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tv   Ten O Clock News  FOX  January 22, 2015 10:00pm-11:01pm PST

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the highway patrol cracks down on speeders at the golden gate bridge. the new median barrier is giving people a reason to drive faster. good evening i'm heather holmes. >> and i'm frank somerville. and now we're learning about a new -- that was not intended. faster drivers. >> reporter: the speed limit on the bridge is 45 but we've been
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clocking folks at 50, 55 even 60. it's a speed limit widely ignored. headed out of the city out of marin. the center lane is driving at the speed limit 45. no one else seems to be. >> the speed limit is lower than anybody goes. i feel like if i'm trying to go the speed limit i'm going slow. >> reporter: the addition of a safety barrier seems to have pushed the pedal to the metal. >> speeds seem to be going up dramatically. >> reporter: too many speeders in lanes even more narrower. >> reporter: people are feeling for secure. the bridge is safer. >> sometime, i cannot lie to you. sometimes. >> reporter: how much faster do
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you go? >> 50, 50 not likely to win a ticket not when so many are going much faster. chp is stepping up enforcement on the bridge and its approaches. they're noticing those who race across the span tend to barrel through the toll plaza too. 25-miles-an-hour, hardly. >> i speed all the time. but so, no. >> reporter: this driver calls his car a chp magnet but admits he is seeing more speeding, more weaving and tailgating too. >> it's a false sense of security i think with having the barrier there. i've noticed it a lot lately actually. >> this bridge has no shoulders. >> reporter: the barrier may have eliminated head on accidents but other risks remain. no shoulders, nowhere to go. and a stalled light usually leads to a chain reaction. >> traffic is going to stop fast. people who are driving 60, 70 miles per hour is likely going
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to cause another accident. >> i think people feel safer with the barrier. i know i do. it just feels like there's more protection. >> reporter: protection best paired with a light foot. >> i understand that it offers protection but there's no reason for speeding. >> reporter: a lot of folks are minding their ps and qs out here right now but sometimes people go by at 60, 70 miles per hour. police did stop a woman who was going 81 in a 45 zone, when i asked what she said, they said nothing. she wouldn't even offer up an excuse. it happened at about 2:00 today in the town of willet along highway 101 about 2-1/2 hours north of san francisco. the bridge was under
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construction. it's part of a $210 million bypass project to rerout the highway around willet. you can see the pile of rubble where that 150-foot section collapsed briefly trapping one worker. that person and two other workers were seriously injured. they are employed by a colorado company. the protesters want all charges dropped against 14 people who chained themselves together stopping b.a.r.t. service on the day after thanksgiving. ken pritchett live at headquarters in oakland with late developments. ken. >> this was a regularly scheduled meeting of the b.a.r.t. board. but with a room full of protesters disrupting the meet i ng on more than one occasion it was nothing but a regular night. from the moment it started. the disruptions began not once but several times.
