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tv   KTVU Morning News Early Edition  FOX  March 30, 2015 5:00am-6:01am PDT

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we are live at the uc berkeley campus where there is growing concern about a freshman soccer player who went missing during a trip to southern california. coming up in two minutes tara moriarty will have more on the clues police are focusing on in his disappearance. young man from marin county. thank you for joining us, monday morning, march 30th i'm pam cook. >> good morning, i'm dave clark. we're also talking about weather and traffic. steve paulson says things might be changing soon. >> they will be changing to cooler. the wind will pick up as well. but not a little bit until later. temperatures will cool down a little bit today. they are still well above average. inland areas should be closer to 70 and they've been zooming right past that. from the 80s and 70s temperatures will take a little tumble here. a weak little system to the north. that is all it takes. get the on shore push going a little bit to monterey.
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this system won't do much for us with clouds until tomorrow and then a breeze will crank up. i think you will notice that 40s on the temps. at least record highs give way to cool mornings. and a little change here. it will be pleasant but not as warm as sunday. more of a westerly breeze. a few high clouds and some of that fog is beginning to form. well inland some 80s. all right sal we have an issue on 580. >> westbound 580 at the dublin interchange. it will start there. there was a crash that was blocking lanes. still blocking one lane on westbound 580 as you come up on the 680 interchange. it turned out to be a noninjury accident. fire medics have been canceled but they have one lane blocked. the tow trucks are on the way. westbound 580 is getting slow
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approaching the 680 interchange. slower than it would be for this time. you should probably get out there soon. the traffic is coming in from livermore to get out there as soon as you can. bay bridge doesn't look bad. if you're driving in san jose northbound 280 is off to a good start. at 5:02 let's go back to the desk. a $50,000 reward is being offered in the search for a missing uc berkeley student. the freshman soccer player was last seen over the weekend in southern california leaving a fraternity party near usc. ktvu fox 2, tara moriarty is joining us live now. you're on the cal campus with the very latest. what do you know? >> reporter: vasquez played soccer here. he was with his teammates down in southern california for spring break when he went missing from a fraternity
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paraffiny usc. on the 600 block of west 128th street. he told friends he wanted to take a walk but he never returned. he had no wallet, money, or id on him. and then jesus before 2:00 in the morning the 19-year-old called a friend here in berkeley saying that he was drunk, lost, and scared. that was the last anyone heard from him and now friends and family are extremely worried. >> someone from his school has put a reward up to $50,000 out. there have been people flying in to help us find him. he's just loved by so many people. >> reporter: vasquez attended high school in marin county. many of his family and friends are in southern california helping in the search for him. police will be reviewing surveillance cameras in the area where he went missing early saturday morning. the cal athletic department has released a statement about
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vasquez's disappearance. it says eloi is a wonderful man that has accelled academically and athleticically. we are concerned for his safety and our first priority is to help in any way we can to locate him. tara moriarty back to you. >> thank you. time is 5:03. new this morning actually some good news. jet blue has announced that a computer outage that has caused delays with his passengers it has been resolved. the airline said it fixed a system wide computer problem. it caused delays because the system had to manually check in passengers. the check in effected flights outside of boston and other east coast cities. it is still not clear how long it will take to work through all the delays and get operations back to normal. there are new details emerging in the intentional crash of the german wings passenger jet. a german newspaper said it obtained the voice flight
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recorder. suggested to the pilot he leave the cabin and locked him out. the captain banged on the door to get in but lubitz had jammed it closed. sully sullenberger says that kind of situation is rare. >> about 75% have been military trained aviators. that means they have been through a rigorous and disciplined screening process. and then they have been screened a second tile to be hired as airline pilots. >> several -- the crash of the german wings fight. the idea was first proposed in 2000 by the national transportation safety board. some say it would help determine the cause of the accident. the airline pilots association
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says current data and voice recorders is sufficient. time is 5:05. investigators say an air canada jet hit antennas that are part of the airports landing system before making a very hard landing and skidding off a runway. now it happened in snowy conditions yesterday as a flight from toronto was attempting to land. authorities say the plane circled for a time before being cleared to land. the landing gear was ripped off when it hit that large antenna array. terrified passengers describe seeing the flames coming out of the engine. >> when it hit, everything flashed. and a big piece of steal or something came up through the floor. we all hit our heads. we felt we were goners. >> the nose of the plane it was sheered off as the plane skidded off the runway but amazingly most of the injuries were minor. 25 people were treated for injuries. all but one had been released
