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tv   KTVU Noon News  FOX  September 26, 2014 12:00pm-12:31pm PDT

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now at noon, massive flight delays and cancellations across the country all because of a fire in chicago. what we're learning about the man who set that fire and the latest on flight conditions at this hour. plus -- ferry captains walk off the job. why their one-day strike impacted bus routes in the north bay and could affect those planning to attend the san francisco giants' games. and an online push to bench 49ers as defense end ray mcdonald. the new campaign now underway.
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good afternoon. i'm tori campbell. air travelers around the country are bracing what has been a pretty painful day after a fire at a major air traffic control center near chicago. authorities say the fire was intentionally set around 5:45 this morning by a contract employee at the faa. but they stress the incident has no ties to terrorism. the man who set the fire was found in the basement of the control center with a self- inflicted wound. he's currently being treated at the hospital. >> we found a male suffering from self-inflicted wounds. we evacuated 15, 30 people from the building. we extinguished the fire. >> the faa facility is in aurora, about 40 miles from chicago. the closure affect the many flights because the center controls planes not just flying
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in and out of chicago but also long-distant routes. you can see that big empty area around chicago. and that's causing thousands of flight delays nationwide. just a short time ago a few flights were allowed in and out of chicago but it will be a while before full service is restored the ripple effect is being felt here. brian flores is live at sfo with the latest on cancellations and delays there. >> reporter: good afternoon. sale flights canceled at all of our bay area airports to and and -- to and from chicago. the manager says so far seven departing and five arriving are affected. as flights solely resume back to normal many were sent scrambling finding ways to get to where they needed to go. at the american airlines gate at sfo, the line was relatively long with chicago-bound flyers trying to find a way to get there. >> i'm returning from business.
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so i had scheduled my flight to be home in time my daughter's volleyball game. >> reporter: many chicago-bound passengers didn't know about the cancellations until they arrived at the airport. >> we're gonna go to my nephew's wedding in wisconsin. probably missed flights there. >> reporter: we spoke with many flyers who said the airlines were doing the best they could to book them on later flights in the day. as police continues to investigate why a disgruntled employee started a fire, the ripple effect could be felt nationwide. over a thousand flights canceled. even those that weren't headed to chicago were affected. >> the flight to salt lake was delayed because of traffic in the air other people being diverted and landing there, being a delta hub, they take their be it in there and it makes for a longer day for
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everyone. >> reporter: things continue to change hourly. there are delays and cancellations in oakland and san jose to chicago as well. in terms of this afternoon and tonight many of the flights are on time but of course, the situation continues to change hourly. we're live at sfo, brian flores, ktvu channel 2 news. >> thank you, brian. it's been relatively drier after the bay area received much needed rain. but steve paulson is here with a chance of showers we could be see ing in in a few showers. >> the clouds are building from the north bay and mt. diablo and even toward the lake observatory. they are trying. the system is swinging in some afternoon showers. i would think it would favor more to the north and east bay. anywhere else clearing tonight. not on the sierra where it linger over the weekend. i had an observer saying they were flying over donner past.
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our low is offshore. look at the clouds starting to build up. starting to pop up in napa valley and sonoma. i think that's the best bet towards solano and eastern contra costa county. i would keep an eye to the sky. there was shower activity. you can see the surge of moisture. this will give the sierra -- there's the low. it has to swing in. later this afternoon, we could see that enhance a little bit of shower activity. we'll have more coming up in the sierra. we'll see what's in store for the rest of the weekend for us. deadly riptides at ocean beach have claimed a second victim. the coroner's office said a 24- year-old man has died after being swept away earlier this week. jose garcia junior and his father were pulled under water at ocean beach wednesday by strong riptides.
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jose garcia senior died that day. ferry captains with the golden gate bridge district are on strike. as you can see, they had their pickets out at the larkspur ferry terminal this morning as all ferry service was cancelled for the day. ktvu's alex savidge joins us live now with how this affected the morning commute and what's expected for this evening. >> reporter: tori good afternoon to you. it wasn't just the ferries that weren't running. a number of buses operated by the golden gate transit district were out of service. some of those bus drivers called in sick this morning to show some idarity -- school -- school solidarity. signs are posted warning commuters there's no service into the city. 16 ship captains are staging a one-day strike to voice
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concerns about ongoing contract negotiations. the 9,000 people who regularly ride the ferries found another way to work. some carpools. >> because there's a strike going on. but i wish them all of the luck. they deserve it. we love the ferry guys, the deck hands. they are good guys. >> reporter: the ferry strike forced more commuters into car. traffic on the golden gate bridge was up 10% compared to a normal friday. and some people who tried taking buses to work ran into problems as well. 13 routes operated by the golden gate transit district were canceled. bus drivers called in to sick to show support for ferry can't can't -- captains. >> we're trying to stay afloat. the cost of living is so high here. every contract, low wages, no wage, higher healthcare
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premiums. higher pension payments. >> reporter: a district spokesperson said golden gate ferry captains make an average of $83,000 a year. more than their counterparts working for other bay area ferry systems. >> we offer very generous wages, we offer very generous health packages because we want to reward our highly skilled employees. >> reporter: this strike also threatens to make things tough for giants' fans trying to get to tonight's game at at&t park. on average, close to 1500 people take ferries to get to the games in the city. just within the last hour, golden gate district put out a statement saying they believe they are offering a fair package and modest increases to healthcare premiums in their eyes. the board is urging the union consider that offer. this is a one-day strike.
