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tv   News at 5pm  FOX  January 6, 2015 5:00pm-6:01pm PST

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at the time. they identify him as ahmad suloman. he was on probation at the time and he's now facing addition charges. and now to a home in el paso texas. a doctor was shot and wounded. the extend of the doctors injuries are not being released at this hour. the gunman shot and killed himself. military officials say they believe he was acting alone. when the shooting was reported until the situation was declared under control, the v.a. medical center and an adjacent hospital was placed on lockdown. that lasted about an hour. sam licardo is set to be sworn into office. azenith smith live at the center for the performing arts where his inauguration is being held. azenith you were able to speak to sam licardo about his priorities. >> reporter: that's right, people are slowly trickling in
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for his swear in ceremony. licardo says he's eager to move the city forward and he knows there's a big job ahead of him and the city council including mending relations with the union. >> good afternoon i would like to call the meeting to order. >> reporter: with that, sam licardo started his job as m ayor. >> i think it promotes the kind of dialogue we want to see in the city. >> reporter: the biggest challenge could be dialogue with the police officers association. one of licardo's top priority, retaining and hiring police officers as negotiations continue with the pension reform. >> people are tired of the fighting they want to move forward. >> reporter: moving forward may be easier said than done. >> reporter: according to the police officers association, the department count is getting worse. staffing levels not seen since
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the 1980s. >> the biggest wave of officers leaving 14 in december shows the lack of confidence in the new city leadership. >> reporter: two were leaving for the police academy now investigators with the city. licardo says he's looking to give them better benefits to have them stay. >> san jose needs a better fix. we need to fix everything, be more competitive. retirement benefits, stop the litigation. >> reporter: he hopes to get to the bargaining table with the police union. the time to act is now. >> time for talk is over. it's time for action. we can't lose any more of our officers. >> reporter: the rules committee will be talking about
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licardo's proposal around police negotiations. licardo will be detailing more of his proposals. >> more of that coming up on our 10:00 news. today was libby shaft's first day as oakland city mayor. she took place in the first officer call of the day. she says she also wants officers to know she supports them in the midst of a national debate and protest on allegations of racism. >> clearly this is a litigation and we support them. >> we're looking forward to working with her. >> reporter: mayor shaft says she wants to get to know the men and women who's job it is to keep this city safe. right across the street from the mayor's meeting about 100 people took part in recent anti
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police protests. more than 100 you uc berkeley students and others were arrested on december 8. the group by any means necessary is demanding all charges against any protesters involved be dropped. there are new details tonight about a deliberately set fire at the home in san francisco that was used in the mrs. doubtfire movie. someone set two fires there last night and tonight police say they have a suspect. ktvu's david stevenson is outside the home. and david, police are saying the man who lives at that house was specifically targeted. >> reporter: tourists have been dropping by here all week. and police have been posted here all day too in hopes of spotting that arson suspect. the house add broadway and steiner street in pacific heights neighborhood has become a shrine of sorts. >> we're on a famous movie
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sites of san francisco today. >> reporter: it's known as the doubtfire movie. now it's a crime scene. >> we don't know what the suspect is capable of doing next. >> reporter: the owner and a surgeon specializing in transgender surgery yesterday hat a physical confrontation with a former patient described as a woman in her 40s. he later smelled gasoline and discovered his door mat was on fire along with the garage door. the doctor declined to talk to us but invited neighbors in to view the damage. >> can you smell the gasoline. >> reporter: police are now searching for that former patient and guarding the house. >> because of the fact that no one is in custody, we want to make sure that this suspect doesn't return and try to accomplish by burning the home down. >> it's just tragic. >> reporter: neighbors and tourists visiting the home said they were shocked and saddened by the violence. >> to come here and hear that.
