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tv   Right This Minute  FOX  January 6, 2015 9:30am-10:01am PST

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they are trying to escape with home fireworks display. why some are more successful than others. >> new angry hippos go at it. >> is it mouth on mouth? >> who wins the battle of the big molars. a travel video to make you say -- i want to go with him. >> meet the guys sharing spectacular scenes from the road. >> amazing how the world works. >> and while a scared girlfriend is going up skydiving. >> something was going on the ground. >> the story behind one sneaky proposal. >> you almost died? how about marry me?
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we are a few days past new year's eve. the videos are starting to pop-up of those new year's eve disasters. the ones that involve fireworks. this first one from brazil. >> oh! >> listen to the screams and cries. >> any injuries? >> yes. as a matter of fact, the woman who lives in this building her 5-year-old nephew and cousins were all injured, burned to their feet arms and legs. they are expected to be okay. a terrifying moment for these people. now check out this next video posted to the youtube page of john breen.
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>> whoops. >> what happened was, one of the rockets blew up, ricochets off the power line and came back into the box of more than 100 shells and then exploded and made the other shells explode at once. >> ricochets off be glad it didn't get worse than it was. >> the statistics of either of those things happening are astounding to comprehend. >> yeah grand finale? >> everyone okay. >> absolutely not a single injury. everybody was fine. >> it lit up the sky like it was morning. it was like boom. >> what a lousy way to kick off the new year. >> what? what happened? did the guy get hit from behind? >> rear end accident.
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traffic is moving slowly. they are creeping along. the guy behind just not paying attention. the car behind that hit the guy with the dash cam was undrivable. these two cars were able to drive. >> how fast could that car have been going? >> fast enough. >> this guy going through a tunnel in australia. did you see though how it all went down? >> that car came to the right. did he use his blinker? >> why did it veer to the right? watch closely. because traffic in the left lane came to a stop. good night in the silver suv wasn't paying attention. he had to veer into the path of the guy with the green car. that pushed him over. watch. the guy with the silver suv. exactly. >> this is when you love the dash cam. now we've got all this footage. you've got the car that caused the accident.
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>> the guy says thanks to the green car. they are looking for the driver of that silver car. >> someone just crossed the line and ran into me. >> i think hippos celebrate festivus. you have two hippos going at it. they are the only two just fighting. people here start thinking -- >> i think they're fighting. >> take a picture. >> just open-mouthed kissing. >> like two teenagers trying to figure it out. >> is this how we do it? >> during this four-minute fight they keep their mouths open. they don't turn to the side.
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just mouth on mouth, big old teeth against big old teeth. other hippos are around. the other hippo does come over what are you doing? >> the person who captured this video is sherman from san diego. what's amazing is this fight goes on and they think this pond isn't big enough for the two of us. one of them eventually decides, i'm going to run. >> that one who is running away. >> this is the hippo equivalent of the one guy who gets too drunk at the club and starts fighting. ruins the party. >> i want to play hungry hippo now. >> dust off my pretend trumpet. >> these are the morons of the year! >> video starts here. two guys on the bus. you see they are harrassing this
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bus driver. they are driving their flashy bmw. these guys jump on the bus and start doing this. this bus is moving. they start grabbing him by the head pulling him away from the wheel. they've got him on the floor. bang! you see he is pointing straight ahead at a guy on a bike right there. >> oh! >> how stupid. >> the guys were reeking of alcohol. they had been at a party earlier that day. you'll be happy to know the guy on the bike was okay. these two guys have been picked up by the cops. it's the stupidity blew my mind. >> evil and thoughtless. >> they are morons this guy picked the wrong guy to play hide and seek with. it is the british police. they have their helicopter and infrared helicopter. two got pinched, the other one
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ran away and he is hiding in the back here. >> it's almost unfair. are you hiding? good. we'll find you. >> i love that it's unfair. it was unfair these are robbers. >> you see the cops pulling up. >> puts him in the car. >> he didn't even try. >> he just knew. >> a man finds a cat in need of a rescue. rescue he does. why it proves to be tricky. >> plus a motorcyclist gets hit with an unwanted surpris >> the rider alleges one of those boys threw a rock at him. dodo y youou w wanant t a a hehealalththier mouth? pplulus s a a whwhititerer s smimile? you can have e bobothth! with colgate total® advanced whitening. [[ m malale e anannonouncer ] it removes more surface stains toto w whihiteten n 3030% % better. aandnd i itt i impmproves mouth health. hheaealtlthihierer p plulus s whwhiter. [ male announcer ] colgate total® advanced whitening.
