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tv   KTVU Noon News  FOX  January 26, 2015 12:00pm-12:31pm PST

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evacuation orders have been lifted as the investigation continues into what sparked an early-morning fire. people on the east bay being told to go home and stay home. the warnings aheafd of a blizzard set to blast the northeast and the impacts already being felt here in the bay area. and law enforcement agencies asking google to get rid of one of the features on its popular traffic app waze. why they feel it could put police officers at risk.
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breaking news. i'm tori campbell. breaking news. crews are fighting a two-alarm fire in san bruno that's aparently ruptured a gas line. fire started around 10:30 in a building at forest lane and green avenue. very close to interstate 380. this fire is at the senora pizza parlor in san bruno. there are unconfirmed reports that a car may have hit the building before the fire started, possibly during a police chase. you can see a car right next to the building. we're told el camino real is closed. a live picture from newschopper2, we have a crew on the way. we're working to gather more information for you and we'll bring it to you as soon as that new information comes in. dozens of families in pacifica got an early-morning wakeup call as the brush fire spread quickly inching close to homes. brian flores joins us live from pacifica with what crews are doing now.
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good afternoon, brian. >> reporter: hi, tori. good afternoon to you. yeah, the fires had been out for some time. the fire did sum close to homes this morning. the good news, fire crews were able to reretain it. a wakeup call for residents in an otherwise quiet pacifica neighborhood as a brush fire spread quickly this morning. >> we've been here 35 years. we don't recall this ever happening before. yeah, first time. >> reporter: fire officials still don't know what started it but say the first call came in before 4:00 this morning. somebody saw a fire in open land behind a home on fassler and estella road. with the dry conditions, the fire quickly through to five acres. >> really what pushed the fire was the 10 to 15-mile-an-hour winds pushing this fire, you know, down the hill. that's what kind of made the fire go the way it did.
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>> reporter: police and neighbors called 911 and knocked on doors and issued a call. some residents were only given 20 minutes to ger what they -- gather what they could. some used their garden hose. >> i looked out backed with. flames. >> reporter: others stayed with friends or family nearby, headed to work or for about 40 people, they waited at haven't ax center at the community center for any updates. >> we have us, our dog and i think that's the most important stuff. it's funny how when something like this happens, you think what do i take? >> we already took our car and most belongings we could get out, parked down the hill and came back up to see how bad it's gonna get. >> reporter: with 60 firefighters battling the blaze, they were able to stop the fire from reaching homes.
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those anxiously awaiting word, they were able to return home about an hour later. there were no major injuries to report but a couple of firefighters were exposed to poison ivy battling this fire. crews remain on scene throughout most of the day to prevent any hot spots. back to you, toeshry -- -- tori. new york city officials are warning this blizzard could be one for the record brooks. rick leventhal reports on how people are getting ready. >> reporter: massachusetts residents stocking up aheads of the storm. people heading out to the local grocery as a massive nor'easter heads their way. the system threatening to dump up to 2 feet of snow or more from new jersey to maine. >> i figured i would come in and buy a few things i need just in case i get stuck in the house. >> reporter: the national weather service issuing a blizzards warning including both boston and new york. schools in the region closing. thousands of flights delayed or canceled ahead of the storm's
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arrival. new york city preparing to clear some 6,000 miles of road, with the mayor warning new yorkers to be ready for an historic weather event. >> prepare for the worst and we'll all be able to get through it together. >> reporter: this is drawing allot of attention but other elements may prove to be more dangerous. wind gusts are forecast to go from 40 to 70 miles per hour. that could result in near zero visibility, especially overnight. >> we always prepare for worst- case scenario, but it looks like we might be getting that. >> reporter: this line of now plows is a sign of things to come, from one to three inches falling today to one to three falling every hour tonight. people are being told to avoid travel unless it's absolutely necessary. rick levinethal, fox news.
