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tv   Ten O Clock News  FOX  January 29, 2015 10:00pm-11:01pm PST

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police officers wearing latex gloves search for clues after discovering a dismembered body in a suit on the sidewalk in the south of market area in san francisco. good evening everyone i'm frank somerville. >> and i'm julie haener. san francisco police are circulating a photo of a person of interest tonight after a human torso was discovered in a suit with other body parts found near by. the facts are disturbing. we have learned the dismembered body does not include the head or hands apparently making identification even more difficult. debora villalon is in the city and tells us the incident is sending chills through the up
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and coming neighborhood at 11th and market. >> reporter: there's a lot of chatter about this gruesome discovery made about half way down this block in front of the goodwill docks. and it's chilling because police haven't said if it's a man or woman, age or race. >> it's obviously horrific. i mean i hope they figure out what happened. >> reporter: the mid-market area. home to twitter and the up and coming. >> to work around this area is, it's frightful sometimes. >> reporter: but also home to the city's trouble. the downed and out. >> i don't want the other -- >> reporter: everyone talking about what the police found. >> if it's going to happen it's going to happen right here. >> reporter: a report of a suspicious package on the sidewalk and stuffed inside a headless torso. an immediate search found other body parts. >> i was sitting here. he was looking in the garbage
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can and -- i was like, what did you seen there, what did you find there. he said you don't want to know. >> reporter: today police were back searching more trash cans and dumpsters. when suddenly a suitcase catches their attention. >> demonds when you're finding random bags, suitcases with bodies in them. i mean who does that. >> there was a person seen with a suitcase. >> reporter: police jump on surveillance video then detain and question a man and woman but quickly release them. now police are looking for another suspect. >> it's more worrisome for a homeless person because they're out here 24 hours a day, seven days a week. i mean all the time. >> it's probably one of our most vulnerable. i can't imagine that type of
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atrocity will happen to someone from the heights. >> reporter: police believe it's someone who is walking with a hoodie on, but they have it pulled other their heads so you can't tell if it's a man or woman. >> any reason why they're not sharing that imagine at least for now. >> reporter: they say it's part of their investigation. they're showing it to people on the street they think might recognize this person. from what i'm told it would be pretty hard to recognize them any way. >> debora villalon, live in san francisco, thank you. a man hunt is under way for music mogul shug knight. sheriff deputies say he's wanted for a deadly hit-and-run accident that took place just before 3:00 this afternoon. tmz posted there cell phone video of paramedics trying to help the victim. knight's attorney claims that
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he was trying to escape from two men attacking him when he ran over a 55-year-old friend. it apparently happened when knight slammed his pickup truck in re reverse. a second man was slightly injured. authorities later recovered the truck. knight's attorney said he's arranging for his compliant's surrender. knight cofounded death row records then built it into a rap empire. health officials say a person who showed up at a sacramento hospital today meets the government guidelines for being tested including recent travel to west africa. ktvu's ken pritchett tonight on the precautions the hospital is now taking. >> reporter: this is the scene this morning outside uc davis medical center in sacramento. you can see what appears to be an ambulance medic being scrubbed down. that patient initially walk into the er at merci hospital a
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few miles away. that er was roped off for decontamination. and the patient was transported to uc davis. uc davis medical center scheduled a press conference for this afternoon but abruptly cancelled it saying it wouldn't speak on any topic until it had more information. in an e-mail to hospital staff he writes, we assure you this patient's presence here poses no risk to you or patients. the isolation room here is properly equipped and segregated. outside the uc davis er, police stood by as equipment and the gurney was wrapped in plastic. officials have been in contact about safety procedures which were lacking at many california hospitalses during the hype of the ebola outbreak last year.
