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tv   Right This Minute  FOX  February 5, 2015 9:00am-9:31am PST

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>> a carjacker strikes after a woman -- >> leaves the keys in the ignition. >> the crazy scene when she and her dog go after the bad guys. do you want it? >> when a customer gets madder and madder. >> she gets louder and louder. >> what it was that fried her patty. >> [ bleep ] i want my money! >> she's not lovin' it. ♪ had to get a job but i can remember dissecting a frog♪ >> a fusic video with a message. >> don't stay in school. >> what the sojng writer's saying
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and having an internet hit. >> freakin' cool. >> the buzzword to have your shot at ipad mini. a don't cheat learns a lesson and a workout trick with a water gotle. >> what she going to do. >> why it's something you probably can't. >> my goodness! >> wow! this is possibly the worst thing that can happen to you, the day you're about to sell your car. >> oh no. >> nikki, owner of the car, pulled up to her mom's house to run a quick errand. leaves keys in the ignition car running, goes inside. >> i know what's going to happen. see it as an opportunity. >> target of opportunity, you know? turn the keys off and lock the door. >> the 25-year-old man that's just down the street notices that the vehicle has been left unattended takes the opportunity to jump in the car, closes the door but nikki spots what's going on rushes over to try to stop him, opens the door
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jumps into the driver's side to try to fight him. unfortunately that was a really bad idea because she ends up getting dragged by this guy. her dog ends up chasing after them. >> oh oh! >> she does eventually let go. other drivers see her, stop two tie to help. the crazy thing you see the driver then turn back around and swerve around her to get away. the victim did suffer some injuries. fortunately the guy was caught. >> oh good. >> he was caught. he was arrested and will be facing charges. >> any idea if the car was damaged? >> they did recover the car and it's undergoing investigations. >> it seems like people would have figured it out by now, if you start behaving badly in public it's going to end up in line. that's what happened in this mick donald's. >> [ bleep ] i didn't order fries i ordered ice cream. i didn't order those. >> she's not lovin' it. >> it's mcdonald's, you can't
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have it your way there. this woman is yelling, i ordered ice cream, i didn't order french fries. >> now she wants a full refund. >> by the time i waiting on fries and i didn't order them. you talk to me like i was [ bleep ]. >> that's rude. delaying everybody else now. >> she's calling him names, saying they're dumb and she gets louder and louder. >> this is when you ask her to leave. >> give me my money. i paid with a [ bleep ] card. hurry the [ bleep ]. [ bleep ]. >> she needs to put on the ronald mcdonald shoes and walk out of there. >> having a [ bleep ]. which one you want me to -- >> whichever one. >> i want it back on my card. [ bleep ]. here! read the receipt! >> she needs a happy meal. >> right. >> brings happiness to her life. she's having a bad day. >> watch this after she gets
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her refund even that's not good enough. apparently the refund is 40 cents off. >> i want my money! >> got to be a joke. this is way off the charts. >> no it's not a joke. she just gets louder makes more noise, more nois finally a guy ces upeshe situation and gets the brunt end of the stick. >> feel like i'm listening to a samuel l. jackson supercut. >> only thing missing is a snake. >> biggest overreaction in history. >> ever. >> can't wait for the auto tunes version. >> what you're looking at are some of the people working for the david shelldric wildlife trust in kenrick. there is a young bull elephant appears to be orphaned. >> we followed it yesterday and again picked it up this morning. decided that it's an orphan elephant it doesn't have a mother.
