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tv   Right This Minute  FOX  February 6, 2015 3:30pm-4:01pm PST

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one, two, three! >> it's a racing video of dudes looking for street cred. >> they've got a dodge cap. >> see how a state trooper took joy out of the joy ride. guys trying to see what's under the shells. >> watch this. >> the moment he finds what he's look >> yes, pretty soft. >> whoa. >> discovery has hit pay dearthirt. >> with gold rush. >> todd hoffman talks about striking a vein and nerve with viewers. >> we and fans that just show up
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ready to foego to work. >> the buzzword for your chance to win a new ipad mini. see what's making baby analina laugh. and the great hoverboard prank. >> you love it. >> how it's getting a rise in more ways than one. >> did you bre it? >> you broke it man. s. now how am i going to get home i'm not saying this is exclusively a male thing but when you get a v-8 and connect to a man it seems it wants to go quicker because we are children. just like him. this video, these guys in texas, they've got a dodge helcat, 6.2 liter v-8 stock car. >> see that next to his guy. he has a very quick car from japan. they start, well on the open road. outrageous. >> one, two,
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>> really? >> yeah. >> gtr is superquick and known for launch control and known for its acceleration. >> plus the point in the video, they posted it a stock car taking out a tuned-up gtr and winning. guys go for another. >> one, two, thr! >> they are beating all comers in this challenger. >> but they're not being dummy, they're being responsible. >> well-timed, christian. >> oh! >> it's the texas state trooper hooshg hiy patrol. for a second they think of running but don't mess with texas, ladies and gentlemen. you're busted. watch this. this guy gets them all to pull over. he's got his own dodge charger, state of texas they've got cool cop cars. pull everybody over.
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he's over. get the gtr over a mustang over everybody's got a lot of explaining to do. >> yep. >> that's cool. >> perfectly-timed cop car. [ sirens ] >> check out this dude. there are a bunch of people hanging out, waiting to see what the heck is under there. watch this. >> that snake, it is the world's second most venomous snake and it just jumped out of there as everyone else around him is freaking out, he throws it in. >> what is it? what type of snake, i have to know. >> eastern brown snake. >> eastern brown snake, and it can kill you? >> kill you quick. >> it's tiny. >> it doesn't sound deadly. >> right. >> eastern brown snake. >> doesn't have a cool name like viper or cobra.
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>> he did end up releasing the snake into the wild like he does with every other snake it sounds like that he catches. to calm your fees of snakes here's a cute little fox. >> good morning. good morning. did i wake you up? >> love foxes. >> look at him. >> my god, so cute. >> yep. >> he needs a hat. >> apparently this fox lives in arkansas where you apparently don't need a permit to have a dash cam, we did not color the video like this. it's posted like this. kind of purplish-hue doesn't seem to make the day any
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brighter. slushy material in the middle of the road. hang the wheel off into that slippery stuff and this is >> oh! >> on the other side of the road it looks like somebody just got a little caught up in the slippery stuff. that pulled the car across the road and into oncoming traffic, smashes into the suv in front of the dash cam and then the dash cam rear ends that. love the road rage videos we see. typically of men. this one, though a female driving this audi right here you see a group of guys standing in front of her car. i believe it's one of those groups of people that tries to put stickers on people's cars to tell them they're driving poorly or parking poorly. the lady driving this audi rolls over one of the guy's feet there and takes a few of the other guys for a ride. looks look their tactics are aggressive. watch what happens when she gets
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fed up and out of her car. >> [ bleep ]. >> just missed. >> uh-oh. oh. >> he is furious and starts kicking, but up and down the street. >> a great kick. only to the level of the gentleman region. >> yep. >> oh wow. >> she's throwing and landing punches. it does look like a couple of people trying to calm her down. there, right there, that big red and white sticker on the windshield leads me to believe this is one of those groups that tries to call people out publicly humiliate them. >> seen them before go out, bad parkers, people breaking the rules and, yeah try to shame them to hope them stop. >> after the police show up, she's tryi to drive away and these guys are still trying to sit on the hood of. hey, everybody, it's just about time for us give away another ipad mini. >> to enter, you need thursday's buzzword be at least 18 years
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of age or older and a legal u.s. resident. >> thursday's buzzword coming up in a bit. >> keep watching for the "right this minute"iv i want you guys to guess what's behind the big plume of sn. >> avalanche. >> more . >> it's a train. >> it is a train. >> no way! >> it is a train. go back to the beginning of the video. you can actually see the lead car of the train going through the snow. for something where it's a train going by it's incredible video. >> amazing. >> this is in salisbury, new brunswick canada. >> how is this possible? >> these trains are designed to do this. >> they've had three major blizzards in the last week. you have to have trains built for >> oh! >> what is it like to be the train driver? i'm like now i drive through massive puddles all the time for the big splash. this is like the ultimate vehicle. here it comes, here it comes. >> the best day of work ever for this engineer.
