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tv   KTVU Morning News  FOX  January 23, 2015 6:00am-7:01am PST

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. good morning. we are in castro valley this morning. just a horrible accident.
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a horrible scene still there. lanes on eastbound interstate 580 are blocked right now because of that deadly crash. coming up in two minutes, ktvu brian flores will have more on the investigation, including what caused one of the cars to burst into flames. >> yes. >> thank you for joining us. it is friday, january 23rd. i am pam cook. >> and good morning. i am dave clark. we are also checking on your weather as well as your traffic. steve paulson has the latest on today's forecast. transition day from the cold and fog to what looks to be a very warm weekend. i don't want to get too far ahead of myself but take a look at the forecasted highs for saturday. these are mine. 60s and 70s here. temperatures near santa cruz down to monterey look to be pretty warm. today we are dealing with fog, though. there are four or five areas reporting thick fog, some of that coming back in from the valley.
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the easterly breeze brings back the cold pattern. if you are in the fog and 30s, lit cut right through -- it will cut right through you. 57 at half-moon bay. warm air aloft and beginning to build in at the surface. you can find 30s and 40s, including san mateyo and foster city that is 41. the trend is to burn the fog off soon today and start a warm up. today is a day where we will see 60s, but by the weekend 10 to 15 degrees above average, 60s to mid to upper 70s expected for the coast. some of us will see low 60s today with the fog, but by tomorrow it will be gone. sal? yes, steve. we have been following this for the last 90 minutes. a deadly crash at 580 and 238. brian flores is now at the scene of developing news near castro valley. brian, do you have any idea
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when the lane will be reopened? >> reporter: yes, sal. there is really no idea on when the lane will be reopened. it is a good area to stay away from if you are headed eastbound at 580 just west of 164th. this is a live scene of what it looks like. several highway patrol crews are here investigating. in fact, a couple minutes ago the alameda county coroner's office also arrived to the fatal collision. according to the chp it is reported it happened just after 4:30 this morning. from what we understand a car was travels at freeway speeds on eastbound 580 when it spun out and was t-boned. that car overturned and caught on fire. fire crews are able to come here and respond, but obviously one person is dead. we are unclear about the other driver that t-boned the car hit earlier this morning but this is generally not a good area to be in this morning. stay away from this area at
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eastbound 580. all the traffic is being diverted to 164th. sal, you touched on this before. you may want to take side streets to get back to 580 and maybe reach 238 that way. we will have more on that in a moment. but the scene just arrived here with the coroner. a public investigation officer is expected to be here as well in minutes and he will possibly answer the question on when all the lanes will reopen. the good news, sal, this is a noncommute direction, but it is affecting traffic. we saw traffic from 150th onward when we got here. we are working to get more information but we will toss it back to you to see how commuters can get around this. >> thank you. one of the best ways to get around this is avoid 580 all together and use 880. if you are driving the castro valley, use 880 instead and you will have a straight shot
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into castro valley. if you want to come down here and get off either at 150th or 164th, you can use east 14th which is technically highway 185. everyone knows it as east 14th. you can go down to 238 and continue that way. again, my way of doing it would be 880 to 238 and that would be much better for you to avoid all the closures, etc. it when a back up there. it is the non-commute direction, but you will still see a slowdown. it is 6:05. let's go to other things i want to show you in traffic. we have a look at the east shore freeway. let me move this camera back to the east shore. there is still -- it looks like a new crash here on the east shore. look at the bottom of the screen there. it looks like a new; different crash has happened. there was a crash at the maze. now there is a crash here at westbound 880 near ashby avenue. all this is adding up to a 43
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minute drive time between the cartinas bridge and the maze. you can see at we pan down, that is a new crash or something on 80 an ash bi. so. thank you very much for getting that and looking at it live there. a lot of stuff going on. now back to the desk. in san francisco we are following a police standoff entering its 12th hour. ktvu tara moriarty is there on the scene where negotiations have failed so far. tara? >> reporter: yes. tactical teams should be arriving any minute. they are will try to make entry inside the home to get this situation resolved because negotiations have been going on around the clock. they have been trying to get the man out who has holed
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himself out inside of the home here. so far they have been unsuccessful. now, as sal mentioned, the standoff has been going on for 12 hours at ashton and grafton avenue where police got a call around 6:00 last night about and heated argument. the situation escalated and the suspect became barricaded inside the home. we know the person he was arguing with made it out safely last night. with police are not sure whether or not is suspect is armed. no evacuations have been necessary so far. if with this sandoff continues throughout the morning they will again be escorted out. obviously this is a developing story and we will keep you posted throughout the morning. live from san francisco, i am tara moriarty. back to you. >> thank you, tara. we will check in with you again
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throughout the morning. 6:07. happening now a high surf advisory for the whole bay area coastline. beaches from sonoma to monterey county are at risk if are dangerous surf waves that are 15 feet high, all developing in the pacific ocean. steve has been talking about it. be careful if you get in the water or even walk on the beach. the high surface warning is in affect until sunday. a berkeley high school student was arrested yesterday and another one was sent to the hospital after a big fight near the campus. about 2:00 yesterday afternoon police received several calls about a fight on shadock avenue near alston way. police found 20 students and several fights happening at the same time when they arrived. a 15-year-old boy was arrested on suspicious of battery. the student taken to the hospital has minor injuries. police are investigating now what started the fight.
