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tv   Mornings on 2  FOX  January 2, 2015 7:00am-9:01am PST

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it's still below freezing in many parts of contra costa county. the winter season is flu season, what we're learning about an increase in the number of flu cases and how hospitals are preparing. we're live in san francisco with a push for cycling safety in 2015 and what you can do to help identify problem spots.
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7:00. you are taking a live look in walnut creek, where the temperature is well -- well, it's below 30 degrees this morning. it's been stuck there at 29 for a while. coming up in two minutes, ktvu's cara lui will have more on what people are doing to protect themselves from this really chilly weather. it's january 2nd, 2015. >> i think i want a bowl of soup for breakfast. >> yeah. steve is here. >> it will stay cold for a while. a lot of 20s. take a look at some of the lows i've seen from mendocino county, lake county all the way down to santa cruz. that's not on the whar of. 29,wood side. oakley, 28 degrees. dublin at stoneridge mall, 27.
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newspaperrer 27 -- kelseyville, i think 24. a little bit of fog coming back
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sose theat gruz -- so that's great news. we are looking at 280 in san jose where traffic, you can see is flowing nicely in both directions. 880 near the oakland coliseum. same story, more crowded here. things did start to pick up around 5:30 this morning. more folks on the roadway, it was absolutely desolate on my way to work. that was at 4:00. this is a look at the bay bridge toll plaza, where we've seen no congestion as us make your way into san francisco. back to the desk. a freeze warning will last two more hours. there's concern about the impact these bitter-cold temperatures on some of the most vulnerable people in the bay area such as the homeless. a homeless shelter in vallejo that opens only during daytime
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normally is now open 24 hours because of these frigid temperatures. one of the coldest cities in the bay area right now is walnut creek. it did not crack 30 degrees all night. ktvu tara -- ktvu reporter cara lui joins us live from downtown walnut creek. they are out there braving the chilly weather. >> reporter: it's sure cold. the temperatures are not picking up fast enough. we've been monitoring the bank sign. all morning long. 29 degrees. it has not moved. the current temperature here in downtown walnut creek, at least according to this big sign. but i can tell you traffic is sternly light out here right now, likely a combination as the cold weather as well as the holiday week.
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p weather for coats. >> aur time is 7:05. a police chase early this morning in the east bay. it ended in a crash. the alameda county sheriff's office says police pursued a white van about 3:00 this morning in hayward. the driver eventually crashed in oakland after hitting the center divider on highway 980
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near 880. two other people were in the van but no one was hurt. the sheriff's department isn't saying how the chase started or if the driver involved will face any charges. a very tense situation yesterday at an oakland b.a.r.t. station ended peacefully last night. police say a man who was reported to have a gun at the 12th street b.a.r.t. station surrendered after a standoff with police. no one was hurt. the b.a.r.t. trainnot stop at the 12th street station during that standoff. earlier in the evening, police say the man was waving a gun at passing cars in downtown oakland. it turns out. it was a bb gun. a new law that takes effect today, allows undocumented immigrants to apply for driver's licenses. people still have to prove their identify tie and residency in california and they will have to pass the written test and the driving test. four special processing centers have been set up in california to help with the applications.
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ktvu's janine de la vega is at the one processing center in northern california. it's in san jose and nunn at 7:30, janine will show us all of the people who have been lined up outside in the cold for hours. now. san francisco's bicycle coalition is starting the nut year with a push for safer streets and also a car for more data, more information on some of the trouble spots for bicyclists. ktvu's katie utehs joins us live from one of the busiest streets in the city. have you seen many cyclists? >> reporter: it is cold. it's also the day following a holiday. not that many cyclists, there have been maybe a dozen or so. you see them. muni has put up signs, they are saying 87 so far. i've only seen a dozen. but this is a heavily traveled area. cyclists have their own lane which is one of the things that the san francisco bicycle
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coalition pushes for and they are starting to this new year with a push for information to help make the streets even safer. more than 100 problem areas have been identified this past year. the data identifies potholes, poorly timed traffic slights, and other spots that may not catch the attention of drivers. they are taking that data to advocate for safer streets. we spoke with a man who bikes from the inner sunset. it's good for me. san francisco, if i know, where to ride is a great place to ride bikes. bike rides have been a big improvement. for 2014, san francisco police report three collisions three of which involve cyclists. nonfatal collisions between vehicles and bicyclists decreased from 467 to 392. a bicycle coalition is also asking them to call out drivers for blocking the box or drub --
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double parking. they want them to hashtag is parking dirty. all of this data and tracking will be used by the san francisco bicycle coalition to help advocate for safer streets and perhaps some push from san francisco city leaders to improve problem spots. tori? >> all right. all right. thank you. the new year means the minimum wage is now higher in several bay area cities. in sunnyvale, the minimum wage from $89 an hour to $10.30. in san jose, it's also $10.30 an hour. that's up 15 cents. in san francisco, the minimum wage is up from 10.74 to 11.05. another hike will take effect in may in is san francisco raising the minimum wage to 12.25 and hour. richmond 'homicide rate has now dropped to its lowest level
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in 43 years. police report there were 11 killings in richmond in 2014. that's the have right now. as a matter of fact, i don't recall having ten or more inpatients at any given time
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with influenza as inpatients. >> one reason the flu season is so bad, this year's flu vaccine didn't work as well against the most common strain of the flu virus. but despite that, health experts still recommend everyone six months and older get the flu shot and they say it's not too late. >> 7:11. there is a warning for all pet owners concerning wild mushrooms. the much-needed rain brought plenty of mushrooms to the bay area. while they are not all dangerous to humans. many are extremely poisonous to pets. you might not even know your pet is sick since symptoms can take up to three days to develop. they become so weak, pulses get weak and they can bring about liver failure, kidney failure. >> if your pets eat mushroom, bring it in right away.