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it's so sad to have such a hate crime happen. >> reporter: police have been checking the neighbor's around this house for surveillance visit yes cameras but they say they have the name of this system -- surveillance cameras but they say they have the name of this suspect. >> what set this fire apart from others around the neighborhood. >> reporter: those recent fires had been much more random cases like this one. this one they say the doctor was specifically targeted by the suspect and they say that makes this a bit more of a disturbing crime, frank. >> david stevenson in san francisco tonight, david, thank you. governor brown joined other state and local leaders for the initial ground breaking for speed rail. >> high speed rail links it in the past to the future from the south to fresno and north. this is truly a california
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project bringing us together today. >> reporter: with that proclamation, governor brown signed a symbolic section of track marking the start of construction on california's high speed trail. the work starts in fresno with a 90 section of track that goes to fairfield. >> the site planning, site preparation, demolition, they are all behind us now we build. >> reporter: there are utilities to building. trenches to build before the real track is layed down. the real fast speed track trails will be placed here in fresno in 2016. but it'll be years from that before we see any tracks in the bay area. >> reporter: the real track is still in the planning stages but once built the system will take passengers from anaheim to san francisco in under three hours. the expected completion day 2029. >> you may think it's just around the corner but i'll be 92 in 23. so i'm working out and pumping iron and eating vegetables.
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i want to be around. >> reporter: as brown and other dignitaries spoke, you could hear protesters testers speaking. >> i don't want to see californians burdened with the cost of this train. >> we listen and we build. >> reporter: the track will be built by stimulus money. about $1 billion a year from the cap and trade program and most of the rest in private funding. that private investment money has not come through yesterday but high speed rail supporters think it will. allie rasmus. after months of push back the contra costa county supervisors will reconsider a
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33% pay raise their approved themselves. jolla announced he would place an item on january 13th calling for the supervisors to consider giving back that pay raise. a lot of the union employees in the county were outraged by the pay raise and last week they turned in 40,000 signatures to the county clerk to put a referendum on on the ballot to overturn that raise. a chp officer was injured after a truck sideswiped his car. the officer was taken to the hospital to be checked out. the chp says he should be fine. a bay area man is taking on the unimaginable. what makes his climb up this vertical face in yosemite one for the history books. also alcohol poisoning killing six people a day. we look into why it's not just young people who are vulnerable. >> temperatures near 70 degrees in the forecast. after the break.
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a remarkable new imagine from nasa of the quote pillars of creation. the hubble telescope first took a picture of them in 1995. these new pictures are to celebrate the 25th anniversary coming up in april. but this time the pictures were taken with pillar tubes. we've made a gallery online of some of the old and new images just look under trending now on today congress returned to a republican majority in both chambers for the first time
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since 2006. kentucky senator mitch mcconnell took the spot of minority leader. >> it's an icy start as lawmakers get back to washington. the president is not on board with the first piece of legislation this congress is about to introduce. welcome to the 114th congress where lawmakers are back to work trying to avoid gridlock. >> the ideals that unite us are stronger than the issues that divide us. >> reporter: in his quest for a third term, john boehner went up against intense opposition from conservatives. frustrate with his own party. it was not enough to oust mr.
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boehner. >> as speaker, alas, i expect to disagree. >> and a new republican majority accepted its new responsibility. we recognize the enormity of the task before us. >> reporter: high up on the gop order agenda, a bill to revive the keystone pipeline. the legislation is teeing up what is said to be the first show down between republicans and president obama. for the first time the white house coming out against the keystone project. >> the very first bill that's introduced in the united states senate is one that republicans know the president opposes. if this bill passes this congress the president would not sign it either. >> reporter: the republican bill that green lights the congress is yet but pass the senate. in washington, joe waldman, fox news. wall street took another hit today. the dow dropped 130 points after a loss of more than 300 points yesterday. the nasdaq fell 59.
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another drop at oil prices helped fuel the decline and that triggered concerns among investors about slowing the global economy. but bond prizes are rising. the palo alto based company was founded two years ago and is expected to move into facebook's offices in menlo park. facebook will keep many of the company's workers including all three cofounders. wita's technology would allow facebook users to read their posts or messages outloud then have them converted into texts. no word yet on how much the deal is worth. it's a chance to ride a delorean just like the one that came out on back to the future. they travel to 2015 and the movie made preductions about what the future would be like.
