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tv   KTVU Morning News Early Edition  FOX  January 21, 2015 5:00am-6:01am PST

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. we'll tell you why they were outside of their suv and what their conditions are this morning. >> it is being called a game changer for some community college students, the two bay area schools slated to offer four-year degrees. her story about her right to die. how brittany maynard's husband continues to battle today at the state capitol. all ahead on the ktvu 2 morning news. . good morning, we're in burlingame this morning.
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this is a live picture. all lanes of highway 101 are back open for now. that's unfortunately after a major injury crash earlier this morning. alex savage will have more on the critical lesson for other drivers. it's wednesday, january 21st i'm pam cook. >> and good morning, i'm dave clark. let's talk about your weather and traffic. steve is off today, but we have rosemary today. >> good morning to you. >> good morning to you. i'm tracking rain and i'm not going to do that in the shortly term. we're tracking a warmup for your bay area weekend. let's step outdoors and take a look at what's happening right now. we have fog once again this morning and it's thickening up over areas of the north bay. you can see concord reporting visibility, you'll find it along highway 4 this morning and i-80, in and out of vallejo, heading fore towards fairfield.
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you can expect that as well. >> it looks like a mile and a half in napa. less than that in santa rosa. it could be coming up and down highway 101. the fair skies out there. we have temperatures chillier than where we started yesterday. you may notice as you get outdoors, 38 in walnut creek, 39 in santa rosa along the peninsula low 40s, afternoon highs for today, a lot like yesterday. we're talking low to mid-60s around the region. 64 in oakland, concord you'll go to 62, 62 expected in antioch, temperatures will be ten degrees warmer than what you see on the screen. i'll lay out the forecast in a bit. good morning sal. we're looking at a community that's pretty decent right now starting off with the bay bridge. it will be okay as you come up to the toll plaza. no major problems on the bay
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bay bridge. traffic is good on the bridge itself getting into the san francisco. as we go into interstate 880 you can see traffic here is looking nice. it's a nice looking drive to and from hayward or if you're driving to downtown oakland. west 580 through the livermore valley, a little bit of slow traffic coming in through the altamont pass, as we make it on to 580, highway 101 was shut down from an early morning crash, two people are seriously hurt. ktvu channel 2 reporter alex savage is near the crash scene. you're reporting the two hit by a car. >> reporter: the two victims got out of their crashed suv this morning which was stuck in the middle of the lanes of the freeway and that's when the chp another car drove along and slammed into the disabled jeep and hit those two men who were
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just outside of the suv. both victims from the impact went flying through the air. it happened on highway 101 at 2:00 a.m. this morning. it was just north of broadway. it began when the victim's jeep lost control and hit the guard rail and the chp tells us, it's best to stay inside your car. >> absolutely. that's your only protection. you have the best chance of surviving a collision if you're in a vehicle rather than standing outside of your car. >> the driver of the honda that struck the two victims had minor injuries. they gathered the evidence at the scene. they'll be looking at what caused that initial crash in this case and whether alcohol or speed may have played a role. for a time they had all the southbound lanes blocked here this morning through millbury and the traffic is flowing
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freely through this area. >> thank you. our time is 5:04 a shooting on a contra costa county freeway caused it to be shut down for several hours this morning. a car was found with more than a dozen bullet holes in there. there are reports that car from south street is linked to a shooting at chicago highway and willow pass road. one person from that car came to the emergency room. police in concord, therapy the lead investigators -- they are the lead investigators in this case. concord police will give us more information and we'll bring that to you as soon as we get it in. >> a bill that would allow terminally ill patients the right to die goes before the legislature today. >> it doesn't matter what state you're a resident of you can have a peaceful passing.
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>> the husband of brittany maynard, brittany maynard took a combination of prescription drugs, she moved to oregon to take advantage of the death with dignity act. the proposal is modeled after that law. >> that's the reason for this push, make it into a law because it's the promise that i made to brittany. >> he said he's still in mourning for the loss of his wife. he believes that the new bill will help terminally ill patients and their families. it would be for those who are diagnosed with six months to live. two bay area community colleges, they're on a list of schools and a new program offering four-year degrees.
