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tv   Ten O Clock News  FOX  January 16, 2015 10:00pm-11:01pm PST

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there's been another deadly police shooting in the bay area. this time it happened in a city park. good evening i'm gasia mikaelian in for julie haener. >> and i'm frank somerville. police in fremont are investigating an officer involved shooting after responding to a call about a man who was threatening someone with a knife. the shooting happened at harvey park. that's a residential neighborhood out of alvarado boulevard in north fremont. we get more information from jana katsuyama. you learned three officers responded to the call but only one of them fired a gun. >> reporter: that's what police are telling us at this point. although they are still
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investigating this and interviewing people. they say that officers saw the knife before opening fire. the man was pronounced dead at the the scene and i just spoke with the coroner's office who tells me they're still trying to identify him. neighbors in the meantime around here say that this is very disturbing. because this park is not known for violence. >> reporter: many neighbors around harvey park came home to see this. flashing police lights, dozens of officers and crime tape. a large circle of yellow tape. that stretched across a section of the park and the man's body on lake arrowhead avenue. police say the call came in at 23: 2:00 -- 2:02 p.m. >> the caller told us there was a man in the neighborhood armed with a large knife and possibly going after two individuals. >> he looked like he was mad. >> reporter: neighbors say they believe the incident started around the corner at a house at lake court. >> there were two guys arguing. the one guy who was working at
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the house that is empty kept saying, get away from me man, get away from me. >> reporter: one neighbor says she thought the man was indian from the language he spoke. minutes later he says the worker called out to her. >> reporter: he said call the police, he's got a knife. >> reporter: three officers responded to the scene, saw the man with the knife and after confronting him opened fire. >> one officer used a taser. a second officer used a firearm. >> reporter: police told me the last time there was an officer involved shooting was back in june of 2013. meanwhile they are asking anyone who was in the area to give them a call because they are looking for more information. >> jana katsuyama in fremont tonight. jana, thank you. civil rights attorney john burress says he plans to file a civil lawsuit against the city of richmond and one of its officers. the lawsuit stands from a police shooting last year that killed 24-year-old richard perez. officer jensen testified the
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shooting happened during a struggle when perez tried to grab the officers gun. but according to john burress perez put his hands up before the shooting and burress claims the aggressive aggress -- aggress -- aggressor in the case was actually the officer. the supreme court will be taking up same-sex marriages. ken pritchett is here, he tells us the court is deciding whether states are free to ban gay couples from marrying. >> reporter: currently there's only 18 states where same-sex marriage is banned. the supreme court announced it will hear cases that involved four of those states. michigan, kentucky and tennessee where marriage bans were upheld by a lower court. the supreme court on one day in april is set to hear arguments that could settle years of struggle and conflict on the question of same-sex marriage. one case involves a couple in michigan fighting that state's
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ban. >> we're really looking forward to going on to the supreme court. and winning, winning marriage equality in the united states now. while justices will hear cases that do not involve california, clearly the origins can be found here. >> this is the moment we were waiting for 10 years ago. >> reporter: newsom admits back in 2004 he didn't invision the supreme court teeing up what could be the finale to the same- sex marriage question. but his goal was to begin the debate. until now the supreme court has repeatedly punted on hearing same-sex marriage cases where bans were overturned by lower
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courts. >> now we have a circuit split. now we have one federal circuit court that says says we're going to uphold these bans, these bans are constitutional and this is the one the supreme court is going to hear. >> reporter: hadar abiram says the supreme court will decide two legal sides. >> the first one is, can states ban same-sex marriage. if the answer to that is no, then the remaining 14 states were same-sex couples cannot get married will not be allowed to have a ban anymore. >> reporter: the second question the court will decide is if states must recognize same-sex marriages from other states. >> should the supreme court decide that the ban is unconstitutional this is basically the end of the road. >> and if the court goes the other way, a patch work of same- sex marriage laws would remain. newsom says he expects a favorable ruling. >> i hope so. and if we're wrong, we'll keep fighting. >> the justices plan to hear arguments in april with the
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decision expected in late june of this year. san francisco's d.a. dennis herr era says he plans to file a brief with the court. >> getting closer to a final decision here. a proposal to implode the old stadium drew complaints from neighbors. they worried all the dust and debris from the implosion would be dangerous to people. instead, they will use equipment to tear down the stadium. work should take two months to complete. now to new video tonight of a falling tree that narrowly missed a driver in moraga. the large tree came down on coreless drive and hit the back of a volvo that happened to be driving by. this happened at 6:30 tonight. the man behind the wheel was incredibly lucky he wasn't injured. if that tree had fallen just a fraction of a second earlier. the outcome could have been very, very different. city crews removeed the trees just a short time ago.