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>> our initial feed back is they have all the required personnel protective equipment. and that they've had the training and interactive practice while sitting on and taking off the equipment. >> reporter: castillo says she's also talked to nurses over at uc general. as for this case, uc davis says it could be tomorrow before they make a public statement about this patient about test results. they did say in an e-mail that the patient is in good condition. ken pritchett, ktvu news. today the caltrans trains are back open through mountain view after a commuter train struck and killed a man late this afternoon. authorities say the adult male was hit by a southbound train just south of the mountain view
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station. happened around 4:30 near the highway 237 overpass. a preliminary investigation suggests the man stepped right in front of the train. the incident caused system wide delays with trains limited to a single track until 7:00. oakland police hope surveillance tape will help them find a man who sexually assaulted a young boy. the boy told police that he was walking home when a man lured him into a near by area and assaulted him. investigators say they have alerted schools in the area and are asking parents now to talk to their children about stranger danger. >> talk about what children can do. strangers, you don't want to engage in conversation with them. you don't want to go any where with them. stranger is danger. >> reporter: police say the man they're looking for is described as latino in his 40s about 5'7" tall with a slim build. he has short salt and pepper
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hair with a bushy salt and pepper beard. he was reportedly wearing black pants. and the men accused of beating bryan stow appeared in court today. authorities say the guns were found by los angeles police after serving warrants following the attack at dodger stadium. sanchez codefendant in the stow case marvin norwood pled guilty to the same charges. the kick off for the super bowl this sunday now less than 72 hours away. the odd makers say the game between the seahawks and patriots pretty much a toss out. but the priority has little to do with the outcome.
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and they want to learn everything they can about security and operational tactics before the super bowl comes to levi's stadium next year. >> reporter: football fans are filtering in as security cameras are popping up. >> this from homeland security. they have control of and access to wirelessly literally thousands of different camera views. >> reporter: this command center allows law enforcement agencies an open window to every pocket of the valley of the sun. matt lively is head of security at super bowl xlix. >> we're looking at all types of hazards. natural. manmade, intentionally, accidentally, anything that could occur. >> reporter: the recent strikes in paris has brought priority
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to security. >> we look into if we need more security in certain areas. >> reporter: terrorism, yeah it is a threat. officers say they are dealing with at this super bowl -- sex trafficking. >> when you hear the stories of these young girls it breaks your heart. >> reporter: while commercial sex is focused around the super bowl it's not really a super bowl problem, it's a community problem every day. >> the outreach and the training of hotel personnel for that matter. >> santa clara has been here on and off for a number of years. >> reporter: and they're back for this super bowl learning what they can from glendale. >> we've been coordinating with homeland security. we want to make sure we have an event that's not only safe and
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secure but will be family friendly. >> super bowl itself is larger than one any community. focus on your responsibility, your stadium. the area you're required to protect and flexibility. >> reporter: protecting super bowl at levi's stadium. a student who went to a local school, and coaches describe why he always had the it factor. the department of water resources measured the snow pack. they say it is just 12% of average. across the entire sierra, it is some what better at 25%. still water officials say much of the spring run off probably won't make it to the
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reservoirs. >> we had such a dry fall as this snow melts a lot of it is going to percolate directly into the soil and not show up in the spring. >> water officials say the drought may worsen. the sierra snow pack delivers 1/3 of the water needed in california. for residents, agriculture and industry. a public building abandoned and vandalized. why a man has offered to pay for repairs was shut down and what happened when we started asking questions. >> they wanted me to go away. they wanted the issue to go away. coming up the areas that will see thick fog for the morning commute. and the highs expected once things burn off. >> next the aftermath of last night's fire. what we learned about this who's still unaccounted for.
