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tv   KTVU Channel Two News at 430am  FOX  January 26, 2015 4:30am-5:01am PST

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monsoon moisture. it's associated with low pressure that broke off of baja and continue to work its way in. 30s and 50s. and low 50s. we have a wide variety of temperatures here. to the north some of the higher elevations running warm. 40s to 50s. at the surface a lot of 30s and 40s. there is not much of a breeze at all. some of that fog will work its way back in. and we hope some rain by tomorrow. 60s on your temps to a few low 70s with south wind it might feel a little tropical. a very good morning to you. happy monday to you, steve. we are off to a very nice start. let's go to eastbound interstate 80. there was an accident near gill man. but they cleared it quickly.
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his is a look at the traffic heading out to the mccarthur maze. bay bridge toll plaza traffic looks nice as you drive through there. 580 westbound as you come in from river mother, it is a very nice drive. let's go back to the desk. thank you. the number of measles cases in the bay area continues to grow. now a south bay costco store is posting warning for shoppers. they have posted signs at the entrance and cash registers warning someone with measles shopped there last sunday. the person shopped between the hours of 4:00 and 6:00 p.m.. hundreds could have been exposed.
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>> there might be measles circulating in our community undetected. >> shoppers are asked to watch for symptoms of the measles. so far there are 78 cases of measles seven states. most stem from the disney land theme park in anaheim. and those numbers are expected to climb. the biggest concern though in the bay area is for those that are not vaccinated against the measles. health experts are glad to see the number of children that have not been vaccinated in one bay area county is dropping. the number of kindergartners not vaccinated jumped by 10%. law enforcement agencies are puts pressure on google. the app is used by thousands of drivers every day. law enforcement agent sills want georgia to remove a feature in the app that warns
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drivers when police are nearby. they say that feature puts their officers in danger. there are no known connections between a tax on police and the ways app. but some are concerned it's only a water of time. google has declined to comment. the secret service is investigating a small drone discovered on the white house ground. i want to show you video. white house spokeman says the drone does not pose an ongoing threat. president obama and michelle obama are not at home right now. they are on a visit to india. so far the secret service has not commented about the device. starting today some drivers will have to find a new route on streets near the san jose municipal golf course. the area near lundy avenue and citier rap road will be closed for nine months. crews will with building a trench that will be part of the future bart system in that
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neighborhood. officials say this one of the more complicated intersections of the bart extension into the south bay. they have set up detours along the avenue and the 77 bus line is being rerouted to that street. people who work and live in the area are concerned about traffic congestion over the long haul. >> traffic in general. if it is gridlock it will be terrible. especially for eight or nine months. >> it was either close the intersection completely for nine months or do more of a staged approach which would have taken double that time. >> vta says the entire bart project is a year ahead of schedule and transit officials are confident they will be able to finish this project in the nine months allotted for it. a verdict is expected in the trial of a concord schoolteacher accused of mom lesting his former student. this is the second trial of joseph martin. last year a jury acquitted him
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on 21 counts but could not agree on some of the other charges. in this current trial he faces 24 counts of molestation. if convicted, martin could spend the rest of his life in prison. sex abuse case against the boy scouts in santa barbara. man was molested by a boy scout in 2007 claims the organization failed to educate and warn parents about the dangers of sex abuse. earlier this month a judge ruled the man's attorney could introduce perversion files. the files contain allegations of sexual abuse by boy scout leaders that have never been made public. they will also reveal how much or how little the organization has improved its efforts to protect children and report abuse. three people are recovering after being injured in separate shootings in san francisco over the weekend. an injured man was rushed to the hospital. however, police say they still don't know how that shooting happened because the victim is
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not cooperating. on saturday night, two more people were shot in the city's visitation valley neighborhood. no one has been arrested and police do not know if any of the cases are related. wildlife volunteers are working around the clock. more than 320 birds have been rescued. volunteers say they have two or three weeks for work to be done. they are spending $9500 a day. that is almost $80,000 so far. they are also expecting a water bill of up to $30,000. the center is looking for donations. if you'd like to help, we do have information on how you can
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on our website starting today a san rafael park will be off limits to the public. boy memorial park will be closed until late february. the park has been a target of vandals and they have been finding drug paraphernalia. they are shutting down the park to clean it up. they will work were law enforcement strategies to keep the park safe for everyone. four bay area figure skaters are represent the u.s. a the two u.s. championships in two months. that event will be held in shanghai. she was named to the u.s. team after placing fourth in the senior ladies event this past weekend. and fremont karen chen finished third in that event. because she is 15 years old, she is not old enough to go to the senior level event, instead she will go to the world junior
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championships in acetone yeah. kevin also qualified for that event by winning the silver medal in junior men. and al january that and her partner also made the junior team. lots of talented skaters in the bay area. >> i know. history of the bay area skaters too. two planes had to be evacuated. another diverted. the disturbing discovery made online that prompted security officials to take action. >> daddy yelled lock the door. >> a family comes face to face with an escaped inmate. >> good morning. we are looking at a commute where traffic is doing very well so far any way as you drive on the san mateo bridge. we'll tell you a little more about that morning commute. >> after a weekend of either you were at the coast or warm and stuck in that fog.