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from the hospital. for the first time in more than 20 years the most traveled roads used by commuters coming into the bay area changing. according to the new metropolitan commission every weekday 500,000 vehicles pass into and out from neighboring counties. in prior studies interstate 80 and highway 17 had been the busiest. time is 5:07. it was seen as a dry run for the big super bowl next year. more than 76,000 wrestling fans from all across the world packed levi stadium in santa clara last night for wrestle mania xxxi. janine de la vega is joining us live in santa clara. how did everything go janine? >> reporter: it went very, very
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well. wwe says that wrestle mania shattered records for its organization and for levi stadium. this was the highest attended event held here so far. wrestle mania attracted wrestling fans from all over the u.s. and from 40 countries. the extravaganza brought in more than 70,000 fans. 70,976 to be exact which is a record for levi stadium. and it was also wwe's highest grossing event ever. it was expected to be more than $100 million for traffic on the roadway was if heavy and suggested. they exopinioned their service is they were thrilled seeing their favorite wwe stars and
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impressed by the event. >> this is a life experience. growing up i've been watching this. stone cold steve often, the rack. >> forecast there another phren. it's called wwe monday night raw but this time it will be held at the s.a.t. center. dave. >> all right jack cd, thank you. scary story. terrified parents looking on as someone stole their car with their baby inside. >> we knew we had to do something. >> coming up in 20 minutes how the san jose father sprung into action to get his daughter back. >> the nba's best team is being sued. how stub hub is suing and what
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they claim the warriors and ticket masters is doing with tickets. >> we're looking at a san francisco commute that looks good. but we will show you happen it's like to get to san francisco from the east bay. >> after a sunny and nice to warm weekend. the record setting warm on sunday we have changes today. it will be cooler for livermore. santa cruz and mountain view.
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good morning. former hewlett packard ceo says there is a chance she will run for president. >> i have a deep understanding on how the economy works. i understand executive decision making which is making tough calls in tough times with high stakes which are prepared to be held accountable. >> fig roadway that is eyeing the 2016 republican nomination for president saying she will make an announcement in late april or early may. he says it's bad for business. apple ceo tim cook is blasting the laws he believes discriminate against gays and
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lesbians. in an article he condemned what he called a dangerous way of legislation. cook says lows to protect business owners from being sued for not providing services to gays and lesbians it flies on the face for being open for business and threatening to undo decades of progress for equality. the legal battle over the estate of actor robin williams heads to court. attorneys for williams will appear in a san francisco court later today. the two sides are arguing over who gets his clothing and other personal items he kept at one of his northern california homes. his widow says his children zach, zelda, and cody took memorabilia and jewelry including his academy award. the plan to officially name
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the tunnel just north of the golden gate bridge in honor of robin williams is a step closer to reality. the state authority transportation committee anonymously approved the deal last tweak. it does get approval from three more committees and the full assembly and state senate. but most believe it will be approved by summer. san francisco based stub hub suing the golden state warriors and ticket master. the ticket reseller says the warriors and ticket master are conspiring to create an illegal resell market by telling season ticketholders to only resell through their platform. stub hub claims the warriors have told season ticketholders they will have their ticket privileges revoked if they sell through anything other than ticket master nba exchange. the warriors say it's team policy not to make comment on
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legal matters. 5:15 is the time. let's check in with sal. >> people fighting over warriors tickets. get out of here. >> you never thought it would happen. >> i never thought it would happen. now the warriors are a legit contender. >> it is a different time. >> good morning everyone. pam, dave, you look nice. traffic is moving along very nicely as you dry through but there is one thing. the one problem on the bay area's business are it wood have been a lot worse. but traffic has backed drove through dublin. pretty soon this will start blending in with the commute from livermore and then the commute coming in from the altamont pass. so please give yourself extra time. let's take a look at the live picture of the bay bridge. westbound still nice. you can get out there before it gets really crowded.
