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tv   Ten O Clock News  FOX  January 25, 2015 10:00pm-10:46pm PST

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a measles warning in an unusual place. the bay area store telling shoppers they may have been exposed to the highly contagious disease. good evening i'm david stevenson in for ken wayne. >> and i'm heather holmes. measles making their run here in the bay area now prompting warnings at a south bay warehouse store. debora villalon with reaction from shoppers startled by signs at a cosco. >> reporter: notices are at the entrance and cash registers. warning shoppers that someone with measles was here last sunday and potentially exposed
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hundreds of people. so now, the health department is getting the word out. a walk through any cosco store presents a sea of people, products, places where a stubborn virus can survive. measles is contagious in the air and on surfaces. >> we weren't there, we were here. >> reporter: shoppers were thinking back to whether they were here on sunday. that's when officials say exposure was possible and it wants shoppers to be alert for symptoms until february 8th, two more weeks. >> there may be measles circulating in our community undetected that's what's concerning to us. >> i don't know maybe because i don't know too much about it. i think about it like chickenpox, i don't know. >> i don't know. i just know it was in disneyland. >> reporter: disneyland theme parks in anaheim is where most of california's 68 measles
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cases stem from. but bay area doctors say that it's becoming a concern here because many parents do not vaccinate their children. >> i think a worry for a lot of people for people who don't vaccinate. >> reporter: someone sick might unwittingly go out and infect others. a shopping center isn't like an amusement park with so many people coming and going. >> measles is very common around the world, in europe, in asian and other parts of the world. so it's just a plane ride away. >> reporter: many cosco shoppers breezed past the banner. >> i'm immunized, my daughter is immune -- immunized so i'm
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not worried. >> i don't even know what it is. >> i'll show you on the internet. i'll show you. >> reporter: now he has some explaining to do. >> so somebody that had it went to disneyland and spread it. >> reporter: it can lead to pneumonia, even brain damage. and anyone who thinks they may have it should call before just showing up at the doctors office or the clinic to avoid exposing everyone in the waiting room. heather. >> some very good advise there, thank you deb. with concerns about the measles outbreak now at 78 cases here in california. health officials are glad to see that the number of children exempt from sack -- vaccinations is on the decline.
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the number jumped from 3.7% to 7.8%. but a law went into effect last year that requires parents who do not want their children vaccinated speak with a health care provider. by the end of 2014, the percentage of kindergartners that were not vaccinated dropped. the accident happened around 1:00 this afternoon at the intersection of georgia street and roney avenue. firefighters say two people were in the car. a woman and a child. the woman suffered minor injuries and the child refused medical treatment. vallejo police are investigating. the family of a missing san francisco software engineer received some very sad news today that will at least give them some closure. the san francisco medical examiner confirmed that a body found floating in the bay last
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november was that of 26-year- old ha. he left his apartment on brannon street and never came back. he did suffer dizzy spells but there were no signs that he would have taken his life. the extremist group isis released a statement claiming that hawa was beheaded. four days ago, isis demanded a 200 million ransoms for two hostages but japan refused to pay. >> i think the woman they want
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was a very dangerous woman who participated in a very deadly bombing in a hotel in iman. i understand the jordanian's concern about that. >> reporter: jordanian authorities arrested the woman more than nine years ago with an explosive vest that did not go off. u.s. officials say they will spare no expense in fighting terrorists but will not negotiation with them. goto has a wife and newborn child in japan. he went to syria to report on children's in harm's way. a breakthrough understanding. that's how president obama identified a meeting today in india. >> reporter: president obama arriving in new dehli where he was welcomed with a state dinner at the presidential palace. the president addressing his desire to have a stronger relationship between the two countries.
