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tv   Right This Minute  FOX  December 6, 2014 11:00am-11:31am PST

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turns into -- >> not a perfect sky diving day. >> what came out of the blue that sent the go-pro flying. tourists spot what looks like a stillborn elephant, until they see this. >> hey. there's feet coheat coming from baby's body. >> how a thermal camera captured a miracle in the bush. >> refuse theirs demand for cash. >> why what made him so brave is about the walk through that door. and a little jaw dropper. >> we absolutely love it. >> now meet the 2-year-old following in dad's footsteps. >> he can tell us why you like to dance so much. >> that often happens when he speaks to people. >> always impressed by bravery. it takes a lot of courage to jump out of an airplane.
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you've got a whole group of people, some buddies sky diving together. looks like they're headed into formation. >> looks nice. they have got a beach. >> looks like a perfect day for sky diving until it was not a perfect sky diving day. as they got into the formation, you've got the person in pink coming in. oh, that guy. >> and then there goes the go-pro. >> that's exactly what the poster of the video said. it was a yard sale in midair. two cameras, and the sky diver lost his helmet. >> is he hurt? >> it department knock him unconscious. we see him feeling his head for his helmet. did he lose his goggles? >> if he lost his ggles, man, that's really difficult. >> let's talk about the wind in the face created by sky diving. this next video was going viral because of what's happening to this guy's face. >> is he taking an air sample on
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the way down? >> it's when the parachute deploys that this video gets really hilarious. >> [ bleep ] [ bleep ] [ bleep ]. >> he's just cussing for like a solid minute. he's cussing at the fall, he's cussing at his instructor. he keeps it going until they land. >> sorry for the inconvenience. >> it's okay. i was kind of mean to you. >> the instructor admits, i was kind of mean to you. we've seen a lot of animal drama coming out of the cougar national park in south africa. we've seen all kinds of incredible videos. this video, no less incredible for the couple who captured it. they were driving and came upon a mom and a calf, a newborn calf. everybody thought this baby was dead. her husband actually got out the
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thermal imaging camera. the husband notices, hey, there's heat coming from that baby's body. you see the baby's body is warm. you also see a warm spot where the placenta might be. >> and i decided to take over with the video and film him and see what happens. and so yeah, there it is. >> watch the baby. >> do you see that? it starts moving. and you can hear it faintly. the mom walks over, and the baby gets up. but i love what the woman who's capturing the video is saying, because she is willing it to life. >> oh, yes! >> oh, yes! that's right. so all the well in the savannah. >> you know, thinking about it, that's a pretty cool camera to take on safari because you can't see half the things.
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like oh, there's a line over there. a thing over there. >> yo, ma, give me a bottle, now. i'm hungry. perhaps these three teens have been playing way too many video games, because they think they can pull off a robbery. they come busting into this convenience store in france. they've got a gun. and they've got their faces covered as much as possible. but the guy behind the counter doesn't seem to be too threatened by these guys. in fact, a couple of times, refuses their demand for cash. they've got a toy gun. and i think he knows that. but these kids do not turn away quickly. they spend about five minutes in the store bumbling around. demanding cash. they grab some soda. they grab some candy, which also indicates their age and level of experience.
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they go to run out the front door, but by that time, somebody has shown up. the officers step inside. and easily get these kids under control. they do find the toy gun. and i think these kids spent the night in jail. surveillance camera in a different part of the world capturing another couple of bumbling dudes. these two guys have been hired to go hang a sign in an apartment building. so they find the wall that they're going to hang the sign on. they get their power tool out. and they drill into the wall. and pop, uh-oh, straight into a water -- >> i believe it's a hot water line or something to do with the heating. because they're like oh, poop, we just punctured a pipe. now what? well, you know what we're going to do? just run. >> they were hired to do it. like they don't think they'll be found out. >> they run into their utility van and quickly drive off.
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>> wow. >> it's like the 10-year-old approach. uh, uh, run. you're out there, you're on the ocean. you go wherever the wind is pushing you. not so great if you're towing the boat in a car. try not to do that. as we've got here. you can see someone is towing their boat. watch what happens. as they start going over the right-hand lane, the guys shooting the video, consider concerned. getting over the radio trying to get their attention and warning other people on the road that this guy is going crazy. >> what are we doing? >> whoa! that is not a one-way street. that's a two-way road. he is on the wrong side of it. >> there's a car on the wrong side of the road. >> he certainly veers a bit too hard to port. >> oh [ bleep ]. [ bleep ]. >> watched the blue car, who almost follows him off the road.