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more than 24 hours after that deadly fire in san francisco's mission district. police blocked off the traffic tonight along with a block at 22nd. they're looking into reports that alarms never sounded. fire escape ladders malfunctions and exits were blocked. we get new information tonight from ktvu's jana katsuyama. she was on the scene for us last night and is back now with the identity of the person who residents say died in that fire, jana. >> reporter: julie, before i get to that i did want to let people know that police are out
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here right now blocks off most of the street to traffic. the building was red tagged. so far there's no word as to the cause of this fire but we have learned much more about the man who's unaccounted for who friends say died here last night. people came to look at what was their home. the three story building housed a number of businesses and more than 50 people in 18 units. elvis riv era and his wife escaped and say their friend mauricio arregiaga never came out. a few blocks away at his church, people share photos of man they say was single in hit -- in his late 30s and came from el salvador. >> he was very friendly. he would talk to anybody who came to the church. >> reporter: he had been a church member since 2002. with no family that they know
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of. when arriaga needed to sleep he would wear head phone s so when people started knocking on his door he wouldn't hear anything. other residents said some of the fire escape ladders may have been padlocked. they will investigate those reports. some of the escape ladder may have malfunctions. >> i'm saying 48 people were trying to get help at escape ladders. >> reporter: one of those people waiting for help was alejandro and his dog. he says he broke one of the escape ladders trying to escape. >> i jumped out of the window, and waited for the firefighters. >> reporter: we did check for the building's fire department. inspectors looked at the building and found there were
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fire alarms that weren't working and fire extinguishers that were difficult to locate. those problems were supposedly fixed. >> jana katsuyama live in san francisco. jana, thank you. when you lose everything, many times it's your neighbors who end up lending a helping hand and that's no different in the mission district. right next door to that damaged building is a brand new condo building. firefighters actually went into that new condo complex and used its hoses to fight the fire. tonight there was a celebration for the team that built the condos as part of that celebration they decided to raise money for the victims. >> we teamed up with the san francisco foundation and we raised $18,500 so far. and we'll see how much more we can raise to help. >> reporter: 18,000 there, there's also a go fund me page for the victims. as you can see it's already raised more than $33,000. health officials in marin county today confirm their first two cases of the measles.
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that makes 12 cases over all in the bay area. san mateo county and santa clara county each have two cases as well. alameda county has the highest number of confirmed cases in the bay area with six. as ktvu's john fowler reports the outbreak is fueling debate about unvaccinated children at school. >> reporter: parents of one child at tiburon's reed elementary want unvaccinated children banned from school. >> i don't want the measles outbreak to come back. >> reporter: the law allows for a personal belief exemption to the vaccination requirement. unless there's an active outbreak. officials say about one in 30 children is not vaccinated. support now taking root for
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banning unvaccinated school kids. >> the needs of the many outweigh the needs of a few. keep kids that have not been vaccinated away until we have a solution. >> i would say yes because it's too dangerous for the other children. >> i feel very uncomfortable. >> reporter: late this afternoon, two cases were confirmed. there's no need to exclude any students from the marin county school at this time as there is no evidence for school based exposure. dr. matt willis added, if there should be a case, unvaccinated students would be excluded from that school for at least 21 days. john fowler, ktvu news. the storm damage is now cleaned up. a section of highway 1 in marin is now back open after being shut down for seven weeks.
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news chopper 2 flew over the reopened section this afternoon. it was closed between millvalely and muir woods after a storm washed away the edge of the highway. crews have been working since then to get the road reopened and they said they finished the repairs ahead of schedule. a day today a lot like yesterday, with highs back in the upper 60s. 70 in santa rosa, 71 in san rafael. another warm day, another dry day. the big exemption was the fog that showed up in the santa clara county. and up in the north bay where we had dense fog advisories this morning. i have the same kind of dynamics working. we have the coastal fog. that's going to spill up over the san bruno gap here. it's going to fill up a little bit to the bay. now we have valley fog. radiation fog. they're going to merge up. especially around the bay and
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san francisco. sfo could have delays tomorrow. dense fog advisory is a possibility. when the fogs link up they tend to get real pea soup and come right down on the deck. bay bridge and the san rafael bridge. overnight lows are going to be in the low 40s. boom, fog that's where we are right now. 40 in santa rosa overnight. 40 in napa. you can count on fog. in the north bay we're always seeing fog around modesto and stockton up toward davis and sacramento. fog going to show up in san jose. the big storm tomorrow could end up being the cloud deck. there's valley fog kind of fills in and really makes for pea soup. if this transpires it's going to be a messy commute. temperatures tomorrow a lot like today. upper 60s low 70s. when we come back we'll be specific with your forecast for saturday and sunday. a case of vandalism and
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theft. two investigates why a private officer to fix a public building was shut down. up next, b.a.r.t. riders sound off when we ask about the new numbers of passenger disfraction and what b.a.r.t. is doing about it.