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7:11. rush is on. fill up your gas tanks here in the bay area. coming up at 7:30, why the cost of gas is going up across california despite a major drop nationwide. and it's the longest closure in the history of the golden gate bridge what you need to know if you are planning on traveling in and out of san francisco next weekend. a look at the eastshore freeway shows traffic moving nicely. we'll have more traffic just ahead. frost advisory is out. freeze warning. but we also have patchy fog which has come back into the picture. we'll have the cool friday forecast highs.
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happened. the 52-hour closure started a mit night saturday, jan 10th. it will end at 4:00 p.m. monday, jan 12th. the weekend closure is needed to install a new barrier. it's all designed to eliminate head-on collisions. buses will be allowed to go across the bridge and will run on their normal weekend schedule. the bridge's sidewalk, it will stay open for pedestrians and bicyclists. passengers on the tahoe queen ran aground minutes into the new year. two hours later, a tugboat pulled the dock boat into the dock. they are looking whether low water levels were due to the factor. the same boat ran aground in august. some uner and lyft drivers are angry that the companies raised prices on new year's
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eve. they say the price surge scared off some potential customers. some say they made less on new year's eve than a typical saturday night. uber had warned that they could pay more than $100. drivers also blamed the ride share companies for not managing the number of cars
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dozens of skiers spent new year's eve trapped midair. owners of china peak resort say strong winds knocked their only operating chair lift out of service when a cable got knocked off the line. more than 40 people were stuck for up to three hours. those rescue idea given a free day of skiing and a $50 gift yard for a future visit. chick-fil-a is the latest corporation to investigate a possible data breach. the atlanta-based chain says hackers may have gained access to customers' credit card information. it's still unclear how many people may be impacted. the restaurant says if the breach is confirmed, customers would not be responsible for any fraudulent charges to their
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accounts. chick-fil-a operates more than 1800 restaurants in 41 states, including here in california. 7:57. the new year means utility bills go up for pg&e customers. residential rates go up almost 6%. businesses could also see a small rate hike. the rate hike will cover safety improvements like replacing old gas lines to prevent another disaster like the san bruno pipeline explosion. it will also pay for an expansion of the smart grid and they plan to higher more customer service workers. more protection for bicyclists in san francisco. after the break, the specific safety improvements they are calling for. plus, cold weather. it's cold around the bay area this morning. looking at the problems facing residents as you wake up this morning. we'll check the freeze warning that's still in effect for one more hour. 880 near the oakland coliseum. traffic is looking good at this hour. we have an animal hazard we
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want to tell you about up in the north bay. that's coming up in a couple of minutes. i don't want to say too many times it's cold out. but it's cold out of. a lot of 20s. we'll see if there's any warmer lows or afternoon highs in the extended forecast.
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welcome back. in case i didn't know, it's real cold. we're live in san rav fell. looking -- san rafael. looking around, it's freezing. the sunshine is beautiful. even the glare off the water there. coming up in a few minutes, cara lui has been braving the cold all morning for you. she will join you to tell you how a lot of people are bracing against this chilly, cold weather this morning. thank you for joining us. welcome to "mornings on 2." friday, january 2nd, i'm dave clark. good morning. i'm tori campbell. quick look at the weather and a little bit of the traffic. but steve, it was interesting, you said other parts were -- we're colder than a lot of other parts of the country. >> chicago had us beat. we're not as cold as 90% except for san francisco. a lot of 20ss, 30s. kind of a haze now making for a beautiful sunrise this morning. but it's a cold one. a lot of 20s. these were some of the coldest
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i've seen. ben lomond, 25. near santa cruz. woodside, 29. dublin 27. same for san martin. if you thought it was cold, it is. frost advisory is out. we also had a freeze warning. it's so cold out. for us, it's -- this will probably continue for one more day. but there are hints of things changing. some fog has come back to part, of the mendocino, and marin coast. there's also some out towards discovery bay. fairfield, 28. a lot of 30s here. but much, much cooler. 30s even on parts of the coast. they lose the breeze but that fog might be a sign of things to come over the next few days. the low responsible for our wild weather is into new mexico. it's sending out freezing rain. that will cause all sorts of issues. for us, sunny and chilly. frost, fog. a lot of 50s. each day will come up a couple degrees on these high temps. she has not had much to do today. we love having her, tara moriarty.
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>> you say that and i got jinxed. all of a sudden, this is blowing up with a lot of things. a lot of them are minor. but there's a lot going on. novato, 101 southbound at roland boulevard, a car verses a deer. it's blocking the exit there. so crews are working to try to clear that. so that they can unclog the situation. right now we're gonna take a live look at 580 at the 101 split where you can see that haze/fog steve has been talking about. up in napa, we have a cow on the side of the roadway on napa road at highway 121. so crews also working to remove the cow. let's take a look at the golden gate bridge. you can see that traffic is flowing nicely into the city. and 280 at the 880 split. we do have a little built more fog as we've seen this morning that we've been talking about here if we can show it. there you go.
