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tv   KTVU Noon News  FOX  January 8, 2015 12:00pm-12:31pm PST

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she says she is leaving the senate, what she hinted could be her plans for the future. the search continues for the gunman in yesterday's terror attack in paris.
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good afternoon. i'm tori campbell. we begin in the east bay where the closed lane of a busy freeway have just reopened this noontime. news chopper 2 is over where 45,000-gallons of beer fell over. the truck overturned just aver 3:00 -- overturned just after 3:00 a.m.. two westbound lanes were blocked for about nine hours. chp says the driver lost control of the truck while having a coughing fit. he began to choke and blacked out. he is being treated for minor injuries. they had to be transferred to another truck before the highway could reopen. a major shake up to report in the world of politics. today california senator barbara boxer said she will not
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run for reelection when her term expires. she made the announcement with her oldest grandson. boxer has served four terms in the senate. at 74 she said her age was not guilty a factor in her decision and neither was gridlock in washington. she did give a hint of her future plans. >> i will continue working on the issues that i love. i have to make sure the senate seat stays progressive. that is so critical. i want to help our democratic candidate make list -- history. >> her decision surprised many including nancy pelosi. >> what? >> she is going to retire. >> she called me before i came
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down here and i came to you. >> boxer had called pelosi but pelosi missed the call. >> she said she wanted to talk to me personally. i thought maybe she wanted to have dinner tonight or something. oh, my. no. her decision is an important one for her and her family. it's all personal and individual. senator boxer has been such a champion for the people of california and in deed for our entire country. her leaving would be a great loss to the congress of the united states. >> the next big question of course would be who will run for the coveted senate seat. we'll have more reaction tonight on our newscast at 5:00 and 6:00. now to our developing story out of france where authorities are searching an area northeast of paris looking for the gunman in the terror attack. we have been monitoring the latest developments. he is live in our news room to
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let us know the hunt for the shooters. good afternoon. >> yeah. good afternoon. the hunt for the gunman in yesterday's mass shooting focused on a small village near paris. they are searching for another gunman. a police officer was shot and killed one day after the shooting that killed 12 people. in the last hour the lights were dimmed to mark the tragedy. authorities are focusing the search for the brothers who are believed to be behind the mass shooting in area. the brothers are from france. investigators say one brother served time in prison for being a part of a jihaddist organization. an 18-year-old man did turn himself into authorities but investigators are searching for the brothers. >> we are urgently trying to track down the individuals who committed yesterday's attack. we have a plan for security and
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working to guarantee our national security. >> a policewoman was killed in the southern part of the city. a man opened fire hitting her and a street sweeper. at this point authorities are saying it is too early to draw any connections with today's shooting to that. the now, at the same time thursday has been declared an official day of mourning in france. it has been the focal point of that. there was a moment of silence told to honor the 12 people killed in that shooting atook. we'll continue to follow a door to door hunt. check our twitter feed for updates. >> thank you. dublin police looking for those who hit and beat an
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elderly woman. she was attacked before 12:30 yesterday afternoon. she says the man came from behind her. there was a struggle and he punched her. officers found the woman on the sidewalk bleeding from a large cut on her face. she says the man got into a tan honda accord driven by someone else. six men in custody after a major gang and drug bust last night. they executed the search warrant at a home. in addition to the arrests investigators found 60-grams of meth and nearly 60-grams of cocaine. they say all of the men are known gang members. u.s. olympic committee is expected to pick its candidate to host the 2024 summer olympics. it is among four u.s. cities being considered. tara will tell us why the local
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bid has oakland raiders fans all wrapped up. >> reporter: yeah. if idea is -- the idea is to build a new stadium. it would likely become the future permanent home for the oakland raiders. >> i will go home and put my raider hat on and i will yell go raiders. go oakland. go bay area. >> reporter: it's rousing raider fans. >> i think it's fabulous. i think it is brought back to the glory that we use to hold. >> it needs to be imploded and something new needs to be built. >> reporter: they would host the events. >> oakland's new partnership is enhancing the san francisco bid. we have a great site where they could build a legacy stadium that will be used forever and
