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tv   KTVU Noon News  FOX  September 8, 2014 12:00pm-12:31pm PDT

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now at noon an active search for the mountain lion that attacked a little boy. a live report from the scene in cupertino. new information on the boy's condition. new developments in that fire at yosemite. it's more than three times as big as we thought. an update on the firefight. parents and teachers scrambling when a preschool says it will close after today. the warning sign when teachers got their checks. at this hour, a team of searchers and tracking dogs are in the hills above cupertino
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looking for a mountain lion that attacked a child. the mountain lion is considered aggressive and wildlife experts are afraid the public is in danger. good afternoon. i'm tori campbell. we've been bringing you updates all morning and now we've learned new information about the boy's condition. ktvu's janine de la vega joins us live near cupertino where the search is happening. good afternoon, janine. >> reporter: good afternoon. the boy's condition is improving. initially he was brought into the hospital yesterday afternoon in serious condition. but this morning he was upgrade the to good. you can see they -- up to good. you can see they still have signs that this area is closed because of the mountain lion attack. there is a team searching through the steep terrain using dogs to track the big cat. fish and wildlife wardens camped overnight with dogs keeping their aon on the site where a mountain lion attacked a 6-year-old boy.
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at dawn, they started searching on foot, hoping their dogs would pick up a accident and fresh tracks. >> if you look behind us, the vens vegetation, this is similar to what it is like in the field. the tracking conditions are doist. thankfully, it's not so hot. the heat diminishes the tracking conditions. >> reporter: yesterday afternoon a 6-year-old boy was hiking on a trail behind the winery with his family when a mountain lion came from behind and attacked the child dragging him into the brush. his parents had to physically fight off the cat. he suffered punctured wounds. while mountain lion sightings are common, attacks on humans are rare. >> the mountain lion followed the family back to their car. >> at this point, they are go gonna do -- yoen do their best to identify him. >> reporter: if found, it will be shot and killed and the dna
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will be matched with the dna from the boy's clothing. the winery is open for business but the trails are closed. >> we're in the countryside. there isn't a lot of predators around. we do see coyotes. we see bobcats. there are people -- there have been claims of people seeing mountain lions but one questions whether they were mountain lions and not bobcats. >> reporter: wardens don't know why the animal attacked. it appears they it was looking for prey. my colleague is following up on this story and will have an update at 5:00 and 6:00. reporting live near cupertino, janine de la vega, ktvu channel 2 news. >> thank you, janine. more details now -- mountain lion attacks are rare. the department of fish and game says there have been 13 incidents since 1986. three of those attacks were deadly. the last person killed was a 35- year-old man at whiting ranch
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park in orange county in 2004. in just the last half-hour, the baltimore ravens announced they are terminating the contract of running back ray rice. this occurred after tmz released new video this morning of rice punching his now-wife and knocking her unconscious. this new video shows rice and janay palmer walking into an atlantic city casino. once inside, they start to argue and the fight becomes physical. we're not showing you the most violent part of the video because of the graphic fay chur. in response to the -- nature. in response to the new video, the nfl said the following -- busch >> the incident prompted the nfl to revise their policy against domestic violence. a first-time offense will result in a six-game unpaid suspension. a second incident will mean a
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life-time ban with the possibility to appeal after one year. san francisco police are investigating an accident involving a muni light rail vehicle and a man near a crosswalk in the city's bayview district. it happened just after 5:00 this morning at third street and carroll avenue. the accident affected muni service on the t-third line for more than two hours. the man was taken to the hospital suffering from head and facial injuries. muni says a walker found at the scene may belong to him. investigators say it appears the lrv had the green light. they are still talking to witnesses and going over surveillance video to try to find out what happened. >> it doesn't april peer there's any -- appear there is any malfunction with the infrastructure of the train. at this point, it appears the pedestrian made contact with the side of the train and we're gonna look at the video, work with the police to find out exactly what happened here. >> the man's condition is not known. no one on the muni lrv was
