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tv   KTVU Morning News Early Edition  FOX  September 11, 2014 5:00am-6:01am PDT

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. we are following breaking news, the danger police are warning us about. and a piece of the world trade center is being displayed to honor those who died 13 years ago today. we will tell you about the tributes happening in the bay area. plus searchers say
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attackers who searched for a boy, who gets the credit for tracking it down it is all ahead on the ktvu channel 2 morning news. complete bay area coverage starts right now. good morning, these are live pictures from new york city and what you are looking at is the new world trade center, one of four buildings and from defendant to coast they are remembering those who were killed, terror attacks 13 years ago today. ceremonies are taken and these are pictures from a memorial in fremont. we will have more on the special tribute a group of firefighters has planned. it is thursday, i am torii campbell in for pam cook. >> good morning, i am dave
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clark, let's talk about your weather and traffic, steve paulson is here. >> we have a lot of sunshine and it is right down on the deck. the lows seem to be running and yesterday it didn't matter because the sea breeze collapsed. fso west at 14 and there is fog out there. some of it is really thick, sunny hot inland 60s and $0 there, -- 70s a few even close to 100, here is sal. traffic is doing well and on the east shore and the low clouds are more prevalent with the morning commute and we'll see some slow traffic
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associated with that. bay bridge toll plaza at the toll plaza, it is about an 8 minute drive into san francisco and no major problems if you are driving through and no problems on the lower deck of the bay bridge. looking at highway 24, highway 24 does look good as you drive from orinda and over to the oakland side. let's go back to the desk. thank you, we continue to follow breaking news where people are asked to stay inside their homes while police search for a suspect in a shooting. this is happening in the area of brush creek road and the santa rosa neighborhood. police dogs are aiding in the search. police have not released further details about the shooting but witnesses say they heard several gunshots. >> i was getting ready to go to bed and there were for you loud
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pops, it was not fireworks but it was really loud and close and of course we didn't see anybody with a gun but some guys rolled up in a car. special observances are planned to honor those killed at the world trade stern at the pentagon and in shanksville pennsylvania. several people were killed and 13 years later, more than 100 victims have still not been identified. 433 firefighters and later this morning, alameda will honor the first responders who were killed. janine de la vega joining us live in fremont to tell us more about this very special
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tribute, janine? >> dave, tremont firefighters are proud to have there and it is located behind their training center. take a look, it was made by firefighters and staff. never forget the number because that is the number of firefighters who died that day. a piece of steel has been there and they have been hanging onto it and they didn't have the money to make the memorial but they did the work themselves recently. there will be a ceremony and a moment of silence at 6:59 a.m. the moment the south tower fell honoring those brave men and women. and also at 10:00 a.m. at the flight 93 memorial in union city, and they are etched on a 40 granite pillar one
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man's whose wife was on board said a memorial represents her unwavering strength and love. this is the city's memorial park on main street. the includes girders from the world trade center. this evening's event begins at 5:30 they will introduce an initiative using the park to educate young people about that day in history and back out here live while some firefighters will be gathered at the memorial this morning, those who were at their own fire stations will be pulling out their engines saluting and then lowering the flag to half staff janine de la vega ktvu channel 2 morning news. and the 43 fire steaks also
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take part. mayor ed lee will lead the ceremonies at the folsom street on 19th street. at 6:59 the world trade center collapsed bells will ring marking the last alarm. at 7:00 a.m. the flag will be lowered to half staff, there will be one minute of silence. new york city, it was different than the ones before. the memorial and museum will be open and on this very -- on this very solemn occasion. we will take you live for a look at the day of rememberance nationwide. 507, a san francisco teen was stabbed outside of a market mission district, the funeral was mapped and ray shun williams will be remembered. police remembered another one