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among those predictions sneakers that would tie themselves and hover boards. remember when the delorean came out. >> i remember that movie. that's as far back as my memory goes. >> what year are we talking about? >> early 80s. >> zero to 60 in nine seconds. which is not very fast. >> unacceptable these days. but now to bill martin. you remember that movie. >> are you serious. you're talking to gasia about cars. what are you thinking? deloreans were made out of, i want to say -- >> stainless steel. >> i want to say, think about it a car made of stainless steel. >> even the chassis. they must have been so heavy. >> i don't know but they were slow. >> they were making them in santa clara. >> yeah. >> back to the future is a
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great movie. i love them all. the third one is my favorite. there's clouds outside. you're looking at a lesser sunset than we had last night because of the haze in the sunset. it's kind of the junk in the atmosphere. tomorrow spare the air day as well. similar conditions which means temperatures are going to rise. it got warm today. santa cruz listen to this, santa cruz 78 degrees today. tied a record. frank, 78 degrees. >> 78 degrees. that's incredible. >> think about that, definitely warm out there. it's going to be another warm one tomorrow. the san benito area pretty warm down there. out there temperatures mainly in the mid-60s, upper 60s. monterey will be back into the easily back into the 70s again. so it's a spare the air day again tomorrow. you saw the atmosphere, the
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sunset i showed you that's an indication. what you're seeing there is the particulate matter from industrial smoke and other things going into the atmosphere being trapped in the lower layer. the forecast tomorrow, yellows are 70s. look at all those. that's a lot. if you get south down to san benito you will see a little bit of orange. that's big. tomorrow is another warm day. that's for wednesday. thursday clouds start to increase. temperatures drop off. by friday, this area here weak as it be might bring us a few sprinkles but not a big deal. here's how it goes. what you will notice after storm, it'll be a cooling trend with clouds maybe some drizzle, maybe a sprinkle. don't change any plans. overnight lows it's been kind of mild. still frost showing up. but patchy frost. forecast highs tomorrow. 67 in oak -- oakland.
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pretty warm. 70 in gilroy, 73, 74 near livermore. the five day forecast with your weekend always in view. that forecast is on friday. we have real rain showing up around the 17th of january with potential for multiple storms. so that would be great. enjoy the weather while it lasts. some where around the 15th and 17th it should light up again. some new technology showing up at the consumer show. including one that will track your children. there are concerns about privacy being raised tonight by people who they say they longed on to the covered california website to check out insurance coverage. >> i think it's bad that it can get out any where. >> reporter: the personal information being given out by the state and it's completely
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it isn't just fitness gear that is grabbing attention. check out the basketball with a sensor. and an app that tells you to dribble faster. also there's a patch for an infant that sends the baby's temperature to an app. also this dead bolt that allows
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you to open a door with a finger. today's sony ceo broke his silence about the hacking scandal that affected his comedy "the interview." >> freedom of expression; freedom of association. those are very important bloodlines of sony and our entertainment business. >> you will remember sony was criticized for canceling the release of the interview. the film is now showing at independent movie theaters and online. a siri malfunction is being blamed for the cancellation of this morning's space x rocket launch. the launch was cancelled one minute before the unmanned falcon rocket was supposed to blast off to take supplys to the international space station. space x chief elam musk says the steering mechanism was behaving strangely. a relaunch could happen as soon
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as friday. u.s. skiers racing in tonight's race honored two of their teammates that died in an avalanche. the american flag at the finish line was also lowered to half staff and there was a moment of silence. 20-year-old ronny berlack and price astel were a part of the u.s. development ski team. they were killed in an avalanche yesterday near the team's ski base. two men are now in custody after getting into a shoot out with two police officers. five officers were responding to an armed robbery in the bronx last night. the injured officers are in stable condition. this incident follows the fatal shooting of two police officers in brooklyn as they were sitting in their patrol car last month. two members of a south bay
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police department are back at home tonight after going to new york to honor the fallen new york police officers. two of its officers were among the thousands who were flown to new york for the funeral just a few days before christmas, officer liu and his partner were shot and killed in an ambush. we spoke to police officer steven silver about the service. >> just seeing the members of his precinct as they were going by and the looks on their face and feeling their pain, but then looking out at the same time and seeing the amount of support and you know, you can see pain but you could see relief as well. >> officer selburg tells us the nypd officers were grateful for the support the department has been receiving from fellow officers and citizens all akr- sz the nation. several other bay area departments also attended the service. 50 pounds of meth and nearly a quarter of a million dollars in cash. the canine named zeus that found all of that and the
5:26 pm
secret compartment where they were found. and a unique bridge requires a special design. the modifications crews had to make to these special zipper trucks before they could work. >> and it's baseball's highest honor, the home grown ballplayer now in the hall of fame. and the famous giant's player who has been rejected for a third time. as a business owner, you kind of are at work all the time. i'm driving all over the place climbing up ladders. accidents happen all the time. i need to take care of myself, as well as take care of my business. and now i can do both, with health coverage. (vo) at jennie-o, we heard of a place in iowa where every thursday people ride ten miles for tacos. we thought we'd show up and surprise them with a better kind of taco, made with jennie-o ground turkey, cooked thoroughly to 165. (mom) i'd feed my kids turkey tacos over regular tacos any day. (woman) i think that they're light and they're just fresh tasting. (vo) it's time for a better taco.
