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tv   KTVU Morning News Early Edition  FOX  February 5, 2015 5:00am-6:01am PST

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it was responsible for killing one man. the legal cause being proposed today to make sure fires like this one in the mission last week never happen again, all ahead on ktvu mornings on 2. >> from ktvu fox 2, this is mornings on two. >> good morning. let's talk about weather and traffic. . >> it's been a while.
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>> some fog. >> yesterday the fog was -- that's what the kids would say. ''no joke." >> i know, right? . >> we have cloudy skies. weatherwise as well. you'll be fine. the breeze is going to pick up. not too bad yet. going to crank up later today in advance of this system, which is on its way. rain will hold off until tonight. two systems locally friday, then sunday. flash-flood watch out for the north bay. advisory out. a lot of warnings and watches being updated by tomorrow. rains on the northbound, we have to wait. going to take another day before i think things get cranked up. we may have to wait till tomorrow. 0s on the temps for a few. mild air mass, south, southeast breeze beginning to shouts. that will keep us on the mild side. upper 0s or low 50s already. alamo 51. my goodness. that's a heat wave. they're usually in the 30s this
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time of the morning. southeast, southeast, a little west, west, southwest, north. the breeze is picking up. that's all. really crank up tonight. rain toward mendocino county. a sign of things to come. i tell you, there could be copious amounts, especially mendocino county northward. central bay, 3 to 6, 4 to 8 santa cruz mountains. you may have to wait till late friday to get that. cloudy, breezy today. mild to warm, upper 60s for some. continued very mild. temperatures will continue to be a little above average for most. we'll wait for that rain. we're doing well, steve, so far. as a matter of fact, off to a nice start if driving in to san francisco or on your way to it. a lot of people get to this commute from the
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carcinas bridge. the way people get to the bay bridge. 18 minutes now, bay bridge toll plaza is light getting into san francisco. there's not a big delay now at all. traffic continues to look very good. now, if you're driving out to the south bay, northbound 101 and 280 traffic, that is moving along very nicely. so is 85. so getting into the west valley does look good. police in the south bay busy. they're searching for a man. live in san jose where the break-ins are happening. georgia mean, who's been targeted, and where in the city is this happening?. >> reporter: dave, we're here in the first street corridor, and this area has been hit hard by car thieves in the last few months. police are estimating that nearly 53 car break-ins have happened near brokaw, 101,
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first street. half the victims have filed police reports. investigators suspect the region is being hit because it's a prime spot for unsuspecting out of towners. hotels, gas stations, restaurants, lot of rental cars. the break-ins are occurring between 6 and 1:00 a.m. . >> they're going into these parking lot, looking into the vehicles. if they notice personal property, if they notice computers, laptops, things like that, they're basically smashing the windows, taking the property, fleeing the scene immediately. >> reporter: detectives canvassed the area, and identified 26-year-old kevin jordan of oakland as a suspect. police believe he's part of a sophisticated crew that cases cars looking for specific items. . police are asking anyone with information to call them. they say this should serve as a
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reminder to lock your cars, and keep valuables out of sight. back to you. >> all right, georgia mean de la vega. talk to you later. time is now 5:04. surveillance video may help san francisco police in their search for three again who robbed a tiffany's store. this happened yesterday afternoon inside the westfield center on market street. they wore masks as they burst into the store, ordering everyone to get down on the floor. police say one employee was forced to open several jewelry cases. then the thieves ran away with a still undetermined amount of jewelry no one was hurt. several big apartment fires in san francisco are prompting city leaders to push for stricter safety regulations. alex? >> reporter: sam, good morning to you. two san francisco supervisors want to improve the inspection process for large apartment buildings to make sure they meet fire code.