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in connection of september 2nd. they had attended st. mary at golf and geri, it is open to the public. >> a high school wrestling coach is in jail suspected of child molestation. they arrested kevin lopez on tuesday. they were notified of a possible inappropriate relationship between lopez and a 17-year-old girl. he also serves as a youth leader and lopez only walked on as a walk on coach and has been relieved of his duty. this happened on vincent road. this photo you are looking at was tweeted out by fire officials. the cause of the fire is still
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under investigation. a sigh of relief, the mountain lion believed to be the one who attacked a 6-year- old boy was killed. they were hiking near the winery and tracking dogs picked up the scent and tracked it to a tree about 130 yards. they had no choice but to shoot the mountain lion. >> it would have died in the fall at that height. >> the mountain lions remains, they want to corn firm it -- confirm it was the one who attacked the boy. in the meantime that little boy is recovering after getting rabies shots. and it could be the latest to track down on people who waste water. they will consider slapping a $100 fine on homeowners and businesses which violate the
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new water restriction rules. those violations include washing downside walks and drive ways, they are expected to follow the lead of others desperately trying to -- desperately trying to save water. and google responded after several were posted online. 5million were made public on a russian bit coin for him. google said many of them are not current but it does not appear g-mail was hacked and they were probably gathered from other hack sites animal wear on users own computers. socks broke a two -- stocks broke a two game losing streak. he had his biggest gain in april. a day after announcing updated versions of the iphone and a moble payment system. the dow jones industrial average ended 54 points and the
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s&p 500 went up 7. all right, this is a case that really has moved. a ruling in the oscar pistorius murder trial, the conviction handed down and a possible punishment. now we are still looking at a decent drive to work as we look at the caldecott, we will tell you more in the east bay and noter bay. it didn't take long to get
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. according to a telephone poll 400 voters were released by the housing coalition. the poll found rebecca kaplan would get 61 61% of the vote. mayor jean quan will get 49% of the vote. supervisors budget
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community voted to allocate more than $2 million for legal aid. david calm toes was -- david wrote the proposal and must be approved by the full board of supervisors. san francisco was officially welcome being fleet -- welcoming fleet week. he was canceled last year due to budget cuts. this year, it starts october 9 october 9th and is there is also the traditional parade of ships and it often draws about 1 million spectators and brings some money. that is great news. >> time now 5:15, you are watching the golden gate bridge and everything else. so far, it is a little bit foggy if you are driving south if you are heading down to the toll plaza and the lane workers
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are out there for the lane commute. just be careful as steve and i have been talking about it is a far as the dense fog here. westbound bay bridge, you can see traffic is okay but we have a little bit of high clouds and that will not affect you on the bay bridge. orinda traffic looks good as we drive the maps over to walnut creek, traffic is doing well on 608 608 from the venetia -- 680 from the venetia bridge. >> itit is moving in north dakota up in yellow stone. that didn't take that long to get from being warm below. it might get drawn up and might move towards us and in the
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weekend it will fall apart. 50s and 60s, the lows are running ahead and most locations are running about 3 to 4 degrees. usually it is down around 50 in menlo park and there is still a few 50s but these are warmer in the last couple of days. fso has a 13-mile-per-hour wind but we'll see if it holds. inland temperatures will not matter. 57 in ukiah, 39 up in business mark 3 five to new york and the system bringing snow just came
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down out of calgary. also great falls and there is rapid city. the rain just turned to snow and there is a lot of rain in the 20s and 30s. as sal touched on, it is thick and dense and there. once it burns off, some of that fog will be hanging out over by the coast. 90s to 100, 70s and 80s and temperatures will continue to be on the warm to hot side and it does look cooler as we go into the weekend. just a short time ago, this huge american flag are unfulled and it was pulled off by the joinsp chiefs of staff. the reporter was in new york
