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tv   KTVU Morning News  FOX  March 27, 2015 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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tonight. we have more on how officer michael johnson will be honored coming up in a few minutes. though a lot of people want to take part in honoring him and his family. good morning. thank you for joining us i'm pam cook. >> good morning, i'm dave clark. let's check weather and traffic. steve paulson is talking about breezes and fog. >> the fog is back. it's really thick. sal will touch on that briefly. did my computer load? i don't think it loaded. can we take a live shot while i load that? there we go. thank you. hold on there. >> should we talk about this pretty shot? >> this is the old loading strick. >> the old loading trick. yes. >> all right there we go. some of the low clouds and fog. some of that fog is really reducing visibility. especially on the golden gate bridge. it will be cooler. still temperatures will be above average. big, big ridge of high pressure and dives down extremely cold air for march down into the
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northern plains. 40s on the temps or 50s on your temps. 20s up in the mountains. yet 70 at palm springs. the fog will make for a cooler forecast. morning fog. it will still be warm away. a lot of locations will be in the 70s but more mid 70s, upper 70s. all right sal i trust you will show that fog. it has not been a big deal when it comes to the fog. westbound bay bridge backed up for a 20-25 minute delay. if you are using the san mateo bridge, it's not that foggy. the fog is a little bit away. we saw the foggy golden gate bridge earlier. we are not showing you these
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pictures because it is very uninteresting but we know it's there. this is a look at san jose. northbound 280 looks good and so does 85. 6:01 let's go back to the desk. an alleged kidnapping in va ray hoe take -- vallejo taking another turn. police calling it a hoax but the victim and her boyfriend say it was real. tara moriarty is joining us from the home where it started. tara, the lawyers have harsh words for the police department. >> reporter: that is true. her client has been a victim twice. first by her kidnappers and police. quinn said he was in the process of putting together ransom money when huskins
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showed up. she endured hours of questioning. investigators portrayed her two days ago as a faker. notably after huskins' was supposed to fly in an fbi jet back to the bay area but failed to correspond for hours. >> when they thought that egg was going to end up on someone's face they threw it on her. there is no egg whatsoever. this is a legitimate crime. quinn said she was abducted early monday morning. quinn's attorneys said they delayed in reporting the crime. >> all we know is that our client has no responsibility for this kidnapping. and we also know that our client has gone above and beyond what any normal human being would do to try to save this one. >> reporter: quinn's attorneys say he later submitted to a
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blood test, under within hours of inter-- under went hours of interrogation. but still a lot of questions here and now everyone is wondering what vallejo police will have to say in response. live from vallejo i'm tara moriarty, back to you. >> certainly a lot of questions. thank you. 6:04 is the time. we have posted the news conference from the attorney of denise huskins on our website at you can watch more of that at the top of our home page. we are following developing news for you from davis where a five hour stand off has turned into a double homicide investigation. it all started late last night. police received a call that if once the police got inside they
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found the bodies of a man and a woman. there is no word yet of any suspects or a motive in this case. people in san jose are honoring fallen officer michael johnson tonight. two vigils will be held. ktvu fox 2 janine de la vega is joining us live in san jose with the details of those tributes tonight. good morning, janine. >> reporter: good morning, dave. one of the vigils planned for tonight will be held here on center road in front of the condo complex where the shooting happened. candles are still burning this morning for officer michael johnson. neighbors here are sad for him. they are also sad for the family of the man that shot johnson. that was a neighbor and they didn't see this coming. johnson was shot and killed tuesday night when an armed suicidal man opened fire. many of the people living there heard the gunshots and witnessed what happened.
