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tv   KTVU Noon News  FOX  January 23, 2015 12:00pm-12:31pm PST

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they have been found on the other side of the country, a man arrested after escaping police during a 15 hour stand off where officers ended up finding him. plus a warm up expected around the bay area. there's a warm up for people headed to the beach.
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world class expensive wine have been found in north carolina. good afternoon. i'm tori campbell. they say they have located the wine but are still trying to figure out exactly who stole it. brian joins us to explain how investigators are expect today track down the rare bottles. >> they are remaining quiet on how they found the wines. they have found most of them. as you recall on christmas day somebody broke into the rest aunt. what the thieves stole, 76 bottles of wine estimated to be worth 6000 per bottle. connectives got a tip of a wine buyer in greensboro north carolina who had most of the stolen wine. three defect tectives confirmed
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they were the bottles. 72 of the 76 bottles have been recovered so far. detectives are trying to figure out how they ended up clear across the country. >> that is one aspect of the investigation is looking at that possibility, you know, whether it is a current or former employee or just somebody from outside the area who is kind of familiar with wines and with maybe the layout at the french laundry. >> the sheriffs department had no idea they were stolen. they do not consider the person a suspect. they also say the stolen wine is back in napa. the department is also continuing the investigation into a similar wine theft at red restaurant last year. back to you. >> all right. thank you. marine county fire crews
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attacked a fire at a mobile home park. you can see them flying out along highway 101. the fire started about 10:00 this morning. the fire department says a quick response kept the fire to one unit. three people were hurt. we don't know the extent of their injuries. a 15 hour stand off between a man and san francisco police ended with a twist this morning. tara tells us how they were able to zero in on the suspect. >> [ indiscernible ] >> we need you to come out so we make sure you're okay. >> reporter: they broke a window and tossed a phone inside to try to make contact with the suspect they barricaded himself. >> they were out there with flood lights yelling at the guy
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trying to get him to come outside. >> reporter: police say the suspect violated a restraining order. he showed up at the family home last night making threats during a fight with his brother and mother. they weren't sure if ellis had a gun. 14 hours still no contact so tactical teams moved in. around 8:30 this morning police received a tip the suspect wasn't even inside the home, that he escaped some 2-miles away at his brother's house, this apartment building here on woodside. >> awill notly he i caped the perimeter before it was set up. they took him into custody. >> reporter: police took ellis into custody. channel 2 news. oakland police investigating a hit-and-run accident that left a woman dead. the oakland tribune reports the woman was found lying in the
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intersection of 18th and east 15th street about 8:00 this morning. police say the woman appears to be in her 80s and she may have been disabled. she was taken to a local hospital where she was found near by. a green honda may have been involved. eastbound 580 is opened after a deadly crash shut it down during the morning commute. it happened just before 4:30 a.m.. the chp says for some unknown reason the driver of a sedan lost control and overturned. moments later a driver of a honda pilot suv t-boned the sedan. >> a gray honda pilot struck that vehicle causing the overturned vehicle to be engulfed in flames. >> one woman in the sedan was killed and three others taken
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to eden medical center for injuries. in berkeley traffic came to a stop. traffic was not moving in any lanes while highway patrol moved the vehicles to a shoulder. no word on any injuries or what may have caused the crash. now to developing news the mother of one hostage is is pleading for his release as a deadline to pay a $200 million ransome is passed. the group said it would behead the two men today if the money was not paid. japanese said japan will not pay the randsome. with two days of high level talks in the books the u.s. and cuba are one step closer to
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normalizing the relations. joe reports the diplomatic works is just beginning. >> reporter: while delegates say the two nations are inching towards normalized relations each admit skepticism still looms. the u.s. says ensuring cuba improved the human rights record. >> it is crucial we will continue to speak out about human rights publicly and directly now with the cuban government. >> reporter: turning the tables on the u.s. cuba expressing its own concern siting the police killings of unarmed black men. for small island nation it says restoring diplomatic ties lunges largely on economics. >> the listing of the embargo will be for us to normalize relations with the united states. >> reporter: the talks are the first since cuban president
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announced last month they would make a serious go at restoring diplomatic ties. president obama also realizing he needs report from the republican controlled congress to fully normalize relations. many opposed to engagement as long as cuba remains a one party state. >> in my opinion it is cleared. the opinion and voices. >> cuba says another mayor sticking point is getting removed from the list of countries that sponsor terrorism. a second round of talk is expected but no date has been set. fox news. king abdula had been hospitalized for weeks with knew mean you. he was seen as a moderate supporter as well as an american ally who sided with the u.s. against the islamic
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state extremists. he was buried in an unmarked grave. his brother succeeds him. happening today. toker florida governor and possible presidential candidate jeb bush will be in san francisco. the convention is expected to last until sunday. last year's event is included to speech by former u.s. secretary of state and possible presidential candidate hillary clinton. organizers say i they hope to learn more about bush's political plans during his speech. it appears marco rubio could be getting to run. the florida republican instructed a close group of top advisor to enter into campaign mode. and he looked like he was
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going to head to houston but he may be staying in san francisco after all. rose marry willrose mary will have more on how warm it is expected to get.
