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tv   Ten O Clock News  FOX  January 8, 2015 10:00pm-11:01pm PST

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this weekend's first ever closure at the golden gate bridge is expected to begin tomorrow at midnight but it may start earlier than people think. good evening i'm gasia mikaelian, julie haener is off tonight. >> and i'm frank somerville. we're now just 25 hours away from the historic closure of the golden gate bridge. but access for drivers will actually be cut off sooner than that. the highway patrol says drivers will start seeing restricted access starting at 9:00 tomorrow night. entry points for san francisco will be closed on lombart and on park precidio. southbound 101 traffic will be
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restricted. officially the bridge closes tomorrow, it's due to reopen at 4:00 monday morning. this is the first weekend closure of the bridge that was built 77 years ago. some businesses are sending workers home, some businesses are also closing for this weekend, debora villalon has the story. >> reporter: we're on the waterfront where you can look across the bay at the bright lights of the city. and to the right toward the head lands. that's the tip of the bridge tower. the closure is uncharted territory but it's the perfect time to play tourist if you live here. >> the golden gate bridge looked a bit hazy from the toll plaza this evening. but what's happening this evening is crystal clear to the owner of this souvenir shop in sausalito in business 35 years. open 355 days a year. she will close saturday and sunday because she expects little demand for her teacher
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and key chain. >> we just get two days off. hang with friends and family. >> reporter: how much will you lose being closed. >> a few thousand maybe. >> reporter: by the numbers, it's a 52 hour closure to install a $30 million movable barrier on a bridge that carries 40 million motorists per year. >> we thought, oh my god we're here just for five days and the golden gate will be closed. >> reporter: some tourists like these from brazil tweaked their itineraries to get to sausalito now. >> we have a good view so and it's close to san francisco. so i think it's, it's really a good thing. >> reporter: restaurants are expecting receipts to dip, perhaps dramatically if local patrons don't pick up. at this mexican eatery, the
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manager may send some servers and bartenders home and take a night off herself. >> i think we still might get some of the tourists over on the ferry that come from downtown. but i think our nighttime is going to drop off from a couple of hundred people to 70 or 80. you never know. >> reporter: the pedestrian walkway on the bridge will stay open. but the span carries 80,000 cars both directions on a saturday or sunday and there's no replacing that with bikes, buses or ferries. so a weekend without visitors might suit marinites just fine. >> sometimes our local customers stay away because of all the tourists and no parking so that might be a plus too. >> we will definitely taking some walks again this weekend. >> reporter: for this millvalely couple cruising around with no crowds sounds ideal. >> how many times is the bridge closed right. so you can get over there and get great pictures.
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you can check it out. i think it's going to be fantastic. >> reporter: we checked with several sausalito hotels they're booked solid most weekends. this one is no different. they warn guests by e-mail about the bridge shutdown. mostly they just turn back and say, okay, just tell me how to get there from sfo. debora villalon, ktvu news. a shake up tonight in california politics. senator barbara boxer says she will not seek reelection next year and she's coming home after 40 years in congress. we have more on the early front runners for her seat, ken. >> reporter: when senator boxer says she wants to come home to california to be closer to her family she could mean around here. boxer has a home near jack london square. her departure of course, raises the question who will take her place and head to washington. >> reporter: it was an unusual presentation. a taped mock interview between
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boxer and her grandson playing the role of a reporter released online. the announcer said boxer was not in retirement. >> i'm never going to retire. the work is too important but i will not be running for the senate in 2016. >> reporter: 74-year-old boxer certained in the house for more than 30 years. she said her age was not a condition. >> congresswoman nancy pelosi seemed stunned when a reporter asked her reaction to the news. >> she called me and said she wanted to talk to me personally. i thought she maybe wanted to have dinner tonight or something. oh my. >> i think you will anticipate it coming but later in the year. >> reporter: political science professor cory cook says boxer's 1993 senate election was historic. >> the two senators from the
