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tv   KTVU Channel Two News at 430am  FOX  January 21, 2015 4:30am-5:01am PST

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is. it's widespread on highway 101 through santa rosa and petaluma and novato. you stretch through i-80 and if you're going into the sacramento valley you'll find it here. this will be with us for the morning hours, probably burning off midmorning and by the afternoon mostly sunny skies in the forecast once again. temperatures right now 42 degrees in concord and 49 san francisco and a chilly one in the north bay with upper 30s, 39 lafayette and san ramon you're cold as well with 38 to start your morning. we'll remain dry through the weekend. i see a big warmup coming your way in time for the weekend. i'll have a look at the numbers for you. good morning sal. good morning to you. we're following a couple of serious things and we're looking at the normal commute today. we have much better weather when it comes to seeing the east shore. we didn't see the shot all day yesterday because it was so foggy, but today we can see it.
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the bridge to the macarthur, it's a good start. the bay bridge toll plaza no major problems, it's a good start so far. if you're driving on and peninsula farther down, traffic looks okay but an early morning crash has shut down southbound 101 near san francisco airport. alex savage is on the scene and he has more details. alex? >> good morning to you. i can't tell you all the lanes of southbound 101 are back open this morning after this crash. the two victims involved here, they were riding in a suv that lost control after hitting a guard rail and it came to rest right in the middle of the lanes and the chp said that's when another car drove up and slammed into the disabled suv. the two men riding in the jeep were standing outside of the suv, they had just gotten out when they were both hit by that
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car. both of them suffered critical injuries as they went down the freeway, this happened on highway 101 southbound just north of broadway. it appears the two victims got out of their car when they were struck and a chp officer talked about what to do in that situation. >> reporter: in an event where you're in a collision that your car is disabled, or in an event where your car is involved in an accident, you want to move to a safe location. if your car is drive move it to the right shoulder as safely as you can. >> the driver of that honda that struck those two victims have minor injuries. chp investigators will be looking into what caused the initial crash this morning whether drugs or alcohol played a role. they had all the lanes of southbound blocked here north of broadway. within the last half-hour, they reopened all the lanes of traffic. >> thank you so much for that
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updat . in the sixth state of the union address, president obama talked about the economy and the low unemployment rate. >> for all that we have endured and the grit and hard work, and for all the tasks that lie ahead, no this: the shadow of crisis has passed and the state of the union is strong [ applause ] >> now, this was the president's first state of the union address to a congress where both houses are controlled by republicans. he threatened to use his veto power if the republicans try to undo his policies. >> we're not going to refight battles on i ambrasion or banks on wall street, when we're
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coming to fix a broken system. if a bill comes to undo these systems, i will veto it. >> he outlined a democratic tax agenda for tax increases for the rich and increased aid for education, all of which will be a tough sell in the new republican control of congress. and the president said his days of political campaigning are over. >> i have no more campaigns to run. my only agenda, i know because i won both of them [ applause ] >> well, that retort caused the democrats in the chamber to stand and applaud. >> the republican party tapped a brand-new member of congress to deliver the gop response.
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he said washington has failed americans with policies such as obama care but things are about to change. >> that's why the new republican majority you elected started by reforming congress to make it function again and now we're working hard to pass the kind of serious job creation ideas you deserve. one you've probably -- >> senator erns it. they'll find ideas to cut waste full spending and not with taxes that the president proposed. about 60 students laptops and smartphones in hand watched the president's address on a large screen showing tweets around the president. they support the president's proposal for free community college. >> i thought he addressed some big topics. i thought the community college was a big one. >> the college thing, with us all being in college, it's --
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how expensive college is, it's great to see he's trying to get college down to zero for community college as well. >> it was mostly democrats and supporters of the republican. they did not stay to watch the republican response. >> we posted more clips of the president's address and you'll find the full text of the president's speech. >>. there was a discovery of two boars' head on top of a trash can along adeline street by the mexican restaurant, another boars' head was left on a news stand on shat tuck avenue. >> i saw this giant boars' head, it was placed strategically with the eyes looking at me and that was the last thing i would expect to see. >> it was live or let live. if they were targeting vegans
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in that way, that would be cruel. >> they don't know if they were targeted or not. some neighbors think it may be a prank. a woman standing at a street corner was killed after an accident. it happened at third and b streets. rescue personnel lifted the ford explorer off the woman, but she died at the scene. the drivers of both cars were taken to the hospital with minor injuries, they're working to obtain surveillance video from a nearby bank to try to determine what happened. they call it a senseless act of violence. two men were shot and killed in a minutey van next to his church. it happened at 5:30 on 10th and campbell streets. the pastor said as soon as he heard what happened he went to the scene and all he could do was console the victim's family. >> there's a sense of helplessness when someone so
