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tv   KTVU Noon News  FOX  September 10, 2014 12:00pm-12:31pm PDT

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breaking news. a car drives up on a sidewalk hitting several pedestrians. we're live over the scene as police try to figure out exactly how it happened. a happy reunion just in the past half-hour. a missing teen is finally home. where he was for the past four days. and laying out his case to fight isis. what you can expect from the president tonight as he addresses the nation. ktvu news starts right now with breaking news. we begin with the breaking
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news. it's in san mateo, where a car accident has left several pedestrians hurt. the accident happened about 10:30 this morning in a residential neighborhood on west hillsdale boulevard near steven road. allie rasmus just arrived on the scene. ail what do you know about the -- allie, what do you know about the pedestrians? >> reporter: first responders got the call at 10:30. this is where it happened, steven road and west hilldale boulevard. emergency responders are in the process of reopening this road. you can see it's a very residential area. let's show you a view overhead from newschopper2. accord doing police, a man driving a black acura was heading west on hillsdale and the car went off the roadway and hit four pedestrians. the victims, a woman in her 20s and four teenagers were also struck. now, sergeant rick decker with san mateo police is here.
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at what point what are you looking for? >> we're staying updated on the injuries for the driver and the pedestrian. we're investigating what caused the collision, what caused the driver to veer off the roadway and we'll go from there. >> reporter: the four people who were struck, a woman in her 20s and three teenagers, are they students. >> the three of them are students, yes. >> reporter: you were telling me they might be special needs students. >> i believe so from the local high school. >> reporter: so did class start later for them? is that what they were walking around at 10:30? >> i don't know. >> reporter: do you know the details of their condition? >> i don't have that. hopefully we'll have that in the next half-hour. >> reporter: you have the driver in custody. you are waiting to talk to him. >> that's right. we have officers with him. they went with him when he was transported to the hospital. >> reporter: when will the road be open? hopefully in the 15 -- in the next 15 minutes. >> reporter: thank you. four pedestrians truck, a woman
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in her twegets, three teens, higgs speeds students. police are looking into what caused the acura to veer off and hit those pedestrians. the street is about to be reopened. you can see san mateo fire department emergency responders heading from the scene. we'll continue to stay on this story and gather more information for you at 5:00 and 6:00. for now, we're live in san mateo, allie rasmus, ktvu channel 2 news. >> thank you. we're learning of another major traffic issue in the past hour, this one in san francisco. a muni train coming into the van ness muni metro station hit a woman around 11:00 this morning. she has been taken to the hospital. authorities believe it was a suicide attempt. subway service is shut down. muni is providing bus shuttles to get commuters around the town. we'll bring you any more information on this as we get it. a missing 16-year-old who ran away from home in hayward over the weekend has just been reunited with his family after
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being found safe in san francisco just two hours ago. ktvu's alex savidge was there and joins us live. good afternoon, alex. >> reporter: tori, good afternoon to you. 16-year-old minh ly was just brut back home by detectives within the last hour. for his family, there's an incredible feeling of relief that the teenager is okay after this four-day search. this is the scene from a short time ago as he was reunited with his relatives. the alameda county sheriff's office said he was found at 10:00 this morning at the larkin street youth services facility in san francisco, a place that helps homeless and runaway children. investigators say the teen was in good health and it was a tip from the public that led them to the boy. now we talked a short time ago with his, minutes of a she heard the news and she was elated. >> i'm so happy he really was there. >> yay!
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>> yay! >> i'm gonna give him a big hug and turn this experience into something positive and something to laugh about when he gets old. >> reporter: ly first went missing on saturday after he left his home in the hayward hills following an argument with his father. search-and-rescue teams scoured this area and fliers went up in the neighborhood. yesterday, though, the focus of this search shifted to san francisco because it appeared lee had logged onto his facebook account from a computer in the city. his relatives were out checking shelters in san francisco last night and then this morning, someone spotted the straight-a high school student. >> telling us he's okay and we're so excited he's gonna go home. >> reporter: at this point, investigators aren't offering any details on exactly where ly was the past couple of days. his relatives say they are mott sure where he was or why he went to san francisco. but they are certainly grateful that he's safe and back home.