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when you ride your
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motorcycle you shouldn't have to worry about this. this was captured in 2013. it's just now going viral. the video slows down there. >> this motorcyclist passes two young boys. the rider alleges one of those boys threw a rock at him as he was traveling at about 40 miles per hour. he quickly grabbed a fistful of brakes turns the bike off and chases after these boys. he does use a few choice words when approaching this young boy. he does have an important message. >> you dropped this and you [ bleep ] threw it. i'm traveling 40 miles per hour. you throw something at 20 miles per hour it hits me. it [ bleep ] hurts. now come off it. who is going to pay for me
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insurance on my bike? you're not. your mom will. your mom won't be happy. >> you can see the hands picking at the hands going, i know i'm sorry. >> as we used to say back in the day, busted. >> good thing it didn't injure the biker or go through somebody's windshield. >> it's a great lesson for him to learn. he could have caused damage or killed someone. little cats get themselves into bad situations. >> look at this poor cat. was headed out to take out the garbage for the day. saw this cat. cat's head is stuck in a food container. listen to this poor cat. >> can you hear me? please help me. this fellow had somebody walking by take his camera and record all this. he wanted to show his grandchildren later in the day he rescued a cat. it takes him a while.
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he has a pair of scissors and tries to cut this plastic container off the head. it's not working. he grabs pliers and tries again. the cat is okay. watch at the very end at this sweet grandpa. >> this poor cat was jammed in there. >> there must have been something delicious inside of that. >> this next video is from singapore. you've got foreign workers who saw there was a cat being swept away by the moving water. these guys they ripped a limb off a tree. they just make sure they get close to the cat, and the cat latches on to the branch of the tree. >> here comes the cat hanging on to the limb. >> i once caught a cat. >> now the cat is safe and on the other side of the fence. >> dog's new song.
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>> bob marley's music transcends creed, race and country. this is kingston. >> you're thinking inging reincarnation. starts jamming out with the guitar. channeling marley. >> hope he doesn't pick up anything else. >> maybe he wants to harness his young star.
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>> just listen to these guys thrash ing thrashing. these are preschool instruments. this little guitar listen to how he thrashes it. >> that's great though. you see some kids that are born with the gift. give them the real thing. >> that's where they post this video. he is thrashing it. >> it's one man's trip to 15 countries in one year. >> just amazin go right here in the united states. >> now he is telling us all about his adventure around the
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world. >> i can talk about everything i've seen. there is something about it that was memora >> plus roeskescuers struggle to reach a boy hanging from a chair lift. >> looks like they say, well, kid, you're on your own.
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stay in touch all day long. back to the show. a lot of people want to be like kian lamb. he packed his bags went to 17 countries and shot this video. when "right this minute" started we played his video and it got 3.6 million hits. guess what? he did it again. >> this guy has an awesome life. >> this time he's gone to 15 countries. you will see in this video he calls "time and again" with music by his brother william, you can see some of the beautiful places he went. this newest video puts the old video to shame. >> if you want to hang out with this guy you can. if you think there is a place i should visit, let me show. we can go together. if you want to ask him if that's true. we can right now via skype.
