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tv   Right This Minute  FOX  January 2, 2015 3:30pm-4:01pm PST

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we're tipping our hats to 2015 with a nod to great viral videos of the year. a beautiful bride wants a picture on a horse. >> quickly things get a bit out of hand. >> the wedding photographer who got amazing shots of -- >> zorro bride. >> unlock the door please. >> mom knows what it is but he doesn't. >> how a soldier daddy surprised his little superhero. >> watching a chipmunk adventure. >> a speedy penguin who lost his mom. >> the little girl explains what gets her every time.
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>> a ride on a ski-do hits a rough patch. dudes in a kitchen end up with a meal that's deep fried. >> there is one rule written in stone, never work with children and animals. when a bride wants to sit on a horse and have a once in a lifetime experience you let her. it may not be the experience she wants. >> you see jared with some of his equipment. >> the beautiful blushing bride on this attractive horse. >> the shot could be pretty cool. >> and it's so classically romantic. horse on the beach. >> the horse is a little bit excitable.
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quickly things get out of hand. >> she is down. everybody is running out to help her. >> there is a lady holding the reins. she landed in soft sand. should be better. >> totally fine. nothing but a few bruises. we've got the photographer with us on skype "right this minute" to tell us. did you have reservations about the horse beforehand? >> the horse wasn't planned at all. people were riding down the beach on the horses. they said hey do you want to take a picture with the horse? someone on the group said only if you let us sit on it. they agreed. i'm not saying this is okay but if you want to sit on the horse, i'll take the picture. normally i'm pretty good. as you can see when they took off, i was standing there dumbfounded. >> you don't have a picture of the bride on the horse. >> actually i do.
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>> perfect. >> bride has started hashtag zorro bride. >> do we know what happened? why did the horse freak out? >> i had a couple of equestrians tell me a lot had to do with the dress. that fabric is very foreign to the force and they were not happy about it whatsoever. >> it all turned out okay. did she have a sense of humor? >> entirely. she dusted all the sand off her and ended up shooting half hour with me after that. she was glad for me to share it and have everybody have a good laugh and have a funny moment. >> everybody knows when you're playing monopoly and you pass go. >> collect $200. >> except mr. monopoly. he does a keg stand. >> this is at the met life
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stadium. the jets/steelers game. there is mr. monopoly. swallows a bunch of beer. this guy is legit. the crowd goes wild. >> this needs to be a new square. >> instead of going to jail go directly to the keg stand. >> this is what happens when a couple of dudes get together and they're cooking. >> what the heck was that? apparently something went wrong with with the stove top. looks like there was a short. >> it melted the pan. >> it fried a hole in their frying pan. >> whoa. >> that has to be some pretty extreme temperature to do it in a second. >> you get those extreme
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temperatures when you have a short in a electrical current. >> and maybe a cheap pan. >> maybe. >> this is the adventures of superboy and his little brother. >> mom is rolling video. >> unlock it. unlock the door please. go ahead. open it. unlock it. i'll help you. >> superboy does not fully come into his powers. mom has to help him out. there is something behind the door only superboy can solve the mystery. >> come on in. >> it's daddy? >> thank you for your service. chris has been gone five months. he surprised his boys going home. >> dad's the real superman in this story serving overseas.
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the big kiss right on the mouth is priceless. >> how you doing? >> who is that? >> daddy! >> that's daddy. prankster tom often does pranks for the good. this time taking on texting and driving. >> i need to talk to you. hang up. i need you to hang up the phone immediately. >> we see an argument by a mother and daughter. video sent by a desperate mother. >> you went up on the curb when you texting. i because a car was coming at me. >> this is a heated argument. mom is desperate. she is shooting the video
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without her daughter's knowledge. i heard you were texting and driving. this is not a cool idea. she wants to make sure her daughter is safe on the road. she reached out to tom mave. >> if you want to drive home a point, here is what it does. imagine getting the devastating news of a strategy that didn't have to happen. here's where tom mave enters the picture. he's dressed like a police officer. the young teenage girl is the one who comes to the door. >> there was a serious car accident your mom was involved in. >> is he okay? >> no. there was a young man texting and driving. >> there was a serious accident. the mother was involved. and she didn't make it. >> oh my goodness. this isn't a prank.
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>> you impersonate a cop and convince a girl? >> we are proving our point. >> he is sending a message and in the process we all got pranked. >> you got us. >> looks fun. >> involves lots of injuries. >> the daredevils who do it anyway. and a bride dances alone on the beach to remind people -- >> even when tragedy strikes, there is hope. >> her journey of healing.
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kicking off 2015 with some of the best videos of the past year. >> there is a reason they are called extreme sports. extreme stuff can happen. the first, he is coming along
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the front. you see the beautiful countryside. the danger is if you come across hard snow or ice. here is what happens if you do. whoops. and we go rolling down the hill. fortunately, it's snow. so it doesn't hurt too much. he is able to catch the ski-do. that's one of those things if you're going there and hit ice. >> second video we discovered a new extreme sport. >> extreme deep racing. >> i love this. >> it's crazy. it mostly involves lots and lots of injuries. >> it looks like so much fun. they get backwards and fall over. they are supposed to be ridden by 5 or 6-year-old girls.
