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tv   Right This Minute  FOX  January 29, 2015 3:00pm-3:31pm PST

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after a store owner pulls a gun on a robber with a knife, he faints. >> this guy's out on the ground. >> what happens when cops find out it's all a big setup. >> did you see that's the problem. >> a snowboarder straps on something like out of a cartoon. >> they would have killed while e. i cancoyote. >> a superhero. >> the raw egg challenge. >> now coming back. >> the secret ingredient to one eye-watering human omelet.
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>> reporter: buzzword for your shot to within a new ipad mini. the story behind one weird redhead. friends posing for a picture get a big surprise. >> you can tell they're not expecting it. >> what they found out that sent them over the ed. the poster of the video said do not bring a knife to a gunfight. as you can see, it is surveillance footage inside a music store. a place called tennessee sounds in kings port tennessee. not a lot going on until this person walks in. at first you think it might be a customer but right when he gets right there in front of the counter, watch what he does. >> goodness. >> goes right at him. >> a knife. >> a big knife, right at the clerk. begins waving it in the air. >> did he shoot him in the head? >> no. this person fainted when he saw the gun. the guy behind the counter's
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holding the gun pointed at him, this guy's on the ground. sees the gun pointed, turns around to go behind the counter. >> pretended to faint, played dead look a possum. >> gets out, runs out of the storele nothing was taken. the story behind the video. according to reports the only or of tennessee sounds, a guy named victor jenkins, decided he thought it would be a good idea to create a viral video to maybe drum up some business. turns out, the video reported to a local news outlet, and that news outlet contacts police and, according to police in kings port originally victor jenkins, the owner said yes, an armed robber came in but didn't get away with anything so we never reported it. >> see, that's the problem! >> right, that's a problem. false reporting is a felony. victor then tells them exactly
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what happened and police are still now looking into the matter. they say the possibility of charges exists but they don't think they'll be filed. skiing. lots of people love to do it. lots of fun, especially when looking this good. mountains, perfectly groomed soil. the person here seems to be taking precautions, wide berths around slower skiers not doing anything risky. going faster than other skiers. sees a skier up ahead and -- >> what just happened? >> like detonated. >> i feel like he did. i feel like something exploded underneath him. >> a land mine. >> his knees exploded. he sees the skier up ahead going slow and weaving back and forth, so he chooses to go real wide to avoid any collision, but didn't see this dip.
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>> he seriously flew through the air with feet straight out. that's cartoon worthy. >> these guys have a brilliant idea. notice our buddy in the orange jacket has something in his hand and his snowboard has something at the back of the snowboard. >> no way. >> yes, yes. >> yes. >> the guy here straightens up, gets the board pointing down the slope, three, two, one. >> whoa! yes! >> it works! >> it looks like they have model rocket motors mounted on to the back. >> what in. >> it's approved concept. off he goes. >> [ bleep ]. >> i'm about to show you a miracle that happened at a gas station in the uk. in the west midlands. this miracle, so miraculous the police want to investigate. watch what happened. the woman in the wheelchair
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stands up. watch what she does next. walks over to the packaged meat she and her accomplice get away with $91 in packaged meat from the service station. you can see she's got a backpack on. her accomplice pushing her in the wheelchair helps stuff it into the backpack. there he goes pushing her around the store. usually when university students discov of something we talk about it on the news great invention, great phone app, about to be billionaires. this is a discovery at nottingham in the uk. >> [ bleep ]. >> stuck in the window. look upside down. >> anyoneway to help you out? >> 27-year-old man stuck in the window five hours, upside down freezing temperatures. discovered by two students walking by at 2:30. one said i heard somebody shouting -- >> failed breaking and entering class.
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>> when they approached they realized i don't think this guy's a student. before they called police they got the video camera out and took pictures. they lef him there while they took pictures. >> le it. >> when polic they had t cut the guy out of the window. these are offices at the university, and he was arrested for intent to burglarize. >> stealing test answers. into everybody, guess what? it's about time for us to give away another ipad mini. >> so enmer, mermer enter, need wednesday's buzzword be 18 and a legal u.s. minute. >> the "right this minute" ipad mini giveaway is coming right up. it's subzero degree weather in russia. seems look a perfect time to jump off a cliff, right? >> no. >> more than 200-foot drop. pretty cool right? scene's awesome.