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both sides are expected to return to the bargaining table this coming monday. alex savidge, ktvu channel 2 news. >> all right. thank you, alex. the highway patrol is investigating a deadly crash on interstate 680 and martinez. it shut down part of the freeway. it happened on northbound 680 near the pacheco boulevard exit. investigators say the driver of a sedan struck a van causing the van to overturn. the sedan hit the center divide and veered off the roadway. officers say the car hit a sign and a fence ecorrecting the driver -- ejecting the driver from the vehicle. he did not survive the crash. investigators say the man was not wearing a seat belt. the chp shut down three lanes for about an hour to clear the roadway. >> there's now a new push to convince the 49ers to bench defensive end ray mcdonald during the ongoing investigation into a domestic violence case involving his pregnant fiancee. janine de la vega is live to explain this online campaign.
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good afternoon, janine. >> reporter: good afternoon, tori. we're here in front of levi stadium which will be full of fans on sunday when the 9ers play their next game. ray mcdonald is expected to play. but some former playersers, politicians and now an organization says the nfl needs to have a zero-tolerance police. they collected nearly 50,000 signatures online asking the nfl and the 49ers to deactivate players who are being investigated by police for domestic violence assault until their cases are resolved. mcdone and was arrested last month after officers were called to his home and they found visible injuries they say on his fiancee. authorities are still investigating. 49ers' management and jim harbaugh have repeatedly said they need to respect due process. >> we feel strongly that having consequences while the season in play makes a difference and is a way to actually help make
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an impact. >> it's tough. it's a horrible message. but i think you have to let the process take its course first. i don't think you can punish him from his job without letting the legal system do its job first. >> reporter: mcdonald has not been charged. his first court appearance was scheduled for monday. we've learned it's just been postponed because police are still wrapping up their investigation. many see the case as the nfl's first test after it put a harsher policy in place. but the organization says the nfl needs to prove it's being serious about stopping violence against women. the group says so far it's not received a response from ceo jed york. reporting live from santa clara, janine de la vega, ktvu channel 2 news. three burglary suspects now arrested in the south bay. why police say there is an increase need for neighbors to
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be vigilant and communicate with each other. a flea problem at another bay area school. we'll tell you where what the school plans to do about it. i'm a doctor of internal medicine
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security is expected to be tight at uc santa barbara as
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students begin moving into dorms. the new school follows a shooting ram pamg last may in the i -- rampage last may in the isla vista area that killed six people and injured a number of others. deputies are stepping up patrols in the wake of the shooting and several other incidents including riots and sexual assaults. >> had a young woman fall off the cliff and die, we had two sexual assaults involving multiple suspects. we had civil disobedience, we had a mass murder. >> why campus police have hired more officers and brought in officers from other uc schools to help with patrols in the new school year. >> thieves are targeting the iphone 6. ktvu's alex savidge took this photo just minutes after some iphone 6s were stolen from the berkeley apple store yesterday afternoon. berkeley police rushed to the
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scene before 5:00. no word of arrests. this is the same apple store hit in may when thieves drove a car through the front windows and made off with $40,000 worth of merchandise. the action of alert neighbors is paying off in a san jose neighborhood that's recently been plagued with burglaries. three people were arrested in the evergreen neighborhood after a neighbor witnessed a break-inned a called police. officers captured three other burglars nearby. investigators are trying to find out if they are responsible for other thefts. with concerns over staff shortages, police are encouraging stepping up enforcement with their neighbors and form neighborhood watch groups. >> we're parting with the -- partnering with the community and they can help us and really be the eyes and ears of their particular neighborhood. >> reporter: police say while they are working hard to try to
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do more with less, residents can help combat property crime by reporting suspicious activity installing home alarms and by getting to know their neighbors. >> ktvu has learned that fumigation is being planned at a san leandro school because of a flea problem. school district officials tell us that some parents at roosevelt elementary have complained their children are being bitten by fleas. the principal notified maintenance and pest control crews are set to go in and spray the school tomorrow. officials say the entire campus will be closed off over the weekend. they say at this point, they don't know how bad the flee infestation -- flea infestation is. for the second weekend in a row highway 37 is being closed down. the closure begins at 10:00 between sears point and highway 29 in vallejo. during the closure, caltrans crews plan to continue repaving the road pay which is part of a project they started last
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weekend. the highway is scheduled to reopen by 5:00 monday morning. ride sharing companies include be uber, lyft and side car could face legal action from two california cities. district attorneys in san francisco and los angeles have reportedly sent letters to the companies claiming they are operating illegally.  the letters come after an investigation found ride sharing companies may be violating the law because of the way they are charging for rides. officials have also accused all three companies of making misleading claims about driver background checks. we're >> we're also concerned that the public is being jeopardized. >> uner and lyft are accused of not getting permits allowing passengers to be picked up and troped off at airports. all three companies have been asked to respond to the letters by monday and meet with prosecutors by october 8th.