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protesters chanted and demanded the b.a.r.t. board act. >> they need to drop the charges against for lawfully peacefully assembling and executing our right to protest. >> reporter: the demonstration which continued with well over 10 people overflowing into the hall stems from a protest on black friday where 14 people were arrested and charged of misdemeanors after blocking service at the west b.a.r.t. station. >> officers who made the arrests felt there was probable cause to do so under a section of the california penal code. >> reporter: but in addition to the charges filed with the d.a., they called for restitution for property
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damages. >> do you think rosa parks should have paid restitution for that. >> reporter: the demand for restitution is a double standard said some. >> myself with mostly white allied shut down not one, not two but four b.a.r.t. stations in san francisco. the trains couldn't stop for four, five, six hours. there was no arrests, no charge, no restitutions. but here an all black protest police want to make an example of us. >> reporter: not the >> reporter: -- protesters wanted the board to act and it appears they will. >> it will be asking the d.a. to drop all of the charges and to drop the restitution. >> reporter: they cheered a resolution that would be nonbinding. it would ask that the charges and restitution be dropped. but obviously it would carry weight coming from the b.a.r.t. board if passed. they couldn't vote on it tonight because it wasn't on
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the agenda so the b.a.r.t. board is expected to take this up in the next two weeks. >> ken pritchett in oakland tonight. ken, thank you. new at 10:00, the fbi is helping san francisco police in the search for a man connected to at least seven recent bank robberies. police say these are photos of the suspects from bank surveillance cameras. invest -- investigators have said the robber used a fedora, trench coat and sometimes a fake beard. he's described as a white man between 5'6" and 5'7". the seven robberies have taken place across san francisco. the first was last october the most recent just last week. if you can help identify him you're asked to call the fbi. republicans strategists carl grove is in the bay area tonight. he was a top advisor to president george w. bush. robe was one of the speakers in concord tonight. he was joined by former
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congresswoman helen tousher. members of code pink and the mount diablo peace and justice center denounced robe for his part in the iraq war and his assistance that waterboarding is not torture. two potential candidates for the gop presidential nomination met privately in utah. he asked for the meeting as a courtesy to mitt romney. a sit down meeting shows how committed each one is. because they'd be competing for both money and support if they run. king abdula died today. king abdula was 90 years old and had been hospitalized for weeks with a lung infection. he was an american alley but not a staunch ally. he was seen as a reformer in
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the israeli kingdom and created small opportunities for women. it is expected the new king will continue saudi arabia's current policies. president obama offered condolences to the people of saudi arabia. in a statement he said i always valued king abdula's perspective and appreciated our warm friendship. yemen's president and prime minister stepped down after a rebel take over. jana katsuyama here with this stunning shift of power and the u.s. response. >> reporter: frank right now rebels are in control of the capital of yemen which is sauna. and this is all happening in a very critical part of the world for the united states. and it could create bigger problems in this region if this chaos continues. >> reporter: days after rebels took over yemen's capital, the president announced thursday he
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is stepping down along with the prime minister. madi was an ally of the u.s. allowing strikes against al- qaida and the arabian peninsula. president obama recently touted yemen as a counter terrorism. >> i think the question is whether yemen can hold together as a state without disintegrating into civil war. yemen is the poorest country in the arab world. they don't have oil. not very much oil and they also have a very underdeveloped infrastructure and social services. it's a divided country. >> reporter: divided between shiites and sunnis. the u.s. has provided help.
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with the chaos in the country there's concern whether isis and al-qaida could gain strength. >> isis is now competing with al-qaida as a militant sunni organization. they only have a couple of people there, and al-qaida has several thousands. >> reporter: the shiite also oppose the fighters but the u.s. could lose an ally and a key base of operation in counter terrorism in the middle east. >> they don't want to see the rise or success of al-qaida in yemen also. counter terrorism is something that is ongoing. >> reporter: meantime the pentagon has the --
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>> such an unstable part of the world. al-qaida, isis both in there. it's a heated debate. a look at this landfill and what they're doing about the controversial smell. >> and big changes in store for your forecast. the places that could reach 70, even 80 degrees. did the patriots intentionally deflate footballs. tom brady responds to the allegations for the first time.
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i've always played within the rules i would never do anything to break the rules. tom brady answered questions about those deflated footballs at sunday's championship game. it's being called deflategate and today both bill belichick and tom brady say they knew nothing of it. >> i don't know whether or not you think it's nothing but a tempus to the teapot or the game is forever stained. everybody has an opinion and with the super bowl still a week from sunday, no telling where deflategate is going to
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lead us. there's still the opportunity of a deep throat to come out. but for now complete denial of those involved. >> once i approve the balls i say that's the ball i expect out there on the field. so it wasn't even a thought inkling or concern of mine that there were any different. i just assumed they were exactly the same. first half, second half. >> obvious that tom brady had something to do with this or the balls to have been deflated that doesn't happen unless a quarterback wants that to happen. i can assure you of that. >> what do you say to those skeptics that say the patriots have had violations before, how can we possibly believe what brady and the coach are saying now. >> everybody has an opinion. everybody has the right to believe whatever they want.