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this i believe, like a test jump. >> to make sure gravity still works? >> just to make sure that when you do jump your skin doesn't tear off because this is how he's going to jump. >> oh no. >> what? >> yes. >> no. >> yes, yes, yes. >> he's got four hooks attached to his back he's all hooked in and he is going to jump. and at the bottom you see the icy snow around him, and then you see him swinging about. >> they have to pull him back up. >> did he have blood sickles down his back. >> the cold temperatures might numb you. maybe it didn't hurt as if it would. >> apparently, when your skin gets that cold it could more
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easily pierce. >> he is quite clearly hooked. >> look at that. >> i don't want to look. >> i don't get this hobby or passion or whatever you call it. this is one that is very difficult to wrap your brain around. >> cruising in a tesla goes from tame to -- >> insane. >> oh. >> the new feature giving a new meaning to going fast. >> [ bleep ]! what the -- >> the recipe you need if you want to score big at your super bowl party. >> i'm about to lick your screen. i i hahaveve t thehe f flulu w witith h a a runny nose. [coughs] bebetttterer t takake e sosomemeththing. therafaflulu s seveverere e cocoldld w won't treat your runny nose. rerealallyly?? alalkaka-s-seleltztzerer s seveverere e cold and flu relieves your worst flu symptoms plplusus r rununnyny n nosose.e. [b[brereatath h ofof r relelieief]f] oh, what a relief it is. mommy! hehey!y!
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when looking for a new car, you can look at all of the pictures and read all of the magazines you want. nothing beats the experience but getting in the car when pressing button named insane. with the tesla, it has the
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insane setting. the video's nothing more than this guy on right using the launch control on his tesla. >> i put it in sport insane mode. >> 3.2 seconds. look at it go! >> i love he doesn't do any three, two, one. he's like wham. >> this goes 155 miles an hour two morts one in the front, one in the back. all of it goes to all of the wheels at the same time. it's amazing. >> oh [ bleep ]! what the [ bleep ]! >> [ bleep ]. you can't [ bleep ] do that to people. got to give a fair warning. >> you see the joy, specially with this guy. watch how his face changes. >> stages. >> it's like his face is being pushed back. >> he couldn't not smile because the gs. >> best one is ts onhe back.
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what is the young girl doing? texting on the phone. watch what happens to the phone. >> to see every parent that has a kid that won't get on the phone. >> that's how you appeal the car to parents. >> somebody in the back with a milk shake or ice cream, you know? i'd be that . >> okay. i got it. holy [ bleep ]! >> from the food wishes channel the perfect dip for the super bowl party. >> i'm about to lick your screen. >> loaded baked potato dip. three pounds of bacon, three pounds of sour cream, cayenne pepper black pepper cheddar cheese green onions chives. he suggests green onions. mix it up chill it for a couple
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of hours. chop up the bacon bits. once you shape like a football sprinkle the bacon. cover as much of the surface as you company clean up the tray. time for sour cream stripes and laces. >> my biggest weakness chips and dips. you can't -- >> can't put it away. >> just have one. >> eat the whole football. >> chopped up the green onions. simulate beautiful, green grass. >> looks awesome. >> three pounds of sour cream and three pounds of bacon. what could possibly go wrong with the recipe? nothing. >> nothing. ed sheeran a handsome redheaded fella with a great song "thinking out loud" official music video. ♪ will be loving you to 70♪ >> courtesy of juken video, i have another rendition of this
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song with ed sheeran that i'd like you guys to see. >> i love -- i love this. these are so great. >> such an old, old joke. still so funny. no matter how many times you've seen it. >> looks just like him. exactly like him. >> i can't stop watching. >> i can't peel my eyes off of it. >> the thing is this guy has figured out the motions of his face upside down to make it it look like ed chinrin. >> when he does the underbite, he sell temperatures hilarious. >> so funny. >> i feel bad for ed sheeran we all think it looks like ed. >> sorry, ed. >> good job with the eyes. you can see, he coiffed his beard to make it look like hair dough. >> also he can look like conan o'brien. >> yeah.