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the headlights northbound traffic on 280 as you make the drive toward santa clara. let's head back to the desk. a freeze warning is set to expire in an hour before the santa cruz and east bay mountains along with the east bay valleys. overnight temperatures stayed at or below freezing. cara lui reports from one of the coldest cities in the bay area this morning. walnut creek. >> reporter: well, the temperatures below freezing for many people as they woke up here in walnut creek this morning. it is expected to warm up quite a bit in the next hour. now right now it's quieter than normal since it's the end of a holiday week. at the honda dealership take a look at the windows. every one of them was frosted over, an indication of how low the temperatures dipped overnight. we talked to a few folks getting the morning coffee about their strategies to stay warm. one woman told me she planned to stay indoors as much as possible. another plans to take advantage of the cold weather. >> i'm headed up to tahoe for the day.
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hopefully everyone else is in this cold weather. it should be a good day up there zplnk but there is a freeze warning in effect for the east bay valleys and mountains until 9:00 a.m. if you have to be outdoors, it's a good idea to bundle up. a police chase about 3:00 a.m. in the east bay ended in a crash. the alameda county sheriff's office says officers pursued a white van in hayward. the driver eventually crashed in oakland after hitting that center divider on highway 980 near 880. two other people were in the van but no one was hurt. the sheriff's department still isn't saying how the chase started or if the driver is gonna face any charges. a very tense situation at an oakland b.a.r.t. station ended peacefully last night. police say a man who was reported to have a gun at the 12th street b.a.r.t. station surrendered after a standoff with police and no one was hurt. the trains didn't stop at the 12th street station during that standoff.
8:05 am
now, earlier in the evening, police say the man was waving a gun at passing cars in downtown oakland. it turned out it was a bb gun. we have a follow upup to a deadly crash in oakland we reported yesterday. the chp found a toyota blocking the macarthur high street ramp eferl yil new year's morning. a young woman was pronounced dead at the scene. the driver, 20-year-old travis was booked into the santa rita jail on suspicion of vehicular manslaughter and driving under the influence. because he's under age, investigators with the department of alcoholic beverage control are partnering with chp to try to identify the person who gave him alcohol. >> this first fatality of the year in the bay area is just another underscoring of the fact that driving under the influence of alcohol and/or drugs is extremely dangerous.
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>> the coroner will conduct an autopsy. 8:06. the homicide rate in richmond, it has dropped to the lowest level in 43 years. police in richmond report there were 11 kills in the city in 2014. that's the lowest number since 1971. in a city that was once called one of the most violent cities in the country. police say there are several reasons for the drop in homicides, including more help from the community in fighting crime and also the recent crack down on violent gangs. the new year means the minimum wage is now higher in several bay area cities. in sunnyvale, the minimum wage went from $9 an hour to $10.30. in san jose, it's also 10.30. and that's up 15 cents. in san francisco, the minimum wage is up from 10.74 to 11.05. another minimum wage hike will take effect in may in san francisco, raising the minimum
8:07 am
wage to 12.25 an hour. 8:07. this is troubling. this year's flu season turning out to be a nasty one. the cdc says flu cases nationwide have reached epidemic levels. the flu is now in 36 states. so far california has only one flu death. it's in southern california. the rise in cases is so dramatic, hospitals are having a hard time keeping up with patients. >> i have never seen the level of number of inpatients that we have now. as a matter of fact, i don't recall having ten or more inpatients at any given time with influenza as inpatients. >> one reason the flu season is so bad this winter this, year's vaccine just didn't work as well fence the most common strain of the flu. but despite that, health experts still recommend everyone over the age of six months get a flu shot and they say it's not too late. 8:07. san francisco's bicycle coalition is starting the new year with a push for safer
8:08 am
streets and a call for data on problem spots. katie utehs joins us live from one of the busiest streets in the city. good morning, katie. >> reporter: good morning. well, today following the holiday and probably because of the cold, market is not as busy as it would normally be. but i will show you the tracker for cyclists, we've had00 more bike riders since we saw you last hour. we're hearing mixed reaction regarding the needs for road improvements in san francisco. the bicycle coalition is combile piling a -- compiling a list of trouble spots as they push for safety in 2015. more than 100 areas have been identified. the data points to potholes, poorly timed lights, slippery spots and other spots. but those areas can be exceptionally dangerous. it's part of an advocacy effort with more than 10,000 members. a movement that some say is working. >> it's great for me. san francisco, if you know,
8:09 am
where to ride is a great place. >> reporter: others say improving infrastructure is only part of the picture. a former bike messenger would like to see stronger penalties for those aggressive with cyclists. >> i've seen many, many accidents. it's terrible. >> reporter: for 2014, san francisco police reported some 28 fatal vehicle collisions three of which involved cyclists that's down by one cyclist death from the year before. nonfatal collisions between vehicles and bicyclists decreased from 466 to 392 collisions. now there is a twitter campaign that's going on right now where you are asked to take photos of anybody blocking intersections or parking where they shouldn't be in bike lanes and hashtags
8:10 am
parkingdirty. tori, dave? >> kind of an interesting way to use social media to try to help out the problem. lines longer than usual at one particular dmv office. look at this. coming up in 21 minutes, why this will be an especially busy day and how it's all tied to a controversial new law in california. it's an unprecedented closure for the golden gate bridge. after the break, when all lanes will be shut down, for how long and the major project behind it all. 101 in san jose traffic looking good. we do have an announcement about cable cars in san francisco today. that's coming up in a few minutes. a little bit of fog has come back. it's cold. just heard from dane non. she's up in lakeport. she said it's 21 degrees.