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and if you're driving this morning on 880 north and southbound perhaps you're trying to get to the oakland airport, it's a good drive so far. 880 and 580 as you drive through oakland are looking nice. let's go to steve in today's weather. what about me? am i looking nice? >> let me see. yeah, i approve. >> it's not easy at 3:00 a.m.. 70s today and 60s compared to yesterday's 70s and 80s. again my goodness but there are hints of a change. 76 in santa rosa. same for concord that is down five. oakland down five from 78 to 73. what kind of change would that be? there is a weak system dragging by. there will be a few high clouds to the north by. but tuesday, wednesday looks rather blustery and cooler as highs get into the upper 60s and low 70s where we should be
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this time of year. it will turn the braze more westerly and the whole mess drags across us. 40s on the temps. at least the morning lows are on the cool side. bodega bay two degrees above where they should be. mainly a little northwest breeze tuesday and wednesday. we had a west breeze last hour at fairfield. now it's offshore. east, southeast and a south wind at concord. 40s and 50s to the interior or 60s to 70s. 32 in truckee. south lake tahoe 33. and a warm 57 at blue cannon. there is our system with a few high clouds to the north. for us this whole system will give us a few high clouds, a patchy fog and a little cooler pattern. temperatures starting to inch
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down now. the cooling trend will kick in on tuesday and wednesday. so pleasant weather. nice. a few high clouds. patchy fog but lots of sunshine. temperatures 60nd and 70s and holding on to the 80s. antioch in there. morgan hill. a lot of 70s between. 60s closer to the coast. patchy fog toward monterey bay. cooler breezy tuesday into wednesday. quick warmup thursday and friday. and then maybe some rain on sunday. >> wow. >> it's not easter. it is easter sunday. time is 5:19. the personal data of president obama and other world leaders exposed. coming up in 20mens the information -- coming up in 20 minutes the information accidentally e-mailed. >> and a somber tribute. up next the recognition they received in sacramento and
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outrage over a lack of recognition in washington, d.c..
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welcome back to mornings on 2. a nine-year-old boy is recovering from head injuries after falling off a cliff side in sonoma county. he was playing yesterday near a trail at fort ross when he fell 40 feet down on to some jagged cliffs. he managed to climb halfway back up that rocky slope but fell right back down again.
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another 20 feet. rescuers say by the time they arrived people had already come over and they brought the child up. he was flown by helicopter to children's hospital in oakland. this is a second time that a child who was injured in a fall along the sonoma county coast in just the past six months. back in november four-year-old sebastian johnson fell more than 200 feet off a cliff. he fractured several bones and spent more than two months at the hospital before he was finally released. a powerful earthquake rattled new guinea and it generated a small tsunami in the south pacific. it hit last night. there have been no reports yet of damage or injuries. the pacific tsunami warning center issued a one itch tsunami wave 200 miles from the epicenter of the quake. new guinea lies on the ring of
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fire. a somber tribute to 32 californians who lost their lives during the vietnam war is now raising questions about the national vietnam memorial in washington, d.c.. 22 of those men died on board the uss franky e vance. that collided with an australian ship. 74 men died that day and while california is honoring the men, it is a different story in washington, d.c. where their names can in the be found on the wall of the vietnam veteran's memorial. >> the navy and the department of defense's position on this is that this ship, this tragedy at sea happened outside of the official combat zone for veital. >> with california addingty t names that -- with 22 names that should send a message back to washington, d.c.. >> the ship that sank was awarded a vietnam service medal even though the pentagon has not recognize the the sacrifice of the men who have died.