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b.a.r.t. riders are increasingly unsatisfied with the service they're getting. over all satisfaction in 2014 fell to 74%. that's down from 84% just two years earlier. the biggest complaints overcrowded and hot trains. plus dirty carpets and dirty seats. ktvu's amber lee road on b.a.r.t. to talk about passengers and also to ask b.a.r.t. what's being done about all this. amber. >> reporter: frank b.a.r.t. gave the survey to passengers last fall and tonight people
10:25 pm
with spoke with appear to agree with those two took the survey. >> reporter: on most days, the embarcadero station in san francisco is the busiest for b.a.r.t. on this day we bought a ticket, walked to the platform to get a train. we found many people waiting to board the train. >> we need more b.a.r.t. more than 10 cars. i don't usually get a seat. i'm usually getting off at 5:00. >> reporter: not getting a seat on the train is the top reason people gave followed by train temperature and cleanliness. >> odors and there's a lot of
10:26 pm
persons that are not -- >> we are taking steps to address it. >> reporter: a plan to ease overcrowding is already underway say b.a.r.t. officials. b.a.r.t. says it cannot run more 10 car trains because it doesn't have the cars available. it says there's roughly 3,300 more passengers now than three years ago. >> our success is creating more problems. we have more riders than we've ever had before and we have the same system. >> reporter: it'll be a decade before the entire fleet of 775 new cars is on the tracks. >> i would say i'm satisfies but i think -- satisfied but i think there's a lot of room for improvement. >> reporter: a sentiment shared by most passengers we spoke with. >> amber lee at the b.a.r.t. station there in pleasanton. thank you. three men have been arrested in connection with an armed robbery and shooting that
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left a store clerk seriously wounded. it happen last wednesday at the bonn fair market in san pablo. police arrested two oakland man. mario halterman and 40-year-old sampson tatum jr. a third suspect, 38-year-old sampson tatum iii was arrested this week. authorities have not said who pulled the trigger. the clerk is expected to recover. police have released a surveillance video of a smash and grab burglary at wells fargo in san francisco. police are looking for three men that crashed a vehicle into the store. the surveillance video caught the three as they stole gold nuggets. 49ers owner jedd georke
10:28 pm
gets another bay area team. and his high school coach tell us what he was like on and off the field. >> up first a public building vandalized and abandoned. why a private officer to pay for repairs was shutdown until we started asking questions.
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tonight 2 investigates how a burglary case may have led to a vandalism case. over that time it's been gutted by thieves. and cleaning it up would normally require a lot of taxpayer dollars. but ktvu's eric rasmussen found an unusual offer to pick up the tab. >> reporter: we can tell you the man who wants to open the
10:31 pm
old redwood center has an amazing story from beating addiction to finding incredible financial success but he's having a hard time convincing anyone to take his money. ktvu started looking for answers and found that problems have been coming up with little done to stop it. >> reporter: tucked away in the trees near redwood city there's still a few reminders of the help this old building used to provide. >> do you still think about your time here? >> every single moment. i was in the right wing and i was bed 34. >> reporter: for 55-year-old mike bowen it feels like a lifetime ago. before the red lamborghini and the red watch, mike bowen was an alcoholic and drug addict in the san francisco tenderloin. >> it was july 2 of 1997, while running from police i went out a window. >> reporter: somehow he survived a fall from this
10:32 pm
story. but he was still facing up to life when a judge cut him a break. >> he said i'm going to give you one chance and this is where they sent me too. >> reporter: in 90 days at the center, he turned his life around, stayed out of trouble and now running his own construction building. seeing this building damaged, presented a new challenge for him. the commission allowed bowen to take a look around. what he found inside was shocking. >> this is where probably $250,000 of damage is done. >> reporter: cooper ripped from almost every fixture turn out of the walls. >> cooper was here. cooper was in this wall. as a general contractor in my estimation, maybe you can scrap the cooper for $3,000 but it did millions of the dollars in damage. i asked myself what am i going to do here. i decided i have the money, i'll go ahead and do this. >> reporter: make the repairs
10:33 pm
with his own money. bowen estimated that it would cost $2 million. but he received a letter siting competitive bidding requirements and interest from other party ies and a denial. >> i believe they did not want this to be exposed and they wanted me to go away, they wanted the issue to go away. >> reporter: ktvu received documentation, an employee warned about cooper thefts saying the problem is escalating. managers blamed the department of public health which used to run the redwood city for vacating the building without warning. but under the sup control, the vandalism continued where someone took 200 to 300 feet of cooper gutters.