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we have the potential to lead a lasting gift to a community that really deserves it. >> reporter: they have been trying to iron out a new deal for years. they would not comment but many believe the olympics would provide the push and cash needed. they proposed a $300 million temporary stadium. it could still happen if the oakland plan doesn't work out but don't tell it to raiders fans. they have their hearts set now. the bay area is up against boston, los angeles and washington,d.c. for the honors. back to you. >> all right. thank you. stocks are surging today. they are sharply higher for a second day in a row thanks to stabilizing oil prices as well as strength in the u.s. job
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market. the dow is currently up 310 points and nasdaq up 84 and is s&p up 35. some bay area restaurants say they will have fragra back on their menus now that a state ban has been overturned. they are barred restaurants from importing or serving the product which involves force feeds ducks and geese to enlarge their livers. they ruled that the ban was unconstitutional because it interfered with federal law. hay market is among those planning to serve it. >> there is a subculture of foodies that are happy to have it back. >> they are reviewing the ruling. animal rights groups plan to ask her to appeal the decision. . more than a dozen flight
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attendants fighting to get their job back after they were fired over their reaction to a drawing. it is much cooler today. ktvu will be here to tell you how long the cool down will continue. now that republicans control both chambers of commerce there could be changes of the affordable care agent including the definition of an american workweek.
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president obama headed west today for people looking to buffet first home. >> starting this month the federal housing authority will lower mortgage insurance premium rates enough to save the new borrower more than $900 a year. >> the mortgage insurance premium will drop by half a percentage point. fha loans help families buy their first homes. the insurance covers is agency's risk in case the buyer defaults. it will enable up to 250,000 new buyers to buy a home. for the first time republicans control both chambers of congress and while
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some hard line conservatives want obamacare repealed all together other members of the g.o .p . are looking to slowly dismantling dismantle the law. >> reporter: taking up a bill defining how many hours make up a workweek. right now it's 30 hours per week as a way of preventing employers from dialing back hours to just under 40 to skirt the insurance mandate. >> 2.6 million workers who make less than $30,000 a year are most at risk of losing hours and wages on account of the 30 hour provision. >> reporter: arguing the lower 30 hour workweek is hurting american employees the most. bosses drastically cutting hours, doing whatever they can to avoid the new law. the white house vowing
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president obama will use his veto pen. >> there are some who are looking for loopholes where they can try to avoid taking that responsibility and we certainly don't believe we should make that easierment it's not good for the i a fordable -- affordable care act. >> reporter: senate majority leader acknowledges that would be a dead letter instead saying it should be picked apart quote root and branch. a group of flight attendants who were fire department for refusing to fly on a united airlines jet are taking legala . it happened last july. a message was drawn near the tail of the united airlines 747. it says bye bye and images of two faces. the 13 flight attendants refused to fly when they would not conduct a security
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screening to look for explosives. they were fired for insubordination. >> i feel like they kind of overshot in firing way too early. i think it's reasonable for someone to sneak on a plane or paint something on the side to raise questions but not to the extent of firing people for trying to protect the people. >> united airlines said it determined there was no credible threat. the flight attendants are asking for their jobs back and compensation. six people accused of being part of a cocaine ring. it was discovered after a worker found a box filled with 45-pounds of cocaine while cleaning out the trunk of a returned car. the sacramento sheriffs drug enforcement team launched an under cover operation and tracked the woman who had last rented the car. the investigation lead to six
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arrests and an additional 130- pounds of cocaine was seized. new details now on controversial tweets by officer phillip while they called them inappropriate and unprofessional but not criminal. the d.a .'s office said the tweets were in reaction to threats white received on voice mail. they came after earlier tweets expressing displeasure about property damage. they say the tweets did not rise to the level of chargeable criminal threats. the san jose police department is making more changes because of a severe staffing shortage. the department is going temporarily dissolve units and put the officers on patrols. right now the department is nearly 150 officers short and the chief of police says another 20 officers will retire this month. many officers have left the
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department in recent months following a dispute with a city over pension benefits. new mayor says rebuilding staffing is one of his top priorities. in san francisco a major shift of police resources is planned. san francisco's development boom is effort by all of the construction projects underway. that means the police commission is looking to redraw district lines to better serve the shifting population. >> they are originally set up over 20 years ago. there wasn't necessarily anticipation that was going to grow near mission bay. >> the southern police stations and the tenderline would expand to indelude west field center -- include west field center.