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a woman in california has claimed her father's long lost purple heart medal all thanks to aing to that likes to dig. her owner were never able to find the medal's owner. they even enlisted in the help of a group who specializes in reuniting medals. and stomachers there handed over -- and smuckers there handed over the medal during a very special ceremony. >> see his name on the back and just to know that when he was alive he had held this in his hand. and to know that i'm holding it in mine is a wonderful feeling. and i will honor this purple heart as long as i live. >> richmond lit man he died in
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1990. our time is 5:25. we're learning more about the people involved in a deadly crash between a motorcyclist and a car in santa rosa over the weekend. coming up next the well known musician who was seriously hurt. >> some are calling it a dry run for super bowl 50. we'll tell you how wrestle mania helped prepare officers. >> good morning. we are looking at a bad commute on 580. it is just -- another record setting weekend. temperatures will start a little drop and continue that for the rest of the week. we'll see what is in store for easter sunday.
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0ó welcome back. these are live pictures. we're looking at interstate 80 in emeryville. people are heading to work. coming up in a couple of minutes, ktvu brian flores will have more on the two bay area freeways and see the most commuter traffic this may surprise you. start thinking about which one that may be. or two that may be. you know what i mean. >> gorks i'm pam cook. thank you for joining us. it is just about 5:30. steve says it will cool down.
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it is. we will start it a little bit today. least favorite thing is wind. people seem to not like the wind. >> it gets a little irritating. flight does. >> tough for the hair. that won't be until tuesday and wednesday. today will be a little nice. just an increase in that westerly breeze. a few high clouds. temperatures a lot of 80s. way above. we are good 10-15 degrees above where we should be. today will only be 5-7 degrees above. more 70s. 60s closer to the coast. a little fog popping off the coast. it will drag across and crank up the breeze. a little chill in the morning air. the afternoons are warm, warm, warm. pam said it looked like you got sun. i did because i was out hiking. the mornings are cool. we have to go in the morning because the snakes are out.
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i saw a three foot gopher this weekend. going right across. i kid you not. cool. i mean they are good. but it will catch your attention. s and 50s on the temps. sfo west at 10. that is it a little bit of a breeze. the trend is much cooler tuesday and wednesday. and now sal with an update. the lanes are open but the damage is done. westbound 580 at the 680 interchange that is where we are beginning this morning. 580 westbound there was a crash blocking self--- several lanes for a time. traffic is already solid through all of pleasanton getting back into livermore. and we don't need an excuse here. it's just off to a slow start. slower than normal. please give yourself extra tile. when you get to the toll plaza, traffic will be busy as you drive in some of the lanes although it usually doesn't get
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solid until about 5:40 when they turn the metering lights on. san jose still have room for a nice commute. this is actually san francisco northbound 101. that looks good approaching the 280 split. let's go back to the desk. thank you, sal. a $50,000 reward is now being offered in the search for a uc berkeley student who disappeared during a spring break visit to los angeles. >> the more days that go by, the more scared you get. >> 19-year-old eloi vasquez was last seen leaving a fraternity party near usc early saturday morning. he plays on the soccer team and at the party with his teammates. just before 2:00 a.m. though he called a friend in berkeley saying that he was drunk, lost, and scared. that call lasted 12 minutes. but that was the last time anyone heard from him. friends and family say it's out of character for him to be out of touch for that long.