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77 departures and arrivals have been scubbed. san jose is reporting 4 cancellations and four at oakland. united airlines says it will not fly to new york, boston or philadelphia at all tomorrow. rosemary is here to tell us when the brunt of the storm is going to hit. good afternoon, rosemary. >> as the reporter said just getting started with it, moving in through tonight as well as tomorrow. i think that's when the peak of the storm will hit. let's get into the east coast and take a look at was going on. you can see we do have light snow and showers falling over west virginia, virginia, pennsylvania, into new york and spreading into areas like massachusetts as well as rhode island. major impacts with this system you heard the reporter say. take a look at all of the advisories in place just up and down the east coast we're going to see this continue throughout tonight as well as tomorrow. this storm really s expected to move out -- isn't expected to
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move out until wednesday. we have coastal flooding that we're expecting, hurricane- force winds expected. you heard the gusts could reach anywhere from 40 to 70 miles per hour. when you have blowing snow, that's what creates the blizzard like conditions. they will be expecting that. very dangerous travel from new jersey all the way into maine and this is expected again to last at least another 24, 48 hours. we'll be covering for you on ktvu. >> thank you, rosemary. a child was taken to the hospital today after being hit by a car near a peninsula elementary school. a child and the parents were walking just before 8:30 this morning near the corner of fair oaks and warrington avenues. this is near fair oaks elementary school in unincorporated redwood city. the child's parents refused an ambulance and took the child to a hospital themselves. the injuries are not considered serious. the chp is investigating. law enforcement agencies are putting pressure on groogle to remove -- google to removal
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a feature on their app. the waze app. it's been used by thousands of drivers every day. but law enforcement wants them to remove the feature that aleashts drivers when police are nearby. they say the feature puts officers in danger. there are no known connections between attacks on police and the waz e -- on the waze attack. hundreds of people who were at a dave and buster's at milpitas could have been exposed. this was at a costco store in gilroy. there are signs warning shoppers there may have been exposed to the disease after someone with measles shopped theard between 4:00 and 6:00 p.m. santa clara county health officials are retracing that infected person's steps. they are warning people who may have been at the businesses on sunday to be on alert for
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symptoms until february 8th. >> there might be measles circulating in our community undetected. and that's what's concerning to us. >> measles are a concern? >> not for me and my family. but i think it is for a lot of people with kids that haven't been immunized. >> most of california's 68 measles cases stem from disneyland theme parks in anaheim. but bay area doctors say protection has softened with more parents choosing not to get their children immunized. anyone who thinks they might have the measles should call a doctor before showing up at the clinic or doctor's office to avoid exposing everyone in the waiting room. happening today, a verdict is expected in the trial of a schoolteacher from concord accused of molesting his former students. it is the second trial for 46- year-old joseph martin. last year, a jury acquitted him on 21 counts. but they couldn't agree on some of the other charges. in this current trial, martin
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faces 24 counts of molestation. if convicted he could spend the rest of his life in prison. in over an hour, the man accused of killing two bay area women in the 1970s is set to make his first court appearance. 66-year-old rodney halbauer is expected to enter a plea during his arraignment in redwood city. he's charged with murdering 17 and 18-year-old girls in 1976. prosecutors say the killings happened during the course of a rape and that dna links him to the crimes. the teenager's deaths are among six known as the gypsy hill killings. he was extradited last week from oregon where he was serving a 30-year sentence for attempted murder. a man from tracy plucked from the middle of the pacific ocean hundreds of miles from shore. the incredible rescue and why he was forced to ditch his plane and call for help. a chance of sprinkles and drizzle in the forecast.
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rosemary will be back to tell you when. plus, his story has already been made into a documentary. but now a million dollar star wants to make it -- take it to the silver screen. back to the breaking news out of san bruno. newschopper2 is still above the scene at senora's pizza at green after a car crashed into the building. we'll have the latest on the situation after the break.
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we have video of a flight that was supposed to go from tracy to maui. the pilot knew he was running out of fuel so he deployed a parachute to soften thelanding as his plane plunged into the water, 250 miles from maui. moments later, you can see him get out of plane and pull the cord on an inflatable life raft. the coast guard had been tracking him for three hours after he issued a distress call. they alerted the nearby cruise ship to pick him up. the coast guard says he's actually in good shape. now back to newschopper2 live in san bruno. crews still working to douse a two-alarm fire that's been fueled by a ruptured gas line. the fire started at 10:30 at senora's pizza. that's at forest lane and green
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avenue close to interstate 380. there are witness reports that a car hit a gas meter before the fire started possibly during a police chase. we don't have word yet on any injuries. we can see a lot of activity down there. a lot of fire trucks and hoses and we do know that el camino real is closed in that area right now in san bruno. new jersey's republican governor chris christie is taking the first step toward running for president in 2016. he's launching a political action committee to raise money for a potential campaign. christie's move to seek the republican nomination was widely expected and comes after months of preparing for a white house run including visiting the key early voting state. in the past hour, a man has come forward to say he's the owner of that small drone that crashed on the white house lawn early this morning. here you can see secret service agents fanning looking for any possible evidence. the agency says the two-foot wide drone was flying low when
