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tv   KTVU Channel Two News at 430am  FOX  January 20, 2015 4:30am-5:01am PST

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think the lows felt like the lows are cooler. fog in the valley. it looks like that is stuck. we'll have a repeat performance of what we had yesterday which was a cloudy morning and mostly sunny. patchy fog, afternoon sun, a little cooler as the system comes in. temperatures mainly in the low 60s. here he is mr. sal castaneda. steve, thank you. traffic is off to a good start but the fog is very thick. i will show you the thick fog here. we're also going to show you traffic that is moving very well. you can see that the fog is very, very thick. this is all we can see. this is our camera. it's mounting on a building. you can't see anything of the east shore freeway pip just wanted to show you that. we're not going to show it again until we get a picture. let's go to the bay bridge toll plaza. that is super foggy. you can see traffic is light but just as steve and i have been telling you, it's a little different this morning. the fog is a lot more of a problem in many areas.
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it's drizzly and just keep yourself up to date on that. the traffic is going to be okay in the livermore valley. we're off to a decent start on westbound 580. let's go back to the desk. topping our news against the backdrop of an improving economy, president obama will deliver his state of the union address tonight. alex savidge is in our newsroom with how the president's priorities are aimed squarely at the middle class. alex. >> pam, good morning to you. his first six years in office were dominated by the great recession. as the economy begins to recover, president obama says it's time to do more for working americans. he is calling for tax breaks and improved access to higher education among other things. tonight the president will make that ceremonial projetion to address both houses of congress delivering his sixth state of the union speech. the president will lay out an ambitious plan to provide free tuition to community colleges. more affordable mortgages. and tax cuts for working
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families. but the biggest challenge he faces is a congress now controlled by republicans. still the president feels confident he points to improving unemployment now at 5.6%. falling gas prices of course and his even rising approval ratings. >> this state of the union gives me an opportunity to present to the american people now that we have fought our way through the crisis how do we make sure that everybody in this country. how do we peak sure they are sharing in this growing economy. >> as for how to pay for his agenda, president obama proposes raising taxes on the wealthiest americans including pumping up the capital gains tax. but republican leaders calls the president's plan a nonstarter and a clear sign he is willing to work across party lines. following the state of the union speech tonight joanny
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erinst will deliver the speech afterwards. joannyerness. they call themselves the stanford 68. the students spent their martin luther king holiday prom testing against the recent police killings of unarmed african american men. protestors road in cars out to the middle of the bridge and then climbed out shortly before 5:00 last night. they sit across the lanes blocking traffic. >> this is a call ferguson put out. it's quite amazing we are
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unified this way. >> the officers asked them to move over so they could open up the lanes. some of them did it willfully. others had to be moved by the officers. >> eventually a bus arrived to move the protestors off the bridge. it took the chp two hours to clear the lanes. all 68 protestors were cited for obstructing entry. they were released about 8:30 last night and began making their way back to the stanford campus. black lives matter. that is the message thousands of people were trying to send as they marched through the streets of oakland. protestors went to the fruitvale bart station and then to the coliseum station that had to billion shut down for a short period of time. they call it reclaim kings legacy. but not everyone is on board with the way some of the protests have been carried out. >> they just don't understand the difference. that's what i think. so they are doing it the wrong
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way. they are going about it the wrong way. the windows and all the you know as far as trashing stuff doesn't solve the problem. >> yesterday's protest was part of a series of demonstrations that began friday and continued through the long holiday weekend. police are warning people in atherton to lock up after multiple reports of a suspicious man in the area. they have received at least three separate reports of a suspicious man in the neighborhood over the past week. on saturday he was spotted peeping into the window and entering a pool house. and police responded to reports that someone had entered a home and opened doors and windows. the man is described as a 25-31- year-old latino. he has a thin face, pointed nose, and closely cropped beard. he was wearing a long sleeved blue plaid or checkered shirt at the time and green or brown
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pants. the duobrothers accused of a -- the two brothers accused of a brutal beating inside a bathroom are back in court. they punched a 32-year-old man who tapped them on the shoulder just to tell them the bathroom stall was open. the man suffered critical injuries and part of his skull had to be removed. the brothers are being charged with felony assault. it turns out there is a team from the bay area head together super bowl. but the members won't be playing any super bowl. and they aren't likely to be seeing much of the game between the sea hawks and the patriots. instead, they will be closely watching what the organizers of this years super bowl do. they are heading to arizona to get advice on how to conduct next years big game. tonight the city council is expected to approve time off for the trip and only private money will be used to pay for travel costs. there is a rush of activity in phoenix as the city prepares to welcome tens of thousands of
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guests for this year big game. construction crews have a little more than a week to create what is being called the downtown campus. it will feature a 30-foot tall rock climbing wall. seven downtown buildings will be wrapped in new images including a bank which turns itself into a giant replica of the lombardy trophy awarded to the super bowl winner. san jose company is predicting the sea hawks will take home the trophy for an unusual are. rice smart is basing its prediction unemployment numbers. seattle's jobless rate is 5.3%. rice smart says in the last 25 years, the team from the area with more people working has won 20 times. the company president says it may billion more than a coincidence people who are more prosperous can show more support for their favorite teams. rice smart prom sides services to people changing careers. thousands of gallons of clean waters will flow through the street of marin county in