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they also want to speed it up reconstruction process for burned-out buildings, like this one that caught fire a week ago. one person died. more than 50 tenants were left homeless after the building burned. this fire and two other fires in the city have led to calls to tighten safety rules. . he wants to make sure residents know they can anonymously report safety violations and require owners of apartment buildings to file reports twice a year declaring their safety equipment is in working order. now supervisor kim has a plan to make sure tenants aren't left without a permanent place to live for a long period of time. her plan includes incentives and penalties to purr suede property owners to rebuild in a timely
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fashion. she suggests also easing some permit requirements and, in some cases, even having a city seize a burned-out property to do the repair work. city officials and also san francisco's fire chief as well have also said they support many of the suggestions that are on the table here. we understand supervisors compos and kim will be out lying their ideas further during an event at city hall later this morning at 9:30. pam, they also plan to introduce this legislation to the board of supervisors in the coming weeks. that's their plan. >> we'll be at city hall when they do that. thank you, alex. time is now 5:70. a fundraiser being held for victims of that mission fire. between 6:00 p.m. and 2:00 a.m. at a restaurant and bar named dr. teeth. it's at 2323 mission street. donations for the victims will be accepted, and 10% of the bar sales will also be
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donated to those fire victims. the state legislature considering a new plan for fixing roads and pot holes that will require drivers to pay an annual fee. it would be a $52 road user fee. this is proposed by state assembly speaker tony atkins, who said this would generate $1.8 billion a year. state fuel tax that pays for road repairs now may have been dropping, because cars are more fuel efficient a. huge backlog of road and highway repairs. atkins said this fee could be charged as part of the vehicle registration and car insurance it city of san francisco is looking at reducing the speed limit in some areas just to make the streets safer for pedestrians. later today, a committee of a board of supervisors will hold a hearing about this plan "the san francisco examiner" says one idea is to reduce the speed limit to 20 miles an hour in certain areas. the city's goal is to have zero pedestrian fatalities in the next decade.
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both republicans and democrats in congress are urging the obama administration to provide jordan with increased military stance. a day after meeting with jordan's king abdul la, all 26 members of the senate armed services committee called on the summation to quickly provide aircraft parts, night vision equipment, and other weapons to jordan. this is video of that meeting on tuesday when king abdul la was in washington. the push follows it release of a video showing islamic state militants burning to death a jordanian air force pilot. french authorities say a woman featured in the latest video released by search fighters may be the widow of the man who killed four hostages at a kosher grocery store in paris last month. the video shows an isis fighter praising previous attacks in france. the woman substantial doubting next to the speaker, holding a weapon, maybe be a
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woman caught on surveillance video passing through turkey just days before the attacks in paris. the obama summation leaning toward sending arms to ukraine to help it fight russian backed rebels. chuck hague el and secretary of state john kerry are now in europe to discuss ukraine and issues with allies. this comes as the conflict between ukraine indian forces and pro russian separatists continues. the u.s. and allies accuse russia of sending military and personnel over the border into ukraine. russia denies the claim. right now president obama is in washington, hosting the annual the annual prayer breakfast. these are live pictures. this is at the washington hilton hotel this breakfast includes religious leaders from all over the nation. and it happens every year. identity's major event. this year there's a bit of a controversy, because one of the guests is the dalai
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lama. he is seen as a signal of the struggle of tibet getting independence from china. a singer on stage now at the annual prayer breakfast in washington. eleven minutes after 5:00. the ports on the west coast completely shut down. coming up, new developments and comments from both sides of this very hot issue. >> plus a hair-raising punishment for kids who don't behavior. next, how one barber is using his electric clippers to keep kids in line. >> good morning. we are looking at a commute where traffic is not -- looks good. . >> clouds are on the increase no rain yet. won't be any today until this
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5:14. rescue crews trying to find eleven people missing from the crash in taiwan. just incredible video. so far the bodies of 32 people
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on board the trance air asia flight have been recovered. one survivor says he sent trouble right after takeoff. >> shortly after takeoff, i felt something wasn't right, something was wrong with the engine. i always take the flight. . >> search crews recovered the plane's plaque boxes and an audio recording between the pilot and radio tower. pilot said, "may day, may day, engine flame-out." . no charges are going to be filed against a san francisco public defender arrested last month at the hall of justice p. cell phone video shows jaime tillison being handcuffed and taken into custody. . tellison was arrested when she objected to the police questioning her client outside a courtroom. now the city's decision comes
