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tv   KTVU Morning News Early Edition  FOX  February 23, 2015 5:00am-6:01am PST

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vega will have more coming up in a moment. she's been talking with investigators and we're going to check in with her in about two minutes. it's monday, february 23rd i'm pam cook. >> already busy this time of the morning. >> february seems to be flying by. >> good morning, i'm dave clark. let's talk about weather and traffic. steve paulson knows your forecast. >> rather breezy. it's windy out there today. today sunny and breezy. a few clouds off to the east and also the south. we are just too much on the northern edge of this. that means we will get the breeze but not much else. that wouldn't be gone until late saturday or sunday. the system is hack is sell rating out. although it's on the backside. but heading to flag staff,
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phoenix, annuity san. there will be activity down there. for us 50s on the temps. they are ready to drop. they just can't right now because there is too much of a breeze gusting over 20 for many and 30 for others. and with that high pressure here, low pressure there. it will be a breezy and blustery day. wind advisory north and east bay hills. that north wind as long as it holds can be warm today. a lot of 60s and if oakland maintains a north, northeast breeze they will be in the 70s. here he is mr. sal castaneda. we are looking at a commute where traffic is off to a deep start. it's moving along very nicely if you are driving on westbound bay bridge. coming up there is a little bit of a backup here but nothing much as you drive into the city. taking about ten minutes and 10-
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15 minutes for the entire trip. also looking at a commute where traffic on interstate 880 is look good. it's nice looking drive. san mateo bridge traffic also looks good. we've been looking at the bay area bridges. the richmond bridge getting into marin county right now. still looks very nice. and there have been no major problems. there were a couple of construction areas out there. the traffic continues to look good. now at 5:02, let's go back to the desk. fire crews and police are busy this morning in campbell. firefighters have put out three fires all inside burning cars. janine de la vega is joining us from campbell. >> reporter: we are here in a neighborhood. the fire scout but a battalion chief told me that they believe this is suspicious so an arson
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investigator has been called out to the scene. it was three cars that was on fire. now let's go to video we shot earlier. you can see it was smoking but when firefighters first arrived all three of these cars were on fire. one of the questions i did ask this battalion chief was did the fire start with one car and spread to two other ifs he said no, they were all on fire. they aring look to see if these were all purposedly set on fire. this happened at 4:30 this morning. there is no businesses in the area that are open. that is very early in the morning. nobody was around. nobody near their cars. that is why they think this is suspicious. when they pulled up the police officer said it sounded like a bunch of explosions. one of the person that heard the explosions is a resident that lives nearby and his name
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is terry glasco. tell me what you heard. you were sleeping. >> yes. in the middle of the night i woke up to hearing sounds like gunshots banging outside. and i happen to look -- i heard horns after that. three horns going off. i looked out the window and the blazes were coming up like someone sat all the cars on fire. i hear everything in the middle of the night it's so quiet. and all of a sudden i look and filmed it on my phone. i was hiding down in my room because i thought they were going to explode. and i heard all the ambulance i mean the fire cops and the trucks coming. >> i assume you want answers. >> well yeah. it's kind of odd. i heard those -- it sounded like something banging or breaking at the time. and then the mornings went off. and then i looked up and it was literally big blaze of fire. i believe someone started that. i didn't see anything.
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>> thank you so much with speaking with me. i did see it you know lots of big flames there. we'll try top get that for you in the next hour for the morning news. back to you guys. >> thank you janine for that. also developing news out of santa rosa where police have quarantined off a section of the parking lot near kaiser hospital following a stand off. ktvu tara moriarty has been following the story and here's what we know so far. one person is dead. another has been taken to the hospital. we are looking at video of some of what happened out there. sonoma county sheriffs deputies pulled over a pickup truck at 2:00 this morning after receiving word that some armed men were inside and possibly connected to a home invasion robbery. the driver jumped out, said he was just giving two men a ride to the hospital because they were wounded.