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the coming weeks. the marin water will begin slashing its water system. with the reservoirs there at 99.5% capacity, water officials feel confident the program can continue without threatening water supplies. while the ski season started out pretty strong, there are concerns for resorts in the sierra. november and december came in with big storms but so far january we have been bone dry. that has made it very unfavorable for many of the resorts. the conditions are tough. at least one resort announced it would have to close for the entire week due to the lack of snow. >> yeah it's sad. >> it can basically be riding your mom bike and be golfing up here. that is how bad mother nature has been in the sierras. >> many have posted signs warning skiers and snow borders to stay on groomed trails and
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if be a look out for obstacles. also nobody as rocks. >> yes. authorities are investigating the source of a bomb threat that forced the evacuation of two planes in new york city. one of the planes took off from san francisco international. an anonymous caller warned of a pipe bomb on the delta flight shortly before it landed at jfk airport. >> someone came out and said there has been a bomb threat on the plane. we need to deplane. you take nothing with you. which was a very kind of you know pit in the stomach moment. >> scary to hear that. a connecting flight to tel aviv with the same flight number was also evacuated and screened. no explosives were found on either plane. researchers at duke university say they have developed a way to help the tsa catch poll tonal problems hiding in a passengers bag. they have teamed up with
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airport scanner. the mobile game allows scientists to crowd source anonymous data on how players searching bags for contraband found some items but missed others. >> >> you are more likely to miss a gun if there is a water bottle in a bag. >> researchers say the game can help eliminate errors in real world baggage screening. and crowd sourcing research through video games has the potential to include other things like search and rescue efforts and cancer detection. changes coming to metering lights in the south bay. coming up at 5:00 the delays some drivers may face as a consequence and the reason it's supposed to be a good thing. >> a freeway overpass collapses with deadly consequences. up next the investigation into what went wrong. >> we are looking at a commute ideal traffic is doing okay but the fog is going to be an issue. it's very foggy in many areas.
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you can see on the golden gate bridge. we'll let you know more about that fog as it moves around. >> we do have fog unbought there. but temperatures that cooled off a little bit yesterday, we will see if that trend continues or warmer weather on the way.
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welcome back everybody. time now is 4:44. this is what it looks like right now in since gnat', ohio. they are trying to figure out what went wrong after an overpass collapsed killing a construction worker. as you can see crews still there. this is what it looked like last night. investigators say the overpass was under going demolition when it collapsed late last night. several hundred tons of concrete fell on to the road. a witness says he heard a big boom and then a couple of seconds later he found police cars rushing to the scene. >> it's a workplace incident. you've got a lot of heavy equipment. and a very, very heavy
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construction site. who knows what happened but we will find out. >> a tractor trailer was also damaged. the driver was rushed to the hospital and is expected to survive. jury selection in the trial for one of the worse masked shootings in u.s. history. james holmes admitted to the july 2012 attack that killed 12 people and injured 70 others. the jury has to decide if he was insane when he opened fire inside the theater. 250 potential jurors will be in the court today to answer questionnaires. the selection process is expected to take months. the family of a stockton woman taken hostage is filing a claim against the city. misty was killed last july when three men robbed a bank of the west. they took her hostage and used her as a human shield. officers fired more than 600 bullets at the suspects car even though they knew there was a hostage inside.
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every bullet that hit her was fired by police. time is 5:45. the contra costa sheriffs department is investigating a gruesome discovery made by people that were fishing in the delta near deer point. a decomposing body was discovered on sunday. the patrol unit retrieved the body. the coroner is trying to determine the person's identity. investigators are urging anyone with information to contact them. in the meantime belmont police are hoping newly released surveillance video will help them find a woman suspected of using a counterfeit $100 bill. this video was taken at the carl mont village shopping center. you can see the woman wearing hospital type scrubs with a hello kitty print. people who live in san francisco and rent out their home to travelers using air b &
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b have the first of next month to register with the city. san francisco requires hosts to register with the planning department in person. that is because they must show proof that they are permanent residents of the city and lived at their current addresses at least two months. they also have to pay a $50 and sign an affidavit acing they will comply with time limits on all guest rentals. uber says it has a bigger market share in san francisco than all of the taxi companies combined. uber ceo says it's on base to earn $1.5 billion. it expects to triple the number of rides. eating while driving is what many of uses do. one man was pulled over. and now he has a beef i didn't write this -- with the police
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department. madison turner pulled into the mcdonald's drive through and orders a double quarter pounder with cheese and drove off. >> not tweeting nor skypeing nor playing video games. >> just driving down the road. >> and eating his quarter pounder. turner told the officer he would put down his burger and keep both hands on the wheel if he'd let him go. the plea did not w and turner got slapped with a citation. he plans to fight it saying every american has the right to safely enjoy a burger while driving. >> eating while driving. >> i never do that. >> never. [ laughter ] gosh no. >> never. sal, you do it all the time.