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we're live this afternoon near hayward, alex savidge, ktvu channel 2 news. >> all right. thank you, alex. now to the napa quake. the napa county sheriff's office is reporting the first death linked to the 6.0 earthquake last month. 65-year-old lori thompson died from a brain injury she suffered during the quake when a tv hit her on the head. the family says the next day she felt dizzy and they persuaded her to go to the hospital. she died at queen of the valley medical center last friday. san francisco police are looking for witnesses to a deadly stabbing in the city's mission district. it happened around 11:45 last night near 24th and cap street. a ktvu viewer posted this video to our facebook page showing emergency crews at the scene. the victim was a 20-year-old man. authorities have not yet released his identity. police say two -- the suspects are two men believed to be in their 20s. no arrests have been made. a motive for the stabbing is not known. anyone with information is
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asked to call san francisco police. a teenaged boy is recovering from a frightening ordeal that occurred in a sma park in the middle of the day. he and his friends were attacked. this morning, one of the friends is talking. ktvu's janine de la vega joins us live from the park where you just spoke to police. janine? >> reporter: tori, there was a lieutenant here earlier, and he told me that people have been coming up to him expressing their concerns about what happened here. it was right here in this grassy picnic area and near this walkway where four boys were attacked. the suspects, though, are still on the loose. san jose police are keeping an eye on hammond park on westfield avenue. it's frequented by families. this morning a game of soccer was taking place near where a 16-year-old boy was stabbed yesterday afternoon. >> that's extremely concerning. i kind of thought that an area like this would be immune from that sort of thing. it's a very nice place for families. >> reporter: ktvu spoke to one
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of the victim's friends that didn't want to be identified who was walking home from school with three of his friends when they were confronted. >> there's like five guys sitting on a bench drinking beers. one of them came up to us and said do we bang? and we said we're not gang- related. one guy just comes and punches my friend. >> reporter: that boy said one of his friends was chased with a taser while the group in the truck followed him. he ran away. when crews arrived, they found another one of his friends stabbed with potentially life- threatening injuries. he's been upgraded to serious but stable condition. those who know him say he attends delmar high school. police won't say for certain if the crime is gang-related but are investigating. >> i'm confident that the suspects don't live in the neighborhood. as i said we're following leads trying to determine who they are. if it is gang-related. we will determine which neighborhood, which gang they are from. >> reporter: detectives are
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working on compiling specific descriptions of the suspect and their vehicles. they are also working with campbell police because the border is very close and they are also -- they've been talking to schools in the area as well as the neighborhood association. reporting live from san jose, janine de la vega, ktvu channel 2 news. >> all right. thank you, janine. happening today -- president obama is scheduled to address the nation to outline his strategy to deal with isis. this comes as the situation between the u.s. and the terrorist group continues to escalate with two americans beheaded and death threats against twitter employees. the president's speech is still about six hours away. but brian flores joins us from the newsroom where activity is certainly ramping up quickly before the speech takes place. >> hi, tori. good afternoon. several events have taken place within the last 24 hours. but tonight's the president's speech is expected to be relatively short. it will detail his plan to fight the terrorist group, a plan that he will move forward with or without congressional approval.
