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tv   KTVU Morning News Early Edition  FOX  December 22, 2014 5:00am-6:01am PST

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are reacting. >> reporter: we are live in san jose inside santa's workshop, we'll tell you why the charity in charge of this is concerned. how mother nature could affect the holiday travel plans of millions of americans, it is all ahead here on the ktvu channel 2 morning news. complete bay area news coverage starts right now. this is ktvu channel 2 morning news. good morning, thank you for joining us, we are live, you can see number one, it is really foggy out there. that is certainly going to affect the commute. you see all those red flares and traffic moving along slowly, in the foreground you can see on the left-hand side, there is a rock and mud slide that is affecting highway 101, so that's certainly also going to be a big deal for the commute. ktvu out there, we're going to check in with her in just a little bit. thank you for joining us, it is
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monday, december 22nd. right? december 22nd. i'm pam cook. how many days until christmas? good morning everybody. you can tell we're looking forward to christmas. let's get your day started with weather and traffic rosemary is here. just a few days ago it looks like it was going to by pass california slide into nevada, that's going to change a little bit. i'll talk about that in just a little while. let's take a look at what's going on here. we're talking about the fog this morning you saw the shot at the north bay, not the only area, areas right around oakland and hayward, reporting visibility down to a quarter a mile, half mile. be on your guard as you get out doors you may have that fog out there. patchy drizzle reports over parts of the coast as well. you also have some pretty thick fog. and the clouds will move out,
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by noontime, i think we're looking mostly sunny from the coast, around the bay and inland, it is going to be a beautiful day. temperatures will warm into the 60s. 59 in concord, mid-50s in san francisco, livermore, 59. the king tides are back, some minor coastal flooding definitely a possibility for the coast, as well as some of our bay shorelines, that to be aware of with the next high tied coming in right before 11:00. here is a look at the afternoon highs for today, 68 in oakland. we're going to hold onto this nice pattern for a couple of days you may see the possibility of rain come our way as early as christmas eve. more on that in just a little bit. good morning to you, we are looking at a deadly crash on highway 4. let's start there with the maps highway 4 westbound, i'm sorry, eastbound highway 4, it is a fatality. this truck accident that happened about a half hour ago,
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the road is blocked eastbound and a couple of lanes are blocked eastbound and chp saying they are going to be there for awhile. they've called for the medical examiner, for the coroner to arrive. highway 4 at ball 4 road. traffic is a little bit slow in some areas these lanes a little bit of dense fog at the toll plaza. northbound 280 looks good through downtown. at 5:03. let's go back to where the rock slide is blocking lanes on highway 101. we're live with more on the clean-up effort. >> we are on 101 southbound, the roadway is going to be blocked. caltran arrived, you can see the flares are extending for quite a distance, i don't know
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if you can see in this light, this light pole is bent over almost on to the roadway. we're on 101 southbound on rodeo avenue. it happened around 2:40 this morning crews are using bulldozers to haul off the boulders. if you need to use 101 southbound, expect delays, use alternate routes if you can. the chp says it is going to be several hours before they can get all of these rocks off the roadway. we'll also need to be removed and replaced. so again, 2 lanes shut downright before rodeo avenue. 101 southbound. back to you. thank you for that update. we'll check back with you later. investigators are take ago closer into the social media posts for the man who killed the police offices.