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that tree also brought down power lines and pg & e was called in to restore power to the surrounding area. >> reporter: an undercover officer tracked down two juveniles. four suspects pulled a woman out of her calf. an undercover officer was in his own car, he saw it and called in the location. today was a day of protest here in the bay area started during the morning commute with destruction at several b.a.r.t. stations in downtown san francisco. protesters banging spoons greeted commuters. trains didn't stop at those stations between 7:00 a.m. and 9:30. protesters want police reforms after the killings of unarmed
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black men. >> reporter: in oakland protesters chained themselves in front of the federal building blocking the doors. this demonstration lasted 4-1/2 hours and that's significant because it's the same amount of time that michael brown's body was in the street after he was killed by an officer in ferguson missouri. >> no justice, no peace. >> reporter: and there was a scuffle outside the alameda county courthouse at yet another protest. people here were protesting evictions and you see one man ripped a phone out of another man's hands. the man had been waiting for a housing auction to start right there on the steps. those protests were meant to stop the status quo. >> but we heard from someone who says that those protests are getting in the way. >> reporter: the sound of the
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commute, today something was different. listen. organizer freeman called a protest against police brutality on communities of color. banging spoons, blocking doors, forcing b.a.r.t. to close stations. freeman says it's all an example of trying to reclaim martin luther king's direct action. but in the end does it work? and when i say it i mean the tactic that is actually used by protesters in trying to achieve their goals. the answer, it just depends who you ask. >> this is all just nonsense. >> reporter: commuters trying to get to work, trying to be on time. trying to be productive. some say the tactics just don't click with the goal been set. >> shutting down freeways i don't think it's good. stopping b.a.r.t. lines i don't think it's good. >> you have business to do.
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you're here for a reason. >> reporter: joe melon thought the protest hurt. >> they were effective with 100. is it better to have 100 people or 1,000 once a week. >> there's always going to be disconvenience when there's civil disobedience. >> reporter: rallies and protests never call for destruction of property and he adds there's no best protest tactics and it all really depends on the issue at hand. >> a frustration that people feel, especially people of color feel right now this is continue ár -- this is going to continue to happen. >> reporter: in san francisco, mike mibach, ktvu news. a young woman overcoming a painful condition. >> it's very scary.
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i remember crying. >> turns her hardship into help for other patients. the innovative way she's using smart phones to make a difference. >> we have showers to the north tonight. the chance that this system could bring a little wet weather our way tomorrow. >> and next, two young lives cut short. >> we're going to get to the bottom of this. >> a fed up community's outrage after a deadly double shooting. this... is the best part of the day. when we sit down together and talk.
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we're learning more about two young people shot to death in east okay land today. the councilman representing the area tells us the chronic bloodshed is enough to make him quit -- shot to death in east oakland today. debora villalon has the story. >> reporter: she was a girl who grew up mostly in san jose. but ends up dead in oakland. from news chopper 2, a gray volkswagen riddled with gunfire. >> this is the worse part. that's why we need to be real close to the family. and help support them in any way that we can. walk them through what they're going through.