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skyline college and foot hill colleges. they're among 15 schools that will be able to offer 4 year degrees in certain vocational careers, that includes a dental hygiene program. the cost of students will be lower than a traditional four- year college. >> once i've seen everywhere from 40 to 60,000 a year. >> compared to. >> $10,000 for four years for the cost of taking classes at foot hill college. >> skyline will offer a degree in respiratory care. the classes are set to begin in the fall of 2016. the pilot program will run for seven years. later today governor jerry brown will attend the university of california meeting in san francisco. the governor is president of the board of regents. governor brown and janet that poll and owe are expected to
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propose -- napolitano, are committed to see if they need, they're trying to avoid tuition hikes. that's a clash over uc funding. the board of regents begins at 8:30 this morning. there will be big changes this morning, those who are driving the crowded highways. there are new metering lights that will be switched on today. >> reporter: pam we're on the freemont avenue onramp to northbound 85. there's a metering light here. it's dark, it will turn on at 6:00 a.m., it's one of 15 new metering lights on section highway 85. you'll notice the new metering lights from highway 101 in mountain view. in the northbound direction, the metering lights will turn on at 6:00 a.m. and instead of stopping at 9:00
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a.m. they'll be on until 11:00 a.m. caltran officials doing this because of the heavy crawl they're doing it and it's caused by vehicles on unmetered on ramps and trying to do it on the freeway. it will be green for a week and you'll start to see them change from red to green. today during the afternoon commute you'll start seeing metering lights activated in the southbound direction, those will be on from 3 to 7 p.m., again in part done because there are so many people who work along the peninsula, because where a lot of those high tech companies are. we'll stay here, watch them as they come on at 6:00 a.m. and talk to drivers too to see if they think this is going to make any sort of difference. >> you'll be interested in hearing the drivers. >> 5:09 is the time. legislation is making it through the state capitol.
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they'll approve the commute against the bay area bring. mark levine calls for a third lane on the richmond san rafael bridge. he says it will alleviate the congestion on highway 101. and the bill requires that a third lane gets started as it is undergoing environmental review. that could speed up the project by as much as 18 months. a new ferry dock could have a ferry terminal in the same location this year. it was in richmond on harbor way. it sank after being battered by high winds and strong waves during last month's storms. city leaders are saying the dock was going to be moved before a new terminal could be built anyway. several new developments in paris involving the french terror attacks. a prosecutor announced france has filed the first criminal charges in connection to the
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attacks two weeks ago. four men are accused of giving logistical support to a gunman who killed a police woman and killed four hostages in a kosher market in paris. 3,000 people in france with jihadist ties shall be watched closely. and they're going to give additional weapons to the police. first it was mold and now, the new health hazard where firefighters are forced to move out of their station on long island. the crosshairs, the reason the american sniper is getting serious heat over a baby. good morning, right now we're looking at the computer traffic. it's looking good on 280 northbound getting to highway 17 and we'll keep an eye on the south bay traffic for you.