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city and here is more on the how the nation am -- how the nation is. you can't help but remember what you saw and heard in vivid details but while so much has changed in lower manhattan for the families members who lost on that day, the pain they feel, the scars are as every bit as painful and just as raw as they were 13 years ago. in the 13 years since the september 11th attacks, the world trade center hams undergone dramatic steps. it is the first time they they
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will be open on an anniversary but they were forever changed by attacks and they were well represented. >> they truly are part of this very special place. >> we will remember where they were on that date, who told them and everything they experienced. >> as they did he ever year, the names of everybody who perished and in the 1993 world trade center bomb t- will will remembered and dempsey will host the ceremony featuring a speech from president barack obama. in shanksville -- shanksville pennsylvania as well will hold a memorial. >> i will not hesitate to take action in syria as well as iraq. if you threaten america, you
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will find no safe haven. >> while there is some talk about the new terrorist threat that the nation faces here in new york and in sharingsville pennsylvania, we will have more on what was lost, back to you. now there is a special online section dedicated to remembering 9/11 including the iconic photos and a lot more, you can find it under the hot topics section of dtv . -- they announced silence after making comments about ray rice and his wife. still a held, the words that led to the announcers' suspension and response. and preparing for a big come back this weekend, why that is not the only challenge
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and serta mattress sets. even get 24 months interest-free financing on every tempur-pedic. but don't drop the ball. mattress discounters fall kickoff sale is ending soon. ♪ mattress discounters . welcome back to the morning news, time now 5:24 happening today a possible boat on the flower mart. the flower garden's association is considering a deal to buy the mart and critics say the
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sale may force it to close if the property ends upping leased to a a business company. more than 100 flour wrists are low -- flour wrists are -- flourists are dough dated there -- located there. the free dental clinic is held around the nation and it is honoring troops and veterans of the september 11th attacks. it is 525, a giant come back for a mixed martial arts fire, while it will not be easy, he is dealing with an even greater challenge and that's because he is homeless living on the streets of san jose. he was having success, the ultimate fighting championship, but major says he became deeply
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depressed after his sister died and he landed on the streets. recently he started training again and landed with an outreach group and he is now turning his life around. >> the outcome will be that i am back on track, getting back in the ring. >> that major will face opponent mitchell, at the west coast championship in sacramento. >> last month celek are came and spent some time with the oakland a's and this morning he will be at the at&t park visiting with giants and their fans. celek is retiring and a lot of baseball area fans are frustrated he never settled a dispute involving the future of the a's which directly involved
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the future of the giants. some are calling it a shock, the ruling in the oscar pistorius trial, the ruling came down and why he will have to wait to find out his fate at least not tomorrow. and we have been following breaking news in santa rosa, stay inside because of a shooting suspect on the loose. alex savage just arrived and he will bring you a report for that suspect. traffic is still doing well around the bay area, we will tell you more with a little bit of fog, they may make it tough tore drivers. -- make it tough for drivers. and this should not stop san francisco, 82 the high, normal is 70. life's super scary sounds.
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and sneaking in without lifemoving the bed.sounds. sheriff's office. good morning, i am torii campbell in for pam cook. ever. >> we will have to deal with some fog and we have some dense fog on the golden gate bridge coming through the caldecott, we have warm air and we will retreat back pretty fast with a little warmer on the lows. novato is dipped in santa rosa
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we have around 7,000 and 70 degrees and fremont is 54 and that warm air is capping calm san jose, fso at 13 and yesterday that was a little bit of a different problem and my guess is, it will fall apart. so a summertime pattern, here is sal. you said it, the fog and some of the dense fog is affecting some of the east bay commutes. we can see only a little bit of it and since we looked at this picture, we can see up to the albany area and we have a short stretch near ashby avenue especially if you are in the north bay or along the coast.
