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tv   KTVU Morning News  FOX  October 8, 2014 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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professor this morning. the work that won him a noble prize. ktvu channel 2 morning news continues. good morning. thank you for joining us. we're live in san francisco this morning where unfortunately police are investigating a deadly officer involved shooting that happened just blocks from last nights giants game. coming up in two minutes, ktvu tara moriarty will have more on why officers were keeping a close eye on three men near at & t park and events that led up to that. steve, you already have a lot to talk about. >> nothing going on. the eclipse is over but still we have the full moon. temperatures very slowly
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cooling off. upper 40s to mid 40s santa rosa is 46. napa is in there. novato is in there. low to few to mid upper 50s. san ramon at 53 degrees. al moe at -- alamo at 54. still an easterly breeze. the fog is there, it's rearing to go but there is too much in the way of high pressure and still a slight component not for all but some. over all temperatures the high is weakening. temperatures are coming down. 80s now. 60s and 70s coast and bay. here is sal. we are starting off pretty well on 80 westbound. if we look at 80 i will show you the drive time here 18 minutes. it's not really that bad between the carquinez bridge and the mccarthur maze but that time is likely to go up.
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when you get to the bay bridge toll plaza, it's backed up for a 20 minute drive from this point to the san francisco side of the bridge with no major delays on the span. no incidents unlike yesterday. today's commute is much better than that. we are already seeing slow traffic on highway 4. but for the most part you can still get a good drive from concord to walnut creek. 580 is getting a lot slower. mostly slow and go traffic. now 6:02 let's go back to the desk. topping our news this morning gunfire erupted outside at & t park last night near the end of the giants play off game. police shot and killed one car burglary suspect, wounded another. tara moriarty is joining us now from where the shooting occurred with how officers were able to zero in on a group of suspects. tara. >> reporter: officers were specifically looking for car burglaries and other crimes that might be committed while folks were inside of the
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ballpark enjoying the game. they did notice a suspicious car over in the alley behind me. that is where suspects broke into a car that was parked and then things turned ugly. police say the thieves returned to their cars after burglarizing a mercedes suv. they noticed the driver had a handgun. the driver refused to drop his weapon forcing the officer to shoot in self-defense. >> the officer fearing for his safety fired upon the driver, striking the driver and another we don't know how. it was a round from the driver and then another round struck the passenger. >> reporter: the driver died at the hospital. the passenger that was shot in the upper body is expected to survive. a third suspect was caught after running from the scene during the shooting. police did recover the suspects gun and all of the stolen items from the suv. the officer that opened fire
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has been placed on ten-day administrative leave which is standard protocol. police are working to get surveillance from nearby businesses and hope anybody who might have taken cell phone video during the time of the incident will please come forward. live in san francisco i'm tara moriarty ktvu channel 2 news. san francisco police were involved in another deadly shooting just two weeks ago. yesterday the medical examiner said the man that was killed was 34-year-old geovany contreos. she accused of carjacking a vehicle and leading police on a chase before crashing in san francisco's financial district. police officers say they shot sandoval after he fired shots at a bystander and then police. the giants are making another trip to the nlcs. >> on the ground at second.
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>> casilla got the nationals to ground out. that ended the game last night. the giants eliminate the nationals in the play offs with a 3-2 win. ktvu alex savidge is live in san francisco right now. the giants now a step closer to going to the world series again. good morning, alex. >> reporter: dave, good morning to you. it wasn't pretty but giants fans are just fine with the results of last nights game. their team headed back to the national league championship series for the third time in five years. a very familiar position for this team. as you take a look this morning at the ferry building behind us here, it's pretty clear. orange october is rolling on. after knocking off the nats last night in front of the home crowd at at & t park. the giants celebrated with champagne and a few beers in the locker room.