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he claimed motto know them. deputies told the two men to get out of the truck and they refused. the stand off lasted about a half an hour. deputies lobbed in tear gas into the truck when they finally pulled both men out, one man had died. the other was taken to the trauma unit. again we are continuing to follow this story. we will bring you new information as soon as they become available. stole a money box with $600 in it. the girls wrote down the suspects license plate number and called police. the police were able to track him down and return the box of money. the police also bought some cookies from the girls. the girl scouts are raising money for water a conservation project. the coast guard performed
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several rescues out on the bay because of windy weather and choppy waters. among those rescued six people on a canoe after krisy field. they did not know about a small craft advisory that was posted. >> the water swamped the boat. we couldn't bail faster than the water was coming in. we weren't able to get the boat afloat. >> that is cold water. the coast guard says the group likely survived because they did stay together and they held on to the canoe. crews also rescued two people on board of a 15-foot sailboat that tipped near tiburon. security is tightened after a new terror threat. over the weekend video released by the terror group called for a toxin shopping malls in the united states, canada, and britain.
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it killed more than 60 people. the homeland security secretary says the call to action video shows their tactics are changing. >> this latest statement reflects the new phase we've evolved to in the global terror threat. in that you have groups such as elisha bob publicly calling for independent actors in their homelands to carry out attacks. here in the bay area there are westfield malls in san francisco, san jose, and santa clara. now in this video the group is claiming the weapons seized from the base includes assault rifles, armored personnel carriers, and a humvee. the video comes as the u.s. is
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getting ready to assist in an iraqi led mission. the operation could take place as soon as april. s new u.s. defense secretary met over the weekend with american military commanders in afghanistan as the obama administration reviews the timetable on troop withdraw. the u.s. is rethinking details of its mission in afghanistan including whether to slow down the draw down of u.s. troops. carter told troops the u.s. wants to make sure the afghans are able to preserve the relative security gained after america's 13 year combat mission. there are currently about 10,000 u.s. troops in afghanistan in training and support roles. our time is 5:09. it's an intersection becoming notoriously dangerous. coming up in 20 minutes we'll tell you why investigators have such a hard time determining who is at fault for a deadly crash that involved a car and
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two people that were crossing the street. >> up next the complete recap of last nights oscars and the moment that brought the entire audience to their feet leaving many in tears.
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welcome back to mornings on 2. the east bay municipal utility district is taking action against people who steal water. the district is considering adopting signs or criminal penalties for people who take water from fire hydrants or thieves that pry open meters. in december contra costa county raised the fine for stealing water from $25 to $250. people who's phone numbers start with a 415 area code have to dial one. even when calling someone within the 415 area code.
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time is 5:13. were you watching in the movie birdman won the top honors at last nights academy awards but the academy did share the love with some big prizes spread out among several movies. bob has all the highlights from hollywood's big night. >> bid man. >> bird man sored above the competition. taking the nights top prize the coveted best picture oscar. the film tied with the grand budapest hotel for biggest winner earning four awards each. >> this feels like a wild dream. >> and julian moore walked away
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with oscar gold. >> at the end of the day it's the work. being able to do work i love that has been so rewarding and this is just amazing. >> the supporting winners did not disappoint. jk simmons. and patricia included a shout out for women's equality in her acceptance speech. >> it's our timetime to have wage equality once and for all and equal rights for women in the united states of america. >> lady gaga sap a tribute to the sound of music. while glory got a tearful so ovation. >> and the academy award goes to. >> the best director award went
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to birdman alejandro who let the audience in on the secret to his success. >> good luck charm tonight i am wearing the real michael keaton tighty whiteys. [ laughter ] >> thank you, bob. you didn't see any of the major movies yet? >> you have to call me out on that. >> no because i haven't. [ laughter ] i was going to stay because i haven't either. we're both playing catch up. sal is way ahead of us. >> have you seen them? >> i've seen a few. the only way you get the full experience is if you see every single one of them. and you know which one you want to win. >> yes. >> good morning, everybody. i don't think that is going to happen. in my family there is yust not enough time. let's take a look at commute now. the traffic is not that bad if you are driving through on 101 in san francisco.