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injured. meanwhile, a muni bus was involved in a chain reaction crash in the city's richmond district. it happened around 8:00 a.m. near 8th and balboa. according to police, the driver of a honda minivan had medical issues, hit a bicyclist and the 31 balboa bus. the bus hit two other cars. the bicyclist and minivan driver were taken to the hospital with injuries, not considered life-threatening. no one aboard the bus was hurt. now to the latest on a large fire that's forced evacuations in yosemite national park. officials say it's now burned 2600 ache up from an estimate of 700 acres this morning. the national park service tweeted new pictures of the fire in the past couple of hours. one dramatic photo shows the fire burning in the little yosemite area on both sides of the merced river. there were some tense moments yesterday as about 100 park visitors had been rescued by helicopter, including some hikers who had climbed half
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dome. a spokesperson says crews believe everyone in the path of the fire has gotten out safely. >> we weren't sure what the fire behavior was going to do. we knew there were a lot of people in that area and we just wanted to make sure that we were able to get everybody out safely and not put them in a situation where they wouldn't be able to get out or it would be too late for them to get out. >> park officials say calmer winds are expected to help crews as they work to contain the fire. back country trails are closed but the main roads into yosemite remain open. the mayor of san bruno has just given an update on the state of his city nearly four years after a deadly pipeline blast. eight people were killed in the explosion in 2010, including members of three generations of a single family. ktvu's brian flores joins us now with more on how the city is recovering. good afternoon, brian. >> reporter: tori, afternoon to you. tomorrow marked four years since the deadly pipeline explosion. the mayor of san bruno just
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held a press conference that ended about an hour ago. he gave us an update on the situation on the recovery efforts as he says he hopes this never happens again. in terms of the recovery efforts, the mayor said 22 families have rebuilt and returned to the crestmoore neighborhood. two more homes are in progress of being built. by this time next year, they hope ten more will be under construction. the city has completed water and sewerrer lines and it -- sewer lines and it plans to complete street lights and stwauks in the next year and a half. he says he wants to make sure the job is done once and done right as for the $1.4 billion pelt issued to pg&e, he says he's satisfied with the amount but wants the money directed to a pipeline safety truss instead of the state's general fund. he also has words for pg&e's messaging of the explosion. >> it was not an accident.
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we're outraged by refuse toll to take -- to take -- refusal to take responsibility of our citizens. >> reporter: now, as for pg&e's response, they say here what happened in san bruno was tragic and pg&e employees will never forget that. we worked hard to do the right thing for the victims their families and the community of san bruno. since that tragic day, we've dedicated ourself to reearning trust and making our gas system the safest in the nation. mum on the ktvu news at 5:00 -- coming up on the cute ktvu news at 5:00 and 6:00, tom vacar will have more. brian flores, ktvu channel 2 news. >> all right. thank you, brian. it's a difficult day for parents and teachers at a novato preschool as they learn the place is closing for good at the end of the day. alex savidge is live with the financial troubles that led to the sudden closure. good afternoon, alex. >> reporter: tori, afternoon to
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you. the director of the bridgepoint academy said there's not enough money to keep the doors open here. she blames financial mismanagement by the owner. now teachers here will have to find another place to work and parents will have to find another school to send their kids to. >> there was a feeling of disbelief as parents dropped off their kids at bridge point for their last day at this novato preschool. >> i'm really sad. you know, i feel bad for the teachers and i feel bad for the kids. >> reporter: this school serves almost 50 low-income families and some just found out this morning about the closure. >> it would have been nice if we would have known a week ahead. we found out not even 24 hours ago and started going online to see what other places have open spots. >> reporter: staff members tell me bridgepoint has dealt with financial issues for years but when teachers couldn't cash their paychecks last week, they realized something was wrong. then over the weekend, the preschool's director sent a
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group text message letting teachers know monday would be the last day. >> it put us out of a job. the parents just paid their tuition for the month of september. it puts us in a rough situation. where did all of that money go? >> reporter: many teachers believe the owner has not been up front about the school's lack of funds. we found court records from 2010 when kaiser hospital sued the school over bounced checks that were supposed to pay for the employee health plan. the director of the school says she didn't realize how the bad the financial situation was until last week. >> there's no money. the teachers and i are all in the same boat. we all weren't able to cash our paychecks hon friday because there's no -- on friday because there's no money. i don't handle the finances. i have nothing to do with this. my priority is making sure the teachers get their money.