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. after that the players headed back ons field and took a victory lap of sorts. the giants advance in the play offs with another one of their typical games. it was a tense one. a one-run victory. and of course great defense down the stretch highlighted by an incredible hunter pence catch at the wall that got the crowd fired up. first baseman brandon belk tried to explain how the giants keep finding way to win. >> we are just resilient. we never give up. we know we are down a few players. but all that means is somebody else gets a step up. that is looking to happen every time out. >> reporter: and it's another orange october here in san francisco. coit tower is it will up orange to pay tribute to this team. i know it's supposed to be a blood moon, but the moon looks like it has an orange glow to it as well this morning. the giants will now take on the cardinals with a trip to the
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world series on the line. that series gets started this saturday. of course giants fans feel confident. after all we are in an even numbered year. live in san francisco i'm alex savidge ktvu channel 2 news. >> the giants will play the st. louis cardinals. they beat the dodgers in the other division series. it's all because of that. matt adams hit a huge home run off kershaw last night. the cardinals won 3-2. this will be the cardinals fourth straight nlcs appearance. it all gets started saturday night. the pitching matchup is expected to be madison bumgarner against adam wainright. if necessary game five will be in san francisco next thursday. if game six or even is needed it will be back in st. louis next weekend. we have complete giants play off coverage for you on our
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channel 2 website that includes all the video and your fan photos. palo alto police are investigating the second case of indecent exposure against a young girl. the latest happened just after 6:30 yesterday evening. police say a ten-year-old girl was walking her dog when a man stopped his car beside her and exposed himself. he is described as a white man in his late 20s or early 30s with brown hair. he was driving an older white volvo four-door sedan. just about 24 hours before that, a man expose posed himself to a 14-year-old girl just a few blocks away. in that case, the man had a similar description but driving a navy blue full size pickup. a sketch of the man is expected to be released today. time is 6:08. another student saying she was molested by a fifth grade teach never morgan hill. john lloyd is already facing charges after a ten-year-old
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student at paradise elementary claims he touched her inappropriately. new court documents say a 12- year-old former student is reporting similar claims. >> it's very disturbing. any time there is a violation of trust like this involving a teacher and a student. >> talk to his colleagues. he's an outstanding teacher. he's been active in his union. >> lloyd is now being held without bail. he's expected to enter a plea in the next week. some people who live near the new levis stadium in santa clara had a chance to vent their frustration last night. they spoke to a four person panel. complaints range from rowdy football fans to traffic jams and parking problems. and also noise issues. some complained about planes with advertising banners flying over the stadium for hours. >> it's not just a loud car going by for a little bit. two to three hours of dead
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hovering above our house. our quality of life is being impacted. >> there were also complaints about how intense the lights are on the field. a rash of car burglaries in palo alto. we will tell you where it is happening. >> and also coming up at 6:30 an effort to contain a wild fire near the sierra took a deadly turn. the crash involving a cal fire air tanker now under investigation. >> we are still looking at the commute that is getting busier by the moment. driving to san francisco will have more waiting in it. >> still a big fog bank out there. unfortunately it's running into too much resistance. temperatures are coming down a little bit. we'll see if this trend continues.
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welcome back toments morning news. health officials in spain are investigating the possibility that what appeared to be something harmless may have caused a nursing assistant to get the ebola virus. the nursing assistant says she went to the hospital room of an ebola patient in madrid twice. doctors are investigating whether she caught the virus by touching the patient's face with protective gloves after leaving that quarantined room. in the meantime the city of
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dallas, texas is on edge. it's approaching the first ebola inuation deadline this week. several people that live near this man thomas duncan he is the first diagnosissed case sent home from work as a precaution. ebola survivor has donated blood to the nbc camera man you see there. he contracted ebola in an effort to try to boost his immune system. some american military personnel heading to liberia may come in contact with that deadly virus. while most of the troops won't be exposed it, those that are working in mobile testing labs could be. so far there are three mobile labs in liberia and each one has three or four highly drained service members. labor strike by burial workers in sierra leeon could be increasing the ebola threat there. the bodies of ebola victims have been left out on the
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streets by workers that are complaining they are not getting paid. the health ministry says this is embarrassing but they say money is available for the burial workers. the world health organization says ebola has killed more than 600 people in sierra leone. sometime between sunday night and monday morning, someone stole this van. the south hayward parish uses it to pick up food from businesses and stock its pantry. the group says someone also stole cash and bus passes from its office on patrick avenue. without the van, operations at the food pantry are at a near standstill. >> get through this next we can volunteers after that. >> the food pantry feeds 400 families a day, four days a week. they are increasing patrols in the downtown area after targeting rental cars.
