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tv   Mornings on 2  FOX  January 7, 2015 7:00am-9:00am PST

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developing news of a deadly terrorist attack in france. what authorities are saying about hooded gunmen who stormed the offices of a newspaper in paris. >> reporter: we're live in pacifica where a deadly car crash has shut town a major thoroughfare during the morning commute. we'll let you know what investigators are telling us. and a fight over storage units in napa after the earthquake in august. why some tenants think they will never see their property again. "mornings on 2" starts right now. 7:00. we're live in pacifica at the scene of a deadly crash. coming up in two minutes, tara moriarty will tell us what happened and also how it's impacting traffic this morning.
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good morning. welcome to "mornings on 2." it's wednesday, january 7th. >> morning. >> morning. >> it's a busy morning. let's talk about weather and traffic. steve is saying some people are cold. some are hot. it's just -- >> it depends on the elevation. some of the higher elevations in the mid-60s at the surface. there is a lot of 30s and 40s. after everything is said an done it will be warm, very warm for some, around capitola. 30 degrees. there's a decent breeze for some. above the caldecott, a few locations, san francisco, pacifica, daly city. it will be sunny for all. the coast looks fabulous. 30s, 40s, 50s on the temps. already some areas 30, 40s. if you are in the higher elevations, 50, 60. petaluma, 36, sebastopol is in
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the 30s. windsor, lakeport. alamo in the 30s. you get in the higher elevations, it's brees breaz ans upper 50s and 60s -- it's breeze and upper 50s and 60s. we're looking for sunshine and warm temps for us. wind whyy for some. yesterday santa cruz was 78. i'm going 77 today. 60s for everybody. here's sal with an update on what started and got busy. the general commute is slower. but a section of skyline is closed after a deadly crash early this morning. and ktvu channel 2 reporter tara moriarty is there and said the investigation could take several more hours. tara? >> reporter: yeah. detectives just arrived on scene. we're still waiting for the cornry -- coroner. we're not sure if this accident happened because of excessive speed or drunk driving or both. that's what investigators are
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trying to figure out. we're on skyline boulevard right at king drive where the morning commute has just started to begin. you can see that things are really picking up here. police say that the driver inside a black mercedes was killed around 4:00 this morning after hitting a sign and a light pole. skyline is blocked off at -- in both directions from king to manor. we are right on the po border of daly city and pacifica. we will saw fire trucks leading just as we were arriving and heard reports that the vehicle was on fire. we know that officers are challenged in determining the identity of the victim. that's because the car has paper plates and items inside the car were burned. if you live in this area and you need to head north, you can take westborough to 280 or callen boulevard or if you are headed in the southbound direction headache king to -- take king to callen. we're waiting for the captain to arrive to get more
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information and pass it along to you. that's the latest from here. pack to you, sal -- back to you, sal. >> we're still following the rest of the morning commute. i've checked in with b.a.r.t. and caltrain. they are doing well. those systems are doing well. as you look at the commute on 8880 in -- 880 in both directions, we're looking nice. it does bet busy in san leandro. westbound bay bridge, the traffic here does look pretty good as you drive through. until you get to the toll plaza, but i can already tell it is a little better than it normally is. we've had slightly better conditions on the bay bridge this week. i think that next week everybody will be back. believe it or not, some people still have this week off, surrounding the holiday. 880 southbound from 238 as i mentioned, you can see the road sensors slowing down from about the san leandro area all the way to fremont. the time 7:04. back to the desk. >> thank you, sal. we continue to follow the
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developing news from paris, france this morning of a terrorist attack at a magazine. at least 12 people are dead. brian flores is in the newsroom with the latest developments and also what we're learning about the gunman -- about the gunmen. there were three, right? >> yes. we still don't know who they are. but the manhunt is on for the three gunmen responsible. 12 people dead. four others injured on what is believed to be a targeted attack on a french satirical magazine. they had a three stun guns and possibly a rocket launcher as they stormed the charlie hebdo this morning. witnesses say the gunmen knew where they were going and were calling out the names of the people who worked at the magazine. the country's alert level is at the highest level possible. still, though, many unanswered questions like who the gunmen are and the exact number of those killed. we hope to have updated
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numbers. we also understand through the a.p. that the editor in chief, a cartoonist and two police officers are among those killed. there's the strong reaction through the world this morning about the attack. >> we need to find them. they must be arrested and brought before judges and condemned as quickly as possible. france is shocked today, shock of an attack, terrorist attack. no doubt about that. >> we've worked closely with the french in this effort to destroy i -- isil. we are confident that the people of france will not be cowed by this act of violence. >> reporter: now earlier today, they tweeted out a cartoon about the leader of isis. now, again it remains unclear who is behind the attack.
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so far no person or group is claiming responsibility. but this terror alert is having a trickle-down effect. solders are now guarding many public places, including the eiffel tower. this is the deadliest attack to hit france in 20 years. tori, back to you. >> brian, i've communicated with a good friend of mine who lives in paris. she said they are putting police everywhere and they are in a vigilance plan. i think everyone in paris is on edge today. >> yes. >> we're keep an eye on the story and you will give us an update next hour. thank you. >> sure. b.a.r.t. police are looking for the person or persons who shot a man last night in the parking lot of the san leandro bayfair b.a.r.t. station. police say a man in his 20s was shot in the west parking lot hesperian boulevard after 10:00 last night. there were reports of three shots fired by as many as two people. the victim was hit in the chest. he was rushed to the hospital and is in stable condition.