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outside our doors this morning, less cloud cover and that has amounted to cooler temperatures. some of us sinking back into the 30s this morning. take a look at who is dealing with chilly temperatures. we have more fog to deal with as well. i'll have a look at the afternoon highs and your bay area weekend coming up. o?oowq
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. welcome back. it's now 5:14, a vigil is being held tonight for 20-year-old
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richard livingston. they were shot and killed friday afternoon on 150th avenue in oakland. she graduated last year before moving to oakland. oakland police have not released information about the shooting including a motive. >> she did not deserve this, she was taken away from us way too soon. this was not her lifestyle and how she grew up. >> the vigil begins at 2 chock where she was killed. he grew up in oakland and was well liked in the community. your time at 5:15. the investigation goes on whether the new england patriots underinflated footballs in the afc championship game. this is after espn cited lead
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sources, 11 of the game balls had significantly less air in them than the nfl requires. deflating a football can change how a player grips the ball or even how it travels through the air. officials inspect the balls before the game and the footballs are handed by personnel provided by the hometown. "the interview" is headed to netflix. it will make its debut on netflix on saturday. it was pulled from the theatre last month after there were cyber threats. sony released the film to a large number of theatres and distributors. "the interview" has pulled in $40 million mostly through online rentals. critics are taking pot shots at the most popular movie
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the american sniper. it's clear that the baby used in this heavy scene with bradley cooper and sandy miller is fake. he can seen moving the baby's hand with his thumb. there was a reason for using a fake baby. >> i'm guessing the baby was the last thing he cared about in that scene. >> they laughed during the serious scene after seeing the fake baby. jason hall said i hate to ruin the fun. real baby number 1 had a fever and number 2 was a no show. they said it looked like it was from toys are us. it was tweeted i'm not straight from toys are us, thank you very much.
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now, fake baby has a bunch of followers. >> a movie, we're talking about it, people are going to look at the movie to see, hey, is that a fake baby and keep spending more money for american sniper. >> i would think that could cost you a lot of money, babies are unpredictable. it would cost you a lot of money. >> i wouldn't have noticed it. i will notice it. >> i wouldn't even care before. good morning everybody. let's look at the morning commute. you can see traffic will be busy here at the toll plaza, but not stop and go. it looks good get nothing san francisco. san mateo bridge this traffic looks good. it's a difference from yesterday and i know rosemary is listening because she's a good listener. there's a lot of fog yesterday. we couldn't see a lot. today it's much better than it was. moving along to contra costa
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county southbound 680 looks good as you high to westbound 24, that traffic is moving over to the tunnel. let's go to rosemary. it's 5:18. >> let's talk about the baby. were you saying something? >> as you were, as you were. all right. getting outdoors, sal touched on the fog, not as widespread, but it is thick in some areas. i want to talk about the king tides, we've had them since monday. today will be the final day, they peaked and then the high tide arrives at 11:36 and by tomorrow they'll be coming down just some. today will be the last day for the high tides. expect the minor flooding in the coastline and inside the bay. dense fog this morning and i see it going through the straight and the delta areas. the santa rosa and napa reporting visibility down to a quarter mile in some areas.
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concord down to a quarter mile. your stretch through highway 4 through the east bay could be troublesome as well. this shade of gray right in here showing that fog that develops in the valley and sticks all morning long. that is what you can expect if you have a morning drive in that direction. we have a dry pattern in place and it will remain in place for the weekend. temperatures will begin to warm and we're talking about low 70s in the forecast in the afternoons for most of us as we get into saturday and sunday. the futurecast model is picking up nicely on the fog in the valley. it shows a lot in concord, not picking up fog in parts of the north bay. i guarantee it's there. as we get into the second half of the morning it will burn back and it will be partly cloudy skies to mostly cloudy skies for today. 35 in napa, 37 in santa rosa, 39 in antioch and 40s around the bay. 44 in hayward as well as
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mountain view, how about the afternoon highs. 63 in hey regard ward, 64 in antioch, 64 in novato. we have temperatures in the low 60s for san jose. 64 los gatos. the extended forecast today into tomorrow not a lot of change going in. as we get into the weekend you'll notice the warmup, dry conditions in the forecast for saturday and into sunday. >> thank you rosemary. >> you're welcome. our time is 5:21, an italian astronaut had a special greeting for you in the bay area. samantha feretta took this photo of the bay area and said hello bay area, i think i can see the golden gate. she shows us the views of the area. lots of people responded
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including an official treat. this says hello to our center in silicon valley. >> i'm going to start following her. she has some cool tweets. 5:21, president obama declared america ready to turn the page. >> let's begin this new chapter together. >> coming up in 20 minutes what he urged lawmakers to do in the state of the union address and the threat he had for republicans. >> why so many blue patients are leaving drug stores empty handed.