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even before president obama announces his plan to fight the terrorist group known as isis or isil, the stage is setting up for the u.s. to take action. today, the president was scene on the phone reportedly with saudi arabia's king abdullah. and secretary of state, john kerry, arrived in baghdad and met with iraq's new prime minister calling the meeting encouraging. >> the president will lay out tonight a more detailed description of exactly what the united states is prepared to do together with many other countries. >> the president is expected to increase the amount of airstrikes on isis-controlled regions. the president is not expected to put american troops on the ground but some if congress say the option should remain available. >> we're gonna need special capability soldiers in eastern syria and iraq in the course of this if we're gonna be successful. >> the president met with congressional leaders at the white house yesterday telling
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him he was authority to act without approval. but the president may need congress especially if the plan calls for money or arming rebels against isis strongholds. for now there is bipartisan support for the president to act against a threat that's becoming more and more dangerous. >> we remain concern that there's access to westerners and to safe havens in the middle east will allow them to plan and coordinate attacks in the u.s. >> and the president and the secretary of state will be gaining allied support as well for his plan. tomorrow kerry will meet with leaders of arab nations in saudi arabia. brian flores, ktvu channel 2 news. >> thank you. and you can watch the president's address right here on ktvu. we'll bring it to you live at 6:00 tonight and you can also see it on new information about the death of joan rivers and the unplanned procedure performed on a comedian just before she was rushed to the hospital. another day of warming around the bay area. mark tamayo will be here to
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tell you how hot it will get and how long it will last. it is getting more and more crowded on b.a.r.t. and why the problems are expected to get worse before it gets better.
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there's new information about the death of comedian
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joan rivers. according to the new york daily news, rivers went to a medical clinic for what was supposed to be routine surgery when a doctor performed an unplanned biopsy on her vocal cords. that apparently caused her vocal cords to seize cutting off her air supply. the paper says this procedure should have been performed at a hospital, not a medical clinic. the new york state health department is investigating where the procedure was done. members of congress are putting pressure on the nfl to hand out tougher punishments for domestic violence. richard bloomenthal says the nfl needs stronger, stiffer rules to deter and punish domestic violence abusers. he's working on a proposal to force the nfl and other major sports leagues to address domestic violence more vigilantly. he says it could include cutting off financial benefits
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such as the league's tax-exempt status. >> the nfl has really disgraced football in the sense that it has failed to treat sufficiently serious a brazen, brutal incident of assault. >> at first, the nfl suspended rice for two games but changed it to an indefinite knit suspension after the elevator video was made public. california fish and wildlife says dna tests show the mountain lion involved in sunday's attack on a 6-year-old was a male mountain lion. biologists are still searching for the cat. they set up traps baited with meat and two trackers and dogs are also on foot searching for the mountain lion. the 6-year-old boy who was attacked is recovering at home. when the mountain lion is found, it will be euthanized. it's becoming more and
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difficult for san jose's homeless to encounter the jungle. there's a plan to put a gate at story road to act as a barrier. the city wants to eliminate illegal activity like dumping. hundreds of homeless live in the area. they will continue to allow outreach workers in to help those in need. the plan is drawing criticism for people who live in the encampment and from homeless advocates who help feed the homeless. a van that comes every tuesday to help the people who are homeless and who can make it to the doctor's office and things like that. there are resources that come here on a weekly basis. they help feed the homeless. >> the city says it would like to clear out the encampment there by the end of the year. if it feels like you have a lot more company on b.a.r.t. trains these days, you are right. b.a.r.t. saw a significant jump in b.a.r.t. ridership in august. 27,000 more people compared to the same time last year.
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to make matters worse, more than 100 b.a.r.t. cars are out of service every day for maintenance and upgrades. we spoke to one commuter who says it's harder and harder to find a seat. >> as an older rider, i admit, as an older rider, you know, it kind of -- 40 minute ride from walnut creek to san francisco it impacts my health. if i have to stand for 40 minutes on a moving train, it hurts me. >> the problem is likely to get worse because ridership is expected to go up even more in the next couple of months. a b.a.r.t. spokeswoman said every available train is in service. californians are using less water but it still hey not be enough as the state deals with the third year of a cripping doubt. water agencies are reporting a 7.5% drop in monthly water use in july compared to a year ago. governor brown declared a drought emergency in january and called on californians to cut water use by 20%.
