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tv   Right This Minute  FOX  January 22, 2015 3:30pm-4:01pm PST

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a hang glider's coming in for a landing in a video that just might -- >> help people out. >> how it can show them how not to do it. >> you have no idea. you spr no idea. >> a passenger at a counter. >> having a bit of an issue. >> a bit is a bit of an understatement. the a trip that will make your head spin. >> for a tv show called raw travel tv. >> meet the host who has been through the most extreme adventures. >> i've been around cows pretty much my entire life and i've
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never seen that before. >> and we've never seen koala bears fight but you have ringside seats. why a rake can't break up this battle. we've seen so many things go wrong on "right this minute" i feel like it's time to help people out with all of the instructional videos. >> you're an expert on w ♪ >> today i'm an expert on hang gliding. this gentleman picked the perfect place for flying in chattanooga, tennessee. how we approach our flight. notice lots of soft green grass to land on. this gentleman made an excellent selection. this green grass, it's a runway. brings it down slowly nice gentle landing. wait no wait. what are you doing? uh-oh. there's the big belly. >> oh the humanity. >> good lord!
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>> is he okay? >> yeah a few bumps and bruises. over $2,000 of damage to his wing. >> yeah. >> $5,000 of damage to his pride. >> i'm going to give you three clues to see if you can guess what this video's going to be about. employee meat grinder, time out. >> i don't want to go down that route. >> somebody loses a finger. >> you are correct. this employee cleaning the meat grinder her hand gets stuck. they have to saw this meat grinder into pieces. >> can you imagine? i hope someone brought some like painkillers or something for her so she's not having to feel this process. >> you see the firefighters here working with the saw. you see the sparks coming from the meat grinder as they're trying to saw it apart. and eventually later in the video, you see they are able to
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bring her hand out, attached to the inder. so whao is actually crank it backwards. >> oh! >> i was hoping you were not going to say that. >> they take another wrench attach to the grinder. >> oh! >> brutal! >> start grinding backwards. you do see that her hand slowly starts releasing again. >> i just hope that the body has taken care of itself here. she's in shock, adrenaline keeping her from feeling too much pain. it's just sad. we've seen so many incidents here. they don't take the same safety precautions the rest of the world has in place. >> really sad. >> the woman you're about to see in the video is not 3 years old. this comes to us from juken video. this is in british columbia. the woman at the counter having a bit of an issue. and the guy with the camera notices something about to go down so he grabs his camera started rolling.
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[ screaming ] [ bleep ]. [ bleep ]. >> you sit in the corner in your naughty chair, lady. that behavior is not acceptable. >> that is so -- >> she flipped out. apparently three minutes late. she couldn't board the ferry. now she can't go where she needs to go. but that's not the ferry people's problem. >> what we don't know is where she was trying to get to. like hopefully this wasn't her wedding day. >> if it was that important, sorry, you've got to get there on time. >> hard to judge people when you doesn't know the whole story, just seeing the strange outburst. it feels heartless. >> the worst part hear laughing at her now. >> she was being a big poopy head.
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los angeles fire department engine 57 was called to a house in south l.a. you can see the house is on fire. they're on the roof venting. they were able to get the fire tamped down under control in 15 minutes. the rescue is not over. you see, the family got out okay but there is a mom and four puppies still inside the house. and they had to be rescued. but guess what? these firefighters they know what they're doing, they're heroes. here comes mom out of the door held by firefighter. she might be a pit bull mix? what a beautiful dog she is. there are four puppies. you see one firefighter's got two in the hand one's got two in the buck. so cute. that's incredible that the dog isn't struggling not kicking. must be terrified. must be just so scared and to be removed from its house by people in masks and to sit there, good dog. >> i can tell the puppies are okay. look at the tails.
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active tail movement from the four of them. owner's having a hard time keeping them in the bucket because they want to go back in the house. like my toys you left our toys blankies but everybody's okay. >> but we have a bitter-sweet story from the uk. this video from the wildlife aid foundation. the mom fox rescued by them. she was hit by a carp they're checking her out. they took her back to the hospital. they discovered she was heavily pregnant. >> it was a matter of hours before she was going to have the babies and she was doing okay we were even one point possibly going to release her. but she suddenly went downhill. sadly, the mother was beyond saving. >> had to perform a cesarean. once they got mom on the table and made the incision they discovered she had five kits there in their blankies nestled together. all of them are okay.
