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tv   Mornings on 2  FOX  January 6, 2015 7:00am-9:01am PST

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>> reporter: we're live in peault palo alto where it's been a frightening moment for a family who woke up to flames in their home. we'll have the latest on the investigation. he's accused of looking through windows and recording people. the search on the way in the south bay for a peeping tom. >> reporter: san francisco police are searching for whoever set fire to the mrs. doubtfire home in the city. an arson investigation has been launched. we'll tell you about the evidence found here at the homemade famous in the robin williams's comedy. and a shift in the investigation into san francisco's latest police shooting. up next, the message found on the cell phone of the man what was shot and killed by police outside of the police station. "mornings on 2" beep -- begins
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right now. we're following developing news in palo alto right now. these are live pictures where firefighters are on the scene of a house fire. ktvu's janine de la vega is there gathering information and will join us in just a few minutes. good morning. welcome to "mornings on 2." it's tuesday, january 6th. i'm tori campbell. >> good morning. i'm dave clark. let's talk about weather and traffic. another full moon last night. >> very pretty. >> very pretty. >> this morning, all kinds of weather -- >> big difference on the lows and there will be big differences on the highs. on the highs, upper 50s to near 7 a. yes, that's the forecasted high. bad data on the left. ignore your screen. a little bit of patchy fog under calm conditions.
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mainly clear skies. the breeze favoring east bay hills. san francisco and daly city, pacifica, 25 gusting to 31. it will be warm by the coast. 39 for livermore, 34, santa rosa. 40s sfo, half moon bay. a lot of 30s, 40s but the low as us know has been coming up. the higher elevations up around 1800, 2,000 feet. this is love los gatos. 58. some 40s. gill royal at 30 -- gilroy at 30. 46 los altos hills. belmont, 45. not much of a breeze for some. what is there shows signs of being offshore. that will help later on. inner richmond, 16 miles an hour. an offshore breeze means it will be nice. that's because the system is out there. high pressure is out there. otherwise it will be hazy and mild to warm for some, especially i think on san mateo, santa cruz coast also santa clara valley.
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other locations, antioch, 68 san jose to 75 in santa cruz where sal is going in his convertible later today. >> wouldn't that be nice? right now we're looking at a commute in the south bay that's less than stellar on northbound 101 at embarcadero. there was a crash blocking lanes or making progress with it. 101 is slow up to the palo alto area. southbound 101 not affected by this which is good. as i pull back and kind of drag the map to the south bay, you see what's going on here. 85 is a little slow. 280 and 101 kind of a normallish commute. let's take a look at downtown san jose on northbound 280. you can see slowing there getting up to highway 17. there was a minor crash northbound 280 near the guadalupe parkway. none of the lanes are blocked. but there's slowing there as you can see.
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bay bridge toll plaza, that's backed up. about 10, 15-minute wait. 7:03. back to the desk. >> thank you, sal. we're following developing news out of palo alto. our crew is on the scene of a house fire. ktvu channel 2 reporter janine de la vega joins us live to let us know what happened there. good morning, janine j. good morning, tori. yes, the fire is out. the family who was inside sleeping, they are safe. they were able to escape. we're quite aways from the fire which is, you know, down the block here on martin avenue. that's near university and middlefield. right now, firefighters are in the mopup stage. they are doing over haul and they are trying to salvage what they can of the belongings of the family. let's go to video of what it looked like earlier. you could see smoke rising and firefighters did tell us this happened at about 5:30 this morning. they said they saw flames and heavy smoke shooting out out of the back side of the house and
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on the side. now, there were neighbors who lived on the back side who were very frightened that this was going to actually spread but the fire did not end up spreading. they were able to extend give it. when they arrived, the family of four had already escaped. they were awoken by the sounds of the smoke alarm. here's what the fire chief told us a short time ago about that. >> they were awakened by the smoke alarm. it's a very cold morning. we're gonna get in and investigate all of the things that could be related to cold weather and if there is relation to that like heating or fireplace, we'll get in and rulous out but the homeowner was out and we've had an opportunity to work with them and he's already on the phone with his insurance agent. >> reporter: again, it was a man, a wife and his two children that lived in that home. now, it's unknown at this point exactly how much damage there is to the house when we
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arrived. it was very dark. and firefighters were close to the scene and we weren't being left in the house. we just saw a fire investigator pull in moments ago before we hit the air. they are gonna be going in to see what the cause of this is. we'll talk to the homeowner to see in this house is livable. good news it did not spread and everybody is okay. there are no injuries. tori? >> that certainly is good news. no one hurt. thank you, janine. we're also following developing news in richmond where a 16-year-old girl is missing since new year's day has been found safe. this is new video of belinda carson with her family. she said she was held against her will by several young men in san francisco. you can see her going up the steps to her home and we're still waiting to hear back from san francisco and richmond police about this case. ktvu's tara moriarty talked to the girl and her family and we'll have the latest developments live at 7:30.
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mountain view police are searching for a peeping tom. the man was shotted looking through windows at an apartment complex back in october. he's also accused of recording people inside their apartments with a cell phone earlier this month. anyone with information is asked to call mountain view police. it's the san francisco made famous in the movie mrs. doubtfire but it's now the focus of an arson investigation. alex savidge is live in pacific heights to tell us what happened. >> reporter: the search is underway for the arsonist who targeted this home here on steiner street. it's a well-known home. this is where mrs. doubtfire was filmed. someone set fire to the door mad and the garage -- door mat and the garage door. the fires were set around 8:00 last ninth. the homeowner inside at the time smelled smoke and called
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911. he was able to -- [no no audio] >> we have a technical problem momentarily with alex savidge. we'll get back to alex in a couple of minutes. 7:07. oakland's new mayor, libby schaaf, is starting her first full day on the job by addressing one of the city's biggest issues. the relationship between city leaders, the police department and the public. >> i'm gonna be spending my very first day as mayor, all of it, with our police d. i will be address -- police department. i will be addressing every lineup starting at 6:00 a.m. until midnight. >> she said she wants to go get to know the men and women whose job it is to keep the city safe. she also wants them to know she support they. at her swearing-in ceremony, protesters held up a banner
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that said, end police terror. >> i'm here to let libby schaaf and the council to know that we want the department to be trained in racial profiling. >> this is video from protests on december 8th when more than 100 uc berkeley students and community protesters were arrested. the group shut down interstate 80 for hours and this morning they will be arraigned at the wiley emanuel courthouse in oakland. the group, by any means necessary, is holding a news conference. and they are demanding all charges against protesters be dropped. sam liccardo will be sworn in today as the city's new mayor even though he's been on the job for days. he officially takes office
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after an inauguration system at 6:00 p.m. tonight at the center for performing arts. four san jose council members will take the oath of office at the ceremony. the outgoing mayor of san jose, he's going back to his roots as a lawyer. after eight years as mayor, chuck reed will be joining the san jose law firm of hopkins and carly as a special council. before miss first election in -- his first election in 2006, he focused on real estate, environmental and land use law. reed told ktvu he has no plans to run for political office again. however, he plans to stay politically involved in public affairs and pension reform. teenagers in san francisco want the city to lower the voting age to 16. according to the examiner, a resolution to do just that, it was approved last night by the city's youth commission. that was written by a member of the commission and has the support of two city supervisors. san francisco voters would eventually have to approve such
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a change. it's aimed at getting teenagers more engaged in city politics. it's not totally unprecedented. tacoma park, maryland already allows 16-year-olds, 16-year- olds, tori, to vote. >> i guess if they can drive a car -- >> you can vote. we're learning more about the man killed by san francisco police from a note that he left behind and in 20 minutes, we'll tell you about serious police concerns surrounding the type of weapon he had on him. and it's a machine, one that took marty and doc to the year 2015. how the fans of movie back to the future can actually rent the so-called time machine. and right now, we're looking at a commute where traffic is moving along relatively well in some areas. but on the richmond bridge approach, we have slow traffic. we'll tell you more about that. also have a quiet weather pattern. it will be a warm one for some. but not for all.