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>> [ bleep ]. [ bleep ]. holy [ bleep ]. >> the boat, the car, everything has basically disappeared. as you can see from this picture on facebook. this guy was really lucky, though, because he threaded the needle between two trees. everything seemed to be okay. >> thank goodness it wasn't a head-on collision. >> our next video involves a man and horsepower. they're over there having a great time. everyone's gathered around. they're going up this little tiny valley where they basically straight up exit. instead of going slow, he's going to go fast. gets some advice from one of his buddies. >> everybody helps out. >> that's what it looks like. >> and we know this is how it works. he drives it off. it will be just fine.
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nine stories of old wood and rickety railing don't stop this daredevil. >> he's going across it. >> he has no fear. >> while he dunn, but you will when you watch. and the sweet moment a little boy gets a special surprise. >> yea! >> hey, buddy! >> all you can say over andnd or again is, funny!
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this is a chimney 280 meters high in romania. for those of you that don't know meters, that's about 918 feet. just the amazing size of this thing. and flavia is going to climb it. this is like an old cold war chimney. it's in serious disrepair. >> how in the world? like with suction cups? >> to get up the first 20-odd meters, he's just climbing on
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some cables that are langing do -- hanging down. this is impressive strength. >> it could split at any second. >> it gets worse. you wonder about the cables. look at the rickety metal he's standing on. this is looking like the picture of safety. the whole thing is already falling away. but he keeps going, gets up to 100 meters. this entire area has fallen away. there's all these bricks, because apparently the bricks are falling off this chimney as well. but he gets to the top. 918 feet above. >> wow! that's crazy. >> and then there's a big hole in it because it's a chimney. does he jump off of it? >> yep! >> he >> you can see from his facebook page, he seems to be in the circus. he does a lot of jiggling. i think also does the high wire
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stuff. so for him, this is like just another day at the office. but he's got to get down. puppies afraid of the paper products. >> come here. you can do it. you can do it. come here. come on. come on. come here. good boy. good boy. come here. come here. come here. come here. you can do it. come on. come here. come here. good boy! >> you've got to love when love is caught on camera. love between family members. this is little miles. miles is in for a big surprise. >> yea! >> hey, buddy!
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>> this moment is so great! >> daddy has been serving overseas. just came back home to see his family. little miles had no idea. all you can say over and over again. >> daddy home. >> it just warms your heart. miles is not the only one excited to see daddy. we got a second video from the same house. the german shepherd also very excited. oh, and can't get enough. he's like come on, let's go outside before your piddle all over the carpet in your excitement. and the dog won't even go. >> where have you been? hug me.
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some cute baby bats. >> get belly rubs, getting bottles, getting blankets. >> the story behind the bumbled up baby. and he may be 2, but his moves -- >> jaw-dropping! are you kidding me? no way. >> he could barely stand up. >> meet the little dude who puts your skills to shame. >> whoo!
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i want to introduce you to the dancer that's going to become your all-time favorites. this talented, brilliant little dancer is 2-year-old keagan and he is dancing. and he is incredible.
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look at the fluid motion of the hands. jaw-dropping! are you kidding me? >> no way! >> he can barely stand up. >> probably just learned to walk, like, what, a year ago? maybe less. and he's already jump stepping and jump crawling. >> the video was actually submitted to us by keagan's greatgrandmother. she loves watching "right this minute," and the video was like, oh, got to get this to you guys. and of course, we absolutely love it. his dad is a dancer. he's part of a group, and we have them here on "right this minute." i'm curious, when did he start dancing? when did he realize he's got moves? >> it was about five months ago. he was watching nonstop, the dancers. and he just got hooked.
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>> he dances every single day whenever he can. >> so are you teaching m, or ise and picks up on it. >> and he always has a crowd of people watching him. he's always putting on a performance. >> tell us why you like to dance so much. >> not much happens. >> he's a really good actor. >> he kind of uses dancing for his assignment. kids would randomly start dancing. he's gotten a lot better, too. any type of music he hears, he will make up dances to. >> i love watching him. it's entertaining. >> he's getting better and better every day. we're amazed by him. >> we love you. we think you're awesome. we can't wait to see more dance videos. >> bye! >> oh, yea!