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is something different to law enforcement, we look out for each other. >> the police officer's association saying it is considering to send officers to new york to attend funeral services. and police are investigating a car fire. they found it in the neighborhood early yesterday morning. now this is in the same area where 4 other cars went up in flames last week. arson is suspected in all of those fires. investigators are still trying to determine if the same person is responsible for all of the car fires. time now is 5:06. in a charity that helps make
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holidays happier needs a little help this year. falllys are scheduled to start picking up gifts at sacred heart community service this morning. but as we report, they are still short thousands of toys. welcome back. >> thank, brian. we're here inside sacred heart community service, this has been transformed into a toy store. check out all these bikes and toys for children of all ages. these are going to kids from low income families where mom and dad are using money to pay rent and bills. so many people preregistered last month that there is still not enough toys and so to find out how much short they are here at sacred heart community services we're joined by the executive director. how much do you need? >> we're still trying to make
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sure we get one book and toys to each child. we're looking for our distribution that's happening today and tomorrow to get donations, either cash donations so we can do some of the shopping, or folks dropping off. >> is there a certain age group that you know, people who want to donate should focus on? >> we need for all ages, in particular we need it for teens, think of those special gifts that mean something to young folks, addlessents, things like headphones, sporting equipment, hair care products, thing like that that make the young people feel special. >> i know we're looking at video from last year's event where you were giving away the gifts to the children. were we in this situation last we're? or no? >> it is actually kind of similar in each year we see a lot of folks thinking about the
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holidays and there is a lot of last-minute shopping and a lot of the folks that donate to sacred heart do the same thing. we're crossing our fingers that people will come through. last year is different, we've registered more kids than ever before, we've never seen this number. >> there are, you know, we peeked outside there is actually several parents who were actually camped out outside, that just talks about the need. >> folk that is are struggling even though they are doing everything they can, they are working, most folks are working full time even but they just can't afford to pay the bills. something like being able to provide toys for their kids is a luxury. thank you very much. and this toy give away again is for families who preregistered, it starts at 10 a.m., they are doing it again tomorrow. they have enough gifts for today, tomorrow they don't. they really need help and donations, you can do that online or you can come by here on south first street to drop
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off your toy. reporting live from san jose, ktvu channel 2 news. hopefully people can help out get the word out and help those people out at saint anthonys. in the meantime, saint anthonys is continuing their ham donations this morning, according to saint anthony's facebook page they collected 200 hams over the weekend which is shy of their goal, also looking for hygiene products and socks. we still have 2 more days to donate. you can drop off your donations from 9:00 to 4:30. this is located in golden gate avenue in san francisco. and workers are wanting a new contract today, this deal comes after a 2-day walk-out which led to a number of shut downs at the airport. workers want better job security and health care coverage. their new contract includes pay raises and more employer contributions to pensions. the record number ofamericans are set to hit the
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road for the holidays, a massive storm is threatening travel plans for up to two- thirds of the country. the system that stretches from the midwest across the south and all the waythe east coast will bring heavy rain, storms and strong wind. the brunt of the storm is expected to hit on christmas eve. meanwhile a smaller system will target the pacific northwest. aaa predicts 98.6 million americans will travel 50-miles or more for christmas. >> my family included. 5:11. there is no major storm today, parts of the bay area expect today see flooding. coming up, the winter phenomenon responsible, and the areas affected the most. a 13-year-old boy hailed as a hero. his quick actions after a stranger tried to kidnap his younger sister. we're looking at dense fog that's going to be a problem for some commutes as we look at the bay bridge toll plaza approach, still rather light but you might have trouble seeing pretty far. so you might want to give
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yourself extra time. the fog as well as patchy drizzle to start the day, by the afternoon, very comfortable weather moving into the bay area under mostly sunny skies. we'll talk about what you can expect for today and how long this pattern is going to last coming up.