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it disintegrates with this guy. no steering wheel. just goes head over heel. >> invite me to come do this please. if you invite nick invite me please. >> i have a beautiful story of hope of love of just pure insp thought i would do present in my whole life. i took my wedding dress that was built from scratch and i jumped into the river. >> this is a photo shoot. it is a memorial photo shoot.
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jeannine was engaged to be married to john who passed away unexpectedly. >> i did it because i wanted to free myself from losing my fiance two days before we got married. i never made it down the aisle and this dress is for him. >> she decided to take a step forward to do something beautiful in memory of john. >> i did this because john would want me to do something like this. i did this because he was so outgoing. he wanted me to have the best life. he treated me like a princess. >> my gosh how difficult. >> she wanted to inspire other people. remind people even when tragedy strikes there is hope. >> there is a special moment here in the video you get to see that helps us realize she is thinking about the future. >> sending my message up to him
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and thanking god for my family friends and new people that are in my life. >> she is thanking the people part of this they put this together and are responsible for the still photos. these were shot in riviera maya. >> it was awesome. in this one image you see she has a huge smile on her face. >> you can tell it was very strong very powerful. he made such a big difference in her life. >> she is taking control of her grief. when something like that happens, no words, no nothing. it's a great way of honoring her fiance. >> the gown was cleaned and not damaged and she still has the wedding gown. the paragliders try a
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running launch. >> maybe they could have used a few extra steps. >> what happens when they don't get them. >> this kid is showing us how to make. >> sparkling wine. >> this is the very first time. >> it will be the very last time.
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the most dangerous and difficult part of flying is always take off and landing. that includes paragliding flights. these two guys in a tandem situation taking a run down the hill trying to get their speed up to watch their parasail up in the air. >> is that you? >> i thought he was showing us his paragliding fail. >> they could have used a few extra steps. >> oh -- >> feel good? >> if you get up and you have twigs in your teeth, you've done it wrong. >> they got no air under their wings at all. >> it's the worst.
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>> i do love they posted the video though. this is embarrassing. i love their sense of humor they would go beyond, post it. >> every time you watch it it gets better. >> that moment with when you feel like you've invented something amazing. we got thisfriends. >> i got this brilliant idea to make sparkling wine. >> he has a bottle of wine. >> it's not for me. it's for my dad. >> dad by the way i think is recording this video. super excited to see what the results are going to be. >> i didn't fill it all the way to the line because i don't know if it will work and i don't want to waste a whole bottle. >> he hasn't tried this before. >> this is the very first time.
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>> make sure it doesn't pass this line or it will be all messy. wine does stain your clothes. >> i feel like this is going to go horribly wrong. i feel like something bad is about to happen. >> a massive explosion of red wine all over the room. >> now for the part we've all been waiting for. >> there he goes. >> you can see the bubbles filling up. >> that is supposed to happen. >> it's going to explode. >> yay! >> he warned us too red wine will stain your clothes. >> watch as dad starts panning the camera. >> oh my god! it looks like a murder scene. >> at that point you know we're
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o cool you had to have? you don't need it. i'm not afraid to admit i cried like a 2-year-old girl when i saw the movie "rudy." it was the saddest movie until i saw the chipmunk. the saddest movie you will ever see courtesy of this video.
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>> this is 2-year-old reagan and she is in the car watching her favorite movie "the chipmunk adventure." they have got a baby penguin who has lost its mom. >> that's sad. >> it is sad. you know what? chipette is going to sing a song about it. she is a little sad that poor penguin just lost her mom. >> clearly, she has a love for animals. >> later we get to see the penguin imagining her mom and all the time they spend together. this is where reagan starts to feel the pain. ♪ >> the big hold fat tears start going. but oh so much more happens when finally our favorite little penguin gets reunited with with
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mommy. this is where the baby penguin starts running towards mommy. the emotion of it all takes control of reagan. fortunately for us we have the entire family with us via skype. travis you sho thisimes had this happened before? >> we were going up to the mountains the day before. we had that dvd on and she got super emotional. on the way home they wanted to watch the same dvd and we decided to film it and see if it happens again. >> what was it about the movie that made you so sad? >> the penguin. he lost his mommy. >> so austin your big brother, how many times have you had to watch this with your sister. >> two times in a row. >> what about you, austin. when you were watching and the penguin separated from mom, were you crying? >> no.
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>> your daughter's got a good pouty lip. can you say no to that face? >> pretty impossible to say no to that face. >> austin i suggest you learn to do the pouty lip, too to get whatever you want. >> bye-bye. >> that's our show everybody. have a happy new year. we'll see you for the next edition of "right this minut female announcer: get beautyrest, posturepedic even tempur-pedic mattress sets at low clearance prices. save even more on floor samples, demonstrators, and closeout inventory. the year end clearance sale is on now at sleep train. ♪ your ticket to a better night's sleep ♪
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♪ >> welcome to "tmz live." harvey levin here. >> charles here. >> chris brown we've done a lot of stories about chris brown that have not been flattering from rihanna on. chris brown did something awesome. he went to a charity event a basketball game. the twist is -- >> it's involving the lapd. >> there is nothing you can look at in this video we got that is less than awesome. only good things about chris brown. >> only good things. and


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