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president obama's visit comes four months after indian prime minister met with the president in washington. the three day trip is expected to include discussions about climate change, economic issues and the fight against extremism. prime minister modi speaking out saying a global strategy is needed to fight terrorist groups. >> every country must fulfill its part to eliminate terrorists and bring terrorists to justice. >> reporter: both leaders insist the trip is not just symbolic and they say substantial progress has been made. that includes plans for donating millions of dollars toward the cause. president obama is scheduled to become the first u.s. president
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to attend india's republic day festivities. his trip will be cut short so he can fly to saudi arabia to pay his respects after the death of king abdulla. an elderly woman killed in santa rosa last week because she happened to be in the wrong place at the wrong time has now been identified. 73-year-old ruth ilene was standing on the sidewalk in front of luther burbank's savings at the corner of third and b street when she was hit by an suv. they say the suv collided with a volvo. flipped and landed right on top of her. the two drivers were treated for minor injuries. police are revealing surveillance video from the banks and other businesses to determine who was at fault. a pedestrian was killed today at on caltrans. the person was hit by a southbound track just before
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1:00 near charleston road. trains were stopped in both directions for about three hours. authorities have reported the victim was an adult male but there's no information on the person's name or age. caltrain says he was trespassing but the accident is under investigation. we're following developing news in san francisco and frightening moments for people at a birthday party. they were on the backyard deck celebrating when the railing suddenly gave way. cristina rendon live now at san francisco general with new information for us about those injured in today's collapse. >> -- >> reporter: yeah, heather, three people were injured today. san francisco general says thankfully they'll be okay but this was just an unpredictable accident. this all started when 200 people gathered at a home for a birthday party. it was at that party when about
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8:30 this evening, investigators got a call about a possible deck collapse. when they got there they found the deck was intact but a railing had fallen off. a woman and man who were leaning on the railing fell off. the initial report is the railing was rotted. >> it depends how you fall 20 feet. you can have serious injuries that can cause death. in this case they don't appear to be life threatening. >> reporter: the building inspector was at the house to an initial notice. but a second auditor need to be there in a few days to tell the owners how to bring the railing back to code. >> thank you for that good news there. reporting tonight in san francisco, cristina rendon.
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u.s. gas prices look like they're about to dip below $2 a gallon. and today we did find gas for $2.09 a gallon. according to the car club, the national average is $2.03. that average prizes in california to $2.45 a gallon. in san jose it's $2.47. $2.48 in oakland and $2.56 in san francisco. the cheapest gas in the nation is 1.77 that's in missouri though. the northeast prepares for a monster blizzard. >> prepare for something worse than we have seen before. >> the flight cancellations already in place ahead of the potentially historic snowstorm. >> and personal information exposed. how private companies got ahold of personal data when people signed up for obama care. >> but first, commute changes in the south bay. we'll have details on road
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closures to make way for the new san jose b.a.r.t. extension. ♪
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with kaiser permanente you'll connect with your doctor any time anywhere. another way care and coverage together makes life easier. ♪ become a member of kaiser permanente. because together, we thrive. ♪ crews in san jose are getting ready to shut down an intersection for several months to prepare for the long awaited b.a.r.t. extension to the south bay. starting tomorrow the sierra road and lundy avenue intersection will be closed for nine months. crews will construct a trench for the future b.a.r.t.
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system to travel below that intersection. it could be a bump in the road for commuters of the busy san jose intersection. starting tonight, sierra road and lundy avenue will be closed for nine months to cars and pedestrians. this rendering shows what it will look like. >> it might be gridlock traffic in january. especially for eight or nine months. if it's three months, who cares. >> reporter: while he has a flexible schedule, he worried for the elementary school kids who walk this way. >> instead of walking a half mile, they have to go like a mile and a half, two miles. >> reporter: near by businesses are concerned about possible congestion on surroundings streets. >> probably won't be good because i'm not going to get a lot of customers because the traffic load is going to be pretty heavy. i don't think it'll be a good thing. >> either close the intersection completely for nine months or do more of a
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staged approach which would have taken double that time. >> reporter: the vta understands there'll be an adjustment for the neighborhood and will make a detour. people who live here can ask the sierra to shore up the road. >> we just ask for people to get for a different way to get through that area. >> reporter: jose was walking to the grocery store says adding a few miles and a few minutes for a trip will be inconvenient at first but having b.a.r.t. will be convenient. >> it'll be convenient in the future, i guess we'll have to take a hit right now and hopefully everything will go back to normal. >> reporter: the vta tells us the entire project is a year ahead of schedule. they're confident the work will be done in nine months. likely no sooner since this is the most complicated part of the project.
