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tv   KTVU Channel Two News at 430am  FOX  February 2, 2015 4:30am-5:01am PST

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slicing through right over to redding that warmer system. a couple low 50s in re, and 43. napa, nevada, san jose at 47. occasionally higher clouds will come by, this won't do anything for us until the end of the week, maybe moisture will work its way here. we have a lot of lead time. mostly sunny, mild to warm. year 70 for many. a good morning to you. god good morning to you. traffic is moving along very nicely, if you are driving into san francisco. the commute at the bay bridge looks nice all the way into the city. as we look at 880, traffic is here off to a good start some of that road work that they had earlier has been cleared up in downtown oakland. 280 northbound looks good through san jose. 4:30, let's go back to the
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desk. happening now, workers at nine oil refineries that includes the refinery in martinez. alex is live at the refinery are workers will soon be walking the picket lines. we'll be seeing picket lines later this week, workers are still on duty helping to safely shut down this plant before walking off the job. this is one of 9 refineries nationwide that will be impacted by this strike. the first refinery strike since 1980. the united steal workers called for the stoppage. and washington state, and kentucky. after workers at the refinery here in martinez wrapped up their shifts, their union told them not to return until a new contract is agreed upon. workers say this strike is
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about a whole lot more than just money, they are also concerned about working conditions, under staffing, and fatigue. >> they are not willing to continue talking even beyond the midnight deadline, and industry walked away and was unwilling basically left them no option. >> during the strike the martinez plant will continue to take in crude oil and ship out what it has already refined, we're told that certainry fineries impacted by this strike will stay open using non- union labor. there is still concern about gas prices going up if this strike spreads to other refineries around california. there are crews at nearly shells facility as well as the richmond refinery. you can expect production to stop here, brian, by thursday that's when we expect to see
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picket lines here in martinez. >> all right keeping an eye on things this morning in martinez. this morning new england patriot fans are celebrating the team's big super bowl victory. >> pass is intercepted at the goal line! >> people still talking about that play from last night. the seahawks elect a pass on second and goal, richard sherman there, malcolm butler, theseahawks had led by 10 at one point in the game, but the patriots came back to win 28- 24. >> they made a great play on it, give credit to their team. i watched a lot of super bowls, in my opinion, that was one of the better ones. >> a lot of people lost faith in us early, we held strong, held together, a great feeling. this is san mateo native tom brady's fourth super bowl
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title. joe montana and terry bradshaw have accomplished. brady was also named the game's mvp and given that chevy colorado truck. >> the patriots were taking up the clock when bruce irvin for instar -- brawl. ervin was later ejected. despite the really cold weather in boston, hundreds of fans took to the streets to celebrate their team's big win. following patriot's victory, people poured out of the bars and into the streets. the temperatures in boston at the time was a bone-chilling 12 degrees, there was a strong police presence as well as fans waved their patriots flags and chatted, we won the super bowl. >> i'm over the moon right now, i cannot believe it. that is the best super bowl me
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and my friends have ever watched. it was a tough loss but an exciting game, and we were happy to be here. >> it was a pretty good game. shortly after midnight they said celebrations were civil and no arrests were made. katy perry's ended quite literally with fireworks. >> singer soared. people took to twitter giving perry mixed reviews but most were positive, her performance started out on a lion, that one right there, also sang teenage dream. others joined her for her performance. katy perry celebrated her performance in a very permanent way right there. she posted this video on
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instagram. she said she also tattooed the roman numerals on her finger following her performance. people are looking ahead to next year, super bowl 50 will be played on february 7th. representatives were in arizona, looking how they could make super bowl 50 a memorable one. yesterday a pub was open for next year. a pair of 49ers were on hand hoping next year they could do something no other team has done before. >> there's never been a team to play in the super bowl when they were at their home stadium, this would be awesome. that would be pretty awesome. preparations for next year's game started 18 months ago, 25% of every dollar raised at the game will go back into the bay area community. and for more on yesterday's big game and the bay area preparations for super bowl 50, just go to our website
4:37 am time is 4:36. a task force will release recommendations for law enforcement agencies in sanoma county. the eighth grader was shot in killed back in 2013. the deputy thought lspez was carrying an assault rifle that turned out to be a bb gun. the panel is recommending that they establish an independent auditor to review complaints against law enforcement. there has been criticism howshootings have been handled. and aimed at easing over crowding. the ferry will make an extra trip to san francisco. that additional ferry will leave at 8:30. the goal is to relieve crowding and over flow from earlier ferries. it could attract 100 new passengers and bring in $120,000 for revenue. the new time slot will be tested out over the next 9
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months, depending how successful it is, officials say it could become permanent. well, it is groundhog day as well just about 20 minutes ago, phil made his annual weather forecast. they watched the famous groundhog taken out of his lair and phil saw his shadow. that means winter will last another six weeks. if he didn't see his shadow, that would have meant an early spring. this could mean an ultimate case of distracted driving. >> i need to get into the other lane, i need to push. >> you're driving right now? >> oh, boy. 32-year-old pregnant utah woman jumped into the car and started driving herself to the hospital when hercontractions started on saturday night. she was still more than 30 minutes away when her water broke and she knew the baby was not going to wait. she had been on the cell phone with her husband when he told her to hang up and call 911.
