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tv   KTVU Channel Two News at 430am  FOX  February 26, 2015 4:30am-5:01am PST

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there's some very warm air along buford and 52. winds are low 40s and also into. everything is dropping over but we have another day before our system really shows itself and digs down from british columbia and maybe a few high clouds. mostly sunny, mild to warm, especially inland there will be some patchy morning fog. 60s by the coast and bay. upper 60s and low 70s, if you're pushing 73 that will be santa rosa. steve, happy thursday. >> thank you, sir. >> friday eve, we're okay to start off this traffic report. let's go outside and take a look at the east is this shore freeway and you can see traffic is looking pretty good here as you drive from the bridge to the maccarthy base not a bad drive. we haven't had any major collisions along the stretch. get to the bay bridge toll plaza. it is a nice looking drive. it is light getting into san
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francisco. there are no major problems or no road work you have to worry about on the upper deck of bay bridge. traffic continues to look good. on the peninsula on belmont and palo alto we're off to good start. likewise for 280 north and south. 431 let's go back to the desk. >> topping the news, the fbi helping police investigate a homicide. it is the city's 1st in nearly two-and-a-half years. officers responded yesterday afternoon to a report of 2 men fighting outside a home on butter cup court in a neighborhood right off of the valley road. fox 2 reporter is there this morning and tara, neighbors must be pretty upset. >> yeah, they are. they didn't want to tell the exact location or exact address of where the killing happened.
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we do police discovered the body of amanda and then a woman still alive was taken away in critical condition. hardworking man who bought this home 16 years ago. yesterday police say a neighbor called 911 and said 2 men were fighting outside the home on butter cup. >> apparently we're in the area of the driveway near the garage and 1 man was on top of the other man when they appeared to be choking him. >> they didn't see anyone but they noticed a pistol as it turned out to be a gun. there was also a trail of blood from the trunk of the driveway and police found the woman inside with serious injuries just inside the front door. the man's body was found in the garage. neighbors show ktvu where the screen is the victim's house appeared to be ripped open then police found a black nit cap
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nearby and arrested a suspect a few blocks away. the f.b.i. had been brought in with police as of last night the woman was in critical condition. we are told that she appears to be in her 50s and suspect appears to be in his 20s. live, i'm tara back to you. >> sounds like more information will come in throughout the morning we'll check in with you in a bit. >> 433 investigators are trying to determine whether a 3 week old baby who was found dead died from an accident or foul play. the baby and his mother samantha green were reported missing by relatives on monday. the mother was found the next day crying and distraught near a waterway. search crews found the baby's body yesterday morning during a vigil last night friends of the mother urged the public to give her time to mourn. >> the negativity until it's finished. nobody can pass judgment. everybody needs to stop and tell samantha has come to terms
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with what has happened. the coroner is now working to determine the baby's cause of death. >> a worker strike at the refinery martinez is threatening the upcoming season for youth baseball league t. junior baseball league plays its game on field belonging to -- the company has blocked off the area. he says it's because of safety concerns the kids will have to cross picket lines because of the on going labor dispute. practicing on 12 different fields players must share 1 field 4 miles away in concord. >> the picketers aren't anywhere near our field. >> my team is 7 and 8 year olds to not have a backstop to play on, we can't do grounders. >> it will reopen the fields when the strike is over. the youth league season is scheduled to begin next month. there is a protest scheduled outside apple headquarters and it's a couple of hours from now. the union says it will start
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picketing at 7:00 this morning. the union is working to represent the shuttle bus driver to pick up and drop off workers at the apple campus. the drivers complained that they are forced to work split shift and they want better pay and benefits. there are also efforts to organize workers at e bay. last november the teamsters organize drivers for facebook employee shuttles. also today the federal communication commission scheduled decided if the internet should be regulated. they'll vote today on a new set of rules. the ftc is expected to approve a plan that will prohibit internet providers from slowing down or speeding up service for certain users, but the vote on the 2, whichever way the decision goes opponents are expected to appeal that issue in the court. >> a cyber security based company says health care is the new hunting ground for hackers.
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for the 4th year holding a cyber game competition among its employees from all over the world. the goal is to teach them skills that will help prevent hacking. this year the name of the contest is protecting the health care industry. the company says hackers are targeting health care because stolen medical records can be sold on the black market for 10 times more than credit card holders i mean, using your insurance to conduct and pay for that. >> well semantics hacking competition comes after cyber attack that put the medical information of millions of people at risk. >> president obama telling immigrants that he is confident in his actions on immigration will not be thrown out by a court. town hall meeting in miami yesterday, the president urged undocumented immigrants to keep planning for elise for deportation. a federal judge has blocked the
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executive actions for now that will protect 5 million undocumented immigrants from deportation, that was after a 26 state coalition led by texas filed the lawsuit claiming the president over stepped his legal authority. >> before he went to miami he met with lawyer star curry at the white house. he said they talked about basketball, golf and the president's malaria initiative. he addressed several dignitaries on the issue yesterday. he has donated to every 3-pointer he makes. the warriors also visited the pentagon in arlington national cemetery. they played of 2 of the unknown soldiers the truth was especially for david lee his grandfather is buried there. >> the san francisco 49ers will bid to host another major event led by the stadium.