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police have not yet released any information on the suspect, suspects or a motive in the shooting. happening now, oakland fire crews are at the scene of a two- alarm house fire at 76th avenue near ruddsdale street about a block from spwvl boulevard. international boulevard. you we're hold the house was engulfed in flames when firefighters got there. we're also seeing reports of multiple powers lines. our crew is on the scene. they tell us it appears the home is abandoned. police discovered a marijuana grow in an updale part of san marrone. hazmat team was called out because police worried bu cane canny sters used to process the pot might blow up. police found the marijuana in a home on henry lane yesterday. they arrested a 31-year-old man who lived there with his parents. he is suspected of operating a drug lab in an in-law unit in
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the garage. >> devices were fairly sophisticated. there were fight a queue -- few. i would consider tlr a fairly sophisticated operation they had gone. >> the hazmat team safely blocked off the neighborhood. police found grow lights and other equipment in the garage. the man is being held at the martinez jail. he's being held without bail because of a probation violation. san mateo county sheriff's investigators searching for a man who attacked a woman on monday. officials say she was jogging on valencia in millbrae around 10:00 a.m. on monday. she said the man came up behind her and pulled down her running shorts and he ran away. that suspect is described as 5'9", 180 pounds. now his race is not known. but he was wearing jeans, a heavy brown jacket and had a burlap cloth over eshis head
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and face -- over his head and face. the department of motor vehicleses released new numbers of driver's licenses by undocumented immigrants. between friday and monday, more than 46,000 people applied for the licenses under the new state law. 54% who took the test in english passed the first day and 36% passed the spanish test. the dmv says a total of 970 of these driver's licenses have been issued so far. apple's new campus is beginning to take shape. this is the view taken from a drone and posted on youtube. the apple campus 2 in cupertino is called the space ship. about 13,000 employees will work there when it opens. apple said it will be the most advanced environmentally friendly building in the world. it was the vision of the late apple co-founder steve jobs. it was one of the last things he pushed for to make happen before he passed away. >> it's becoming that space ship before our eyes.
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>> yes. new details coming in about the man killed in a confrontation with san francisco police over the weekend. coming up at 7:30, the disturbing text messages the man sent to a police officer in another state almost a year ago. but first, skydivers forced to evacuate their troubled plane. what happened moments after they jumped out. we're looking at a commute that is still a little bit tough in some areas, especially in the east bay. if you are driving into san francisco, not that bad right now. we'll take a look at the bay bridge when we come back. we're looking at weather that's just
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s. the indonesia government released these photos of the tail section of airasia flight 8501. this discovery is critical in helping to determine what caused the plane with 162 people on board to go down in the java sea a week and a half ago. that's because the two black boxes with cockpit voice and flight data recorders are located in the tail section. search teams have also found another body bringing the total number recovered to 40. all 13 people on board a
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skydiving plane in new zealand survived after the plane suffered engine failure over a lake today. it happened over the lake south of okayland in -- on new zealand's north island. the plane full of skydivers began to stall over et weekend. since everybody on board had their pair ray chew chutes -- parachutes on, they were able to jump and then -- >> heard a big bang. it flew up before it hit the water. >> all 13 people on board, including the pilot, made it to the ground safely and without any major injuries. 7:14. a bay area woman warning about privacy problems she's had ever since she made contact with the covered california hearth insurance exchange. danielle said the problem began when she started the signup process.
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she included her phone number with her online information but never gave that permission for that number to be shared. she later decided not to join the health exchange but she said she started to get dozens of calls from insurance companies around the country. a company in ohio told her how it got her number. >> i asked them if they could take me off the list and they said yes, but covered california said it sold my number already. >> covered california said it did share numbers of those who did not finish signing up but insists it didn't violate privacy laws. harry reid speaking out about the freak accident that kept him from being at the opening of the new congress. >> i didn't go bull riding. i wasn't riding a motorcycle. i was exercising in my new home. the doctors have told me i
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better take it easy. >> looked like he was in a bad fight. >> yeah. >> he used to be a boxer. no, i didn't get a black eye in the ring. he's using an exercise band during a workout. it broke and knocked him across the room. it broke several bones in his face and three ribs. >> looks painful? we're hearing from a woman who is peaking praised for thinking outside of the box and very likely safe ising the life of an injured hiker. ryan was hiking with his sons when he fell 150 feet. his 11-year-old son called 911. but the known cut off before he could say where they were located. the only clue dispatchers had was the call connected with the cell phone tower near vacaville. that's when the dispatcher trainee brianna martinez, did an internet search on the hiker's game and came across a linked-in account. then using the photo on that account, she made a match on
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took took. >> searched myself. i scrolled down. the very first post was a picture of his two sons and then behind them was the lake, lake berryessa. it just said hiking the blue ridge trail today. >> using that information, rescuers were able to find an airlift pritchard out of the canyon just before sunset. he had several fractured bones, a head injury and a broken jaw from the fall. it seems that the start of a new year is a busy tame for divorce -- time for divorce lawyers. some call the first monday of the year divorce monday. many couples agree to stay together until the new year so they don't break up families over the holidayses. and online dating services of see a big surge after the new year. and take a look at this check.
7:18 am
harold hamm said this check in hopes of settling a divorce with his wife. it's just under $the 75 million -- it's just under $975 million. his ex has rejected the check and filed an appeal saying she's entitled to more. hamm filed an appeal saying with the dramatic drop in priceses, the company's value has taken a hit. which is crew. >> take that check back. >> 7:18. let's check traffic right now. sal, you've been busy this morning. >> i have been. one of the things we've been watching is just the incremental buildup in the traffic getting across the bay. if you are trying to get into san francisco, once you get there, it looks okay. southbound 101, we did have a crash near candlestick park reported just recently. it sound like it's already on the shoulder but you might want to watch out for it. 280 and 101 are both open.
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if you are trying to get into san francisco from the east bay, you are going to see a backup at the bay bridge for about 20 minutes or so and then just another five or ten into san francisco. livermore valley, a lot of the road sensors showing showing coming into the main part of livermore and then 680 is slow from the dublin grade in pockets down to the sunol grade. want to remind you that skyline boulevard in san mateo county is still closed in daly city/pacifica border right at king drive because of a deadly collision. you might want to think about using some of the side roads like kellen instead. we're talking about the south bay. traffic is slow on 85 and 101 and 280 but nothing out of the ordinary as you head into the west valley. today's gonna be a nice day. let's go to steve for the forecast. >> it is indeed, sal. a little cold for some right now. very warm for others. that very warm is in the higher elevations. some patchy fog out there but overall, it's clear, cold.
