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tv   KTVU Noon News  FOX  March 31, 2015 12:00pm-12:31pm PDT

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developing news in san jose. skyfox is over a major backup along interstate 680 going south. three out of four lanes are now open near the 237 interchange with 680 but all four lanes were closed for about half an hour after a big rig partially overturned. the crash happened shortly after 10:00 a.m. the chp says the big rig driver was in the slow lane where he's required to be that came up on slower traffic. he tried to avoid the cars but
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ended up hitting the car in front of him. in the end, five or six cars were involved. three people were taken to the hospital with minor injuries. the big rig was hauling lumber and panels for a prefabricated home. people at the scene used jacks to stabilize the fallen load until crews arrived to upright it. in fremont a cleanup is underway. this happened about an hour ago. this is on mission boulevard between stevenson boulevard and walnut avenue. the driver was able to get out of the truck but he was hurt. his injuries are not considered life-threatening. motorists are being advised to avoid the area in fremont. it make a few more hours to remove the scratch and fluids. the cause of that crash is not unknown. good afternoon. i'm tori campbell. there are new calls for safety in the wake of the san bruno pipeline disaster that killed eight people five years ago. this comes as a key deadline
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approaches for state regulators, considering a record fine in the case. sal castanedo is live at the cpuc in san francisco with what the city of san bruno and pg&e have to say about this. good afternoon, sal. >> reporter: tori, govern. you remember that deadly explosion in september of 2010 when eight people lost their lives. today was the deadline for the city of san bruno to comment and to ask for what kind of penalty it wants imposed. explosion after 6:00 p.m. in the crest moore neighborhood. fire burned for several hours. other property was destroyed. state regulators said the fine will be approximately $1.6 billion. san bruno officials are satisfied with that number but they want the cpuc to do more to ensure this will never happen again. >> we feel that the fines and
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penalties will be sufficient. we just don't feel it's gone quite far enough. we need the independent monitor. we need the pipeline safety trust and we want our attorney fees paid. >> reporter: pg&e also has said it believes that a fine would be appropriate. they -- they've said they want the fine to be reasonable and appropriate and they want a lot of that money to go directly back into public safety but they or it does not agree with the city of san bruno saying it does not agree with oversight going forward. >> we respectfully disagree with the idea of an independent monitor. be want to make sure our focus remains, making sure our employees are out there every day, making sure our gas system is belter than it was yesterday -- better than it was yesterday. >> reporter: as we were standing outside live of the headquarters here in san francisco, one of the things we want to -- to remind you this
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action ands fine is only an administrative fine. pg&e still has to deal with civil and criminal penalties resulting from this incident in september of 2010 and this ruling from the cpuc is expected april 9th. live in san francisco, sal castanedo, ktvu channel 2 news. >> we will fob covering that -- following that eevent. a young woman out on her morning jock was struck and killed by a car this morning. police say the 23-year-old-year- old woman was crossing curtola and marin when a car struck her. it happened this morning at 6:00. investigators say speed does not appear to be a fact. the drivinger -- the driver of the dodge stopped. neighbors are angry there's no stop sign and it's the same spot a 9-year-old boy was
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killed by a car five years ago. >> if there was a stop on the corner, that would help a lot for others and for future. >> friends say she lived in vallejo and was studying to be a nurse. she just saved enough money to buy a house. friends and family continue to mourn the loss of a soccer killed on springer in los angeles. his body was found early saturday morning on a freeway about a mile and a half away in los angeles but was not identified until yesterday. he was hit and killed by a car while running across the 10 freeway. he had called a friend saying he needed help just moments before he was hit and killed. authorities didn't know who he was at first because he was not carrying identification. the toxicology report is expected to be complete in a few weeks.
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yesterday, his teammates and coaches gathered to remember his life. >> as you all can imagine, this has been an extremely difficult and trying period. >> the cal athletics department describes him as a wonderful young man who excelled academically and athletically. homeless advocates are speaking out about the problems that continue to grow ever since the city dismantled the jungle, one of the largest encampments in the country. janine de la vega spoke with the homeless and city leaders about getting relief for the estimated 6,000 homeless people living in the city. >> reporter: overnight in san jose, temperatures were in the mid-40s. being able to sleep indoors at this temporary cold weather shelter has been a huge help for the homeless but tonight is the last night the beads are available -- beds are available. >> they pretty much said good luck. we hope you can find a place to go.