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they are holding a candle light vail jill at 6:30 tonight. and then at 8:00 p.m. there is another -- the mayor and or they are inviting the community to to according. >> i really do believe that officer johnson would want us all to come together and to be like we used to be. where we respected our police officers and our community came together and helped them and you know reported crime when we saw it. i think he wants us to come together. >> reporter: former pro hockey player aaron nolan and his wife are arguing a raffle and silent auction for officer johnson's family on april 2nd. they want to help the family
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and relieve them. officers have told us seeing this outpouring is very much appreciated and helps them. plans far funeral are still being finalized and is expected to happen sometime next week. dave. >> all right janine, hank. as janine just told you two memorials will be held tonight. if you plan to attend either, the first one starts at 6:30 tonight on center road. the second vigil 8:00 tonight outside of san jose city hall. now we've posted information on listing some of the upcoming events remembering the life of officer johnson and there are links to where you can make a donation to officer johnson's family. a coroner's report shows during tuesday's gun battle officer johnson's partner officer doug fired the shot that killed the gunman scott
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gunman. he is a 16 year veteran of the mt.. in light of the shooting, san jose police are on heightened alert. the departments swat team they responded to a domestic disturbance call yesterday. the suspect was taken into custody. police say they have found an unregistered loaded rifle next to the suspect. shocking video from berkeley showing a community ambassador with a berkeley downtown merchants group attacking a homeless man. this happened sunday night behind an alley. the video shows the community ambassador trained to help the homeless wearing a neon green polo shirt arguing with a homeless man and pushing him several times. a second female ambassador can also be heard giving orders to another homeless man. the male ambassador has been fired. the female ambassador has been suspended. >> this guy snapped for some reason. totally inexcusable but i don't
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think it's indicative. i think we take full responsibility for it. >> no ambassador should initiate this type of interaction. >> the berkeley downtown business association now says it will do a better job of screening and training its ambassadors to make sure this doesn't happen again. stanford is the latest top school to face claims of cheating. in a letter to faculty, the university wrote that one faculty member reported academic dishonesty. now the class or professor they were not identified. stanford spokeswoman says these concerns are under review now and are not confirmed. a controversial new law in indiana allowing businesses to deny service to gay people producing some backlash in the bay area and across the country. indiana governor mike pence signed the religious freedom restoration act into law
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yesterday. business owners who don't want to serve same sex couples will have legal protections to discriminate. san francisco mayor ed lee responded to the loss. mark beniof says his company is canceling all programs that would require employees or customers to travel to indiana. beniof along with top executives from other tech companies have sent a letter to governor pence last week urging him to veto that bill. and the ncaa expressing concern over that new law. the final four actually scheduled to be played in indianapolis on april 4th. the ncaa released a statement saying the organization is deeply committed to providing an inclusive environment for all of their events. your time is 6:10. we're still learning more even as we are on the air about that man accused of crashing a passenger jet in the french alps. the reports of mental health issues and the new rules that
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more airlines are now put into place. >> but first the chp chased a man in a stolen taxi through two counties in southern california. how officers finally took a suspect into custody after several hours. >> looking at the morning commute here, you can see traffic is going to be busy at the bay bridge toll plaza. there are no major issues. we'll tell you a little bit more about this commute. >> yesterday was a record setting day. there is a lot of fog this morning. including the golden gate to the benicia bridge. 40s and 50s. san jose is 57.