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welcome back. time is 4:41. we want to go back to that measles warning at a costco store in gilroy. tara moriarty is joining us now from the store. this is where signs are up warning shoppers they may have been exposed. >> we would have come to you a little bit earlier but we were kicked off the premise by costco employee. we understand the notices are at the entrance as well as the cash register warning that someone with measles shopped there last sunday. exposing hundreds of hundreds of other people. the date of course is january 18th between 4:00 p.m. and 6:00 p.m.. shoppers are thinking back to that time wondering if i was there. and it wants shoppers to be alert. >> there might be measles circulating in our community undetected. and that is what is concerning to us.
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>> measles a concern? >> not to me or my family. i think it is for a lot of people with kids. >> measles has been uncommon for so long that many people even in medicine have never seen a case. measles symptoms are usually mild at first. a runny nose, cough, watery eyes. and then the fever worsens. most people can recover slowly but it can lead to pneumonia and brain damage. anyone who thinks they may have been exposed or have measles should call the doctors office before coming. tara moriarty back to you. >> thank you tara for that update. 4:43 is the time. they can cause hundreds of dollars of damage in their car. now several bay area cities are investing millions of dollars to fix potholes. agencies all over the bay area say they are planning to spend up to five times more money on
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road maintenance in the coming years. and for many cities potholes are top priority. more than half of san francisco's 850 miles of streets are in disrepair. more than half of the streets in the nine bay area counties are considered at risk. san jose faces a $400 million backlog for streets in poor condition. the san francisco medical examiner confirms the body found floating in the bay last november was that of dan haw. he left his home on halloween night and never came back. he did suffer dizzy spells. a facebook page dedicated to haw says the autopsy results won't be released for at four months. driver accused in a hit and run will be in court today.
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police say 30-year-old ann park was behind the wheel when she hate 84-year-old ann hong. an investigation continues into a deadly shooting that took place inside a home depot in new york city. officials say an employee walked into the packed store yesterday afternoon and had a brief argument with a supervisor before pulling out a gun and shooting him several times. the employee then shot himself in the head. both men died at the scene. witnesses were horrified. >> everyone started screaming. everybody down, everybody down. we started running. i grabbed the baby. home depot did a great job. they took us to a back exit. they rushed everyone out. >> it's not clear what the two men were arguing about. employees say the victim was recently married immigrant from africa who enjoyed his job. home depot released a statement
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saying the company is quote deeply saddened by thissics accident. >> escaped prisoner in new hampshire is back in police custody after he tried to break into a home of a family that fought back. >> can see through the trees what seemed to be something orange. and it came closer and closer. i could see it was a person. >> it was a prisoner who police say escaped from a nearby hospital. a father had been playing outside in the snow with a seven-year-old daughter when he immediately went into protective mode rubbing the girl inside with his wife. >> daddy yelled lock the door. lock the door. >> it was right then i heard somebody pounding on our back doors of our home. like trying to enter the home. and that at that point my fear was being trapped in my house with somebody and being hostage with my child. he said he used it to knock the
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prisoner on to the ground and stub due him until police arrived. wow. >> that is scary. >> yeah nondoubt. 4:46 is the time. sal is here of course covering monday morning traffic. your wish is granted. it looks pretty good as you drive to the toll plaza. it is nice. there is not a big delay. and taking about ten minutes to drive through. chp is not reporting a lot of problems. let's go to interstate 880 and traffic continues to look very good north and southbound. no major problems if you are driving on 880 all the way to fremont. and we do have traffic that is going to be okay.
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let's go to steve in the weather center. >> i talked to you briefly. >> yes. >> i saw you too. but i talked to you in-depth. we do have some records that were set yesterday. we did? yes. people are saying where is this warm weather? and i said go to the coast. go west. monterey was 84. santa cruz 83. one degree off the all-time high. south lake tahoe 66 warm degrees. it looks like if we don't get rain on tuesday or wednesday, we will make it without any measurable precipitation. that will be the first time ever in 166 years of recordkeeping. it is possible tomorrow clouds are on the increase from the south. this is not monsoon moisture.