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>> it was, i don't know, probably 30 seconds later the baby was delivered. >> the baby just delivered right there in the driver's seat. mother and baby were taken by ambulance to the hospital, were both are in good condition. the baby does not have a name as of yet, but he is a healthy 9-pound, 9-ounce boy, good news there. time now is 4:39. coming up new information about the man arrested in connection with dismembered body parts found in san francisco. why at least one man he is certain that police have the wrong man. and zombies, flooding the bay area up next what attracted thousands of the walking dead to san francisco over the weekend. we're looking at a decent commute to start off with, san francisco, northbound 101 approaching the split we'll tell you more about that commute. a lot of cloud cover will be moving into the north the question is when will it get
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here, it is going to be pretty warm here the next couple days we'll show you those temps.
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. in the bay area, progress
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is more than philosophy. for six decades, there has been one place for complete bay area coverage. 10:00 news, on ktvu, fox 2. welcome back everybody, well police in freemont are looking for the people involved in a fight that killed a 24- year-old man, it happened, they could hear glass breaking and a possible fight in the street. police found a man from newark with life threatening injuries, pronounced dead at the scene. the alameda county coroner is investigating the cause of the death. >> the chp investigating a cause cause of an accident, 2:00 in the morning. investigators say the driver of a red infinity sedan crashed near story road. they say the car hit with such force, it uprooted another, burst into flames. chp is working for witnesses to find out what happened.
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>> 2:00 in the morning, good chance that alcohol could be involved, falling asleep could be something as well. chp says two men and one woman died in the crash. the medical examiner is still identifying the victims. investigators are asking anyone who may have seen the red infinity on 101 to call the chp. japan's prime minister says they'll never forgive them for killing two hostages. they appeared to show the decapitated body of the journalist. last month they killed another hostage. his mother cried. i wish we will carry on his will to save the lives of children from war and poverty. >> japan had been working with
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jordan to win the release along with a jordan pilot. jordan wanted proof the pilot is still alive, that never came at this point the fate of the pilot is unknown. >> president obama says the u.s. is doing everything in its power to rescue a 26-year-old woman being held by isis, the american woman was captured last year in syria while working for aide groups. u.s. officials have asked she not be identified. well today -- if it becomes a law the bill would require the veterans affairs department to have independence reviews of their suicide prevention programs. but also, financially reward mental health professionals including psychiatrists who go to work for the va. the bill received approval from the house last month. 4:45. the secret service arrested a man who climbed a bike rack
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outside the house. it was away from the white house fence, it isn't likely could help someone jump over the fence but charged the man with unlawful entry and turned them over to police. last month a small drone crashed on the white house lawn. he said he didn't mean for it to go into the white house property. the zombie apocalypse has come to an end. they showed up to the walker stocker-con. it featured all things zombie, gave fabs a chance to meet their favorite actors from the walking dead and buy undead memorabilia. even though they know the show isn't real they believe it could happen some day. >> it is probably going to happen in my mind, some how there will be a virus released some where, like mad cow, people are just going to go nuts, there we go. >> there they go.
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sounds like a blast. the two-day convention took place at fort mason san francisco. it was a first year they held the events, and say it was a big success. well a power ball ticket worth more than a million dollars was sold at a smoke shop and more sold the lucky ticket that matched five of six numbers. here are the numbers, 5, 11, 16, 26, and 50. the power ball number is 24 but the winning ticket did not match that number, and that means no one matched all six numbers. the jack pot is $317 million. 34 is the power ball number. thank you so much for clarifying that. time now 4:47. let's go to sal keeping an eye on traffic. what would you do with 300-plus million dollars, sal?
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>> brian, no offense, i might be sleeping right now. >> okay. >> i'd probably be doing the same thing. >> good morning everybody. you know, let's start off with the east shore freeway, traffic from the bridge to the mcarthur maze. no major problems getting out to the bay bridge toll plaza. a couple lanes are surprisingly have a little bit of a backup, all the other lanes are looking good. so if you're coming into the bay bridge pretty soon. on the peninsula we're off to a good start. 181 and 280 towards the south bay. and we have your forecast with steve. sal, i would be sleeping as well. >> yes, sir. >> thank you. we do have mostly sunny skies on the old weather menu today, maybe patchy fog, otherwise to the north so far. it is going to stay there for awhile. there's some rain in the north coast, it is going to stay there for most of the week, maybe get very, very heavy.