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eight cars were burglarized within two hours on monday evening. it happened at two parking garages. one on high street and one on webster street. most of the cars were rentals and the thieves stole lab tops and tablets that had been left out in plain sight. happening today students around the country are lacing up their shoes and pulling out the bikes for this walk and roll to school day. it's an effort to promote fitness and reduce traffic and pollution. city leaders in san francisco will use the annual event to promote the city's pedestrian safe city plan. just last month the campaign suffered a big set back when governor brown vetoed a bill that would raise fines for traffic violations. reminder to billion extra careful today. time 16:16. sal is right over there. you are watching the toll plaza and everything else. >> it's getting more crowded now. which is not unexpected. we are seeing the late crowd come in and the toll plaza
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delay is 20-25 minutes from this point to san francisco. no problems on bart by the way if you want to catch a train or on the ferries get into the city. we also want to look at the commute on the san mateo bridge. that commute looks pretty good getting across to the high-rise and 101. i want to show where it's very slow. this is westbound 580. from grant line road to the 680 interchange it's taking 43 minutes now. just a lot of slow traffic which is typical. 680 southbound getting down to calveras is also getting slow. at 6:17 let's go to steve. all righty, sal p thank you. someone is shining a flashlight at more me or a train is is coming. we also very -- this is very rare phenomenon but the moon set and sunrise will over lap by 13 minutes today. that does not happen very
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often. eclipse and full moon. it will be a little cooler. it does look warmer. possibility of rain middle of next week. full moon started this morning. there is a lot of fog in parts of the city and bay. more rain for arizona. upper 40s and low 50s for some. zap jose is 56 -- 46 in santa rosa. a little chill in menlo park. still 72-degrees. fairfield 12 has gone 14. if this picks up 18 or 20 then
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that is what you are looking for. there is a slight component of an offshore breeze. we are not done yet. that is why the low cloud deck is high pressed to move far inland. 28 up until bismarck. omaha at 48. system in the northeast wrapping new york. and then the four corners dealing with remains of that tropical system and then another system coming down out of alberta. it's very active expect for some right here. low cloud deck is raring to go. it just needs a little umph. the reason being there is no front or anything. we are getting that westerly breeze or the charge of the fog bank. high pressure is just slowly reaching retreating. that is allowing the fog to kind of slowly work its way in. 80s to near 90s for some.
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berkeley at 75. 82 san jose. santa cruz 79. 60s on the coast. 70 to low 80s now mainly on the peninsula. al low al toe at 82. cooler thursday into friday. quick little offshore breeze. dramatic cool down next week. >> wow. all right, thank you. 6:20 is is the time. walmart cutting costs by cutting health insurance for more of its part time work force. the move will effect workers who clock fewer than 30 hours a week. that is about 30,000 u.s. workers. walmart was paying more than 75% of their insurance premiums. now they will have to pay all of their own premiums unless they qualify for government subsidies. an expensive engagement ring at a halvic wedding can be grounds for a divorce. couples paying less than $500 or more than $4,000 for an engagement ring are more likely
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to divorce. the economists say the stress of wedding deaths increases the risks of splitting up. i have my own theory, i put it on facebook. time is 6:20. parked cars flooded in mill valley. coming up in 20 minutes what caused this mess out there and how drivers say this could have been prevented. >>ly die upstairs in the bedroom that i share with my husband. >> a bay area woman moves out of state to die on her own terms. how she is trying to help others during her final days.