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. they're examining dead birds covered up in a mysterious gray goo. they've been found along the shoreline of alameda, san leandro and hayward. now, they're turning up in foster city. they're being taken to the international rescue center and being cleaned off and being treated until they're well enough to be set free. the center have received 200 birds. this goo is man made. it may have been dumped into the bay. lab and test results from fish and game are expected by the end of the week. the recent measles outbreak include employees of disneyland
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and california workers. at least five workers have been infected. three have recovered and two others are off the job. they gave measles immunity tests. people suspected of having measles have been put on paid leave. four states and mexico have been linked to the disney parks. right as the flu season is in full swing, there is a shortage of prescription cough syrup have found empty she was. codeine has been unavailable. one pharmacists say they've made a certain amount of cough syrup each year and it takes
5:27 am
awhile to increase prescription. >> there's been a more than normal increased demand for flu symptoms. >> some pharmacists say that suppliers are rations the little amount of syrup they have left. they do not know when they'll get their next shipment. if you're suffering from a cough, your hope is the over- the-counter remedy and they have plenty of those in stock for now. a bizarre prank, something could be more sinister. the discovery made in two vegan restaurants in berkeley. a infestation of rat mice. we're looking at traffic on 101 in central raphael. we'll tell you about the
5:28 am
morning commute. what will change in the forecast for your wednesday, that means some of us are starting off with thick fog once again. it will be mostly sunny and 50 in the weekend. we'll have a look at the current conditions and the extended forecast coming up.
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that's the power of carfax®. find the cars you want. avoid the ones you don't. plus, you get a free carfax® report with every listing. start your used car search at . good morning, welcome back to the morning news, it's wednesday middle of the week, january 21st i'm dave clark. >> i'm pam cook. 5:30 is the time. speaking of the flu and cough syrup thing. >> feel better steve. >> we have rosemary here. >> we have two men down, bill martin. >> i know, it's been going around my house. i'm trying to stay healthy. >> you stay healthy. >> and thank you, the morning crew guys, they're wiping everything down for us to keep us healthy. outside our doors this morning we have fog once again and it's thickening up over
5:31 am
areas of the north bay and in the east bay as well. giving you a live look there, we have less than two hours until the official sunrise, you can see the low clouds over there. not as widespread. some of us are waking up with clear skies and i've been talking about in this morning, we get the cold skies and colder temperatures and some of us in the 30s this morning. let's look at the fog first, napa reporting half mile, quarter a mile in concord, you can see the thicker fog resides. especially over the north bay, you're going to find it along highway 4, in and out of concord, and if you're going out of the central valley it's going to be there for the early- morning hours as well from i-80 to vallejo as well. we have 35 in napa, 37 novato. temperatures not as bad around the bay. typically cooler again by at least a few degrees from
5:32 am
yesterday. 64 in oakland for the afternoon, 63 in san mate tow low 60s in mountain view, low 60s for areas around antioch for the second half of your dave. unfortunately i'm in the tracking any rain until the extended forecast, but i am tracking a pretty big warmup. temperatures will range in the low 70s as we get into the weekend. i'll look at those numbers for you coming up in a little bit. good morning sal. good morning. we're looking at a commute where traffic is doing well. if you're driving in the fast track lanes, a little bit of slow traffic as you drive up to the regular lanes. pretty soon metering lights should be turned on and everybody will be waiting. interstate 880, more people north and southbound. we had a rough commute day yesterday tuesday after the holiday. we are hoping it will be better than that. we're off to a decent start on 880. this commute in contra costa county still looks good. at 5:33 let's go back to the
5:33 am
desk. >> thank you, sal. first it was black mold now san francisco firefighters on treasure island say they're dealing with another problem, rats and rat mites we're joined with the internal memos to the top brass that reveal the unsanitary conditions. >> they're similar to bed bugs, they feed off of rats, but they'll feed off of human blood. the trainers say they've been getting biten for weeks. they've obtained these documents and outlined the problem. they showed the training facilities silt where they say it's been infested with rats and rat mites. they say they've complained to the administration, but nothing is essentially being done about it now.