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there will be a 16-degree difference on the forecast highs. if you are listening, you can see some high clouds.
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on friday a bay area university will unvail a new movie designed to prevent sexual assault on college campuses. it's already being described as tough to watch. >> i kept sobbing and i just gave up and went numb. >> that's just a clip from the movie "can't threat a moving needle." the movie is based on sexual assault victims and the perpetrators. michael whalen directed the movie, it will be shown to all
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incoming freshmen. he said rape is not just a woman's issue. >> i think we've spent too much time in the past years when we're training women to avoid being raped rather than training young men how to not be rapists. >> and starting next week that film will be available at no charge to any college who wants to use it. 7:15. the city of sonoma is telling people to take down portable basketball hoops from streets and sidewalks. the city's mayor calls it a safety issue after some of the hoops toppled over recently in high winds. but people who own the portable hoops say it's hard to find enough courts in city parks and the portable hoops encourage kids to go outside and play. speaking of hoops, the golden state warriors have won 1212 straight home games. they beat the oklahoma city thunder last night. klay thompson scored 12 of the first 17 points. he finished with 19. steph curry had 19 points.
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barnes led the team with 23. the warriors won, 117-91 and they host the indiana pacers tomorrow night. later this morning, we're gonna find out who will be inducted into the baseball hall of fame. randy johnson is expected to be in. he's eligible. pedro rs m is -- pay dro martinez is expected to get in. there is another prediction, barry bonds is expected to fall short again this year. anybody who is a man of the movie "back to the future," you might want to head to california's central coast. in the second installment of the movie franchise, a time machine made from a real da
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lowerian sports car is used to travel ahead to. now, a replica is available to rent. the money raised goes to the michael j. fox foundation for parkinson's research. it will help support special olympics. michael j. fox, as you know, starred as marty in the back to the future movies. we'll find out today what is inside a time capsule sealed by paul revere and samuel adams over 200 years ago. it was dug up last month from the cornerstone of the massachusetts statehouse in boston. it's 220 years old. the box is the size of a cigar box. it weighs about ten pounds. what's inside will be revealed by the museum of fine arts in boston. they say the time capsule, it may well be the oldest u.s.
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artifact ever uncovered. >> wow. big mystery. wonder what's inside. >> i don't know. >> probably not a cell phone. >> probably not, no. 7:167. let's check in with sal, see what's happening on the roads. any big problems? >> we don't have a lot going on. but we do have slow traffic. there have been cashes, though. highway 4 westbound, it's slow coming over the hill into concord. it's been slow coming out of antioch. mostly in pittsburg and baypoint is where the slow is traffic is. when you get to the bay bridge toll plaza, there's been slowing, it's beginning to get better than it was at 6:30 there is a little bit of warm at the toll plaza. northbound 101 is a mess coming out of san jose and sunnyvale up to the palo alto area because of an earlier crash. 280 is a tee cent alternate route. 85 northbound out of the almaden valley is going to be slow into saratoga. it's 7:18. seems like it will be a nice day. let's go to steve. thank you. we do have some cold reading to
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not too bad. few areas are calm. gusts to 30 miles an hour. been a decent breeze. i know san francisco inner richmond around presidio. a few high clouds. but another hazy, mild day. cool to warm. i say that because some areas north bay, east bay would be 59. around santa cruz it will be 75. everyone will cool down. the weekend looks cooler. could be a few showers. but i don't think much will happen. overall, high pressure wins out the big time. fog, clear, a little bit of patchy fog. cool to cold. hazy sun. warm on the coast. it doesn't mean sonoma coast and marin coast won't be warm. 34, santa rosa yet 49 san francisco. half moon bay, 48, sfo mid-40s. 38 walnut creek, livermore at 39. fairfield in there. the higher elevations, 1700 feet, 50, 59. that's very warm air aloft.
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petaluma, sebastopol, healdsburg, lakeport, san ramon has dipped to 39. one reading in la fayette and orin dawn orinda. 30s. an east breeze to 8 at the napa airport. right around the going bridge, 16 miles an hour. i know inner richmond christie reported that earlier and said it's been windy. 31-mile-an-hour gusts in daly city. we have systems coming up and over. all of the energy is in the middle of the country. new york city, washington, baltimore, into virginia, about 2 to 4 inches of snow from these fast-moving clipper systems. lookses like they are almost on the back side of that. the windchill warnings are out for minnesota and wisconsin. only about 35 below. 27 in tahoe. reno, 27. 58 in l.a. and san diego, 53. sunshine.
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it will be hazy, mild. windy for a few. marin county, in the future you areas of san francisco. 50s for some. mid-60s for others. 65 to 75. half moon bay, 68. san jose, 68. gilroy will be 70 degrees. no change wednesday. a few clouds start to roll in. cooldown as we go into friday and the weekend. i don't think we'll get rain but we'll get clouds. >> go what do you do when it's 35 below? >> you don't leave the house. >> ever. >> you stay inside. >> you just stay inside. >> thank you. once again, two new york city police officers have been shot and wounded but this time both are expected to survive. coming up in 15 minutes, what they were doing when they were shot last night and the manhunt underway. and look at this. it's hard to even say it, one of the hardest rock climbs in the world. next, we'll tell you about a bay area man who is halfway up with no rope, no net, nothing.
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front currents are forcing an expansion of the area where the jet crashed into the java sea. the plane's black boxes are still missing. a u.s. navy helicopter helped transport some items from the crash seat. crews were seen unloaded what appeared to be seats and other debris. the plane was on its way to singapore when it hit bad weather and crashed. members of the u.s. ski team are preparing to compete in croatia as they mourn the death of two teammates. they were killed yesterday in an avalanche near the team's training base in as you tree you why. they why were descending from the top of the mountain when they left the prepared smoke and
7:25 am
slope. a bay area man and his hiking partner are now about halfway up one of the most difficult rock climbs in the world. santa rosa's kevin and tommy of colorado are scaling the don wall in yosemite without any climbing equipment. they are using a safety rope and they are sleeping inslings but are climbing with their hand and feet. they are 11 days into the climb and 1500 feet above the valley floor. they have another 1500 feet to go. people have climbed the wall before. but this is the first free climb of that section. >> that's incredible. 7:25. san rafael, cracking down on massage parlors imposing an emergency moratorium on new parlors.
7:26 am
last night the city council approved a 45-day freeze. it's the latest step in a two- year crackdown on massage parlors that are really fronts for prostitution. the many who live in san rafael support the ban, however legitimate theists say businesses say -- >> it would have a detrimental effect on myself and other massage therapy black tish tish -- practitioners. >> i don't know what the answer is but i would like to see them leave. >> the moratorium could be extended if it's reported they need more time. the city has collected almost $100,000 in fines from the parlors ever since they began the enforcement campaign. new concerns about dangerous weapons and officer- involved shooting in san francisco is highlighting concerns about the problem facing police over determining which weapons are fake and which ones are real.
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>> reporter: new developments in the case of a missing 16- year-old girl from richmond back home safe this morning. hear what she says happened and how she was held against her own will. if you are about to hit the road, i think you will like what you see on some commutes. some are slow, though. there's 280 northbound getting up to highway 17. you can see it's a little slow down the south bay commute. if you have travel or business plans, windchills tonight and tomorrow will be 40 below. but for us, there will be 70s on the forecast. we'll show you why.
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for over 60,000 california foster children nights can feel long and lonely. to help, sleep train is collecting pajamas for foster children, big and small. bring your gift to any sleep train and help make a foster child's night a little cozier.