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>> reporter: family arrived even before the coroner. and said that 19-year-old alexis randolph was never in any trouble. >> i think the boy friend was involved in a lot of stuff, yes. i think so. >> the couple met only recently. at work at the ups facility in oakland. randolph grew up mostly in san jose with her grandma and graduated high school there last june. >> i would tell lexus just come home. i feel safer with you being at home. san jose. this is not the place i want my grand kids to be at, oakland. >> reporter: the shooting drew a crowd. school children -- >> this is my community. >> it's always that hits you in the heart. >> it's frustrating. i'm about to throw my hands up
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and say, i'm frustrated. let somebody come in. where are all these protesters when we are using so many african american lives in the streets of oakland. i mean where are they. >> i never would have thought that i would have had to come out here and identify my granddaughter's body. >> reporter: alexis was in oakland staying with her other grandparents to be closer to work and to classes that she was to start at laney college. nothing from opd gasia yet on what might have been behind this double murder and who they might be looking for. >> just 19. debora villalon, thank you. closing argumenting began today in martinez in the case of a school teacher from concord who's accused of molesting some of his students. this is the second trial for joseph martin. last year a jury acquitted him of almost two dozen counts but they couldn't agree on many
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others. this time around, prosecutors charged him with 24 felony counts of molestation. yesterday martin testified that nothing inappropriate happened in his classroom. today the prosecution delivered its closing argument. the defense is scheduled to do the same next tuesday. if convicted, martin could face life in prison. the oakland raiders introduced their new head coach today. jack del rio spoke about growing up here in the bay area and his passion for the raiders. sports director greg ibanez is here. now i want to hear your thoughts about del rio. >> it's never happened, just days after the raiders announced their new coach. awkward as your teenage daughter on son would say. raiders have had their share of missteps with the media but not today. the vibe relaxed and celebratory. and the new coach definitely
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commanded the room. following his introduction, jack del rio nine years of past head coaching experience was evident as he calmly spoke about bringing success back to the organization. this is a team badly in need of stability taking into consideration that this is their ninth head coach just since 2002. his record is perfect so far with the raiders, so everything he says sounds good right now. >> i'm excited to join this group of men, and pursue the idea and the goal of bringing back the raiders to greatness. this is an organization that has been an excellent organization for a number of years. and it's fallen on some hard times recently but the foundation is in place. for us to be great again.
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>> jack delrio will bring toughness, discipline and passion that this organization values. >> coach delrio is a true raider. we want to create a winning culture and a winning culture is one where people come to work every day excited to be there. we want to create a winning culture where people are looking forward to going into work. where they understand that the sacrifice that is needed. we all sacrifice for each other we can accomplish great things. >> jack delrio exudes a lot of confidence. by the way it's a four year deal. interestingly enough. both coaches 49ers, jim tomsula and jack delrio, two contracts and nobody is talking about money with either one of them. the public airing of people's personal contracts with money and in sports, but nobody is talking about it so far.
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it'll come out. >> we know it will. you will bring it to us. >> delrio is so compelling. >> it's going to be interesting to watch this season. >> absolutely. another spare the air alert has been issued for tomorrow. air quality is scheduled to be oh -- over average today. tomorrow's spare the air day is the 20th alert so far this winter. we're tracking a bit of fog out there tonight. and rain totals from today it did rain north of san rafael. we had sprinkles everywhere else. almost just over .3 of an inch. .7 in santa rosa. just nuisance showers but it illustrates how close we are to the real rain. you're getting into a half inch of rain and even more. we're just a few miles south really of where the real rain is.
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that's where it's going to stay right through the bay area weekends. there's no significant rain in the forecast. it's cloudy out there now. a dense fog advisory for, as many nights in a row is showing up in fresno and modesto area. i've got dense fog forming. i've got fog which is a higher base. winds aren't really ripping offshore. so visibility should be a little better than what they were last night or this morning. dense fog again tomorrow morning. it's your saturday morning. saturday some more clouds move in here. with the those clouds on sundays, higher clouds there's actually a chance for sprinkles. right now your forecast for saturday looks a lot like it did today. watch the fog show up in the central valley. the fog piling up there. we could see some areas of very
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dense fog and parts of by petaluma. we take it to lunchtime, after lunch in the afternoon and things start to clear out. tomorrow is not a bad day. there might be showers on the way light showers. a little wet weather. saturday best day on the weekend. we will dial it in when we come back. how one woman is turning a diagnosis and treatment into a knack to help others. plus in two minutes. >> this is a police officer, stay where you are. >> a family targeted by men who pretended to be police officers. the damage caused as they forced their way in.
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thanks for the ride around norfolk! and i just wanted to say geico is proud to have served the military for over 75 years! roger that. captain's waiting to give you a tour of the wisconsin now. could've parked a little bit closer...
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it's gonna be dark by the time i get there. geico. proudly serving the military for over 75 years. a daring thief walked into a high school and stole thousands of dollars worth of items and it was all caught on surveillance video. you can see the man enter the
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classroom at trinity catholic school. he walks across the room and grabs the teacher's bag from under the desk. the thief got away in a blue sedan. along the items stolen were two i pads, several thousand dollars worth of gift cards and $400 in cash. in san francisco, a family is really on edge tonight after two men forced their way into an iron gate then pretended to be police officers. david stevenson spoke to the family and they're scared they will come back. >> we're all shocked. >> reporter: the homeowner did not want us to identify him or his family for fear of retaliation. it began when burglars forced over this iron gate at 7:00. startling the people inside.