5:33 am
>> we know something is wrong. that he would be out there somewhere. just lost. and scared. >> we are really worried. but we're obviously hoping for the best. >> family and friends are in southern california. they are posting fliers in the area where he went missing. they are also -- there are several cameras in the area today. police are hoping to review those videos for more clues. now the cal athletics department has released a statement about his disappearance. it says eloi is a wonderful young man that has accelled academically and athletically. our time is 5:33. as your day begins if you think you are getting stuck in traffic a lot lately, you are
5:34 am
probably right. there is a new bay area traffic study out showing the commute is 30% worse than it was just a year and a half ago. ktvu fox 2 brian flores is joaning us live along interstate 580 to tell us how bay area traffic compares to other big metropolitan areas around the world. >> good morning pip told you i would rush out of the studio to tell you about this story. this isn't a list you exactly want to be on. we're live here along 580 this morning. taking a look at traffic here in the castro valley. all of that commute traffic coming toward you. you know how sal does this traffic report. westbound 580 one of the worst commutes. he can attest to that at this time. it's only expected to get worse. according to the transportation commission, traffic has grown 9%. traffic experts call this a choke point because the bottleneck traffic that a lot of the commuters can attest to. the other choke points are i-80
5:35 am
and 17. 80 has fallen to traffic. traffic on 580 the traffic is related to job growth. over all and according to the data analytic's company, san francisco is one of the top ten congested areas in the world. coming this number 7 behind brussels belgium, london, england, and our friends in los angeles. people are spending an average of nine more hours on the freeways than they were back in 2012 but over all as we say on the weekdays, stay patient out there guys. back to you. >> brian flores. thank you for the update. time is 5:35. meantime one of the people seriously hurt in a deadly weekend crash on occidental road is a well known musician. the crash happened saturday night. the driver of a subaru outback
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turned into the path of an ongoing motorcyclist killing the motorcyclist. the passenger in the car and the man riding on the back of the motorcycle still in critical condition. the cars passenger is 72-year- old norman greenbaum. a singer, song writer, best known for his 1969 hit spirit in the sky. ♪ going up to the spirit in the sky that's where i'm going to go when i die ♪ >> for familiar song has been played in many movies and tv shows and commercials. greenbaum wrote and recorded other songs under different names. he's lived in sonoma county for many years. novato police are investigating a shooting that injured one man. that shooting happened near hamilton meadow park school shortly after 4:00 yesterday afternoon. now a short time later police eared two suspects but no information about them is being released. the victim was taken to marin general hospital to be treated
5:37 am
for injuries. he is expected to survive. police still do not have a motive in that shooting. it was a terrifying few moments for a couple in san jose as they watched a thief drive off with their suv with their eight month old baby strapped in the backseat. they loaded the baby in his seat to go to the park. they went inside for 20 seconds and when they came back they saw a woman driving down the road. >> when she take her, i don't know. >> miguel says the woman tried to run away but police tracked her down and arrested her and the parents say they will never leave their baby unattended again. not even for a few seconds. time is 5:37.
5:38 am
tens of thousands of people from all over the world were jam into the bay area. they januaryed levi staid -- they jammed levi stadium last night for wrestle mania 31. janine de la vega is joining us live until santa clara telling us about this record shattering event and this seen as a dry run for the super bowl. >> yeah it really was. levi stadium was packed. the previous attendance record here at levi's was around 71,000 people. well wrestle mania broke that record and nearly 77,000 people were here. this was basically the super bowl for wwe with the main event being held on sunday. the money that was generated here was no joke. this was wwe's highest grossing event ever bringing in $12.3 million. and for the south bay economy it's estimated that $100
5:39 am
million in revenue was made. hotels and restaurants profited from this event which is really a preview for what is to come for next february when super bowl 50 is played at levi stadium. operators here definitely watching how traffic flowed, how fans navigated through the stadium and if everything went well we would be checking in with them. fans mostly had positive things to say. traffic though was congested around the stadium much like it is during 49ers game. and the vta did expand its service. it does seem as though transportation continues to be an ongoing issue when there are big events held here. still a lot of excitement generated for this event and we still may see it spill over with fans spending another night here just because there is another event. wwe monday night raw is being held at the s.a.t.
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center. >> it is huge. thank you. time is 5:39. meantime some undocumented immigrants in san francisco say it's time to come out of the shadows. >> we are people. we are not illegal. they say it's important for undocumented immigrants to push aside their fear and demand immigration reform. >> it's a message to our own community. saying you know, we are here in public industry upholding our identity and we need you to join us. >> now the speakers of that rally say in order for immigration reform to happen, undocumented immigrants need to be a part of the movement. a peaceful march and vigil will be held in san francisco today to protest the archbishop controversial morality clause for catholic schoolteachers. archbishop under fire for
5:41 am
requiring four local catholic high schools to adopt new guidelines which condemn homosex quality and birth control. protest evers plan to deliver petitions. tomorrow is caesar chavez day and some community leaders are pushing to make him a catholic saint. the saint hood campaign brought new energy to the annual san jose event celebrating the life of caesar chavez. in 2007 there was another campaign to make chavez a saint but it was stalled because of opposition from high ranking officials in the church. the process requires a long complicated investigation by the catholic church. our time is 5:41. we're still learning some new details about that intentional plane crash in france.