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state of california dianne feinstein and barbara boxer. >> reporter: both senators elected in what was called the year of the woman. boxer's departure decades later seen as a rare opportunity for a younger codre of democrats to climb the political ladder. >> i think folks are now turning to gavin newsom and camela harris and villaraigosa. >> reporter: republicans will certainly make a strong play for the seat. boxer has not indicated favoritism but says today she wants to ensure her seat stays progressive. >> i think she will be remembered as a reliability liberal progressive vote in the senate and i think she will be regarded as a leading environmental particularly around climate change issues. >> reporter: cook says we could start to see candidates throw in their heart into the ring officially sometime late spring
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or in summer. that would be a year away from the primary. another possible candidate is uc president janet napolitano. she's a democrat and served as the secretary. before that she was secretary of arizona. we contacted her office at uc but had no comment about boxer's seat. the governor is said to present his spending plan at the state capital. democrats are expected to push on more spending on social programs that were cut during the recession. on top of the list is the uc tuition hike. the governor also wants more money for high speed rail and to expand the medical program. and he plans to pay down the
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state's debt and address unfunded retiree programs. the bay area's dreams of olympic gold were dashed today when the united states olympic committee picked the east coast over the west coast. it's elected boston as the u.s. bid city. san francisco, los angeles, and washington, d.c. were the other cities in the running. boston's mayor says their goal is to host a summer games that is innovative and walkable. despite getting passed over, san francisco's olympic bid committee seemed pleased with its pitch. >> we were disappointed but you know what it was a tremendous effort by a lot of people. brought a lot of folks in the region together so we have no regrets. >> the final selection is up to the international olympics committee. police sources tell ktvu news that a member of the golden state warriors had a gun pulled on him this week outside
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a nightclub in san francisco. maurice pace was at the club. a convicted felon pulled a gun on him. a group of gang members tried to rob him of his gold chain. they ran from the group. he wasn't injured and played the next night. officers arrested the alleged gunman and identify him as michael lamont jackson of san francisco. now to the continuing coverage of the paris attack. thursday was a national day of mourning across france. it's now friday morning and the two suspected gunmen are still at large. here are pictures of the two suspects. they're brothers both in the 30s and so far they've managed to evade an intense police dragnet. >> reporter: frank the suspects were reportedly spotted northeast of paris. look at the map and you can
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see, there's paris and the search is now focused in this area. france watches on high alert tonight. >> reporter: police encircle the gas station thursday morning north of paris where an attendant says two men resembling the suspects stole cash and food. helicopters circled the area which includes marsh land and a 51 square mile forest. the eiffel tower went dark. people paused for a moment of silence. some in paris standing hand in hand in the rain. bells tolled in notre dame in
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memory of the victimless. police say the two brothers born in paris to algerian parents were orphaned as children and had several run- ins with police. they say the old rest brother traveled to yemen. the younger brother seen in this video had been convicted in 2008 of recruiting french fighters to send to iraq. >> we are ready to face it. we will fight and fighting is, getting them to jail. >> reporter: president obama signed a condolence book at the
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french embassy. and u.s. intelligence agencies searched their data bases and found the two brothers had been on a u.s. no fly list. the staff announced today they are planning to go ahead and publish their newspaper next wednesday. >> jana katsuyama, thank you. among those killed in the attack were eight employees of the magazine. two police officers, one of whom was muslim. also a visitor at the paper and a maintenance man was also killed. the editor of the weekly is being remembered tonight as a fearless leader. in 2012 he told the french magazine quote i prefer to die standing than live on my knees. >> 21 weeks pregnant and given unimaginable news. >> they said it was better to terminate. >> the remarkable determination that it took to save this baby. >> i'll lay out how great this
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weather will bring down temperatures. a south bay third grader dies after an asthma attack. >> it's just a piece of me completely gone. >> what his parents are saying tonight about his attempts to fight off that disease.
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a family from milpitas is preparing to bury their young son. he suffered a severe asthma attack and unfortunately he ended up dying two days later.