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welcome back to "mornings on 2." i'm tori campbell. >> i'm dave clark. let's talk about weather and traffic. let me run outside. >> again. >> again. it's cold. >> it's cold. >> i dressed in layers. >> beautiful sunrise. there it is. who is directing? jeff is that you in the bigging about chair? >> it's ken. sorry. [laughter] >> i will pay for that. ken lawrence there with the
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beautiful -- [laughter] >> touchy, touchy, touchy. beautiful sunrise. a few high clouds overall. calm for some. windy for others. it is. 34 santa rosa, 49 san francisco. 30s an 40s, the lows have been trending up a little bit. the higher elevations are running. a lot of 30s but more 40s now. it's 57 above los gatos to almost 59 degrees in santa cruz mountains. others are in the 30s. 36 menlo park. foster city at 38. there's still cold readings but there is an easterly breeze all the way to pacifica and daly city where there's gusts to 31. the breeze will equal a beautiful day on the san mateo, santa cruz coast. most of the coast will be nice. upper 50s for some. 60s to near 70 for others. sal, unless i missed something. things are okay. usual traffic? >> i i was just talking to joe.
7:32 am
we've found the crash on highway 87, steve. i almost talked to him right on the air. it doesn't matter. i to that all of the time -- i do that all of the time. let's go to highway 7 northbound. you can see that northbound 87 is slow right here. there is a crash just to the right. now, if -- joe, if i will pan to the right for me, you can see that after the crash, which is somewhere behind this building here, somewhat behind the building, you can -- if we pan to the right. the traffic clears up. we've discovered that the crash is behind that building. there goes light rail. see how good it gets. if you are drinking on 87 and you are coming in from let's say 85 there will be a lot of slow traffic there this morning for you. let's -- thank you, joe. does a good job with the cameras. westbound 580 as you drive from livermore all the way out to the 680 interchange, that traffic is okay.
7:33 am
this morning at the bay bridge toll plaza, you are gonna see about a 20, 25-minute delay. no major problems here. now, there is a new report of a crash on eastbound highway 4 at railroad. that one just came in. we'll follow up on that and have it for you by next time. 7:32. back to the desk. busy morning. time just turning 7:33. new this morning, a 16-year-old richmond girl who was missing for five days she's back home. safe this morning after she said she was held against her will. tara moriarty was there when the girl came home and tara, you just spoke to her and her family about what happened. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, yeah. belinda or bj carson said she escaped her situation by placing a phone call from one of her captor's phones. when her aunt answered the phone, when she called hadder back, she slid it to answer so her aunt could hear what was
7:34 am
happening to her and that's when the family realized she was being held against her will. last night, the family was able to pick up bj from a b.a.r.t. station in san francisco. they say one of the boys with her tipped them off about her location. we were there when she arrived home at 6:00 this morning. bj said she initially left home with three boys and a girlfriend to have fun in the city but things turned ugly quickly. what was the moment you realized it wouldn't fun? >> when they wouldn't let me out of the room. >> reporter: how long were you in the room? >> from -- from new year's day until today. >> reporter: what did you do in that room the whole time? >> it was a lot of stuff that was going on that should nobody my age ever have to go through. >> the alarm bells went off for
7:35 am
everybody, especially when she called and when she left the facebook message. that scared us a lot. like your worse nightmare. >> reporter: bj says the room she was being held in was a motel room. san francisco police are investigating this incident. we've reached out to them but have not heard back. the family says bj was interviewed into the wee hours of the morning by officers and still has more interviews to do. as she was checked out of a hospital, physically she seems okay, her cousin said but is still in shock. the good news, bj carson is indeed home and safely. live from richmond, i'm tara moriarty, back to you. >> talk to you later. 7:35. a manhunt is underway in new york for at least two men who police say shot two officers. the 30 and 38-year-old officers are expected to survive. police say they were responding to a call about a robbery at a grocery store. when any arrived, they -- they arrived, they saw two men entering a nearby restaurant.
7:36 am
that's when police say one of the men began to shoot. at a news conference, mayor bill deblasio placed the officers saying they went above and beyond the call of duty. >> these officers had come off their shift upon hearing this call, went back out in search of these criminals. >> police say the men stole a car and fled the scene ask. the car and a gun were found a short time later. police are reviewing surveillance tape from nearby businesses to determine which direction the men went. san francisco police say hours before sunday's deadly police shooting another officer fired his gun near union square. it hatched at 8:40 a.m. inside a building -- it happened at 8:40 inside a building. officers were responding to a burglary alarm. one of the officers fired the gun at the suspect when police say the suspect was running towards them. the suspect was not hit. he was arrested at the scene. it's not clear what he is being charged with.
7:37 am
7:36. san francisco police say a man who was shot and killed last sunday by police near the mission district station he was trying to commit suicide. brian flores in the newsroom. there is a recently released note that brings more light to the case. >> reporter: police tell ktvu that an apparent suicide note was found on the cell phone of 32-year-old mat mathew hoffman. hoffman is the man who was shot and killed by officers on sunday night. it indkates that hoffman was provoking officers to shoot him. now, part of the note reads, dear officers, you did nothing wrong. you ended the life of a man who was too much of a coward to do it himself. i provoked you. i threatened your life as well pass the lives around me. hoffman's father gave police permission to release the note. chief suhr says he's grateful because it gives people more of an understanding about what happened. >> bb guns, pellet guns from a
7:38 am
distance of 5 feet, 10 feet, 20 yards, it's extremely difficult to tell the difference between the real firearm and a bb gun or some type of retchly cau -- replica. >> reporter: police discovered the gun hoffman had was fake, either a bbor pellet gun. police say it didn't have an orange tip which indicates it's a replica. on sunday night, police say hoffman was blocking their patrol car from leaving the station in the mission district. when officers ordered him to show his hands, they say he lifted his sweater and reached for what appeared to be a handgun. again, it was determined to be fake. the officers shot hoffman, hitting him three times. he later died at san francisco general. police are seeing more cases of people using bb or pellet guns to commit crimes. >> it's very worrisome. as you can see, it looks and feels like a real gun. it's heavy, it's metal, again, officers don't want to have to
7:39 am
use their firearm if you don't have to. if you to protect your life, you do. >> police in indianapolis, chicago and other parts of the country are sharing a warning about people trying to make real guns look like fake ones. these toy guns, police say people are painting them to confuse officers. the officers involved in the shooting are on paid leave while the case is being investigated. greg suhr will hold a town hall meeting at cornerstone church right noeks next to the mission to discuss the shooting. back to you. >> thank you. the vacant lot in sonoma county where 13-year-old andy lopez was shot and killed by a sheriff's deputy, it's been taken over by the county. a temporary memorial for andy lopez has been set up in the lot. but now the county says it will
7:40 am
continue plans to build a neighborhood park. supporters hope to create a permanent memorial for andy lopez in the park. but it didn't mention lopez's death. it's not clear if the plan includes a memorial. 7:40. muni riders will soon be able to use their smartphones to pay for their fares. the agency is launching a new app that will allow riders to use their credit or debit cards to buy a ticket. managers will be able to show their phones to drivers as proof of payment. a spokesman for muni says the new app will also allow for faster boarding. muni plans to launch the service this summer. well, she says s is one of her top priorities. coming up in the next hour of "mornings on 2," what oakland's new mayor is doing today on her first full day on the job. and up next, ktvu's pam cook is getting some cooking tips from this lovely young
7:41 am
lady from the bay area who is a contestant on the season premiere of "master chef junior." good morning. we're looking at a commute where traffic is going to be moderately heavy in some areas. and downright slow in others. we'll tell you where -- coming up. well, bev reported in danville, the two fs, that would be frost and fog. it will be warm for others. we'll have the details. introducing the new subway "simple 6 menu". it starts with six of our best six-inch subs- now in made-just-for-you meals- for just $6 every day. you've really got it made. ♪ take your pick from six of our best subs, like the italian b.m.t, tender turkey breast, sweet onion chicken teriyaki and more.
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tonight, the next round of
7:44 am
young cooks age 8 to 13 will set off to find out who gets to be the next master chef junior. it kicks off right here tonight. joining me in the studio is one of the local chefs. mia from menlo park. >> hi. >> thank you for joining us. >> thank you. >> she's absolutely darling, making one of her specialty dishes which is salad with spicy or bitter greens. i don't even know what baratta is. >> it's cream-filled mozzarella. >> okay. you are gonna continue to cook. i know you are making your dressing which looks like pretty simple ingreeniants -- ingredients. >> it is. honey, balsamic, oil. >> watching the show i'm always fascinated.