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it will be sunny and warm for everybody. warmer, though, especially for the peninsula, santa clara valley and also towards santa cruz. spare-the-air day. if you get the breeze, the air qualny is better. there is an okay breeze coming off the berkeley hills. a few locations, pacifica, daly city. moderate to a few areas that are unhealthy. overall, it will be clear. watch this system out and it bows out. that's because it has no place to go except north. 30s, 40s and 50s on the temp. any breeze means the temp is up. scotts valley, one location was 67 degrees at 1200 feet yet at 400 feet, there was a 31-degree reading, there are 30s. a lot more 30s than we had a couple of days ago. 30s for menlo park. woodside. yet la honda is 35. foster city 39. you get up 1,000 feet, that's that warm layer and that traps everything. easterly breeze for both.
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not novato. south at santa rosa but that's an east-southeast for napa. easterly for concord. and a due east for fairfield. right above the comedy -- caldecott i saw 30. some areas around the outert richmond and inner richmond very breeze. the day bay the and the coast will be warm. >> the windchills -- there are windchill advisories down to the gulf coast. the windchill in new orleans will be 14. the low in pen saw co lay, florida will be 21. new york city will be 6. you can see it right there. down to houston, they are talking about temperatures in the 20s. 24, 28. that's at tahoe and reno. 50s, monterey, l.a. and san diego. this will be the warmest day of
7:22 am
the week. have the cool lows, cold lows. patchy fog. today is the warmest day. it will be nice tomorrow. it will bring temperatures down a wee bit. sunny, warm, windy for a few. 70s for a couple of locationser locationser -- locations here. morgan hill, gilroy and yes, santa cruz at 77 warm degrees. cloud, cooler. >> i know. >> can you believe that? i know. another ten days or so until rain? >> it kind of looks like it. but the rain will return. >> it will? >> that's my story. >> thank you, steve. 7:22. well, would you like ketchup with the fries? in 20 minutes, how you can get both of flavors in one plant. and coming up next, new research on people dying from drinking alcohol. who is most at risk of dying
7:23 am
from binge drinking. this may surprise you.
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this morning the fbi is questioning hundred of patients at a texas veterans hospital who may have witnessed a deadly shooting. investigators say yesterday a gunman shot and killed a doctor at fort bliss in el paso, then killed himself. the military has not identified either the doctor or the gunman. the shooting triggered a lotdown at the clinic and an adjacent hospital. today the clinic will remain closed. the fbi has identified a potential person of interest in connection with an explosion near an naacp chapter in colorado springs, colorado. the bomb blew up but becaused minor damage. a gas can was placed next to the explosive but did not ignite. fbi agents are looking for a balding white man in his 40s who left the scene in a dirty pickup truck. but the fbi said it's too early to tell if the attack was aged specifically at the naacp
7:26 am
because the civil rights organization shares the building with several other businesses. drinking alcohol kills six americans every day or more than 2,000 every year. according to a new report by the centers for disease control, binge drinking, that causes most alcohol-related deaths. it may surprise you mostcations don't involve -- most cases don't involve college-aged adults. it's middle-aged men most at risk, those between the ages of 35 and 64. >> the experts say a binge is defined at five drinks for a man, four for a women within two hours. it can affect the heart rate and body pressure as well as cause severe dehydration, even alcohol poisoning. 7:27. what's next for jean quan? we have a we have a couple of
7:27 am
hints. and how much of her own money she spent on her losing campaign and how it compares to the amount spent by new mayor libby schaaf. bulldog: the red tags mean save up to 40% on clearance mattresses. get up to 48 months interest-free financing on tempur-pedic. pup: i found a red tag! [laughter] bulldog: mattress discounters' year end clearance sale ends soon!
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7:30. we're live in napa at a storage facility where one of the buildings was badly damaged during the summer's earthquake. and storage tenants are now in a fight for their belongings.
7:30 am
they are trapped inside that red-tagged unit. alex savidge has been looking into the messy situation and coming up in minutes, he will tell us why some of the tenants say they feel like they are becoming victims of extortion. >> wow. >> yeah. good morning. welcome back to "mornings on 2." i'm tori campbell. >> i'm dave clark. let's talk about weather and traffic. and steve, your forecast, not only for us but around the country is just -- >> kind of all over the map. >> it's nice or little cold. >> nice tie. >> thank you. same to you. >> thank you, sir. clear skies out there. breezy -- some locations, you will find calm and then a roaring breeze. it will be sunny for everyone today. you can see why. everyone coming in as far as cloud cover gets pushed well to the west or north. clear skies, mount clair, above the caldecott, daly city, there's a good breeze. sunny for everybody. mild to warm. even some of the cooler locations will rebound from the
7:31 am
30s. 30s, 40s, 50s and 60s. very warm air aloft has settled in. that's going to translate to a warm, sunny day. petaluma is in there. windsor, sewasty toll, lakeport, angwin 60 degrees. 33 for alamo. antioch, brentwood, pittsburgh, but la fayette at 40. but the breeze again, some areas about 10, 15. generally it's an easterly breeze which means goodbye to cloud cover. and temperatures on the coast very nice. sunny and warm. windy for a few. near 70 if you can head to santa cruz. yesterday, 77 -- 78 today. we are -- sal, are you checking something there? >> i got caught. i will put the phone down. >> here he is with an update on the traffic, mr. sal castanedo. >> thank you. we're looking at the eastshore freeway. i did get off the phone with some of the transit answers.
