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tv   KTVU Channel Two News at 430am  FOX  September 22, 2014 4:30am-5:01am PDT

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and the clouds that brought rain up to the sierra nevada has moved off. a couple weak fronts taking aim. over time a couple of these look like they will be able to usher in the possibility of rain. 60s on the temps for most. we are running a little on the mild side. a westerly breeze or a component of it is in place. 1 at travis. not outrageous but the water temps are there. 64 bodega bay. so fog, sun, mild. breezy at times. warm along the coast. temperatures now i mean 70s and upper 70s even on the coast. pretty close to that. everyone is within a couple degrees of each other. here is sal. we are looking at a commute where things are doing pretty well. if you are driving on 80 westbound, you can see traffic is moving well. no major problems getting out to the toll plaza.
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also this morning's drive at the toll plaza itself looks good. there is a little bit of slowing in some of the cash lanes. but for the most part it is a very nice drive coming into san francisco. i do want to mention there is road work on the southbound 880 between hegenberger and heading down a little bit toward the san leandro area. there is a little bit of slow traffic and a little road work but it's not causing a major delay. traffic northbound is looking pretty good. 4:31 let's go back to the desk. the chp investigating a deadly crash. it happened just after 11:00 last night on interstate 680. that is where tara moriarty from the crash scene and tara, you have more about the investigation. >> reporter: that is right. we are here on the onramp. if you take a look behind me. it's the onramp where the accident happened. what investigators are trying to figure out right now is what prompted a woman to pull over to the shoulder of that onramp and get out of her car.
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they don't know if she ran out of gas or experienced mechanical problems. that is all part of the investigation right now. what they will tell us, around 11:00 last night, she got out of her car, ran in front of another car and was struck and killed. that driver did stop and is cooperating with the chp. the woman is identified as a woman in her 20s. we do want to mention if we come back here live, this is a safety vest. and it's always a good idea to stay in your car if an accident happens and call 911. if for some reason you have to get out of your car, the chp says the life vests make you more visible to folks out there on the road. we're live in walnut creek i'm tara moriarty ktvu channel 2 news. a cyclist remains in critical condition following an accident in the berkeley hills. it happened yesterday morning at intersection of spruce and uni streets. a car collided with a man in his 60s who was out for a
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sunday morning bike ride. this area a popular spot for weekend bike riders. >> it's a reasonably steep road. we do a group ride up here every sunday. i tell people to keep an eye out. be careful. >> there is a lot of rolling stops. there is a lot of near misses. >> at this point it is not clear whether the driver will face any charges. heavy smoke from the massive king fire canceled one of north america's most challenging competitions. >> they have recommended that the event be canceled. >> was called off minutes before it was supposed to get started. the condition is for unhealthy air for the 3,000 participants
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there. athletes come from all over the world to train. despite being disappointed, some say it was the right call. >> i think it was the right call. it is really unfortunate and sad. >> like at noon it was really bad. >> others ignored the air quality warnings and decided to do the race course on their own. participants do pay between $800 to $1500 to enter the event. there is no word if they will be getting a refund. the national weather service says winds could pick up this week. that fire has burned more than 82,000 acres and right foul it's only 17% contained. there are more than 5,000 firefighters on the front lines including teams from the bay area working to put out that blaze. 12,000 homes are still
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threatened and meantime wayne allen huntsman was arrested last week and he is charged with starting that fight. the brentwood police officers association is urging people to stop giving money to panhandlers. saying it will only attract more of them. police say they recently arrested a panhandler calling him a convicted felon. the police officers association encourages people to give money to charities instead. a man wanted for three separate indecent exposure incidents in marin county is behind bars. police released this sketch of the suspect last week. 42-year-old mitchell curtis powell was arrested after a third incident at the fairfax police officer.