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i have never cast judgment on someone's belief something, that's what they feel they want to do i don't have a problem with that. >> you guys seeing and hearing all of this i can't stop but think of pete carol and the rest of the seahawks. they're loving this. nobody is paying attention to them. they're saying, bring out the distractions. >> strong statements from troy aikman. wow. >> and is there something that we can expect for the super bowl. >> we're on day four of this controversy. the nfl has not reacted at all. i would say it would be highly doubtful they would do anything to penalize the patriots prior to the super bowl. unless somebody came out with some absolute concrete evidence that yes they premeditatedly cheated and they had you know evidence that couldn't be reputed. >> mark, thank you. well student athletes at tom brady's high school alma
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mater are being banned from posting -- the football team forfeited a consolation game against milpitas last month. he made the decision to avoid player injury. the commissioner has now banned all sports through postseason blame through the spring of 2016. a committee of two plans to decide if tens of thousands of students at the university of california will have to pay higher tuition. at a meeting in san francisco today. the board of regents approved a committee made up of just two people. uc president janet napolitano and governor jerry brown. napolitano says that increases are needed but the governor says the uc system needs to tighten its belt. gavin newsom says he's confidence they will work out an agreement. >> it's a good thing. at least to assert a public
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stance of collaboration and trust. because right now you have mistrust, a lack of collaboration. everybody has their own set of facts. >> reporter: the regents also tabled another proposal that would link bonuses for uc athletic coaches to how well their players do in class. authorities in san mateo county have made an arrest in the decades old gypsy hill sereal murder case. the victims all women were killed in 1978 and one of them was found on gypsy hill road in pacifica. amber lee explains what led police to a suspect all these years later. >> reporter: it's been a search for a suspect. the san mateo district attorney says investigators lined up his dna. >> it is time to bring this man
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to justice for the murders that we can clearly prove at this point. and bring some closure to the families as best we can. >> reporter: john blackwell was a teenager when his sister tanya was killed. >> it was like something hanging over our family. >> reporter: blackwell doesn't need proof. >> i think he's the person who did it. i wish he would admit to that but i don't see that happening. >> reporter: hayward's history of violence spans through several states. he escaped prison twice. during that time he attempted to kidnap, rape and kill a woman in oregon. he was convicted in oregon but sent back to nevada to finish his sentence. >> in nevada they did not take his dna because he was there before they passed their law. >> reporter: once back in oregon,haybower's dna was returned to california and they
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took his dna. >> they guaranteed me i would be called back for this case. >> reporter: he's one of many law enforcement officials that never gave up on this case. >> i just want to see him convicted. >> reporter: police are also thanking south san francisco police along with the fbi. he will appear in court where he will face two counts of murder. cristina rendon, ktvu news. here's our live camera looking out toward the bay bridge. san francisco bay right now. some patchy fog developing in the north bay. especially around napa at last check. showing you lower 40s for walnut creek and concord. san francisco 51 and san jose currently checking in in the 40s. a weak system up here to our north and clouds. but the main storm track will be lifting up to our north. so we do not have any rain clouds to talk about. in fact, the opposite
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temperatures will be trending up. if you weren't headed to the coast over the next few days be careful. here is a look at the current buoy heights nothing too extreme. as a result the high wave advisory. approaching 15 feet by friday. at the height, the big swells lasts right on through saturday and into sunday. overnight lows first thing tomorrow morning we talked about the cold numbers, 30s. with some patchy fog especially in the inland valleys. san jose starting out the day at 43. here's your forecast for saturday morning, partly crowd -- cloudy. we begin to warm things up. there's the evidential temperature range. the warming trend really kicks in as we go into the weekend. we'll take a look at your weekend high. we will also let you know if there's any rain cloud to talk about that will be coming up at 10:45. it's a case that has given the san francisco police department a black eye.
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up next, verdicts involving two officers accused of illegally entering residential hotel rooms without first obtaining a warrant. >> at 10:30, a rare look inside as south bay landfill. it wants to expand but neighbors say the place stinks. now the facility shows us how it can manage odors and be a good neighbor.