7:45 am
how does someone age 10, 11 get interested in cooking at this level? >> well, i started cooking when i was about 2 and then like just making pancakes and desserts and then when i was 7, i started to make dinner for my family and my mom didn't -- we went gluten free and my mom wasn't making stuff i liked so i decided to take over in the kitchen and i taught myself how to cook by watching shows and reading cookbooks and getting inspiration from restaurants. >> that's a good idea. i have a picky daughter. she should just learn to cook herself if you don't like things served. working with chef ramsey, he's a little easier on the kids than the grownups. but still, he's tough. how is that? >> he's tough. but he's little nice and wants you to get better rather than make you upset. >> you are taking it as constructive criticism.
7:46 am
>> yes. >> what are you adding here? this is the cheese, the cream- filled mozzarella. >> this is arugula and kale. >> and you are adding pecans. >> pecans. >> did you come up with this recipe yourself? >> i tried this dish at a restaurant and i sort of just made it my own. >> you copied -- are you good at tasting and figuring out what's in something? >> that's one of the things i do. like when we go to restaurants, i always great dae inspirations from things i like at the restaurant. >> so i understand that when of your favorite dishes to eat is beef wellington, which i don't think many kids your age know what that is. >> yes. >> how did you discover that? >> i saw it on the season 1 of master chef and i actually made it for christmas dinner this year. >> lucky parents.
7:47 am
cooking away. we have a little bit of time left. i want thob able to sample this. this is your finished products. is this something you made on the show? >> i can't say. >> she can't say. these kids are so good at keeping secrets because they already know the winner before we know ourselves. >> yes. >> and your kids at school have asked you and you haven't revealed a thing. >> no. >> not a thing. mia is one of the finalists. that's delicious. >> thank you. >> i really like that cheese. one of the contestants on "master chef junior." you can watch the premiere, season 3 right here. talk with my mouth full. that's 8:00 and then just to let tori and dave know, in our next hour we'll meet one of the other contestants alexis, and she will prepare a dish and then at the end, you guys can
7:48 am
do some sampling. >> it's really good? >> it's really, really good. >> it took so tasty but simple. >> very creative. >> and i love -- i mean, i wish my kids were starting to cook at 7, 8 years old. >> my 11-year-old just learned how to make eggs. we were happy about that. >> mia, pleasure to have you on. >> thank you. >> we'll see you again at the end of the show. thank you. great job. i know sal was very anxious to get some samples. we'll send mia out in a little bit. >> absolutely. everything always looks good to a tv newsroom. look delicious. let's take a look at the commute now at the bay bridge toll plaza, things are beginning to clear out. i think you will like it. again, a lot of the -- these commutes on this week, the first week after -- first week after the new year, some schools are still out. they have an extended break, i guess you could say. it's really beginning to show up at the bay bridge toll plaza, you can see only some of
7:49 am
the lanes are backed up. some are not backed up at all which is great. looking at 880 northbound and southbound, this traffic is moderately heavy as you drive through. we still have stop-and-go traffic. livermore valley, 580 westbound is going to be slow as you drive up through the livermore area. southbound 880 is stop and go from 238 down to fremont. you are not included in this light traffic party just yet. dumbarton bridge and san mateo bridge do have approaches that are crowded. not everywhere is light but things are getting better. 7:49. let's go to steve in the weather center. a 16 does a fabulous beratta. we have a little bit of a breeze for some. calm for others. upper 50s will be the forecast high i on these temperatures from -- high on these temperatures from napa, east bay. if you are near capitola, santa cruz even on the san mateo/santa cruz coast, it will be near 70 or mid-70s.
7:50 am
hazy, cool to warm. north bay, east bay, favoring upper 50s, low 60s. peninsula, south bay, mid- to upper 60s. it will be cooler for everybody on friday. the weekend looks mostly dry. there will be a weak system coming in. some patchy fog, not a lot. cold for some. cool for others. hazy skies. very warm air aloft. upper 50s to near 60s. up and over the ridge she goes. 34 santa rosa, 49 san francisco. half moon bay is already 50. gusts to 31 in daly city here out of the east and also pacifica. pretty good breeze. concord, 47. buchanan. san jose, 40. livermore at 39. peninsula, 36 seems rather popular. palo alto and also woodside. foster city close to 38. higher elevations at los altos hills at 46. north wind, about 15, 20 around inner richmond and parts of
7:51 am
presidio and the golden gate bridge. northeast breeze. you can see high pressure is firmly planted. that builds north. that drives the cold system -- boy, i will tell you, the windchills 15 to 40 below, up in the great lakes up into minnesota and the dakotas. it will be cold. slight know -- snow, moderate. into washington, baltimore, new york. south of boston. it looks like they are almost done with that. 58, l.a., 37 ukiah. tahoe and reno, 27. it will be sunny today. it's very hazy. with that offshore breeze, some temperatures will warm up quick. others, it will take a while. hazy, mild. antioch, brentwood, oakley, upper 50s only. low 60s upper as north bay. yet berkeley, 65. oakland downtown, 66 and then here you go, half moon bay, 68. foster city is in there.
7:52 am
gilroy, 70. gilroy, capitola, 75 warm degrees. more of the same wednesday. a little cooldown as we go into friday and then the weekend. >> the rest of the country is -- >> yeah. >> bone-chilling temperatures. nine minutes before 8:00. oil extended its losses. it's now trading at $49.18 a barrel amid specs takes u.s. inventories will expand deepening a global supply glut that's driven prices to a five- year low. a year ago, crude oil was selling for $100 a barrel. the market apparently faces more problems with surging output in russia and iraq. opec refuses to cut production. this news caused a big selloff on wall street yesterday. right now, markets are flat, the dow is down about 5 at 17,497. the nasdaq down 11. s&p up a fraction. now, of course, while this is bad news for investors, it's good news for consumers. as u.s. gas prices continue to
7:53 am
drop. they have fallen for 102 days in a row. the national average is 2.19 for regular, down more than did $1.10 since this time last year. the average is less than $2 a gallon in seven states with missouri having the lowest average at 1.96. of course, it's 1.50 less than we're paying here in the bay area. steve, where did you say you found -- what? $2? >> 2.23 at arco. >> in the bay area. >> took a picture of it, too. >> okay. 7:53. there is a peeping tom on the loose this morning. in the next hour of "mornings on 2," the bay area police department searching and what the suspect is accused of doing besides looking through windows. but next, allegations of discrimination, the new trouble facing the san francisco 49ers.
7:54 am
♪ food is more than just a meal. ♪ food is love. at monsanto, we believe
7:55 am
everyone deserves a healthy, balanced meal. and a future that sustains us all. it's time for a bigger discussion about food. be part of the conversation at can you imagine that? this landslide damaging a house in the small town of western washington state, all of it caught on camera. it was the fourth house on this same street hit by a landslide after heavy rains. police are telling everybody living nearby, you have to leave. you have to evacuate. this morning, crews in hillsborough will start to shore up an active landslide there. the work will take place on sky line boulevard between hayne road and chateau drive.
7:56 am
neighbors and parents have been notified. this work should continue over the next ten days. 7:56. two former employees of the san francisco 49ers are suing the team for age discrimination. the lawsuit was filed by 56- year-old anthony lasano and keith. they say they and other older employees were fired in 2011. they claim jed york openly admitted he wanted to higher younger workers from silicon valley so he could brand the team as a technology startup of the nfl. the two men say the team violated federal regulations by firing a group of older workers within a short time period. the lawsuit seeks punitive damages. the 49ers, declined to comment on the suit. 7:57. there is a mystery at a famous house in san francisco. >> reporter: the search is on
7:57 am
for the person who set fire to the mrs. doubtfire home in san francisco last night. we'll tell you about the evidence found here at this homemade famous in the classic robin williams's comedy. we're live in palo alto, where a family escaped a fire in their home this morning. we'll tell you what the homeowner did an hour before that fire broke out. that clue may help firefighters in their investigation. good morning. we're looking at traffic that is getting lighter in some areas. but there is a crash in san jose. it's been causing slow traffic on one of the major roads. all signs point toward a lot of sunshine and mild to warm temperatures. not everyone will be near 75 but a couple of locations will be. we'll show you.