7:32 am
we still don't have any major delays. there's still no major delays reported on muni, b.a.r.t. or caltrain. this is a look at the carquinez bridge from the carquinez bridge to the macarthur maze. 28-minute drive. when you get to the bay bridge toll plaza, you will see another 20-minute delay getting into san francisco. very typical. there haven't been any major crashes along the way. looking at the nimitz freeway, we have a lot of slow traffic here on 880 south. not that bad, though. once you get to fremont, it breaks up a little bit. there's a little bit of slow traffic as you can see on the san mateo bridge heading over to the peninsula. if you want to use 2680 instead of 101 today as you get to the peninsula, that's in slightly better shape heading south. back to the desk. >> all right. thank you. more than four months after that earthquake in napa, hundreds of people are still fighting to get back their belongings out of a badly damaged storage unit. since the quake in august,
7:33 am
access to one of the buildings at the napa self-storage on walnut creek has been prohibited. alex savidge is live to tell us more on what the tenants are being asked to do to get their own property back. >> reporter: good morning. yes, the people using this storage facility are in quite a jam, you could say. their items are essentially trapped inside the place. the building -- one of the buildings here was red tagged after the 6.0 earthquake here in name back in august and now people who rent those units, well, they are being asked to foot the bill to recover their own belongings. according to the register, the owner of self-storage say it will cost around $200,000 to safely shore up the building and remove what's inside. each tenant is being asked to pay the equivalent of a year's rent. that's as much as $2200. and the owners say if not enough tenants decide to contribute, that would be 70%
7:34 am
of them, then the building would be defollowished with all of the content -- demolished with all of the contents inside. many are frustrated and angry over what's going on. many people say this amounts to extortion. one tenant told the napa valley registrar, it's not our responsibility to make her building safe, referring to the owner. we should not have to buy our own things out of there. on top of that, there's no guarantee that the possessions will be salvageable once they are brought out. city leaders are stepping in to try to work out a plan. the city council has a final say on whether a demolition happens here. some council members believe that's a bad idea. they will hold a meeting next week that will involve city leaders here, the tenants and the owners of the storage facility to try to work out a plan. we're finding out more
7:35 am
about the man shot and killed by san francisco police officers sunday night. last night police chief greg suhr said it appears mathew hoffman wanted police to shoot hill and had been about planning the deadly confrontation for months. he confronted two officers in a parking lot and refused to leave. he showed the officers what looked to be a handgun, pulled it out and pointed it at them. the officers fired their weapons, hitting hoffman three times. now at last night's meeting, chief suhr showed a picture of hoffman's weapon. it turned out to be a pellet gun. >> i'm sure second guessing, did they miss an opportunity, should they have seen something they didn't see, and they navigated a situation after finding out it's not a real gun. >> now, hoffman's gun revealed
7:36 am
three suicide notes, including one to the officers who shot him saying they did nothing wrong. the officers a -- the suspect approached officers on three locations asking about their weapons and ammunition. police say hoffman recently moved to the bay area from connecticut. he was upset about his life including a breakup with his girlfriend. police officers in maryland are on high alert after a man walked into one of their police station with as with a loaded gun. they say the man walked in, he smelled like marijuana. they found a bullet in the chamber. they also found cocaine and marijuana. he said he was ordered by a gang to bring the gun into the police station and check out the security.
7:37 am
police say that gang has made threats against the police in the past. the fbi is joining the investigation. an east bay teacher is on paid leave after being accused of lewd acts with a student. 49-year-old joe was arrested friday evening. he's a social studies teacher at james logan high school in union city. earlier, school officials called police after learning of an inappropriate physical relationship with a female student. school officials don't believe there are other victims but are asking anyone with information on the case to contact union city police. we now know how much money jean quan spent on her failed re-election campaign for oakland mayor. according to the chronicle, her campaign report shows that she spent $112,000 of her own money on her failed run for a second term. while new oakland mayor libby schaaf spent only about $1,000 of her own money on her winning campaign. quan is expected to leave soon
7:38 am
for a european vacation. it's not known exactly what she will do when she gets back but quan has been overheard saying she's looking for a job. contra costa county supervisors will reconsider the controversial pay raise there gave to themselves last -- they gave to them themselves last year. board members have been under a lot of criticism from county employees who received small or even no raises last year. last year, a county worker turned in petitions with 40,000 signatures asking voters to overturn that pay raise for the supervisors. well, we're gonna know tomorrow whether san francisco will be the u.s. city competing for the 2024 summer olympics. san francisco is facing boston, washington, d.c., and los angeles with los angeles seen by some as the favorite. the u.s. olympic committee will meet tomorrow at the denver
7:39 am
airport. they will make a decision and then fly to the winning city on friday. the winning u.s. city will then compete with rome, berlin, and paris for the right to host the 2024 games. the bay area proposes an olympic village at candlestick point. 7:39. one of the worst commutes in the bay area is in the south bay along highway 85. a san jose city councilman says something must be done. he's joining the call to add toll lanes to east congestion. janine de la vega is live in los gatos now with opinions from drivers. what are they saying? >> reporter: well, one driver told me that what should be a 20-minute ride on highway 85 turns into an hour-long ride during commute hours on highway 85. transportation officials know it gets congested, they are considering adding a toll lane.
7:40 am
the valley transit authority said a toll lane would feed up the commute around san jose. highway 85 currently has three lanes in both directions. but city councilman supports the idea of adding a fourth lane along the stretch that runs between 87 and 280 and making it a toll lane. another idea, not adding a fourth lane and instead converting the current carpool lane to a toll lane. while some drivers supported it, others were weary. >> my concern is road construction. that's always a mess. more lanes is good. you know, having the option to pay for it if that's the only way they are gonna do it, i think it would be worth it. >> reporter: he says converting one lane to a toll wouldn't provide much congestion relief. he's aurging the vta -- urging the vta to convert a fourth lane in the project. plans are being considered for highway 101. right now, the funding for the
7:41 am
project is pending. tori? >> all right. thank you, janine. live for us in los gatos. a marijuana bust in an upscale neighborhood in san ramon. coming up in 20 minutes, the other troubling discovery made inside the home that prompted a bigger police response. it's the place to be if are into the latest technology at the consumer electronics show happening right now in las vegas. we're looking at more slow traffic and breaking news coming in that may effect your drive in the east bay. as we look at this picture of 101, you see it's just moderate getting into the west valley. we'll run that down for you. we'll tell you about the news we just found out here about a situation in richmond. well, 30s, 40s, 50s and 60s, yes. those are some of the lows depending upon your elevation. but it will be a sunny and warm day. we'll show you how warm coming up.