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>> a federal jury found a san francisco police officer guilty of civil rights allegations. this is the second chapter that saw two other officers release last month. >> reporter: emergency sirens and the presence of police are common in this neighborhood. the illegal searches were done on sixth street inside the
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henry hotel. where many tenants are convicted felons. >> they forced their way into a room. like literally. pushed their way in. >> reporter: a man who identified himself as john asked us not to show his face for fear of retaliation by police. he said he was here when under cover police officers conducted the search. officer razick's attorney said i'm obviously disappointed. there were mounds of doubt in the government's case. >> it wasn't until we produced video tape that showed what happened that these officers were charged. >> reporter: public defender jeff adachi who publicized the surveillance tape that led to the inindictment of six police officers says today's verdict sends a message. >> we all have to abide by the
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constitution, even police officers. >> reporter: jurors acquitted joseph yip the other offer in the case today. despite this one man a convicted felon who's on probation and lives on sixth street says one conviction of a bad police officer is better than none. >> i will take that. a lot better work. >> reporter: rasick is scheduled to be sentenced april 28th. san francisco police say officer yick will be reinstated. >> amber lee, thank you. house republicans passed new legislation today banning federal funding for abortions. the vote was mostly along party lines. it beefs up a funding ban already in place. the white house warned president obama would veto the measure. the bill was passed after republican leaders dropped harsher anti abortion language after some lawmakers objected. today's vote coincided with the anniversary of roe versus wade decision.
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>> antiabortion groups marked the roe versus wade anniversary by protesting. a former campbell soup factory getting some new life. plus the mystery of bay area birds covered in goo and why the immediate threat now appears to be over. >> and causing a major stink in the south bay. today the operators of this landfill de defend their plans to expand by giving us a look inside. >> and you can download the new ktvu app. click the live icon and watch all of our newscasts right on your mobile device. map
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new at 10:00, a rare look inside a landfill. its expansion plans are raising a stink with their neighbors. their rallying cry is stop the stink. now ktvu's azenith smith has gone inside that facility to see their operations and what it's doing to slow down the impact on surrounding communities. >> reporter: many neighbors are adamant this is the source of the smell. there's an online petition with more than 14,000 signatures hoping to block the expansion. its sparked protest and class action lawsuit. milpitas families outraged over the proposal to expand the landfill over 95 feet and extend its closure date to 16 years. >> there's been a lot of misinformation with our story and we wanted to take the chance to straighten that out. >> reporter: the expansion is a long term investment to keep
10:31 pm
garbage costs down. >> we have four feet of cover over the landfill that provides a seal. >> reporter: the company showed us what they're doing to combat the smell. spending millions of the dollars they say on state of the art equipment. they're also quick to point out seven other near by sources for odor including another landfill and san jose waste water treatment plant. >> unfortunately because we're the landfill that can be seen from the highway, and we have our expansion permit effort out on the street, anyone that smells anything now within a 30- mile radius outmatically thinks it's the landfill. >> despite this, many bay area residents are convinced. >> it smells like rotting garbage at times. other times it's a sweet icky
10:32 pm
smell. >> reporter: the battle is far from over until that happens. >> they may say they're using best practices but the odors have changed from a few times now to four to five times a week. >> reporter: a san jose planning commission will consider approving the land use permit next week. and cal recycle expected to make a final decision next month. >> all right, azenith. thank you. new at 10:00, a 210 page report on the chevron refinery fire says both chevron and refinery regulations are to blame. the u.s. chemical safety board had previously identified problems leading up to a pipe failure and the fire that sent hundreds of people to hospitals for respiratory problems. but this report goes further, finding fault with chevron's safety culture and its emergency response.