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the greek ferry boat that caught fire on sunday leaving several people dead is being towed to italy. it was towed after being pulled across the adriatic sea. so far 11 people have been confirmed dead from that fire. 477 people were rescued but dozens are still unaccounted for. italian authorities will inspect the ferry boat once it arrives in port. one week from tomorrow morning, the golden gate bridge will close for an entire weekend. this is the first it's ever
8:14 am
happened. the 52-hour closure begins at midnight saturday, january 10th, though they might start closing it down late friday night and then the closure will end at 4:00 a.m. monday january 12th. the weekend closure is needed to install a new median barrier designed to eliminate the deadly head-on collisions. buses will be allowed to cross the bridge and will run on normal weekend schedule and the sidewalk will remain open. uber and lyft drivers are angry that the ride share companies raised prices on new year's eve. drivers say the price surge scared off potential customers. some drivers say they made less than new year's eve than they make on a typical saturday night. uber warned that customers could pay more than $100 for a short trip. they also blame them for not managing the number of cars in service saying there were too many drivers out there looking
8:15 am
for customers. 8:15. this may be my favorite story of the day without a doubt. a family in ohio will never forget each other's birthday. that's because mom, dad and their new baby all were born on the new year's day. now, dad was born on new year's day 1978. mom was born new year's day, 1980 and yesterday their beautiful new daughter was born. >> to even share a somebody with someone you love and then to have your daughter born on the same day, is -- it's unbelievable. it's a blessing. >> both mom and daped say their new daughter is one in a million -- dad say their new daughter is one in a million. the odds of this happening, they are greater than that. >> very cool. we're learning that
8:16 am
outgoing senate majority leader harry reid is in a las vegas hospital this morning after suffering an accident at home while exercising. aides to the 75-year-old senator say reid broke a number of ribs and also bones in his face. he was exercising with a resistance band that snapped, hitting him and causing him to fall. he's expected to make a full recovery and will be back in washington on tuesday when the senate reconvenes. at that point, reid will be the senate minority leader as republicans regain control of the senate in the november elections. rock star bon nope says his recovery from an accident -- bono says his accident from recoverying from an accident is worried he may never play the guitar accident. he underwent surgery after a biking accident in central park in new york. he broke his arm in six spots and fractured his eye socket and shoulder blade. they are scheduled to play on
8:17 am
may 18th and 19th in the bay area. that's a big blow for him. >> thur it -- sure it is. tara, what was the announcement about cable cars? >> some are motorized today. that's because muni is making repairs to the cable itself. the cars are running normally but the california line is down. just be aware that. it may not be the cable car experience that you were looking forward to but they are working on resolving the issue. we're gonna take a look at the richmond toll plaza, you can see that traffic is moving nicely into marin county. not too many delays there. up next, a look at the eastshore freeway where it's gotten a lot more packed since earlier this morning but still no delays in either direction. finally 880 near the oakland coliseum, traffic is looking good. but further south at winton avenue at the onramp. we have a car fire. the driver has gotten out of the car and crews are working to extinguish the flames.
8:18 am
we'll keep you posted on how that affects traffic. right now, it's 8:17. let's check in with steve. tara has brought to my attention i'm wearing ucla colors today. it's not my intention. >> i think we have to teach you the a-clap during the break. >> twitter is funny. people are very funny on twitter. mostly clear. there's some patchy fog out there. it will be a sunny day. it will be nice. some of that fog came back to parts of marin coast, snow -- sonoma coast. there's been a little bit of inland fog. there were a couple of reports in lake county around 25 around lakeport and kelseyville. ben lomond, 25. sebastopol, 26. san martin, gig roy -- gilroy, 27. north napa 28. frost advisory is out.
8:19 am
freeze warning. i think one more day of that. cold morning, patchy fog. high pressure building in. we'll -- we had sparkling visibility. that will probably decrease over the next couple of days. a little bit of that low cloud deck coming back to parts of the coast. you get more of a westerly breeze. 28 in santa rosa. napa is 29. fairfield is 28. 26 in walnut creek. so yes, it's cold for many. even some 30s on the san mateo coast. yesterday, mid- to upper 40s. that's not the case today. finally starting to bounce off some of those morning lows. sebastopol says 29. angwin, 29. they were 44 yesterday. they lost the breeze. that's a big difference. san ramon, danville in the 20s. alamo la fayette still there. i did see 30 in antioch. some 30s now but there were 20s in morgan hill and gilroy. los gatos made it to 33. foster city i do believe made it to 32. a little bit of low cloud deck on part, of the coast. the water temperatures have
8:20 am
cooled off. santa barbara 59. they were 60 or higher since i think about june. the low responsible which produced -- by the way, the pictures coming in from the grand canyon on the snow are just spectacular. if you get a chance, keep an eye out. i'm sure you will see them on twitter. that low ahead of it producing freezing rain in the texas panhandle and oklahoma. i think truckee made it to 3. 27 ukiah. san diego made it to 42. l.a. 39 degrees. las vegas at 29 degrees. each day we'll get warmer but not a lot. without that north breeze or northeast, it's tough. i think the low clouds are come back and a few high clouds and then the temperatures will come back. morning lows for us, 50s on the temps. everybody will be hard pressed to warm up. 58. santa cruz looks to be one of the warmest locations. i think by the end of the weekend, some of that coastal fog comes back.