7:58 am
7:59 am
welcome back. live in palo alto. an investigation is underway into an early-morning house fire. janine de la vega is out there right now, things seem a lot calmer right now. janine is gathering information and she'll be with us in a couple of minutes with more on the family in the house when that fire broke out and what helped them escape. stay tuned. good morning. welcome to "mornings on 2." tuesday, january 6th. i'm dave clark. >> i'm tori campbell. a quick look at weather and
8:00 am
traffic. are some areas gonna see the 70s today? >> it loo -- its looks like santa cruz. the offshore breeze certainly helps area along the san mateo and santa cruz coast. it will be nice on the marin coast sand sonoma coast. but this looks like a pattern where if you are down toward the area, santa cruz, they will probably be the warmest. watsonville, capitola, high pressure sending everything to the north. 30s, 40s and 50s. half moon bay is 54. pretty good breeze around pacifica, daly city, already today. again, you get up around 15002,000 feet. you find upper 40s to low 50s at the surface. there's still a lot of 30s. a week ago we were in the 20s. a decent offshore breeze for most of san francisco and areas to the south. you can see why. the systems coming in are running into too much resistance. hazy, mild air is trapping things at the surface.
8:01 am
a few 70s to the south. upper as, 60s. but you get to the peninsula, south bay, upper 60s to 70s. we have one issue. has that been cleared up? if. >> we have the one issue and they are clearing it up. 87 northbound as you drive up to the 280 interchange. the tow trucks are on the scene. the traffic has been slow from way down in the almaden valley in san jose. so please give yourself extra time. we've zoomed into find it. this is south of julian. the traffic is going to be slow. it looks like that one last car needs to be put up on the flat bed and then everything will be gone. but there is a big backup. let's take a look at the bay bridge toll plaza. this has cleared out. this is very nice and the traffic continues to look pretty good as you drive through. i want to mention a crash that we have southbound 101 near shoreline. this one is just reported in the mountain view area. 101 and palo alto mountain view
8:02 am
is slow but 280 is a better bet. 78:02. back to the desk. >> thank you, sal. a family of four wakes up this morning to find their house on fire. janine de la vega is there with details on how it all unfolded and she joins us with the new information we learned and how the family was able to escape. quite a dramatic story, janine. >> reporter: yes, it was. we just learned from the fire chief that the homeowner smelled burning plastic at 4:30 this morning and he went downstairs and turned off his heater and an hour later that's when the fire started here on martin avenue. there is a fire investigator who parked on the street. he's inside the home. he's investigating to see if the cause was the heater or something else. firefighters say a husband and wife and their two children woke up to the sound of their smoke alarm and windows breaking from the fire at their home near university and middlefield avenue. they were able to escape before
8:03 am
fire crews arrived who found the flames burning in the back and the side of the home. they were able to extinguish the flames. the homeowner told firefighters about an odor burning plastic, as i mentioned, right before the fire started about an hour. and the chief says this situation serves as a reminder to homeowners to call for help if they smell something suspicious. >> if you smell things likes that in your house that -- things like that in your house that are unusual, that's what the fire department is here for. call us any time day or night, 24/7, we would be happy to come take a look. we have thermal imaging cameras that can identify sources of heat. you couldn't see things with a naked eye. >> reporter: no one was injured. the family ent would be able to live in the house for several months. crews salvaged what belongings they could but now the focus is on the investigation. the neighbors here are grateful no one was hurt and that the fire didn't spread to other homes in this upscale
8:04 am
neighborhood. back to you. >> all right. thank you. 8:04. it is one of the most famous houses in san francisco and the movie mrs. doubtfire made it a bay area icon. alex savidge has more on how someone tried to set the house on fire last night. >> reporter: san francisco police this morning are searching for the arsonist who targeted this well-known home here on steiner street in the pacific heights neighborhood. this is where mrs. doubtfire was filmed in th early '90s. police say last night someone intentionally set fire to the der -- door mat near the front door and near the garage door. the fires were set at 8:00 last night. the homeowner called 911 after smelling smoke but he was able to quickly knock down the fires on his home. the home has only minor damage. the home was made popular in the mrs. doubtfire movie that came out in 1993.
8:05 am
after williams died earlier this year, fans came to leave flowers and notes on the steps of the home to pay tribute to him and the home remains a tourist attraction. perhaps fittingly, the man who owns the mrs. doubtfire house is a renowned plastic surgeon here in san francisco who works mostly with transgender men and women. it's unclear at this point why an arsonist would target the home of this well-known doctor. san francisco police are continuing to investigate. we hope to learn more details on this case later on today. back to you. oakland's new mayor, libby schaaf is spending the day with the oakland police d. we caught up with her this morning as she took part in the first roll call of the day to meet some of the officers. >> obviously, our police department is the most important thing to me as oakland's new mayor. there's nothing the city needs more than safety and aur officers are an integral part
8:06 am
of delivering the safety the city has been longing for. >> mayor schaaf wants to get to know the men and women who keep the city chief. we also spoke with sean whent who said that's the type of support his officers need. >> she's been very supportive of the police department. we appreciate that. she's very passionate about public safety. we're looking forward to ork working with her. >> while mayor schaaf attends the roll call, directly across the street, people who took part in protests are appearing in court. is video of the protest. it's where protesters were arrested. the group also shut down interstate 80 for hours. this morning they will be arraigned at the courthouse in oakland. the group, by any means necessary, is holding a news conference of the hearing. it's demanding that all charges again any protesters involved
8:07 am
be dropped immediately. meantime, the bay area's biggest city will officially have a new mayor today after a swearing-in ceremony. same liccardo has been on the job since the first of the year, but he officially takes off of an inauguration ceremony at 6:00 tonight at the center for performing arts. san jose's outgoing mayor chuck reed is returning to his routes as a lawyer -- root as a lawyer. he will be joining the law firm of hopkins and carly as a special council. before his first election in 2006 he worked for a law firm and focused on real estate, and environmental law. he says he has no plans to run for office again. but he does plan to stay politically involved in public affairs and pension reform. mountain view police are searching for a peeping tom. police say the man was spotted
8:08 am
looking through windows at an apartment complex on california avenue back in october. he's also accused of recording people inside their apartments with his cell phone. anyone with information is asked to call the mountain view police. 8:08. there is a ship shift in the investigation in the san francisco shooting. the message found on the cell phone who was gunned down by officers outside of a police station. and crime, money and power, the dark side of the music industry and family relations. after the break, i talked with academy award nominee hensen about the new fox drama "empire." good morning. we're looking at a commute where traffic is getting better in some areas. a lot better but not here, unfortunate, ly and not on 237. >> the weather will get better for some, it will be nice for everybody but there will be a big difference in the forecast
8:09 am
8:10 am
8:11 am
"empire" debuts tomorrow night. it's described as a hop hip with an out yang -- outrageous villain. joining me is one of the cast members. good morning. >> good morning. >> this is kind of a combination of dallas and
8:12 am
dynasty. give us a brief summy. >> it's a smashup of dynasty. you have a high drama of dynasty and the fax and the glitz, the glam didder, the richness, the money and you have the -- glamour, the richness, the money and you have the sopranos. there is there is a lot of stuff happening in this family. the father is dying, three sons, one is gay. that's the one who should run the company but because of his own homophobia, he can't even turn the reins over to his middle son because of his sexuality. so he's pitting his three sons against each other. you know, who is gonna take over the empire once he's gone and then it also -- it involves the musical element like glee but what i love is you never
8:13 am
see the musical number coming. it's kind intertwined in the story. it just happens. it's not like we're acting and now we're gonna set up for the big musical number. it never hatch -- happens like that. >> we have to talk about your character, cookie, who is just amazing. nasty, shocking and hilarious. beating people up, insulting everybody. where did you find the inspiration for this? >> i mean, the writers are very good and she's right there on the page, you know, they let me ad-lib a lot because i'm pretty slick out of the mouth and cookie is that. she -- she's from the streets. she's from the hood. so she can hang with the best of them. >> is it fun to play her? >> as a woman watching you, i -- i'm always envious. like i wish i could act that way sometimes.