10:33 pm
the investigation also found gaps in guidelines. a public meeting will be held in richmond next wednesday. a closed campbells planet will be turned into a macy's distribution center. macy's plans to house its wedding business and gift registry there. the soup plant had operated for 66 years and employed about 700 people before it shutdown in 2013. it is being called a turning point in the mysterious bird death along the san francisco bay. the fish and wildlife organization says the investigation continues. >> reporter: to see what's happening on the water we went on the water with east bay regional park. >> it's mud in the boots kind
10:34 pm
of work. >> reporter: and california fish and wildlife. >> it's looking at every inch of shoreline, looking out into the water. >> reporter: it's been nearly a week since birds started showing up. >> some kind of gooey. >> reporter: coated in a sticky goo. >> this whole case since friday noon is a mystery. >> reporter: today is a turning point. >> we found one dead bird earlier. >> reporter: whatever was contaminating the waters of the east bay. >> the threat as we know it right now is over. >> reporter: appears to h avediluted. >> we don't know what it is. but that opens the periodic table to what it could be. >> reporter: the could it be from industry around the bay or something else? >> that adds to the mystery. i mean it just deepens what's really going on here. >> reporter: more than 500 bird have been contaminated by the mystery goo. >> sorry little fellow. >> reporter: more than 200 of those have died. >> it's not tv csi we can't wrap this up in 48 minutes to
10:35 pm
know what it is. >> reporter: to prevent it from happening again, investigators first have to figure out what it is. >> it's a frustrating problem. but we'll get there. >> reporter: wildlife rescue volunteers say they may have been able to save more bird if they had more trained people to come out here and save them. they'll be holding a training course. we'll have the information for you on our website lay offs at a southern california film studio and it's facility here in the bay area is hit particularly hard. >> some unseasonal january weather lined up in the forecast. the spots where near record temperatures are expected. >> police make an arrest in a recent castro district arson. the suspect's previous run in with the law and what police are saying about other recent fires.
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a san francisco man previously convicted of involuntary manslaughter is under arrest again. this time on suspicion of arson. 25-year-old david diaz was arrested yesterday on felony arson charges in connection with a fire behind a beauty salon in the castro district on saturday morning. but diaz has not been charged in connection with two trash can fires that were set on monday outside two homes in the same area. >> at this time we're only charging him with the incident on the 17th. but this still is an ongoing and active investigation. >> his life was kind of going well. i especially can't imagine him running around the castro lighting small fires. it just makes no sense. >> diaz was convicted
10:39 pm
involuntary manslaughter following the death of one of his sexual partners found in the castro. a south bay attorney accused of stealing money is now facing six counts of grand theft. 45-year-old wendell jones targeted spanish speaking homeowners trying to avoid foreclosure. they say he charged them $5,000 in up front fees but did nothing to help them. the six counts respect his six victims one lost their home. there could be more victims and is hoping they come forward. we're hearing tonight that a plan to cut jobs at dream works will hit employees particularly hard in redwood city. dream works animation is based in southern california and today the company announced 500 job cuts as part of a restructuring plan. that's about a 20% of its work force. according to variety, the dream works pdi facility in redwood city will be shut down and the workers there will be offered
10:40 pm
new positions in glendale. dream works has made many well known films including shrek and madagascar. it usually makes three films a year but now dream works will cut down to two films a year. the rally followed word from europe's central bank of a larger than expected stimulus program to help sagging economies. google could soon provide customers with its own wireless service. the mountain view based tech giant is reportedly struck a deal with sprint and team mobile to sell mobile plans directly to consumers. google would pay the carriers for access to the networks. the android operating system already powers more than 80% of the world's smart phones but you have to buy the phone from the carrier. google sees this as a way to drive down prices and improve customer experience. >> federal investigators say
10:41 pm
airliners should have improved locater technology installed to make it easier to find a lost plane under water. the ntsb also says airlines should install emergency locater beacons that are mounted on planes exterior walls. that would make it less likely to become entrapped inside the wreckage which weakens its signal. the flights would leave the bay area for beijing five days a way. right now sfo is the only bay area airport that has nonstop flights to china. the measles outbreak in california is getting bigger and it's raising concern about the number of children who don't get vaccinated. >> we're fortunate we haven't yet had a case but we're really relying on luck at this point. the concern that at least
10:42 pm
one part of the bay area could become a new hot spot for measles. >> and temperatures approaching 80 degrees in january. meteorologist mark tamayo will take us through his weekend forecast and what lies just beyond.