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7:44. san francisco police are searching for a woman they believe set fire to the house where mrs. doubtfire was filmed. the home at broadway and steiner is currently owned by a surgeon who specializes in transgender surgery. on monday, he says he had a physical confrontation with a woman, a former patient, in her 40s. he later smelled gasoline and says his door mat and garage door were on fire. police are now guarding the home in case the suspect returns. >> the fact that no one is in custody, we want to make sure that this suspect doesn't return and try to accomplish by burning the home down. >> police say they have the name of the suspect and are
7:45 am
checking the neighborhood for surveillance video. they expect to make an arrest soon. 7:45. about 3500 companies are in las vegas right now showing off the newest gadgets at this year's consumer electronics show. pam cook has the highlights. i want everything. >> i know. you see this stuff, you want it all. always known for showing off cool gadgets. one of the coolest things i've just watched, the car that bmw is calling the car that can't crash. look at that. it knows when to stop to avoid another car or if something is in the road and it knows when to swerve. >> the big show is because everything you see here, the product that you are looking at, the glimpses you are getting are a glimpse of the future. a lot of the products are about to be introduced. most of what you see. >> reporter: security is also a big scene there. they have a dead bolt that allows you to open a door with your fingertip or your phone
7:46 am
and then a small cube that sinks to your smoke alarms and lets you know through an app if they go off when you are not home. the question, who is responsible if something goes wrong and there is an accident or a technical difficulty. we're waiting to hear about that. >> it does look very cool. thank you. 7:46. it's ketchup on the top and fries on the bottom. we're talking about the tom tato. it's a new high bride plant that grows tomatoes and potatoes. the plafnlts are not genetically inneared. they are made with a technique called grafting in which tomatoes are sliced onto the potato. the tom tato plants have been available in the u.k. but they just went on sale in the u.s. the plant costs about $20 and it yields about 500 cherry tomatoes and four and a half pounds of potatoes. there's now a french fry
7:47 am
shortage at mcdonald's restaurants in venezuela. they blame the shortage on west postdockworkers for the slowing of improperty. that's the same reason they gave for the shortage in japan last month. mcdonald's in other latin- american countries are not reporting french fry shortages and burger kings in venezuela, are running ads saying we have plenty of french fries. >> serious business for me. luckily, i don't live in venezuela. >> gotta have your french fries, yeah. hey, sal, everybody behaving for you on 880? >> for the most part, we're looking at a commute where traffic is moving along relatively well. if you are driving on 880 northbound and southbound, the traffic looks good in front of the oakland coliseum.
7:48 am
you will see traffic as you drive southbound until you get to the san leandro area then you will see slow traffic on the way to fremont. when you get to the bay bridge toll plaza, it's about a 25- minute delay. in the days past we've had clearing out at about 8:15. we'll sea what happens today -- we will see what happens today. every day we get farther into 2015, you can see that the traffic is getting busier. on 80 in -- on the eastshore freeway, westbound 80 from el sobrante to richmond and into the berkeley areas it's moderate. i want to mention you should stay away from richmond corner of first and mcdonald. there is a commerce tal building on fire. the fire department is there. it's a good area to avoid. there is a lot of equipment at that intersection. here's steve with the forecast. >> you caught me. i was talking to dave. my fault. we were talking about ties.
7:49 am
mike morrison said i'm up here at opus one winery looking at mount saint st. helena, it's 31 degrees. they make pretty good one. cassie jean here a picture from crystal springs reservoir off 280 showing a little bit of steam, crystal springs reservoir. that's why i love twitter and facebook. fair the air day for some. it's not that hazy. there might be a few areas where the air qualcy is unhealthy. there's been a good breeze up in montclair, caldecott, 25 to 30. around daly city and pacifica and then a few locations. other areas it's calm. 40 os on the temps -- 40s on the temps. 48 half moon bay. i've seen 48 to 55 around half
7:50 am
moon bay. it will be clear today. it will be nice and sunny. the key is the higher elevations. you get in the santa cruz mountains, i've seen 64 to 68. scotts valley, one location was 67 at 1200 feet at 300 feet in scotts valley, it was 31. just depends. 40s for some 50s force -- for others. woodside, palo alto in the 30s. la honda is 57. foster city, 39 degrees. there is a breeze here. it's mainly a component of an easterly -- not for all, but for most it's an east breeze. at the surface, it's not that bad. but they are still 10, 15. with that east breeze coming right off the caldecott in montclair, that means downtown oakland will be sunny-side up and very nice. nice, nice. very nice. a few high clouds may zip up from the south. i will tell you, the windchill tomorrow in tampa, florida, 30. 30 in tampa. it will be 8 in mobile, alabama
7:51 am
and 13 in new orleans. you can see all the way down. that's bringing brutally cold temperatures. 30 below in chicago for the windchill. twegets in the mountains. 30s in the valley. 50s along the coast. sunshine and severe clear is the case. tiny bit of pog. more in the valley than more. tomorrow will be good. just not as warm. it will be in the 60s. there will be pockets of 60s today showing up to near 70 degrees. i should say pockets of upper 60s. sunny and warm. again, it's isolated on the breeze but for some it's downright windy. others nothing at all. 60s, low, mid- to upper. eastern solano, contra costa county and the warmest temperatures will be near santa cruz and santa clara valley. pretty good on thursday. then it will be cooler with clouds heading into the weekend. it's kind of -- the big news story right now are the -- the weather stories, nothing going
7:52 am
on. >> not here. >> thank you. eight minutes before 8:00. eerie underwater images of -- teary of the plane in the java sea.
7:53 am
7:54 am
7:55 am
hackers hit the witnesses of the german government, including chancellor angela merkel. a pro-russian group is claiming responsibility. the group said it took down the
7:56 am
sites. ukrainian leaders are scheduled to meet with german leaders later today. governor brown says he's confident california's high- speed rail system will get built. >> speed rail links us from the past to the future, from the south to fresno and north. this is truly a california project bringing us together today. [ applause ] >> the governor attended a ceremonial groundbreaking ceremony yesterday in fresno at the site of a planned bullet train station. 30 years after the rail was first proned, linking san francisco with los angeles, construction is slowly getting underway. but critics of the $68 billion project protested at the groundbreaking. >> for the entire system, including sacramento, and san diego, now it's $68 billion from san francisco to leaks. and they -- to los angeles and
7:57 am
they are using commuter ends. >> the bullet train is protected to make the trip from san francisco to los angeles in under three years. 7:57. still ahead, 12 people killed today in what's being called the deadliest terror attack in france in at least two decades. up next, a new clue it was discovered as the investigation goes on into the mass shooting inside the officer -- offices of a satirical magazine we're looking at the approaches to the bridges right now. up can see that traffic is going to be a little bit slow trying to drive west into marin county out of richmond. we'll tell you more about the bay bridge and the san mateo bridge as well.