8:14 am
[laughter] >> oh, my gosh. she's my hero. >> oh, really? >> she says things i wish i could say. yes. she has no buffer. cookie has nothing to do lose. she says whatever it is. she does whatever it is. she's uncompromising, she's passionate. she's so complex. i love her. i love playing her. >> what can we look forward to in the premiere episode? anything special? >> in the premiere episode? >> yeah. >> so much to look forward to. you are -- you will find out who this family is. you are gonna fall in love with them in a weird way. they do bad things. lucia does horn things. but you root for -- horrible things. but you root for him. and he's a bad guy. >> it's just an amazing story.
8:15 am
we're excited to see it. and best of luck to you. thank you for joining us. >> thank you so much. >> thank you for having me. >> you are so welcome. again "empire" debuts tomorrow night at 9:00 with limited commercial interruption right here. >> great interview. good to have her here. let's check traffic. sal is here. we have traffic problems out there. we'll start off by looking at some of the tougher commutes but some of them have cleared up. the san mateo bridge has something going on on the left- hand side just after the toll plaza, seems to be slowing everyone down. it could just be a traffic stop. but traffic is slow, nevertheless from 880 and moderately heavy as you drive out to the peninsula. also this morning we're looking at the bay bridge. what a contrast. it looks like sunday morning light. a lot of people are saying
8:16 am
hurray for that. if you have to get into san francisco, it's not that bad. if you look at the south bay, 101 has been slow from the get- go into mountain view. it's been a troubled area, mountain view. 85 a little bit, too, and -- troubled area traffic-wise, that is. the santa clara valley is not lighter than usual. let's go to steve in the weather center. >> all right, sal. we have mainly clear skies. a few hints of fog and frost but all signs point towards a good warmup for those to the south. rather a decent breeze coming out of east bay hills. higher elevations in marin county. in a pew few spots in -- few spots in san francisco. tuesday, wednesday, hazy, cool to warm. some areas upper as others low to -- upper 70s others mainly clear. the wind is up for some.
8:17 am
cool. high pressure says, i don't think so. you keep right on going. keep on going. it's not coming in our direction except for a few high clouds. 54 half moon bay. easterly breeze will do it. 30s for many. temperatures, 30s, 40s we seem to be rebounding. antioch, 39. danville, 36. alamo 34. men low park, 30s. foster city is in there. due north light by the golden gate. inner richmond about 20 miles an hour. there are a few select areas where the breeze continues to pick up. you can see the signature of high pressure up and over. it dives down. these are fast-moving systems that move in. for us a lot of sunshine. hazy, mild conditions. windy for some. not for all. again, it's kind of isolated. near 70 for a couple of areas. napa. , 59. low 60s in marin county.
8:18 am
oakland, also, berkeley and upper scirkts to near 70. gilroy, santa cruz in there. mountain view, redwood city. not much change wednesday. and then increasing clouds. cooler patterns for friday and also the weekend. >> a little bit cooler. >> a little bit. >> thank you, steve. >> you bet. 8:18. happening today we're gonna get a look into a time capsule sealed more than 200 years ago by paul revere and samuel adams. it was dug up last month from the cornerstone of the massachusetts state capitol in boston. the 220-year-old box is about the size of a cigar box. weighs about ten pounds. the contents will be revealed by the fine arts in boston. but x-rays of the box give some clues. they indicate the contents could include old coins, some documents and also a newspaper. there is a new way to ride.
8:19 am
coming up in 15 minutes muni's new high-tech future. but first sony's ceo talking push lickly for the first -- publicly for since the scandal. what he says and the word he has for employees. for over 60,000 california foster children nights can feel long and lonely. i miss my sister.
8:20 am
i miss my old school. i miss my room. i don't want special treatment. i just wanna feel normal. to help, sleep train is collecting pajamas for foster children, big and small. bring your gift to any sleep train and help make a foster child's night a little cozier. not everyone can be a foster parent but anyone can help a foster child.
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8:22 am
if in new york city, the funeral for mario cuomo. he died on new year's day, hours after his son, andrew cuomo, was sworn in for a second term as new york governor. mario cuomo was 8 years -- 82 years old. the white house says eric holder is attending the funeral representing president obama. also in attendance bill clinton and hillary clinton. she's making it up. that's what alan dershowitz says about and a girl. lawsuit papers claim a young woman was sexually trafficked by jeffrey epstein to financially powerful and politically connected people. dershowitz says he wants the people who fire -- who filed the papers to be disbarred.
8:23 am
sony's executive is talk be publicly for the first time since the hacking. he broke his silence last night. he was at the international consumer electronics show in las vegas. he says the current and former sony employees were victims of what he called the most issshus and -- vicious and malicious cyber attacks. he also said thank you to sony partners and said he's proud of them for standing up against extortion. space-x called off the plans to launch a rocket to the international space station. the plans were canceled one minute before the unmanned rocket was supposed to take off. at this point, we're still not sure why it was aborted. they are planning to land its rocket on a tiny platform right there floating in the atlantic ocean when it comes back to earth. previous rornlts they just fell
8:24 am
to earth making them unusable. the next launch attempt is set for friday. 8:24. safeway expected to pay out $10 million to the state of california. coming up in 12 minutes, we'll tell you why the company is paying so much money and how the state plans to use it. into new developments in the case of a -- new developments in the case of a 16-year-old richmond girl back home safe this morning. >> it was crazy. it was just -- i don't know what was going on. i didn't know what to do. >> hear what she says happens and somehow she was held against her own will. things are getting better on some commutes and things are actually still bad on others. westbound 92, you can see a little bit of slow traffic here approaching the san mateo bridge. we'll tell you more about some of the crashes we had. hazy sunshine for everybody. but cool for some and downright warm for others. yes. i will show you the forecasted temperatures.
8:25 am
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8:27 am
good morning. welcome back to "mornings on 2." thank you for joining us. tuesday, january 6th, i'm dave clark. let's talk about your weather and traffic. steve, this is one of the more interesting forecasts. >> even though everyone has unsun, a big difference in the high high temperatures. there will be upper 50s to mid- 70s after everything is said and done. large and in charge. everything is being reflected well to the north and dumping into the noerns plains and great lakes where it's -- northern plains and great lakes where it's really cold. a lot of 30s here. but 36 sebastopol, healdsburg.
8:28 am
gilroy is in the 30s. morgan hill but this is in the santa cruz mountains. this is above los gatos hills. scotts valley, 61. had a report of 65. that warm air is trapping everything. below, capitola, it's 46. fremont, 47. there is still a decent breeze for some areas, not for all but san francisco, parts of the east bay hills and on the san mateo coast but it all spells sunshine and hazy, mild conditions. windy for some. if you get the offshore breeze it will be fabulous, near 70 for some. that would be gilroy and santa cruz looking for 75. upper as for some. 60s for others. here's sal with an update on what so far has been relatively quiet. >> it's been quiet. but we have a serious accident involving a chp officer at the corner of middlefield and willow. this is in the menlo park area. and since the officers involved in this injury accident, they are sending a lot of officers to this area.