8:21 am
that will send the lows up a little bit. we'll carry that theme. maybe rain. maybe rain. wednesday, thursday. does not look strong. >> we had a lot of rain but we've had a gap. we do need some more. >> working on it. >> thank you. 8:21. well, the man, the legend, tony larussa will be in the studio, he will talk baseball giants and how he needs your help with a major cause. but first, possible new piece talks between north korea and south korea. what north korea's leader said about restarting talks.
8:22 am
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welcome back to "mornings on 2." time is 8:24. north korea's leader, kim jung un, says he's willing to talk peace with south korea. the koreas technically, they are still at war. the korean war in the 1950s ended in a truce. not a formal peace treaty. earlier this week, south korea proposed restarting talks between the two countries and in a new year's day message, north korea's leader said for the first time he's open to the talks. >> translator: we will make every effort to advance dialogue and cooperation. >> in his speech, kim jung un slammed the united states, calling the u.s. an aggressive country. he also criticized the joint american and south korean military drills. a security company is telling the fbi the sony hack
8:25 am
has been wrongly blamed on north korea. according to norse, the malware is too detailed and full of insider information than to be anything other than a employee- driven hacking. a security analyst said the fib should know the difference -- fbi should know the difference. the indonesian government announced that 30 bodies from the airasia crash have been recovered. five were still strapped in their seats. the recovery mission includes 65 ships, 14 planes and 19 helicopters. bad weather has hindered recovery efforts. searchers continue to look for the recorders and the fuselage which they hope may contain the remains of many of the passengers and cup. 162 people were on board the plane when it went down last weekend. a funeral was held in indonesia for the only victim who has been identified so far. during the religious service she was described as a devoted
8:26 am
wife and loving mother. mourners prayed and chanted during the ceremony. the woman wassent plane with her husband, their 10-year-old daughter and her mother-in-law. 8:25. in the meantime, officials in harrison, arkansas, they are asking the kkk to take down a controversial billboard. it's along a busy highway. the billboard recently went up. there it is on your screen. it features a white girl with the words, it's not racist to love your people. this promotes a white-owned radio network. officials in harrison worry this ad will offend many people and drive businesses and possible tourists from the area. >> the reflection comes back on harrison. if we keep quiet and let him do do the speaking -- do the speaking, it looks like we are part of that. >> everyone has a right to be proud. i don't deny that. >> now the ku klux klan was
8:27 am
founded in arcan saw but -- arkansas, but not communities put together a task force of bringing differences of reaching out to all people in the community. the rush is on around the bay area. we'll tell you why. the cost of gasoline is going up across california despite a major drop around the country.
8:28 am
8:29 am
welcome back. these are live pictures. weermt's in san jose. people have been lined up for hours to get driver's licenses. not just any driver's license. today is the first day in california that undocumented immigrants can apply for a
8:30 am
driver's license. now, ktvu's janine de la vega is out there. she's been out there all morning. she will tell you how all this works. she'll be here in two minutes from now. stay tuned for that. thank you for joining us. friday, january 2nd, i'm dave clark. let's talk about the cold weather this morning. steve paulson knows all about that. >> you can fill in the blanks. whatever you want. >> yeah, i know. >> a lot of 20s. some patchy fog did come back, though. not only coastal fog, tule but some areas in the 20s, some 30s. frost advisory well regarded. now maybe one more day of that. i think we'll get our lows up. you can zee some of the fog flirting with the sonoma coast, marin. there's some out towards discovery bay. 20s at this hour. fairfield also napa. santa rosa in there. walnut creek been there all morning long. maybe where you are as well. about 25 to 29 degrees for many locations from mendocino county, lake county all the way down to the santa cruz mountains. any rain in the forecast, maybe middle of next week there's
8:31 am
hints that a system will come through. not that one but one might nudge it automatic of -- out of the way. 50s on your temperatures for this friday. here's tara. 880 southbound, the westbound winton onramp shut down because of that earlier car fire we were letting you know about. they had to bring the flat bed tow trucks. a couple of minutes and they will open it back up again. you can imagine that traffic has gotten backed up in the area. we'll take a look at the bay bridge toll plaza where you can see that traffic is flowing nicely into san francisco. this has been the case pretty much all morning long. so that's good. another bridge you know well, the san mateo. you can see traffic on the right-hand side there. westbound as you make the drive into foster city is looking good as well. finally in the south bay, 237, milpitas, on the right-hand side westbound traffic as you drive towards sunnyvale.