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>> just an incredible video of how powerful that train is. buthen that blizzard also family in new brunswick. this is daniel macleod, standing on a chair. dad wants outside. will he make the snow come in the house? let's see if daniel's successful. >> just got to dive that's the only way. yeah! >> only a few drops of snow make. but now wait. cassidy's turn. cassidy is his daughter. >> you blew it! >> collapses under her weight. mom stops laughing because she's the one left to clean it all up. >> oh, no! >> hitting the slopes for some amazing speed riding. >> can you do this with a small parachute and a little hop? >> where's the bunny slope. >> why this is a sport to leave to the professionals.
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another sport all three of us wish we could do, speed this is in france. harnessed into the can poe pis, start skiing down the slope just until they are able to pick up air and go flying for the rest ♪ >> look at him do some rolls and everything. >> what? >> they start flipping around spiraling up there. it is awesome. all controlled obviously, making it look supereasy. >> do you think it's like a beginner version o? do you have to be an extreme athlete to even try this or can you do this you know with a
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small parachute, just a hop? >> where's the bunny slope for this in. >> yes. >> where do you get into this? >> you have to know how to be a really good skier and be an expert paraglider and then put it >> that was -- you come down from hundreds of feet, touchdown, take of >> there is gold in those tv ratings, discovery has hit pay dirt with a show called gold rush. >> biting off more than this dozer can do but don't have time you know? >> here we've got clips of the crew working in the yukon territory. the whole idea of gold mining for these guys to keep all of this heavy equipment and expensive equipment working to mine that pay dirt to feed the machine, to find goal. we've got todd and his buddy
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dave working two bulldozers at the same time. their goal about a million bucks what they're aiming for to mine. but it's hard to mine when your huge dozers get bogged down. >> whoa! >> easy. >> now what do you do? to tell us what happens when you sing a bulldozer and slow things down joining us todd hoffman. what did you do to get this out and continue mining all of the gold? >> when you get a machine that weighs almost 100,000 pounds stuck in the mud, it's actually kind of scary and it takes a lot of horsepower. you know what? i was amazed for a city boy in a nice sweater, how much you knew about mining. what's the deal buddy? >> i watched the shows, as does everybody in the country. "gold rush" a monster hit for discovery. >> don't kha ab but we're up there trying to get as much gold as we can. we're just really a bunch of
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hard-working guys grinding it out. hopefully it pays off in the end. >> why do you think so many are addicted to the show? is it the gold? is it you guys? interactions? why do you think so many love the show. >> we drew 30% of the united kingdom. we have fans that show up ready to go to work you know? i can't tell you. it's probably the gold. but you know what and in ever man's heart, you know there's a little piece of him like a treasure hunter. i think that might be the attraction. >> which is more lucrative, gold miner or tv star? in people say, hey, what's it like to be a celebrity? i'm like i'm a little offended because you know i leave that to other weirdos down there in l.a. let those guys handle than i'm from frickin' sandy, oregon. don't call me a celebrity. >> how close to reaching your 1,000-ounce goal of gold. >> i'm 500 ounces in the season. the remainder of the season's
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tatargrgetets s dadandndruruffff wiwipipingng o outut flflakakes and itch. selsunun b blulue.e. frfreeeedodom m frfromom d danandrdruff. babies are incredibly fun but very unpredictable, proven by the first video. >> mama did crack. >> oh. >> yep. straight to the point, 2-year-old julian 'fessing up to dad that mama's done some ♪ >> did crack. >> then asks -- >> did crack. >> i don't get crack. >> but then it gets deeper . >> i did crack. >> oh no he's ratting himself out. >> yes. >> quacks like a duck. >> or maybe just means a cracker. >> maybe. >> and doesn't finish the "er" at the end. >> i did crack. >> wow. >> ts slidvideo submitted by our bay area fan nina. her daughter analina and a
3:50 pm
thinks that the newspaper is hysterical. [ laught >> there is nothing better than a baby laugh. >> infectious. the video's two minutes swlong it's all analina just cracking up. >> what is it that makes this child laugh? he's sitting on a little pile of leaves. >> and it's just as hilarious. >> think about it this way, imagine sitting in leaves for the first time as opposed to now, leaves first time dude there's a pile of leaves, it's incredible! >> there are some people throughout that claim that i speak the speed of light but courtesy of the new scientists