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suspected taxicab thief has been arrested. it was quickly located but the driver wouldn't stop for the chp. he led them on a slow pursuit. it moved along three different freeways. finally about four hours later about 3:00 this morning the police were able to put up spike strips that blew out all four of the tires. that happened in lancaster. that is about 100 miles from when the chase started. an investigation is under
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way. it happened yesterday afternoon and you're looking at some cell phone video sent to us from that scene. the bus was heavily damaged on northbound 101. arrested a man that knocked a teenager unconscious in the parking lot of valley fair mall. 25-year-old true wynn is facing a felony battery charge. he and another man were exchanging gestures. police are also saying the attack was not game motivated. they woke up for the first time on wednesday but he is still in intensive care but stable. time is 6:15. a 13-year-old boy from martinez
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is in juvenile hall accused of stabbing a classmate at school. the seventh grader used a knife to stab a fellow student inside the boys locker room yesterday. according to authorities the victim an 11-year-old was stabbed one time in the back. he was air lifted to the hospital and is expected to be okay. investigators are looking into what led up to that stabbing. there is no incident that precipitated the act. we don't know what caused it. that is what part of the investigation was here to do. >> the boy accused in the case turned himself in to school officials. he is being held at a juvenile hall on charges of assault with a deadly weapon. the days are now numbered for the cash strapped doctor medical center after a decision by the west contra costa health
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care district. the district board voted to close the public hospital on april 21st unless a last minute turn around plan can save it. the decision comes after years of financial losses. the hospital has been open for more than 50 years. but officials blame the financial problems largely on low reimbursement rates for medical and medicaid patients. this is one of the stories of the day. high school student has been suspended for the way he asked a girl to go to the prom. yeah like the loan ranger he showed up. miguel gonzalez there road a horse on to the high school campus and asked catalina hernandez to go to the prom. but he was suspended for two
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days. saying you can't bring a horse on campus. he will be able to go to the prom. >> it sounds like they did the right thing. there has to be some rules but they are letting him go to the prom. sal. i would like to see a picture of you. did you have a big bow tie? >> at least it was a black and white tuxedo and not some other color. good morning everybody. let's take a look at what we have. by the way, if you are feel like you want to share your prom pictures, that is why god invented social media. now we are looking at the commute on the san mateo bridge. it looks pretty good.
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also looking at highway 4 bay point getting a little bit of slow traffic as you get to the willow pass grade. the traffic is moving along okay. if you are driving to the bay. we already talked about the toll plaza. it's backed up for a 25-30 minute delay. just got word of a crash. so far it's relatively new. it's not causing a big delay yet. let's go to seve in the weather center. >> when i put the boot near on my hands were shaking. [ laughter ] we do have a lot of fog has come back in a big way.
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yesterday that was not the case. getting reports on the benicia bridge some of that fog is really thick. there is an inversion above. we lose the easterly breeze. that allows the fog to creep in. thick fog clear. fog near the coast. yesterday santa rosa 82 3:going 75 today. oakland from 83. 82 to 76 in concord. 85 record setting degrees in san jose. san francisco a lot of fog. fog horns are sounding. a couple reports on that. we will go 68 for a high today. fog and low clouds. it was there yesterday and the guy was ably rated. but that didn't stop santa cruz from hitting 89. they never had the fog. today they do. i'm talking just unbelievable ridge of high pressure has built in for march. this pattern seems like it's
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been there with only subtle changes. 40s, 50s to mid to upper 50s. visibility half a mile and the fog for santa rosa. the fog has come back there. it's a little thicker today. northwest 13. northwest 5. hayward had an east wind yesterday. 20 in minneapolis. 22 chicago. omaha at 23. st. louis 34-degrees. these are the windchills. 13 up in minneapolis. 27 st. louis. two systems. one is more of a cold ramp but there have been some reports of snow. you can see that rain turning to snow in connecticut. some areas still getting the snow but look at the system here in the middle of the country because of the ridge of high pressure is driving down systems from central canada and that snow turning to st. louis has snow. chicago. all the way down to tulsa. tulsa had tornado two days ago now they are getting a cold northerly flow. 30s up in the mountains.
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32 in tahoe. look at blue canyon. the fog will make an impact as the high pressure system backs off slightly. it will be a little cooler going into the weekend. morning fog it will be warm away. cooler coast and bay with 60 ann not as warm inland but we should be the in the upper 50s and 70s. but not the 80s or 90s. phil roy yesterday 90 degrees. my goodness. fog will take us into the weekend. a little cooler on tap for early next week. >> all right it keeps changing. >> i know. >> either fog or hot. >> thank you. time is 6:22. a first of its kind move to protect student athletes at two north bay high schools. coming up in 15 minutes we'll tell you about health concerns prompting the change and also the ground breaking effort to fix that problem. but first. >> we run outside before
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running down the street there is shattered glass everywhere. >> explosion and fire leveled two buildings in new york with some people were forced to do to escape.