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after the aclu called for a review of police department policy, saying that incident raised serious questions about police department tactics. a new survey of college freshman. it shows they spent their senior year of high school very differently than their parents did. ucla's annual sure say shows this year's freshmen spend less time partying and with their friends. they submitted more college applications than their moms and dads did p. year's freshmen drank less. they reported feeling more overwhelmed. research indicates students feel a lot more pressure to succeed than earlier generations, and have less time for fun. a jabbar number giving a bad haircut to get kids to auto bay their parents. he sat him down and gave him a cut people are calling the old man look. another customer saw what he
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was doing, requested the same thing for her son in the past few months, three more children have been brought in to be punished with an unflattering new look. >> he doesn't want that cut. i think it worked very well. >> some critics say this is a bad idea because the child's self-esteem could be affected. others say children care about their image, so this is the perfect way to discipline them. >> i'm a dad. they'll get over it i wouldn't suggest doing that to a girl. i think that would be devastating. sal is here. i know you're talking about our commute. what did you put in seth curry's food last night. >> man, i think he made 10 3- pointers. just like brian porris said, i
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fell asleep before the game. >> he needs to play these games earlier for us. >> exactly. putting on dvr isn't quite the same. good morning, everybody. by the way, i already have the old man cut. let's take a look at the bay bridge toll plaza, as you can see traffic is going to be busy as you drive-through. there are no major problems here. it is a light commute. now, at about 5:45, this day changes dramatically. you can see the traffic here is -- this might be your your window of opportunity. oakland, traffic is looking good both directions. not a bad drive. this might be your window of opportunity. let's go to the south bay where 101, 280, 85 are also doing very well as you
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drive-through. the time is 5:18. a man who always looks dapper, steve paul son. >> i got the sporty cut. . >> [ applause ] thank you. that's enough. it's too early. good morning. we do have a lot of cloud cover over us, and 3 -- i'm making myself laugh. i apologize for that. i'm making myself look at cloudy skies. yesterday, oh my gosh, that fog. it was awful. not the case today. we're getting a little bit of a breeze. i'm going to show you some rain totals for you folks in hum bolt county. the rainfall projections have been going up, not down. they've been going up. we have two systems. there will be one on friday for us, another one on sunday. there will be one tonight to the northwest. wind advisories are already
5:20 am
out. the breeze is beginning to pick up a bit. the deep plume of moisture begins to work its way up. back in the old days, you'd get a cool front. this is a very warm system, well above average from what we're used to. . you need the jet stream to transport that. you cool it, condense it as it lifts, and you could get heavy-duty rain totals. not yet. it's going to take a while to get along the mendocino coast. 40s and 50s because of the lows. they're up, up. wood side 53, which is warmer than la honda. upper 40s san mateo, foster city sitting at 50 degrees. what about that breeze? it will start turning more south, southeast. san jose is showing that, hayward, also sfo. it's beginning to ease in. by tonight it will really ramp up. see some of that rain to the north there. this is going to stack up into pretty impressive totals over not only two days,
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but four to five. there's another one that will swing in. the one on sunday has a little more cool air with it, a little more dynamic. also a fast mover. this will plot along. the first one coming in tonight, tomorrow, it could be a line where it's absolutely pouring. you go south, and i's cloudy, breezy, windy. 6s, mild on the temps. then the rain starts tonight. it will slowly dip south. heavy rain on friday. the timing might be one where it's raining in the north bay tomorrow and not anywhere else. we have to wait on that. usually these slow down. that's been my experience. some of the rainfall projection, 6 to 12 in the north bay. coastal hills 5 to 10. san jose may not get more than an inch and a half. it's a really tricky call as it moves south. cloudy and breezy, mild and warm, continued mild, 60s on your temps. temperatures to the north, 60s -- about 62 to 66 should cover it. everyone is pretty close. there could be a 70 near gill
5:22 am
roy. we'll just go with 68 degrees. rain and wind on friday. saturday some of that will carry over. then the next system comes down sunday into monday. it will be cooler as well. >> if people forgot about your last hair experience, they can go to my twitter page. i have a picture. >> now you have to remember, i did this -- i allowed somebody to do it. >> it's okay. you always look good. time now is 5:22. a first-of-its-kind bikini ad for "sports illustrated." coming up, the plus-size model who said she is not afraid to flaunt it. >> police say she tried to do three times to get away from the police.
