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tv   Right This Minute  FOX  September 11, 2014 9:30am-10:01am PDT

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i'm beth troutman. this is the viral video show "right this minute." fishermen confront a guy who has them outraged. way is doing that causes a boat load of trouble. >> that's so [ bleep ] stupid. >> a tanker truck heads for a bridge and right there, boom, takes that bridge out. the freeway carnage after one major miscalculation. >> a new project aiming to keep new yorkers warm this winter. >> we've been fighting for heat for a really long time. >> how you can help to keep out
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the cold. >> the buzz word for your chance to win an ipad mini. a prankster who starts to go out -- >> and serenading couples. >> why some boyfriends are more tolerant than others. >> it was a joke. >> video that has conservationists and anglers outraged. this is on the canadian side of the detroit river. this was shot from inside the boat of two sport fishermen. they are out sport fishing for musky. the guy off in the distance says he is going to kill this fish, a musky. you see the guy throw what looks like a large fish back into the water. >> he was killing them and throwing them in dead? >> that's exactly what these guys claimed he did.
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this guy says this fellow after he caught the musky clubbed it in the head and threw it back in th wate mashed it in the head and killed it. he said, i'm sorry, laughing and joking with his buddy here. >> it's not funny at all. >> why did you guys kill that fish? what's that? >> if you don't like it, release it. >> the guy is such a jerk. >> this is an illegal activity. you are wasting a fit suitable for human consumption. >> you are clubbing fish because that is not your desired fish? >> this was turned over to the
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ministry. you see this video and they say the ocoa wishes to advise this video and details are being investigated by conservation officers with the mnrs an enforcement branch. they are taking this incredibly seriously. >> whether they catch this guy or not, it lets other people know that they are aware and that they are going to keep an eye out for this stuff. that is not cool to do this kind of thing. >> it is rush hour in the morning. you see this morning in this large truck. if you notice that tanker is almost upright. >> it's supposed to be down. >> he did leave the lip part up. watch what happens. you see that pedestrian bridge. right there, boom. takes that bridge out.
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he does not stop. >> when police got to the scene, one witness said that person told police that the command panel on the truck wasn't working. i don't understand why that didn't make him stop the truck. >> why didn't anybody yell or stop him? >> it was completely preventible. police are investigating trying to get from the driver what exactly was going on inside that truck before the incident. >> in brazil, you are going to watch something that's mystifying and a true miracle. see the guy on the motorcycle? that truck is cutting him off. watch what happens. they say that biker laid the bike down and slid between the wheels. watch. the biker gets up even though the motorcycle kept going.
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>> dangerous move by the truck driver. >> as he makes that u-turn, the driver nearly knocks off another biker, but that biker gets out of the way. >> somebody came over and helped him to the side of the road. i'm sure that bike has damage though. >> we are riding with officer jay pittman. that's the car in pursuit now. you have a hard time seeing the suspect because they are up ahead. this pursuit lasts for several minutes. at one point reaching over just 100 miles per hour. thankfully, you don't see many cars on the road. it doesn't appear that many people were in danger. finally, when the officer does catch up, the suspect goes into a shopping center. you see one car not quite come
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to a start before they bail out going in different directions. there were two cars there. those are both believed to be stolen vehicles. they were going the same direction. they were driving along with each other. >> that wasn't well thought out. >> officer pittman following the suspect back and forth as he tries to run away from the vehicle. doesn't go well for him. ticking close to the guy. spinning the cruiser right around before the guy tires out. >> they get one of their suspects. the passenger got away on foot as did the other vehicle. they discovered a third vehicle had been stolen. they are looking for these other
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suspects. >> we are going to give away an ipad mini. you need thursday's buzz word. >> stand by for the rtm ipad mini give away. >> this group of girls decided to do something incredibly nice for this old lady you see here. she works on the street as a window washer, working very hard for every cent she gets. these girls decided to do something nice so they sang her the mexican version of the "happy birthday" song. they gave her a meal, gave her
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hugs and kissed her and told her she was loved. >> the kindness of strangers. people have gone out of their way to do something nice for you does resonate. >> she does tell the girls, thank you very much with a lot of emotion. the girls tell her she do this because they appreciate her. >> this other video is three girls on a walk in georgia. one starts playing that instrument. the other one starts singing. all three of them sing together and it sounds beautiful. >> they are a video went incred viral. they are surprised how much attention this one video is getting.
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>> it's so real. almost appears to be a family moment that happened to break into song. that's what people connect with. >> a woman parked in a spot two men claim -- >> they paid for and decided they have a problem with that. >> the brutal attack that has people outraged. >> a little girl gets caught red lipped. >> did you get into the lipstick? >> nope. >> nope, i did not get into the lipstick. she fesses up to the fib on her face. isis i is s chchararlilie.. hihis long day of doing it himsf starts with back pain... and a choice. tatakeke 4 4 a advdvilil i in n2 aleve for all day relief. hohoneney,y, y youou didid d itit!! bababyby l lauaughgh!