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information provided by users when they signed up for obama care was shared with private companies. it says they will now stop that practice. the department now says it will no longer give users information but there's no way of knowing what information is shared once it is stored in the government's computers. now earlier this month, we told you about 26-year-old danielle gasau. she said when she began the sign up process she added her phone number and address but later decided she was not interested. she later received dozens of calls from companies throughout the country. the agency says they did share data from customers who didn't complete sign up but covered california says it insists they did not share personal
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information. crews are gearing up for snow accumulation from 20 to 30- inches. the forecast for the region. new york city major bill deblasio warned residents to be prepared. >> this literally could be one of the top storms in the history of the city and we need to plan accordingly. >> reporter: certainly does sound like a huge storm. the snow is expected to be heavy and come down fast. two to four inches an hour. visibility will be drastically reduced. this latest storm following another storm that moved up the east coast just yesterday leaving a slushy snowy coating from pennsylvania to new england. and we were going to show you a live look at new york city but i understand we have lost that. they're getting ready there for what is expected to be a pretty big storm coming tomorrow. >> a very tough couple of days here. and mark tamayo is joining us for what is going on.
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businesses have already announced closures, airlines have already cancelled tuesday flights. there's a lot for them to get ready for. >> let's check in with mark. not unusual for airlines to make that move. >> 31 degrees with winds at 6 miles per hour right now. by this time tomorrow a completely different story. as you can see right now on live tracker 2. here's the circulation developing. this is the early stages of the storm right now as you can see developing. this will be the key factor as we head into tomorrow morning, tomorrow afternoon and tomorrow night as well. here's a closer look at the area that have the blizzard warning. as you can see for parts of new jersey, new york, up toward boston, parts of maine as well. here's the over all general look at the blizzard morning. monday into tuesday, snowfall in this area. the national weather service says they have picked up an
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inch to two an hour. you put this into motion. there's not too much happening so the way to work tomorrow for the northeast, just light to maybe moderate snowfall but things begin to really accelerate, there we go with the heavy snowfall accumulation by monday night and into tuesday morning. excessive snowfall rates if you've heard two to three inches an hour. these numbers might be changing a little bit so we'll have to keep an eye on this forecast. i do know this will be an extreme weather event as we head into monday and tuesday with that weather warning in place. and back here in the bay area, a much different scene we're wrapping up a weekend filled with warm weather. a high surf advisory came to an end this afternoon. this is a look at the wave s in
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pacifica. this is video of mavericks near half-moon bay yesterday afternoon where some waves reached as high as 15 feet. a lot of surfers were out there as you can see enjoying the surf and the sun. crews in southern california say they have restored power to most of the 64,000 people who saw a massive service disruption yesterday due to those high winds. we want to show you now that dramatic video. watch, a 20-foot billboard fell on to parked cars yesterday when the santa ana winds hit with force. the l.a. department of water and power say 11,000 people are still without water at this hour. the strongest winds clocked in at 89 miles per hour yesterday in the san diego county mountains. canines showed their competitive sides in san francisco this weekend. >> still ahead we'll show the impressive showmanship by hundreds of agile pups. >> it's out with the birds and in with the balloons. the reason the vaticans put a
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tomorrow marks 70 years since the -- of the. despite the ousting of yemen's president, the u.s.'s counter terrorism campaign inside that country will not be affected. >> we continue to go after five value targets inside of yemen. we will continue to keep the pressure that's required to keep the american people safe. >> reporter: yemen is the base for al-qaida in the arabian
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peninsula. al-qaida in the arabian peninsula you may remember claimed responsible for that attack on a paris magazine. the president said it is the best option available. california senator dianne feinstein expressed concern about the situation in yemen suggesting that more special operation forces may be needed on the ground. dozens of balloons were released today in st. peters square. it's a tradition that one centered around doves usually on the last sunday of every january. the pope stands with children at the vatican window and they release birds as they read out a declaration of peace. but last year the event ended in disaster when a sea gull and crow attacked the symbolic birds. the balloons holding in the air are said to hold messages of
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peace. the legalization of medical marijuana was a topic at the hemp convention. the convention is slated to return to san francisco in august. civil rights leader jesse jackson visits a bay area church. >> i will not go backward. >> his thoughts on law enforcement and community relations and why he says police are not the root of the problem. >> plus a disease fighting experiment. the reason scientists are releasing millions of
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genetically modified mosquitoes in one neighborhood.