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a low came down around the four corners. settled in around baja. we will see increasing clouds throughout the day. there is rain down in southern california. 30s to 50s. 37 santa rosa. 43 san jose. livermore 42. upper 30s antioch and brentwood. the breeze is not that bad to the south. but there is still a component of an easterly or north easterly. my goodness that is so cold if you are stuck in that fog. there will be some light snow in the northeast but there is going to be a major snowstorm developing late tonight into tuesday. maybe two feet of snow starting to wrap. this whole system. the cold air is coming in on the backside. you can see the cold air on the backside of that. warm air out ahead.
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there is our system. it will weaken as we move north. if there is any rain it will be late, late tonight. it does not look like a lot. patchy fog this morning. clouds on the increase. cool to mild to warm. cloudy evening and light rain possible on tuesday. most of it should stay east ordinary person south of us. patchy fog. cool to warm on these temps. fairfield was 56. yet there were 10:s by the coast. we'll see a little decrease in that pattern due to the cloud cover coming in. there is still an offshore breeze. cloudy, i will mention some rain south and east. mostly cloudy as that system weakens on sunday. and then after that it looks back to warm. >> just odd. >> very odd. >> yeah people are tired of it. >> well, it's january. >> thank you, steve. 4:50 is the time. some of the nfl's best took to
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the field one week before the super bowl 49 is to be played there. there were a few changes. most notably the game was not played in hawaii. jimmy graham has two touchdowns for team irving. including a game winner with three minutes to go in the fourth quarter and team irving won 32-28. the warriors they have set a franchise record with their 19th consecutive home win as dave clark says they are ridiculous. they kept it close by beating the celtics last night 114-111. clay thompson led all scores with 31 points. steph curry going to be a starting all star. the warriors host the chicago bulls tomorrow night. 4:51 is the time right now. fall out from the dock workers slow down. the ripple effect for local
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businesses. >> and the website of ma lay sham airlines -- malaysia airlines hacked.
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welcome back everybody. the dock workers slow down at the port of oakland is being felt all the way to sonoma
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county. ships card board, paper and plastic to be recycled into new products. it currently has 5,000 tons of recycling waiting to be picked up and shipped. but it can't because there is no room for new cargo at the port of oakland. port officials say there are multiple reasons for delays including more ships coming to oakland from california. the navy is look renew and expand its permit to conduct sonar training off the california coast. they want to deploy up to 427 buoys. animal activists say noise from sonar can distress and kill whales and other marine life. they say the navy's training area is home to endangered life. the pilot of a single engine plane is safe after a
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wild ocean rescue. the pilot ran out of fuel about 250 miles northeast of maui yesterday afternoon. he sent out a distress call. the coast guard sent two aircraft to look for the plane. a cruise ship in the area was redirected and managed to pick up the pilot. he is not being identified but the coast guard says he is in good condition. >> president obama says despite the collapse of the government in yemen, the u.s. will continue its counterterrorism efforts there. the after rebels took over the capitol. right now it's not clear who is in charge of the government in yemen. it's the group that claimed responsibility for the attack on charlie hebdo officers in paris earlier this month. the nation's most
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influential pediatrician group is pushing the effort to legalize marijuanaen be to make it easier to study and develop treatments. in a new statement the american academy of pediatrics remains -- they say there is no hard evidence that medical marijuana benefits sick children. the academy -- speaking of medical marijuana. it was the focus of hempcon. it offered growers, abilities, and others learn -- growers, patients, and others to learn more about the business. latest numbers indicate sales of medical marijuana topped $1 billion a year. >> a lot of younger folks coming in that are excited and
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interested in coming up with inventions and new ways of growing that plant a >> the convention is schedule if. and the actor goes to the cast of wow to the cast of bed man. >> not only did the movie take home a screen actor guild award for outstanding performance by a cast. it also won the producer -- the sag awards have become a pretty
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good predictor of oscar goals. >> i have not seen any of those movies. >> i'm way behind in the movies as well. a berth day party in san francisco takes a frightening turn. the sudden collapse that sent three people to the hospital with broken bones. >> massive blizzard expected to hit some of the country's largest cities in the northeast. up next we'll have a live are report of the thousands. >> yo are looking at a -- >> we do have a change today. and it's not coming from the north or west. it's coming from the south. health insurance. how? they enrolled through covered california. it's the health insurance marketplace where you'll find a range of plans from leading health insurance companies that offer you the best combination of quality, rates and benefits. you can compare plans
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we are live in san jose where a busy thorough fair is closed this morning so construction crews can start work on the bart extension into south bay. how it may impact your commute and for how long. >> plus a popular traffic apcoming under fire from law enforcement. we'll tell you why police officers believe the ways app could billion putting them at risk. >> we are facing most likely one of


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