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>> belly flops, wild wipeouts and more see what happens when stunts go horribly wrong, next and still to come -- we're used to seeing him throw a fit. but now -- >> we're seeing a whole, new side of the angry grandpa the big surprise that has him breaking down. >> hi. plus we've got wednesday's buzzword for your chance to win an ipad . whwhenen t thehe f flulu h hitits,s, it's's a a r reaealllly y bibig g dedealal.. ththe e acachehes.s. ththe e chchilillsls.. ththe e fefevever.r. anan e eveven n bibiggggerer d deaeal?l? evevererytythihingng y youou mimissss o out on... fafamimilyly p pizizzaza n nigightht.. ththe e bibig g gagameme.. oror d datate e ninighght.t. whwhy y lolosese o outut t to o ththe e flfluu any y lolongngerer t thahan n yoyou u hahaveve to? prpresescrcripiptitionon t tamamififlulu c canan help you get better 1.1.3 3 dadaysys f fasasteter.r. ththatat's's 3 30%0% s soooonener.r. cacallll y youour r dodoctctoror ririghght t away. anand d atattatackck t thehe f flulu v virirusus at its source wiwithth p prerescscririptptioion n tatamimiflflu. tatamimiflflu u isis f fdada a apppprorovevedd toto t trereatat t thehe f flulu i in n pepeopople 2 2 weweekeks s anand d ololdeder r whwhososee flflu u sysympmptotomsms s statartrteded
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you might be familiar with the youtube channel, angry grandpa show. we've had those videos on our show before more than 800,000 subscribers on youtube. angry grand pashpagrandpa, he's angry, known for being angry. now, we're seeing a whole new side of the angry grandpa. >> in a few minutes, grandpa's about to get a really big surprise. grandpa hasn't seen his daughter since he died on the operating table and she woke him up almost ten years ago. and het granddaughters. >> angry grandpa, about to see his daughter kim. >> turn the camera. tell how you enjoyed your trip. >> well let me see. the plane scared me. the bumps scared me. >> just as he's talking to the
3:20 pm
camera look in the background. do you see a woman and two adorable children walking toward the angry grandpa. >> the landing [ bleep ] scared me. now i'm here in a hotel, outside, freezing my [ bleep ] off, and ain't done nothing yet. so how would you be? >> put a heavier jacket on. >> hi. >> i feel like we're going to have to change the name of the youtube channel. the happy, teary-eyed grandpa. >> oh my god! >> this is lily. >> hi lil. >> i she's brave. >> yes. she has not seen his youtube channel. >> come here. >> oh my god! i will come see you girls more often. >> his heart grew two sizes that day.
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gauntlet has been thrown an all-out brawl on the internet between the l.a. beast and blum gum. the l.a. beast responding to this guy, blum gum, for beating his egg challenge. now blum gum coming back. >> parentally l.a. beast didn't like that i called him out. oh well. apparently he did a challenge for everyone unbeatable. >> good morning. >> we're about to do 72 eggs. >> 72 eggs. >> 72 eggs. l.a. beast did 60. but blum gum is a fan of dr. seuss. >> this cat in the hat is about to do 72 green eggs. >> take the eggs blends up the wasabi inverts himself, just like the beast did, and start to chug eggs with wasabi. >> that's going to burn. >> they can't keep escalating
3:22 pm
this because someone's going to die, okay. it's like 72 eggs shocking amount of wasabi. what is the l.a. beast going to do. >> it's not over guys. >> 72 eggs. let's make green eggs and ham. >> no he's going to vomit them back and make an omelet out of vomited green eggs and wasabi and eat it again. >> this has gotten to be ludicrous. >> my goggles. >> the egg is in your court. >> don't try this for real. me and beast are professionals. don't do this. it's not good for you. it's going to kill you. >> everybody, gather round because it's time to give away ipad mini. >> you need the buzzword need to be 18 years old and a legal u.s. resident. >> head over to, click on the win ipad button. >> enter facebook twitter, both do it on each every single day. >> time to reveal wednesday's
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straight line. >> mm it's straight. >> ready? >> now? >> i'm going to take a bunch. >> okay. >> nothing better than getting together with your girlfriend want fun. you want a picture. >> talking smack, too. >> yeah. you want to commemorate the moment. girl time together.
3:27 pm
that's what we're starting with here the moment. >> on the count of three. >> count of three, count of three, pose ladies. >> one, two, three. say jory's pregnant. >> what do you mean? >> i'm pregnant. >> ahhh! >> a photo session, this was how this couple chose to let her best friends know that she was pregnant and it's awesome. you can tell they're not expecting it. the screaming and jumping and hugging and falling on the floor it goes on for a while. >> one, two, three. say jory's pregnant. >> i'm pregnant! >> quick video about the miracle of life. this a gender announcement moment. and it's awesome. the couple the guy with the gun, and his wife in the white
3:28 pm
shirt behind him. >> that's the guy version, sorry. explosion and a gun. >> exactly what they all did, saw awesome. their third child. expecting it to be a girl because they have two other girls. they had no idea. sister-in-law loaded the box with blue chalk. this is a target. they had no clue until they saw the explosion of blue chalk. >> that's it for "right this minute," everybo
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a little girl is at school. >> and then this happened. >> the disturbing video that landed a teacher in trouble. it's the sad story of i lioness left behind. see what happened when the lion pride gets its joy back. a lamborghini modified with more horsepower. >> too much. too much! >> how a driver found out that's true. plus the buzzword for your chance to win a new ipad mini. a beer-cooling system with a few


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