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those b.a.r.t. protesters who interrupted transit service on black friday could end up facing charges. two b.a.r.t. directors are pushing a proposal to dismiss criminal charges. the b.a.r.t. board could consider the issue at its board meeting last month. b.a.r.t. says it lost an estimated $75,000 in fares. initially the directors wanted the protesters to pay that to the commission. and today's sermon was used
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to talk about civil rights and that sermon was delivered by reverend jesse jackson. noelle walker was there as jackson touched on the divide between police and some of the communities they serve. >> reporter: bethlehem church goes by the name of church through the roof for a reason. the joyful noise at sunday services can't be contained today they raised the roof. >> reverend. good morning. >> what do you say? all right. >> reporter: and opened the door for a special guest. >> jesse jackson. he ran for president in 1984 and 1988. >> reporter: civil rights leader jesse jackson told the congregation the struggle is not over. >> some of us who talked about
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civil rights back in the day, when did it end? >> reporter: jackson touched on the ongoing protests on the street following the instances of white police officers shooting and killing unarmed black men. during sunday service, a small group held signs. >> all lives matter here in our city. >> reporter: a city where last month the police commissioner picked up a sign. >> police should not shoot people. people should not shoot police. we can resolve the issues because we need each other. >> i don't think there's a police officer in this nation that comes to work intentionally wanting to kill somebody. i think it's probably one of the worse things that any officer can experience in their career. >> reporter: jackson says police are not the root of the problem. >> police are not why my wages
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are too low. police are not why i can't get a scholarship. >> reporter: and opportunity. >> police are not why i picked up a -- >> we must live to learn together and hope. >> reporter: keeping with church tradition, reverend jackson ended his sermon. >> reporter: i will not go back ward. >> reporter: through the roof. >> god's child. i fall down, i get up. i get up. i get up. >> reporter: jesse jackson will be on the peninsula and silican valley tomorrow pushing for job opportunities in those high tech businesses traditionally dominated by white men. in richmond, noelle walker, ktvu news. the wild liar organization helping bird are paying costs without government help. more than 300 birds have been rescued and 250 bird are still at the center for cleaning and
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treatment. center officials say they're spending about $9,500 a day. that's almost $80,000 so far. and there's still another two or three weeks worth of work to do. federal relief funding is typically available for oil spills but it's still not clear what this substance is or where it came from. more than 150 bird have died. hundreds of turkeys at a foster farms plant are being euthanized after they contracted flu. that ranch has been quarantined. health experts say this type of flu carries no threat to humans. modified mosquitoes may be
10:33 pm
released. oxitech wants to release male mosquitoes with the herpes virus and e-coli. when they mate with females the offspring will die. many people feel the bite of a gmo mosquito oxitech hopes to release the mosquito in a key west neighborhood this spring. the concord school teacher accused of molesting his former students is expected to face his trial storm. the current trial was widdled down to 24 molestation charges. if convicted he could spend the rest of his life in prison. contra costa county's homeless program is looking for volunteer who is can help count the homeless population. the information is used to help the county provide services to
10:34 pm
the homeless. volunteers will work four hour shifts interviewing people at locations such as food distribution sites, health care facilities and soup kitchens. volunteers have to attend a two hour training session before starting. canine competitors lined up to strut their stuff at the cal palace in daly city. for those in fast rate, dogs were running, hit a sprint board and run back to if finish line. it was one of the highlights at the all breed dog show. many dog lovers return to this show every year. >> i live in belmont and i come probably every year for the last 10 years. >> the weekend included two one day shows featuring about 1,500 dogs and 150 breeds. there was also a dog fashion show and a best puppy in show. a lot of fun. it's known as northern california's biggest rummage sale and it began with a
10:35 pm
presale in oakland today. a giant warehouse used for oakland museum's white elephant sale in march was opened for serious shoppers today. both collectors and bargain hunters had a crack at it. enormous items. all proceeds benefit the oakland museum. >> always a fun event there. we're getting a new look at the world's only set of surviving giant panda triplets. the milestone the trio just reached and the good news for their future. >> and we're wrapping up a warm weekend in parts of the bay area. coming up, meteorologist mark tamayo will let you know what to expect for the workweek in the full forecast.