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it crashed on the southeast side of the executive manntion just after 3:00 a.m. the white house was was placed on lockdown until the device was cleared. the president and first lady are in india. >> there is a device that's been recovered by the secret service at the white house. early indications are it does not pose any sort of ongoing threat to anybody at the white house right now. >> the drone's owner came forward after the news started to spread. he told the secret service he was using the drone for fun and did not mean to fly it over the white house. an investigation is underway into what started a fast-moving fire that destroyed more than a dozen house boats. it started at the walnut creek marina. residents say the sounds of exploding propane tanks woke them up. some of the boats were over 60 feet long. one of them broke loose from
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the slip and floated down the river and slammed into a dock. no one was injured. three people being treated for serious injuries after a backyard deck railing collapsed in san francisco. it happened at a birthday party on vienna street in the excelsior district yesterday. firefighters say two men and a woman were leaning against the wood railing when it suddenly collapsed and they fell 20 feet onto a concrete patio. >> the more people falling down and, you know, it depending on how you fall you can have serious injuries that can cause death but in this case they don't appear to be life- threatening. the victims broke bones and are being treated. the investigators say the railing was rotting. the deck will be examined to see if it's up to code. construction crews began to work on the new segment of the b.a.r.t. to san jose segment so that
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part of the route can go underground at lundy and sierra road. parents dropping their kids off at vincy park seemed to take the delays in stride. >> it's kind of a pain. i would rather just go down lundy here because i know this way it's a straight shot. >> i think they said the closure will be going on for nine months or so. that's a long time to be stuck trying to find alternative routes. >> traffic and the number 77 bus line are being detoured to flickenger each. the road closures are expected to last for the next nine months. but they say the entire project is a year ahead of schedule. >> starting today. city officials will close boid memorial park for the next 30 days. in addition to the cleanup city officials also plan to work out new enfiercement strategies to keep the park safe for
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everyone. outside thers to, another nice day for most of us. we're in a transition. we have high clouds, streaming into the bay area and giving you a live look there at the bay bridge and toward the east where we do have clouds there overhead. the clouds will continue to increase. i put some arrows here and to show you a time lapse over the last couple of hours how they begin to increase and their direction coming in from the south and the system may bring us a little bit of drizzle tomorrow morning also coming in from the south. right now, it's south of southern california but you can see scattered showers moving into southern california, unfortunately by the time it reaches us, it's expected to fizzle out. we're looking at the possibility and that will be about it. for today, we're partly cloudy to mostly cloudy as we get into the second half, i think by sunset we're covered in clouds.
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tomorrow morning we wake up covered in clouds as well. we have the possibility of a little bit of drizzle. maybe a few passing showers. it looks like the sierra will be picking up a few showers as well. as we get into the afternoon it moves through and we're clearing out once again and unfortunately, another disappointment as far as the possibility of rain coming our way not likely to happen. 57 degrees in oakland right now. 58 in san francisco. 54 in santa rosa. mid-60s in hayward. 58 for mountain view and 59 for san jose. as we get into the second half of the afternoon, 64 expected for novato today. mid-60s in berkeley. 68 in oakland and low 60s inen concord and antioch. for inland communities a lot like we've been the past couple of days. along the bay and coast, it's a cooler day. santa cruz warmed in the low 80s. 69 los gatos. 68 san jose. 69 morgan hill. very mild for some of us. the extended forecast here
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showing you again we'll wake up tomorrow morning with mostly sunny skies. we've tacked on there the possibility of a few showers. wednesday, mostly cloudy and then turning partly cloudy to partly sunny for the second half of the business week and into your weekend. here the temperatures go back in the low 70s with machines. right now the models are showing a dry end of january. >> okay. thank you. >> you are welcome. the bay area's own bats can did is set to star in a new move -- batkid is set to star in a new movie.
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the main stock indexes have been drifting between small gains and losses as traders shrug off the brief election. energy prices above $47 a barrel. we learned the u.s. federal budget deficit will likely narrow this year to the lowest level since president obama took office. the dow is down 17. the nasdaq is up 6 and the s&p is up 7. gas prices around the country are at their lowest since 2009 but the falling prices may be bottoming out. the average price for a gallon of gas in the u.s. fell over 13 cents in the past two weeks to 2.07. according to aaa, a gallon of regular is 2.47 in san jose and oakland and 2.66 in san francisco. analysts say the recent rise in costs of crude oil the past ten days should be seen at the
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pump. starting today, pizza hut will offer gluten-free pizzas. the option won't be sold at all stores but will be available at about 400 locations across the country. the special cheese or cheese and pepperoni pizzas are gonna be gluten free. the company warns people with celiac disease the companies are not gluten free and there's a risk of contamination. 16-year-old polina edmonds in the ice skating competition earned a spot in the senior ladies' event. karen chen finished third in the event but because she's 15. she's not old enough go -- to go to the senior event.
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kevin chum of piedmont qualified by winning the silver misdemeanorral and the ice dinner iliana hadn't her -- dancing iliana and her partner made it. the saw ga of bat -- the saga of batkid is going to the big screens. he saved san francisco from evil thanks to the make-a-wish foundation and dozens of volunteers. the document menry premiered last week at the slam dance film festival in utah. the hollywood reporter now says julia roberts plans to produce and star in the movie on miles based on the document menry. >> we told you about the new warnings of places where the public may have been exposed to the measles virus. tonight at 5:00, we're breaking down what you need to know
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about measles and answering your questions. that's tonight on the news at 5:00. thank you for making ktvu your choice for news. we're always here for you on and follow us on twitter and facebook. have a great day.
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