7:58 am
for most of the country, it's cold all the way down to florida by tonight and tomorrow. here it will be sunny and warm. i will show you how warm.
7:59 am
welcome back. these roo live -- these are
8:00 am
live pictures. this is the scene of an deadly crash. the wreckage still out there. coming up in it two minutes, tara moriarty, who has been out there for hours, she will tell you what happened and how traffic in that area is affected. the latest on the investigation as well. >> good morning. thank you for joining us. welcome to "mornings on 2." wednesday, january 7th. i'm dave clark. >> i'm tori campbell. quick look at weather and traffic and steve, i was saying there really wasn't much of a weather story. the biggest would be the dirty air. >> we have a spare the air alert. >> i ran outside. it's cold. >> still cold? >> it's cold. >> you could be in chicago -- >> it's all relative. >> it will be 30 below. 30s for us. 40s, 50s, 60s, some. higher elevations. sunny and warm will be the end result. a little cooler but nice. there will be a few high clowptdz. we'll get more in the way of clouds and cooler temps. i
8:01 am
see clear. that's it. a little breeze. oakland, berkeley hills. daly city, pacifica, maybe around san francisco, a couple of locations. sunny for everybody. it will be mild to warm. 30s, 40s and 50 already. if you get a breeze and yeah, angwin, 1700 feet. 60 degrees. still 30s, sebastopol. lakeport is in there. cal little so ga. that's above. that's not in tine. there you see still outer richmond, getting gusts at 14 miles an hour. due east. it means it's a nice day by the coast. it's really nice if you are around santa cruz, capitola. a lot of 60s and a few soft 70s, sal, in january. >> absolutely. like that weather. we are gina switch gears and go to a very serious crash -- gonna switch gears and go to a very serious crash. sky rhine at king is -- skyline at king is closed because of a deadly crash that happened
8:02 am
overnight. tara moriarty is live on the scene and she has new details on what happened. tara? >> reporter: definitely. traffic is starting to back up now that the morning commute is in effect. if you take a look down at skyline, you can see that traffic extends as far as we can see. it's also backed up a little bit here on king but not too bad. a lot of folks taking detours through callen in order to get to 280 which is backed up in the southbound direction. you can see here that investigators are taking a good look at this car. they are trying to figure out whether this was a case of excessive speed, drunk driving or both. we're on highway 35. sky tlin boulevard at kingive -- skyline boulevard at king drive. police say the driver inside a black mercedes was killed around 4:00 after hitting a sign and a light pole. we're on the border of daly city and pacifica. we have heard reports that the vehicle was on fire at one
8:03 am
stage. we can see now it was pretty charred up. we know that officers are challenged in determining who the victim was. that's because the car has paper plates and items were burned. if you live in the area and you need to head north, you can take westbound to 280 or callen boulevard. if you are headed south, take king to 280 -- king to 280. no that traffic is quite backed up in both directions. plan ahead this morning. we're live in pacifica, i'm tara moriarty, back to you. >> thank you, tara. it will be a while before that is open. want to repeat that in case you missed it. let's go to the bay bridge toll plaza, the traffic is going to be a little better than it was even just 15 minutes ago. it seems to be clearing out, especially original the left- hand side of the toll plaza or
8:04 am
if you are approaching from the 880 ramp which looks pretty good. san mateo bridge westbound is a little bit slow now heading all of the way out to the foster city area. i would say the dumbarton bridge is she but not quite as bad. a lot of people are heading over to highway 101 at this hour. also looking at 80 westbound if you are driving from the richmond area into berkeley, a lot of that is going to be stop- and-go traffic. not a lot of break in that action until you get to berkeley. back to the desk. >> thank you, sal. we continue to follow developing news coming out of paris, france. a manhunt continues right now for the gunman responsible for a terrorist attack at a french satirical publication that left 12 people dead. brian flores has opinion following this story. we understand that investigators have just found a really important clue. >> they have. it remains a fluid scene in paris and throughout the entire
8:05 am
country of france. the highest terror alert remains in the country after an attack that killed 12 people and critically injured four others. want to go into new video of the possible car used by the attackers earlier today in paris. french police have recovered the car and are examining it for any shred of evidence in connection to the shooting. however, the three gunman involved, they do remain on the loose. i want to go to a still frame from a video on youtube of a gunman near a similar-looking car. you can see that on the screen. we're still working to confirm the authenticity of it. but it remains a fluid situation. the gunmen were masked and had machine guns. we are hearing they may have been armed with a rocket propelled grenade launcher as they stormed the magazine. the gunmen were calling out the names of the people would worked at the magazine. an hour before the attack, the
8:06 am
magazine tweeted out a cartoon of the isis leader. the country's alert level is at the highest level possible. we understand that the editor- in-chief, three cartoonists and three police officers that guarded the magazine are among those killed. there's strong reaction throughout the world about the attack. >> translator: we are a united country. we have to react in the right way, with firmness. but also the concern of national unity. that is my behavior, my wish throughout the coming days and weeks. >> we've worked closely with the french. to destroy isil. we are confident that the people of france won't be cowed by this terrible act of violence. >> the office of the magazine was attacked and firebombed back in 2011 after it also published cartoons of the prophet muhammad. now, to give you an idea of where the attack happened, it's not far from places in paris,
8:07 am
many terrorists are familiar with on the city's right bank. it's about a mile and a half from notre dame cathedral and two miles from the museum. no this person or group is claiming responsibility. soldiers are guarding public places. we understand that extra security is added to the french embassy in new york. we should also point out we contacted the french embassy here in san francisco to see if they've added extra security but we've not heard back. >> we'll continue to follow the story throughout the day. thank you. back here at home, san mateo county sheriff's investigators searching for a man who attacked a woman monday morning. she was out jogging around 10:00 a.m. in millbrae. she says a man came up behind her, pulled down her running shorts and ran away. the suspect is described as
8:08 am
5'9", 180 pounds. we don't know his race or ethnicity but he was wearing jeans, a heavy brown jacket, and he wore what is described as a burlap clothe over his head and face. police discovered a marijuana grow in an upscale neighborhood of san ramon. a hazmat team was called out because police worried that butane canisters used to process the pot might exploed. police found the marijuana inside a home on henry lane. they arrested a 31-year-old man who lives there with his parents. he's suspected of operating a drug lab in an in-law unit in a garage. >> the devices were fairly sophisticated. there were quite a few. i would consider it a sophisticated operation they had going. >> the hazmat team blocked off the neighborhood previously and safe live removed the butane --
8:09 am
tanks. the man is being held without jail because of a probation violation. department of motor vehicles released new information about how many applications were submitted by undocumented immigrants for drivers' licenses. between friday and monday, more than 46,000 people applied for the licenses under the new state law. 54% of those who took the driver's test in english, they passed on the first day. 36% passed the spanish test. the dmv says 970 of these special driver's licenses have been issued so far. achle's new campus is beginning to take shape. this is the view taken from a drone and posted on youtube. it's called the space ship. about 13,000 employees will work there when it evens. apple says it -- when it opens. apple says it will be the most advanced building in the world. pay up or risk losing your
8:10 am
property. a very difficult situation in napa right now for some people whose belongings are stuck in a storage building damaged in the earthquake in august. but san jose's new mayor finally sworn into office. the reason for protests, though, outside of the inauguration ceremony. we're looking at a commute that's not all that bad in the valley. you see a little bit of slowing on 280/880 interchange with 17 here. it says that way for a little bit into cupertino. we'll run down the south bay commute coming up. you may want to give mother nature a high five if you are near santa cruz. it will be 77. ♪ check this out. we have a special guest joining us this morning. vick vaughn right there. he's deejaying live for us with music from "american idol" and the music from "empire." right now you are listening to
8:11 am
"gone gone gone" from "american idol's" season.