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well, changes to our overall weather pattern for today. you probably noticed an increase in some -- some of the high clouds pushing in. here is our camera. some haze over san francisco bay. we have one for today. another one issued for tomorrow as well. it is not changing dramatically. it is falling apart just offshore. you can see a little bit of activity with radar. most of it not reaching the ground. looking at this we cannot rule out the slight chance of a sprinkle across parts of the bay area today. the main impacts with this weakening system, more clouds and cooler temperatures. right now it is only 50 degrees in santa rosa. san jose 59 and livermore reporting 52 degrees. this is the last time it raid rained. we are heading into a dry
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streak. the next chance of rainfall could be january 17th or january 18th. roughly around 24 to 25 days. we could definitely use the rainfall. we all know that. we could have a pattern change coming up later this month. once again, we are looking out towards the bay. partly cloudy friday and still a dry weekend. it won't be completely clear this weekend. still a sun cloud mix and cooler saturday into sunday. sheer the overall weather pattern. this was the case yesterday. we had the record warmth yesterday. temperatures in the mid-60s to the mid-70s. we have more of this weak system moving in. more of an on shore breeze. it is transporting more high clouds. our dry stretch will continue with the exception of a slight chance of a sprinkle near the immediate coastline. not showing much in the way of shower or coverage trying to produce sprinkles in parts of
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the north bay but still clouds to start out your friday morning. and that extreme chill we had last week, freeze warnings and frost advisories, that's not the case. it actually feels more mild out there. into saturday still a sun / cloud mix with partly cloudy skies. we are thinking mainly 60s. today will be cooler than yesterday. san jose we will go with 67 and santa cruz yesterday balmy 78 and today we'll go 69 degrees. here is a look ahead. your weekend in view. your weekend rapidly approaching. probably more clouds into saturday and it looks like we'll stick with partly cloudy theme sunday into monday. these are all minor changes in the forecast. big change maybe later in the month. >> a lot of clouds but no -- sprinkles. >> no hu over a million californians have gotten
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stocks are sharply higher for a second day in a row. investors are encouraged by signs of strength in the u.s., job market and more hopes of
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stimulus. appraiseesover u.s. crude oil is showing signs of stabilizing. right now at 4849. the dow is up 23 and the s&p up 37. the government has hit honda with a largest civil penalty ever. the national highway safety administration is fining the company $70 million. it is for failure to complaint about to regulators from 2003 to 2014 including cases causing injury and death. they have massed along the information -- passed along the information for review. the distance is growing between rock climbers clings to the face of el captain. they are free climbing the length of the dawn wall of el captain. he posted that he is at one of
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the toughest sections of the climb where the crevices are only three fingers wide. caldwell is forging ahead and completed that section already. >> they are doing what they call pitches which is portions of their climb. they are doing these throughout the day and going from one to the next. >> the men began their climb on december 27th. they sleep in a hanging tent along the rock face and they do have internet access as well as food and coffee. they dropped by our studio for a little hoops, the harlem globetrotters. >> look at that. creating positive memories that last a lifetime. >> they gave us some lessons. that is shaw showing off some of their skills. the globetrotters are playing 310 games this year. their schedule includes six games of the next two weekends
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in oakland and san jose. we are following news that democratic heavyweight barbara boxer will not seek and speculation growing about who could run for her seat. more on that on ktvu news at 5:00. we are always here for you on have a great day.
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up next on "eco company," lions and tigers and bears, oh my. it is a trip to the zoo. we have some special guides greeting us. >> i love learning more and i love teaching people. >> they know a thing or two about crocodiles. >> plus one stop shopping for re-used bikes. >> this is our famous back lot, kind of like a used junkyard for bikes. >> they don't stay here for long. they're fixed up by teens and for their effort they get two wheels of their very own. then, off to the trails. a reward for a job well done. >> i learned that it is a pleasant place and you have to respect it. >> these young bik
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