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it is not the first time berkeley high school students have been arrested for fighting. here is video from may of last year. students from berkeley tech, berkeley high school and oakland tech converged on shadock avenue. there were several fights and three people were arrested. in october 15 berkeley students were suspended during a wild, mop-like scene involving 500 students. one teacher was hurt curing that incident. protestors packed last night's bart board meeting demanding all charges be dropped during a demonstration in oakland last year. more than 100 people jammed into the room, saying arresting people last thanksgiving for shutting down train service were residually exercising their right to free
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speech. the people face misdemeanor charges and fines. >> many people were inconvenienced by the boycott. >> alameda prosecutor will be deciding if charming will be filed but one bart board member will call for a resolution for the charges to be dropped. it will be debated at the next board meeting. the fbi is searching for a man connected with seven bank robberies. police say these are photos from from the bank surveillance cameras. the robber used a fake mustache, a black trench coat, dark colored fedora and fake beard to disguise himself. he is white, in his 30s and 40s, 5 #or 5'9", with a thin build and peal skin. if you have information on the robberies, call the fbi.
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time now is 6:10. something to think about as you wake up. a couple in stockton is $597,000 richer after a dream about the lottery became reality. the couple matched five out of six numbers for the mega millions drawing back in november but they didn't claim the ticket until now. the man, he had a dream that made him wake up and write the winning numbers down. the couple says they will be helping their kids pay for college, as well as paying off a bunch of bills. >> i love that story. >> i had a dream. >> i had a dream. [ laughing ] that is great. 6:11 is the time. a major movie company is downsizing. at 6:30, the impact it is having on workers right here in the bay area. >> plus, it is possible to tweet your way to death. the impact social media may be having on your health. >> and good morning. we are looking at tough conditions on some of the bay area freeways, including the east shore and some of the
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other east bay freeways. we will tell you what is happening and how to avoid it. >> and it was cold yesterday for some. in fact, 50s for many. today we start a warm up that will be even higher on the weekend but for temperatures to recover, we need to get rid of the fog, and i think we will.
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. good morning. at the federal courthouse in san francisco a police corruption trial is going on of two police officers. it is the latest chapter in the case that solved two other officers convicted last month. the federal jury convicted one of the officers of charges that include violating a tenant's civil rights by illegally searching a room at the henry hotel and falsifying records. the other officer was acquitted.