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welcome to the show. >> how many people say they want to be you and travel the world and go to 17 countries in a year or less? >> i don't know how many people say they want to be me. a lot of people want to travel the world. that's something i hear all the time. >> you've been to nepal which i tell people is my favorite place. what is your favorite? >> that is a hard one. being in australia on a stormy atmospheric day was one of a kind. it's always sunny there. that was unique. celebrating the holy festival of color in india, that was surreal. i can talk about everything we've seen. there is something about it that was memorable. some things i could have easily put in the top ten. >> how have you changed since you've been to so many countries in four years? >> it brought into perspective. you have a different understanding of the world. i don't claim to know anything or it made me that much wiser.
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things we consider that worry or stress us out, you take a look around the world. other people are kind of struggling with bigger problems. hunger shelter, safety. things like that. it helps you appreciate what you do have back at home. >> ice cold winter. for some the most challenging part of skiing -- >> i agree. >> you see a couple of guys trying to rescue this kid with ladders at first. but you can see the ladders are way too short. then it looks like they just
9:52 am
say, you're on your own. see him dangling? his legs are kicking. they are not going to get at him. they just stand back and wait for the kid to tire himself out. i guess they're not that high and there is four feet of powder down there. >> the division between snowboarders and skiers still a wide gap on slopes. here is a snowboarder with his gopro on a aout. elliot cut across the main trail. snowboarder says he didn't have a chance to try and stop. elliot doesn't appear to be hurt. he kicks off his other ski. i think he is more scared and
9:53 am
frustrated. he gets to his feet. >> stand up. where are you hurt? >> he just got creamed. pull yourself together. >> elliot come on. let's go. >> ski it off, man. >> hop back on that horse. >> you all right? >> a guy takes his girlfriend skydiving. but he hasn't told her it's more than a skydiving adventure. how this jump ends with a surprise pop. whwhenen t thehe f flulu h hitits,s, it's's a a r reaealllly y bibig g dedealal.. ththe e acachehes.s. ththe e chchilillsls.. ththe e fefevever.r. anan e eveven n bibiggggerer d deaeal?l? evevererytythihingng y youou mimissss o outut on... fafamimilyly p pizizzaza n nigightht.. ththe e bibig g gagameme.. oror d datate e ninighght.t. whwhy y lolosese o outut t to o ththe e flfluu any lolongngerer t thahan n yoyou u hahaveve t to? prpresescrcripiptitionon t tamamififlulu c canan help you get better 1.1.3 3 dadaysys f fasasteter.r. ththatat's's 3 30%0% s soooonener.r. cacallll y youour r dodoctctoror ririghght
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an egg sandwich and chows down. >> stephie loves her peanut butter.
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>> she's gone into a peanut butter coma. >> that lady is about to be proposed to. her boyfriend hasn't told her that it's more than a skydiving adventure. she is a little scared. she did the tandem jump. while they were going up to jump out of the plane, family and friends started showing up unbeknownst to her. a big sign that says "marry me." he said she would be able to read the banner at 2,000 feet. she jumped first which is risky. she could have backed out. he is ready with the ring. when she got on the ground she knew what was coming. >> excuse me i know you are strapped to another dude tangled up in a parachute with a goofy
9:58 am
helmet on your head but would you marry me? >> she had to get untangled from the other guy. he drops on one knee. there is happiness all around. the family is there to take pictures. >> is this a sneaky way of guaranteeing yes. i almost died. you almost died how about marry me? okay that's not so bad. >> i say congratulations to them. >> that's happy. >> that's it for "right this minute." thanks for joining us.
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live from new york city, it's "the wendy williams show." today it's a surprise wedding shocker. cameron diaz and ben geeji madden suddenly tie the knot. wendy's got the latest. and fresh from last night's shocking "celebrity apprentice" elimination kevin jonas is here. plus, we've got the hottest winter boot trends to have you walking tall this season. ♪ >> now, here's wendy! [ wild cheers and applause ] ♪


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