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this photo of a large kitchen knife, it was released by investigators. they say 29-year-old dwayne dashon ward, jr., lunged at officers with that knife. the shooting happened at an apartment complex in the 1000 block of thadea court. deputies were trying to serve ward with a move-out order. it was part of a domestic abuse
5:26 am
restraining order. meantime in emeryville, police released new information about a deadly police shooting there on tuesday. emeryville's police chief says the woman who was killed by officers had pointed a gun at them. the shooting occurred in the parking lot of a storage facility right along the oakland, emeryville border. police say workers of the nearby home depot store reported a shoplifting suspect had a gun. investigators say the woman tried to carjack three deferent people before confronting police. >> we have witnesses that tell us that they saw the individual raise the gun and point it at the officers prior to their shooting. as the gun came up, our officers fired on her, striking her. >> police say she was a 38-year- old african american woman. while her name has not been officially released, her friends say she was i don't vet henderson of oakland. a federal appeals court has
5:27 am
dismissed a third lawsuit against proposition two, the law that prevents extreme confine. of farm animal. the law bans it inhumane confine. in cages so small they cannot stretch, lie down, or turn around. yesterday a u.s. court of appeals agreed with a lower court to throw out a lawsuit by egg farmer william cross-claimer. he argued that the state law is too vague. california's proposition two was approved by voters in 2008. president obama's budget would give california's early earthquake system a boost. the system would let californians when the cake is about to hit. the president's budget patrol would provide $5 million to that program, and supporters say it needs $16 million a year, and it could be done before 2017. our time is 5:27. a plus-sized model is posing in
5:28 am
a first-of-its-kind ad. ashley graham is a woman. she's honored to be the face of hash tag curves in bikinis. now p ad was part of the retailers' swim suits for all campaign with the tag line: "you've got it. flaunt it." the company's swim sexy line offers bikinis for size 10 all the way up to 34. now, ms. graham has been featured in "glamor" says she loves her curves, and she's not afraid to share it. time is 5:28. up next, the legislation that would make it harder for parents to refuse to get their kids vaccinate >> don: bring on the rain. live in the north bay, one of the areas expected to be hardest hit by this upcoming storm. we'll let you know what precautions are being taken.
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that's a beautiful picture there. live this morning, we are in napa. it's dry in napa now, but that's about to change. you've been listening to steve. he's been telling you the first big storm of this year is headed our way. it's coming up. tara moriarty will have more on how communities around the bay area are scrambling getting ready for it. stay tuned. >> that is nice. thursday morning, february 5th. >> good morning. i'm pam cook. thank you for joining us. it is 5:31.
5:32 am
time to check in with steve. a high tomorrow. tomorrow for us. >> tomorrow morning commute could be tough. >> not bad in the south bay. >> hope not. maybe not. as the ground gets wet, that's possible. probably not until tomorrow night. a lot of cloud cover over us. cloudy. one report of fog. that's out in livermore. nothing compared to yesterday. that was tough stuff. cloudy, breeze picking up. wind advisory is out. we have two systems, one coming in late tonight, more than likely tomorrow. the one on sunday is actually a little more dynamic, more cold air with it. flash-flood watch out for the north bay. wind advisory also posted. there will probably be a bunch of updates to these as we get toward tomorrow. lot of moisture, well above average this time of year coming up from the west,
5:33 am
southwest. it's already beginning to show itself on the north coast, but not for us. showing mild temps, 0s on the temps. higher elevations cooling town, lower elevations warming up. 52 san joseology department. southeast, southeast, southeast, i think you get the idea. storm direction, even though it's 24 hours away. rain on the north coast could be very, very heavy. some projections next 5 days show 18 inches of rain. 6 to 12 in the north bay, 4 to 8 for the santa cruz mountain. south bay 1 constitute 2. that's going to be a dividing line between really heavy rain and just rain tomorrow. cloudy, breezy, mild to warm. low, mid to upper. here he goes. mr. castanella sounding fabulous. thank you, steve. feel better, too. we are looking at a commute that should put a smile on your face. we don't have a lot going on. there's a little bit of slow
5:34 am