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conservative lawmakers in some of the stoits cleared the way for same sex marriage are fiting back. on monday the supreme court refused to hear cases from five states that were attempting to keep same sex marriage bans in place. legally that means same sex marriage bans in six other states are also overturned. but in some of the states including north carolina, republican lawmakers are vowing to fight to keep the same sex marriage bans in place. >> legislative leadership has given themselves the authority to try and intervene and spend
6:25 am
taxpayer money doing that. but it's up to the court to decide whether they will be allowed into the case. >> yesterday same sex marriage became legal in two other states. the ninth circuit court of appeals if in san francisco struck down bans in idaho and nevada. time is 6:25. 29-year-old brittany maynard right here, she is dying. she is using her last days to make sure everybody can die with dignity. >> i was diagnosissed with cancer and told i was terminally ill. >> brittany was a newlywed living in san francisco when she was told she had brain cancer. doctors told her, her death would be slow and painful. she considered all of her options, she moved to portland, oregon where she can control the time and the place of her death. >> i will die upstairs in my bedroom that i share with my husband with my mother and my husband by my side and pass
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peacefully. >> the state of oregon was the first state to pass a death with dignity law 18 years ago. since then montana, vermont, new mexico, and washington state have passed similar laws. california lawmakers need to allow the people in this state to make that same kind of choice. a five-year-old boy battling cancer is now an nba veteran. the utah jazz signed jp gibson to a one-year contract. on monday he got to take the court with his favorite team and play in a scrimmage. ly even dunked the ball. it was made by possible by anything can be project which creates storybooks for children with cancer about their dreams and wishes. what a day for him. z 6:26 is the time. $1million heist causing safety concerns in one bay area city. >> we're all terrified of being here late at night.
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>> coming up in just minutes, the bold crimes captured on tape at three different businesses. >> a stanford professor just found out that he won the nobel prize. we will tell you what he won for and you will also hear its reaction. >> we are coming up on the peak of the morning commute. and we will give you the drive times. >> a lunar eclipse is over. we do have a full moon. unless you have the fog you are like what? i can't see anything. there is too much fog around. it will be a little cooler today. fog as made it to vallejo. first time in a long time.
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welcome back. this is a street in san francisco where a police officer shot and killed a man last night. this happened just blocks away from at & t park.
6:30 am
coming up in two minutes, ktvu tara moriarty will tell you the specific reasons police officers were already closely watching thaty. it's just about 6:30. the winds kicked in last night in san francisco. >> if you did not have the fog, it was a really impressive show. there would be two more next year. april and september of next year. low clouds. there is a lot to go around. 40s and 50s on the temp. another cool morning. low clouds. they are only getting it because temperatures aloft are still warm. yet the high is weakening ever so slowly. low to mid 50s. a few upper 50s san jose state.
6:31 am
big fog bank out there for this time of year. water temps are still on the 60s. fog is raring to go it just doesn't have much to work with. it's slowly increasing over the next couple of days. 80s more so than 90s. 60s and 70s by the water. here is sal. steve, things are getting a little bit more cruded in some of the drive times. it seems like they got on the road a little bit late and then we have a crowd at the toll plaza that is stretching beyond the mccarthur maze. no major problems on the span unlike yesterday today is a better day. in san francisco northbound 101 looks good. if you are trying to get a flight to sfo it looks good leaving the city. no problems in san jose approaching the silicon valley if you are driving on 101 or 280. 880 southbound is already slow. the time is 6:31.
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let's go back to the desk. a car burglary suspect shot dead last night in san francisco. and another suspect is in the hospital after police opened fire in a shooting connected to last nights giants game. ktvu tara moriarty is near at & t park this morning to tell us about the police operation that was in place last night for the game. good morning, tara. >> reporter: good morning. officers were specifically looking for people who were committing car burglaries and other sorts of crimes while fans were inside the ballpark enjoying the game. they did notice a suspicious car sort of in this area. behind me you can see the alley it will up there. that is where they notice the suspects break into a car that was parked and things turn violent. police say they confronted the thieves when they returned to their car. the driver pulled out a handgun and refused to drop his weapon. forcing the officer to shoot in self-defense. police say the passenger in the
6:33 am
car was struck by gunfire. this is the second officer involved shooting in less than two weeks. >> it's never good when we have suspects pulling guns on officers within a week of each other. obviously whenever our officers have to use deadly force, that is not something we want to do. but then again our officers need to go home at night too and they need to be able to defend themselves. >> reporter: the driver ended up dying at the hospital. the passenger shot in the upper body is expected to survive. a third suspect was caught after running from the scene during the shooting. police recovered the suspects gun and the stolen items from the suv. the officer who opened fire has been placed on ten-day administrative leave that is standard protocol. officers are looking for surveillance video and people who may have taken cell phone video while all of this was going on. we are live in san francisco i'm tara moriarty ktvu channel 2 news. this morning federal investigators will head to the site of a cal fire tanker that crashed killing the pilot.