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the question is when will it arrive here and how much? the next three days look mostly sunny. rain is on the way for some, we haven't had any rain, measurable, all right, san rosa a little bit. but friday, and sunday look to be two systems north bay will take some very heavy rain totals, the south bay may not. and it is not coming in until at least thursday, some rain into redding, 40s and 50s on the temps here. and there is not much here for awhile, everything is going to go up and over these are warm, warm systems, so our afternoon high temps will also be very milder and warm the moisture streaming up. until we get to about thursday, mostly sunny and warm forecast. and we'll focus our attention on thursday into friday, there
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will be rain to the north, when will it get here, timing and how far south will it go, again we have three days to kind of tackle that out the next seven days the presip out look, looks extremely heavy for some. i've seen this before, okay. one forecast model is not visible at all. so we'll see where it all sets. we had this teaser before, so we'll ease into it. mostly sunny, 60s and 70s, i mean it is going to be a mild pattern, inland, temperatures still running way above average. my gosh, saturday was warm. it was really warm on saturday. nice. we'll bring rain thursday night into the north, see if it makes it here. the reason why i'm not jumping on board here is we've been burned so many times in the forecast. so it is not like it's happening tomorrow. normal temperatures will be what, 59? 63, we're in the 70s. >> 14th consecutive month above average, wow. i think san francisco, i think
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it's been for almost a year it's been dry. >> all right, steve. thank you so much. well a rescue team is training on mount hood in oregon got hands-on experience when three climbers fell near by. a man and a woman were climbing when they fell 600 feet. the man broke his leg, the woman broke both of her ankles. as rescuers were trying to attend to the injuries, 20 other climbers formed a human wall to protect them from falling chunks or ice. >> that easily could save the lives of the people or rescuers. >> the team had to rescue a third climber who fell into the volcanic hole. he was able to walk off the mountain. the man and woman had to be air lifted to a hospital. coming up, a warning about popular children's foods coming up in 20 minutes, that could cause health problems in the future and the only child of
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visit today. . welcome back everybody, happening today, the former stanford champion swiller who is accused of raping a woman on campus is expected to enter a employee.
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19-year-old brock turner is facing five fell counts, accused of raping a woman two weeks ago, they say they say turner on top of the woman and stopped the attack. he said he kissed the woman but did not assault her. he has since dropped out of school and out on $150,000 bail. the alleged victim is not a stanford student. the vandalism is being investigated as a hate crime. two swastikas were discovered on the fraternity. they say whoever is responsible could face charges as well as civil rights violations. members say they are shaken by the incident. >> the swastika is internationally known as you know, nazi symbol, killing the jews. i do feel targeted by this. >> last week, uc davis students
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asked them to digest from businesses connected to israel. the vice president says he believes the graffiti is related, but they condemned the graffiti. a former star of the power rangers tv series was arrested over the weekend on suspicions of fatally stabbing his roommate. they say they were arguing when medina stormed into his room and locked the door. the roommate reportedly forced his way in. that's when medina reportedly picked up a sword and stabbed him. he is due in court tomorrow. he played the red lion wild ranger back in 2002. bobby brown and the late whitney houston's only child remain in the hospital this morning, bobby, christina brown's husband found her face down and unresponsive in a
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bathtub in their home on saturday morning. he called 911 and started cpr. they say the 21-year-old was not breathing and did not have a heart beat, and said there were no signs of drugs at the scene. >> they did not see anything on the scene that would indicate that, no alcohol or drugs laying around that would indicate that. >> the hospital has not commented on brown's current condition. a source close to the family, though, says she is in a medically-induced coma. almost three years ago whitney houston was found dead in a bathtub at the beverly hilton. people who live in san francisco and want to rent out their homes must file an application to the city. they must prove they have lived at that address for at least two months. pay a $50 fee and sign an affidavit saying they'll follow
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time restrictions for short- term rentals. coming up super bowl 50 is still a year away coming up how people around the bay area are already trying to cash in on the big event. an unusual joyride caught live an camera takes a turn for the worst. after a break the way this street skier landed in some legal trouble. good morning we are looking at a commute where traffic is doing pretty well, around the bay on the san mateo bridge looks good headed to the peninsula. we have rain in northern california, can we get it down here, if we can it could be a lot. the question is timing we'll have that in your monday forecast.
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. we're live in santa clara where the focus has shifted to super bowl 50. we'll talk to you about all the preparation going on in the bay area and how local businesses are cashing in. he was arrested in connection with dismembered body parts found in a suitcase in the streets, the new information we're learning about his criminal past. and a ferry just got a little less crowded we'll tell you how next. complete bay area news coverage, starts right now. this is ktvu, channel 2, morning news. good morning, we are live at levi stadium, the home of super bowl 50 coming up in a
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few minutes, we'll have the preparations that are already underway, how some people around the bay area already cashing in on the big event now that super bowl xlix is in the books, what a dramatic ending. good morning, it is monday, february second, i'm tori campbell in for pam cook. i'm dave clark, let's talk about weather and traffic, i can't wait to hear steve this morning, you're saying some different stuff. >> end of the week, maybe. >> couple days here, it will be nice and warm. >> really warm, way above average here, 11 consecutive months of above-average temperatures, you can also, you want to blame or thank warm sea surface temperatures, that certainly helps, high pressure as well. patchy fog, mild to warm, there is rain to the north. in fact a couple locations reporting heavy main, these are warm systems so we're getting


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