8:32 am
absolutely no delays. it's 8:31. let's head back to the desk. >> thank you. well, today is a special day, first day in california that undocumented immigrants can apply for a driver's license. ktvu's janine de la vega live from a dmv office processing the special licenses. the doors just opened, right? >> reporter: yeah, about 30 minutes ago. a lot of people walked in. they didn't have appointments. now they are going through the process of applying for their driver's licenses. many say they've been driving for years because they needed to get to their job or pick up their children from school. this is a great relief for them. and here is some video i want to show you that we took in the last half-hour showing all of the people coming in. that he had been waiting outside for quite a while since the new state law passed allowing undocumented immigrants.
8:33 am
the dmv has been preparing to handle all of these people who would be applying. they've hired more employees and the dmv opened four processing centers in california. the only one in northern california is in san jose. applicants need to have documents to verify their identities such as a consue lar i.d. card birth certificate, passport with income tax returns. this is what one man said about how he feels about applying for his license. >> more secure for us and for the other drivers, too, and we are family and i don't know. there's other opportunities, like we can rent cars and buy the cars, too. >> reporter: plenty of scettics worry this will open the flood gates for more immigrants to come here illegally. activists say this will make
8:34 am
the roads safer because now these people will be required to have insurance and pass a driver's test. the licenses will look different than regular licenses, and they will only be valid for driving in california. they can't be used for federal purposes such as identification for boarding a plane. again, back inside here. there are hundreds who did have scheduled appointments but this is very convenient because they are also accepting people who just walk in and out of all of the people that we spoke to today, you know, since this is only designated -- only a designated processing center, we talked to people from redwood city, hayward, gilroy, they are all driving down to take advantage of this on the first day they can. >> thank you. 8:34. well, hun drudz of people gathered at oakland's fruitvale gas station for a peaceful demonstration remembering oscar grant. yesterday's vigil was six years after bart police officer johannes mehserle shot and
8:35 am
killed grant at this same b.a.r.t. station. oscar grant's mother was there. she said what happened to her son happens far too often to other young african-american men. >> we're going to have to come up with a way to hold officers accountable for their actions. and to focus on retraining officers before they make decisions to shoot and kill when it's not necessary to shoot and kill. >> a jury convicted johannes mehserle of involuntary manslaughter or grant's death on new year's day 2009. johannes mehserle testified he accidentally killed grant. he grabbed his gun instead of his taser on that b.a.r.t. platform. a 23-year-old man is in jail this morning. he's charged with the attempted murder of two south san francisco police officers. we first told you this yesterday on "mornings on 2." police say they captured ivan gomez several hours after he fired at police officers near orange memorial park. the police fired back but no
8:36 am
one was hurt. still not clear what led up to that exchange of gunfire earlier yesterday morning. in the meantime, two east police officers narrowly escaped injury after someone opened fire on them. it happened early yesterday morning while the officers were patrolling the area near oakwood drive and palo verde avenue. fortunately, the bullets missed. the police later traced the gunfire to a nearby house, eight people were detained. still no word on what the motive was. 8:36. the new mayor of san jose is not wasting any time tackling what could be his biggest challenge as the leader of the bay area's biggest city. sam liccardo was up bright and early to ride along with police officers as they patrolled the streets. san jose. the city's police union was liccardo's biggest political opponent during last year's heated battle for mayor. >> i don't expect that -- that the hard feelings are gonna resolve any time in the next
8:37 am
few days or weeks between the police union and city hall. we have a lot of work to do. it will take negotiation and hard work. >> liccardo is still vowing to move ahead with the contentious reform plan that angered many san jose police officers. san jose's new mayor also says he work to solve the growing homeless problem after the city shut down the jungle. 8:37. well, the u.s. senate wants answers about controversial police surveillance technology. it all centers on the sting ray system. it acts like a cell phone tower and collects account information on cell phones. the federal government has allowed local police departments like the oakland police department to use this. the senate judiciary committee sent a bipartisan letter to homeland security and the fbi. they want to know what privacy protections are in place. now, the fbi recently changed policy and broadened the circumstances where a search warrant is not needed to use
8:38 am
that technology. 8:38. gas prices will continue to drop across the country. but not here in california. a new fee kicked in at the start of the new year. ktvu's noelle walker is in the newsroom to explain why and how much gas prices are going which is unfortunate. we were enjoying pretty low prices. >> it will still be low compared to what it was. the prices jumped when we jumped into 2015. that's because of the new cap and trade fee. that is a fee for gasoline producers that startrd on january 1st. it's based on emotions -- emissions. the republicans lobbied against and some democrats want to delay it because they wanted to give drivers more time to understand the price hike. the advocates say the upside to this program is some of those fees will go to community
8:39 am
facilities. this is not a tax but it has the same impact of rising prices. we talked to a couple of people filling up this morning. >> it's not just our problem. it's a global problem, you know. they should find a solution instead of trying to resolve it with the citizens, you know, trying to tax us with taxes and taxes. i don't think it's fair. >> i don't think it's fair because somehow we pay more for the gas and they trying to say it's saving. but i don't think it's fair for the customers. >> gas prices are expected to go up about 10 cents a galment new year. 25% of those fees will go to the high speed rail project in california. >> all right. sounds good. thank you. at least we're aware and informed. 8:39. looking back on the life of a lidge ndary political figure
8:40 am
who died -- legendary political figure who died. fare well to a new york political giant and how he wanted you to remember him. oregon football play remembers from hot water. in 14 -- players are in hot water. in 14 minutes, what is no laughing matter.