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>> reporter: we also learned today, this preschool has been up for sale for sometime with a development group eyeing this piece of property. a lot of people out a lot of money in this situation. teach remembers hoping to get that last paycheck, parents are also looking for a refund because they just paid tuition for this month a couple of days ago. i reached out this morning to the owner of this preschool for a comment on this sudden closure and thus far she's not returned my calls. we're live in novato, alex savidge, ktvu channel 2 news. a big announcement from buckingham palace. baby number two is on the way. now we're hearing from prince william about his wife is handling this pregnancy. temperatures running cooler today but tomorrow will be a different story and a new trend is ahead. meteorologist rosemary orozco will have the forecast. 5 veteran prosecutor taken off -- a veteran prosecutor taken off a high-profile homicide case. the leaked affair that has him in trouble and how the woman
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involved is connected to the case.
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utility crews in southern california were called out this morning for a massive sinkhole in a residential neighborhood in encino. authorities say a water main break flooded the yard to several homes and caused part of a street to buckle. one house had to be evacuated.
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but we're told there are no reports of any injuries. prince william says he's immensely thrilled that he and his wife catherine are expecting a child second. buckingham palace made the announcement. catherine is suffering from the same ailment that she suffered in the first pregnancy, morning sickness. she was not able to accompany prince william in oxford today. >> it's been a few days. we're so thrilled. it's great news. early days. we're hoping things settle dunn and she feels better. >> the new baby will be fourth in line to the british throne behind his or her grandfather, prince charle followed by prince william and prince george who just turned 1 in july into learning about a shortage of ambulances as the san francisco fire department is in crisis. tara moriarty explains what's causing the problem and just how long some patients are
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waiting. [ sirens ] >> reporter: for the second time in a week, the city of san francisco had to call for mutual aid asking private ambulance companies to respond to emergencies because it had run out of its own ambulances. >> there is no explaining the call for mutual aid at 7:30 on a sunday night when nothing is happening in san francisco. >> the system is definitely strained. you know, what i'm just trying to reit hate is that -- reiterate is no one's life is on the line. >> reporter: but ktvu pulled dispatch reports on the days of mutual aid requests saturday of labor day weekend, there were 22 calls where patients waited anywhere from 21 minutes to an now and a half for an ambulance. yesterday, 11 calls. half of all of these calls were life-threatening. >> when you are working, you can hear the radio, medic to follow. medic to follow. as you hear more and more stack up, you get more nervous because you know the next call you go on you are gonna go be waiting. >> reporter: august 29th, one
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fire crew had to wait two hours for an ambulance in the mission. >> the simple answer is more bodies, more ambulances. >> reporter: and fire department did fire 16 new paramedics. but firefighters say that barely puts a dent in the problem. this report not made public is a request by ems director jeff myers asking for 72 new employees this past spring but in march, the fire chief only asked for about half of that number. >> i don't know if the mayor is getting the truth. i don't know if the mayor is getting the numbers we're getting on the street every day. >> reporter: in san francisco, tara moriarty, ktvu channel 2 news. a veteran prosecutor in santa clara county has been taken off a high-profile case for allegedly having an affair with a crime lab technician. the san jose mercury news reports the testimony from the technician led to the decision to try david and robert zimmer for the 1989 strangulation death of kathy zimmer, this woman, david's wife. her body was found in the back
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seat of a car in the san jose airport wrapped in a quilt. the district attorney's office says the case has been reassigned to another prosecutor and the case will be ready to go to trial in october. there are major problems in phoenix, arizona right now. a record rainfall flooded freeways, submerged cars and drivers and multiple people had to be rescued. this is video from interstate 10. one of the major freeways through phoenix. many schools are closed. the governor is warning people to stay at home. thousands of people are without power and flash flood watches continue across most of arizona. here at home, a cooler day over the bay area. giving you a live look at plenty of sunshine over the san jose area. the clouds are still clearing. we're partly to mostly cloudy along the coastline for today. and over parts of the north bay, santa rosa, still locked under some clouds here and because of it, santa rosa
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actually running 7 degrees cooler than where we were yesterday at this hour. this will continue to break away. we'll be left with mostly sunny skies for the second half of your day. but again, temperatures will be running unseasonably cool for your monday. has to do with low pressure that's moving across the state. behind it, we have a ridge of high pressure that will be building in and that's going to lead to a warmup starting tomorrow. but for today, the onshore breeze is blowing quite strong through fairfield. you can see gusting to 30 miles per hour. so we have the low clouds hugging along the coastline. we have the cool pacific air blowing through our inland communities. our temperatures quite cool as well. take a look at the numbers. 69 in concord. 64 in oakland. 64 redwood city. low 60s, mostly cloudy, half moon bay. so a cool day for you. inland areas, in the upper 60s to near 70 degrees. so it's nice and mild in your area. but again, running cool for this time of year. partly cloudy, temperatures will remain unseasonably mild for your afternoon today.