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we have a large chicken recall to tell you about this noontime. foster farms is recalling nearly 40,000 pounds of frozen precooked chicken strips. they may be contaminated with listeria. there are no reports of anyone getting sick. the chicken was sold in 3.5- pound bags contained frozen chick breasts and grilled strips. the product code is p 33901 and a best buy date of august 5th 2015. the sierra is already seeing its first dusting of snow. this photo was sent to us from tahoe mountain resorts. you can see some snow this morning and heavenly mountain resort sent us these photos. crews there are getting ready because more snow is in the forecast and the resort already counting down to opening day now just 56 days away.
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well, they will have another opportunity as the low off the coast will swing in. we're getting clouds building here. kind of keeping an eye on a cell in glen ellen and oakville. sonoma, napa around trinity road looks like something is popping up there. from the north bay all the way down to san jose to mt. diablo. already things are wrapping you and getting a look at the low as it begins to develop there. there's still showers off the coast there. some of this may -- see right there? so from sonoma county, napa county over to solano, contra costa down to santa clara. you can see right there. that's trinity road heading over there. one cell. they are beginning to develop and that's pretty soon. the sierra will be prime time over the next couple of days. you saw a dusting of snow. tomorrow looks better. the low is swinging in right there. you get a good look at it as it begins to rotate in. that might give us more
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showers. that will help the lift. we need that. we have enough sunbreaks, temperatures not warm. they are getting there. they are in the 70s. it looks like everybody will be in the 70s. it's coming in in the afternoon. 72 in healdsburg. calistoga 65. angwin, 65. i would think this would favor areas inland than the kest. it's close. it's close enough. water tell temps. 65. 52 in tahoe. 55 reno. ukiah, 67. monterey is 68 degrees. you can see there are a few showers here trying to develop taking aim the bay area and -- at bay area. our front did a fine job, partly sunny, partly cloudy. scattered showers for us. they will collapse once we get
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to sunset. you can see these developing to the north. i think there won't be much left bile:00, 9 -- by 8:00, 9:00. the sierra will be a whole different ballgame. some observations show the old air is in place for some. many people heading up to the mountains this weekend. there will be a lot of wraparound showers as that low goes into nevada. everything will come speaking back around. some of that could sneak into lake county, mendocino county, maybe eastern napa. i think it will stay in the sierra. sun and clouds. possible showers north and east. kind of muggy. 70s on the temperatures. it doesn't matter where, coast, bay, inland. it's kind of unusual. it doesn't matter, walnut creek 76. 72 alameda. 70s. some of the warmer locations. gilroy and santa cruz at 79. san jose, 75. 70 daly city. pacifica, half moon bay. redwood city, 74. palo alto, mountain view. one more day for us.
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then i think we'll clear it out. next week looking dry and normal. >> we finally had our first rain. >> yes. >> cleaned the air out. the sole winning powerball lottery ticket sold in san mateo has been claimed. we'll tell you about the lucky winner who the ticket worth more than $228 million.
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well, stocks climbing in
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afternoon trading on wall street at the end of a pretty turbulent. investors are welcoming news that the u.s. economy expanded at 4.6% in the april to june quarter. that's the fastest pace in more than two years. the dow is up 173. the nasdaq is up 44. and the s&p is up 17. we now know who california's new lottery millionaire is. he showed up at a state lottery office with his winning powerball ticket in hand. it's worth just over $228 million and it belongs to vin nguyen. you can see all of the wins numbers here. 7, 14, 24, 41, 21 and the powerball 26 on the third line. nguyen purchased the winning ticket at the key market on south norfolk street. he says so far, he has in plans for the money. he also says he randomly picked all of the winning numbers. stepping to the plate to save state parks they love.
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how one north bay city is seeing success after the state threatened to close their parks to save money. that's tonight on the news at 5:00. thanks for making ktvu your choice for news. we're always here for you at and you can follow us on twitter and facebook. have a great weekend.
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