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>> there is a passing herd but the elephant doesn't seem to be integrated. >> story line of a disney movie. >> rescuing him is going to be tricky. there's a female elephant in the distance. she's the only one that seems to be concerned about the baby. but they realize, she's not old enough to be the mother. there's the baby elephant. what they have to do is position their range rover in a way where the female doesn't charge them when they try to rescue the baby. here they are, they've gotten to him, but he's still weak. he didn't put up much of a fight. >> looks so skinny. you can see instantly. >> hadn't had milk for a while. a 15-month-old elephant. it needs mother's milk. being flown on a plane to nairobi. they take care of orphaned elephants. once he gets to the pen, he's going to be okay. >> going to be confused. >> thank goodness they got to him. >> clearly going to die. >> they've got an i.v. hydrate him. he's got a friend already by the
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fence, hey fellow. >> look he waves back with his trunk. >> there he h other elephants and going out into the bush. they named him boro mo dr. co. >> they take care of numerous elephant as ban donned and they need donations. the sad news poachers had been spotted in the area and they think that may be what happened to his mot hey, everybody, it's just about time for us give away another ipad mini. >> enter, you need thursday's buzzword be at least 18 years of age or older and a legal u.s. resident. >> thursday's buzzword coming up in a little bit. >> keep watching everybody, for the "right thi water skiing is fun, ice skating is fun, ski skiing is fun. but water skating, ski skeeting
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as they intrented in russia. pretty cool actually. i big, frozen lake got his skis on his poles and starts going out on the lake. once he gets a little bit of speed up looks down you can see the reflection with the gopro and see down to the bottom of the lake. >> beaut as he gets closer this is the most well-timed one. as he passed his buddy, over the broken area. >> i was going to say, how can you tell if it's frozen enough? >> butting looking if you fall into the lake in frozen water, do it next to a guy who's got a pole to help drag you out. he's really lucky. a nice day out until something went wrong. if you have something go wrong, make sure your buddy's standing right next to you. >> and get it . a wild elk minding his own
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the poster of the video says this is an elk viewing area in oregon. >> how can the elk know? >> that's an excellent point. >> no they don't know. remember these are wild animals and that's a gigantic el welcome and he's on the other side of the fence. >> yeah. >> awfully close to the young boy in the number two jersey. >> pretty chill, grazing. >> that's the wild part of wild animal. unpredictable. >> exactly why this woman, tina john posted the video to remind everybody, yeah they are wild
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animals because watch what happens. >> really really? >> don't. >> you're going to hand-feed this thousand-pound animal. >> going to try. but the elk notices the boy's getting awfully close. >> oh. >> really lucky the elk gave a warning. all he had to do give another ten inches and it would have hurt. >> in the next video, from a zoo in russia we've got little shooty. a penguin born in captivity. and the lovely folks have been taking care of little shooty since he was born. now it's time for shooty to become a man penguin. >> oh. >> wait. >> no when you're a penguin, becoming a man means learning to swim. >> oh. >> oh. >> one of those cases where you have to go whoo! >> that's what she does. but shooty's not having it. >> it's cold it's cold it's cold. >> exactly what my kids did. >> acts more like a cat than a penguin. >> can't wait to get out of the water. >> finally gets in and starts realizing that well i can
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swim. >> crazy scared flapping his wings and moving around the pool like a motor boat. >> not got the gracefulness of a penguin. >> at all, no. >> and at the end we see him get out of the pool. he feels maybe successful. there are other penguins they come out to judge him. and they walk away. >> fair to say that pretty much any music you listen to has a message. this one is quite interesting. the message, don't stay in scho. ♪ i wasn't taught how to get a job but i can remember ♪ ♪ dissecting a frog i wasn't paytaught how to pay tax♪ >> a popular musician and blogger online. done a lot of different videos. this one millions of hits on face back and continues to grow. ♪ a lesson on current events instead studied the old american west♪ >> never more passionate about
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writing a song than when doing this one. ♪ i was not taught the laws for the country i live in but i know how henry viii killed women♪ >> the message of don't stay in school david brown joins us "right this minute" from telford, united kingdom. david, this really caught fire online for you. tell me why you think it went to viral so fast. >> i think it's caught on fire partly because i used the really don't stay in school if i'm honest and partly because the message is something that you said everyone can feel. just to clarify, don't stay in school the last two lines say it's referring to the subject, not the student. i'm not advocating for kids to drop out. it's just more there is a bad prioritization of syllabus. a bad prioritization of syllabus would have been a bad title ♪ i don't know squat
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about trading stocks or ♪ ♪ how money works at all where does it come from ♪ ♪ how does it♪ >> you're actually generating the debate that you have a passion for. >> frickin' cool. this is exactly what i hoped for but never could imagine april lot of different directions everybody involved could get together and go. for a start, i could start making videos on youtube channel, educating people on things they missed. that is something we can do to fix that. a lot of young people seemed excited about that idea which shows you that people do care about learning it's just that they want to learn practical useful stuff. >>. ♪ they say it's not the kids parents are the problems if you taught the kids ♪ ♪ to parent♪ >> i've heard from both sides. the majority on the side of don't stay in school, hashtag, not the cot of people dropping out, get frustrated they have to teach kids pointless things and teach for the test as opposed to for life
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♪ tell everyone my childhood was wasted how i was ♪ ♪ educated and insist how point also things ♪ ♪ don't stay in school♪ >> a weapon you can make in your garage a leaf blower that blows wiffle balls. need a leaf ball. >> got that. >> 2, 3 inch pvc piping a low heeled elbow. >> what. >> low heel elbow. two thingopenings 3 inches wide opening 2 inches wide. >> screw in two bungee cords, to keep this secure because once you put it together put one pipe in there, one pipe in the third end to the leaf blower. >> it's so cool it wasn't one of the videos cut and show the build. you just fit it together. >> one thing to do add the screw eyes. you only have to get those in to hold it down. she's using 2 x 4 that she put two nails to keep secure.