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. 5:14. berkeley police are investigating the death of a
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man's body that was found. the 20-year-old man was found early saturday. police say foul play is not suspected, but alcohol consumption may have played a roll in his death. they have not released the man's name or said whether or not he was a student. a 13-year-old boy is being called a hero after he saved his sister from a would be kidnapper. police say a man snatched the little girl on saturday. the girl's brother saw what happened and ran after the man. he grabbed the man's arm and yelled for someone to call 911 which prompted the man to release the girl. >> he was definitely quick on his feet, responsible for his family, obvious his 4-year-old sister. so at this point we really, you know, he is our hero for today. no doubt about that. deputies in the area tracked down the man and later arrested him. investigators say he has a prior record of violent offenses. neither the girl nor her brother were hurt. a father and 2 young sons
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were found safe yesterday after surviving for 10 days in the outback. the dad took a wrong turn during the family road trip and their suv got stuck in the mud. a local famer found them yesterday. he says they survived by collecting rainwater. the boys ages 5 and 7 are in stable condition at a near by hospital. north korea says it is not behind the attack on sony pictures. and north korea warns its retaliation will be much bigger than the hacking attack on sony. north korea also accused the u.s. government of being behind the making of the movie, the interview. a north korean leader says if sony releases the interview on dvd, he'll make sure copies of the movie get into north korea. he lives in south korea and routinely sends dvds in using giant balloons. he shows how the rest of the
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world views the north korean government. he says it is something people never get to see, he says he'll send the interview there too if it is ever released. the drawing is away in spain for the lottery's biggest payoff. about $3 billion in cash will be divided among thousands of ticketholders, the top prize for this year's drawing is $490,000. other people with winning tickets will take home smaller amounts. 5:17 is the time. pretty foggy it looks like for some of the cameras. >> it is. we can't even see some of the cameras we normally show you, pam and brian, are not available because it is so dense out there. let's go out and take a look at what we have with the highway 4 commute, though, on the by pass, there is a crash here highway 4. this is highway 4, it is a fatal crash and the traffic is going to be affected
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here, especially the truck traffic as you drive through. i also want to mention that if you're going to the bay bridge toll plaza. the traffic here is moving okay. no major problems getting through and if you're driving in san jose northbound 280 and southbound 280 the traffic is moving along relatively well. southbound 101, there is a lane taken away because of a rock slide so far it is not affecting traffic too much because it is so light but we have a crew on the scene. we'll let you know more about that. you guys are good in the control room. you showed me this picture, is this a live picture? it is tara's picture, southbound 101 is pinching down the a couple of lanes to the golden gate bridge. we'll have a report from the scene coming up soon. at 5:18. rosemary, it's been foggy in most areas. >> we have this residual
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moisture from all the storms that moved through last week, we have a stable air in place and that helps to bring us that fog and it becomes very close to the ground. so you've got fog to deal with this morning as we get into the afternoon, we have mostly sunny skies. this fog isn't going last forever, it is something we have to deal with at least through the morning drive. the high ridge of pressure strengthening and pushing that storm track. we have mostly sunny skies, temperatures ranging in the 60s, even a few upper 60s expected for this afternoon . i'll show you those numbers in just a few moment. if you do celebrate christmas, that will be christmas eve. we'll bring you through the next couple of day, monday we have fair weather in the forecast looking good. tuesday looks just as nice, as we get into wednesday morning we see more cloud cover over the bay area, initially it
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looks like this system is going to bypass and bring in some sierra snow. it will bring us a few showers as well. if i stop here wednesday evening, notice how close it is, we're leaving in the possibility of scattered showers, by thursday, it is out of here we're back to dry weather. as for today, we've got nice weather coming our way into the afternoon, this morning, patchy drizzle reported along the coast and thick fog. we were showing you some of those live cameras there. 57 in heyword, and 57fso. how about the afternoon for today? 65 for antioch. pacifica, and santa cruz 68. the extended forecast here showing you again we've got some pleasant weather coming our way for the afternoon today, tomorrow looks just as good, we have introduced the
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possibility of a few scattered showers on christmas eve, doesn't last toolong. our weekend looking pretty good with temperatures ranging in the 60s. didn't mean to do all that. it is very fancy. then off into the clouds, bring it all over the place. christmas morning if santa brings new bikes, it looks okay. the evening hours when that rain line begins. >> maybe people will get rain boots this year because of all the rain we have. >> my kids did for sure. thank you rosemary. well, he is more than 100 years old, just made history. coming up in 15 minutes how this avid golfer broke a pga record. 7 people hurt when a lightening strike hits after an nfl game in florida, the reason it could have been a lot worse.