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by tomorrow, though, a ridge of high pressure begins to build in. our temperatures will begin to climb eventually. our inland communities will be back in the low to mid-90s. i think by midweek wednesday. 75 degrees in the afternoon for novato. 68 in sausalito. to the east bay, upper 60s to low 70s for the east bayshore line, low to mid-80s for. areas like antioch expected to get to 84. san jose, you will go to 75. 76 for santa clara. along the peninsula for the afternoon today, 77 redwood city, 69 san bruno. 65 in san francisco. partly cloudy to mostly cloudy and cool along the coast. the extended forecast here showing you temperatures begin to rebound tomorrow. tomorrow is a nice day. a warmer day. and then we begin to see our inland communities turn hot with 90s back in the forecast, wednesday, thursday, friday. it looks like we may see temperatures dip a little bit for your bay area weekend. all in all, it will be a warmer pattern. today will be the coolest day. >> usually get a little bit of a heat wave in september.
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>> yes. >> a taste of summer. twitting testing out a few -- twitter testing out a knew feature and allowing you to shop and how it would work.
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u.s. stock indexes moved lower. energy stocks fell the most as the price of oil slumped. the dow is down 26. the nasdaq is up 1 and the s&p
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is down 7. twitter's stock is up 2.5% on news it is testing a way to let users shop between tweets. a small number of users will receive tweets from twitter's test partners today. they will include a buy button that lets them place orders from home depot or burberry. users will be able to enter shipping or payment information. the order will be sent to the merchant for delivery. the idea will be used to solicit charitable donations. the nature conservancy is a partner in the project. as apple prepares to unveil new products in cupertino, fans are in line for whatever the products might be. hundred of people are camping out in front of apple's flagship store in new york city. in fact, some people have been in line since august 31st. analysts believe apple will unveil the iphone 6 and possibly a smart watch but no official details have been released. former california governor, arnold schwarzenegger, is making a rare appearance in sacramento today for two high-
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profile events. this morning he attended a symposium that highlighted the state's fight against climate change along with jerry brown. then in about an hour, he will attend a ceremony at the state capitol to unveil his official governor sea portrait. 2 investigates has uncovered a high pressure telemarketing campaign targeting some of the bay area's most vulnerable people. we discovered a company calling spanish-speaking immigrants with and a sales pitch for englis-learning dvds. one oakland woman said she received phone calms from out of state de -- phone calls from out of state demanding hundreds of dollars. when she refused to buy, she said she was threatened with deportation. >> this is outrageous. i would consider it a scam. taking advantage of the poor -- of a vulnerable woman. >> today at 5:00, see what happens when 2 investigates
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finally gets that salesman on the phone to answer some of our questions. thank you for making ktvu your choice for news. we're always here for you on and you can follow us on twitter and facebook. have a great day.
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>> on this episode of it'sration outer space" -- our neighbor and potentially one of our next stops in the solar system, mars. but why go? how do we get there? is there life on the red planet? and later, we reveal a desert that may expose the key to one day living on mars. >> i could not believe that such a place existed. >> the course is set. destination -- mars. in the remote desert in southern utah, the preparations have already begun. >> you know, we do not communic


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