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huge fight at berkeley high school. when officers arrived they found about 20 students involved in multiple fights. a 15-year-old boy arrested on suspicion of battery. another student taken to the hospital with minor injuries. it's not the first time students have been arrested for fighting. back in may of last year a fight broke out with students from berkeley high school, berkeley tech and oakly tech. in october 15 berkeley high students were suspended during a mob which injured one teacher. the san francisco police department is reeling from a verdict in police corruption trial involving two more officers after two more
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officers were convicted last month. yesterday a federal jury convicted the officer of charges that include civil rights by illegally searching a room and falsifying records. officer richard yic was acquitted. it started four years ago after public defender famously subly sized surveillance tape. it showed plain clothes officers without warrants. >> we all have to abide by the constitution, even police officers. >> his attorney said i'm disappointed. there were mounds of doubt in the case. san francisco police say he will be reinstated. san francisco police working with the fbi to find a man connected to numerous recent bank robberies. police say these are photos of
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the suspect from bank surveillance cameras. they say he used a fake mustache, a black trench coat and dark to colored fedora and beard to disguise himself. he is accused of several robberies from last october to as recently as last week. if you have in addition you're is the to call the fb irk. they have stopped finding contaminated birds covered in a sticky substance. more than 500 birds were discovered covered in the mysterious goo. experts rule out synthetic rubber but are still conducting tests to figure out exactly what the goo is. three construction workers were sent to the hospital after a bridge collapsed north of the bay area yesterday. it happened about 2:00 p.m. in a town of willetts. the bridge was under
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construction as part of a $210 million bypass project to reroute the highway around willetts. you can see a pile of rubble where it collapsed briefly trapping one worker. that worker and two others were seriously hurt. they arelied by a colorado company. a campaign too keep a landfill from expanding. it has more than 14,000 signatures to block the expansion of the landfill. the republy services company says the expansion is a long- term investment to keep garbage costs down. many are convinced it's the source of bad smelling air around the area. >> unfortunately because we are the landfill that can be seen from the highway and we have our expansion permit effort out on the street anyone that smells anything now within a 30-
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mile radius automatically thinks it's the landfill. >> they announced it is deplaying a decision to approve or deny the land use permit until february 11th. the state agency which oversees permits is set to hold a public hearing next week in sacramento on the expansion. its final decision is expected next month. a high surf advise i have now in effect for the coastline. beaches are at risk of sneaker waves and even a possibility of 15-foot waves because of a storm system developing in the pacific ocean. beach goers advised to be extremely careful. the advisories in effect until sunday. a giant asteroid is expected to fly past earth on monday. nasa says the asteroid about a third of a mile in size will come about 745,000-miles from our planet. scientists say it poses no threat to earth but you may be
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able to see it with strong by knock lars or telescopes. it will be the biggest to pass close to earth until 2027. beach weather in store for your bay area weekend. let's take a look at what's happening at the golden gate bridge. a beautiful afternoon shaping up around the bay area. just a few areas still lingering with a little bit of fog. you can see here off towards the west we have mostly sun in i skies and temperatures are climbing. most of us are a few degrees warmer than we 24 hours ago with plenty of sunshine go around around the coast along the bay. you go inland and we are still looking at a little bit of gray concord and fairfield. you'll find it there as well. the numbers show it. fairfield is still dealing with upper 40s and low 50s. it is 46 degrees. you can see that shade of blue. it corresponds with the fog that i just showed you a moment ago. temperature wise we are look at