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>> christian was only 8 years old. christien -- azenith smith spoke to his parents. christian was just a third grader, azenith. >> reporter: some students have gray ribbons on their backpack as their all finding it difficult to accept he's gone. alegda can't keep her eyes off of this you tube video. it's a video christian's mother can't watch without tearing up. >> he's just, everything to us. he really is. and up until now we really, it's hard for us to believe he's actually gone. >> reporter: overnight on christmas eve, christian began to have a severe asthma attack so uncontrollable a machine and other medicine could not treat. >> i did cpr and everything and
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tried to get him to start breathing. everything just happened so quickly. >> reporter: christian was rushed to the hospital and died two days later. his heart simply gave out. >> i have a broken heart. my heart is forever broken. it's just a piece of me that's completely gone. >> reporter: the milpitas little leaguer died 10 days before his ninth birthday. his classmates released balloons in his honor. christian's parents know asthma can be deadly. his mother even had asthma but they never thought it would take their young son's life. >> it's no joke, asthma. we thought we can control it. but yeah really take extra precautions. >> as -- asthma is a very severe disease. >> reporter: now they vow to bring out attention as they grieve. >> everybody says their child is perfect, but to us he really
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was. >> reporter: a give forward fund has raised $14,000 to help pay for a funeral and medical expenses. the couple also hopes to use that money to start a foundation to bring attention to asthma and they plan to bury their son in a buster posey jersey. >> 3,500 people in the united states die from asthma every year. the marine mammal center is hoping to reach a small whale at the point rays national seashore. the whale was spotted this afternoon. this is video of the beach from news chopper 2. the whale is only about 6 feet long. it's thought to be a young
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pigmy sperm whale. the location is too remote to reach the hale -- whale at night. a homeless man found what he thinks was a human skull. it was discovered near seventh and castro. police dug up the ground near by apparently looking for other bones. no word yet on how the skull ended up there. authorities are looking tonight for a man who attacked and robbed a 72-year-old woman at a b.a.r.t. station. nora walker spoke with one witness who saw a woman get knocked right off her feet. the b.a.r.t. station at west dublin pleasanton is busy. a lot of people walk to and from b.a.r.t. >> actually we were right about here and it happened right over there. >> reporter: but few saw what cartwright witnessed. >> he grabbed her purse and
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started running over there. it was pretty traumatic. >> reporter: a 70-year-old woman was robbed and assaulted while going to the b.a.r.t. station. >> he hit her so heart that i saw her fall right off her feet. >> reporter: a man who lives in the area took this picture as police swarmed in front of his apartment building where the assault happened. it appears the man chose his victim carefully. >> the suspect was looking for a victim that couldn't fight back. cowardness. >> reporter: many here didn't know the victim was likely somebody's grandmother. >> who would do such a thing? i mean that's disheartening. >> it makes me nervous. it's scary. yeah it's not something i would have expected around here. >> reporter: if you were in this area by the b.a.r.t. station yesterday at 5:20, the
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suspect is 5'1", he's african american, he was wearing a gray hoodie. the car is a gray or tan in color. reporting in dublin, noelle walker, ktvu news. tomorrow is another spare the air day. it'll be our eighth in a row. the air has been stagnant and today the air seemed thick. wood burning is banned unless that's your only source of heat. temperatures today cooler than yesterday. we had the record warmth yesterday. you may have seen the sunset tonight. a lot of clouds, you will see those in the satellite map. these are the highs today. the highs tomorrow are going to be a little cooler. lots of low 60s, mid-60s tomorrow. the warmest day of the week is going to be yesterday. there are the clouds moving in. the clouds coming in more off
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the pacific. nothing organized though. there's nothing i can point to and say it's going to rain a bunch. there's some sprinkles and drizzle moving toward monterey. we have a chance for a sprinkle and a little bit of drizzle especially sunday morning. but it's nothing major. not enough it's going to measure in your rain gauge. the forecast is going to be a little warmer. the cloud cover right now is 47 in santa rosa. that's a good 10 degrees warmer than it was a few days ago. santa rosa makes 40 degrees. 43 in concord. patchy fog we had it this morning. silican valley had a little bit of fog. there's the forecast for tomorrow. so partly cloudy and late afternoon by sunset, things start to clear out. so it looks like a pretty nice day tomorrow but cooler as we move forward some showers want to move in here as we head toward sunday morning. light showers. when i come back we're going to put that together for you and we'll talk more about the long range call for some showers. we'll see you back here. there is a new recall tonight linked to that deadly
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outbreak of liseria in caramel apples. then some developing news from the south bay. what we've learned at the scene of a deadly accident involving a pedestrian. but up first -- >> i was 21 was pregnant, and they said it was better to terminate. >> doctors told her there was no hope but she wasn't willing to give up. we'll bring you the incredible survival story. olivia. super hungry? get my chipotle chicken club combo. it's got the chipotle sauce you love and spicy crispy chicken. you get it with fries and a drink for just $4.99. that's a ton of food. let's do this. ♪i can show you the world♪ ♪shining, shimmering, splendid♪
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new at 10:00, members of peta lined up outside a market. they're protesting the reintroduction of fragua. made from the enlarged livers of ducks and geese that have been force fed through a tube
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that is inserted down their throat. peta calls the force feeding cruel and disgusting but many foodies consider it a delicacy. a packing plant in bakersfield has issued a recall after it was linked to a outbreak of listeria. galla supplied apples for two companies linked to the listeria outbreak. six people have died including an 81 yield woman -- 81-year- old woman from santa cruz who bought a caramelled apple. a baby about to go home from stanford after his mother refused to take her first doctors advice and terminate her pregnancy. a second medical opinion and some remarkable science all adds up to an inspirational
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story of survival. >> reporter: at lucielle packered children's hospital some might call a medical miracle. >> i would say it was quite a prognosis. >> things go through your head. thinking the worse, hoping for the best. >> reporter: angel had a huge tumor on his lungs the biggest doctors had ever seen. >> this tumor was preventing him from breathing normally. >> reporter: this story would have had a very different outcome if angel's mother did not request a second opinion. >> i was 21 and pregnant. they said it was better to terminate. >> reporter: terminate the pregnancy her first doctor said because her baby would not develop normally. but yesenia torrez came to stanford where her first son had been born. >> as soon as i came here they
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gave me hope. they said, it was something rare but something they could work with. >> reporter: he needed major surgery seconds after birth. lucielle packered kept mom in the hospital and two surgical teams on stand by for her labor. >> we know the outcomes for the most complex cases are better. >> reporter: angel is a fighter and should go home if a couple of days to a -- home in a couple of days to a normal healthy life. >> that is just remarkable isn't it. yeah. ahead tonight, why honda was hit with a record fine then later a high school ring he thought he would never see again. the unlikely reunion all made possible by a stranger. >> a deadly accident here in the south bay. a friend of the man killed says he was known for his kindness.
