and how it's effecting the teachers as well. alex. >> reporter: pam, good morning to you. some parents are beginning to arrive for the last day of school. and many of them are in disbelief. according to teachers this will be the last cay of classes here at the bridge point academy. the place is closing because of financial problems. teachers say they first figured out something was wrong last week when they couldn't cash their paychecks. and then over the weekend they got a group text message from the direct tort of the preschool. in it she confirmed the school would be closing after today. according to one teacher the
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property here in novato on grant avenue is up for sale right now. the school has been dealing with a lack of funds for quite some time. they believe the owner hasn't been as up front about the problems. parents who just paid their tuition say they are frustrated. >> i'm really sad. and you know i feel bad for the teachers. i feel bad for the kids. this is a big family here. it's just a little bit disappointing when it's a big part of your kids life and it's turned upside down. >> this preschool serves mostly low income families. about 40 or so students come here. parents will have to make other arrangements and now that this school is closing it's unclear how many of them know about the closure. some receive a phone call over the weekend but it seems as though some may find out when they come to drop their kids off. we reached out to the schools director earlier this morning for a comment on this closure
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here. we are still waiting to hear back from her. we will certainly let you know when we do. live in novato alex savidge ktvu channel 2 news. time is 6:45. let's check in now with tori campbell to see what is coming up on mornings on 2. welcome back. >> good morning. coming up the well is running dry about 15 water districts in california have barely enough water to last the next two months. one of them is a nudist colony near los gatos. find out the one clothing item they have to wear as a result. the efforts to solve a 25- year-old murder case in santa clara county gets sidetracked by an affair. why the relationship could jeopardize a lot of hard work. those stories just some of the ones we working on for mornings on 2. now back to you. the 49ers new season started under a cloud of
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controversy yesterday. as expected the 49ers defensive tackle ray mcdonald started against the cowboys. he played just one week after being arrested on domestic violence charges. 49ers coach jim harbaugh says he let mcdamage play based on the facts at hands and says mcdonald is entitled to dew patrol syces. ktvu news talked to one former. >> it's a situation that has to go through the patrol syces. you know. we don't know any information on what really happened that night or morning. >> so far no formal charges have been filed against mcdonald who is accused of physically assaulting his pregnant fiance in san jose. the ray mcdonald store did not appear to distract the 49ers as they started playing.
6:48 am
hit vernon davis for two touchdowns in a 28-17 win over dallas. and frank gore passed the 10,000 career rushing mark. he's now the 49ers all time franchise rubbing leader. the oakland laiders played yesterday. and derrick was the only rookie quarterback to start during the first week of the nfl season. there were good moments. he had tough times during his nfl debut against the new york jets. it wasn't that far apart but not enough to win. 6:48 is the time. back over to sal to check in on traffic. >> we are looking at a commute where the traffic is moderate. it's heavy as it should be. but if you look at the east shore freeway the drive time has increased we a little bit. it's now 27 minutes from the
6:49 am
carquinez bridge to the mccarthur maze but not all that unusual. traffic is backed up at the toll plaza. it has been pretty slow. 8 10:southbound is beginning to develop some problems. you can see traffic here is slow. we had a couple problems in fro mont. and it leads me to say there is a power outage in a good portion of fremont. 6:49 let's go to steve. thank you, sir. we have a lot of low clouds in place here. kind of hazy after the cloud cover burns off. there is a number of fires in california and some of the haze has worked its way in here. had some to the north. most of it though is north and east of us. that is where the clouds are. low clouds. coolest day. fog burns off a little sooner
6:50 am
tomorrow. and it looks like we have a decent warming trend. wednesday through saturday we will see lots of 90s. mid 90s. maybe a few upper 90s. san francisco should be closer to 70 this time of year. today they will check in at 66. and cool as well. 57 to start one of the coolest mornings. you can see the cloud cover. that is not going to make it here. a low is moving over us. right there. that kind of pushes that cloud cover out. there is another low. it's been out there for a long time. it's not going to do anything for awhile. temperatures again 50. walnut creek 53. 54 for santa rosa. 58 livermore. that is a cool morning here for many. west at oakland. west at sfo. also to hayward and livermore. that tells me we have a pretty
6:51 am
good delta breeze. we've had a south wind all summer long. haven't had any northwest breeze. thundershower activity has been popping up. mainly south of reno. that will probably push off as the low over us begins to move in. look what is going over flag staff to phoenix. there is a little bit of scattered shower activity. that moisture will continue to push its way out of us. after that the low moves out. temperatures will start to pump up. that will be starting tomorrow. today will be a day below average on the temps. coolest day of the week fog, sun and breezy.
6:52 am
in fact temperatures 60s and 70s and 80s. did not put any 90s in here. oakland at 70. alameda at 67. 75 san jose. low 80s for morgan hill. a lot of 70s on the peninsula. and 60s on the coast. that is a breath good fog bank out there. over all we will see the fog burn off sooner. >> all right, sounds, good, thanks. survey being released shows how much of a pay raise the average american should expectfection year. the national average is 3%. tower watson surveyed more than 1100 countries. a broader survey shows base pay is the top reason they plan to join or leave the country. >> once in awhile company comes along. a device so simple.
6:53 am
>> ikea poking fun of apple mania. the video says the device has no cables. it is the newest ikea catalog. the video has attracted more than three million views. the catalog is filled with things i didn't know i had to have. time is 6:53. more coming up on the earthquake recovery efforts in napa. what is is planned for this afternoon. it looks like the common cold. mystery illness that has parents and doctors concerned.
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welcome back to the morning news. time is 6:56. a hotel partially collapsed. a driver smashed into the building into the build -- the gas from the meter started leaking and they haven't started evacuating gas. two firefighters suffered minor injuries. the threat of flash floods in southern california is over but this is after a series of thunderstorms moved through the
6:57 am
area. but it dumped about three inches of parts of river side county. in some places it was four inches deep. intensive care unit in ten states. >> a couple days ago i couldn't breathe at all. >> matt is just one of more than 900 children in colorado hospitalized for this illness. doctors say symptoms turn out to look like a common cold. >> my stomach started hurting. >> he just passed out.
6:58 am
i had to call 911. coming up on mornings on 2 is a six-year-old child the victim of a terrifying mountain vieon attack near a south bay winery. the desperate search taking place right now.
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>> reporter: we're following developing news out of san francisco this morning of an accident involving a muni light railcar and a pedestrian. coming up we'll give you an update. there is a very real possibility that the animal was attacking this little boy as he would attack normal prey. >> a 6-year-old child becomes the victim of a terrifying mountain lion attack near a south bay winery. the desperate search taking place right now. this is a tense morning for many parents in the north bay school. the big announcement expected today involving their kids that could send some parents scrambling. also, a critical shortage directly affecting life-or- death scenarios in


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