traffic. we don't have any crashes. if you're using fast track, you can get right through without any major delays into san francisco, as you can see here. no problems also on the upper deck or lower deck for that mart if driving from san francisco to oakland. north and southbound 880 looks good p. commute doesn't start getting busy until later on. driving contra costa county, 680 still looks good. westbound 24 moderate on the way to the tunnel. it is 5:34. let's go back to the desk. >> thank you, sal. time to dust off the umbrella, break out the sandbags. rain finally on the way. this m people in the north bay getting ready for that storm. tara moriarty in napa county where heavy rain is expected. >> reporter: we're live in downtown napa, where up to 6 inches of rain is expected starting this afternoon, lasting through the weekend. of course, as you know, it is
5:35 am
long overdue. it is it last time we had decent rain. came back in mid-december. if you remember, we were all over the north bay, parts of the peninsula, san francisco, where we experienced some flooding. and forecasters have issued a flash-flood watch in napa county. wind gusts up to 40 miles per hour are expected with up to 60 miles an hour in those higher elevations. we could see a lot of toppled tries. crews have been going into overdrive, preparing for possible power outages. in san francisco yesterday, sandbags were delivered to the intersection of 17th and -- these storms are predicted to be less violent than september's rain. the north bay will get hit, as we said, later this afternoon. the rest of the bay area probably won't see rain until tonight. brace yourselves. i guess all those rain dances
5:36 am
finally paid off. live in napa, i'm tara moriarty. back to you. >> thank you, tara. 5:35 is the time. there are new signs we could be getting closer to a possible shutdown at the port of oakland next few days. even that is a matter of controversy. the long shore workers union says that just a few issues need to be worked out to end an 8-month-long contract standoff. the pacific maritime association, the coalition of shipping companies, all 29 west coast ports say the two sides remain far apart, and that it could lock out workers by monday. the maritime association says cargo is so backed up at the ports that the system is barreling towards collapse. >> is that 5 days from now, 7 days from now, 10 days from now? i couldn't it will you exactly. >> there's no reason why this can't be recovered.
5:37 am
. >> the current congestion at ports is due to a union coordinated work slowdown. the union denies that. the maritime association and union are continuing negotiations in san francisco. time 5:36. you're in san jose to tell us what's happening and who's being targeted. good morning, jana. >> apparently we have a technical difficulty there. we'll get to georgia mean de la vega just a moment. stay tuned for that. all right. our time is 5:37. meantime a woman in her 0s died. her house caught fire in santa rosa p. happened on the snow ma highway last night. according to "the press democrat," the woman was in her home with her 86-year-old
5:38 am
mother, who was able to escape safely. the daughter was pulled out of the house by firefighters, but paramedics weren't able to revive her. the neighbor says he saw the victim using a blowtorch in her garden earlier in the day. state lawmakers will soon consider legislation to eliminate a controversial exception that allows parents in california to refuse to vaccinate their children. the current measles outbreak is behind legislation. currently vaccinations are required to attend california schools, but parents can claim a personal belief or religious exception if they do not want to vaccinate their children. under the new legislation that would go away, leaving only exceptions for medical reasons. >> the pediatrician i have personally witnessed children suffering life-long injury or death from
5:39 am
preventable infection. the were of nonvaccinated school children in california has increased in recent years, and studies show a related rise in rates of infectious disease. personal information of americans may be at risk after the latest big cyber attack. hackers may have the names, birth dates, and even social security numbers of customers and workers. that is most of the information you would need to open up a credit card or a loan in the name of the hacking victims. anthem says the stolen data does not include medical records. anthem is the largest private insurance company in california. let's go back to georgia mean de la vega. police are searching for a man who may be part of a well organized group that's blamed for dozens of car break-ins. what's going on? >> reporter: it's happening here at north street and 101. this area is full of hotels and
5:40 am
restaurants and gas stations, and police think the thieves are targeting unsuspecting out of towners. police have identified 26-year- old kevin jordan of oakland as a suspect. he has two outstanding warrants. they believe he's part of a sophisticated crew that cases cars looking for specific item else. the area that has been hit hard is this first street corridor near 101 and brokaw. they're typically happening between 6 and 11:00 a.m. we spoke with one man staying in a hotel in the area that is being targeted. >> we always -- we don't ever leave bags in there. i keep my bags on me. you're in a new state, new town. everywhere we go, we're always in a new state, new town. not just here. everywhere. you got to watch out. >> reporter: police say the crime is happening fast. the thieves are smashing the windows, grabbing what they can in the car. they're looking for electronic,