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>> the extend of the damage is quite significant. >> it's significant but i would not call it quite significant. >> reporter: michael carlin is the general manager at the agency. he says they plan to completely fence off the property never materialized. one employee suggested the building should be demolished. bowen's offer still stands. >> why turn down somebody who is willing to pay for everything. >> reporter: we're a public agency and we have to be transparent. >> reporter: someone asked what's in it for you? >> i was given a second chance. the redwood center started that for me. i get to be able to provide the chance for someone else to get the opportunity i got. period. >> reporter: the department of public health wouldn't talk to us on camera about this story.
10:35 pm
after2 investigates started asking questions, dph professor garcia says she supports going forward with mike bowen's plan afterall. bowen tells us he's getting mixed messages about how soon that might happen. >> first of all, mike bowen's story is incredible. but strikes me is they're saying they cannot take him money because of the bidding process and at the same time they're saying, we have no intention of starting the bidding process. >> it says that it wants to create its own process of going through and finding out just how much it's going to cost to redevelop that building. now of course we're hearing that all options including mr.bowen's are on the table. >> in the meantime it's been sitting there vacant for five years. it's definitely not a hurry up process they're going through. at capitol hill, the u.s. senate approved a controversial
10:36 pm
keystone oil. that is still short of the 67 votes needed to override a presidential veto. and the president has promised a veto something the white house repeated today. the keystone pipeline would connect with an existing pipeline carrying crude oil from the town of alberta, from a town in alberta in canada to gulf coast refineries. the mayor of sacramento said tonight 49ers ceo jeb georke plans to invest in sacramento republic fc. the city is lobbying major league soccer. if it does the city plans to build a new soccer stadium downtown. wall street snapped back from recent losses on some encouraging which i --
10:37 pm
encouraging news. investors reagented to positive corporate earnings report and a drop in jobless claims. one of the quarterly reports came from visa. revenue was up 7% year to year. and it announced the stock split of 4-1 which will happen on march 15. visa shares were up today as a result of the news. poor visibility is for parts of bay area. when thick fog will burn off and when temperatures will increase. >> new video police want you to take a close look at.