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you can see that traffic continues to look good. no major problems get into the area. traffic continues to move along very nicely. this is a look at 880 in oakland and traffic is looking very nice. if you are driving in the east bay in general 580 westbound is a little bit slow on the altamont pass. we've had some high winds. steve and i have been talking about it. chp is advising drivers about gusty winds on some of the bridges and causeways. just remember to put both hands on the steering wheel. let's bring in my good friend mr. steve paulson. >> i saw both of those films. >> you are a film guy. >> i am. >> i spend my time watching more sports. >> but i also watch more sports. >> i know. >> we do have breezy conditions for some. and we have a wind advisory until 10:00.
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a chilly morning. the air mass is very dry. the dew point is in the teens. that breeze is holding everything up. cold tomorrow morning. sunny. turn cloudy friday. maybe late friday into saturday we will get a cold rain. clear, chilly. breezy to windy. the low responsible for that is moving. it's heading up. it just went past las vegas. they had really good rain down there. there is even some of that wrap around back to yosemite. you can see a little bit around yosemite. for us we're on the northern edge. san jose is at 49.
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fairfield 49. everyone else in the 50s because of a rip roaring breeze. antioch and brentwood 48. upper 40s black hawk and dan vail. everyone is just ready to go but they didn't. 25 gusts to 33. northwest. north at mountain view. north at hayward. i think you get the idea. it should start to calm down as that low finally ejects out. a chilly 51 down in last angeles. and 36 in arcadia. yet cannot hold a candle. look at the windchills. green bay 30 below. cleveland 18. two below even in the gnatty.
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so the forecast calls for sunny but not very warm today. so a chilly morning. sunny and breezy to windy. and breeze is up to about 20 knots. the breeze keeping the temps up. cloud it up friday. it looks leak a colder rain. it does look like some. >> some. >> okay. it was 35 years ago that the most amazing upset in u.s. hockey history mapped this week.
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>> a team of american college students beat the hockey machine 4-3. this was the 1980 olympics in new york. the u.s. victory will forever be known as the miracle on ice. members of the miracle team held a special reunion in the same arena. walking back into that locker room felt like time had stood still. >> that is when i get emotional when you are thinking about the game itself. >> it hasn't changed. it's the same place it was in 1980. >> look at mike. a lot of people think that victory gave the u.s. the olympic gold medal but that only allowed the u.s. to play finland.
5:22 am
the u.s. did beat the very strong finish team 4-2 and they secured the gold medal. mixed signals over whether or not it will be business as usual at the for the of oakland today. how good news quickly fizzled and how oakland stands out in a negative way. >> police officers say they were ambushed very disturbing.
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welcome back to mornings on 2. two sheriffs deputies were shot and wounded. they were ambushed during a deadly domestic dispute. the gunman was an expolice officer. he allegedly killed his wife and another man. deputies went to the home last night near clarksville, georgia. they found a woman dead in the garage. when they went inside the home, that is when they were shot. >> they might enter the residence to see if other victims were inside. upon making entry, it appears they were ambushed. >> the gunman did get away but he was later found dead. authorities haven't said how he died or who the other man was. the two deputies that were shot are expected to survive. almost a dozen college students are being treated for an apparent drug over dose and involves the drug molly.