5:34 am
this was sent to mark gonzalez yesterday. details how a pest inspector to come to the classroom to recover sticky traps that have shown a infestation of rat mites. he located and treated for rat mites through the vents and finding nests that need to be eradicated. they had to move out of their quarters because of black mold. they have been change of leaky plumbing and poor conditions. the rat infestation is a string of issues. firefighters have been experiencing one itchy bumps. it can be carried to your car and ultimately your home. they've been advised to shower and wash clothes until they get in there in the morning.
5:35 am
we're hoping to hear back and we'll let you know what they have to say about the issue. live from treasure island, back to you. >> i'm sure a lot of people will have a lot to say. thank you tara. last night in his sixth state of the union address, president obama says the united states has turned the page. he pointed out an improved economy and a low unemployment rate. >> from all the hard work we've done and the grit required to come back and all the tasks that lie ahead. no this: the shadow of crisis has passed and the state of the union is strong. [ applause ] >> this is the president's first state of the union address to a congress where both houses of congress are now controlled by republicans. now, he did threaten to use his veto power, the republicans tied to use their new majority to undo his policies.
quote quote
5:36 am
>> we can't put the securities at risk for taking away the health insurance or refighting on wall street and passing battles of immigration when we have to fix a broken system. if a bill comes to my desk to try to do any of these things, i will veto it. it will have earned my veto. >> he outlines a democratic economic agenda, tax increases for the rich, expanded aid to the workers and increased education, and free education. president obama veered from his prepared speech and he took a jab at republicans who applauded when he said his days of political campaigning are over. >> i have no more campaigns to run. my only agenda -- [ applause ] >> i know because i won both of
5:37 am
them. that quick response had democrats in the chamber to stand up and applaud. and freshman senator joany said washington has failed americans with policies such as obama care but that things are about to change. >> that's why the new republican majority you elected started by reforming congress to make it function gun. and now, we're working hard to pass a kind of serious job creation idea you deserve. >> the senator says they'll focus on days to cut waste full spending and balance the budget but not with higher taxes like the president has proposed. some gathered to watch the state of the union together. they watched the address on a large screen showing tweets alongside the president. they say they support the
5:38 am
president's proposal for free community college. >> i thought it was a great speech. i thought president obama addressed big topics, the community college was a big one. >> the college thing with all of us being in college, how expensive college is, it's great to see he's trying to get college down to 0 for community college at least. >> organizers say the crowd was mostly democrats and supporters and they did not watch the republican response. >> we posted more clips of the president's address and you can find the full text of his prepared speech. >> time now 5:38, police in berkeley, two gruesome discoveries near vegan restaurants, someone left this a boars' head on top of a trash can on adeline street near the mexican vegan restaurant. another wild boar head was left
5:39 am
at herbivore restaurant on shat tuck avenue. >> i saw this giant boars' head, it was placed with the eyes looking at me. that's the last thing i would expect to see. >> it's a live or let live. if someone was targeting vegans in that way, that would be cruel. >> spokes people for the restaurants don't know if they were targeted or not. some neighbors think it may be a prank. drivers on the south bay are going to notice big changes this morning. traffic reporter joins us with details about the metering lights about to be switched on. >> reporter: in about 20 minutes 8 new metering lights along highway 85 here are going to be activated. we're here at the freemont avenue onramp where you can see there's a bright orange sign up warning about the metering.