5:41 am
wall etc., watches. there are lot of restaurants and businesses in this area. so police do want locals to be aware, because they could become victims, too. it should serve as a reminder to always lock your car, keep valuables out of sight. back to you. >> live in san jose. thank you. talk to you later. time is now 5:40. did you watch the warriors last night? steve kerr, the warriors' head coach said stef curry put on his superman cape. he led the team on its biggest comeback of the season. >> you've got to be kidding me. stef curry had 51 points. will made 10 3-pointers. the warriors beat the dallas mavericks, incredible, 128-114. dallas jumped to a 22-point lead in the 1st quarter, but stef curry shocked
5:42 am
the warriors. tomorrow, the warriors play another hot team, the atlanta hawks in atlanta. now, among the 20,000 people at last night's game in oracle a group of african american teenage young men in an open district school program, they were given tickets to the game as a special treat. they were sitting out there in the crowd, and the goal of the african american achievement program is to make sure these young men and others like them stay in school and go to college. they heard from african american role models about the importance of getting a good education. >> when i got to the program in middle school, it gave me the backbone, made sure i have somebody looking over me. they kind of have been in my shoes already. they understand, know how to help us to succeed in life. >> and you will young man. since the program started in 2010, graduation rates
5:43 am
for african american teenage men around the school district. it has increased from 42% all the way up to 47%. they want to expand it even more. >> so great. >> it is. >> really great to hear from those guys, too. 5:4 the '2is the time. if you have a car, you could end up paying the state an extra $50 a year. coming up at 6:00, where that extra money will go, and how it could benefit everyone on the roads. >> also the former home of 49ers and the giants is now being taken awart, dismantled piece by peels. the one valuable item just outside the stadium the city is scrambling to save. >> we are looking at a commute where traffic is still looking pretty good around the bay. this is a look at 280 northbound right through downtown san jose. it's okay getting out of downtown on the way to the valley. >> we have lot to talk about. not rain yet, but it will be
5:44 am
here tomorrow. bulldog: mattress discounters presidents day sale ending? get up to four years interest-free financing on the entire tempur-pedic cloud collection! and, get a queen size serta mattress and box spring set for just $397. ♪ mattress discounters ♪
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a prototype for a new tool that looks like something from a terminator movie. it's called safer. it's a human-sized robot. comes equipped with lasers to navigate through smoke and a hose to put out fires on board ships. safer could also be used to find safety housers while at sea. it has to be operated by humans. the navy wants to develop artificial jones so a robot can work on its own. time is 5:48. mattie hudson of pleasanton, who wants to be the next american idol, she's winning fans over one at a
5:47 am
time. >> and she can sing, too. . >> you talked to her. >> the 17-year-old was a guest of honor at a viewing party, where they watched last night's show. met fans who have been watching her since the beginning of "the american idol" season. it. >> i was bullied to the extreme, you know, everything from death threats to hate phone calls to awful messages. >> mattie hudson said she turned to music to help her deal with the problems. so far "the american idol" judges said they are very impressed with her singing. jennifer hudson said her singing gave her goose bumps during her audition. we posted a link to mattie hudson's audition in san francisco on our channel two
5:48 am
web site. go to look for the web links section. time now is 5:48. is that right? . >> yes. let's check in with sal. i'm still having a hard time finding the clock. >> we're going to find it. our viewers will find it. >> for the viewers, too. it's there. as the time gets later, you're going to see more for our commutes. going to be busy, for example, at the bay bridge toll plaza. those metering lights have been switched on. traffic is going to be busy as you drive-through. as a matter of fact, the traffic continues to look pretty good in many areas. go out and take a look at the east shore freeway. you can see from the carcinas bridge to the main taking about 18 minutes. getting to the bay bridge toll plaza, you can see the traffic is filling in. you can -- it's backed up all the way out to the maze, about a 15 to 20-minute delay before you make
5:49 am