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so it's never happened before, the golden gate bridge will be closed for the entire weekend so that a movable median barrier can be installed. the bridge will close on friday at midnight. the new barrier is designed to prevent potentially deadly head on collisions. >> tom vacar now in san francisco with an up close look at all the equipment that's going to make it all possible. >> reporter: like this, they're affectionally known as zipper trucks. they move the life saving movable barrier according to traffic dictates. those zipper trucks have lifted median barriers throughout the nation for years. the barrier here is a mere 1 foot wide. each of the 3,500 steel
5:30 pm
concrete built sections weighing more than 1,500 pounds. it is the dead weight of the 2,600 pounds barrier that will prevent lane cross overs. >> since 1962 the only thing separates north bound from southbound traffic on the golden gate bridge has been a plastic pylon built into the roadway every 25 feet. >> reporter: in the 52 years the crews have layed cones, they've picked them up and layed them down 7,200 times but now this changes everything. >> the operators will be able to place those barriers to plus half or minus an inch of where they're supposed to be on the roadway. >> reporter: the barrier will shove less than 3 feet into the oncoming lane. though the opposing driver may have a small side impact with the protruding barrier no serious head on collision
5:31 pm
should ensue. nonetheless, a freak accident could occur. >> this is still a lesser problem than not having this barrier. >> reporter: on the golden gate, the barrier will be transferred one lane over 10 feet by one of two 30-ton million and a half zipper trucks monday at the latest. >> if everything goes on schedule, and we can open sooner we will. >> reporter: the barrier is easy to install. most of the weekend will be consumed with restriping of the lanes meaning that coming on monday how you approach the bridge will be very different than it is you know it now. so mind that. chris. back to you. >> tom vacar at the golden gate bridge tonight. tom, thank you. a missing 16-year-old girl from richmond has been found. last night her family told us they hadn 't seen her since new year's day. belinda carson was found last night in san francisco. she may have been with a man who was refusing to allow her to go home. carson's family told us that
5:32 pm
she tried to reach out to a friend last week on facebook writing that she was scared and trying to come home. the richmond police department is now investigating her disappearance. the newest members of the baseball hall of fame were announced today among them pitcher randy johnson who grew up in livermore. a sports director mark ibanez is here and barry bonds again was not voted in. >> it's like that old song, i hear you knocking but you can't come in. some of those suspected drug users of that era were rejected again. we have four new members to cooperstown. randy johnson is the lead off man. the pride of livermore high school or the big unit as he was known. winner of five cy young awards. a world series title as well. and i tell you just a boat load of strike out records. johnson will be joined in the
5:33 pm
hall this year by pedro martinez, three cy young awards for him. john smoltz who not only had 200 wins as a starter but saved 250 games as the great closer with the braves for the most part along with them come infielder craig vizio. but randy johnson gets 97.3% of the vote and he is quite honored by it all. >> and now we're at this day where i got the call and i'm so appreciative and honored. i never joined a fraternity in college and now i'm amongst one of the coolest in the world. for me it is a little uncomfortable sitting here talking about the hall of fame. but i'm exstatic and very humble and proud. >> all right, and they are they are. the forbidden four. great statistics during their
5:34 pm