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tmz edited the tape at the center of his domestic violence tape. it shows rice punching his then fiance in an atlantic city elevator. meantime california senator dianne feinstein is joining those demanding the nfl take a tougher stand against domestic violence. >> i believe very strongly that if a player is arrested, they should be suspended and if they are convicted, that ends it. >> senator feinstein also joined congresswoman jackie pelosi and jackie spear calling for the 49ers to take ray mcdonald off the field until his domestic abuse case is solved. police are investigating the burglary at the home of ray
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mcdonald. it happened late saturday night. at least one burglar broke into mcdonald's home and made off with valuables. mostly electronics. he was in arizona at the time preparing for sunday's game against the cardinals. collin kaepernick is denying he used a racial slur during a game against the browns. they are reporting the slur was inappropriate language and resulted in kaepernick's $11,000 fine. kaepernick says he did not say anything to le mar houston. and houston says he doesn't recall hearing anything coming from kaepernick. the 49ers quarterback during the game. the niners dominant first
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half in phoenix yesterday was followed by a desauce tear 37 the cardinals rally to beat the niners. the 49ers have been overwhelmed by a score of 52-3 in the first half of the last three games. the niners host the philadelphia eagles next sunday. the oakland raiders are heading to england after losing to the patriots. super star quarterback tom brady threw a touchdown pass to new englands victory. the raiders are still winless for the season. this was their 15th straight loss in the eastern time zone. part of an exit off the bay bridge will close for the next several months starting tonight. the folsom street exit ramp from westbound interstate 880 will be closed from 11:00 tonight through mid march. the part of the exit that goes
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to fremont street will remain open. so you keep that in mind as well. workers will be reposing the off ramp as part of a project to make the area more pedestrian friendly and also make room for more development. 4:38 is the time right now. three afghan soldiers on the east coast. coming up at 5:00 where they were last seen and the reason they are not considered a threat at this point. >> plus a martha included politicians and actors. >> good morning. right now we are looking at traffic on the golden gate bridge. traffic looks good. we'll tell you more about the morning commute. >> a lot of low clouds and fog. yesterday was a strong push. that has moved off. both clouds are there. what about the rest of the week?
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the coast guard is trying to figure out how fuel spilled from a world war ii ship in san francisco bay on saturday. investigators say less than 50 gallons of fuel oil spilled from the ss jeremiah o'brien who was docked at pier 35. that spill created a sheen on the water near the ship. crews surrounded the ship with more than 5,000 feet of boom and vacuum trucks. 400,000 people marched through new york city streets to draw attention to climate change. they called themselves the people's climate march. it was one of 2800 events held all around the world yesterday during an international day of action. the marchers included u.n. secretary general moon and former vice president al gore. actor mark says he was marching for his children. >> i want to do my best to give
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them the best world they deserve to have. >> climate changes is is a defining issue of our tile. there is no time to lose if we do not take action now. we will have to pay much more. >> tomorrow is the start of a climate summit at the united nations. actor leonardo dicaprio is the newly appointed sporty of peace. he says one example of that is the package of environmental bills he just recently signed into law. one of the bills continues california's greenhouse gas reduction protection. protests and unrest return to ferguson, missouri over the weekend. police say three people were arrested during a protest over
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the deadly police shooting of michael brown. it comes more than a month after the teenager was shot and killed by a ferguson, police officer. the police chief says a driver was arrested after a protestor was hit by his car. >> the guy didn't stop there. he ran through, hit us again, and stopped by a bicyclist. >> some people took to social media claiming they were injured in the protests and say police did nothing to help them to get medical assistance. it's more than a week since hannah graham went missing. police issued an arrest warrant for matthew who they believe was the last person to see graham. but they say that warrant is for an unrelated driving charge. they do not have enough evidence to link him to graham's disappearance.
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a san diego state student has won his fight to fly the u.s. flag from his apartment building. brad smith move into the apartment last month. the apartment manager said the rules for the complex specifically say no signs or other personal property can be kept outside. smith says he was also told there was another reason the manager objected to him displaying the flag. >> we were then told that it was for political reasons and the flag could offend foreign people that live here. foreign exchange student. i've had friends and family fight to defend that flag. >> the apartment manager says there was a misunderstanding and he will be allowed to
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continue flying his flag. police in the east bay are trying to upgrade a controversial cell phone tracking system potentially making it even more powerful. records show opd, fremont police, and the alameda county district attorneys office are jointly applying for federal money to update a device called a sting ray. privacy advocates say anyone nearby criminal or not can have their cell signal intercepted. and the new capabilities that come with this upgrade are shrouded in secret city. and more on this story coming up tonight at 5:00. 2 investigates what we know. >> that will be good. >> yes. 4:47 is the time. let's check in with sal.