3:51 pm
we can prove that i don't. first time they've caught laser light on camera see the laser on the right-hand side a super high speed camera shooting in point one of a billionth of a second. shoot the laser across and bounce it off of two mirrors. you can actually see light travel across space. >> okay. that is cool. >> just over 5 nanoseconds for the light to go -- to bounce off the mirror because we talk about the speed of light. it's something we can't imagine. >> yeah. >> you can now slow it down almost to catch the fog across space, fascinating to me. >> well done to the person who invented the camera. >> right. >> i want to see something in relation to it you know what i mean? >> i've got something to help you out. my hero finally join me nick. on this video, what's happening right now is we are riding on a photon of light as it leaves the
3:52 pm
sun and gives you an idea of how massive our solar system is. as it starts counting down we've left the sun already, it takes three minutes and 14 seconds before we past mercury, six minutes before we get close to venus and thinking about earth, where we live and the sun, 8:20 before that light even passes earth. the video goes for 45 minutes all the way to jupiter. the most fascinating thing, part of it for me when you pass earth and then we get to mars at the speed of light it took almost four minutes to go from earth to mars and nasa's trying to send human bein. all right, everybody, it's time for us to give away an ipad mini. >> enter, you need the buzzword be at least 18 years of age or older and a legal u.s. resident. >> then head over to, click on the win ipad button. >> enter the buzzword on
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twitter, facebook or both. you can enter on each every day. >> all right. it's time for us reveal thursday. buzzword. ready? >> ready. >> it is cartoon. >> get over to, click on the win ipad button and enter thursday's buzzword. cartoon. c-a-r-t-o-o--n. >> and get this one day later next week, we have bonus giveaway day. two winners, one will get an ipad mini the other a flat screen tv. you're going to have to watch every single day. a prankster's going to pull a levitation trick. >> but do it with a hoverboard. >> see how people react to his magical lift-o. >> hey. didiscscovoverer b brorookoksisidede and discover an excicititingng cocombmbination of tastes. ririchch, , dadarkrk c chohococolalatete cocovering soft centers. flflavavororeded w witithh exexototicic f fruit juices. itit''s s chchococololatate e anand d frfruiuit t flavors lilikeke y youou''veve n neveverer exexperienced before. didiscscovoverer b brorookoksisidede..
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there. >> sad a recycling plant is causing the it's a simple prank, it's a great prank, a classic prank and it's going to stick around until somebody figures out how to do it for real. >> i in front of
3:57 pm
people using my hoverboard. >> the hoverboard is back courtesy of the magic on youtube. he's going to use magician's levitation trick but do it with a hoverboard. >> dressed the part. >> can you help me out real quick? trying to test my hoverboard. have you ever? >> no. >> the guy's reaction gets better. he can only get out. >> how high did i get? >> how high? how high am i? >> exactly. >> ask him, do you want to have a go? >> no. >> sure? >> no man. i don't have any magical fairy dust laying around. >> i think he might, actually. >> i don't need to see any more of the video. that was classic. >> i feel like so many are wanting it to be true. seem so happy. >> the reaction just like -- >> ready? >> all right. >> this guy's great because i feel like a "back to the future" fans his dreams come true. >> do it again. >> can i do it again?
3:58 pm
i can -- i can try. >> and then the last one, she's hilarious. >> tell me how high i get. >> no i'm nervous. >> no tell me. ready? >> we've been concerned how high he's getting. >> she's got a similar concern. >> she really -- >> >> marty mcfly. >> that's our show. thanks so much for joining us. we'll see you for the next edition of "ri"
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flo: hey, big guy. i heard you lost a close one today. look, jamie, maybe we weren't the lowest rate this time. but when you show people their progressive direct rate and our competitors' rates you can't win them all. the important part is, you helped them save. thanks, flo. okay, let's go get you an ice cream cone, champ. with sprinkles? sprinkles are for winners. i understand.
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fo i'm meteorologist bill martin. it has been raining all day. flood advisory. the rain continues to fall. like radar. you see the showers moving through the area. we have had two wavings. the second wave and it is significant rainfall and especially coming on shore here by half-moon bay. the motion of the cells is like this. right? so this whole area moving through santa rosa and fairfield. getting heavy showers down in the san jose area and going to the north bay and san jose and this is significant rain and afternoon commute is


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