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62 in san francisco. very mild for half-moon bay. it is 61 for san jose. as we get into the second half of the afternoon temperatures are going to climb. we are going to be slightly warmer today and the bigger warm up comes tomorrow. she mentioned an advisory for our local beaches. i'll show you that in just a bit. 6 in fairfield. we have 67 in berkeley and 69 for santa rosa. low 60s in areas like antioch as concord and a cool one out there right now. we have temperatures ranging in the 60s for parts of the south bay as well. 6 in mountain view and 69 in gilroy. in santa cruz 72 degrees. we are just getting started with this warm up. today slightly warmer. saturday going to be even warmer than that. saturday looks like it could actually be the warmest day as we get into sunday temperatures will range in the mid-to upper 70s for some. take a look at the saturday
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highs. 75 expected for santa rosa and low 70s san jose. mid-70s for santa cruz. we may actually break records this weekend. we'll be tracking it throughout the weekend. with that said the high surf advisory stretches into big sur. the sneaker waves that sneak up with you, something to consider if you're out with little ones. rip currents out until saturday evening or until sunrise on sunday morning. your bay area weekend always in view. temperatures in the 60s for today. going into the low 70s for tomorrow. into the second half of the weekend notice a few degrees of warming headed for your sunday afternoon. partly cloudy skies as we get back to work on sunday. cloudier on tuesday. it looks like we may see rain coming our way. it doesn't look like a whole lot. nothing impressive. we may still see a little bit of drizzle. >> if we don't get anything it will be it. it will be a goose egg.
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>> my goodness. >> it's depressing. >> thank you. >> no problem. he was thinking about going somewhere else but it turns out vogelsong is returning. they have reached an agreement on a one year $4 million contract. the 37-year-old right hander won eight games last year and all seven of his post season starts in 2017 and 2014. he was close to signing with the astros last week and even flew there for a physical before changing his mind. there are few things as cute as the baby's smile. this one has captivated millions of people. up next the heartwarming story behind this special smile
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ups shares fell sharply after they cut their earnings outlook but starbucks stock jumped after they said quarterly earnings soared. the nasdaq is up 8 and the s&p down7. unemployment has fallen to 7%. the state employment development department says only 700 jobs were added last month. the they say california has added more than one and a half
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million jobs though since 2010. dreamworks animation is closing its facility and cutting hundreds of jobs as it restructures. the cuts are equivalent to more than 20% of their work forest. dreamworks is best known for is this reck and madagascar. it is scaling back after a string of under performing films. they will only make two films a year. some listen offered job it in glendale, california. text messages from your phone company may pose a potential security problem. according to experts they are easy for scammers to mimic and they say that can lead to users clicking on fake links and granting hackers access to log in credentials or credit card information. to be safe users are urged to confirm who they are communicating before they
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respond or offer another form of communication. the cost of renting a home is getting higher. the real estate tracking company says rents nationwide jumped 3% during the last year but san francisco rents jumped about 15% during the same period. the average rent in san francisco just over $3000 a month. in san jose rents are up 14% averaging almost $3200 month. a baby smile sauce precious but this is always sweet. millions of people have now seen it. >> hi. hi. >> he was born without bigment in her skin, hear and eyes. it causes vision problems. she was fitted with special glasses earlier this month. she broke into a smile when she saw her mom clearly for the first time. the you tube video has gotten nearly 5 million views. coming up tonight at 5:00
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there are some 12,000 square feet of public space paid for by private land owners. i could soon change, the rule that could let developers opt out of offering open space. that's tonight at 5:00. thank you for making ktvu you choice for news. we are always on you can follow us on twitter and facebook. have a great weekend.
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- [voiceover] today on animal science! do you know the mongoose has a built-in defense system against certain types of snake venom? it's immune to one of the deadliest creatures on earth. and, the octopus is the smartest invertebrate in the sea. it has brain cells in its tentacles. plus, flamingos are one of the most coloful birds on the planet. the brighter the feathers, the healthier the bird. today we'll take a look at some of the coolest creatures from the continent of europe. welcome to the fascinating world of animal science. - [voiceover] from the warmth of the mediterranean,


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