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. welcome back. time now is 5:24. 7 people were hurt in alightening strike after the buccaneers game against the green bay packers. witnesses say the strike kicked up rocks and gravel and knocked down a few people. o new mexicoone person was taken to the hospital. nobody was hit directly by the lightening. and knocking the buffalo bills out of play off contention. the raiders led much of the
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game, took a lead, on this pass late in the fourth quarter thebills would answer with the lead to 2. but the ensuing on- side kick recovered by the raiders who gets 26-24 win, it is the raiders third home win in a row. fans were filled with the holiday spirit at the oakland coliseum. they arrived with unwrapped toys. the marines were collecting toys and cash donations. one says a raiders game is the perfect place for the special holiday event. >> it is as american as you get, i would like to believe that the spirit and the holiday spirit is within everybody right now. >> the toys collected at the oakland coliseum will be given to needy children all across almeida county. the 49ers are sponsoring an event today, it is called adopt
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a family. 49ers players coaches and team exceptives will help a family by supplying them with a special gift basket. a drugstore chain going global. this will expand 11,000 in 10 countries if they approve a long-talked about merger with the united kingdom. they would have their headquarters here in the u.s., it would be the largest purchaser of drug makers in the world. if shareholders approve, the deal would close this year. dish tv dropped fox news channel and business network after several weeks of negotiations but the 2 sides could not reach an agreement. they have had disagreements over the past few months. new information about the deaths of 2 new york city police officers, what we're learning about the gunman's motivation and the rising
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tension that has fallen since the killing. a rock slide blocking part of highway 101 -- you can see it is foggy here, also foggy in parts of the east bay, we'll tell you more about the fog and the commute. we are joined by that fog this morning, patchy drizzle as well. by the afternoon, mostly sunny, temperatures looking pretty good. we'll have a look at what you can expect for today and the week ahead coming up. female announcer: sleep train thanks
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all those who helped make a difference last year for thousands of california foster kids. thank you for helping foster kids. thank you for the school supplies! thank you for the new shoes. thank you, secret santa! and thank you for donating money. announcer: your generosity proves that while not everyone can be a foster parent, anyone can help a foster child. thank you! thank you! ¬°gracias por su ayuda! [baby cooing] thank you.
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. good morning everybody, welcome back to the channel 2 news, we're following a situation in sausalito, part of highway 101 blocked off with flares because of this rock slide. we're continuing to talk with authorities as we speak, she'll have an update when this mess will get cleared. it is monday, december 22nd. i'm brian flores in for dave clark. >> i'm kind of surprised we didn't see more of that last week with all the rain, but maybe it is loosened. >> absolutely. this break we're getting as much as we need the rain, it is going to do us some good. we have the possibility of a few scattered showers, looks
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like by midweekwednesday, giving you a live look, fog and patchy drizzle. that fog quite thick for some. take it easy as you go out doors. we have a flood advisory, lasting until 3:00 on tuesday, the sun, the moon and the earth are aligned and in close proximity, bringing us above average high tides. the next one will be just before 11:00 this morning, we'll get another one over night, another one tuesday morning, the advisory lasts until tuesday afternoon and by wednesday coming down a little bit. it includes our entire coastline inside the bay as well. so we have that going on for the next day and a half or so. as we get into your forecast right now, the fog out there, i think by about noontime we're clearing away to mostly sunny
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skies, here we are at 10:00, fog still inside the east bay and south bay, noontime, plenty of sunshine to go around, temperatures will be in the 60s. we'll take a look at the numbers outside your door. 57 in hayward, 55 in san francisco. 55 in napa and san jose. coming up i'll have a look at how long this mild pattern is going to last. good morning. right now traffic is going to be affected on the highway 4 bypass because of a deadly crash, highway 4, a truck accident couple of other cars involved, and one of the medic units got into a more minor fender-bender, that's what's going on. you can expect slow traffic in this area. live pictures of the bay bridge, dense fog, not quite the normal commute we see. but certainly people trying to cross into san francisco. you can see how dense the fog
5:33 am
is, might present visibility problems for you. if you're driving in san jose, no fog here, looks good to highway 17. following developing news in sausalito where a mud slide is blocking lanes on 101. tara, it is going to cause a big traffic problem through there. >> reporter: saying it is going to be 10:00 before all lanes of southbound 101 near rodeo avenue in sausalito are cleared. if you're headed in a southbound direction through marin county, you can expect delays or at least until you wait until after 10:00, joining me live with an officer to tell me what happened here. this is a pretty remarkable landslide. >> compare today a normal landslide, this is a rock slide. this is a portion of the
5:34 am