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welcome back to mornings on 2. it's 6:25. about 200 new york firefighters
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and medical staff are still at this scene of this explosion and fire. it caused two buildings to collapse in new york city. they have been working to put out the pockets of the blaze this morning. this is more than 17 hours after it started. it could take days to get it all under control. 19 people were hurt in that fire. four were hurt critically. the evidence suggests plumbing and gas work inside one of the apartment buildings that was to blame. three other structures burned. it was a mess. some of the residents had to jump from the building to get away from the blaze. bystanders say they could smell gas seconds before the blast. >> we were getting ready to go to the gym and we heard a big boom. people were running in the street. a guy is on the fire escape trying to knock into windows. >> one family reported their
6:27 am
son is missing after the explosion but he was having lunch at a restaurant. they searched hospitals, so far they haven't heard from yet. dive teams are searching the waters off point richmond looking for stolen cars and boats. they have been stripping cars and boats for parts and dumping whatever is left in the bay. the contra costa county da office says the first clues came after two men tried to steal a boat. the boats owner described the getaway car. they found the boat with much more evidence. they made arrests and recovered 21 vehicles and heard there was more in the bay. >> it's very stupid. you have these valuable cars that are being chopped up and destroyed for a couple hundred bucks of easy cash. >> divers did not recover any cars yesterday but they may bring in one of the suspects out to bay and tell investigator where is the cars
6:28 am
and boats are located. a health scare around a chemical plant in pittsburg. up next what happened early this morning that prompted county officials to issue a health alert. >> wrestle mania in the south bay. how much money the four-day event is expected to bring to the bay area. >> we're looking at a south bay crash on northbound 280. you can see it right there on the shoulder. [ inaudible ]
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hey sal. i'm dave clark. thank you for joining us. >> i'm pam cook. and it's 6:30. too bad we can't get a shot of sal walking back. he's going to start with an accident. what are you starting with? >> fog. a lot of fog. >> i stepped outside and saw it for you. >> some of it is very thick. record setting day. record highs what is new? yesterday was look at that though. this was not the case yesterday. there was very shallow fog right on parts of the coast and it got wiped out by 9:00, 10:00. maybe that is not the case. low clouds around. fog around. temperatures yesterday san jose record setting 85. we will go 78 today. oakland record setting 83 to 72. 83 yesterday in santa rosa. fog and low clouds on the move.
6:32 am
also across san pablo bay. ridge of high pressure going to give warm temps for inland areas. 40s and 50s. there is a little bit more of a breeze and it's showing signs of being on shore. that will allow us to cool down. morning fog. warm away. by the coast and bay 60s, upper 60s and low 70s. are you back? there he is. >> i am. >> he was here and now he's there. starting with an accident. yeah starting in san jose. the message is there. northbound 280 at the 880 interchange there is a crash here and traffic is quickly backing up. i want to mention that traffic is going to be slow because of two right lanes are blocked. northbound 280 at the 880 interchange. quickly traffic is backing up. pretty soon it will be backed up into downtown san jose.
6:33 am
give yourself some extra time. and it's an overturned vehicle. a loot of fire trucks and emergency vehicles are on the scene. i want to show you a map now of some other things that we have in the east bay. southbound 880 traffic is going to be busy as you head south down hayward into the fremont area. a little bit of slow traffic there. when you get to the bay bridge toll plaza, the traffic here is backed up for a 20 minute delay. no problems. a little bit of fog is an issue. 6:33, let's go back to the desk. we are now hearing from the attorney of denise huskins. the vallejo woman that was kidnapped in an incident that was an orchestrated event. tara moriarty is outside the home where this all started with more from huskins' lawyer who says she is a victim. not a suspect. >> reporter: yeah just when you think the sorry can't get anymore bizarre, here you go.