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youyou can see it is coug up, no problems on is the actual bridge, from san francisco sister or dumping onto the bridge, that is not a bad commute on the east bay peninsular. the search has just ended following a shooting. we will let you know what led to the shooting, good morning, alex. >> reporter: good morning to you, torii, a scary situation for this man who lives here and he was shot by a group of burglars who broke into his home. he apparently startled the thieves and he is expected to
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survive his injuries. police dogs were used and a helicopter am was used as -- as well e.police initially were urging neighbors to stay inside while they search for the people involved in the shooting. one neighbor said he heard the gunfire. >> it was for you loud pops and you know it was not like fireworks, but it was really loud and recently close. but again an active search, police are not urging that level of caution anymore and they are still searching for a
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break in. police are still searching alex santa rosa. until from found zero to the bay area. they will on another 3,000 people who died at the world trade center and in sharpingsville pennsylvania where a plane crashed. several passengers fought those hijackers over control of the plane. well, one of the bay area's very personal tributes will take place this morning in fremont. firefighters are honoring those who died on september 11th. joining us live at the sight of
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that brand-new memorial, janine? we are at the training center in stevenson boulevard and behind there, take a look. this is the brand-new fires and never forget that number because that is the number of firefighters who died on that day. there is a piece of steel and the department has been hanging on to that for five years. they were trying to figure out what they wantedthis memorial to look -- what they wanted this memorial to look like. they finally did the work themselves recently with actual firefighters helping to build this. there will be a ceremony here and a moment of silence at 6:58 the moment the south tower fell
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to honor those at the flight 93. one man whose plane was on the plane said this represents her strength and love and the city's 9/11 memorial day morial was dedicated and includes gerders from the world trade center. they reported that the rotary club will use the park as a basis to educate young people about that day in history. back out here live it may be difficult to see but the concrete is in the shape of a firefighters badge and it is actually in a black stripe to represent what happened that
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day. a group of firefighters will also pull out their engines and trucks and they will also salute the flag and have a moment of silence at 659, reporting live, janine de la vega and at 9:45 in pleasant on it. then willp ring a sir hope you' all badge. organizers will have the biggest pass on the ridge of highway at 24. now ktvu has a special online section to remember those
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including some of the iconic photo imageels and a lot more there. you can find it under the hot topic section of 5:37 richmond police are investigate ago deadly shooting that happened in the span of about 30 minutes. just before 8:15 officers responded to 4th street and mcdonald avenue after getting reports of a man with a stab wound. he was airlifted in critical but stable are condition and it was then police heard multiple gunshots and they have identified that man finance and he was pro -- identified that man and was pronounced dead at the scene. there are no known suspects in
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either case. >> in the meantime police in petaluma are looking for suspects in that city's first homicide of the year. a 49-year-old man was shot to death inside a home late yesterday. the santa rosa press democrats are now following one strong lead in this case and they do not believe the shooting poses any threat to the general public. new this morning, a judge has ruled this morning attract star oscar pistorius cannot be found guilty of intentionally killing his girlfriend. his evidence backs up his claim he mistook her for an intruder when he shot and killed her. they judges ruled out a premeditated murderer but she is still decide willing.
5:40 am
and now pro-football they are looking into that handling and that announcement came after the associated press reported they received a video of ray rice punching his then fiance five among before it surfaced on t m z. this explosion sufficient -- explosive finding is causing major changes in the nfl. >> we want the resignation because of his lack of response. >> this is a big macho tough league and yet it seems to be populated by a lot of cowards starting in the league offices and own they are hthey are ship offices and these men who beat up women. >> they are falling to increase
5:41 am
penful tis and jackie spear is holding possible cooks with that and he made what the organize, calls and lot suggested rice's wife should take some of the response bability for not immediately reporting the violent attack. he also called her decision to marry him after the attack pathetic. >> no blame or responsibility for domestic violence should ever be placed on a victim. and the family of 49er ray mcdonald is now speaking out for the first time.
5:42 am
mock donald is facing felony domestic violence charges late last month but prosecutors are telling them he did not physically attack his pregnant feasance -- fiance. if they knew us and the type of son he is, he is not a vicious woman beater he is portrayed to be. the search for a mountain -- mountain lion and why they had no choice but to shoot. but first, much they want their money back. we are looking at a commute which is getting busier by the
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moment the bay bridge is already seeing some slow traffic. there is some dense fog out there with some warm air aloft. and we have hot to warm conditions and we'll see if it gets cooler by the weekend. ♪ with kaiser permanente, you'll connect with your doctor any time, anywhere. another way care and coverage together makes life easier. ♪ become a member of kaiser permanente.
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. they are sending more troops to iraq and it is part of the strategy known as isis. >> we will track down terrorists who threaten our country wherever they are. i will not hesitate to tack action whether they are in syria or iraq.