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they'll host the college football championship game. if he's interested in hosting he -- we know the 1st ever championship game was held last month in texas. the stadium has hosted the pack 12 championship game. the earthquake soccer game and shark's game of course outside last weekend and preparations are underway to host super bowl l. if you haven't heard yet. >> if you haven't heard about that. >> coming up, 3 new york men trying to side with isis in 30 minutes the backup plan. the men had in place. >> june revelations in the case. once a former police chief who led the investigation is now admitting. >> we are looking at commute where traffic is doing well in many areas. already it looks good heading
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out to the high-rise. but it is hefty too. >>
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time now is 4:42, 5 girls were hospitalized after reportedly taking pills that made them sick. someone in the nurse's office called ap ambulance just after 11:00 a.m. yesterday and not knowing what type of pills the girls ingested but they are all they're expected to recover. the woman jackie spears is pushing for legislation that will require child resist accident liquid after thousands of kids have become ill after fighting into the packet. after fighting into a liquid
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detergent packet. it's popular and convenient. they can look like colorful bite size packages. it will stronger safer packaging that isn't as attractive. >> and then ultimately working to get heard, that i decided -- that i absolutely had to say what had happened to me. >> uc berkeley has come under criticism for hosting the 2 day
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. >> this conference. >> the former colorado police chief who led the investigation into the death of john benay ramsey is acknowledging they botched the initial handling 0 f the crime scene. he was found dead in the basement of her family's home back on december 26th 1996 after her mother called 911 to say her daughter was missing and ran some note had been found. in an ask me anything session. when he crashed on monday. he was not wearing a helmet.
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investigators would not release details on the crash but according to denver post he was a senior at the university of colorado in boulder beehives originally from alameda. >> well, authorities say they may never know what caused a massive 75 vehicle pile up in maine. check this out, it happened yesterday morning on the busy snowy interstate 95. northbound lanes were shutdown for nearly 4 hours while officials looked for anyone with injuries and cleared the area. >> they were walking across the top of the vehicle to try to determine, so we had vehicles that were literally just wedged together. >> one week nobody was killed in that mess. 15 people were treated in area hospitals, though, investigators are still reviewing photos and video but they had given the condition at the scene they may never find out what started. >> well, the truck driver connected to 2 is due in court
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this afternoon. 28 people were injured when that train collided with the truck that had soles on the track. the train conductor was the most seriously injured. doctors had to revive him after his heart stopped 2 different times yesterday. investigators planned to interview the train's crew member later today. ramirez's attorney said his truck got stuck on the track and ramirez jumped out as he saw the train approaching. >> united airlines has issued a safety warning to a pilot after 4 serious errors. one involved a plane less fueled than what is mandated. united says it was a brutally honest message and the incidents were also preventable. it noticed the danger of black discipline. united said every pilot must be willing to speak up. if there is a question safety. >> bikes are no longer allowed on sidewalks in san jose. a new city ordinance took effect this week found fernando, 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th street in downtown san jose.
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fines now range from $100 all the way to $1,000. now, kids 12 years old and younger and their guardians as well as of course the police officers on bike. the bicycle traffic on the sidewalk. but it does force him to write on the street and increases their risk of being hit by a car. >> time now is 447. >> yes, you have. >> we're off to a good start. >> yes, all right. yes, you're absolutely right, i mean, it's early, brian you know this. a lot of people were on the road, so, yeah, so brian has a little experience to get in this chair and we're off to a good start, there you go. out to this whole plaza and you can see for yourself that we are doing very well here, westbound coming up to take it, you know, that's why people get up early, they don't deal with a huge back up and right now the time not to deal with that
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but take a look at north and southbound, the traffic here is looking good in front of the coliseum and up to downtown oakland and no major issues. if you're driving on the biscayne freeway a little bit farther all the way down to fremont, the freeway looks good both directions between those 2 points. now for today's forecast let's go see. we're off to a good start. >> i think so. >> they're not in the nation's capitol. >> there's snow, there's a lot of snow. >> ologiment there 1,. >> area,. >> c -- construction is slow at the white house today. i'll tell you serious system, there were 3 yesterday, talked to a friend of mine who flew out of atlanta hearts field. he said man, we made it just in time. say that again lawrence, the
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capitol now. thank you. >> if you get 2 to 4 degrees in dc it shuts down. >> yeah,. >> it will clearly shutdown. so another round of snow, that's heading up to the northeast and for us another quiet day, although we had a little change for friday into saturday, more so than it is here for us. will thereby some higher clouds that are skirting right now. a lot of 40s near 50 degrees for some. 52 is how it is in san francisco francisco. very very warm, warm air along. that will translate as another nice day. 46. 50 in yields bird. any cloud cover and see what's going on and everything dropping down out of the northwest. that's not something we've had much of. most of the system has come in the west to the southwest. mostly sunny but again it won't be until friday night and saturday. mild and warm, 60s coast at the
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bay. upper 60s, low 70s. we'll go 73 santa rosa. morgan hill, 71. clouds roll in tomorrow and night, lake county or the north bay and over the entire area saturday. not a lot there will be something. there won't be a lot of cold air with that and that will translate into some snow this year. it will be cooler sunday. >> the thing about going up. it should be good and well. >> i will go through if you can on friday. >> yeah, i can. >> experts there was a cause and effect but this study is the 1 1st time that anyone has successfully recorded carbon die i don't care side on global warming. they found that green house gas emission can block the earth from reflecting the sun's
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radiant energy and in the process deflects temperatures. >> 4:50 is the time right now. thieves caught breaking into a -- and cash register. coming up in 20 minutes the other similar crash just this week that has the community on edge. >> a couple hocks the world record what they had to do to visit disney park in japan, florida and cali all in 1 day.