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8:14. the indonesia government released these photos of the tail section of air air shaw flight 8501 -- airasia flight 8501. this is critical in determining what caused the plane to go down a week and a half ago in the java sea. that's because the two black boxes are located in that tail section. search teams have also found another body bringing the total number to 40. harry reid is bringing out about the freak accident that kept him from being at the opening of the new congress. >> i didn't go bull riding. i wasn't riding a motorcycle. i was exercisings in my new home. doctors have told me i better take it easy. >> on twitter, reid who once was a boxer joked he did not get the black eye in the ring. an exercise band he was using broke and basically threw him
8:15 am
across the room. etch broke several broke bones in his face and three ribs. same liccardo is excited about his new job -- sam liccardo is excited about his new job and not afraid to show it. [ applause ] >> that's mayor liccardo and my judy, the judge there. last night, the san jose native concluded his ceremony by high fiving the judge who administered the oath of office. 2,000 people at the inauguration at the center for the performing arts applauded loudly. mayor liccardo received some of the loudest applause when he talked about reimprove everything the -- improving the police shortage. >> we will compensate our police officers well for their work and rebuild america's finest police department. [ applause ] >> now, although the police union is still at odd with the mayor over the issue of pension
8:16 am
reform, he says rebuilding the police roers is a top pry -- force is a top priority. want to check in with sal and see how things are going on this hump day, wednesday. how is 24 looking? >> looks all right. westbound 24, 13-minute drive from the pleasant hill area. not too bad. you can see it here. if you are driving the other ware, there's no backup -- the other way, there's no backup. b.a.r.t. has not reported any delays. when you get to the bay bridge toll plaza, you will see it has cleared out. here it is at 8:15. 8:15, seeing a clearout, this week. i think it won't last. if you are trying to get into san francisco, that's a welcomed site. we talked about contra costa county. i want to shed a little bit light on 680 from 242 as you drive down into the alamo and danville area. it's a little bit slow as you
8:17 am
can see. if we move down part of the 880 freeway is also slow from 238 as you head down to fremont, the scene of some earlier problems on the freeway. but again a touch, not a lot, but just a touch lighter than usual still on this week after the holidays. 8:17. let's go to steve. we'll have some nice weather, i hear. >> we are indeed. better than most of the country. a little bit of a breeze for a few. if you are in on the breeze, it can be about 15, 20 miles an hour. occasionally maybe a cloud or two coming up from the south. it will be sunny, nice, mild to warm. in'. sunny and warm. this will be the warmest day of the week. thursday continued nice. clouds roll in. it will be cooler. we'll see temperatures get back up. closer to where they shouldable. clear skies, breezy for a few. sunny for everybody and it will be mild to warm even though the lows are all over the place. 30s, 40s, 50s and if you are in some of the higher elevations.
8:18 am
san francisco, half moon bay at 50. cold readings. can't found any chowk. 30s for some. woodside in there. menlo park, palo alto, los altos hills. la honda was 55. foster city, now 41. an offshore breeze for a few neighborhoods in san francisco. i know the breeze coming off montclair and the caldecott will make for a beautiful day. you can see a few high clouds coming around. the high pressure. no big deal. all of the energy, cold, cold, cold in the middle of the country, diving down to texas, new orleans. the gulf coast has whiffle warnings and the windchill in tampa will be 30. new orleans will be about 13. new york city looking for a low tonight of 6. watch how this -- there it goes. that's where all of the energy is. that's why our weather is very quiet. if there's cold low pressure there, there must be high
8:19 am
pressure somewhere. 24 up in tahoe. sunshine for everybody. temperatures upper 60s to a few low 70s a few low 70s popping up. sunshine and warm temps. windy for a couple. upper 60s, 70s for some. lower 60s. not a pattern that's favorable for oakley, brentwood. it's for oakland. 67 degrees. it will be nice in san francisco. redwood city. still about the same thursday nice but cooler as we go into the weekend. >> we got it. well, the cold weather across the midwest, boy it's making things really dangerous, dangerously cold temperatures. steve's been telling us this morning temperatures dropped in the single digits in chicago and even the deep south. 3 inches of snow around chicago now. the officials are asking people check on your neighbors. make sure they are okay during this winter freeze.
8:20 am
8:20. is your relationship a little shaky after the holidays because of money issues or stress? don't rock the boat too much. coming up in 35 minutes, why you should wait at least 24 days before making any rash decisions about your marriage. but first, bieber is taking it off. after the break, the reason why the popstar is -- he's stripping down for the cameras. ♪ oh, yeah. this is the way we do it here right now. there's 106 kmel deejay personality big von in our studio. how are you doing? >> wonderful. happy to be here. >> it's good to be here with you. all morning he will be here maying the original muse -- playing the original music from the tv show "empire." he's here. "american idol" appear at 8:00.