6:34 am
the attorneys say their clients were traumatized and police made a mistake by claiming that the kidnap for ransom was orchestrated by them. last night around 5:00, denise huskins a 29-year-old philadelphia therapist emerged from the vallejo police department with a jacket over her face. investigators shielded her after portraying her as a faker. >> she is victimized by being kidnapped and a second time by alleged being a suspect. by the vallejo police department. who issued a very nasty press release. >> reporter: huskins claims her kidnapped freed her wednesday. her boyfriend quincys she was abducted from her home early monday morning. quinn's attorney says their client has fully cooperated with the fbi and police as to why there was a delay in
6:35 am
reporting the crime. >> he was forced to drink something that even the kidnappers told him was drugged. he was drugged and there were at least two kidnapper. >> quinn's attorney says their clients admitted to a blood test, was fingerprinted. allowed investigators to search his home. and under went 17 hours of interrogation. huskins says his client did not know her kidnappers but he could not provide a description of them. he would also not say where huskins' is staying but she is distraught physically and emotionally. obviously a lot of new information out here and now everyone is wondering how vallejo police will respond to all of it. live from vallejo i'm tara moriarty back to you. >> thank you. also new mismorning a health alert has been called off in pittsburgh after an incident after dow chemical plant. the alert was issued after a
6:36 am
plume of smoke was sent in the air. right now the crews are in cleanup mode. >> very, very high levels. they weren't that high level. the biggest concern is if the chemicals would have drifted into the community. >> now there have been other health alerts related to the dow chemical plant back in 2013 a problem with a chlorine tank prompted authorities to issue an advisory. neighbors within a mile were told to stay indoors. we do continue to learn more about the co-pilot who appears to have deliberately crashed a plane into a mountain in the french alps. investigators say they found a medical leave note from doctors saying he suffered a health condition that would have prevented him from fly dying the -- from flying the day of
6:37 am
the crash. there are reports that six years ago he received treatment for a quote serious depressive episode and spent 18 months under going treatment. and think generally monitor their own health. lufthansa says its crew can report problems without being punished. they say in this case though the safety nets did not work. pilots are asked about stress during routine medical exams.
6:38 am
now following 9/11, u.s. airlines made it a policy that whenever the cockpit door is over, flight aden abouts must create a barrier. a flight attendant must take his or her seat in the cockpit. berkeley police warning about a recent big jump in the number of home burglaries. and they are advising homeowners be vigilant. they are asking everyone keep your eyes open. be on the lookout for a suspicious activity. the hardest hit area so far east of the park, south of berkeley. peaking sure your doors and windows are locked and make sure your home does not look
6:39 am
empty. later today dozens of people plan to protest plans to expand the oakland zoo. the zoo is planning to add more exhibits and that includes cutting down more than 70 degrees in nolan park. you are looking at video from a similar patrol test earlier this year. the protestors say this plan would effect the ecosystem and throat threaten animals that live in the park. the protest begins at 4:00 this african. north bay school district is taking steps to protect its student athletes. members approved a plan to use more expensive infield. now it's a move praised by parents who raised health concerns about the current field. studies say the crumbled rubber contains carcinogens that propose serious health risks.
6:40 am
>> other districts will be having this conversation and i imagine my phone will be ringing quite a bit asking for what are your thoughts? how is it working out for you? >> work is expected to begin this summer and be complete but not until december. that means no home games for either of those schools. changes arement cooing to the new levi stadium. the common complaint that is putting the 49ers to pay the price to keep its customers happy. >> we are live in san jose where a lot is being planned to remember officer michael johnson. we'll tell you what is happening later today that is supposed to help the police and the community heal. we are looking at a commute where traffic is going to be effected by a crash northbound 280. they are making some progress but we'll show you some more coming up on what the backup is doing. >> temperatures in the 40s and 50s. but the big change is the fog has come back.
6:41 am
there is a lot of low clouds and fog.
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tonight is the start of a series of organized memorials that are open to the public to remember fallen san jose police officer michael johnson. ktvu fox 2 janine de la vega is in san jose with how this community is paying tribute.