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it happened yesterday afternoon near highway 140 close to the town of forestton. christien kafton is in our newsroom now with new information from cal fire on when they plan to release more details about what happened. christien. >> reporter: we have learned cal fire will be holding a press briefing at 8:00 this morning. we expect to learn more about the fire, the crash, and the pilot. investigators say they now know the identity of the pilot that died in that crash but the pilot's family requested the name not be released until they can notify all members of their family. one central california news station is reporting the pilot was from the bay area and we are working to confirm that with cal fire. we have new video into the newsroom of the plane in question battling a different fire just last month. tanker 81 was one of several planes used by cal fire to battle wild fires. we do know the pilot worked for dine corp the contractor which provides pilots for fixed win
6:35 am
firefighterring efforts. several witnesses say they saw the plane make a low pass just before going down. the witnesses say they heard a loud boom followed by a large plume of smoke. >> i didn't know what kind of aircraft did crash, but it was obvious to me that it was an air crash because of the change in the smoke color. >> ntsb investigators are due to arrive on the scene to look at the crash. we will have more details as they develop. for new christien kafton ktvu channel 2 news. time 16:35. police in fremont closely studying surveillance video. searching for the people responsible for a $1 million heist of electronic equipment. the same thieves are probably behind the break ins at three different fremont stores early saturday morning. the one video shows several men in hoodies crawling perhaps
6:36 am
trying to avoid the motion detectors there. they got away with video cameras, production equipment, and computers add this store and at two others. investigators say these thieves seem to know exactly what they wanted and exactly how to steal it. green light thinking they are relate -- >> the thinking they are related based upon the loss being unique. it's video cameras and video production equipment with very high value. >> tracking down stolen electronic equipment can be really hard. it can end up anywhere from craigs list to overseas. new this morning, a bay area professor woke up to very good news. he just won the nobel prize for chemistry. janine de la vega was able to speak to his wife and is joining us now. >> reporter: we are here at the home of william professionally known at w.e. moerner.
6:37 am
he is a stanford professor in chemistry. he's in brazil at a conference so it was his wife sharon who broke the news to him. we spoke with him via skype. he is thrilled. here's what he had to say. >> i got the news when my wife called me at about 7:00 a.m.. and she had herd from the associated press. it was incredibly exciting to hear that. to get that incredible feeling of well, my heart is rushing. can this really be true? >> reporter: the royal swedish academy of sciences awarded moerner the nobel prize in chemistry for his work in developing new methods to allow microscopes to see really fine details. optical microscopes were limited into how small they were able to examine things but moerner and two other scientists were able to surpass that limit. scientists can now see how molecules act within cells.
6:38 am
they can track proteins. and they are able to track cell divisions inside embryos because of this work. moerner's wife told us it's his most notable work. >> >> it's a new way of doing things and observing things and since it opened up so many fields, that seemed reasonable to think that was a very important piece of his work. >> reporter: moerner's wife showed us a picture hanging up in moerner's home office of an episode of the simpson's and in this episode of the simpsons, it was homer simpson who is having a betting game of who would win the nobel prize. and you can see w.e. moerner's name was on that picture. they hung it up and joking about it. this was several years ago. and now it's actually come true. so she was laughing about that
6:39 am
with us this morning of the irony of that. again they are thrilled. they will be participating in a ceremony later on when he awarded this. and they are in touch with stanford about this who are of course very excited and proud. reporting live from los altos janine de la vega ktvu channel 2 news. time is 6:39. we are expecting another high tide early this afternoon. that could be more flooding for a mil valley parking lot. the parking lot at highway 101 and shoreline highway is what we are talking act. yesterday afternoon a high tide more than six feet sent bay water pouring into the parking lot, flooding some of the cars. here's video from last november when that area was flooded during high tide. cal tran sometimes will shut down part of the lot when the high tides are expected, but the commuters say there were no warning science yesterday when they parked their cars. today's high tide will come in
6:40 am
at 11:58 a.m.. some people woke up to an unusual sight until the sky over the bay area. lunar eclipse began just before 2:30 this morning. angle of the earth passing between the sun and the moon caused a reddish glow. it's called a blood moon. it was the second one this year. the orange red color comes from the red rays of the sun passing through the earth's atmosphere and lighting up the full moon. steve has been showing us great shots of the moon. back, big, and bright. >> it's fascinating. time 16:40. still ahead two indecent exposure incidents in palo alto. how bottines accidents may involve the -- how both incidents may involve the same person. >> the giants move on in the playoffs with a thrilling win over the nationals. they head to the national league championship series
6:41 am
against the cardinals. we'll show you how the team celebrated.