5:40 am
it comes to a crawl during the morning and afternoon commutes. it's going to be on the unmetered onramp and that's why they installed the metering on 15 places. the lights will turn on at 6:00 a.m. but instead of stopping at 9:00 a.m. they'll remain on until 11. they'll just stay green. a week from today they'll change from red to green. in the southbound direction the metering late will change from red to green starting at 3:00 p.m. and that will last until 7. caltran says expect delays through these first few days of operation because crews may have to make adjustments to fine tune things. the time is 5:41, a woman standing on a street corner was killed after an suv was killed by another car and landed on
5:41 am
top of her. it happened on third street. they worked to lift the suv off the woman, but she died at the scene. the drivers of both cars were taken to the hospital with minor injuries. they're working to obtain surveillance video from a nearby bank to try to determine what happened. the time is now 5:41, a woman's camera was stolen in san francisco. >> i was devastated. i didn't think i was going to see it again. >> how one man ended up with it and used social media to find the right owner. but, first -- >> they were chanting usa and it just kept going. >> a chant during a high school basketball hits a racial nerve, it has school administrators apologizing. >> we're looking at a commute that is having a little bit of
5:42 am
fog. we'll have that coming up. i'm tracking a warmup on the horizon for your bay area weekend. as sal mentioned valley fog for some, patchy fog for some. we'll have a look at the extended forecast coming up.
5:43 am
5:44 am
time now is 5:44, coming up in 45 minutes, we'll begin the highest talks in cuba in decades. the two negotiations are being held in havana. it ranges from the security of charter flights and rooting out passports on search and rescue missions between cuba and florida, they're considered more delicate. they re-establish a us embassy in havana and a cuban embassy
5:45 am
in washington, d.c., barbara lee says she's not seeking the nomination to becoming ambassador to cuba. she said she had a gentle woman's agreement with president obama to name her ambassador to cuba if the position opens up before he leaves office. she has been trying to normalize relations with them for years. she's been there 21 times. stanford students may be punished. they stopped traffic on the san mateo bridge during the dr. martin luther king, jr. holiday. prosecutors say at least ten of the 68 protestors will face charges for causing a public nuisance and blocking traffic. it's not clear yet if the other 58 will also face charges. now, authorities have found at least one of the cars used to drop off the protestors on the bridge. that car has been impounded.
5:46 am
officials at stanford say that protest was not sanctioned by the university. students from lodi's tokay high school said that the crowd shouted out a racially motivated chant. it started out when one of the players, of pakistani decent was fleeing from the free-throw line. >> he had the ball in his hand. >> it only stopped after a advice principal was asked to intervene. >> the player who was targeted he posted on twitter, it was the coldest thing he ever witnessed. >> they were just doing it to intimidate, just to get in his head, but going to that level was just too much. now, the principal of st.
5:47 am
mary's is addressing that issue and has contacted the mayor to apologize. as for the player who was targeted, he says he wants to put the whole incident to rest. the actor who plays chewbaaka in the star wars series is being treated in the hospital in texas. his wife posted online doctors are happy with his improvement and he'll be coming home soon. he'll be playing the new one in the new star wars movie. >> he doesn't look anything like sal. >> there's the sound. >> did we show peter there? >> did we show him dressed up as -- >> i don't think we showed him. >> i'm going to look him up. i'm curious to see what he looks like. good morning, everybody.