8:41 am
8:42 am
8:43 am
if you love pets or helping the less fortunate was one of your resolutions or love tony larussa this next segment is up your alley. here's hoey you can help join in. good morning. >> this is kicks. >> this is kicks. with stewart the handler holding onto kicks. tell us a little bit about kicks. >> she's one of our success stories. she was just left, gonna be dead in the shelter because she had a damaged broken leg. the surgery was very expensive. we diamondbacked ktvu and you -- we contacted ktvu and you ran the story on that gorgeous girl. the money was raised. she got fixed and look at her now. >> she has tons of energy. >> ready to roll.
8:44 am
>> raised so much money. she's looking for a home right now. >> she's 2 years old. she's got a lot of vigor in her but she's a sweetheart, probably gonna need some place where you can spend time with her outdoors. >> the handler said she's already been out for a walk and still has tons of energy. this is the type of thing that you do. you fix them up with some seniors and wounded veterans and some abused children. you still doing that same thing? >> we started with the one mission where we were gonna rescue animals. we were gonna take them from the 24-hour list. we wanted to cut the list down. we find programs where the animals actually rescue people.
8:45 am
hospitalized, seniors, we're working with veterans, special needs. they have this -- there's no medicines. no machines. just magical quality. >> and you have great volunteers to help out. >> she's posing for the camera. very impressive. i want to talk about baseball. you are still somewhat involved. congratulations you were inducted into the hall of fame. [ applause ] >> he's wearing his ring from cooperstown which is terrific. the other hand is the world series ring from the oakland as. but you -- you've taken a new position with the arizona diamondbacks as the chief baseball officer. what is that? >> you know, at the end of the 2011 world series, 33 years, had enough. two two and a half years, i was still close to the game but i was a neutral. and i can't tell you how strange it was to go to these parks and sit there and not have a -- something in the competition. the diamondbacks were struggling last year and said,
8:46 am
we would like to bring you on to help us compete better. i said i'm tired. i want to wake up in the morning with my stomach churning and that's the way it is now. >> you can do that, certainly. were you rooting for the giants during the world series? >> you know, i -- i do because i respect them so much. in fact, you never get too far away everyone. the giants have been great to the animal rescue foundation. >> i have great respect for larry and brian. it's a great story. i enjoy when the game is played. >> any predictions for the season? >> we lost 98 games last year. we won't lose 98 this year. >> okay. for the diamondbacks. if you want to do something to help arf, you have a great evuent coming up next week -- event coming up connection weekend. can you tell us about that? >> fund-raising is what it is about as a nonprofit. we had this idea way back in january of '92 to do something
8:47 am
called stars to the rescue. invite entertainers to come in. this is our 24th year. >> wow. >> 24. we have taylor hicks, the "american idol" winner who will close our show on the 10th. we have a mix. we have this wonderful pianist and broadway singer, zach and yaz. we have flamimco and two two country song writers. it's a ream -- it's a real mix. buy the tickets. if you are disappointed -- >> if you want to adopt kicks or any other animal you can go to arf. you can find their number address at and click on web links. >> one other thing, very unique, very special. >> kicks we hope we find you a very good home very soon.
8:48 am
she's about to bound out of here, i think. [laughter] >> she wants to go see dave. >> thank you for coming in. >> thank you. >> and stewart and kicks as well. dave, back to you. >> kicks is beautiful. tony good to see you as well. glad you were here. great interview, tori. let's check about your commute, day hair raw, what -- dave raw, what just happen -- tara what just happened in the north bay? >> we have an incident in jenner. a semitruck is on fire where highway 1 around the myers road. here is a live shot of the golden gate bridge. this will be shutting down next week and not reopen until 4:00 monday morning. it is 8:48. here's steve. hold on there, tara. just keep talking. >> okay. look at that beautiful shot of the golden gate bridge. [laughter] >> how about san jose? >> hey, there's san jose. look at the mountains. it's a clear day. but steve says there will be
8:49 am
some fog. >> are you done? >> yeah. >> thank you very much. >> you are welcome. that's what we call a stretch. cold this morning, 20s and 30s. patchy fog did come back, though. some of the coldest temperatures, now, again there might have been a few areas. but some of the coldest i saw, ben lomond, sewas wasty poll -- sebastopol. near santa cruz, 29 degrees. dublin, pleasanton. 30s and some 20s for others. still santa rosa, 28. napa, 29. fairfield, 28. a little bit colder over towards half moon bay and also sfo. although it looks like a little bit of a breeze has picked you. patchy fog came back. not a lot. just a little bit. i think that's a sign of things to come. the low is visiting albuquerque right now. i-40. took i-40 to get there. but something might come underneath this ridge of high pressure. 11 in tahoe. it was 3 in truckee.