5:26 am
it's similar to ecstasy. the students were hospitalized over the weekend. at least two are in critical condition. university police are trying to trace the source of the drug to figure out whether the students may have received a bad batch of it. tickets to disney land even more expensive. a one-day ticket to disney land now $99 for anyone ten and older. one day ticket for children under 10 now $93. tickets to walt disney world up $105. san francisco is turning back the clock to the most famous landmarks. workers hoisted the numbers up to sell out 1915. they want the building to look like it did 100 years ago when the panama exhibition was in town. it was it will up with thousands of lights far ten month period as 19 million people came to visit that expo. there will be a ceremony to
5:27 am
turn on the lights a week from tomorrow on march 3rd and remain it will until december. time is 5:26. we are still following that developing situation in santa rosa. one man killed. it happened in the parking lot of a hospital. up next the other crime scene very close by that may be connected. >> it is a blustery morning around the bay area. especially on some of the bay area bridges. we'll tell you about the warning for commuters. >> good morning. we are looking at a commute here where traffic is getting slow in some areas as we take a live look at highway 4. we'll tell you more about that straight ahead. >> the breeze is the big story here. it's clear for us. rain in southern california. but that is moving out. but the wind will pick up for some and die down this afternoon.
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♪ everybody deserves $73 fares. because wedding season can get expensive. book your low fare now at good morning. welcome back to mornings on 2. we are live at bay bridge toll plaza. it is very windsy. alex savidge is out there. he will tell you more about the conditions outside and the problems the wind is already causing.
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it's february 23rd i'm dave clark. >> and i'm pam cook. it looks a little more crowded than usual at 5:30. windy >> indeed. there was rain until southern california. southern california had really good rain. and now move into arizona and nevada. for us it was too far north. brought up that breeze and some of the higher gusts. mt. diablo 61 miles an hour. upper 30s for some. 40s for others. it should be a blustery morning and then there is the low. today looks rather active. up in the sierra. mainly the central sierra. it looks like just south of tahoe and truckee. the lows are ready to go. what is stopping them? the breeze of.
5:32 am
now i'm not saying the lows will get there. by tomorrow morning there will be a lot of 30s. 40s for some. palo alto is in there. it is that breeze out of the north for most. gusting 20-25 to 30 for some. it's the only thing holding up the lows. some areas are not as bad as others. most of the cloud cover will stay to the south. so for us a chilly morning. 60s for many. a couple very low 70s. it looks like it's pretty active here at 5:30 in the morning. it is active. just the wind you were talking about is something that we are definitely seeing people are being warned about wind on bridges. we're looking at highway 24 or we're going to look at highway 24. this is a look at the bay bridge toll plaza. that is where we are starting. westbound bay bridge toll plaza is looking pretty good if you
5:33 am
are driving through. there are no major problems coming through there and the traffic continues to move along very nicely. as we go to interstate 880 oakland the traffic here is moving along nicely. there are no major problems as you drive through and the traffic continues to move along well. and also here at the commute northbound 101 as you drive up to the 880 interchange that traffic is moving very well. one person is dead. another has been take ton the hospital at around 2:00 this morning sheriffs deputies millioned over a truck after receiving word that some armed men were inside and possibly connected to a home invasion robbery. the driver jumped out and said he was just giving two men a ride to the hospital and that
5:34 am
he didn't know them. deputies told the other two men to get out of the truck but they refused. the stand off lasted about a half an hour until deputies threw tear gas inside. when they finally pulled both men out, one had died. the other was taken to a trauma unit. tara moriarty is following the story. we'll have more coming up at 6:00. we've been telling you how windy it is outside. several bay area bridges and the altamont pass are under a wind advisory this morning. ktvu fox 2 reporter alex savidge is joining us live now. drivers are being warned. so what does it feel like out there alex? >> reporter: it is pretty breezy out here. my advice is to keep a tight grip on the steering wheel. we are here at the bay bridge where the chp has put out a