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they said be safe. >> i have no idea where i'm gonna go. >> reporter: it's been four months since the jungle was broken down by city crews. nearly 300 people were living there and now they've scattered to new neighborhoods. advocates are asking elected officials for a legal campground with bathrooms and a place to throw out garbage. but city leaders don't want it to turn into another jungle. this summer the mayor says he will launch a series of initiatives. >> one to convert hotel rooms into apartments, safe parking providing spaces where people can park their cars and r vs and live in a place where there's sewer and electrical hookups. >> reporter: this woman used to live in the jungle. she is sick taking numerous
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medications. they found her found some housing but they haven't found a permanent place. >> they need to give us housing, you know. what are we gonna do when we get kicked out? >> reporter: the city is looking for microhouseing, tine nip housing. there are state building code issues that need to be resolved and it could take time but the mayor's going is to have it done this year. >> none of this will be enough to address the thowptses of homeless we have -- thousands of homeless we have. we will need a lot of help. >> reporter: for the homeless getting help now is a priority. but with more resources needed, all they can do is continue to wait. in san jose, janine de la vega, fox 2 news. negotiators are approaching a midnight deadline to come up with a deal to limit iran's nuclear program. they've indicated they might be prepared to work into tomorrow. russia's foreign minister returned to switzerland this
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morning. that's a move he said he would only make if a deal was close. he and john kerry along with their european and iranian counter parts have been working through the day to hammer out a last-minute compromise. >> the chances for surk seeding are great -- success seeming are great they are not00% but the chances are feasible. >> both sides admit major stirking points remain. among them the pace of lifting u.n. sanctions against iran, the types of restrictions and the length of an agreement. there is new information about a standoff with police. what we've learned about the man who faced off with san francisco officers for hours last night. easter is just days away. are we gonna see any spring showers? steve paulson is up next with your complete bay area forecast. a firestorm over a religious freedom law even though indiana's governor says he supports the lay, we'll explain the changes he wants to happen by the end of the week.
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san francisco police now tell us the man detained last night after a four-hour long standoff was armed with a knife. officers say the 44-year-old man was threatening to hurt himself. he barricaded himself inside a home just after of 6:30 one
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block from the golden gate panhandle. he was the only western inside. some people living new york were evacuated or told to shelter in place. after establishing communication with the man, police say he surrendered and was taken to the hospital for evaluation. the national spotlight is on indianapolis over a new state law that some say discriminates against the gay community. here's more on the new efforts to address the controversy. >> reporter: a firestorm of attention is focused squarely on indiana. as you state's lawmakers are forced to defend a controversial new freedom religious law. critics worry the legislation legalizes discrimination against the lgbt community. but governor pence says the law has been miscare actriesed. >> i have come to the conclusion this would be help to move legislation this week that makes it clear that this law does not give businesses a right to deny services to
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anyone. >> reporter: a full repeal of it is unlikely despite calls from democrats to reverse course. >> they may not have a plan. we do. we have the language to repeal the bill. and we also have language which would bolster our acts to cover all individuals in the state of indiana. >> reporter: the wave of negative attention comes as the state prepares to host the final four tournament this weekend. in protest of the bill, several other states are banning official travel to indiana. last night, local leaders in marion county and independent and police passed a resolution -- indianapolis passed a resolution. >> we feel it's our job to do everything we can to let everyone know indianapolis is a welcoming place. >> this bill is a fraud. [ applause ] >> lawmakers in arkansas could vote on a similar bill today.
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later today, church groups protested against the bill in little rock. those groups say they are concerned it could allow widespread discrimination against gays and lesbians. arkansas's governor says if lawmakers pass the bill, he will sign it. hundreds of east bay m.u.d. customers have a bad taste in their mouth due to their water. they say it's cloudy and tastes like metal. east bay m.u.d. does not disagree but is reassuring the water is safe to drink. them say this is directly related to where the water is directed from the reservoir. >> we like to pull water deeper where the water can colder and of higher quality. right now what we did this past week was pull water from higher in the reservoir. at that point, it's warmer. there's more sunlight and more algae. >> east bay m.u.d. pulled water from higher up in the reservoir to preserve the
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colder downstream water for salmon spawning. an agency spokesperson said the issue is expected to linger until the end of the week but it could be a recurring problem so long as the state's drought exists. we're getting to the end of the rainy season. maybe a couple of more sprinkles in the future. >> there are promising signs as we go into april. maybe this sunday and again next week. there are hints of a change that could be more favorable. cooler and breezy. northwest breeze gusting 32 miles an hour. western edge of the golden gate park around fulton and great highway. near the beach chalet saw 50 this morning on top of mt. diablo and mount tam. windy at times. mostly sunny. napa west at 20. northwest santa rosa, gusting 22. gusts to 21 at novato. west at 15. southwest 15. 25 plus throughout the delta. sfo gusts oeferser 30 miles --