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developing in the south bay a car struck and killed the pedestrian in san jose just after 6:00 this evening. the collision happened south of downtown off busy highway. amber lee has the story. >> reporter: police cleared the scene after spending hours collecting evidence in this deadly accident. shortly after 6:00 tonight a man known as dean to his friends was crossing bellview at old monterey highway when a vehicle struck him. that impact caused the 54-year- old to go airborne. >> he got hit by one car that kept going. >> reporter: bryan walter says his friend then landed on a second vehicle and died at the scene. walter, a vietnam vet says he
10:31 pm
held a bond with dean who was also a vet. they met while at a homeless shelter. >> he was a nice guy. if you wanted something to eat, he would go buy you something to eat. >> reporter: the driver has not been sited or arrested. >> the pedestrian was crossing outside the light outside of the crosswalk. >> someone should be able to say something good for him. because he was a good guy. >> reporter: police say alcohol and speed do not appear to be factors in this accident. gasia. >> amber, thank you. the san leandro police department today showed off an ambulance they want to buy and some people are describing it as an ambulance on steroid. take a look, the medivec looks like a tank on the outside but inside it has all of the life saving equipment of an
10:32 pm
ambulance. alameda county fire, san leandro police and fremont police and fire have qualified for a grant of $200,000 to buy one. it would help protect paramedics during active shooter situations allowing them to get closer to victims faster. but opponents say it's another example of the militarization of police. the traffic organization fined honda for failing to report accidents and other safety issues over an 11 year period. honda in all didn't report more than 1,700 accidents that involved deaths or serious injuries. some have called for the united states to bring criminal charges against honda. but the company says it's working to fix problems with how it reports accident data. a big rally on wall street today has erased all the losses of the new year. the dow jones industrial average rose 223 points nearly
10:33 pm
2%. nasdaq added almost three points. apple says it's app stores responsible for more than a million jobs directly or indirectly in its six years of existence. apple counts its own employees plus app developers. now to walnut creek whereabout a dozen latino families say they are being forced from their home to make way for a development facility. a federal agency is now getting involved. >> reporter: these homes near the walnut creek b.a.r.t. station sit on prime real estate. it's the future site of a house development called the landing. but for the last century, latino families have been renting here and now they're being forced to leave. >> they're supposed to be out of here in february. that's right around if corner. >> i don't event want to think
10:34 pm
about it. it's frustrating. >> reporter: the families filed a complaint. this man says they never understand what was happening. >> i want my kids to grow up in a safe environment. i want to stay here. i want them to find us some where to live here. >> reporter: but finding them housing is not the city's responsibility. ken nordoff tells me they gave the tenants four months to move and they will be paying the families two months of rent. >> we haven't done anything that cause any discriminatory action. so we're going to answer to the complaint that h.u.d. has given us that we believe will support that. >> reporter: he also says, the city went above and beyond what they're required to do. >> we don't find people places to live. but we have a long-standing history here of building affordable housing.