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for over 60,000 california foster children nights can feel long and lonely. to help, sleep train is collecting pajamas for foster children, big and small. bring your gift to any sleep train and help make a foster child's night a little cozier.
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all week long we've been talking about a big warm up this weekend. we had a few changes to if forecast. the warm air arrived but we also added some fog to the mix as well. this was the over all pattern. this is about 5,000 feet up above our head. i was talking about the fog forming in the central valley. that coupled with the offshore flow transported the cooler air. having a big impact on bay area. vallejo only topped out in the 50s. these temperatures in the six -- 60s not as warm as they could have been. we had pretty warm temperatures and few records to report as well. back to monterey. look at these 80s for monterey. south lake tahoe 66 degrees. that was a record. right now changes in the satellite. we're looking to our south. high clouds down toward southern california and a big batch already approaching the south bay neighborhoods as
10:39 pm
well. temperatures already cooling off. so a bit of a chill in the air already. showing you lower 40s. san francisco mid-50s and san jose checking in 53 degrees. our forecast headlines we do have this. mostly clear for tonight. a few extra clouds for your monday afternoon. and then the chance of a shower in your tuesday forecast. there's a slight chance for right now but definitely a lot more clouds for that time frame. here we go with the forecast model showing you this. here we show you the overnight lows. san jose 44 and san francisco a forecast low of 49 degrees. storm cast going way south of here. this weekend we're talking about the fog and warm up out there but there's a system approaching southern california and this will be on the move. definitely a cloud producer on monday and chance of showers on tuesday. you can see the clouds moving out from the south.
10:40 pm
then on tuesday not a lot of shower coverage here but there's enough to bring in the chance of a pop -p -- pop up shower in the tuesday forecast. the long range forecast models keeping us dry. unfortunately as we do head into february. forecast highs for tomorrow, mainly in the 50s as you can see san francisco 56. hayward 57. san jose will go 68. here is a look ahead, your five day forecast. there's a chance of a baby rain cloud on tuesday. rain showers have been going down. looks like the same old weather pattern. i'm getting tired of this forecast as we head into the weekend with partly cloudy skies. some parts of the bay area won't pick up any rainfall. >> last month we got some big storms and here we come now. >> thankfully we had a month to help us out a little bit. the world's only set of
10:41 pm
surviving giant panda triplets are now 6 months old. the cubs were born within four hours of each other on july 29th. all three are in good health. their fur has turned black and white like their mother. it was pink when they were born. they have started to eat fresh bamboo all by themselves. researchers say the fact that they reached 6 months old means they'll have a better chance at --
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good evening everyone, welcome to this late sunday night edition of sports wrap. the warriors were winners again tonight at home against the boston celtics. franchise report 18th straight home win. we've gotten used to that but not a win margin of three points. this is the night where the important of andrew bogut stood out. bogut had 13 points and 13 rebounds. third quarter and it's curry to green who gets two of his 13 points despite the foul. the warriors led most of the way but could never really shake the celtics. curry had 22 points, he gets the steal. does some ball handling magic and knocks down a shot that almost looks too easy. here's when you don't see that often. david lee with the back door pass and steph rises up to jam one down. the two teams trading baskets down the stretch. lee with another pretty pass to
10:45 pm
set up clay. lee had seven assists in just 16 minutes and then boston trying to hang on late. clay shot down three to make it a 13 point game. he backed up his 52 points on friday with a 31 point effort in this one. the record breaking numbers continue to mound. they're third best. they're 14-zero against the east this year. for a while they were tested late in the game. >> we had to work hard in the third quarter to get a little bit of separation. we had to hold on for dear life down the stretch. >> this is the point of schedule that it gets really difficult to get up emotionally night after night after night. i thought it was a workman like effort. we did our job and we just didn't have a lot of life and legs. it's one of those games, late january, you have to fight through it. minnes


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