8:29 am
so please avoid the area of middlefield and willow. again, an injury accident involving a chp cruiser and apparently one of the officers is hurt. they are responding code 3. that means lights and sirens. a lot of officers on the way. bay bridge toll plaza, westbound, light, so this is what we're looking for on this first day back for a -- first week back for a lot of people. some schools are obviously out. it's lighter than usual. in san jose, 280, 237, 101, all have been slow. the santa clara valley is slower than usual. a lot of people are at ces. all of the other people are working, i guess. it's slow in the valley. a 16-year-old girl missing from her home in richmond since new year's day is back home safe this morning. we were there when bj carson returned home. she tells ktvu's tara moriarty she was peaking held against her -- being held against her
8:30 am
will. tara has more. >> reporter: be linda or bj carson is hope sleeping right now. she said she was able to escape her captors by using one of their cell phones to call her aunt. she revealed many of the details of her harrowing situation in which she says that she was trapped inside a san francisco motel room for days. late last night, her family was able to pick her up from the powell street b.a.r.t. station, they say one of the boys with her ultimately touched them off about her location. we were there when she arrived home at 6:00. she said she initially left her home about with three boys and a girlfriend to have fun in the city. what was the moment you realized this wasn't fun? >> when they looent let me out of the room -- when they wouldn't let me out of the room. >> reporter: how long were you in the room? >> from new year's day until today. >> reporter: what did you do in that room the whole time? >> it was a lot of stuff that
8:31 am
was going on that should nobody my age ever have to even go through. >> the alarm bells went off for everybody. it just -- especially when she called and when she left the facebook message. that scared us a lot. like your worst nightmare. >> reporter: we reached out to san francisco police who are investigating this incident. the family says bj was interviewed into the wee hours of the morning and still has more interviews to do. she was checked out at a hospital and physically her cousin said she seems okay but is still in shock. we will continue to follow this story and bring you the latest. m richmond, i'm tara moriarty, ktvu channel 2 news. san francisco police say a man who was shot and killed last sunday by police near the mission district station wanted to commit suicide. brian flores in our newsroom now with a note recently released that brings more light to this case. good morning, brian. >> reporter: good morning.
8:32 am
police tell ktvu that an apparent suicide note was found on the cell phone of 32-year- old mathew hoffman. hoffman is the man who was shot and killed by officers on sunday night. police that note indicates that hoffman was prom mosting officers to shoot ill -- promoting officers to shoot him. they say he was blocking the patrol car from leaving the mission district station on 49th and valencia. when officers ordered him to show his hands, he lifted his sweater and reached for what appeared to be a handgun, they say. the officers shot him, hitting him three times. he died at san francisco general hospital. but police later discovered the gun he had was a fake. either a bb or pellet gun. police say it did not have an orange tip which typically indicates it is a replica. late last night they also found a suicide note on his cell phone. part of it reads here, dare dear officers, you did nothing wrong. you ended the life of a man who was too much of a coward to do it himself. i provoked you. i threatened your life as well as the lives of those around
8:33 am
me. hoffman's father gave police permission to release the note. greg suhr said he's grateful because it gives people more of an understanding of what happened. >> it's very worrisome. as you can see, it looks and feel like a real gun. it's heavy. it's metal. again, officers don't want to have to use their frirles if they don't -- firearms if they don't have. but if you have to protect your life, you do. >> the gun that hoffman had was fake. in the meantime, police in several cities are warning about people trying to make real guns to look like fake guns. the guns that look like plastic toys are real assault rifles and handgun. police in other cities say people are painting them the bright colors like pink, orange, blue and green to make them look fake to confuse officers. as for the officers involved in the shooting from last sunday, they are on paid leave which is standard procedure while the case continues to be
8:34 am
investigated. police chief suhr plans to hold a town hall meeting at cornerstone church right next to the police station to discuss sunday's shooting. back to you? >> this is a fascinating story. meantime, the vacant lot in sonoma county where 13-year-old andy low biz was shot and killed by a sheriff's deputy it's been taken over by the county. a temporary memorial for andy lopez is set up in the lot but now the county says it will continue plans to build a neighborhood park. according to the press democrat, supporters hope to create a permanent memorial. however, the county a's announcement didn't announce a memorial. governor brown will provide over a ground-breaking ceremony in fresno for the long-awaited and controversial high-speed rail system. once completed, the system will connect san francisco and los angeles with trains capable of speeds over 200 miles per hour
8:35 am
making the trip in and under three hours. the first trek of track to be built is between fresno and madera. the system is scheduled to be completed by 2029. this morning is aceremony is at the future site of the bullet train station in necessary fro. this, with the mountain view company google is rolling out buses. they will be taking stops at 20 specific locations. >> in two years we'll be able to evaluate things. i think it will be successful in the end. >> last year, google buses were the subject of protests in san francisco and other cities. google hopes this will create goodwill from the neighbors showing it is willing to invest in the community.
8:36 am
8:36. muni riders you will be able to use smartphones to pay fares. muni is launching a new app. this will let riders use credit or ken bit cards to buy a ticket. passengers will be able to show their phones as proof they paid. the new app will hey -- allow for faster boarding. muni plans to launch the service this summer. the debate over how to bring down candlestick stadium is just getting starting. workers have been removing seats and as hardous materials like asbess asbestos. lenar has applied for permits to tear it down or implode the stadium. the implosion option, that's opposed by a lot of people who live near candlestick. but at a meeting last night, developers said it would be a lot quicker and less expensive
8:37 am
than slowly taking the stadium apart. >> our exwoel goal is to have it gone. >> i wouldn't go for the implex. the impression -- impression. the implosion might arm harm everyone an an -- fn around here. >> the developer says it will work for the neighbors on issues like temporary relocation, evacuation, and the cleanup. now, the developers say they've got big plans for what will replace candle candle -- candlestick. the developer is promising to build an entertainment venue, one that could seat as many as 3,000 people. 8:38. safeway will pay the state of california almost $10 million
8:38 am
for illegally disposing of hazardous waste. they were sued for throwing medications, batteries and other items into the trash headed for landfills. safeway since it has changed procedures. some of the settlement money go will go to environmental projects. prosecutors have been cracking down on environmental violations by big box retailers including target and walmart. and facebook has made its first big deal of the new year. it bought the voice recognition startup. the palo alto-based company was founded two years ago and will move into facebook's menlo park offices. facebook will keep many of the workers including all three cofounders when the technology could allow users to speak their posts and messgages and have them -- messages and converted to text. facebook is not saying how much the deal is worth.
8:39 am
>> i think i know what i'm gonna buy you for christmas next year. sony just unveiled the new walksman. remember those? >> yes. >> this new version looks a lot different. in 11 minute, the bells and whistles on it and how soon you will be habl able to get your hands on 0 one
8:40 am
8:41 am
this... is the best part of the day. when we sit down together and talk. more and more, we're having conversations about the food itself: how good it is for us. how good it is for the planet. at monsanto, we're working with farmers to make balanced meals accessible to everyone. while using natural resources more efficiently.
8:42 am
it's time for a bigger discussion about food. be part of the conversation at 35 minutes to go. >> you have broken the record. you are officially the youngest, the typeniest competitor we've ever had in the kitchen. >> very cute. little riley may be the youngest contestant on the new
8:43 am
season. but not by much. there's another talented and adorable hopeful the same age, a few months older. she's from santa clara. her name is a -- is alexis. she's with pam cook and cooking us something today. >> yes. 8 years old. from gilroy. i have to start with this. you are making salad on a stick. tori and i have been talking about it all morning long. what is salad on a stick? you were telling me you got the idea on a cooking show. you made it your own. >> i just put the honey mustard and i'm gonna put my lemon on. it's -- the ingredients -- prosciutto, arugula salad and breadsticks. i did my dressings already.