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this case started four years ago. surveillance tapes showed plain clothes officers conducting searches at the residential hotel without a warrant. >> we all have to abide by the constitution, even police officers. >> the officer's lawyer says, i am quoting, i am obviously disappointed. there were mounds of doubt in the government's case. the officer is scheduled to be sentenced on april 28th. san francisco police say the other officer will be reinstated. according to a new study, sharing your frustrations on twitter can actually be hazardous to your health. researchers at the university of pennsylvania say hateful tweets have been connected to heart disease, comparing heart disease day from the dougy center porsche boxster raffle to the use of -- center for disease control to the use of angry treats across the country. the use of the angriest tweets were also identical to the
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highest rates of heart disease. >> we know that depression, anger and hostility, being quick to reality increases your risk of heart decide through the stress hormone that is get released. >> domes say instead of using twitter for -- doctors say instead offense using twitter for -- instead of using twitter for stress relief, go to the genuine. >> sounds good. invisible boyfriend or invisible girlfriend, yes, for a monthly fee of $24.99, you can select a partner's name, photo, and story of how you met and your fake partner will send you text messages, voice mails and a postcard. someone got the idea when too many people asked him if he was dating someone following his divorce. >> okay. the time is 6:17.
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we have a real commute problem this friday morning, some real problems with the commute. >> yes. one person said they were counting on a friday light, but not this friday. >> not today. >> well, we are getting new details from chp about the crash on 580. the freeway there will be shut down for at least one more hour as they wrap up their investigation at eastbound 580 near 164th, just outside the border of castro valley and unincorporated alameda valley. everybody there knows it as castro valley if you live in the area. the best thing to do is 880 southbound and drive to 238 and avoid 580 all together to get into castro valley. let's move along to this map here, this picture here of westbound 80 at the macarthur
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maze. an earlier couple of crashes here have been cleared but a 35 minute drive from the carquinez bridge to the maze. the golden gate bridge is seeing no major problems as you drive on the span there. we have fog out there and temperatures are going to be warmer than yesterday. it was cold yesterday. the temperatures in the higher elevations are beginning to warm up, in the 50s at 2,000 feet. that was not the case earlier. fog and high clouds, cold to cool, hazy sunshine and a little warmer. it was cold in livermore yesterday with 53. ten better today with 65 in san
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jose was 56 yesterday, san francisco was 57 and santa rosa i saw 50. 60 today. this is looking not promising for rain here, however. there will be moisture and cloud cover from baja, southern california, offense all places to get rain in -- of all places to get rain in january from the south is unheard of. i think it will just be clouds. but it will be a warm weekend. all time january records are possible over the weekend. oakland 78. take a look at when these were last set. sfo 73, gilroy 80, sacramento 79. they were all one year ago last january with eight days of tying or setting record highs. just amazing that we are looking at setting all time high record temps this year this month, too. half-moon bay is already 57 degrees this morning.
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30s for saratoga. scotts valley is in the 50s thousand and the higher elevations the -- 50s now, and the higher elevations all the same. you can see the high pressure. i have to get on my toes to follow the clouds up to the pacific northwest. look at the snow, this big system from the deep south will impact much of the northeast in the next 24 hours. temperatures cold to the north, warmer to the south. those two coming together will make for travel delays in the northeast over the weekend. in the months 20s. the high pressure is on its way. over the weekend the coast will be the place to be with temperatures 10 to 15 degrees above average, especially around santa cruz and monterey. sunny to mostly sunny later today as we get rid of the fog and also the higher clouds, everything goes up and over from a cool thursday to what looks to be a very warm weekend. clouds to the south. i doubt we will get anything much more than cloud cover
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early this week. the good new this is weekend temperatures rocket up and as they do they will set records over the weekend, especially at the coast and bay. >> i am good to mention again the warnings about the -- >> the sneaker waves. >> yes. >> be careful. high waves. never turn your back. >> okay. all right,. >> thank you, severe. time now is 6:22. it is a unique way to deal with divorce. how it involves machine guns and items you would see at your wedding. >> and coming up, did you see will ferrell? what he did to this cheerleader, and why he won't be facing charges.