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attaches the bungee rope. did i tell you the wiffle ball goes at 50 miles per hour? >> no but -- >> cool. >> let's see how it works. >> so macgyver. >> they say this works with wiffle balls foam balls, water balloons snowballs. >> crazy. >> i've got plans for this weekend now. he was on american idle and now he's trying to inspire others with his new journey. >> i'm trying to lose weight but i'm going to enjoy doing it. >> next "rig and still to come -- taking a spin on a motorized trike. >> that's a unique way to ride. >> see what happens when drifting on three wheels goes extreme. >> that's cool. >> plus thursday's buzzword on the way. don't miss your chance to win an ipad mini next. hi. . i'i'm m hehe d kn ababouout t a a rereveversrse e momortrtgage soso i i w wanant t yoyou u toto k knonow the facts. ththerere e arare e cucurrrrenently no credit score
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why does it look so much fun? >> supertramp shot it. >> close. his team a whole team that put stuff like this up on his youtube channel. ♪ >> out on the streets here but they eventually go to blow cart. why is it called blow cart? watch, not only ride motorized drift trikes but hop on these things too. >> cool. >> that's cool. >> right? these trikes with the sails on them blow carts. that's why the video between the drift trikes and blow carts is a blast. >> someone trying to go to new zealand, when you go there there's not a lot to do just a lot of sheets. always something to do that's crazy. >> need a track like there is in the states. >> we need a track like this here. it's a well-known fact that
9:22 am
children on thein this video definitely real. you see this? this little girl she's not even 2 years old watching the budweiser commercial the puppy getting lost. the puppy, best friends with the ho >> oh no oh no! how does she know? how does she know what's happening? >> she just . >> she can't handle it. it's too much to handle. >> speaking of handling this little girl lola having trouble handling her spoon. she's learning how to eat with a spoon. she's eating humus and the humus is winning. i don't know if you saw that enjoying eating humus with her finger out of the spoon but causes the spoon to fling humus on her face. >> and it's just enough to be
9:23 am
the pain in the eyeball. but she just keeps on trying though. she's not givi all right, everybody. it's time to give away an ipad mini. >> enter, you need the buzzword be at least 18 years of age or older and a legal u.s. resident. >> then head over to, click on the win ipad button. enter buzzword on twitter, facebook or both. enter on each every day. >> all right. it's time for us reveal thursday's buzzword. ready? >> ready. >> it is cartoon. >> now, get on over to, click on the win ipad button and enter thursday's buzzword, cartoon. >> and get this one day later next week we have bonus giveaway day. that means two winners. one will get an ipad mini the other a flat screen tv. you're just going to have to watch one girl a punching bag -- >> you can see there's a water bottle on top. what's she going to do? >> the connect with a surprise
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ery inappropriate. >> this is for science. this is miss california 2013 olivia marie garcia. a water bottle on top. what's she going to do. >> kick it off. >> kick the entire bag out from the water gotle and catch it. >> you are close and you are close. a combination of the two.
9:27 am
>> oh. >> my good's. >> way better than what i was expecting. >> by kicking the bag, it throws the water bottle in the air and does a spin kick just incredible. >> wow. >> wow, wow, wow, wow! >> the only thing. >> the only thing. teach me how to do this you are awesome. >> you would separate your spinal cord if you tried that. >> there's a saying out there, white men can't jump. you know what? it is kind of true but we can find ways to cheat like this guy. he's there, got his basketball. he's got a park bench and he's pulled it all the way up to the hoop. how well do you think it's going to go? >> not well. goes up, boom. >> wow. wow, wow. >> didn't jump off. he ran off the end of it. >> yeah. peculiar move. throws the ball up goes flying up grabs on to it loses his grip, and that's going to hurt in the morning. >> oh. i feel bad for him. might want to pick another
9:28 am
[ laughter ] >> that's it for "right this minute." er
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one, two, three! >> it's a racing video of dudes looking for street cred. >> they've got a dodge cap.
9:30 am
>> see how a state trooper took joy out of the joy ride. guys trying to see what's under the shells. >> watch this. >> the moment he finds what he's look >> yes, pretty soft. >> whoa. >> discovery has hit pay dearthirt. >> with gold rush. >> todd hoffman talks about striking a vein and nerve with viewers. >> we and fans that just show


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