hillside that came away and fell down. in the process it took with it a large tree and a light pole. we'll dealing with quite a few things here. we have land, electrical. and debris and trees here. >> how are you planning to get rid of everything? are the bulldozers going the take away the rocks, a many away as they can? >> they set up the closure, we set up these 2 lanes for at least a few hours, they brought in trucks to get this debris out of here as quickly as possible. >> i know that there is, i mean, we're standing right now, i don't know if you can see this, we've got this big rock right next to us and i was kind of thinking as we were pulling up, oh, are we in any danger with the rocks falling? >> we have people coming out here, better looking at hillsides and understanding what's going on with them. we'll continue to evaluate it, see what's going on if additional steps need to be
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taken we'll take them. >> it is probably going to be several hours from now because it is still really dark. >> caltran is giving an estimated time of 10 a.m. we want to let people know, if you can't seek alternate routes, please do so. we've seen what can happen during the floods when we've had to shut down 2 lanes in this same area, it can really impact traffic. we're looking for anybody that can use an alternate route, please do so. >> 10:00 is going to be the estimated time when all lanes are open through sausalito here i am live in sausalito, back to you. we can see right behind you, very, very crowded. 5:35 is the time. more details being revealed about the man who shot and killed 2 new york city police officers. police say ismaaiyl brinsley had been arrested 19 teals in georgia and ohio for assaults
5:36 am
and robbery. on saturday, he shot his exgirlfriend inside her baltimore maryland home before getting on a bus to brooklyn. he shot the officers wenjian liu and rafael ramos inside his car. the family of ramos is pleading to an end to the violence. >> i hope and pray we can reflect on this tragic loss of life so we can move forward. >> there are also reports that he was mentally ill, that his own mother was afraid of him. >> the exgirlfriend he shot has been identified as 29-year-old thompson, police say she was shot in the stomach and is in critical condition. there are reports that after shooting thompson, he called her mother to tell her what happened and apologize for shooting her daughter. police are waiting to interview thompson when her condition improves. support is pouring in for friends and fallly of the
5:37 am
officers killed. wenjian liu got married just 2 months ago, rafael ramos celebrated his 40th birthday on december 12th. he leaves behind a wife and 13- year-old son. yesterday his son jadan posted a heart-breaking message on facebook about what happened. he wrote, quote here, today i had to say goodbye to my father, he was there for me every day of my life. he was the best father i could ask for, it is horrible that someone gets shot dead just for being a police officer. he went on to say that, quote, everyone says they hate cops, but they are the people that they call for to call for help. i'll always love you and never forget you, rip, dad. 5:37 is the time. president obama is offering his full support and federal assistance to the new york city police department. it comes as tensions run high between officers and some city leaders following protests over the officer involved deaths of michael brown and eric garner. on saturday, new york city police officers turned their
5:38 am
backs on mayor bill deblasio as he made his way to a news conference. members of the nypd have criticized mayor deblasio saying he failed to support the department following a grand jury's decision not to indict the officer involved in the choke-hold death of eric garner. they say he has shown strong support for ongoingdemonstrations against police brutality. >> there is blood on many hands tonight, those that incited violence on the streets under the guise of protests that tries to tear down what new york city police officers did every day. yesterday, new york governor andrew cuomo visited the families of the 2 officers calling their deaths senseless. later today, he is expected to address the criticism as he gives a speech about strengthening ties between police and the community. tonight san francisco police will honor an officer killed in the line of duty 8 years ago.
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brian was shot on december 22nd, 2006, while trying to arrest a robbery suspect. a second officer returned fire and killed the suspect, he died at san francisco general hospital the next day. people can pay their respects at a community room dedicated at the district police station. it will be open from 6 p.m. to 10 p.m. tonight. there is also a public memorial garden across the street at the square park. happening today, it is not raining, but high tides are expected to flood some low- lying coastal areas today. the winter phenomenon known as king tides are expected to bring high tides through the coast and san francisco tomorrow. surfers are taking advantage of the waves but can certainly be dangerous. in mill valley, it caused puddles and shut down the exit to 101. >> it is so close to the boulevard here, it is pretty incredible. >> kind of plan your day around when the high tied is, it is not good to go to certain areas
5:40 am
where the tied is high, especially the road here. >> a spokeswoman says king tides show how vulnerable is they are to flooding. they say the bay level is expected to rise 1 foot by 2050. and the reservoir in marin county are full. they say due to the heavy rainfall the reservoir are now 99.8% of capacity. on average, reservoir are at 96 capacity. the recent forms put a dent in the drought of the california county, but the water situation in marin county is among the best in the state. good news there. yeah. 5:40 is the time right now. holiday travel plans in jeopardy, coming up at 6:00, the big storm expected to disrupt flights and cause
5:41 am
traffic issues. there is magic happening, bubbles for snow, a working water fall. >> you thought you were all decked out for the holidays. up next, one of the most amaising chris may light displays here and the reason cost is not a big issue for the homeowner. >> good morning. we are looking at dense fog that's going to be an issue for the commute as you can see, people are lining up in it here at the bay bridge toll plaza. we'll tell you more at the morning commute. we have a dry mild pattern setting up for the start of the week. take a look at the numbers expected for the afternoon. temperatures will be nice for tomorrow before changes come our way, when the wet weather may return to the bay area coming up.