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. welcome back to the morning news. time 6:25. a hall of fame quarterback doesn't believe new england star quarterback tom brady is telling the truth about deflategate. tom brady is a native of san mateyo and he held a news conference and denied knowing anything about deflated football's last sunday in the championship game. it was reported he deliberately told the ball boys to deflate the footballs so he would have
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a better grip. >> i feel like i have always played within the rules. i would never do anything to break the rules. >> it is obvious that tom brady had something to do with this. for the balls to be deflated, that doesn't happen unless the quarterback want that is to happen. i can assure you of that. >> aikman says quarterbacks tell ball boys all the time how much air they want in the footballs. fox sports is reporting the nfl was tipped off about the underinflated footballs and always intended to test them at halftime. most of the footballs were at least 16% flatter than the nfl allows. actor will ferrell was recently kicked out of an nba game for hitting a cheerleader in the face with a basketball. take a look. it happened yesterday at the intermission of the lakers and pelicans game. he was filming a scene for a
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film when he all of a sudden hit the cheerleader. but don't worry, it was all staged for the film and no cheerleaders were actually hurt during the shooting. beware for drivers on the golden gate bridge. the removable median is now creating dangerous situation the chp says. >> reporter: and we are on eastbound 580 near san leandro. more information we are learning now from the cerebral palsy on this fatal accident. >> good morning. we are -- from the chp on this fatal accident. >> good morning here. southbound 101 is moving along 580. it is moving okay but there is traffic in the east bay for you. >> and still fog and cold temperatures. a lot of 30s. but half-moon bay airport is already 57. yes, it looks to be a very warm weekend, but not so much today.
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. welcome back. you are looking live at castro valley eastbound lanes of interstate 580 blocked right now because of a deadly crash. you can see a very active scene. it looks like a tow truck is moving in to start to clear some of this. coming up in two minutes, ktvu brian flores will have the latest on the investigation, including what caused one of the cars to burst into flames, as well as the latest estimate of when the freeway may reopen. >> what a morning. >> yes. >> we thank you for joining us. welcome back to ktvu morning news. it is friday, january 23rd. i am dave clark. >> and good morning. i am pam cook. thank you for joining us this friday morning. 6:30 is the time. it looks like we are in store for a beautiful weekend.
6:31 am
that is true, but before we get there, it is a little cold out there. >> you have both ducked out, haven't you? >> i have not ducked out yet. i have been stuck at the weather desk! we have some fog out there. yesterday was a cold day for many. today we start with some of the fog but not as much as yesterday. a breeze yesterday was howling all the bay from the gulf to san francisco. but a lot different today. fog and a few high clouds cold to cool but it will be warmer today. hazy sunshine and a little warmer with the higher elevations back in the 50s. the warm air aloft is beginning to build in, a sign the high pressure is on the way. we still have to deal with a log of the fog, though. 57 at half-moon bay, so warm there. san jose is 37. low 40s in lake portage. the north wind at 6 at half-
6:32 am
moon bay is giving them the heat. once we get rid of the morning clouds the rest of us will be mostly sunny and a little warmer. today we begin the process back to the 60s after a lot of 50s yesterday. don't know where to begin, sal. i think you have had three issues already this morning. yes, steve. and the major one we have been talking about all morning long, one person is dead and three hospitalized after a crash completely shout down 580 at -- completely shut down 580 in castro valley. >> reporter: if you are headed in this direction eastbound 580 near 238 in castro valley, this is not a good area to be in. traffic is being diverted on to 164th to get you back on 238. this is a fatal accident. chp remains on the scene.
6:33 am
all the lanes, at least in this section of the freeway, remain block this had morning. chp says it will be close to another hour or hour-and-a-half until the scene is completely clear. i want to go to video we shot earlier this morning. according to chp this happened at 4:20 this morning. the driver of a four-door sedan, the driver and two other passengers somehow overturned and went over the center divide. moments later the driver of a honda pilot, the single occupant of that suv overturned and t-boned the sedan. three others including the driver of the honor do pilot were taken to tee'den medical center and -- to tee'den medicallier and one -- to the eden medical center. one person died.