10:25 pm
>> i'm guessing they used a crow bar to break it open. they got in in less than three minutes. >> reporter: damage to this interior door shows what happened next. >> they kicked down the door. the wooden door. the third door wasn't looked so they just open and they just yelled, this is a police officer, stay where you are. >> it was a traumatizing moment for the family. >> reporter: it's unclear whether the family was targeted. more troubling is the intruders claimed to be cops. police last week warned of burglars posing as utility workers to rob residents. >> it is very disturbing when you know you have people that are posing as city workers, police officers, especially because we're entrusted with the public trust. >> reporter: the family here plans to add extra outdoor lighting and a surveillance camera out of fear the particulars may return. >> we're asking people in the neighborhood to remain vigilant. keep their windows and doors
10:26 pm
locked at night. and make sure that you know you just have your home secure. >> reporter: the family did not get a good description of the intruders. police say the men may have been spooked once they entered to discover that the family was still inside. in san francisco, david stevenson, ktvu channel 2 news. we have an update to a story we brought you. it's about a go pro camera lost then found on the washington coast. randy keeton found the camera and told us she had been trying to find the family of four for five months. today she heard from a man in rossland british columbia who was recognized in facebook in canada and contacted via friend of a friend of a friend. keeton has mailed him the family photos which he's grateful for. he's asked her to donate the go pro camera to a local charity.
10:27 pm
and how a man is using a costume to distract children from the disease they have. and it was the last fire station closed. and the welcome firefighters are getting now that the station is reopened. and you can watch all of our newscasts live on our mobile device.
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three bay area counties reported deaths linked to the flu this week. health officials say two people died from the flu in san mateo county, one in sonoma county and one in san francisco. the four deaths come one week after public health officials reported the state's first flu death in los angeles county. according to the cdc, the current flu vaccine does not match the strain of the virus that's circulating right now. it says the current flu shot is only effective 22% of the time but still officials recommend people get the shot. new at 10:00, a story about overcoming adversity. a bay area woman who suffered curvature of the spine is trying to help other patients and their family navigate through a difficult and
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session hit that had a big effect on property values on fire districts like us. property values is how we receive our taxes. >> reporter: with an improving economy and almost $10 million in federal grants, the federal district chose to reopen the station because it's closer to rural land. >> that definitely played into the decision. >> reporter: during a fire or medical emergency second count. >> it's important not only from a fire standpoint but from an ems standpoint as far as getting there quickly. >> reporter: people who live in
10:34 pm
clay say they feel much better having their fire station back. >> we have four children and it just feels so much safer having them right down the street as opposed to waiting a few minutes. >> i live very close to mount diablo, it made me nervous that it was closed in the first place. >> reporter: the fire district is still deciding whether or not to reopen the other closed stationings. in clayton, rob roth, ktvu channel 2 news. one of its kind wildlife centers thanks to oracle's ellison. it'll focus on creatures that don't get a lot of attention including bugs, butterflies and remember tiles. ellison is picking up the entire tab. it would be hard to imagine san francisco without them now. but sea lions just started making pier 39 home 20 years
10:35 pm
ago. 9million people visit the pier every year and that's cause for celebration this weekend. to celebrate this silver anniversary there will be free walks tours starting monday. the tours go until 4:00 p.m. >> always cracks me up looking at that scene. i'm tracking a weak weather system moving in for your weekend. the chance it could bring wet weather to your neighborhood. >> incredible new video here released just today. the rocket launch that didn't go as planned.
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some dramatic video released today of a space x rocket crash landing and exploding. that rocket was used to help send supplies to the international space station. that part of the mission was a success but they were hoping that the rocket would land safely so they could reuse it. obviously things didn't go quite as planned. but ceo elun musk says they did learn from this and they'll be making changes for the next launch which could happen next month. a five day losing streak came to an end today on wall street. stock markets rebounded, now
10:39 pm
gained 195 points. the increased were fueled in part by a rise in oil prices that sent energy stocks higher. the department of transportation says southwest failed to allow passengers to get off planes at chicago's mid- way airport when they were delayed because of the storm last year. southwest says it's doing what it can to avoid similar situations in the future. a bay area gas station manager pleaded no contest to cheating customers by altering scratched lottery tickets and keeping the winning ones for himself. he figured out a way to check which tickets were winners and sold only the losers. mustafa used a pin or sharp object to reveal part of a verification number. mustafa entered a no contest fee.