5:48 am
let's go out and look at the commute now. traffic is going to be okay if you're driving into the east bay. it's getting more crowded, when we show you the bay bridge. i might as well show you it right now. the metering lights are on at the bay bridge toll plaza and i think we have the toll plaza shot this. it's backed up. today is a better commute than yesterday in the way that visibility is much better as you're driving through the traffic continues to look okay. southbound 242, there was a crash near 680, it's a hit-and- run crash, it looks like it's on the shoulder, it may be causing slow traffic in that area. this is southbound 242, north of 680. 5:48, we'll go in with steve. >> we'll continue sal as we get into your afternoon, we'll be mostly sunny. outside right now, partly cloudy skies and we're tracking a little bit of fog, it tends to favor over parts of the
5:49 am
north bay. areas like santa rosa, napa and through the straight and the delta this morning visibility down to a quarter of a mile. heads up for, you be careful out there. you know what to expect at this. concord down to a quarter of mile visibility. concord in and out, the fog will be patchy and it's dense into the back into sacramento this morning. the cloud cover is not as extensive as yesterday. without the cloud cover to blanket us, temperatures are chillier for some of us this morning. we'll have the fog through the morning hours and break into sunshine this afternoon. through the satellite and radar you can see the ridge of high pressure still in control of our weather pattern. the fog right down the central valley and that will stick to the morning hours if you have a morning commute that to be aware of as well. as we get into your weekend, dry and temperatures warming. today we're in the 60s, i think
5:50 am
friday into saturday upper 60s to low # 0s, we'd love to see rain come our way. if we can't have the rain, sunny, 70 degrees not so bad. 35 in napa, 47 in san francisco. again a cooler start, especially in some of our valley locations where we've slipped into the 30s this morning, temperatures in the low to mid-60s, 63 for san raphael, we'll get into the afternoon for the south bay. 63 is a popular number, 64 for los gatos and the extended forecast with your bay area weekend always in view. today into tomorrow, only subtle changes into the forecast, we'll have dry weather into the weekend and upper 70s to low 60s. >> thank you rosemary. sal asked for something and he
5:51 am
took care of it. >> our guys it. there he is. >> i see. i see the resemblance. >> that ruins it for me. i thought that was a real wookie. >> that's the guy who plays chewbaaka on the right. >> that guy looks like he could be 70s the guy on the left doesn't. >> the time is 5:51, a big change, a higher education here in california. coming up in 20 minutes, the bay area community college is planning to offer four-year degrees. >> but first walking across the country and he's in the bay area, why one man started a thee and a half year journey to washington, d.c.
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5:54 am
. a pastor in oakland calls it a senseless act of violence. two men were shot and killed in a mini van last night right next to his church. it happened at 5:30 last night on 10th and campbell streets, the pastor said as soon as he heard what happened he went to the scene, but all he could do was console the victim's families. >> that's sense of helplessness. when someone so close to a
5:55 am
house of sanctuary and they lose a life. >> no word on suspects or possible motive. your time is 5:55, a man who is attempting to walk across the nation in the name of peace is in the bay area. his name is luk wondering. he's logged 700 miles on what he says will be a 3.5 year journey to the white house to meet the president. along the way he's spreading the word on what he calls a resource based economy that could bring world peace. >> when i see the suffering from the human beings, the conditions they have to endure, it makes me want to work harder to change that. it wants me to start a direction that is benevolent and in balance with the earth and helps humankind. >> they have the technology to
5:56 am
get rid of poverty and fulfill human needs and creating a world of abundance without the need for war. seniors and people with disabilities will be able to ride muni for free. they approved the free passes yesterday. prior to the vote dozens of people rallied on the steps of city hall in support of the program. those eligible include those with disabilities and people who are 65 and ordinarily with an annual income of $68,000 or less. the san francisco bay guardian newspaper, the bay guardians was shut down three months ago. the commemorative issue will hit the streets tomorrow. several copies of the paper will be available at the book stores. it's put together by former guardian workers and readers can pay what they think the paper is work. the money will go to find a
5:57 am
place to store the archives of the guardian. first it was black mold, now, firefighters are working on treasure island are dealing with another big health hazard at their station. a serious crash that shuts down parts of highway 101 for over an hour. the chp says what they were doing out there on the road when these two men were hit by a car.
5:58 am
5:59 am
. two men hospitalized with life-threatening injuries this morning after two people were struck by a car on a highway. what they were doing outside of their suv. first it was black mold now firefighters on treasure island say they're dealing with another problem, rats and rat mites. exclusive documents that outline the conditions here. we'll let you know what the fire department has to say next. the shadow of crisis has passed and the state of the union is strong. >> president obama outlining his plans for the year ahead, his promises and his threats to republicans. >> death with dignity.
6:00 am
gaining momentum here in california. what's happening today at the state capitol. ktvu channel 2 morning news continues. . good morning, we want to take you out to highway 101, this is the scene earlier this morning. this is on the peninsula and all the lanes are back open now,, but this is after they were shut


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