6:34 am
>> a vehicle went over the center divide. then a gray honda pilot struck the vehicle, causing the overturned vehicle to be engulfed in flames. >> reporter: now, this is video of the scene we shot earlier. i apologize. but this remains a very active scene this morning. chp out theory. three people taken to eden medical center. unclear how the car originally overturned. that is the question chp will be investigating this morning. back here live, the alameda county coroner's office arrived about an hour ago. they have since left the scene. the chp officers are looking at any debris and clues into exactly what happened here. eastbound 580 near 164th. traffic being diverted onto the side street so drivers and commuters can get on to 238. the good news, this is a non- commute direction so it is not affecting traffic on the
6:35 am
westbound side of 580, but for more on how you can get around this, let's go to sal this morning. sal? good morning to you. yes. as we look at the scene, you can see brian standing on the freeway where eastbound 580 is a little sunken and the westbound traffic, you can't really see down there, helping out the typical commute. although some people do commute on eastbound 580, that area. so, use east 14th street to 238. in fact, let's put the map up. east 14th is a decent way to get down to 238. or use 880 to 238 for the time being. it will be a little while longer before the lanes are open, brian said. that is not the typical commute direction, but that doesn't mean much for people that have to drive that way to work, right? let's take a look at the east shore freeway here. traffic on westbound 80 is a little better than it was. we had an accident. traffic was up to about a 40
6:36 am
minute drive between the carquinez bridge and macarthur maze. now it is down to 30 minutes so you will see a little slowing there. the bay bridge has remained steady. you look at the back up and it is 15 to 20 minutes before you make it into san francisco. the time is 6:35. back to the desk. >> all right. thank you, sal. speaking of traffic, installing the movable barrier on the golden gate bridge was supposed to make the span safer, but nearly two weeks after the installation, we are also learning about an unintended affect. more people are now speeding on the bridge. the chp issued 35 citations in just two days, they say. the safety barrier, officers say, give drivers a new sense of security, causing some to ignore the 45-mile per hour speed limit. >> the traffic goes fast. anywhere driving 60 or 70 miles per hour will likely cause another accident. >> reporter: are you more tempted to speed now with the barrier? >> i speed all the time, so,
6:37 am
no. >> he is honest. although the new barrier as eliminated the threat of head- on crashes, the chp warns other risks remain. there is still no shoulder on the brimming so, a stalled car or fender-bender can lead to a more dangerous chain reaction crash. the california measles outbreak is putting new attention on vaccines and kids whose parents don't vaccinate their children. morin county has one of the highest rates of unvaccinated children in the bay area. health officials there feel lucky there hasn't been an outbreak yet in the area. some people are weary of the vaccine and the possible side effects, but officials say vaccines are a lot safer than the disaster diseases they prevent. >> i hope we never have a case of measles in morin county. we fortunately have not had a case but we are really relying
6:38 am
on luck at this point. >> take a look at this map. the darker the color on the map, the higher the number of peek vaccinated. -- of people vaccinated. morin county says vaccination rates are increasing, but it is not enough to protect the outbreak as it is right now. well, a big impact on job cuts in the bay area. we have janine de la vega now in redwood city where we hear dream works, the office there, will shut down. janine? >> reporter: pam, we were parked closer to the dream works pdi facility in redwood city but security asked us to leave. this office will close. the animation office is located on seaport boulevard off of highway 101. we peeked inside the cafeteria where you can see movie memorabilia, including a statute of kung fu panda. the employees here are among those that will be part of the
6:39 am
layoffs, cutting more than 20% of the work force for restructuring moves. that is 500 jobs. dream works produced the movie "shrek", madagascar and kung fu panda but management is downsizing after a recent string of underperforming films. they said making three films a year was too many bibbs and instead will release two. dream works has one film coming out this year called "home." that will be released in march in theaters. employees at the redwood city office will be reportly be officered positions in glendale in southern california. back to you. >> thank you, janine for that update. it will be hard news to take there. 6:39 is the time. we are getting an idea of some of the products apple may be working on in the future. the company patented more than 2,000 inventions last year, among them a computer mouse that can be used as a scanner. they also filed patents for a
6:40 am
water proof coating to protect gadgets and a smartphone that can rotate in mid-air to avoid landing on a glass surface if you drop it. the patents don't necessarily mean mean the product will be developed and sold any time soon but it gives apple the exclusive rights to use the invention for a period of time. tsa officials at airports are finding more and more loaded guns in travelers carry- on bags. according to a report released by the department of homeland security, a record breaking 2,212 firearms were discovered last year in airports across the country, a 22% jump from 2013. officials say more than 80% of the firearms found were loaded. the number one excuse of passengers busted with firearms was that they forgot they had it with them. well, a new gun range in las vegas is letting people who just got a divorce vent their frustrations and move on in a very unique way.