10:40 pm
the judge reduced the felony charge for a misdemeanor. mustafa was given credit for time served in jail. and ordered to pay a restitution. this summer at soldier field, chicago, july 3rd, 4th and 5th. billy, bobby, mickey and phil are going to be reunited on stage. >> reporter: that's the daughter of the late jerry garcia making the announcemented online today. the grateful dead will play july 3rd and 5th to mark the 50th anniversary. the concerts will be hold at soldier field in chicago. that's the last place where jerry garcia played with the dead before he died. 150 years ago today, the san francisco chronicle printed its first issue. during its throng the paper covered some of the most
10:41 pm
critical moments including the end of world war ii. we caught up with former mayor and chronicle columnist willie brown. >> he's been like the life blood of this city. when the young brothers put the idea of this newspaper together and gave it its flavor, clearly they said no matter who owns it it must always be san francisco. >> reporter: on tuesday, audrey cooper became the paper's first ever female editor in chief. today cooper and the rest of the chronicle staff had a birthday party celebrating 150 years and planning for the next 150. bill cosby is back on tour. his shows this weekend here in california. even as he defends accusations of sexual assault. >> our chief meteorologist bill martin is tracking chances of wet weather.
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how it could impact your weekend. >> and a man and his mission behind the mask. ♪ food is more than just a meal.
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spider man to the rescue. he's on a mission to help children forget their condition if only for a day. the bay area man decides he's going to help children suffering life threatening medical conditions. >> this is a really cool story. new at 10:00, amber lee is live in livermore and tell us how this spiderman uses his special powers to brighten the day for those kids. >> reporter: today the real life super hero made a stop here in livermore to visit children at tampa royal. in a storage closet, he puts on the custom made suit. one section at a time. >> my main goal is to get, bring happiness. >> reporter: in the dining hall
10:45 pm
dozens of children wait eagerly. >> excited. >> reporter: for a visit from a super hero. these children suffer from a life threatening disorder when their blood clots often limiting them from physical activities that other children enjoy. >> kids are smart, they know what they're involved in. >> reporter: but this spider man from pittsburg trying to save the day. >> i can't cure them but just to give them a moment of peace. they still have their imagination in check. >> i want to change the world. >> for me to be able to walk in and it just makes me feel like wow. >> reporter: a transformation that comes along with the all important custom cape made by volunteers. >> that's what makes a super
10:46 pm
hero a super hero. >> to help them use their imagination and bring it for them. >> reporter: for 9-year-old colton, this is a dream come true. >> he's my favorite super hero. and he saved the world. >> reporter: there's no stopping 31-year-old vicki mena he says he was a tree trimmer for the city of pittsburg for nine years and was lost after a back injury. now a personal trainer but more importantly. >> between making a change and putting that into the world. >> reporter: he's been doing this since october. he says he's able to carry out his dream with the help and support of family, friends and the community. >> good for him. you can tell the kids love him. thank you amber. >> reporter: comedian bill cosby isn't letting controversy
10:47 pm
stop his show. it's cosby's first performance since more than 20 women came forward alleging that he sexually assaulted them. a recent performance in canada brought out hecklers and protesters who had signs that said rape is no joke. today cosby is firing back. former model met with police to file a case. now cosby's rep says he has phone records and plane tickets that prove he wasn't even at the playboy mansion. >> the bay area weekend is here. we have sprinkles out there. a lot of fog. most of the bay area a higher fog but it's there and the fog will settle down a little bit tonight. you see all the clouds going to the north of us. boy that's where the rain is. mainly north of santa rosa
10:48 pm
certainly. but we did have a few sprinkles as i showed you earlier south. .3 of an inch. some areas a little more than that. up toward cape mendecino. fog is the story, a dense fog advisory out toward modesto right now. the current temperatures are in the low 50s. a few temperatures in the mid- to upper 40s. that's what will happen tonight. tomorrow is a spare the air day as well. you knew that. the next four or five days all the rain stays north. just to illustrate the difference between wet and dry. you go up to ukiah. we would be 4-inches into this stuff. it's just not going to happen. looks like everything is going to stay north through this week an a bit into next week as well. you know, we still believe it or not some areas are still 100% of rainfall average because of the deluge we had in
10:49 pm