career. roger brown, mcguire, sosa you would say no doubt about it. they're going to the hall of fame. roger brown is topping the list because he played here. you need 75%. there was his third year of eligibility. so he's not making a whole lot of progress toward getting into the hall of fame. and doesn't look exactly rose -- rosy for his chances on the vote. >> let me put you on the spot. if you lad a vote would you vote bonds, mcguire or sosa. >> there's folks now a little self-righteous. we all knew covering the teams like i did and a lot of other writers who have a case of absolutely not. they will not go into the hall
5:35 pm
of fame. i vote barry bonds into the hall of fame and roger clemens because i think they were hall of fame type players before they started taking steroids which is obviously never been proven that they did. the performance enhancers. but i think barry bonds belongs in the hall of fame and i think roger clemens does. the other two, sosa i don't think they were hall of fame material. >> and randy johnson looks great. >> that's what livermore will do for you. he went to the other high school but still, i claim him. the lawsuit got to green light against redwood city based electronic arts. the ninth circuit court of appeals cleared the way for former nfl player to sue electronic art for using their avatar and images on the madden
5:36 pm
game. some former players claim the popular maddenn nfl game used their likeness without their permission. electronic arts did not have an immediate reaction. what zeuz discovered during a traffic stop hidden in a secret compartment. what one local team say it is voting age should be 16 and some people in city hall might be agreeing with him. plus the bay area man trying to free clap -- free climb, look at that, one of the toughest rock climbing walls in the world. and we talk to an expert about his chances to getting to the top.
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two big finds for a canine officer. he sniffed out a quarter million dollars in cash that was hidden in a secret compartment in a car. zeuz is part of the enforcement team as you can see in this picture seems to be pretty pleased with his discovery. a san jose city council member has announced his support for the addition of toll lanes. valley transit authorities considering adding toll lanes on highway 85 with the idea that it would speed up the commute around san jose. councilman johnny camma says he wants to see two of the four lane become toll and high occupancy lanes. he says there is so much growth in silican valley that action
5:39 pm
is needed now for the future. >> we're building 3,000 new units out of cato road. we're building 2,200 units right on 85 and 87. the apple campus should be open in 2016 which should be bringing in thousands of new jobs. >> reporter: cammas noted that highway 287 and 80 already have toll lanes. plans are also being considered for highway 101. a bay area woman who fought the fda for an experimental drug for a brain tumor has died. cozart-lauser struggled to obtain access for the treatment for an inoperable treatment for her brain tumor. she was eventually given access but her family says it was too late. cuomo's casket was carried
5:40 pm
to the catholic church. he was a key liberal figure during his terms of governor during the 1980s and 90s. his son the current governor of new york andrew cuomo delivered an emotional eulogy recalling how his father -- it's far less than the 10 years the prosecutors initially asked for. after the sentencing, mcdonald apologized. >> some of the judgments that i have made during the course of my governorship pertaining myself, my family and my beloved people of virginia for
5:41 pm
that i'm deeply sorry. >> a judge found him and his wife guilty. barring any delay from an appeal, mcdonald will head to prison on february 9. his wife will learn her sentence next month. a man trying to free climb one of the toughest walls in the city. why one local teenager wants to lower the age for voting. >> we can see the poor atmosphere out there right now at sunset. temperatures will warm to near record. how warm is it going to get in your backyard. see you back here.