10:35 pm
>> reporter: these families must be out by february 22nd. they're running out of options and out of time. >> where are we going to find a place that the rent is $900. especially here in the city. >> reporter: a spokesperson for hud, says they're going to be doing a thorough investigation. families say they're considering going to court if nothing is done. meantime the city says their doors are always open and a translator is available if one is requested. a man known as the father of modern gospel music has died of a heart attack. crouch won 7-gramnies and was nies -- grammies. he was a singer, composer and producer. some of the people he worked with were quincy jones and michael jackson. his music often cross over into
10:36 pm
r & b and jazz. he was born in san francisco and grew up in the valley. and remembering a man who died on the streets from exposure. the impact he had on others lives.
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a homeless family who died of hypothermia were remembered today. they recalled how their encounters with him always made an impact on their lives. >> always would be looking out for me.
10:39 pm
asking how i was. never asked for anything. never asked for anything. never asked for money. >> reporter: gomez was 53 years old. homeless advocates say more than 30 people died while living on the streets of san jose last year. new at 10:00, police in palo alto are looking for a suspect. this is the police sketch of one man. investigators say he is either white or latino and in his late teens. the housekeeper didn't get a good look at the second person. police say there were three people in the home, they heard the doorbell but didn't answer it. they say burglars often do that to see if the house is empty and that it's good to speak through the door and ask who's there. the santa clara county d.a.'s office who says the police who sent out controversial tweets will not be charged with a crime.
10:40 pm
you may remember officer white tweeted, by the way, if somebody feels they can't breathe i whether be at the movie theater with my family tonight. they say they need a victim to call it a crime and they couldn't find one in this case. the leader of a community group says that white should be off his job. a new report found no evidence that anyone at the nfl either saw or possessed a video showing former baltimore ravens running back ray rice knocking out his fiance in an elevator. former fbi director mullock
10:41 pm
completed the investigation. he mailed the video to headquarters months before that. mullock found the nfl should have done more with the information he had and should have taken more steps to get that video. the san francisco board of supervisors got down to the business of the new year choosing a new president. they elected london breed. she's considered a moderate among several progressives. reed acknowledged differences they had over the years while looking forward. >> i appreciate your support, i appreciate our working relationship and i look forward to working together on this board with each and every one of us. >> reporter: also today the five reelected supervisors were sworn in and newly appointed supervisor james christianson castillo. she faces the position left by chu. a ring returned to a bay area man after more than 30
10:42 pm
years. how it was found at the beach. >> and chief meteorologist bill martin is tracking our weather. and in two minutes a warning about burglars who pose as city workers how they recently victimized an elderly woman. ♪ food is more than just a meal. ♪ food is love. at monsanto, we believe everyone deserves a healthy, balanced meal. and a future that sustains us all. it's time for a bigger discussion about food. be part of the conversation at
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there's late word from indonesia that underwater pings have been detected possibly from the black boxes data recorders of the air asian flight that crashed. divers have not yet been able to pinpoint their exact location in the java sea. although officials say the pings were heard near where the tail section was located. the information on the flight data recorders may be key to learning why the air asian plane crashed with 162 people on board. san francisco police are warning about burglars who are posing as fake utility workers.
10:45 pm
investigators say an elderly victim were robbed by two men that pretended to be city worker. here -- workers. here's what you need to know. city workers will always show up in a marked work truck, and will always make an appointment. the president says 3/4 of the cost could be paid by the government and the rest can be paid by the state. when a man lost his class ring 35 years ago he thought it
10:46 pm
was over. >> and he just got it back from a man who found it. >> it fits in my pinky. never give up. >> reporter: fowler never naught -- thought he would get his ring back. after all it had been found in the pacific ocean. >> when i saw the ring, it was, joy. and just incredulous that it could even, that this could happen. >> reporter: the story begins here at bolinas beach in 1979. the then 18-year-old fowler went surfing but was wearing more than a wet suit. >> i remember the ring slipping off my finger. and into the you know into the dark frigid water and just going, that's it. >> reporter: the ring stayed buried in the surf until last month that's when larry fursig was out trolling the beach with
10:47 pm
his metal detector. he found this a ring with the initials fts and he took a picture of it. >> it was down a good 8-inches or so. >> growing up in marin, fursig knew fts stood for the school. >> i feel great. because the guy, kind of like won the lottery for the day you know. >> reporter: the two men met yesterday for the first time in this san francisco whole foods parking lot where the 53-year- old fowler now a dentist got the ring he lost as a teenager. >> it evokes a lot of really nice memories from high school and growing up in marin and surfing. >> reporter: he lets his wife wear it, it fits her better. >> i can now be your high school sweetheart. >> reporter: fowler gave the treasure finder a special