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over 30 miles an hour. i think you get the idea. it's a breezy day. and there is a second system. 6 on the temps -- 60 on the temps. it will not be the case today, the 80s. water temps coming down a tiny bit on the buoys. normal is about 52 there. been above for the longest time. low clouds persisted this morning near the coast and peninsula and south bay. as that system slides south it takes most of its energy with it. there will be another system reinforcing there. that will come in to keep the breeze going. windy, breezy and cooler today. it's still mostly sunny. most of the higher clouds and lower clouds are pushing out. a no out about it cooling trend. take it into wednesday. gusts 30 plus. gusts at the surface. out to the delta, carquinez
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strait. foremost there is a wint -- for most there is a hint of a breeze. temperatures are near average to slightly above. there will be a couple of low 70s but not the 80s. santa clara valley, a couple but a lot of 60s on the coast, on the peninsula, temperatures mainly in the 60s and also in the city. 56 degrees out by sunset district. a little chill there. windy and cool there. rebound on thursday/friday. i think something is gonna happen on sunday in the form of rain, tori. >> all right. >> i've been talking about it. it's looking better. >> so you have a couple of models in agreement. >> one is leaning toward the wetter one. >> okay. >> we'll see. >> right. right. >> no plan b yet. >> midweek, we should be getting accurate. >> it will not be warm, i can tell you that. >> okay. break out the sweaters. thank you. well, today's google doodle
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pays tribute to the opening of the eiffel tower in paris 100 years ago. this shows workers painting the tower. the tower was built as the entrance to the 1889 world fair. it's named after the engineer who designed it. it's still the tallest structure in the city of paris. it's iconic but it was controversial when it was built. it was set to be torn down after just 20 years, but by then, it had become an important radio communication site at 1,063 feet it was the tallest structure in the world until chrysler building was built in new york in 1930. more than 250 million people have visited the hour. they weren't even finished but a fire has already damaged east bay homes. what neighbors say could have caused it.
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stocks giving back some of yesterday's gains. an improving job market drove u.s. consumer confidence higher this month after a dip in february. right now, taking a live look at the big board, the dow is currently down 167. the nasdaq is down 39 and the s&p down 15. now to breaking news in san francisco. skyfox is heading now to 8th and harrison street. that's where a san francisco police officer was hurt in a car accident. police say they started getting
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concerned when the officer failed to respond to radio calls. then they learned the police officer had been in this crash south of market. this is the scene right now of the crash. you can see a police car right in the middle of the intersection there. fire officials say the cruiser was hit by a car that apparently ran a red light just about 30 minutes ago. we are told the officer is going to be okay. but once again, this is 8th and harrison. there might be slow traffic at that intersection. a fire in dublin destroyed four homes under construction. they are part of the jordan ranch development near fallom road. all homes that burned were in th early stranges of construction. several people called the fire department saying they could see flames. no other homes caught fire. investigators are still looking for the cause of the fire. there have been reports some people living in the area
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oppose the new development but officials are not commenting on that. the california firefighter who plunged through the roof of a burning house is facing a long road to recovery. his doctor tells the fresno bee that pete durn will need multiple skin grafts after suffering second and third- degree burns over 65% of his body. his protective gear saved his life. claudine wong explains many firefighters are now taking a closer look at the dramatic video. >> reporter: it happens in just a moment. >> that's all ready to ignite. his purpose was to open the roof and let the smoke out. >> reporter: one minute he's on on the -- on the roof. the next minute, he falls through. this man says the first thing the crew did was watch that video together, video released to the media at the request of
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the fresno fire department to show the dangers fire face. >> right before he walks off, he's making that noise and trying to sound it off. >> reporter: that fresno firefighter was doing this. it's called sounding. and in richmond, they train on this structure for that exact scenario. >> we want to be as directly over the fire as possible. that allows heated gases to escape while engine companies are aiding in their visibility. >> reporter: if you watch the video, once the fire breaks through, it only takes about 40 seconds for the inferno to come this. >> all of the fuel went out of the top, it urn abouted -- it burned quickly. these guys are trained -- right now if we have the fire -- to do the same thing. >> reporter: when they look at the video, they don't just see the fire. even with one of their own down -- >> they are still doing their job. >> reporter: how hard is it to
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be this person over here? >> it's superhard. we really care -- about each other. >> reporter: it's the job they signed up. it's tough to watch but they say it sends and a -- a message. >> reporter: again, the fresno fire department wanted this fire out to the public. in a few hours, there's been 3 million views. so it appears that message is getting out. we're working to learn more about that strange kidnapping case out of vallejo. a group who says it kidnapped denise huskins is demanding an apologyfry boon today. police still maintain it was an orky straighted event and huskins and her above were
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involved. we're working to get a response from the police department and learn more where the case stands now. we'll have that at 5:00. thank you for making ktvu your choice for news. you can follow us on twitter and facebook. have a great day.
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