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like us on this minute. stay in touch with us all day long. i have a pair of videos here. the first one is coming from sri lanka. a tram pulls up. the guy in the white trouser and green shirt pulls off the license plate of the van. he decided he is going to have a fight. starts punching him. hopefully the situation has calmed down. the guy decides to come back with a stick and attack the guy again. of course, people start jumping in. they are trying to break up this fight. no idea what's going on here. one of the samaritans then takes
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it in the head from the same stick. then he attacks while he's on the floor. what really started this whole argument is the victim was working at this gas station. they pulled the van up. it was too far forward to pump the gas. all he did was suggest they move the van back. >> he was going to pump their gas for them and instead they beat him up. >> he decided to fight these guys. they had an accident and crashed. >> the second video from china. two guys here have an obviously terrified woman up against her car. these two men are claiming they paid for this private reserved parking space. she parked her car there, but nothing, nothing justifies what happens. >> they are slapping her and kicking her. >> then slam her head on the side of the car. >> give her a chance to move.
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>> the guy attacking the girl picks up a brick, smashes through the back window, takes another brick, smashes through the side window. >> they are treating this woman as if she is not even a person. >> cowardly, cowardly behavior from scum of the earth. >> this is a really cool kick starter campaign. hey, zach, what an amazing project. >> this is awesome. this is for helping out people in new york city who are extremely cold during the winter time. there are rules in place in new york if it's a certain temperature outside, the inside of buildings have to be up to a certain temperature. landlords in new york city have to keep their buildings up to a certain temperature when it's
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really cold. there comes the polar vortex. this lets tenants record accurately what the temperature is inside their building to better record and send out data to be looked at in court battles. >> right. so they don't get taken advantage by slumlords. >> right. an inspector has to come out to the building and do a check. this takes days and weeks, if they show up. this is set so they can use them in court. >> it's a great idea.acef >> this is a kick starter campaign. if you want to donate, donate money. $30 is all it takes when he sells in a building or if you are in new york, you can do this yourself. may cost $60 and you'll get one of your own along with giving yourself.
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how about helping yourself and a neighbor? what do you do with this dude? >> they are setting off a mortar inside this port-a-potty with a guy inside it. >> blowing up an outhouse to a whole new level. >> thursday's buzz word for a chance to win an ipad mini. wawaveves s dodon'n't t cacareu are. tatakeke t thehem m onon t thehs have. liliveve h heaealtlthyhy ae one a day 50+.
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this is just really not well thought out. >> i'm scared. >> you should be. this port-a-potty has a mortar inside this port-a-potty with a guy inside it. >> wait. >> is that bone ham? >> bone flap. >> cut bone. it's cut bone. >> we see cut bone. he's going to light the firework. only one millisecond does someone have a good idea. >> cover your ears. >> he jumps out. dude, my ears.
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>> i'm glad there are people out there willing to do this stuff for my entertainment. >> this is the dumbest thing i've ever seen. >> look at this. >> this is the second dumbest. >> got a couple of videos for you guys starring adorable little children. this first one from jack dale. not a prank. jasmine, his 4-year-old daughter, she's gotten into mom's lipstick. >> did you get into the lipstick? >> nope. i did not get into the lipstick. >> look in my eyes and tell me. >> jack keeps pressing her. looks right into the camera. >> did you get into the lipstick? >> nope. >> nope. >> promise? >> little brother jackson also not believing jasmine. >> jackson, do you think she is
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telling the truth? >> she finds the necessary to fess up. >> did you get into the lipstick? >> yes, i did. >> oh, you're honest with me now. >> what does honest mean? >> honest means you told the truth. >> jack has a couple of lessons to teach still. >> this little fellow was given sight words to read out loud. he goes through them perfectly. understands, recognizes these words. this is where it gets awesome. >> monday through friday. >> this is a smart cookie. he starts reading the instructions on the bottom that were meant for the parents. he doesn't need sight words. this child can read novels. >> he was so bored the entire time reading sight words. he finally got interested when he got to the small print.
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>> all right. it's time to give away an ipad mini. you are going to need thursday's buzz word. you need to be 18 years old and a legal u.s. resident. head over to and click on the win ipad button. enter the buzz word on facebook, twitter or both. >> you ready to reveal thursday's buzz word? is whistle., click on win ipad button and enter thursday's buzz word whistle. good luck, everybody. >> serenading strangers gets weird when -- >> he's not serenading the couples. he is trying to woo the woman away. >> why not everyone is a fan of the show. >> can you get see
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something like this. >> i have a prank video for you guys. it's imaginative. they are going to go out and start serenading couples. ♪ you can get a thrill to know you want some more girl ♪ >> she is looking at him. the girlfriend is smiling. his guys are lit at the singer.
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you've got to be kidding me. >> can i have your number? >> no. >> you are so pretty. oh, that's your girl? can i grab something? >> he is trying to woo the woman away. he miscalculates. the young lady is sitting on the steps with her son and looks like the husband or son is taking a photo. >> shoo. >> that's my mama. stop singing at my mama. >> you see the protective mama instincts. >> she is beautiful. that's the only reason. >> little kid takes a swing at him. maybe he is a chip off the old block because -- >> can i get your number? >> boom! >> this is why pranks are sometimes not a good idea. >> the guys are going for the punch.
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>> she is kind of into it. >> she is with her girlfriend. this is a completely different scenario. she is not with a guy. this could be a single lady who is excited she is being serenaded. >> that happens at the club a lot. >> what is her name? >> can i have her name? >> yeah. >> talent is appealing. it's attractive. >> there we go. completely different responses to the same prank. congratulations to that guy hope they have a nice date. >> that's our show. see you for the next edition of
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live from new york city, it's wendy williams. today, country music star marc anthony is here to dish about his life with his adorable twins and his platinum album. plus find out what big event mark and wendy are doing together. plus all the latest juicy hot topics. now, here's wendy. [ cheers and applause ] ♪ >>


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