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this might be the avian version of the dog belly rub. that is a parrot, and he's getting a little rubdown, and he's enjoying it. thinking oh yeah. >> it's weird that the par lot looks like it's smiling, even though you know it doesn't have lips. can't curl up and smile. but somehow, he's smiling with his eyes. >> that's exactly right. >> you can feel his emotion. because you know how we all feel when we get a massage. it's like oh, yeah, that feels good. >> and this is only available to domesticated parrots. it's not like there's anyone in the wild rubbing them down. maybe a monkey every now and again. but unlikely. >> so we go from that winged creature to this one. >> a bat in a blanket with another bat in a blanket.
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>> what could be better than that? >> how about video of bats in blankets. these bats were separated from their moms and they needed to be rescued and cared for and comforted. so the australian bat clinic basically took these little creatures in. they're getting belly rubs, getting bottles and getting blankets. >> oh, look at the bottoms. >> are you kidding me? they've got little nubs in their mouth. >> they've had an extreme heat wave in australia. many of these colonies have been wiped out. a lot of the ecosystem where they lived have been wiped out. so these creatures need a little hand up since their mommies are gone. i know, it's so cute. it's the cutest thing. it's like a little chihuahua. >> what a fun day at work. three pranksters have 30 minutes to complete one sudsy challenge. what happens when they step in and strip down. all day waiting
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to share this with you guys. a belly rub.
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our favorite pranksters are bark pulling a challenge that i think would never work in america. you'll see why. we've got 30 minutes to get into as many showers as possible. this is the shower rally. an can i have a o knock on doo somehower? and you get bonus points if people join you. >> this is conveniently blurred. they're running into the buildings. they just literally start knocking on doors. >> seems to have hit the jackpot straight away.
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she returns, okay. >> quite interesting. you could sit on the toilet and shower at the same time. >> get somebody in the shower, and the dog as well. gets five people and the dog with him. now they don't etch bother getting change. they just start running around in towels. he has just used the restroom. >> they get a large door shut in their face. >> you think? >> in the meantime, has found a slightly more mature lady who seems to be quite keen on helping him out. >> ah! >> she's loving it, and they're both in the shower in seconds. >> she gets a little handsy, though. has to leave before his body
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betrays him. eventually it's all done. >> how many altogether? >> four. >> you're looking at the winner. >> [ bleep ]. that's it for "right this minute," everybody. thanks for joining us, and we'll see you next time.
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we're talking about the heisman trophy this week on sports stars of tomorrow... we'll run down some of this year's top candidates, and also remember some of the great winners of the past... strike a pose... our heisman special starts right now... (show open) hi, everyone, and welcome to our heisman trophy special... we'll talk about some of this year's contenders and also look back at a few past winners... but let's begin with the top candidates for this year's award he was a heisman front-runner when the season began, and he's still among the best candidates... oregon's marcus mariotta has
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proven once again to be one of the best players in college football... after throwing for 36-hundred yards and 31 touchdowns last year, the ducks' signal caller is on track to exceed those numbers this season... he has oregon in good position to make the first ever college football playoff, and he has a chance to win the pac-12 championship this week to seal the deal... if he chooses to go pro, he'll likely be a first round pick... and without any other strong candidates on the west coast, he should appear on a lot of heisman ballots... -- twelve of the last fourteen heisman winners have been quarterbacks... the non-q.b. with the best chance of winning this year might be wisconsin's melvin gordon... the junior running back has gone over 100 yards in all but one game this season, and he's been really strong in big ten play... he truly made some noise in the heisman conversation with his record-breaking 408-yard performance against nebraska. gordon currently leads the nation in rushing yards, which usually gets you an invitation to new york at the very least. with over 2000 yards rushing on the season, gordon is a strong
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candidate for the award... if he wins, he would be the third wisconsin badger to take the trophy, joining alan ameche and ron dayne... .. it's pretty rare for a wide receiver to win the heisman... only three receivers have ever done it, with desmond howard being the most recent in 1991... but alabama's amari cooper has as good a shot as anyone... the thing he has going for him is the title of "best player on the best team," which is usually a great way to get a lot of votes... alabama entered this weekend's s-e-c championship with a shot to punch its ticket to the college football playoff and likely grab the top overall seed... cooper also has the stats to be worthy of the award... he's among the best in the country in both receptions and receiving yards. if he goes pro, cooper will likely be a first round pick in next spring's n-f-l draft, but that won't win him any heisman votes... a strong performance in this weekend's s-e-c championship, though, definitely could... .. the breakout star in college football this year plays for one of


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