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>> drag racer takes off. >> gets wide to the right, tries to bring it ba. >> why this crash could have been so much worse. plus -- a comedian hits the streets. >> to see what our real life would be if we acted the way we did online. >> hi i want to let you know i'm following you, giving you an alert. >> why what happens on the internet should stay on the . [b[basassisistst] ] twtwo o lalatete n nigights in tucson. blblewew a an n amamp.p.bubut t gogoodod n nigights. susurere,m,mususicic's's w whyhy w we e dodo t this,but it's still our business. wewe s spependnd d dayays s bobookokining g gigs then we'e'veve g gotottata p putut i in n the miles to get there. bubut t itit's's n notot w witithohoutut i itsts perks. lilikeke s seeeeining g ouour r alalbubum m sasales go through the roof enenououghgh t to o fifinanalllly y ststarart t paying meg's little brother- i i memeanan,o,ourur n newew t touour r mamananageger-with real,actual money.
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>> we're way past christmas but the christmas tree is still an important part of this video. drag racing. the drag racer here stepping up to the line here at the palm beach international raceway, trying to light the christmas tree there. that tells you when to go. >> i couldn't figure this out. is this going to crash into a tree? where is the tree? i don't see it. but, yes, call it the christmas tree. >> typically, drag racing done two by two, right. >> this guy's on a solo run. the competitor couldn't get the car started. that's going to be key. off he goes.
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>> gets wide to the right. tries to bring it back. crashes into the left wall and the dragster just vaporizes. sparks fly. a top dragster. runs in the nhra series. the competitor wasn't there could have been a dual crash. people coming to his aid. he was not injured. justin driving his rock bouncer. justin in the background in the blue. and they both wind up rolling over. just. though still on his side, his buddy winds up on his tire. it's a little hot in here. >> oh no. >> power steering fluid leaked on to the exhaust, catching fire. everybody racing up to justin's aid. he does have a passenger in that buggy. they quickly, though put out the flames no big deal. >> good. >> yep. >> wow, that doesn't slow justin down. he goes after the hill time and
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time again, scratching and clawing, trying to get to the top until he rolls his buggy over yet again. >> oh man. it seems like he's trying the same route. maybe go up the side a little bit. it's weird to think about it but our online lives just do not translate to real life. say, like facebook if i wanted to poke you, just walk up to you, poke you, that would be weird. >> want to poke isn't that fun. >> yeah. just weird. i don't know you. >> jenna hit the streets of new york to see what our real lives would be if we acted the way we did online. >> ma'am, hi. i just want to let you know i'm following you. >> so the following, right? you find people that you like you follow them to see what it is that they're up to. but in real life it's really creepy. >> it's like you do whatever and i'll watch. creepy? >> people are putting up information by themselves. >> they're choosing.
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>> choosing. >> that's true. reading a news feed. >> donald started working at mcguire law firm. >> i wanted to let you know 12 people viewed you. >> sorry? >> 12 people have viewed you on the subway its funny. it's spot on. we all get those e-mails. >> 12 people looked at your linked in profile today. >> that guy close to remain anonymous. your name? >> andrew. >> jenna and andrew have just collected into grand central station with about 450 other people. >> she's fearless though. >> i'm getting so many views. >> go in the public be weird, and smile. does she walk up to anybody and go like this? >> you want to comment on how cute this is. >> this is cute. >> i like your comment. >> it's so true. >> so weird. >> and so weird that we all engage there this behavior. >> should have gone into a bar. >> it is your lucky day because
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you have ringside seats to two of the furriest fights you've ever seen. >> whoo hoo. >> first one, koala fight. this is a male and female koala fighting at the lone pine koala sanctuary, brisbane australia. >> trying to get separated with the rake? >> yes. >> workers at the sanctuary trying to stop the fight. playing referee, if you will. >> what could they be fighting about? all they do is eat eucalyptus and sleep. >> we don't know how the fight ended. my guess is a draw. ringside seats to two furry fights. this one, you're going to to . >> are those rats? >> yes. >> oh. they're boxing as well. >> train tracks? >> yeah. grand street subway station in new york. those rats are going at it. >> kung fu kicks and stuff.