6:44 am
janine. >> reporter: yeah vigil will be held. this is where officer michael johnson was shot and killed. a man who was here on the second floor balcony of his condo complex. he opened fire. people who live here have heard the gunshots and witness this all and effected them. they have decided to hold a candle light vigil here on center road tonight at 6:30 p.m.. police say officer johnson was killed in the ambush tuesday night when a suicidal man opened fire. his sudden death has struck a nerve and prompted various community groups to show their support. besides this vigil, there will be a second vigil held tonight at 8:00 p.m. where people will be praying for officer johnson's family and his fellow officers. there is also a fund raising event being held on april 2nd former pro hockey player owen nolan and his wife are
6:45 am
organizing a raffle. they want to help them and relieve them from any financial burdens during this difficult time. >> this hits home for us. my sister-in-law is on the police force and many friends on the police force. we feel it's important that we help out in any way that we can and get the community involved. >> reporter: the number of flowers left in front of the police department has doubled. officers say the growing memorial is greatly appreciated and helps them feel supported. plans for a funeral are still being worked out. it's expected to happen next week. now we have seen so many people comment on social media about how heartbreaking officer johnson's death has been. people we run into out here, they have expressed the same. tonight it is really a chance for the public to show their support by coming to any of these vigils. and this memorial year the candles keep burning. there is a young woman that just passed here and says every
6:46 am
time she passes it, she thinks about it and it just takes her right back to what happened here on tuesday night. >> very emotional time for the whole community. thank you janine. 6:45 is the time right now. as janine mentioned there are two memorials honoring officer johnson tonight. the first starts at 6:30 on center road right nerium bargainer. the second is at 8:00. there are other upcoming events we have listed those on our website at there is also some links to where you can make a donation to his family. our time is 6:46. let's check in with tori campbell and see what is coming up in the next hour of mornings on 2. >> coming up in our next hour, another example of bay area real estate gone wild. a fixer upper in san francisco's outer sunset. even the realtor admits sells for over $1 million. we'll explain why there is a
6:47 am
low inventory of local homes for sale. >> and we will go live to wrestle mania access. ktvu fox 2 reporter and wrestling fan paul chambers will be joining us live. those are some of the stories we working on for the next hour of mornings on 2. now back to you. >> as tori just told us, wrestle mania access continues in san jose. it's a chance for you fans to meet your favorite wwe stars. it's a four-day event. expected to be a financial boom for the bay area. a new report projects financial impact to be well over $100 million. the last three have generated at least that much. the last one in new orleans topped $140 million. levi stadium officials are treating this as a practice run. getting ready for next years super bowl.
6:48 am
>> lots of sports going on. march madness but also opening day is about a week away. we are getting ready for baseball. be sure to catch our season preview starting with meet the giants. that airs at 4:00 this sunday afternoon on ktvu. 7:00 p.m. on kicu. opening day for the giants april 6th in arizona. at 4:30 on sunday you can meet the a's. you can also catch the special at 7:30 on kicu. the oakland a's open at home against the texas rangers. let's bring sal back. you are watching the south bay and everything else. >> all right. yeah we are watching the south bay. we had an earlier crash dave and pam at 1. it was an over turned vehicle. and traffic is recovering but it's stretched back as far as downtown san jose. and you can see it's a little bit slow. i don't think it would have been as slow if the crash had not been there. chp did a good job getting it out of the way. let's get a look at the east
6:49 am
bay commute where southbound 880 is not quite as bad. a little bit of slow traffic on the altamont pass. and that is about all. bay bridge toll plaza though it looks like it's kind of normal. backed up to the mccarthur maze. that is about a 10-15 minute. now today's weather with steve. that doesn't usually happen until june. >> here it is about april and he has full size fruit. today it will be cooler, cooler. that fog has come roaring back.
6:50 am
even though there is warm air aloft. the fog ostiole low and working its way out to the benicia bridge and maybe where you are. fog near the coast. sunny but not nearly as warm as yesterday. santa rosa we will go 75 after yesterday's 83. concord 76. 82. and 85 record setting degrees in san jose. san francisco taking a pretty good plunge as well starting off 51. we will go 68 for a high. fog has regrouped in a big way. even though this is a very weak system. the closer it gets it will enhance the fog bank. 40s and 50s on the temps. they have cooled off significantly for some. yesterday was an easterly breeze and not much fog. quarter mile visibility. there is an increase in that fog. only napa is the out lier. northwest 6. northwest novato. look at the temps.