5:35 am
small advisory. winds will be blowing anywhere from 15-20 miles an hour with gusts especially strong in the north bay mountains and the east bay hills. drivers will of course get blown around a bit on the roadways and things will be tougher for anyone who is taking a motorcycle into work. >> you have to keep a tighter grip on them. >> it depends if the wind is really blowing hard. if it is a big rig that zooms by you, you feel it. just try to keep your distance. try to keep a nice car ahead of you far enough. >> reporter: yesterday the coast guard was involved in several rescues including one near tiburon where the bolt
5:36 am
capsized. the coast guard rescued six people from a canoe that began to take on water. those folks in that case they did the right thing. they stayed near their boat and all stayed together. all of them eventually were rescued. the warning this morning with strong winds is with drivers to keep a tight grip on the steering wheel. that would include the bay bridge, the richmond san rafael bridge and the san mateo bridge. >> all right good advice. thank you. time is 5:36. security is being tightened at shopping malls around the nation after a new terror threat. brian flores is in our newsroom. >> the al qaeda ricked group is calling attacks on western malls. one of the malls says it has increased security as a precaution. over the weekend a video released by the terror group al- shabab calls for attacks on
5:37 am
shopping malls in the u.s., canada, and britain. al-shabab is blamed for the deadly attack that killed more than 60 people. the call top action video shows the tactics terror groups are changing. >> this latest statement reflects the new phase we have id to in the global terror threat. calling for independent actors in their homelands to carry out attacks. >> now in the video also the group specifically calls for attacking the mall of america in minnesota. mall officials there say they have increased security but the group also singled out westfield shopping malls. we have not heard from them this morning. here in the bay area there are westfield malls in san francisco, san jose, and santa clara.
5:38 am
but they are aware of the video and taking any precautions as necessary. dave, back to you. >> thank you. time is 5:37. two san francisco police officers convicted in a corruption scandal may find out their fate today. sentencing is set for edmond and ian. rob less could get 6-8 years in prison. safety concerns are being raised about an intersection in sunnyvale where two people were hit over the weekend. one was killed and the other is in critical condition. it happened at fair oaks avenue and wolf road. police say two women were crossing the street when they were hit by a ford focus. it's unclear who had the right of way but people we spoke to say that intersection is very
5:39 am
busy and confusing and more needs to be done to keep the people safe. >> they need to put a lot of things up there. i don't know what. it's just the way the street goes like that. >> the driver remained at the scene and is cooperating with the investigation. anyone with information is asked to call police. now this was the second deadly accident in santa clara county over the weekend. on saturday a food truck vendor died in san jose when he was hit by a drunk driver when selling food. it's still not clear if operations are back to normal at the port of oakland. on saturday dock workers were working on the backlog of cargo containers and also did the same thing part of yesterday. but that changed when it came time for the day shift to take its scheduled break. >> we were told over over the radio that if we took a unit break that we would be fired. even though that's what it says
5:40 am
to do in our contract. >> it is a bitter disappointment for the port of oakland. and this is happening at one port. the port of oakland. it's not the situation that the other 28 u.s. west coast ports. >> now the workers lost pay for the rest of their shift but they could be called back to work today. we kind of getting mixed signals about the port being opened again today. if not an arbitrator may be called in to resolve whatever issues are taking place. a day on the bay ended with a coast guard rescue. coming up at 6:00 what the coast guard says the boaters did right that helps them survive. >> the department of homeland security are out of money. what next what has to happen in the next couple of days to avoid a complete shut down. >> good morning. we are looking at a commute where traffic is going to be okay if you are drying on -- if you are driving on 24
5:41 am
westbound. >> breezy to windy and rather chilly out there. if it wasn't for that breeze it would be even colder. we do have a small craft advisory. that north, northeast breeze means it will be clear today.