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>> i mess guess they must not have any crime in that top. town. because that officer was just there. let's take a look at the commute now. traffic is moving along pretty well on 880 northbound and southbound. you can tell it's pretty foggy. you can see the foreground, not the background here. there is no major problems as you drive on 580. the traffic is looking pretty good as you drive through. again the fog will be an issue. and chp is giving an advisory for fog. they want you to be very, very careful. good idea. carquinez bridge, bay bridge, richmond van rappel bridge. the traffic is going to be okay but the fog is going to be an issue. livermore valley westbound 580 pardon me that traffic is going to be okay as you drive through. it's still early. but i think it's not going to
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be as light as it was yesterday. 4:49 and here's steve. sal, the gentleman said nationing. for that alone i would let him go. >> fancy word. for that reason alone i would have cited. you are getting an extra ticket. [ laughter ] if you see nom, nom, nom i'm going to add another $200. >> don't make me laugh. cloudy skies out there. some fog you saw. it is pretty thick this morning already. some pockets it's not formed yet but usually about 5:00 to 7:00 we see this pick up in intensity. watch out. be i know on the bay bridge and golden gate we have cloudy skies over us. any rain steve? no. there were hints around the 29th and 30th but it looks very
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weak. we have a lot of high clouds overeats. the lows are cooler than yesterday. man it was warm yesterday morning at mid 50s. now it's mainly 40s and 50s. some cooler locations. much, much warmer for antioch. there is really not much of a breeze. what is there is still showing us -- [ technical difficulties ]
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a lot of fog with us on wednesday. it looks like high pressure will build in thursday. and then gets really warm. santa cruz to monterey. >> it sounds like it. >> you have the strength of ten weather men. >> eight of down for the count. four are back. only six are better. you should have heard me yesterday. >> i'm trying to hang in there. >> hang in there. >> i will. 325 pounds of good luck in just 25 minutes how a super bowl bound defensive lineman pulled a crash victim to safety by using just one hand. >> and stop what you are doing, brian get out of your seat. after a new study linking
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excessive city.
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welcome back. it is 4:54. nearly 1,000 people marched in san francisco in honor of dr. martin luther king junior. some of them road the freedom train. they joined others to walk the mile and a half where a musical act and speeches celebrated the
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history and progress of the sill rights movement. parents say it's a good way to have their children learn about dr. king. >> he helped black people vote. he gave a speech about how he wanted change and things to be equal. >> we need to start learning how to embrace these young folks and bring them in. yes, they need some guidance but we don't need to be leading the way anymore. >> police say even though thousands gathered, the crowds remained peaceful and there were no problems. >> more than 300 students went to the century 16 neater to see the movie selma for free. selma tells the story of a 1965 silver rights march from selma alabama to the state capitol. considered one of the most powerful victories of the civil rights movement. after the movie the students said it made them feel like they were part of events from 50 years ago.
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>> knew it was bad but i didn't know it was that bad. >> it was a nonviolent movement and it was very important to get everyone informed around the country and also caucasian people also participated in the marchs. >> african american business leaders raise the more than $2 million so students across the country could see the movie without having to come up with the cost of a ticket. senate minority leader harry reid is expected to return to work after an exercise accident. the 75-year-old nevada democrat still being closely monitored by doctors. he suffered four broken ribs and broke several bones around his right eye last night while he was exercising at home. while he is returning to work today senior aids say he is not expected to attend the state of the union address. former defense secretary own cia chief leon panetta is on the oracle board of directors. welcomed panetta in a statement released yesterday. he is from monterey.
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he was director of the cia from 2009 to 2011. he spent almost two years as defense secretary until february of 2013. you might want to stand up for this next story. it's about sitting too long and there goes brian and how that can lead to early deaths. new research published concludes that many of us sit for many hours every day raise our risk for cancer, cardiovascular disease, and early deaths. even those that reach daily levels of exercise. sitting for long periods of time boost our likelihood of declining health. one tip from doctors for those that sit a lot at work is to get up for 1-3 minutes every half hour and move around. >> you know we -- you anchor for two hours. dave for four. and during the commercial breaks we always stand. >> we do stand. >> for right now i'm going to sit. for the second time in a little over 24 hours a boat
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gets stranded in the south bay. up next the critical piece of equipment lost in the water that complicated the rescue. >> chilling new image held by isis. >> and we're doing pretty good job at driving but the fog, that fog is pretty thick out there if you are going to be seeing it. watch for slow traffic on some of the bay area bridges because of that fog. >> that was good sal. fog is out there. a lot of fog we'll talk about that and what looks to be a very warm weekend.
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good morning. for the second time in less than two days fishermen are rescued from the bay after getting stuck in the mud. the orphan going phenomenon that may have played a role. >> longer wait time for you drivers in silicon valley. the changes being made because of a recent economic boom. >> plus empathizing an economic recovery. president obama plans to deliver his state of the union address later on tonight. >> and terrifying new images of two more hostages held by isis. what their captors want in exchange for their release. it's all ahead on the ktvu channel


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