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close to a place of refuge and sanctuary loses their life senselessly. one of the men was pronounced dead at the scene, and another shortly after arriving at the hospital. no word on a motive. a jury is expected to begin deliberating of a corruption trial of two police officers. they're accused of stealing money and property from drug suspects at single room occupancy hotels. they have surveillance video which show the officers entering the rooms without warrants. they were trying to do their jobs, they say, and were not violating anyone's rights. there has been temporary gas service after a gas line was ruptured. they hit the high pressure gas line yesterday afternoon. about a dozen businesses were
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evacuated and 57 customers had their natural gas supply cut off. they brought in compressed natural gas until they can restore full gas service. it's still closed now. it's expected to reopen though at about 7:00 this morning. some seniors and people with disabilities will be able to ride muni for free. they approved the free passes yesterday. s toes of people rallied on the steps of city hall in support of the program. those include people with disabilities and anyone 65 or older with an annual income of 68,000. they're expected to be available on march 1st. there will be one more issue of the bay guardian newspaper. it's called the final commemorative issue will hit the street tomorrow. several thousand copies of the newspaper will be available in stores. they'll be paid for by former
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readers. readers can pay what the paper is worth. they'll go to store the guardian archives. >> where's the guardian. >> people are really going to miss it. >> the time is 4:39. a dock in richmond sunk in last month's big storm how officials plan to take advantage of the damage to build something bigger. a chant during a game hits a racial nerve and it has administrators apologizing. if you're driving on the san mateo bridge we'll tell you about the commute and weather. it will go from mild to dry to dry and warm on the weekend. we're dealing with patchy,
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dense fog this morning. we'll have more on the forecast coming up.
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. a terror attack happened in israel. the man stabbed ten people in the bus during rush-hour traffic, including the driver. three of the victims are in serious condition. officers nearby saw the bus swerving out of control and they shot the attacker in the leg and took him into custody. the two-day negotiations are being held in havana. today's talks range from the security of charter lights to rooting out passports and working together on search and rescue missions between the waters between the u.s. and cube a they can center on establishing a us embassy in
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havana and a cuban embassy in washington, d.c. she is denying a report in the columbia that claimed that lee said she had a gentle woman's agreement to name her as ambassador to cube a she's been pushing to normalize relations with cuba for years. she's traveled there 21 times since 1977. >> the time is 4:45 and we're learning about the punishment for the sanford students who stopped traffic on the bridge during the dr. martin luther king, jr. holiday. ten of the protestors won't face charges for creating a public nuisance and stopping traffic. authorities have located one of the cars used to drop off protestors on the bridge and the car has been impounded.
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the protest was not sanctioned by the university. students from lodi's high school are speaking out saying rival students from st. mary's high school shouted a racially motivated chant and it was against a pakistani dissent when he was at the free throw lane. >> it was being done because one player in particular had the ball in his hand. >> the chanting stopped after a vice president from that school asked an official to intervene. >> the player targeted posted on tweeter said it was the coldest sting they had ever witnessed. >> they were doing to intimidate and trying to get in his head. but, it was too much. >> the school is addressing the incident and contacted the player to apologize.
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as for the targeted player, he said he wants to be put the incident to rest. >> people went back to school last night. they were featured speakers at a pta meeting in oakland. it's part of a surprise. they were there as part of a program called scholar share which helps families set up educational savings accounts, parents can set the tone at home. >> education is everything. when you get the fundamentals down of something you can succeed. >> a $1,000 scholar share account was given away at the end of the meeting. the giants newest outfielder has been welcomed to san francisco. the news conference was held to introduce nori aoki. he signed a deal of 1.4 million. he was known for speed on the
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bases, he'll play left field. the giants got a look at aoki when he started four of the kansas city royals. the team has a chance to play for a championship and that's yes signed won the royals because they have a chance to win a championship every year. >> that's right. >> got to jump on the bandwagon when you can. traffic is actually doing okay. if you're driving around the bay area, we're looking at interstate 880. the traffic continues to look good. no major issues as you derive 2, if you're driving to the bay bridge toll plaza, the traffic is moving nicely all the way through into san francisco. let's take a look at westbound 580 as you drive from the livermore valley over to dublin it's off to a nice start.