5:42 am
coming up at 6:00 the flight transcripts that reveal what happened shortly before authorities say the co-pilot took that jet down. >> but first a fresno firefighter fell through the roof of a burning building all caught on video. up next the frantic moments that followed. >> headed to fremont this morning. you are using 680. it's not too bad but the problem is getting there. 580 is a mess. >> record highs on sunday will give way to cooler patterns today. we'll talk about what those records were.
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♪ ♪ ♪
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it's tough to watch. it's a terrifying moment caught on camera. a fresno fire captain falling through the roof of a burning
5:45 am
garage. take a look at this. when you see it, you can see the 25 year veteran firefighter who still has not been identified right there walking along the roof suddenly it collapses sending him right into the flames and the smoke below. and the neighbors watched all of this in horror. >> once they extracted the firefighter out of the garage, they removed his clothes, doused him with water as they took his uniform off, he was burned from head to toe. >> the fire captain was rushed to the hospital. he is in critical condition. doctors say he will need many more surgeries before the full extent of his injuries are known. no one else was hurt in yesterday's fire. meantime two bodies have been found in the rubble of last week's building explosion in new york city. the victims have not yet been officially identified but authorities believe they are the two people who were reported missing after the blast on thursday. they were both at a sushi restaurant on the ground floor building that exploded. three buildings collapsed, four
5:46 am
others damaged. they are look at whether a gas line was appropriately succeed from that program. the group of negotiators meeting in switzerland have a self-imposed deadline of march 31st. now just yesterday, iran backed away from a key part of the deal saying they would not be willing to send a large portion of its stockpile of its uranium to russia. the deadline for a final agreement is june 30th. we're learning that personal information including the passport numbers of president obama and 19 other world leaders was accidentally released. according to the guardian, australia's immigration department gathered sensitive information for last years g-20 summit and e-mailed all of it to a an organizing committee. the department spokesperson
5:47 am
says the information was not passed along to anyone else and was immediately destroyed. if you're following college sports, the final four is now set. the teams will play this saturday to see who will play for the championship. now the first game will be number one seed duke verses number seven seed michigan state. michigan state knocked off the fourth seed louisville in overtime to advance. the other game features two number one seeds unbeaten kentucky verses wisconsin. it's on. >> yep. 5:47 is the time. sal, i don't want to talk about basketball. no college basketball is great. >> it is. and there are some problems but you'll will be happy to know the big crash we were talking about is gone. it's gone. >> that is good. >> yes, it's gone. we will look at some of the things first. we will look at the bay bridge toll plaza westbound. i don't know if you call this a traffic problem but there is slow traffic and for some that
5:48 am
is a problem. but it's backed up from the mccarthur maze. this is typical. the metering lights came on. there are no major problems through here on the upper deck. no crashes or tall stalled vehicles. let's go to 880 as you drive from oakland. we are also looking at the commute in hayward on 880 a little farther south and you can see the traffic looks good from hayward to fremont. i want to drag it over here to the 580 interchange. we had an earlier accident. that crash is gone but traffic has really been slow early this morning because of the crash. it was there just long enough to have a solid backup on 580. if this is your commute, it is backed up all the way from 205 to the 680 interchange. one long line of traffic. i'm story you have to deal with this for a monday but that is the way it goes. get out there early if you can. now let's go to steve in the weather center. >> i feel for people that have
5:49 am
to do that, sal. >> the only thing i can hope for is this week will be a little better than last week. >> spring break? >> yeah. all right. this looks like a record setting warmth for mor. livermore yesterday 85. mountain view 77 and santa cruz that is not on the wharf that is a little closer to town. san ho share should -- san jose should be 67 this time of year. today will be 77 degrees. right there. 65 oakland. 67 and santa rosa should be 66. today they will be 76. these are all cooler than yesterday by five degrees. clear and cool patchy fog. mostly sunny a little cooler this afternoon. cooler and windy. yeah windy. tuesday into wednesday. san francisco starting off 52.