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statewide restrictions include fines up to $500 a day for water wasters. the state waterboard could consider even more aggressive conservation measures later this month. well, good wednesday afternoon. we're taking a live look outside looking out towards oakland. a lot of haze out there. some of the smoke drifting in from the fires across the state, the fire in yosemite. but also the big one up towards the happy camp complex near the border with oregon. that's over 100,000 acres. some of that haze is approaching the bay area. it will be a factor in the forecast for today and over the next few days. an area of high pressure is setting up shop that will cap the haze in the bay area. at least right now, we have mostly clear skies except some fog. still hugging parts of the shore line. here is a closer look at the satellite showing you that fog bank. up and down the coast from mendocino county down toward santa cruz as well. the few patches of some
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clearing closer to monterey bay. it's warming up out there. san francisco right now checking in, 73 degrees. long at the 8 -- look at the 80s out towards concord and walnut creek. that's the headline today. we're tracking 90s in the forecast. for today, hazy sunshine. and warmer. here's another camera looking out toward the bay from our transamerica pyramid in san francisco. tomorrow, mostly sunny skies. hot inland. for the weekend, it will be warm to hot. we'll shave off a few degrees in the second half of the weekend by sunday. for today, though, we'll have patchy coastal fog. hazy sunshine. temperatures up a good 3 to 6 degrees over yesterday's readings. the trend will continue for thursday, friday, saturday especially by friday. warmest locations inland could be in the upper 90s around possibly 95, 96, 97 degrees. with that heat, this time of year, fire danger, a big concern. that will be going up across the entire state. that does include the bay area. so that we don't have any
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warnings in place but something we'll be watching over the next -- at least the next two, three days. forecast highs, santa rosa, 87 degrees. san francisco beautiful, especially downtown in the 70s. 76 brentwood. 93. you will see some 90s out towards pleasanton and livermore. san jose 82. here is a look ahead to the five-day forecast -- the warming will continue with increasing fire danger, thursday, friday. saturday will be the hottest day of the weekend, not by much. we'll shave off a few degrees. maybe one or two. these are minor changes. this is the time of year the bay area heats up and pretty much right on schedule. i will keep an eye on the fire danger. >> kind of that indian summer -- >> yeah. the mornings are pretty chilly. but the afternoons you notice the warmup. mayor ed lee helped kick off the return of fleet week with a few announcements. he gathered at the marines
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memorial club library on sutter to introduce the event. it was canceled last year due to budget cuts. it begins on thursday, october 9th, and will include activities and performances for the public along with a chance for a local agency to conduct emergency drills with the military. >> it's our police and fire, our port, our recreation and parks departments. all of the various agencies have a very unique opportunity to practice what i think is most challenging in a major disaster. that's logistics. >> the blue angems will also return to -- angels will return and the parade of ships which are two of the major attractions for an event that often draws a million spectators. as we reported to you yesterday, apple's new iphone is about to hit the market. already one wireless service carrier is offering a deal for you to get the new device for free. but there is a catch.
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well, stocks have turned higher in midday trading. apple's stock is up almost 3%. e bey is down% over fears its pay pal different vision will lose business to apple's payment system. the dow is up 62. the nasdaq up 32 and s&p is up 7. facebook is now worth more than $200 billion. that makes it now the 15th most
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valuable company in the s&p 500. worth more than much older companies such as ibm, coca- cola, at&t and disney. facebook's stock is trading right now at about $77.83. that's up more than 40% this year. analysts credit some of the value increase to mobile growth and recent acquisitions. facebook now generates nearly two-thirds of its total ad sales from mobile platforms. verizon is offering customers a free iphone 6 when it goes on sale september 19th but there is a catch. customers must turn in their old iphone and up for a new contract. those who redeem the offer will trade in their old modeledle and receive a gift card for $200 to be used toward the new iphone 6. the offer does not apply to the other phone, the iphone 6 plus. as we gift told you at the beginning of the newscast, four people were hurt when a driver
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veered off the road this morning in san mateo. the driver was also hurt. police believe three of the injured are special needs students. ktvu's allie rasmus is on the scene and will have the latest on the news at 5:00. thank you for making ktvu your choice for news. we are always here for you at you can follow us on twitter and facebook. have a great day.
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