6:41 am
starting this valentine's day, machine guns vegas will offer a just divorced experience. a man, woman and up to four gusts can shoot an -- four guests can shoot at wedding memorabilia including marriage certificates or wedding dresses. the range is already taking reservations. 6:41 is the time. a big protest at bart headquarters. coming up in 20 minutes, what demonstrators want from bart, and how police handled the situation. . >> and police get ready to move in on a suspect after a nearly 13 hour standoff. we will et tell you what -- we will tell you what led to the incident and how it could be impacting your morning commute. >> and the morning commute is moving along relatively well in
6:42 am
some areas like the san mateyo bridge, but not others where we have closures. >> well, we are seeing 30s in most areas but some areas are in the 50s already. we will be recover from the cold yesterday, in the 60s today. but what about the
6:43 am
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. welcome back. a police standoff is entering its 13th hour. police are trying to get the suspect to peacefully surrender, but the suspect is still holed up. ktvu tara moriarty is there now. police have blocked off the area now? >> reporter: that is right. a tactical team has now arrived and the forecasters here overnight have brought in a fresh crew. they will try to make situation and get resolve here. the officers have been trying to coax out the manholed himself up inside the home here. talks last night were unsuccessful. police broke a window when they tossed a phone into the suspect's house to try to start the negotiation process. this standoff as dave mentioned has been going on now for
6:45 am
almost 13 hours. we are on ashton and grafton avenue where police got a call last night regarding a heated argument. as the situation ended, it escalated with the suspect barricading himself inside. police aren't sure if the suspect is armed but his hostage was safely released last night. muni buses that use garfield street have been rerouted. this is obviously a developing story and we hope to see the situation resolved here within the next half hour, we are told. we will keep you posted. live in san francisco, i am tara moriarty. back to you. >> thank you, tara. we are learning more about the charges being filed in the decades old gypsy hill serial murder case. rodmy halbower will be in court -- rodney halbower will be in court monday on charges he raped and killed two women in
6:46 am
1976 from the bay area. three other women were murdered in san mateyo county during the same time but halbower has not been tied to those killings at this point or the other murder in reno. >> i wish he would admit to it, but i don't see that happening. >> authorities say he committed the two bay area murders while out on bail for crimes committed in nevada. during that time he attempted to kidnap, rape and kill a woman in oregon. halbower was convicted but his dna was not taken until much later. he was on a national database where his dna came up as a match for the two bay area killings. and now what is coming up on "mornings on 2"? >> a big sigh of relief for the pamela harris for senate office. the opponent she feared the most, the billionaire activist, decided not to run
6:47 am
for barbara boxer's seat. what prompted his decision and who else could be a democratic challenger. and in the coming weeks there will likely be a lot of betting on the super bowl. we will look at if the harmless pools are legal or against california law, and whether or not you can get caught. that coming up on "mornings on 2". back to you on the ktvu morning news. >> thank you. 6:48 is the time. unfortunately, sal has serious things to report in traffic. >> we have had a couple of bad hours here in the morning commute, really from the time we got here. we have had bad things to talk about. first of all, we will start with eastbound 580. this deadly crash is in the process of being cleared up, but it happened just before 4:30. one person was killed and a couple of others were injured. 580 eastbound near 164th is shut down. another half hour or so before they reopen the freeway. there is a detour set up.
6:48 am
you can get off at either 150th or 164th and go down to east 14th street and get back on to 138 that way or avoid the whole thing and use 880 to 238. don't deal with 580. westbound 580 at the top there, you really can't see much. as a result, the traffic going that way which most people commute this time of morning is not all that bad. let's take a look at the bay bridge toll plaza -- i am sorry sorry, let's go to the maps first and talk about the alternates. 580 westbound seems a little lighter than usual as you drive from livermore to pleasanton. all right, now the bay bridge toll plaza, backed up for a 15 minute wait here at the toll plaza. 6:49. let's go to steve with the weekend weather. i do, indeed, sal, have a pattern favorable for sunshine and warmer temperatures for most, especially by the coast as we head into the weekend.