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welcome back to morning sun too. santa rosa police have arrested a man who they say used a ticketing mouse trap to try to spend money on the bank's deposit box. a security guard called police after he noticed a man acting suspiciously at the bank on sunday morning. when police arrived they arrested the man. they also arrested a woman who was in a nearby car using a walk yi talky to try to communicate with them. they found more traps and some stolen nails. investigators say there have been -- they have been 15 other similar cases since november in santa rosa alone. >> supporters of doctors medical center in now admit there's only a slim chance of keeping the hospital open. the board of the west health care system held a meeting last night to discuss how you shutdown the hospitals. more members say the only hope we have lift for dmp to stay
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open would be for voters approving a property tax to support the hospital. results of a boater pole on the issue won't be available next week. it was rejected last year. they're spending 1 and a half million dollars more each month than it takes. >> google is expected to unvail plans tomorrow for a major expansion of the headquarters in mountain view. they want to accommodate a growing work force. there were nearly 24,000 employees in mountain view last year. many welcomed the job that google has brought to the area. others are worried about where all the new workers will live. housing is limited. >> owners of samsung and smart tvs are having trouble connect to the internet. they can't stream video from youtube, netflix, samsung and other sites. blue ray players are having trouble connecting to the web. both companies say they're aware of the problem but they have not disclosed any details. meantime a privacy group to file a trade federal complaint
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on what is on the recording of private conversation through the smart tv with voice command. >> from smart tvs to antiques and more than a dozen have been returned to the italian government, 2 of them were found here in the bay area. take a look the homeland security office in san francisco tracked 2 missing books to a buyer who willingly turned them over to agents testimony books had been stolen from the italian historical national library agriculture. they were among 19 artifacts smuggled into the u.s. over the last few years. well, the u.s. in cuba will meet for a 2nd round of diplomatic talks tomorrow focusing on issues related to embassies. tomorrow it follows a 1st round of talks in havana last month. it will focus on the issues relating to establishing embassies in both countries, visas, access to equipment and banking. the host is to establish the embassies ahead of the summit april, which both president
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obama and cuban president castro. >> a southern california couple is looking for world record status, the doctor visits the 3 disney 3 parks. michael and diane green southern california, says this year, they decided to do something extra special, so they visited tokyo, disneyland and original disneyland and disney world in florida on the same day. i don't know how you do that, but it's only possible if they started in tokyo and moved quickly. but there was still a hitch. >> our flight in from tokyo was an hour late and we had a car service to pick us up and he did everything short of driving over sidewalks. >> well, they stayed at disneyland just long enough to get in the gate and snap a to toe and they raced to their flight to florida they made it do disney world. disney representatives say they do not know anyone who tried this. now they're waiting to hear if they certify their 7900-mile
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trip as a record. >> that was exhausting, i think. >> traveling. >> step into the gate, they were here, by. >> they did it. >> they did it. >> welcoming up in our 5:00 hour, folks a woman held captive 2 months in sonoma county and how there's words of 3 arrests. the reason the suspect went down in the sheriff's department on their own how it eventually ended with their arrest. >> when i looked out my window and i saw something moving, i said, wait, that doesn't look like. >> a case of mistaken identity when a 13-year-old teenager thought he caught on tamara and what it turned out to be. >> we're looking at 280 san jose you can see traffic is moving along pretty well as you drive right through the area. we'll tell you a little more straight ahead. >> well, coming up over the last couple of days, only at 2:30, there are all 40s and 50s. now 41 in san jose and much
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warmer, 48.
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good morning. we are in hercules this morning where police are investigating that city's first homicide in more than two years. it happened in a neighborhood. a man was killed, a woman seriously injured. we understand it took place inside a home. we'll have more on the investigation and the evidence that was found at the scene that did eventually lead to an arrest. very interesting out there. it's thursday, february 26th. i'm pam cook. >> i'm dave clark. let's talk about weather and traffic together this morning. >>


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