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welcome back. it is 6:43. the giants want to continue their even year magic as they make a trip the ncls. >>s giant -- the giants won 3- 2. alex savidge is live in san francisco this morning as the city gets ready for yet another play off series. a lot of orange around the city. >> reporter: everywhere you look. gosh to you. the giants they never do make it easy on their fans but they got the job done last night. this team is heading back to the national league championship series for the third time in five years. the city is showing its pride behind us.
6:45 am
the ferry building is orange, it must be october. after knocking off the nats last night in front seat of the home crowd at at & t park, the giants celebrated with champagne and beer in the locker room. after that, the players headed back out on to the field for a victory lap, high fiving the fans that remain in the stands. the giants advance in the play offs with another one of those typical tense, tight games. a one-run victory. they won 3-2 last night. it was all due to solid pitching by ryan vogelson. there was a hunter pence catch at the wall that got the crowd fired up. we talked to one very superstitious giants fan who doesn't even want to think about the worlds series yet. >> i don't want to talk about it. it's exciting. it's very exciting after 18 innings on saturday, last night, it's just like come on.
6:46 am
>> reporter: your heart can't take it anymore. >> to. >> reporter: and it is another orange october here in san francisco. a very familiar feeling. coit tower is it will up orange this morning to pay tribute to the team and i know it's called a blood moon it's supposed to look red, the moon looks like it has an orange glow it to. the giants move on. they take on the st. louis cardinals in the national league championship series. the trip to the world series on the line. giants fans of course feel very confident. off all it's been two years since they have won it all. live in san francisco alex savidge ktvu channel 2 news. >> crystal one of our twitter followers just said the same thing. the moon looks like a giants moon. this is a pretty cool tweet as well. washington nationals outfielder bryce harper had a terrific series. early this morning he sent out his tweet showing true grace and defeat. quote to the fans and organization of the sf giants,
6:47 am
congrats and well deserved. classy and unbelievable group of people. time is 6:46. vice president joe biden is in san francisco this morning. last night the vice president was at a fundraiser at the fairmont hotel for the democratic national committee. earlier in the day the vice president was in bakersfield pushing for a higher federal minimum wage. this morning the vice president will fly to portland, oregon. president obama arrives in the bay area on friday for another democratic fundraiser. right now it's 6:47. that means it's time to check in with tori who is in the newsroom with a look at what is coming up on mornings on 2. >> coming up on mornings on 2, it calls itself one of the top halloween events in the nation but there is controversy over a northern california haunted house attraction. >> for them to just reenact what happened, to not only him but to the families is ridiculous. >> why victim of real life murders say this entertainment is a real slap in the face.
6:48 am
>> americans read online reviews for pretty much everything. however, find out why there is reluctance for patients to give a fully honest review. especially a negative one. those are some of the stories we are working opinion or mornings on 2. now back to you. time is 6:48. hey sal, you are watching the bridges as well as the roads. >> that is right. we are looking at the bridges. they are getting a little bit more crowded dave and pam. good morning to you. let's start with highway 4. this is few very slow. when you see that drive time, six minutes from lone tree to lodge that is a very short distance. we can show you on the maps. just to correspond with that slow traffic we just saw. 680 is slowing from concord to walnut creek.
6:49 am
slowest compute in the bay area not even a question. it's 580 livermore valley. westbound. we had an earlier accident there. it's a minor one. right in the middle of livermore but the traffic is slow. 680 is also getting slow out of pleasanton and heading to sunol grade. 6:48, let's go to steve. sal. >> yes, sir. >> you saw the bryce harper tweet. >> that is a classy tweet. >> and we were talking about him an hour ago? >> exactly. >> we predict the news, steve. >> we do. >> he is 21 years old. oh my goodness. low clouds around. some really cool video coming in. thanks for all the suggestions. on the eclipse, the full moon, the blood moon. it's over. although we do get a moon set and sunrise they over lap by 13 minutes today. very rare but it does happen today. low clouds around. chad said it's foggier today than it was. also in glen park we've had reports of fog. there is a little bit of fog.