5:50 am
we will go 67 on that high side as you just saw. that is still above average. weak little system approving. it is not much but it is a sign of things to come. this system is toppling oaf. it will really crank up the breeze and cooler temps. today is the transition day. 40s and 50s on your temps. sfo has a little bit of a breeze west at 10. after that there is not much. a few high clouds to the north. patchy fog around here. over all still pretty nice. just a little cooler today than more so tuesday into wednesday. it's a dry pattern until mid sunday. mid sunday. cooling trend. the breeze will be the bigger story here as we get temperatures near average. my goodness what a concept. pleasant weather today. lots of sunshine but patchy fog and a few high clouds. held on to a couple low 80s here. antioch and morgan hill. everyone else will start a cooling trend and we will take that into a much cooler pattern tuesday and wednesday. wednesday will be breezy to
5:51 am
windy. i'm not fooling. >> you're not fooling. >> april 1st. >> oh right. got it. a little slow on a monday morning. 5:50 is the time. after 13 years the lincoln continental making a come back. the new upgrades to the luxury car. >> but first a hiker rescued in yosemite after spending the tight in the builderness. up next the mistake he made that got him into trouble.
5:52 am
mt. hood was left off the list. so was the oregon coast, the columbia river gorge and the painted hills. smith rock and the wallowas are all missing. whoever named the seven wonders never set foot in oregon
5:53 am
because even crater lake was left off their list. so we see your wonders world and raise you seven of our own. the seven wonders of oregon. see one, or better yet see them all.
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welcome back to mornings on 2. it is 5:53. prosecutors are expected to wrap up the first phase of their case against dzhokhar tsarnaev. 260 severely injured in that april 2013 explosion at the boston marathon finish line. the chp releasing dramatic video of a daring rescue at yosemite national park. a man being hoisted up into a helicopter. he became separated from his friends. the group tried to take a
5:55 am
shortcut. one of the other hikers was rescued if a different location the year before. the third hiker managed to make it to safety. now the palo alto weekly reports the city is closed more than 70,000 retail space. the plan to ban any further retail conversion will come up to vote today. vacaville jets i think those
5:56 am
are screaming parents they beat a team from san diego 6-0. it's a new animated alien adventure it's called home and it really made a home at this weekend's box office. dream works movie brought in an estimated $54 million. dream works as you know struggled recently but the better than expected debut of home gave the company a welcome boost. the movie features the voices of rihanna and jim parsons. here's a look at the top five movies. get hard starring will ferrell and kevin hart came in second. the divergent series insurgent came in number three. and pam's movie cinderella.
5:57 am
coming in number five was the indy horror movie it follows. >> and the voice of sheldon from big bang theory in that home movie. coming up next the search continues for uc berkeley student who went missing in los angeles. who the team lost contact with and the rewards being offered for information leading to his whereabouts. >> the golden state warriors are being sued. the off the court drama this one involving season ticketholders. >> good morning. we are looking at a commute where traffic is very slow in some areas already. 24 is okay but we're seeing some slow traffic on 580 through the valley. temperatures which were a record setting warm will begin a cool down today. they are all close today. santa rosa 48. the city 53.
5:58 am
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a search is under way for a popular uc berkeley soccer player who went missing in southern california over the weekend. we'll tell you who he was last in contact with. >> bay area commute getting
6:00 am
worse. the busiest freeways and the reason traffic wont be flowing faster any time soon. good morning. thank you for joining us monday morning, march 30th i'm pam cook. >> good morning, i'm dave clark. i'm ready to talk about weather because steve is saying down the road. >> this weekend. there will be a change tuesday and wednesday but maybe this weekend. >> okay. we're not going to say the r word. >> not yet. but it will be a change. we'll have more on that. there is still six days for mother nature to change her mind. yesterday sunny and warm. i think you know bo of those. they -- i think you know both of those. today 80s and 70s. there will be 60s closer to the coast. a little cooler out of 82 we'll go 76


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