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. festive holiday music was just part of yesterday's fundraiser at the charter academy to help the family of 9- year-old jackie. earlier this year she was playing outside her home on 66th avenue when she was hit by a stray bullet and paralyzed. organizers say this tragic incident brought the entire
5:45 am
community together. >> i heard it again on ktvu, and as a father, i felt i just hope i can be compel today do something. we want students to know how important family is. >> jackie's sister say she is making slow but steady progress since the i said dent in may. the 9-year-old is able to move her right hand, she has some feelings in her legs. 5:45. 40 kids received star treatment in the holiday cop program. they got to ride in a limousine or police car to hilltop mall where they were greeted by santa. some brought things for themselves, others bought things for holiday fallly and friends. the point was to make a connection with police. >> my grandson, he was thrilled because he was able to ride in a cop car. and with the sirens on.
5:46 am
>> just fantastic community relations tool that we use to let richmond citizens and our youth know that we care about them. >> offices also surprised each of the young shoppers with several gifts including a bicycle for every single child. here at ktvu. you know we've been searching the bay area to see who is all decked out for the holidays, we ask our viewers to help us. one home nominated over again, it is called weavers winter wonderland. we sent a crew to check it out for ourselves. >> this is weavers winter wonderland. 20 years of labor of love. >> i'm going need to make a trip. that is a house, even though it looks like disney land in there, it features an actual water fall, a train, you can see, bubble machine, scott weaver says he is hoping the
5:47 am
bill comes under $1,500. the expense really doesn't bother him, though. >> i do it for the love of making kids happy. it is not about the money, you know, i'm not good at accepting money, i put a donation box out. i never break even, but i do it for the fun of doing it. >> that's nice. weaver says thousands of people visit the home every night, he says 95% of the nabors are in support of the display. >> for the next couple of days, we're going to reveal who wins the bragging rights of the bay area best holiday display. >> that puts the one string of lights on my house into shame. i wanted to ask you, you know if you know yet or not, i was wondering about the mud
5:48 am
slide in sausalito. is a bus stop there affected? i know which one you're talking about, just a little bit before that, it is a pull-out there. since the 2 right lanes are closed here, we have video of it, it could be affected but i haven't been able to get through the golden gate transit. one thing for sure, they are not going to open these lanes up until 10:00 this morning. 101 between rodeo and the tunnel, part of that has to do with that pole being down there. it is going to great create a big backup. the marin county commute can't take 2 lanes taken away, i would suggest doing a different thing if you can. don't go to the city until after 10:00, or go and give yourself plenty of time. dense fog all over the place as rosemary and i are on fog patrol this morning. the traffic here is not too bad, it is backed up for about
5:49 am
20 minutes. i don't think it is going to be much of a delay today passed 7:00 or 8:00. this is highway 4, we have a deadly crash another crash in the same area and it is kind of a mess here, especially if you're driving a large truck it is one of those things that you're going to be delayed. it is a little bit further away from that area. 5:49. a lot of dense fog here in oakland today. >> oakland as well as hayward. oakland reporting visibility down to about .08 of a mile. take it easy out there. fog along highway 1. 3-miles is the visibility in santa rosa. it is out there. sometimes it will catch you off guard, the low clouds, a little bit of drizzle along the
5:50 am
coastline as well. santa rosa, 48 degrees outside your door. 54 in oakland, 59 degrees right now in livermore. we have the fog, it's cloudy out there. a little cool for most of us. as we get into the afternoon today, these temperatures looking quite nice like yesterday even slightly warmer for some. 67 in livermore, 66 morgan hill. upper 60s in santa rosa. and partly cloudy skies to mostly sunny and 63 degrees expected for the afternoon. after a quiet weekend at least for most of the nation things are beginning to pick up as we run through your afternoon today if you're going to be traveling we've got rain and snow beginning to leave the pacific northwest moving into the dakotas into minnesota, and then the rain stretches all the way down into areas like georgia, you can see the eastern seaboard as well with rain and snow mix reported there for parts of the