6:50 am
it is lifting. this will produce that what remains of simon. really heavy rain in the four coroners -- four corners. they are getting so much rain this summer. 40s for some. a little chill in that morning air. the difference is between the lows and highs they have been 45-degrees sometimes. there is still mid 60s. lower 50s alamo. 12 at travis. keeping an eye on that you know i hang my hat on that. if that gets up to around 20, that is a sure shine the delta breeze is kicking in. it's trying but it's not just there. still not letting go. high pressure though is reluctantly letting go but it is breaking down and moving slowly. that is allowing temperatures to come down.
6:51 am
chicago 46. i mean omaha 48. billings 40. and then that is the four corner system down there. and then another system dropping down out of canada. almost everybody but us getting rain. you can see things really starting to develop already. just to the southwest of phoenix. this will be a big rainmaker again. for us the fog will retreat slowly. so fog, sun, warm. it will be a little cooler inland. down two to three degrees each day. 60s and 70s and 80s and 90s. more of a summertime pattern. for awhile we had 80s and 90s for everybody. 90 brentwood and oakley. fog still pretty low. cupertino 84. and gilroy at 92. two days ago they were 105 down there. 79 in san mateo. menlo park at 80. wood side at 83. 60s on the coast with fog.
6:52 am
cooler thursday into friday. quick warmup on the weekend. signs of rain next wednesday. facebook is planning to release a new chat app that lets users remain anonymous. that is according to the new york times and a big change since facebook has promoted themselves. that is also made it easier to target ads at facebook users. time is 6:52. people are asking where is north korean leader kim jong un? we haven't seen him in more than a month. why some are pointing to a sign he may have possibly been over thrown or killed. >> cracking down on air bnb's. the new rule san francisco just approved and the reason some say it doesn't go far enough.
6:53 am
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6:55 am
welcome back. ktvu channel 2 morning news. the u.s. justice department and fbi have both stepped into the investigation into pg&e and its contacts with state regulators. this comes after yesterday's meeting in san francisco where a leading consumer group expresses its growing concern with both pg&e and the state public utilities commission.
6:56 am
now the group claims e-mails disclosing improper contacts between the head of the puc and former pg&e executive are the smoking gun in a scandal. >> does not deserve to be tried. that is the lesson of what has been revealed. >> there needs to be an independent investigation and an independent monitor. >> the state puc denies its president hadn't promised anything to pg&e in exchange for regulatory favors. happening today san francisco cab drivers will join an international day of protest against uber. this is the latest demonstration by cab drivers against the ride sharing service. that protest starts at noon today outside of uber's headquarters on market street. they want to draw attention to what they call uber's deceptive business practices and disregard for the regulations that cab companies have to follow. the protests are planned in
6:57 am
several other major cities including paris, manela, and washington, d.c.. it will be legal for people to turn their homes into short term hotels. san francisco supervisors approved what they call the air bnb law. it lets people represent their homes for less than 30 days at a time but hosts have to register, pay city hotel taxes, and carry $500,000 in liability insurance. o opponents say it's adding to san francisco's housing problems because some owners are ejecting long-term tenants to make more money on vacation rentals. >> our fear is we will lose thousands of units to air bnb use. >> it's allowed me to put off my dental work to have it done and done well. >> critics say it may not be possible to enforce some of
6:58 am
those new rules. time is 6:57. coming up on mornings on 2, the investigation of a deadly police shooting. it happened near at & t park in san francisco. how it's directly tied to last nights big giants game. >> and pretty exciting. a stanford professor making news around the world this morning. we just spoke to him in south america. stay with us. bulldog: [yawning]
6:59 am
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>> reporter: a sphaks police officer shoots and kills a suspect. we'll tell you how it's linked to the game last night. giants continue their even- year playoff magic. the team moves another big step toward the world series with a big win last night. >> a stanford professor received a thrilling phone call this morning. he just won the nobel prize. you will hear about his bork and you will also hear from him and his work. and air tanker crashing near yosemite while fighting wildfires. what we're finding out about the pilot


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