it on to the span itself. driving to san jose -- it is 5:40. go to steve in the weather cent >> terry: thank you, sal. we have cloudy skies, breeze. not too bad. it is picking up, going to crank up by this evening. rain is to the north. it's no not making it yet. i'm sure there are reports somebody will write me. feels like rain is in the air. it is in the air, but not there yet. two systems. one will be friday. the second will be sunday. that's a colder system. it's also a fast mover. the main impact will be from the very slow-moving system which will be here late tonight, tomorrow. i have to cough. man, i hate this. north bay flash-flood watch, wind advisory gusts 50, 60 miles per hour. that'd be tomorrow. we're just waiting for everything to roll in here. still on its way. i think it's going to slow
5:50 am
down. this may be -- the problem is it may take a while to get to some areas. where it does set up, it may rain and rain and rain. that's the probable. 40s and 50s, but lows are up for most. a lot of 50s. winds are 55. that's really mild. 53 in hillsburg. where is that breeze? southeast, showing heyward's in there. it's on its way. that's the direction, south, southeast as the system gets closer. rain could be really heavy, especially well to the north. humbold and trinity county could see well over a foot. our system -- there's a couple little waves developing, couple little disturbances. also intensify. we have a system coming in tonight, friday. kind of carry over early saturday. we're going to break sunday into monday. that will be the colder, system. 55 down in san diego. a lot of cloud coverage
5:51 am
rolling. by later this afternoon, this evening, cloudy, breezy, 60s, mild. could juice up the atmosphere a bit, get rain to the north bay. rain by this evening, heavy rain friday, and windy as well. some of the rainfall dramatics are just hard to believe. 6 to 12 for the north bay, far less to the south bay. may be friday night into early saturday by the time it arrives. humbold trinity county over the next 5 days, 18 inches of rain is forecast. 12 around ukaya, santa rosa 10 to 12. so for some it's going to be just double unbelievable. today is not that day unless you're up in the north, cloudy, breezy, continued mild on these temps. 60s. we should be about 58 to 62. really warm system. this is a very warm system
5:52 am
coming in. . 5:52. helping college students pay attention in class. . the one incentive they need, money. >> plus a rise in the number of stranded sea lion -- why veterinarians say the mothers, they're abandoning their young.
5:53 am
5:54 am
5:55 am
a big increase in the number of sick sea lion pups separated from their mothers. already this year, the rehab center received more than a hundred sea lions in need of care. last january, there were ten. scientists say the ocean water is 6 degrees warmer than usual that may be pushing the fish further out to sea, making it harder for sea lion mothers to find food and nurse their young. >> this is a huge strain on our resources, on our volunteers, and financially we are not prepared for something like this to happen. >> the marine mammal center says they've had to put off scheduled maintenance and repairs just to buy food and medicine for these
5:56 am
poms. if you want to help out, go to their web site, and make a donation. the long-time home of the san francisco giants and 49ers will soon be nothing more than a pile of rubble. demolition work is now underway at candlestick, and it is coming down piece by piece. we got a closeup look yesterday. that is the last time these cameras will be inside before demolition ramps up to the next stage a. few markers remain like the names of 49er great on the stadium's rims. there it developer lanar is taking the slow meticulous dismantling process. it is scrapping its plans to implode the stadium after neighbors raised concerns about dust. >> we kind of gravitated a little more away from wrecking balls, because that's more widespread demolition. this is more precision demolition. you'll be using different cutters and hammers that are attached to the excaw investigators. >> one question that remains, what happens to the patron saint of candlestick park. the city is scrambling to find
5:57 am
a new home for the statue of saint francis. the city said it will be for now. it will be taken to a secure storage site all right. time is 5:57. a search going for three people who robbed a tiffany's store. coming up in our 6:00 hour, the surveillance video police hope will track him down. the online vote that ends in just a few minutes from now. >> good morning. we are looking at a commute that is wrapping up a little bit in some areas. you can see it here. looks pretty good heading south. fog not an issue. just one report. that's livermore. the rain will be an issue shoe tonight, tomorrow. i'll have updates on totals coming up.
5:58 am
5:59 am
the legal cause being proposed today to make
6:00 am
sure fires like this never happen again. mornings on two continues. >> this is mornings on two. >> good morning. thank you for joining us today. we are live in napa this morning where a big storm is expected to hit the area later today. coming up tara moriarty is. there she's going to have more on cities around the bay scrambling to prepare. got to dig out the umbrella, dust it off. my daughter's hoping to


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