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it's never been done before. look at that picture. the two young men are now hoping to free climb the dawn wall on el capitan. for those outside the climbing world you might be wondering what exactly does that mean? well free climbing means essentially climbing without aid. basically you only have a rope to catch you if you fall and they usually do at some point. el capitan is in yosemite and is a towering 3,000 feet and the dawn wall has been called the hardest rock climb any where in the world. ktvu's claudine wong now with more on the bay area man who's one of those two climbers trying to make it to the top. >> reporter: the pictures alone can leave you speechless. el cap to the best of -- el
5:45 pm
capitan rises 3,000 feet. and the hardest climbs is right up the dawn wall. >> it would be the hardest climbs in the world if they complete it. i think there's really just a lot of excitement about it. >> reporter: kevin jorgenson. >> he's a super natural athlete. >> reporter: are both attempting to free climb the dawn wall which means they are doing it with only ropes to catch them if and when they fall. that's never been done before. members of the vertex climbing center in santa rosa are watching it all very closely. >> he's a very humble guy. he's a relevantly nice guy. >> reporter: jergenson fell in love with climbing there when he was just 14 years old and he's still a familiar face. >> i saw him in here probably two weeks ago. he was around. >> reporter: right before he -- >> right before he left he was here. yeah. he was here and he'll be back right when he's done i'm sure. >> reporter: there's a lot of work to be done before he's
5:46 pm
done. through twitter and facebook we have watched their ascend. peaking in on unbelievable views. and the toll the climbing taking. >> kind of crazy they're stuck on little ledges on the side of the wall that you know if they're taking rest, they need to rest their skin. what do you do up there? watch a netflix or something? >> yes that's apparently what happens on rest day. >> it's relatively easily compared to the pitches they're on right now. yeah i think there's a lot of excitement because you know people didn't probably didn't think that kevin would you know get as far as they are now. all of a sudden this could be the push. >> reporter: there's still a lot of climbing to go ahead. but if they get to the top, jergenson said we will celebrate with friends and family at the top of the wall and wouldn't that be a sight to see. claudine wong, ktvu two news. >> what do you say?
5:47 pm
>> wow. >> holy cow. >> wow. super wow. >> can you imagine sleeping. >> i can't even imagine doing anything like that. >> i asked about aren't they freezing up there and he said it's actually not that bad. >> it's pretty cold but they actually planned this exactly. they know exactly what they're doing. they found this two week window to climb. because imagine climbing with a wet face. i don't know the guy that is set up the climb the meteorologists but i know that's exactly what they did. they picked the perfect period to do that. any kind of ice on that face or moisture would make it slippery. it's hard to imagine. >> that takes nerves of steel. >> it does. and those guys are built different. they are just wiry. they can just, spider man up that. >> exactly.
5:48 pm
>> so outside right now. we have a pretty nice night. it's kind of mild around here. temperatures will be in the 40s, upper 30s. there's the approach to the bay bridge. those red lights you see are going toward san francisco. the white lights are going toward sacramento. up toward emeryville. that is emeryville actually. this is from our emeryville camera. boy that traffic i can tell you right now northbound is going pretty slow there into the city. it's moving not too bad right. so as far as traffic the next couple of days, we're not going to see any fog or issues with weather that could be a problem with that. but we will see continued very warm conditions. i told you about that 78, 78 degrees today in santa cruz. that tied the record down there which is interesting. i can't imagine being -- that's pretty warm for january. 62 in vallejo. 68 in fairfield. tomorrow's highs just like these. tomorrow is going to be another nice day. it's interesting to me. i can understand what's
5:49 pm
happening. look at these areas, 68 in fairfield and 62 in concord. 66 in morgan hill but just 63 in mountain view. topography going to be playing into that. because you're sinking and certain areas will get into that. without that we have the plume coming our way. we've got dry conditions in the forecast. 61 right now in concord. 58 in napa. and then the wind conditions are still kind of coming out of the east which is like see napa that's due east. fairfield. that's the direction that lets us know there's a high pressure and it's air generally sinking. the main wind out of livermore is easterly. you see that wind as westerly. even this time of year you're going to see a westerly wind there. this fair weather pattern with air sinking has a tendency to
5:50 pm
go up. that's compression, that's what's happening to the air molecules they're being pressed together and they're heating themselves up. as the air compresses and sinking with those easterly winds you're going to see yellows which are 70s. we're going to see lots of upper 60s and 70s. clouds increase and then we go back to the drive. everything is up here. the long range models look at though they want to bring us significant rain and fingers crossed. significant rain on the 17th of january. looks like more than a one shot deal. if it comes together it could be a really good rain producer for us. let's keep our fingers crossed for that. in the meantime enjoy what northern california has to offer. >> 78 degrees. >> two degrees off 80. that's nutty. >> hope we get that rain in january. when i come back we will go looking in the long range forecast. a community meeting is about to get under way this
5:51 pm
evening for people who live in two redwood city trailer park that is were flooded in last month's storms. the city will host the meeting to inform residents what type of assistance is available. the meeting is scheduled for 7:00 tonight at the fair oaks community center in redwood city on middlefield road. when you think about the danger of bing drinking or alcohol poisoning you probably think it's mainly young people who are affected. but there are surprising new details from the cdc about alcohol poisoning deaths. the one group of americans who are dying from alcohol poisoning at an alarming rate. >> one woman wanted to sign up for health insurance so she logged on to the covered california website. >> i put my phone number and all my information on the covered california site in my account. >> then that information got shared with someone else. we'll tell you why the state says it's completely legal. >> and taking stock of the state's efforts to conserve. we'll tell you who's doing a great job and where californians are still using
5:52 pm
more water than they should. these stories and much more coming up at 6:00.