8:50 am
27 ukiah to 42 downdown in san francisco. l.a. was 39. some of that patchy fog might mean warmer lows in the next couple of days. if you are stuck in the fog, it can be cold. some low 50s for some. warmest temperatures will be along the coast. there's still a slight northeast breeze. not much. overall, next couple of mornings it will still be cold. but each day it will get sunny. it looks like clouds come in which will lead to rain maybe by wednesday and thursday. >> and the color of your tie is a coincidence. >> yes, not ucla. pam would be happy. >> yes. ten minutes before 9:00, a major male mixup is making headlines. after the break, the precious momentums of hollywood icons accidentally sent to a california couple.
8:51 am
8:52 am
that i was assigned to christina. christina: there were people out there to help me and guide me through life. elaine: the road i traveled with her was worth it. be someone who matters, to someone who matters. you don't think much about it... you never dwell on how it was made... it's just a blanket after all. but when everything else has been lost, the comfort it provides is immeasurable. the american red cross brings hope and help to people in need every 8
8:53 am
minutes, every day. so this season give something that means something. support us at mario cuomo is being remembered as a man of unwaiverring principle and eloquent speaker. here he is in san francisco. >> we proclaim as loudly as we can the utter insanity of nuclear proliferation and the need for a nuclear freeze if only to affirm the simple truth that peace is better than war because life is better than death. [ cheers ] >> cuomo served 12 years as new york governor. he was asked once how he wanted
8:54 am
to be remembered. >> one of the simple things i wanted to achieve is i wanted to be governor, i want to be the hardest-working there ever was. i want when it's over, i want people to say now, there was an honest person. >> he died of heart failure at his home yesterday e was 82. he and his wife were married more than 60 years. they raised five children, including andrew, the current governor of new york, who was sworn in for his second term just a few hours before his father died. president obama issued a statement offering these words of praise for mario cuomo. he called him a determined champion of progressive values and an unflinching voice for tolerance, fairness and opportunity. shifting gears, the clip game for college football is now set. oregon will play ohio state in the sugar bowl yesterday, ohio state rallied back, they were down 21-6 and beat been become 42-35. now, alabama had a chance in
8:55 am
the last seconds here with this hail mary, it was intercepted in the end zone. so ohio state will now play oregon. and in the rosebowl, the ducks blew out florida state. 59-20. florida state had five turnovers, including that one right there, leading to 34 points for oregon. the national championship game between oregon and ohio state is a week from monday in texas. well, it's doubtful that several oregon players will be forced to miss that game. the school will discipline them for mocking florida state after their victory. >> no means no. ! >> several oregon ducks were videotaped mocking the seminoles and they said no means no. florida state's quarterback was accused of raping a woman in 2012. oregon's coach calls the team's behavior inappropriate and said it will be addressed
8:56 am
internally. a mailing mistake gave a fresno county couple quite a surprise. when he opened the package, he found it was filled with personal memorabilia of humphrey bogart and lauren bacall. hernandez's husbands who name is steven bogart had been a member of the auctionhouse butterfield. they were trying to mail the memorabilia to steven bogart but they goofed up. >> it was really neat to be able to share it with the kids and brought into their home through the pictures. >> hernandez contacted the auctionhouse and is keeping the package at a secret location, not at the house. the auctionhouse sent her a new label to forward the package to the correct address and the late actor's son plans to
8:57 am
contact hernandez and thank her. a great story. tara, i know -- we're fortunate not to have a lot of traffic problems. up are talking about one of our superstars. >> yeah. >> bill weeks is leaving us for the later broadcast at 7:00 p.m. i tried to get him over. he's supercute. here is a picture of him. his wife is watching. that's him with our editor. >> dena. >> that's the two of them. we wish you the best. you've been such a stud all of these years. been working with him for seven years. he's always been very -- sort of like the captain of the ship, so to speak. we wish him the best. he's not leaving ktvu. but we're gonna miss him on the morning show, right? >> absolutely. >> kind of the glue that's held us together. we'll manage to make it work. let's check in with steve.
8:58 am
a little more weather. >> bill weeks is a stud. never heard that before. [laughter] >> he's a great guy. we will miss him. it will be a little warmer each day. fog, cold, maybe middle of next week. we might get a front in here for rain. it doesn't look that strong. >> bill says you need the weekend to charge your news batteries. he will be able to do that. >> the king of one-liners. >> that will do it for us. thank you for joining us. be sure to watch the news at noon. more on the first day illegal immigrants applying for driver's licenses in california. female announcer: get beautyrest, posturepedic even tempur-pedic mattress sets at low clearance prices. save even more on floor samples, demonstrators, and closeout inventory. the year end clearance sale is on now at sleep train. ♪ your ticket to a better night's sleep ♪ (vo) nourished.
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rescued. protected. given new hope. during the subaru "share the love" event, subaru owners feel it, too. because when you take home a new subaru we donate 250 dollars to helping those in need. we'll have given 50 million dollars over seven years. love. it's what makes a subaru a subaru.
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today, we're taking one last look at the best of 2014 on "right this minute." what have you combined paragliding with space jumping and the -- most ridiculous rope swing in the history of earth? >> now meet the craziest funnest guys who tell what it's like to pull off a jaw dropper. >> a camera is set up in the woods. guess who spotted it? why he doesn't like what he sees. >> two competitors show off their martial arts moves. >> if you get here then they reclose the reset button. >> how one guy got reset


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