5:46 am
>> he insisted they are not going to fight alone. >> america will be joined by a broad coalition much partners. already they are sending arms with us sharing intelligence and providing billions of dollars to humanitarian aid. >> they urge congress to quickly approve a program to train and arm rebels with extremists and syrian president a sad. -- as sad. we posted it in the hot topic section. happening right now, observances are taking place around the country on the 13th anniversary of the september 11 september 11th th attacks. you are looking outside the
5:47 am
white house president barack obama and first lady president barack obama and we have a moment of silence on the white house lawn.
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. beautiful performance and again you are looking outside of the white house, it was 13 years ago, five hijackers for the world trade's north tower and that was the beginning of the darkest day. the president and first lady will be attending this morning at the pentagon memorial which is scheduled for 6:35 our time
5:49 am
when the plane crashed into the pentagon 13 years ago and a moment of silence was also observed in new york city again just a couple of minutes ago our time when the plane hit noter tower back in 2001 and as they do every year, families of the victims are reading their names. it is an incredibly poignant way to do it and the thing that is most touching is the children reading the names of their parents, they never even knew their parents. >> it is interesting whether you knew somebody or not, pointian -- poignant and no matter how many times you see it, you feel it.
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>> as we come back home, we are also marking the 9/11 terror attacks. they made a shortstop, 546 this morning and they observed a moment of silence. >> people are still heading off to work and school this morning, sal? >> we are looking at what we see and things are beginning to get crowded and the metering lights are on and usually they are on and they should not be on with but the traffic back up is about a 15 to 20 minute drive time. also on the san mateo bridge heading over to the peninsular and 101, if we can put a map up
5:51 am
here, southbound 101 does look good and willow is reported and traffic is getting slow because of a crash that was just reported, let's go to steve. for those of you watching us, in north dakota and south dakota, it will be hot and temperatures with dense morning fog, fire increases and we had a little component of that yesterday, so some of the fires sent up some hazy skies, is that my sneak. >> well f-i still hear you. >> as long as you are talking to me. >> some of this fog is very, very dense. 50s and 60s even novato they were 15 degrees cooler and the fog is there.
5:52 am
it is going to play into a big summer spread on some of these temperatures between 60s to 100 inland fog near the coast, novato 75, 99 vacaville, 100 brentwood oakland, 92 in alameda, probably 94 or 95, 100 in gilroy, san mateo, daily city, 75, now it kept half-moon bay at 65, and it will be close tomorrow but it does look cooler as we go to the weekend. >> google -- would you believe e-mail addresses were posted online and where it was posted and how it probably happened. >> i was about to scream be
5:53 am
careful but it was too late. three students were hit by a car and what they were doing right before the crash.
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. the recovery of a car in
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san mateo. witnesses say the students and their teachers were walking near the high school when a car jumped on to a sidewalk and hit them. >> kids are not safe on the street. the woman was happy showing whatever and then this happened. now that teacher has ahead injury but is expected to recover. none of these students were seriously hurt. the driver was taken with minor injuries and is being taken to the -- is and is talking to the police. the agency is scrutinizing 45 households they suspect received improper payments. some received aid for things
5:57 am
later covered by insurance and they typically try to recover payments after every disaster. are america remembers. how the bay area is honoring the victims of 9/11 on this very sad anniversary. a terrifying crime leads to a major police search, live in santa rosa with new information. we have a new crash on the peninsular we are telling you about but we are looking at the growing congestion, we will tell you about that straight ahead. and a hot forecast, it looks to be almost as hot and we have some thick fog, this pattern will be cleared by tomorrow morning. ♪
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. we are here to honor the victims of 9/11 and we will tell you what is planned this morning. and a homeowner is shot during a violent invasion, we will tell you what investigators say those thieves were after. >> we continue to vol
6:00 am
developments from south africa and the judge has read part of the verdict in the oscar pistorius trial but why we will need to wait until tomorrow to learn his fate. here is a live look at the september 11th memorial involving a terror attacks is underway and once again as they do every year they are reading the names of the victims at the at the site of ground zero and there was a citywide observance observing the first moment the plane struck noter tower. we will be back where for another moment of silence the second plane hit and we will have more getting underway shortly. it is september 11th,


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