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>> yes. >> look how fast they are. >> wow. >> that's really really weird fight. but it -- my money's on the guy on the left. >> this was also a draw. >> a host filming a travel show comes across a couple of cows and -- >> one of them decides, i'm going to give this guy a little chase. >> how it added to the thrill of his adventure. and he's known as mr. mr. incredaperiod. >> shaped in creative fabulous ways. >> find out what he's styling up th
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- - i i fifindnd w whihitetenining strips don't alwawaysys r reach all the places stains hide. plplusus w whihitete h hasas a flexible mouth tray fofor r fufullll c covovereragage whitening. this is one of those stories that's going to make you jealous because it's someone doing awesome stuff while traveling around the world. i never thought i'd say this i never wanted to be a dude on a moped chased by a cow so much in my life. >> whoa. >> this is vietnam, on this moped is robert rose. as he's riding past the field with cows on it one of them decides, i'm going to give this guy a little chase. she's the relentless cow. >> wait wait where are you from? where are you going? i want to hang out. let's go along. >> speedy for a cow. >> this is not the only awesome
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experience robert has had. also in vietnam, he encountered this pretty cool thing. these are actually basket boats. they choreographed a dance on these basket boats gangnam style. these are captured for a tv show called "raw travel tv" to tell us more about this we have robert rose via skype "right this minute," wall the way from vietnam. welcome to the show. >> hello. >> so tell me about all of the crazy experiences you've been having especially with the cow. what happened? >> well you know i was riding the side car, i don't know if you can tell on the video, an old school soviet side car, those are the only motorcycle that vietnam had for a while. i'm in the side car looking pretty goofy. i'm not sure if the cow was like that dude's just too goofy, i'm going to chase him and see what's up i'm not sure. i grew up on a farm. i've been around cows pretty much my entire life and never
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seen that before. >> tell us about the show that you're shooting. >> "raw travel "s about having authentic experiences and what we focus on are the new things in travel especially younger people are doing, which is ecotourism voluntourism giving back you see how comfortable our lives are. you look for ways to give back we incorporate that. it main thing, authentic cultural experiences, respectful, sauce sustainful travel. >> one experience. >> when we went to ahanoi, vietnam, it's fear inducing. let go of the fear slow and steady into traffic and they will go. >> if you're not paying attention, i don't know. i've got to remember not to do that in new york city or i'd get kill. >> the guy who set up this video
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camera said his girlfriend blaming him for stealing her socks. my thought, put the socks in a drawer and set up a cam rap that's what the boyfriend did. but guess who the thief was. not the boyfriend. it was the cat. so the cat opened the actual drawer to get the socks. it wasn't like they were out of the hamper or something. >> the kitty actually getting into the drawer taking out the socks. the cat just didn't open up the drawer take out the sock and leave. no the cat left with the pair of socks. >> somewhere in the house there's a pile of socks. >> this dog isn't a burglary but he'd get out of jail if caught. >> it's impressive without opposable thumbs to do that. >> i love videos when they're little escape artists. >> the dog's like you can't fence me in. >> do you think a how-to video
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how to make an umbrella would go viral? >> no. >> it does and it will if it's on the incredabeard youtube channel. this isn't any umbrella. this is a how-to video how to make a beard umumbrella. you recognize this fellow famous isaiah. beard transformed into all kinds of stuff. eaten ramen noodles from his beard. he's a beard man. >> they're putting a lot of work into this separating hair treating it with product, blow drying it. it looks look flat ironing it increasing it at the right place. a lot of work. >> here's the final product. >> so what he has brunch with his umbrella beard? >> why not. i'm sure it's a great conversation starter. ♪ keep us nice and dry. >> epic.
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s right. you might get the girl. he got the girl. >> attacks ladybug toy. ♪ >> back with is hidden camera shenanigans. >> love him. >> you can see tom appears to have lost his vision. playing a blind person there in
3:57 pm
public when he decides to do something special. >> we've been dating three months but i -- >> people are looking on people are ready to enjoy the show. some people start smiling. >> karen, will you marry me? i know -- i know that -- i can tell by your silence you're shocked, but i love you. will you marry me? karen? >> my favorite one here when he starts singing. ♪ you ever know you're my hero♪ >> we know tom has a big heart. he likes getting people thinking. this is called random acts of blindness. trying to see, are people going to help me out. >> you deserve to have someone
3:58 pm
who loves you. karen? sorry? >> she just left. she got up and left. you need help getting back any place. >> i think i'm good. >> give it time. she'll be all right. >> thank you so much. appreciate it. >> she walked away. >> this a joke? sorry. >> she walked away. want something to drink. >> you need a ride? >> with all of the tragedy, hate terror bad news there are good people in the world. by the end of it you feel kind of good. tom's so good at it. >> faith in humanity restored. >> yes. >> that's it for us here at "right this minute." we'l
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[captioning made possible by warner bros. domestic television distribution] [captioning performed by the national captioning institute, which is responsible for its caption content and accuracy. visit] >> welcome to "tmz live." harvey levin here. >> charles here. >> so jennifer lopez possibly in hot water over dog bite. there was a boxer at jennifer lopez's home and the boxer does have a connection to her. cute dog. >> bear. >> boxers are such great dogs. apparently bear got out and bit somebody bad. now jennifer lopez is on the hook for -- >> somebody else might be too. >> here is the connection. the dog actually belongs to


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