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welcome back to mornings on 2. another arctic blast baring down on parts of the u.s. this monday morning. the national weather service says temperatures will be 25-30 degrees below normal. a 30-40-degree break felt nice but it quickly turned snow into slush in new york, philadelphia, bost, boston,
5:44 am
and new jersey. look at this. in the midwest ice caves have formed on the frozen waters of lake michigan. the snowy cold weather was a hot topic at the annual governors dinner. >> it looks like the weather has cleared up enough that there will not be a pajama party in the blue room tonight. >> president obama will meet, he will sit down with the governors. california governor ever not there be the discussion will if they will avoid immigration, obama care, and the budget stand off. the department of homeland security will run out of money by the end of the week unless congress can come to an
5:45 am
agreement on a standing mill. republicans say the president over stepped his authority and want a bill that excludes funding for his immigration plan. democrats are pushing for a funding bill with no restrictions. the homeland security secretary says his agency is too important to be used as a political pawn. >> we should have the debate about immigration reform. but you should not tie that to the funding to the third largest department in our government. >> the department of homeland security has funding through this friday, after that 30,000 agency jobs will be furloughed. your time is 5:45. let's get you out the door. we're already seeing a lot of cars on the road and the wind is kicking up. >> that is right. the wind on bay area bridges could be a problem. especially if you are driving a small car. chp is asking you to be very careful. we will start in the east bay.
5:46 am
traffic here on 24 westbound looks good. that is about as low as it gets. it will probably get a little busier later. its looks like it's moving along very slowly. noisome looking here and i'm just seeing if there is anything now. i don't see anything that will be slowing traffic. traffic continues to move along okay. you can see how slow it is at the toll plaza. this morning's commute in san jose is off to a decent start with slowing on northbound 101 approaching the 880 interchange. the rest of the freeways seem off to a decent start.
5:47 am
sunny and windy. a child morning. it will be cold tomorrow morning. as that wind tails off. sunny and a little warmer. increasing clouds late friday. we'll take any rain we can get at this stage. clear, chilly out there. breezy to windy. there will be a few clouds off to the east. the low is move. when it does it will take the moisture with it. high pressure to medford. for us 50s for many. 40s for some. most locations in the 50s.
5:48 am
gusts to 33 at travis. that is the only thing keeping the lows in the 40s or 50s. that is the livermore airport. and also out of the north for most locations. it will be a northerly breeze. as the low begins to move out, the breeze will tail off. 12 up in truckee 36 arcadia. yet the cold air continues to make its plunge. chicago four below. st. louis 5. atlanta 38. 48 down to new orleans. the windchill is the big factor again. 21 below in chicago. 30 below green bay. there is a good look at that system as it finally moves. it's heading off to the four corners. it will give them fits. that really won't kick in until tomorrow. today gusts 25-30 miles an hour. a few showers south. warmer weather but the lows are going to be cold next couple of
5:49 am
mornings. a chilly morning. sunny and windy at times. wind advisory north and east bay hills. by this afternoon most of the breeze should be getting to wane if you will. 60s and 70s on the temps. northerly breeze is a warm one for some. but a lot of 60s in here. and oakland can maintain a low north and northeast. everyone else 60s and cold tuesday and wednesday morning. increasing clouds from the north on friday. >> again we will take whatever. 5:49 is time right now. honoring the worst of hollywood. the movies and actors give awards ahead of the actors. >> she became the face of the right to die movement and today for the first time brit nebraska's mom will talk to dr. oz about her daughter's decision to die. and up next pam cook will talk
5:50 am
to dr. oz. about that interview and the push in california for the right no die law.