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look who is here. >> i know it's alex savidge. >> good morning to you. >> that's good. i'm glad you are here. i will give you the gift of no traffic right now. >> i really appreciate that. >> i knew you would. right now it looks good alex and pam. right now on 880 north and southbound. it's doing very well. there are no more road work delays. as a matter of fact, we are doing very nicely. we will be watching highway 37 was closed. we will be watching more on that. the traffic does look pretty good around the bay. there are no major problems as you drive through. let's talk about the commute now. traffic is looking good at the bay bridge toll plaza. westbound 580 as you come up to the livermore valley. that traffic continues to move along very nicely. now let's go to steve. all right, sal, thank you. this is it. i just tweeted out summer is out. that was a strong surge on a
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low clouds. afternoon had some sun. low clouds are back but not as much as we had the day before. we have to wait. northern california is expecting some pretty good rain here by the time we get to midweek. there goes the low on the weekend. 60s on most of the temps. water temps are really warm. san jose 63. livermore 64. novato 63. sfo is a balmy 66. can find some 60s to the north. you know things are changing. 61 in petaluma. any breeze? yeah there is a breeze. the water temps continue to be very warm. sfo is west. hayward is west, livermore is west. yet the very warm ocean temps. maybe we will get cooler in a northwest direction. 41 up in tahoe.
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61 sacramento. look for the low clouds to burn off sooner today. head back over to the coast. then we will have a couple systems here getting their act together. there is a lot of energy out here. it will take awhile to get here though. low clouds over night into this morning. and a little breezy. not only will be as breezy as yesterday. the low moves out. the one we had on the weekend down in southern california. it looks like early thursday morning it will be cooler. there will be good rain up to the north bay. but maybe late thursday here's a line for wednesday again as we go into thursday. now this looks like a north bay event for more than anybody else. look at the projections coming into the north. that would be by thursday morning. have two or three days to massage that. fog, sun, mild. warm along the coast with those ocean temps.
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70s and 80s inland. near average to slightly above. and then it inches closer on wednesday nap will ramp up the fog. cloud it up. it looks like rain in the north. some of that rain may linger into friday. you can see temperatures will take a plunge inland. >> thank you, steve. it is 4:51. clean up under way in maybe after a tornado touched down over the weekend. no one was injured during idea's brief but powerful storm. but you can see the damage. it was an f-1 tornado. severely damaged several homes and took down power lines. >> it was very concentrated. but the homes it did damage was significant. we have a few roofs that ripped off homes. but again that is the big news that obviously in a situation that came up with very little notice we had nobody that was injured be >> that is the good news.
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fortunately nearly half a dozen homes are considered unlivable. a daring escape by an eight- year-old girl. >> they tied her up and she got herself untied. >> in 21 minutes the way she managed to get away from her kidnappers. >> plus a pot giveaway. but it's only for a certain group of people.
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demanding an end to russian's large involvement in ukraine. they claim russia is applying troops and equipment to the separatist rebels. mock out denies those charges. here in the bay area a similar demonstration was held outside the russian consulate in san francisco. since the fighting began back in april, more than 3,000 people have died. a kentucky firefighter injured during an ice bucket challenge one month ago has died. tony grader was using an aerial ladder to pour ice water over a university ban when the water got too close to a power line. he and another firefighter were
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electrocuted. grinder died saturday from injuries. a unique program in colorado is helping military veterans heal through marijuana. it's called operation grow for vets. it gives those injured in combat more than $200 for pot products for free. >> we are really here to help them with their medical conditions. ptsd, tbi, chronic pain. >> organizers say the event is a different approach to treating veterans. in colorado, marijuana is legal for both medicinal and recreational use. we have a warning for people on the pins la after two mountain lion sightings. one big cat was spotted saturday afternoon in millbrae. the other was seen yesterday afternoon in la honda.
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this comes two weeks after a six-year-old cupertino boy was attacked in the south bay. in that case the mountain lion was killed and that boy is recovering. livermore police are look for a woman caught on video stealing a package from the front porch of a home. we want to show you surveillance video. it shows the woman running up to the door and leaving with the package. the police department has also posted this video on its youtube page hoping someone out there will recognize that woman. the woman is about 25-30 years old. 5'4" tall. she weighs about 125 pounds with long blond hair and she left in a car described as a silver 2014 or 2015 chevy traverse with tinted windows on it. coming up next in our 5:00
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hour, easing congestion on a busy bay area bridge. >> the accused white house intruder will face the judge today after this fence jumping understand accident has sparked growing criticism of security. >> we are looking at a commute where traffic is doing very nicely here in san francisco. we'll tell you more about this commute and the rest of the bay area commute coming up. >> last day of summer although yesterday was very fall like. for some with that low cloud deck. it looks like rain later this week. we'll talk about that and monday's forecasted highs.
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investigators are trying to figure out what led up to a deadly crash. we will tell you what clue to go on. >> easing congestion and adding lanes. we'll tell you where the proposed project will stand now and what it would take. >> a man armed with a knife hops a fence and makes it all the way into the white house. >> plus gone a-wall. the search under way for three missing soldiers from san francisco that was supposed to be training on a u.s. military


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