5:51 am
carolinas and virginia as well. here at home, nice and dry for a couple of days and a system that might bring rain here. monday, no problems, tuesday, storm track still to the north of us, by wednesday this system begins to move in just the other day, it actually had bi- passed california, i should say yesterday, and moved into nevada. now it begins to sweep across california, we'll be tracking it for you and we are introducing the possibility for showers wednesday evening and drying out on christmas day. the extended forecast here showing you we are nice, dry, even relatively warm for today, tomorrow, once these clouds clear. come wednesday, showers over the north bay, thursday we're dry once again, with your bay area weekend always in view, partly cloudy, temperatures still relatively cool to mild, not as warm as we are going to see for today as well as tomorrow. but not bad. >> it was my birthday yesterday, by the way.
5:52 am
>> happy birthday. >> i got a new snow board outfit i need to know when i can go to the mountains. >> go today! just be back by tomorrow morning looking good in the mountains? yeah they've had several rounds which was nice, wednesday, is also expected to bring a little bit of snow to the sierra. could be a little trouble getting up there on wednesday. >> stoked. stoked. >> thank you rosemary. got it. 5:52. a small town in wisconsin is getting a lot of attention. coming up in 25 minutes the reason more mail than usual is pouring in to its one post office. the price of eggs is going up. after the break the reason behind the hike, how much more you can expect to pay. closed captioning brought to you by one toyota of oakland.
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time now, 5:55. pope francis delivered his message to the bishops and roman catholic church. he expressed his hope for world peace at his addressed. he celebrated his birthday, making personal pleas to leaders of both countries to normalize their relationship. national gas prices are at their lowest price in 5 and a
5:56 am
half years. 24 states have at least some stations selling gas for less than $2 a gallon. local prices are down 1 cents. san francisco, $2.91. you can find places less than $3 a gallon. the average is $2.77. but, it is now going to cost you more to buy eggs the next time you go to the grocery store. a new law will require california farmers to provide more space for hens cutting down the number of eggs produced. that's expected to cause a 10% to 40% increase in prices. shoppers say they it is cheaper to buy cage free brand. a 103-year-old florida man is now the oldest golfer ever with a certified hole in one. but get this, last week's lucky shot was not his first hole in one. it was his eighth. he scored his first one back in 1939. >> i never had a bad day with
5:57 am
golf. it is not a bad day. >> he began golfing in the 1920s. he credits his longjeffjeffty to faith and havinggood attitude. have you ever made a hole in one? maybe in miniature golf, that doesn't count. coming up next, mother nature affecting holiday travel from coast to coast. coming up at 6:00, the hardest- hit areas and other major factors that could slow you down. coming up, how you can help out a holiday drive this morning. looking at dense fog that might be a trouble for you as a driver, the bay bridge toll plaza delays about 25 minutes
5:58 am
driving into the city.
5:59 am
. good morning. more details surrounding the investigation of 2 police officers. what they are look agent that
6:00 am
may reveal the gunman's motivation. a rock slide continues to block the lanes of southbound 101 in sausalito. when the highway could reopen. we are not expecting another storm, but some people could see flooding today, the winterer phenomenon bringing unusually high tides. we are live in san jose, looks like christmas in here. this charity is giving away toys later this morning we'll tell you what they specifically still need. complete bay area news coverage starts right now. this is ktvu channel 2 morning news. good morning thank you for joining us monday morning december 22nd. i'm in for dave clark, let's get your day started. rosemary is here in for steve. >> really foggy in some spots. oakland reporting visibility down to an eighth of a mile. it could be


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