6:49 am
yesterday was cold, bone chilling cold. 50s and fog and a east wind, a pretty good breeze kicking out in the city, san pablo bay and the delta, as well. it is a dry start to 2015 and it looks like it will be a dry month, hard to farth tom. it really is. the models -- fathom. it really is. it could be the driest january in san francisco ever after last year was the driest at .06. we never had a january in san francisco without any rain and this one is flirting with that. some of the all time record highs for january which is what we will see this weekend, we are all set one year ago. 78 in oakland, sfo 73, gilroy 79. these are forecasted highs for saturday, my forecasted highs. i think the models are overdoing it a little bit but
6:50 am
it will be warmer, above average. 60s and # 0s. santa cruz tomont -- 70s. santa cruz to monterey looks to be the warmest. a lot of fog will decrease rapidly. 30s for many, napa is 36. 42 at the oakland airport. alamo is in the 30s. san ramon is close. pittsburg, antioch and lafayette upper 30s. 35 in alamo is cold. you can see the ridge is building in. the temperatures in the higher elevation, i have seen 52 to 58 around 1,500 or 2,000 feet, a sign the warm air is in here. there is a little bit of an offshore breeze, not much. not much compared to yesterday. the clouds will clear out. mostly sunny on friday. a little warmer. 60s and tomorrow will be an
6:51 am
even bigger jump. sunday looks really warm. mostly sunny, morning fog and clouds, then afternoon sun. 60s on the temps after yesterday's very cold for some. today a little warmer. by tomorrow everything points to sunshine and warmer temp, especially on the coast, so keep that in mind. >> all right. keep that in mind if you are headed to the beach. it may be crowded. >> yes. the time now is 6:52. there is a threat to low gas prices. a live report from washington on the two separate developments in the middle east concerning the white house. >> plus, a super start for the warriors featured in next month's all-star game. we will tell you who, and the message he is sending to his fans this morning.
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. the suspect arrested in the castro arson could be in court as early as today. 22 beyond a reasonable doubt diaz has been arrested for but not charged yet with two other fires monday outside homes in the same area. a new report in the 2012 chevron refinery fire says chevron and refinery
6:55 am
regulations are to blame. the fire endangered 19 workers and the billowing smoke sent hows of people to the hospital. the u.s. chemical safety board previously determined the fire started because an old pipe ruptured but now there are findings against the safety culture and emergency response and gaps in current industry guidelines and recommends contra costa county set up an oversight committee. a meeting will be held on the report in richmond on wednesday. it has been two weeks since bay area birds starts showing up with some kind of sticky substance. animal rescuers are not finding any new contaminated birds. more than 500 affected birds have been discovered on both sides of the way over the past week and almost half of them have died. lab tests on the dead birds are still under way. so far indications are that the goo is not an oil-based product or synthetic rubber. >> the threat as we know it
6:56 am
right now is over. we are not sure what it is. we know what it is not but that opens up the whole periodic table to what it could be. >> investigators hope to learn more by the end of the week. once they find out what the substance is, they will try to determine where it came from. all right. the top team in the nba, the golden state warrior will be well represented at next month's all-star game at madison square gardens. >> hello, guys. this is stefan curry. thank you for all the boats. i could not have -- votes. i could not have done it without you guys. >> he went online saying thank you to his fans, making him the number one vote getter with more than a million-and-a-half votes. the head coach will be coaching the western conference all- stars. clay thompson, by the way, also has a chance to be picked at a reserve on the all-star
6:57 am
team next week. >> they are quite a duo. >> yes, they are hot. and up next, developing news in castro valley, a deadly crash on interstate 580 and how long will it be before the freeway is cleared. >> and dream works is cutting jobs and closing a facility in redwood city. up next, the reason for this dramatic decision. stay right here.
6:58 am
6:59 am
you are looking live at the scene of a horrible crash on interstate 580 in castro valley. police say one person is dead, three others hospitalized. ktvu's brian flores is there and talking with police about what led up to the deadly crash as sal is looking at the best ways to get around the traffic jam this is causing. good morning, welcome to "mornings on 2". it's friday, january 23rd, 7:00, i'm tori campbell. >> good morning, tori. good morning, i'm dave clark. let's also talk about your weather and traffic. let's go right to steve paulson with your forecast. >> getting warmer slowly. tomorrow. >> getting warmer.
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