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new at 10:00, berkeley police are searching tonight for someone who attacked an 83- year-old man and then took his iphone. police released this surveillance video of the attack. you can see the person in the red hoodie walking right up to the victim and ripping an iphone out of his hand. police say the man had just bought the iphone at the apple store and was walking with another family member. police say the suspect got away in a silver audi with paper plates. here's a better look at him. the suspect appears to be a black male in about his 30s with short hair and average build. and was wearing a red zip up hoodie from the gap. a sad anniversary was marked in dublin tonight to
10:40 pm
keep hope alive for a missing girls. the parents of ilene michelobe led a march like they do every year. they retraced the steps ilene took 26 years ago today when she vanished while walking home from school. she was just 13 years old. police believe she was kidnapped. her disappearance remains unsolved but her family says they'll never give up hope that one day ilene will return. >> we just hope that someone who might see this may know something about ilene's disappearance and if so contact the appropriate authorities. >> a march was followed by a prayer service. if she's still alive, ilene michelobe would be 30 years old. there's been no word from
10:41 pm
isis about the two hostages they're holding. jordan demanded proof the pilot is still alive before it would release the woman and that proof apparently hasn 't come yet. in the meantime, the families of the hostages are continuing to plead for their freedom. investigators today released new information about last month's air asian crash. before it went into the java sea the co-pilot was at the controls. experts say this in and of itself is not unusual and whatever went wrong likely happened in a span of three minutes and 20 seconds. the plane rose quickly then descended slowly with warning alarms going off. after three minutes the aircraft went off the radar. of the 263 people on board the remains of 72 have been recovered. a golden ticket to move on. the bay area con contestants
10:42 pm
that are wowing the judges. and whether there's any hint of rain coming up. and before playing in the big game this weekend, the seattle seahawks running back played here. how his coaches knew he was something special back then.
10:43 pm
10:44 pm
when the seattle seahawks take the field this sunday, a bay area high school will be cheering for one running back in particular. new at 10:00, azenith smith is live at the high school after speaking with turbin's former coach who is knew back then he had something special, azenith. >> reporter: they nicknamed him turbo for his speed and this school is not shy about showing their pride. a sign wishing number 22 luck
10:45 pm
is prominently displayed out front. >> reporter: before the seahawks running back turbin played in the bay area. leading the vickings to the 2005 to victory. >> no one knew of his home life. >> reporter: a home life that wasn't easy. turbin often shows up late to practice even though he lived across the street. his coaches later found out he was taking care of his special needs sister. >> he was only 15, he was just
10:46 pm
a kid. >> reporter: he hosted the turbin youth academy at his alma mater. >> it was cool. it's a reminder that you can achieve those great things. >> reporter: prior to that the school retired his number six school jersey. now posters are plastered on the gym to recognize him. >> it puts us on the map. because you know what, you can come from any where and become a full athlete. >> reporter: and no matter if the seahawks bring home another super bowl ring, these coaches who are hard core nineer fans. >> i will always root for number 26. >> will always cheer on turbin remembers what he stood for back then and to this day. >> work hard, you just never know. he still does it to this day. you know he's very giving. >> reporter: and his coach attribute his success to his relationship with his father
10:47 pm
who now lives with turbin. and his coaches often talk to turbin and tell him how proud they are of him. tonight was the last night of american idol edition before the show moves to hollywood and they wrapped it up right here in san francisco. tonight some additional talent wowed the judges. two other people moved on including rocky peter and hunter larson from malibu who sang frank sinatra's "that life." >> ♪ ♪ >> wow, nice voice there. starting next week, more than 200 ticketholders will begin the elimination process to find out who will be the next american idol. >> as we've been talking about
10:48 pm
it's been a very dry january. but december was going off for rainfall. as we started january 1, this is the city right. here's the percents of average. as of january 1 we're at 110 percent of average. 115percent still in san francisco as of today. 124percent of average in san jose. it is good news. we did the story about the snow pack. that is bad news. hopefully we'll get something going on here. we have long range model tees up. we're going to show you what it means maybe a break in this dry pattern down the road. plenty of coastal fog. it's pulling into the coast. we have the wind coming from this direction. here you've got the valley fog creeping into the mix as well. dense fog advisory down here around modesto. so those two fogs the coastal