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a chef in napa wants an animal rights group to drop a lawsuit against his restaurant over fragua. in 2013 a judge ruled against the restaurant. now the restaurant is appealing that decision. the two sides were back in court today. >> we were arguing that these efforts to get around the fragua ban by supposedly giving it away actually violate the ban and the sales. >> i'm going to go back to napa and sell legal fragua tonight, their case is over. >> reporter: the legal ban went
10:45 pm
into effect in 2012. earlier this month, a judge threw out the ban. a current measles outbreak in california is raising concern about the growing number of unvaccinated children in the bay area. john fowler tells us about the debate going on and why some parents are dead set on having their kids vaccinated. >> reporter: what doctors today call a hot spot for a measles outbreak. >> we're fortunate that we haven't yet had a case. but we're really relying on luck at this point. >> reporter: matt willis says in some neighborhoods less than 50% of children are vaccinated. >> if i had my brother's children, they would not have had it. they would not have had their vaccine. >> reporter: the lower the vaccination rate according to the district. sonoma and marin the lowest.
10:46 pm
this man takes some of the blame. many people believe vaccines are too risky. >> because there's so much that's not known on the vaccines. i think a lot of it started with the autistic thing. >> and whooping cough are threats. science shows nothing is 100%, vaccines do work. are vastly safer than the diseases they prevent and by protecting us they also protect those like infants who can't get vaccines themselves. >> we owe it to them to make sure that all of us are doing our part to protect the community as a whole against the spread of diseases. >> dr. willis says that message appears to be sinking in that marin vaccinations rates are creeping up. but not so to prevent an
10:47 pm
outbreak yet. a little star power is being added to the judge's table of so you think you can dance. paula abdul and jason derulo are joining the cast. the first round of auditions start this saturday in new york. the show returns to fox this summer. well all week long we've been talking about a warming trend. that forecast remains right on track. today a little on the cool side. stubborn fog out there toward livermore. those temperatures maxed out in the lower 50s. but tomorrow will be the day of change. you will notice a big change in those temperatures. up a good eight to 10 degrees across the bay area. san jose from 56 to 66 degrees for your friday afternoon forecast. right now on live storm tracker 2. we just have higher clouds approaching the north coast. a few high clouds approaching
10:48 pm
mendecino county as well. as far as this, trying to detect the rainfall but our dry weather pattern is still locked in. it locked in that dry weather pattern. visibilities have been coming down. patchy fog in napa out toward fairfield and concord. we could have low visibilities for your friday morning commute. take a look at the bay bridge. forecast headlines, partly crowd -- partly cloudy, and patchy morning fog. here's a look at some of the current numbers out there. pretty chilly in santa rosa and san francisco 50-degree. san jose reporting 46 and the plan for tomorrow in the south bay on track easily by 4:00. we're thinking 60 degrees with lots of sunshine for your friday afternoon. so lots of basically the forecast for tomorrow. mostly sunny skies our warming trend kicks in. high pressure is building offshore. it's flexing its muscles so as a result the storm track goes way up to the north. warming trend kicks in for
10:49 pm
friday and especially for saturday and sunday. warmest locations stay closer to santa cruz, monterey or out toward carmel we could have temperatures in the 70s approaching 80 degrees. just look at the records we would have to beat for saturday. and possibly into sunday as well. here's our forecast model once again showing you the fog first thing tomorrow morning. the central valley and a few patches up in the north bay then basically lots of sunshine for tomorrow afternoon. and we begin to really boost up those numbers in your friday forecast. san francisco 65 degrees. concord 64, santa rosa 69. more neighborhoods san jose 66, already a few low 70s sneaking out of the forecast for santa cruz. 72degrees, santa cruz could be approaching 80 degrees by sunday. here is a look ahead your five day forecast. we're going to keep things dry and things relatively warm after the cool overnight lows. and then we'll thicken up the
10:50 pm