10:48 pm
bottle of bubbly in appreciate. >> giants edition. >> reporter: although robert fowler has been reunited with his ring, he learned one very important lesson. >> don't wear jewelry when you surf i guess. >> reporter: but if he does, he can always call furig to find it. still waiting on the showers around here. last rain was christmas eve basically. look at all the dry days we've had between then and when we're going to see some rain or the dry nights we'll see. january17 is our next real shot at showers. that's a real big chunk of time. they're still over 100% was they rapidly decline this time of year without rain. so keep your fingers crossed this next series of systems not going to do much for us. other than drop temperatures and increase clouds. sure you see a little bit of
10:49 pm
rain here. there's some drizzle. we will see some sprinkles here and there but none of it looks like it's going to be rain gauge registering stuff. there's something beyond that. right now we're just looking at more of the same. which is a cool day tomorrow, plenty of clouds. and pretty much dry. a little bit of patchy fog tomorrow morning. we saw some in santa rosa this morning. you notice too that the winds, maybe you don't, maybe you do. but notice how they're calm. san jose south. we're not seeing the big offshore winds like we saw with the record high heat we had yesterday and the day before. the winds have died down and now they're changing the wind direction. we're going to start to see the upper level winds go up to the west. and soon the surface winds will do that. a chance of sprinkles shows up on sunday morning pretty much. when i say look at, i'm looking down here in the san benito area: even if it happens it's
10:50 pm
not a deal breaker. you might not even notice it happens. tomorrow sunshine, a little cooler. saturday some coastal fog comes in. that represents the on shore push. that allows the fog to come on shore. there's sprinkles up here. there's the last chance for showers. it doesn't last very long. what am i selling right now. temperatures not in the 70s but in the 60s. a five day forecast that has a lot of clouds. barely a chance of a sprinkle. but as we head into the 16th and 17th i still have my fingers crossed for something more because i need it. because as i said our situation, this time of year when you don't get rain each day. you know this 24 days we got without rain, it just continues to increase the deficit. >> we got all that and then nothing for a while. >> fortunately we got all that. >> yeah exactly, thanks bill.
10:51 pm
left over christmas trees served up as lunch for animals at the oakland zoo. one of the elephants used its trunk to eat one of the treats. spokeswoman says in the wild animals would be out foraging out for their food so this is an opportunity for the animals to replicate that behavior. >> love that oakland zoo. the sharks just got killed tonight. >> they did. but this is one of those nights that warrior fans test. they don't have anything to talk about. men in teal skating against. it doesn't for them in hockey not the place to be st. louis if you're a shark's fan. kids with the long face. couture's shot will be
10:52 pm
redirected by a promising rookie milker carlson. he has himself a four game goal streak going. loses the stick, moves quickly the other way and they will convert. oshie olympic hero. anti niemi was pulled. the seventh time they've lost with that score to the blues. you know it's a lousy night for college fans when the best thing i can say is at least stanford made it close. they've lost 10 straight. double ot tonight. bryce alford will wail away. runs the floor, draws a foul. he's got a chance to basically
10:53 pm
win it for the cardinals. he made the first to tie it. but missed the second, and that sends it into a second overtime. double ot. ucla three. 86-81 stanford. now 2-1 in the pac12. predictable results for usf against number six gonzaga. check the beautiful ball movement from gonzaga after the miss. the lay in plus he's fouled. jags do coast from there basically. 88-57. rest of the locomotion told you about no -- local motion, told you about no winners. when it comes to nba style basketball. no one is handling it better than the warriors. although some of the fans a
10:54 pm
little disappointed lebron won't take the court against them tomorrow night. next in sports part two.
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can't play. although the warriors have pretty much taken everything as it comes. >> knew when i got to this team it was a 51 game win team a year ago. the group they put together in the last year is really impressive. continuity in this league is very important. i think it's great to see a young group grow together in the next few years. tied at the end of the half arkansas's berna. you take a look at it again. a lot of men can't shoot it that far. however mississippi state came back and won it over arkansas. that was their one highlight. at least they got that one shot. that's the sporting life for tonight. >> thank you mark. >> thank you for joining us tonight. our coverage continues at and if you missed any part of this news cast you can
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always catch the rebroadcast starting momentarily on tv 36 and the morning news begins at 4:30 tomorrow morning. see you later. >> good night. bulldog: well pup, it's out with the old and in with the new during mattress discounters' year end clearance sale. pup: look! i found a red tag! bulldog: that means folks can save up to 40% on clearance mattresses. pup: oh! here's another! bulldog: that means up to 48 months
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