8:44 am
>> now, tell me -- you are one of the youngest so we're showing riley, you are only 8. what was that like? you are competing against 13- year-olds. were you nervous? >> yes and happy i made it this this -- made it this far. you can't tell us how far you went. >> yes. >> that must be hard. i don't nope if i could do it -- i don't know if i could do it. and your signature dish sounds interesting. it's barbecued breaded chicken. breaded chicken you normally see fried 0er bake -- fried or bake. >> i like to bread things or fry things. i just came up with the idea and i said i want to bread this chicken. >> okay. you are -- we talked about this before coming on. you are good at talking and cooking. >> so a cooking show in your future. you and mia are both good at
8:45 am
talking and cooking at the same too. i know we all -- how does it taste? >> good. >> when you go out a restaurant, can you tell what's in something? >> sometimes. sometimes not. >> sometimes not. >> it depends on what it is. >> your mom -- any chefs in the family? you told me you got a little inspiration from your grandmother. >> my parents, not really. [laughter] >> it my dad barbecues and i help him barbecue. >> that's funny. most kids' their parents doesn't cook. they just decided to cook on their own. this is the lettuce. and so you added some cucumbers and peppers to this dish. >> yes. >> why did you do that? >> the vibrant color. >> okay. >> a little bit of both. i have to ask you because i have to ask everybody. what is it like working with
8:46 am
chef ramsey? >> he's very nice. usually when he -- you don't have to say that. >> it's inspirational. you didn't take it as mean. he can be pretty rough. >> yeah. >> you like getting the constructive criticism and you have a fancy tool. >> yes. it's kind of used for cookies but i decided to use it. >> i want to show the finished product. it's really pretty. look at that. [ applause ] >> salad on a stick and i'm gonna tell you right now, no offense, a -- alexis, i'm going to try this during the commerce 158 break because it looks like it can be kind of messy. >> it is. my dad -- >> and that's what i don't want. i don't thient ings this falling down on camera. when we come back at the end of the show, dave and tori will get to sample some of this. i will let you know how it
8:47 am
tastes. tonight's season premiere. you will get to see alexis and mia and we'll see them at the end of the show. >> she's great. >> that looks good. >> i can't wait to bite in. 8:47. we want to continue to follow breaking news in menlo park. sal has the latest on an injury crash. it involves a chp officer. >> the officer was alert enough to use his radio to call for backup help. and as you might imagine, we had a lot of help arriving there. middlefield road near willow road and that intersection is reportedly now closed with a lot of emergency vehicles. middlefield near willow. initially it's interesting to find that the officer called for 1199 which means get here as fast as you can. officer needs help. that's been downgraded but a couple of scary moments there for the officer and some other
8:48 am
officers. just for people nearby. let's take a look at 280 northbound. you can see some slow traffic here as you drive up to downtown san jose. the south bay, i don't know what's going on. a lot of people should be at ces but a lot of people are in the valley. they are going to work. 37 is a mess. you what's lighter is the commute into san francisco. maybe a lot of the people at ces this week are people who commute into san francisco. it's -- it's correlated, right? let's go to steve. sounds good. >> yeah. >> thank you, sal. hazy sunshine today. very mild to warm, especially parts of the peninsula south bay, santa cruz mountains. boy, there's warm air aloft. there's low to mid-60s. you get up around 2,000 feet. santa cruz mountains being one. high pressure is here for a while. it will weaken as we head towards friday and saturday. 30s, 40s and 50s. half moon bay airport. 54 already. the lows continue to come up a little bit. some of the higher elevations
8:49 am
upper 40s and as. windsor 38. sebastopol, 38. healdsburg, lakeport in the 40s. antioch is 43. blackhawk upper 30s. 44 bookends la fayette and also morago. a couple of reports coming in. thank you, lee ann and christie. it's been howling. 18, 25 miles an hour. other locations not far away. it's on the calm said. there are a few isolated areas where the breeze has kicked up. our system has no chance. no chance slim and none. hazy and mild today. windy for some. 70s southward. there will be upper 50s for others. antioch, brentwood, oakley, too much. name. i went 59. low 60s into marin county. pacifica, 65, oakland, 66 degrees. 75 santa cruz. capitola, san jose, 68. gilroy, 70 degrees. more of the same tomorrow. slight cooling trend on
8:50 am
thursday. more so with clouds on friday and saturday. >> thank you. ten minutes before 9:00. on july 1st, 1979, sony unveiled it first walkman in jamb. back then, this portable cassette player sold for $150. in 1980 it made its u.s. debut with two headphone jacks allowing two people to listen at the same time. 35 years later, sony is unveiling a new model this walkman was unveiled today at consumer electronics show in las vegas. new features include 128 gigabytes of storage, wi-fi and 60 others of battery life. and the upgraded version comes with a pretty large price tag. >> wait a minute. >> $1100. the new walkman is expected to hit stores this spring. >> look at how slim it is. you can pop it in your pocket. >> okay. 8:51.
8:51 am
still ahead, new york city police once again targets of gun violence. after the break, the manhunt underway right now in new york. what the officers were doing when they were shot.
8:52 am
8:53 am
new this morning, three schools in san carlos, closed because of a water main break. the schools affected are terra linda middle school, san carlos
8:54 am
learning center and edison montessori school. all three schools share the same campus. they are at 750 dartmouth avenue. there's no word at this point as when the schools may reopen. jury selection continues today in the boston marathon bombing trial. hundreds of potential jurors have been filling out long questionnaires that will be used to eliminate people with potential conflict, including those who oppose the death penalty. three people died in the 2013 attack at the finish line of the boston marathon. more than 260 were injured, including a young boy from martinez. >> the government has a signed confix and it has a video of him placing the crock pot which contained the bomb. >> why are we having a trial? >> because the constitution requires that the government prove guilt beyond a reasonable doubt. >> jury selection is expected to wrap up tomorrow. the trial is scheduled to begin on january 26th. happening today, congress gets back to work this time
8:55 am
with republicans in charge of both the house and the senate for the first time in eight years. but the republican takeover will not come without some drama within the gop. some tea party republicans are demanding a new house speaker to replace john boehner. supporters say his opponents don't have the votes to unseat him. the house is scheduled to vote on a speaker in just a few minutes at 9:00 a.m. our time and that's when joe biden is scheduled to swear in 34 newly-elected senators. 8:a 5. let's check back with sal. i know you are following the injured chp officer and all of our other traffic news. >> that's right. chp officer apparently was hit by another vehicle and hurt, not life-threatening. but still hurt and a lot of police activity at the corner of middlefield and willow road. the chp officer has been tended to by the medics. it's a good area to avoid.
8:56 am
middlefield road near menlo park. let's take a look at what we have. the traffic, westbound bay bridge, now, this traffic is looking pretty good getting into san francisco. also, i do want to mention the traffic is not too bad on 280 in san jose. just going back to that menlo park incident, one more time. one of the things that you can do is also avoid 101 in the area. my map is up. southbound 101 is a terrible mess as you drive through. so just give yourself that. see that area? 101 is just terrible. don't use it. back to steve. for some, it will be sunny and mild. for others sunny and warm. looking for low to mid-70s in capitola. not much change for wednesday. before we do, dave and i couldn't resist coming over and -- >> this is what's left of the my saladded on a stick. really -- salad on a stick. really glad i didn't eat that
8:57 am
on live tv. it was a little messy. it's worth the mess. dave, you need to bite in. i will -- don't mind me. watch out. >> great job. >> thank you. >> the salad looks wonderful. i love the pears and walnuts. >> did you guys try each other's? >> no. >> you need to try each other's stuff. >> we need another fork for the salad. >> really tasty, i love the dressing. really, really nice. it has a nice flavor. not too strong. i hate it when salads are drowning in the dressing. >> hard to eat on tv. >> they get a mouthful. >> it's okay. those are one of those things you are at a party and you think -- >> are you gonna watch the show tonight? >> yeah. >> it's 8:00 right here on channel 2. >> you guys get to kind -- it's a scavenger hunt for the aprons. >> that will do it for us. thanks for watching everyone.
8:58 am
>> you did a great job.
8:59 am
a family watches in terror as a run away truck heads down a
9:00 am
mountain road. >> and the drivers jump out. >> no way. >> what happens when a brave dad tries to stop disaster. >> you do not want to find this behind the fridge. it's a python. >> see who finally coaxed out the surprise. >> a driver at a dui hangs something on his car so his window


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