8:21 am
"empire" appears at 9:00. one of the big producers timelon is an executive producer. i didn't know that. you are playing "no apologies". >> give me some. >> right here. ♪ >> show me some of the dance steps, brothers. >> i can't do that. only sal can do that. he's good. he's the guy. [laughter] >> if only i could look good doing it but i don't. so i just listen good. >> show the two step. can't go wrong with that. ♪ ♪
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for a limited time. with a great room offer you'll be close to all the fun! ♪...'cause for the first time in forever...♪ ♪...i won't be alone. ♪ justin bieber is modeling underwear. the 20-year-old popstar is now the new face of calvin kline. this is a music video to promote the new campaign. it features justin bieber with another of the models. his ads will appear in calvin kline's upcoming spring line. bieber broke the news to his fans himself. he posted a shirtless picture of himself. this is national day of celebration in monaco.
8:25 am
europe's newest royal babies made their public day bu a couple of hours ago. there they are. gabriella and jacques were born to prince albert and princess shear-- charlene. they are the grandchildren of the late american movie star- turned princess grace kelly. gab brie ella is -- gabriella is older by two minutes but her brother is the heir to the throne. police have recovered the heisman stolen from the university of california more than 20 years ago. it's the duplicate of what was given to usc when oj simpson won the heisman in 1968. someone broke in and stole it and an oj simpson jersey. that's when he was waiting to go on trial for the murder of
8:26 am
his ex-wife, nicole brown simpson and ron goldman. other jerseys were not touched. what's next for former mayor jean quan? how much money it she spend on her campaign and how it compares to that spent by libby schaaf. >> reporter: nearly five months after the big earthquake in napa. we'll tell you why people who stored their belongings in a facility can't get to their items and what the owner wants them to do. we just got word of an injury accident with medicks on the way in -- medicks -- medics on the way.
8:27 am
getting a stretch of two or three weeks of dry weather. january is not uncommon. we hope the rain returns. we'll have really warm temps today. "american idol" is back. the much show kicks off a new season. big von live with us playing songs for us. right now you are listening to "stronger" from kelly clarkson. ♪ introducing the new subway "simple 6 menu". it starts with six of our best six-inch subs- now in made-just-for-you meals- for just $6 every day. you've really got it made. ♪ take your pick from six of our best subs, like the italian b.m.t, tender turkey breast, sweet onion chicken teriyaki and more.nce
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♪ >> this is great.
8:30 am
well, this is very special morning for us. we have special guests, big von is keeping us pumped up this morning. doing a great job. this is music from two fox shows. one "american idol." the other show has the series premiere tonight at 9:00. "e pir" great to have you here. >> i really need sal. >> wait. just sal? >> no. i love all you guys. >> big von, you brought all of the equipment here. you are helping us acknowledge the fact that "empire"ant "american idol" are kicking it up. what music are you playing? >> it's for the shoate going down tonight. >> and this -- we got music from timberland. >> yeah. >> i don't know if you know that sal used to be a deejay, too. >> i heard he was a beast out
8:31 am
there. >> you know, big von hand i talked about it, i still have my 100 turn table at home. if you are watching and are a a deejay and want them, you can't get them. >> you all scared me about the french fry shortage. wait a second. as long as the french fries are cool -- >> it's great having you here. >> you are gonna keep spinning music for me? >> yes. >> i like your shirt. >> thank you. >> glad you are here. 8:32. i'm dave clark. thank you for joining us on "mornings on 2." a light, relaxed morning. let's check weather and traffic. steve is still following the
8:32 am
forecast. >> we should probably just throw it to sal right now. [laughter] >> it will be sunny and warm. let's go to sal. seriously. 60s to near 70 degrees. we have clear skies out there. sunshine and warm temps. everything goes way up tonight north because high pressure says i don't think so. it won't allow anything. there is a decent breeze for some. but it equals a beautiful day. 30s, 40s and 50s. we're out of the gate with sunshine and some areas are warm. santa cruz mountains we will get cooler temperatures by the weekend. 70 degrees for a few. take it away, sal. >> thank you, steve. we're looking at a commute that's not that bad. certainly some commutes have improved. there's one, just got worse there is a new crash in marin county on southbound 101 at alma me da -- alameda del
8:33 am
prada. you will see slow traffic. it's backed up from novato. it was already backed up there. it was beginning to get better and then this accident happened. it's unfortunately because medics and fire are on the scene. let's go to the bay bridge toll plaza. look at that. this is something that you want to see if you are trying to get into san francisco. it's lightened up considerably. you are driving to the city, total time takes about 15 minutes. sometimes it takes just that long to get to the toll plaza. let's go to 280 and san jose northbound. this is a nice drive in the west valley. 85 i would say is the slowest highway. if you can get yourself on 280 without too much trouble, i think this is the best route. back to the desk. >> all right, sal. thank you. almost five months avthat devastating earthquake -- after that devastating earthquake in napa, hundreds of people are still fighting to get their property out of a badly damaged storage unit. alex savidge is joining us live to explain how these tenants -- they are really in a tough
8:34 am
spot. >> reporter: yeah, they are. people's personal items are trapped inside a building at this storage facility which was red tagged after the earthquake back in august, that 6.0 quake. no one has been inside the building since that time. you might be able to see it leans to the side. now some of the people who went the units are being asked to foot the bill to recover their own belongings. it certainly won't be cheap. according to a report in the napa valley registrar, the owners say it will cost about $00,000 to safely -- $200,000 to safely shore unthe building and remove what's inside. each tenant is being asked to pay the equivalent of a year's went. that's as much as $2200. the owners say if not enough tenants contribute, that needs to be 70% of them, then this building here on wul street will be demolished with -- on walnut street will be
8:35 am
demolished. customers are frustrated angry. some are calling it extortion. one said, it's not our responsibility to make her building safe, referring to the owner. we should not have to buy our own things out of there. on top of that, there's also no guarantee that people's possessions will even be salvageable once they are pulled out. now city leaders they are stepping in trying to resolve this dispute. they will have the final say on whether
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