6:51 am
20s. bismarck, minneapolis, chicago, omaha. 30s in st. louis. these are the windchills. chicago at 9. 15 omaha. 26 st. louis. rain has turned to snow for some. but you get a good idea on what is going on with high pressure on the west coast that means downstream there has to be low pressure and you can see what is going on. coming down out of canada. all the way down to oklahoma and texas and arkansas which had the severe weather. now for saturday night. they're looking for frost and freeze warnings throughout much of the tennessee valley. and it's been very persistent as you know. high pressure ridge is moving but not as strong as yesterday. yesterday was the warmest day of the week. we will see fog come back. a little cooler. we'll get out of the 80s, get more into the 70s. but a the lot of 60nd closer to the watt -- but a lot of 60s closer to the water. there will be some areas
6:52 am
checking in at 80 degrees but again down 10 for many. fog is a big player here today. that means a cooler pattern. that didn't take long. that will take us into the weekend. a little cooler next week. no sign of any rain. >> okay. thank you, steve. time is 6:51. bay area restaurant workers doing some detective work after a negative yelp review. coming up in 20 minutes the evidence they dug up that they say proves the customer was lying. >> and a group of san francisco sheriffs deputies have been placed on leave. the accusations they are facing about fights between inmates at the county jail.
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welcome back. time is 6:54. italy's highest appeals court is expected to decide whether to uphold or over turn the conviction of amanda knox and her boyfriend. knox and her former boyfriend they were convicted of murder and sexual assault in the death of meredith. in 2011 the appeals court over turned that ruling and knox was released back to seattle. and in a surprise decision in march of 2013, italy's highest appeals court demanded a retrial. some san francisco sheriffs deputies are on administrative
6:56 am
leave following accusations that they ran an inmate fight club at the county jail. the allegations surfaced two weeks ago. the father told a public defender that deputies forced his son to fight another inmate in the seventh floor jail. san francisco public defender played an audio interview with garcia who claims he was injured. >> the inmate's named deputy scott neu, deputy chiba, and deputy staehly. according to the inmates, the deputies would gamble on the fights. the u.s. attorneys office is being asked to investigate the case. ricardo garcia has been reassigned to a new jail.
6:57 am
an attorney calls the allegations a complete exaggeration. he says the deputies allow wrestling a a horseplay to set a dispute. the lawyer insists inmates were never forced to fight. new this morning senate minority leader harry reid just announced he would not seek reelection. he made the announcement on youtube. senator reid has led the senate democrat since 2005. he suffered serious eye and facial injuries in an exercise accident. he said he had been considering retiring from the senate for months. and that his decision has nothing to do with his injuries. in washington, d.c., the house and senate will have to start their budget negotiations in mid april when they come back from spring recess. that is because early this morning the republican controlled senate passed a budget plan. it calls for deep spending cuts, higher defense spending,
6:58 am
and repealing president obama's health care law. the house approved a similar budget plan on wednesday. now the compromise budget talks when the lawmakers come back expected to be quite contentious. coming up in our next hour, more twists and turns in that kidnap for ransom case. what an attorney for the alleged victim is now saying about police calling the whole thing a hoax. >> they are known as berkeley's ambassadors so why is one man bunching a homeless man? all the fallout from this confrontation that was caught on camera. i'm dreaming... pinch me. no, not while you're driving. and, right now, you can get a one-thousand-dollar volkswagen credit bonus on jetta models. seriously, pinch me. it's not a dream. ow! it's the volkswagen stop dreaming, start driving event. stop dreaming, and test-drive one today. hurry in and you can get 0% apr plus a $1000 volkswagen credit bonus on 2015 jetta and passat models.
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we're live in vallejo, where attorneys for denise huskins say that she's opinion victimized twice, first pie her kidnappers, then -- by her kidnappers and then by the police. the latest twist and turns in this kidnap for ransom case next. shocking video from berkeley. look at the pictures. the punishment handed down after a city worker was caught on camera attacking a homeless man. and drattic new developments in the investigation into the copilot who is thought to have deliberately crashed a passenger jet. what german police say they found in his apartm


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