clouds on tuesday. looks like we're still going to remain dry in that five day forecast. i know we needed the rainfall but i think this weekend we'll feel like we have that guilty pleasure out there. >> might as well go out and enjoy. >> thanks, mark. it was 100 years ago this coming sunday that a historic phone call was made. in san francisco today at&t showed off the phones used to make the first transcontinental phone call. it was the highlight of the opening of the pacific exhibition in san francisco in 1915. on the lines were president woodrow wilson, alexander bell. it's a repeating occurrence
10:51 pm
year after year. gonzaga seems to ruin their year every year. zags number three in the lands and they do it with pizazz tonight. down the lane behind the back he had 14. gales managed to stay in it. seven rebounds, working his inside game with effectiveness. but the zags blow it open in the second half. wilger also some flash and dash. 58-47. the zags only one loss so far. like i say number three in the land. other local motion. watson pumps 16. santa clara up three. better than layola tonight. exactly the kind of game stanford needs to move into the let's take these guys seriously conversation. it didn't happen for them and
10:52 pm
the wildcats. stanford tonight the great plunket hanging out with his wife. jason randall's three. he had 26 points, closing in there at the end of the half. now tied second half, the gunner for arizona. brandon ashley is the game. hit the three. wound up with 17. they began to take control. 51,000 tonight's game. that puts the benches into use. they've got some strength as arizona, that was matt gorchev. you can't go 13 minutes without so much of a point and expect a game. asu on a 22-0 run. game over early. jerry blakes the seal he goes pillar to post and gets worse from there. cal was favored in this game. they lost 79-44. that is the second worse home loss in cal basketball history. these days you don't need a
10:53 pm
score card to identify the players you need one to keep track to the coaches in the nfl. a few niners move to square you up on. but for the warriors, coaching situation could not be more stable. not to mention, all star studded. sports part ii next.
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you can only guess how thank. curry is that he did not took that new york's job offer. but he will head to the madison square gardens by virtue of the fact that the warriors had their best record in conference. and curry who has zoomed into king james sta -- stature, but taking it all in stride. >> i will do that proudly in new york thanks to the fans and their votes. so it's something that is a definite dream come true. for it to be two times in a row i'm proud of that. >> once you live in the bay area nobody really wants to leave. at least that's the way it would seem after some of the
10:57 pm
coaching nonmovement. 49ers think enough of the mangenious to move him up from defensive coach to coordinator. mangini has worked with the patriots coach in the early stages of his career. as the 49ers work to fill up the rest of their coaching staff. they reached no further than across the bay to nab sparano . formalized today jason tarver. >> and gordon is going to call it quits from the racing circuit starting next year. >> thank you. our coverage continues on
10:58 pm >> you can always catch the rebroadcast momentarily. have a great night everyone. see you tomorrow. >> good night. female announcer: it's time to make room for the new mattress models! but sleep train's huge year end clearance sale ends sunday. get beautyrest, posturepedic even tempur-pedic mattress sets at low clearance prices. save even more on floor samples, demonstrators, and closeout inventory. plus, free same-day delivery, set-up and removal of your old set. don't wait! sleep train's year end clearance sale ends sunday. ...guaranteed! ♪ sleep train ♪ ♪ your ticket to a better night's sleep ♪
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se pancakes smell great. what are you doing with those? luke and i are doing a recycling drive. if we collect enough bottles they build a school in africa. luke: wouldn't that be so cool to go to a school made out of bottles? that would certainly be a special school. did you hear what i said parents -- "special school"? okay. nobody make a big deal about it but i just broke up with dylan. no! oh, my gosh. are you okay, honey? yeah, i'm fine. i just -- i need to date someone who has a clue instead of an idiot who bangs his head every time he rides his bike out of his garage. every time. i'm sorry, honey. i'm sorry for both of you. i'll have to text him later. mm. i got to jump in the shower. i'm gonna be late. where are you going? i'm going to meet my friend valerie. i haven't seen her in 15 years. we used to work together. you worked


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