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kfc. we're getting our first look at the man accused of setting a string of fires over the holidays in san jose. the santa clara sheriff officer says joseph gellian faces several counts of arson.
5:55 pm
from december 22nd to 30th as many as eight cars were set on fire along the border of san jose and campbell. but since gellian's arrest there have been no cars set on fire in that area. right now the legal voting age is 18. but joshua cardenas offered a resolution that asking the mayor and council to lower that age to 16. cardena says he turned 18 two weeks after the vote and was not allowed to vote. six people on average die every day from alcohol poisoning. a new report from the cdc says it's not the people you might expect. college students are those identified as alcoholics. rob roth shows us who is most at risk when it comes to
5:56 pm
alcohol poisoning. >> reporter: mike ferrara says he enjoys his vodka at his favorite bar but does not consider himself a bing drinker. >> i don't overdo it. not according to me. if you ask me wife you might get a different story. >> reporter: an average of six people die every day in the united states of alcohol poisoning. and 3/4 of those deaths are not bing drinking college students but men between the ages of 35 and 64 years old. >> i'm not terribly surprised. >> reporter: psychologists abbie medcalf treats alcoholics. she says bing drinking is not uncommon among middle-aged men. >> when you don't have tolerance. when you're not drinking every day, you don't know what is too much. >> reporter: four for a woman in two hours. it can affect the heart rate,
5:57 pm
cause severe dehydration and in some cases alcohol poisoning. the effects can come on quickly. >> one of the big protective factors is to have people with you who are watching who are going to help you. and obviously who are going to get you help if that's needed. >> two to the bar and you're not there necessarily to drink. you're there to have fun and be with friends. but drinking comes along with that. >> reporter: the cdc says if bing drinking can somehow be eliminated the number of deaths from alcohol poisoning could be dramatically reduced. in el cerrito, rob roth, ktvu news. petco says it has taken chinese made treats for dogs and cats off the shelves because of concerns that they're making animals sick. the fda has received more than 4,800 complaints that chinese made jerry and raw hide treats has sickened and in some cases killed pets. petco is the first national
5:58 pm
retailer to stop selling the treats. petsmart says it will have those treats off the shelves by march. new privacy concerns about the covered california website. why the state says giving away some of your information is perfectly legal. >> hazmat teams swarm a home in the east bay. we're talking to investigators about what they found inside that prompted the dramatic response. the pieces of a new barrier are ready to go up on the bay bridge. we'll talk to an expert on what many consider a long overdue safety measure. concerns are being raised tonight about people's privacy after we learned some personal information is being given away by covered california. good evening i'm gasia mikaelian in tonight for julie haener. >> and i'm frank somerville. the deadline to enroll through covered california health care exchange is a little more than
5:59 pm
a month away. john fowler is here with a bay area woman who says she struggled with privacy issues after she tried to get coverage. john. >> that's right frank. when it comes to privacy of course not is more precious than your personal health information. 26-year-old artisan marketing rep geseau says she lost her privacy searching for health coverage. >> i think it's scary it can get out any where. >> reporter: she says she went to the covered california website last month. >> i put my phone number and all my information in my covered california account. >> reporter: and got a phone call the next day. >> i talked to someone. decided i wasn't going to go with them. i didn't need their help. i didn't call anyone else or pursue any other health insurance after that. >> reporter: a week later she says more calls. >>
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