10:49 pm
fog which is induction fog or radiation fog which we call it valley fog. they're going to meet. they did that this morning at san jose airport. looks like they're going to meet some where around the peninsula and fremont area so visibilities tomorrow morning could be a little bit out there. this low pressure center stayed south so we're try. low pressure stays over top of us. we go through the bay area weekend almost exactly like what we experienced last week. here we are tonight. coastal fog. the fog pushes in. you have valley fog, coastal fog. and all over the bay pea soup is what it looks like. we had dense fog advice reu tomorrow morning there's a good chance for -- we had dense fog add advisory tomorrow too. back into the 60s and low 70s. dry pattern continues for the weekend but watch this, right on, watch there thursday things
10:50 pm
start to break down. that looks promising. i know it says last thursday but it looks promising. 66 in brentwood. the santa clara valley with okay or quality because of that on shore flow. nice pattern setting up. maybe that deal comes true as we head into bay area thursday next week. that's the most promising fog pattern we've seen. >> the american hockey league announced the minor league team will be sharing their center with the big league sponsors. the team will be heading to massachusetts. they will let them keep a sharper eye on prospects. the minor league team will play 30 more games next season. >> more hockey in the bay area. can't ask for anything better than that. let's talk sports with mark. sharks good nigh -- night for them and good night for a
10:51 pm
couple of other teams. >> and the zags the only ones, to face the gales. the gales in moraga former stanford man wright. loyolla merimont they had no answer. carter six threes on the night. 18 points total. st.mary's. 16% shooting from the floor. and byu taking care of usf. so we take you to the pac12. cal bears after a promising start they're starting to blend in with the scenery. trying to get healthy. that that they do. never too scary as far as hoops are concerned as wallis was. attacked the rim for the bears led everyone with 26 points.
10:52 pm
yet the bears led a 12 point second half lead slide away late. but jordan matthew stabilizing force. ganza three, all nine of his points stay late and so end cal's sixth good day slide as they take a 76-67. the first time in years the sharks are really not anything close to a sure thing to make the proseason but as they come back off the all star break, a burst of energy that could hint of better days to come. sports part ii next.
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so far the sharks have just kind of layed there. no real identity with the men in teal. don't know if it was the all star break or what. they do feature an offensive attack seen only on rare occasion by the sharks. high octane it was. he puts the sharks up 2-1 and for good. power play for the ducks here. the rarity for san jose. shorthanded goal. ducks turn over, converted by brandon dillan. got mayhem all over the place in front of the net. he's credited with the goal any way. six different sharks, scoring and 6-3 is your final a good sign of what's to come.
10:56 pm
meantime the renaissance year does continue for the warriors. when you win as a team, individual honors will follow. surely. doesn't happen since the days of run tmc that is two warriors making the squad. but curry in the back court for the west. maybe even starting considering the injury to kobe bryant back in 1993 both tim martin and hardeway. thompson today talks about what the honor means to him. >> the elite of the world. it's a dream come true honestly. to me it'll just mean that the hard work is paying off and i've been doing something right and just continue to keep working. >> well simply put he is now tiger woods in name only. exuding a lot of confidence this last week. a little feel good vibe. didn't translate to the court. down to the land of the super
10:57 pm
bowl. scotsdale. one sequence kind of sums up his round t shot at number three. way off into the gallery. it's surrounded down there like they've never seen a golf ball before. like ufo or something. look at tiger frustration indeed. two over 73. 118,000 people at the event today. and you know who they were there to see. tiger woods. however, ryan palmer is the leader at 7-under par. ryan palmer maybe he's related to arnold. thank you for joining us tonight. have a good evening, we'll see you again tomorrow. >> good night.
10:58 pm
10:59 pm
e. i'm too tired to go. i have a midterm tomorrow, which i'll probably fail and i was up really late studying. she was. i was up really late doing this. don't even bother coming. i'm quitting today. i'm sick of this guy on the team always making fun of me. he's just jealous because you're the one who puts points on the board. why?
11:00 pm
because you run the scoreboard. kids: the scoreboard. i'm out, too. but all your classmates will be there. we ignore each other all week. it's nice to have a little break on the weekends. jeez, i've never seen such a bunch of no-getters. coined it! remember keep a positive attitude and good things will happen. two things i bring to every open house -- my lucky pen and a smile. i haven't sold a house all month. do you see me saying "i'm done"? never. because there is no "done" in dunphy.


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