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now, at 448. let's go to rosemary in the weather center. a great day out this for the afternoon. mostly sunny skies, with temperatures back in the 50s. we have pockets of thick fog to deal with. a live look into fan, we have 2 hours and 30 minutes or so until the official sunrise, fair skies for most of us, not as cloudy as yesterday. because of that we're cooler in many areas. take a look at santa rosa and napa, 38 degrees for you in santa rosa and 35 in napa. temperatures are in the 40s in the valley, and still chillier where we were 42 hours ago. it's 47 in redwood city. if you're stepping out in the parts of the east bay, 40 degrees for livermore and antioch. partly to mostly clear skies as we get into the second half of the morning and into the afternoon. the thick fog remains over parts of the north bay and i'm beginning to see that fog from the central valley move our way and into portions of the east
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bay. for your morning drive be careful it may be thicker. santa rosa has visibility down to a quarter mile. this stretch of highway 101 may be off to highway 116 and this darker gray is indicating the thicker fog resides here. be careful if this is your morning drive. it's thick through the delta as well. here's a snapshot of the satellite view for you. look at the shade of gray right down the central valley. it's thick if you're going to be traveling outdoors for the morning hours. by the afternoon it will break away the sunshine as well. we have the ridge of high pressure locked in today and,000 the weekend. we're going to get into warm weather. mostly sunny skies and 70s ins the forecast by the weekend. it's 66 for vallejo, low 60s for san francisco and 66 for hayward, temperatures will
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range in the low to mid-60s as well. 63 san jose and 64 for loss combat owes. and the extended forecast, the morning fog followed by afternoon sunshine, the pattern not changing from day it day. notice as we get into the second half of the weekend, more so as we get into friday. the temperatures will reach to 70 degrees and mostly sunny skies and low to mid-70s in the forecast for saturday and sunday. i suggest you make your plans. >> outdoor fun plans, it will be nice. it will be nice. next chance for rain the models are saying midweek next week. >> we'll keep our fingers crossed. >> let's keep our fingers crossed. >> 4:51 is the time. the warm weather has forced two california ski resorts to shut down for now, dodge ridge and
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badger pass, there's not been fresh snow for weeks and tahoe places too, people are saying, do i bring out the golf clubs or the skis or the boards. >> it's sad to see. the time is 4:51, more room for drivers on the san raphael bring. >> i don't think so. >> the edition being proposed -- addition proposed to bring relief in the bay area. >> first walking across the country, the reason one man started a 3.5 year journey to washington, d.c.
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. the justice department is taking a look into this case. there will be a civil rights investigation into garner's death. an officer was investigated last july after he put a man in a choke hold. a grand jury decided not to indict the officer. that decision coupled with the grand jury decision over michael brown in ferguson, missouri has sparked this
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investigation. a woman is pleading for health. >> they did this to my baby. i want someone to come forward and say something. >> she lost two sons in a three- week period. her son was shot 20 times as he stepped off a bus and her 19- year-old son and his friend were shot and killed while they were sit in a car -- sitting in a car near longfellow. >> they just left from the house. >> when i come back through here, i know someone has seen something, but i can't blame them for not wanting to say something. >> investigators say they have an idea who did it, but they still need help. crime stoppers is offering a $30,000 and callers can remain anonymous. millions of dollars of violence prevention programs.
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there is no way to judge how they're working. the city plans to spend $47 million on those programs this year. there isn't a strategy to decide which ones get money and how much. there isn't even a definition of what violence prevention is. >> we're spending money and we don't know if we're doing a good job or not. i don't think we're doing a good job. >> they'll take up the report next week. she said she'll push for ways to measure the success of programs. she wants to use that information to decide which ones get priority funding. a woman who walked across the country in the name of peace is in the bay area. he left baker field, he arrived oakland yesterday. he has logged 700 miles that he says will be a 3.5 year journey to the white house to meet with the president.
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he said we need a resource based economy that could bring about world peace. >> when i see the suffering of human beings, the conditions they endure, it makes me want to work harder to change that. i want to start a direction that is benevolent and in balance with the earth and humankind. >> they have the technology to do away with poverty and creating a world of abundance without the need for war. >> when he makes it to the white house he'll be meeting with a new president. >> that's true. >> coming up in the next half an hour, a widower continues a conversation that his wife started. >> how the fight to bring a death with dignity law will take center stage today. >> a big change is coming to higher education in california.
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a bay area community is going to offer four-year degrees. good morning, right now, traffic looks good. you can see the zipper truck is changing the lanes at the golden gate bridge. this is something that's relatively new. the traffic looks good. we'll tell you more coming up after the break. we have patchy, dense fog once again and a chilly start for some and not so chilly for others. we'll have a look at it coming up.
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. we'll tell you why they were outside of their suv and what their conditions are this morning. >> it is being called a game changer for some community college students, the two bay area schools slated to offer four-year degrees. her story about her right to die. how brittany maynard's husband continues to battle today at the state capitol. all ahead on the ktvu 2 morning news. . good morning, we're


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