december. but that's not going to last long at this rate. here's the jet stream. there's the rain. that's where the jet stream is, there's the dry. there's a slight chance for sprinkles and showers very similar to what we had tonight and tonight around the area. drizzle stuff, don't clang -- change your plans on that day. i think you'll need an umbrella for a brief time. friday night, let's go to saturday. there's saturday morning. there's all that fog you can see it pushing out into the bay, out into the wood acre area. partly cloudy, partly sunny. fog out of the valley. saturday evening there's your day. as you get into sunday, you see showers sunday morning. that's about as close as they will get in this model. there's your afternoon on sunday. you get the idea. temperatures tomorrow 67 in napa. 62 in brentwood. forecast highs 66 in san jose and 67 in morgan hill. a warm day. it's actually not next week
10:50 pm
that temperatures are supposed to warm up quite a bit. the five day forecast not a good one in terms of what we need for rain. but it's the weekend. so let's not worry about that. let's enjoy, drive safe. because the fog is definitely the weather story right now and dense fog advisory in the central valley. >> a lot of people have an advisory. thank you bill. 2014 turns out was the warmest year on record. that's according to the national oceanic foundation and nasa. both calculated that last year was the hottest in 135 years of recordkeeping. 2014 averaged 58. 58.24 degrees farenheit. noa also said that 60 days last year set a record for heat. it's not often i say this this time of year but warriors
10:51 pm
not looking good. >> i guess it's good news that it's big news when the warriors lose. not used to that. warriors a little taste about how the other side lives. it was they that suffered the loss. on the other side, oklahoma city. golden state resting andrew bogut and andrew iguodala as they have to play another tough one. the thunder all about the business. westbrook the dunk. no it comes back up. watch it and comes back down. that's when you notice the other night. 17 points, 17 assists, 15 rebounds and a steal right here of curry. takes him behind the back. jackson, he had a feeling the thupblder -- thunder were on the way. curry not happy, you think he was unhappy there watch him here as westbrook comes in and
10:52 pm
slams it in. it just wasn't the warrior's night. it was clay thompson's though as he rocks the rim right there. he had 32 points. thunder put it away pretty much here. westbrook the assist. the third. and the warriors lose by a dozen to the thunder. and we told you it was going to happen last night and tonight it does. nba history, the all time basketball father and son story. doc rivers and the l.a. clippers acquire austin rivers in a trade. his dad doc rivers the first nba coach ever to coach his son. and the big time dunk and the cavs will wind up winning over the clippers. let's have it lebron put it away. he had 32 points. looking healthy again. 136-131, cavaliers take the
10:53 pm
clippers. stanford punished the arizona wildcats 77-47 cal they ran into 14th raided arizona state. couldn't hang. 67-52. the bears fall shy. for years the raiders able to boast about being the winningest team in professional sports. today they introduced the man they feel that can recommit them to excellence. his play offs to bringing back the play offs. sports part two, next.
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just the fact that jack delrio is the ninth head coach for the raiders since 2002, makes you think maybe what they need is stability for this team. introduced by team owner mark davis, general manager reggie mackenzie. delrio made it clear he was an east bay guy and long time raiders fan but that wasn't the total reason he took the job. our scott reiss asked him about how he plans to make the slogan pride and poise come alive again. >> day-to-day, you have to go attack it every day. that's why you want to create an environment where guys are excited to come to work. they're willing to sacrifice and help us grow.
10:57 pm
we're going to challenge each other. we're going to compete but those are the type of things we have to do. it's not just show up on sunday and do it. it's a day in day out we'll get it done kind of thing. >> giants making a move. i guess you can say if you can't beat them join them. aoki had good at-bats against the giants signs a one year contract, $4.7 million. he'll be the giant's left fielder this coming season. and fatigue avoids arbitration. he resigns with the giants as well. >> good stuff. >> thank you, mark. thank you for joining us tonight. have a great evening everyone. see you later. >> good night.
10:58 pm
10:59 pm
claire: kids! breakfast! kids? oh. phil would you get them? yeah. just a sec. kids! that is so -- okay. kids?! get down here! why are you guys yelling at us when we're way upstairs?
11:00 pm
just text me. all right, that's not gonna happen. and, wow you're not wearing that outfit. what's wrong with it? honey, do you have anything to say to your daughter about her skirt? sorry. oh, yeah, that looks really cute, sweetheart. thanks. no, it's way too short. people know you're a girl. you don't need to prove it to them. luke got his head stuck in the banister again. i got it. where's the baby oil? it's in our bedside tab-- i don't know. find it.


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