5:51 am
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welcome back to mornings on 2. it is 5:52. four months ago brittany
5:53 am
maynard became the face of death with dignity. in the wake of her death, lawmakers here in california introduced similar legislation. and today for the first time brittany's mother debbie speaks with dr. oz. about her daughter's decision and the impact it is having on ohs. and joining us now to talk about this live is dr. oz about this is conversation with brittany's mother. good morning, dr. oz. >> good morning, pam. >> it's such an intense conversation to have particularly between a mother and daughter. i can't even imagine most of us can't even imagine was this something that they made a decision as a family? or was it brittany's decision? >> it was brittany's decision. mom is very honest about that. as you mentioned it's a goal of every parent to protect your child. you never want to see that responsibility. when brittany was diagnosissed with an incurable brain tumor. one they knew they could treat
5:54 am
but could not change her life. it meant there is a freeing now. even knew what the death date was going to be. they could live that year of life. realizing their daughter would be left with dignity when she left that existence. it freed them to do things they could not have done. >> they did. we watched you know heartwarming and heartbreaking at the same time of the family going on trips and everything. was part of it a lot of people are faced with terminal illnesses but it seemed like a lot had to do with the fact that hers would be particularly painful. >> it would have been unfortunate ending. not only is it painful but you don't have your mental capacities in place. you are seizing. invisioning of a drooling incapacitated young woman finally dying because she cannot keep herself alive. instead they wanted her to be on the day she picked do upstairs and take pills. you have to be swallow to
5:55 am
prefer the functions in this assisted suicide. she needed to be able to continue to swallow. that was the key tension point. that is why people pick a date so that they know they will still be in full control of their faulties. faculties. >> they are trying to bring that here to california and other states as well. what do you think? as a doctor how do you feel about it? what are the chances of other states adopting this? >> there are five states that have adopted it. as a physician i will tell you, we do not do death well until america. you ask any nurse, doctor, anybody that works at a hospital we have the technology to do unspeakable, unthinkable things to people that wouldn't want that done unless they had control or insight into it. i think there is a national movement in the support of the right to die with dignity. i think in california there are
5:56 am
17 more states where this is pending. we should allow this to go through. the ethical debate about whether you should allow someone to take their own life. this life was taken from her. she already had her life taken from her. i think we should support people controlling her ending. for those that say it's like suicide, big difference. there are 36 hours of risk when you are about to commit suicide. if we can get past that, you realize life is worth living. in this case it's a solution to a permanent problem for which there is no other possible hope. >> all right. interesting how you said it her life was already taken from her. dr. oz thank you so much. don't forget you can watch dr. oz's interview with debbie siegler it's right here at 2:00 today. at least 12 people in san francisco they are homeless now after a weekend fire that
5:57 am
heavily damaged two buildings. take a look at this cell phone video. this is a fire at 15th and church streets. it happened saturday afternoon. firefighters went back there yesterday morning after seeing debris still smoking. the fire caused $1.4 million damage. we still don't know the cause. coming up next in our 6:00 hour we are following developing news out of the south bay. suspicious car fires in campbell. the investigation continuing right now. >> a police stand off that happened in a hospital parking lot. suspects office tried to arrest that came to a deadly end. >> we are watching the bay bridge. traffic is not that good. san mateo bridge now could be a decent alternate. we'll let you know what is going on with that bay bridge. >> a robust northerly breeze. that is giving us the breezy to
5:58 am
windy condition. could be very cold lows. check out my breakfast! i got eggs... sausage... ham... bacon... cheese... and toasted sourdough bread. uh, mine's easier. mmm... (eating sounds) do you know that guy? get a load of jack's loaded breakfast sandwich. what's on it? what's not on it? two freshly cracked eggs, ham, sausage, bacon, and cheese all on toasty sourdough made just for you. it's like a big ol' breakfast buffet right in your hand.
5:59 am
good morning. a stand off with armed men in a hospital parking lot. the two crime scenes sonoma county deputies are investigating right now. >> strong winds creating dangerous driving conditions on the roads. gork. we are live until campbell this morning. you are looking at three cars. out there in the distance a little bit. this is a movie theater parking lot and those cars were damaged
6:00 am
bring fire. arson investigators are on the scene. janine de la vega will have cell phone video of the fire and new details from a witness. thank you for joining us monday morning february 23rd i'm pam cook. enthrall good morning, i'm dave clark. let's talk about weather and traffic. the wind is part of the forecast. >> advisory until 10:00. it's rather windy out there. a pretty good breeze


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