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tv   Right This Minute  FOX  April 6, 2015 3:00pm-3:31pm PDT

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it's a video that will make you wonder -- >> what the heck is going on with that guy? >> the story behind the frantic moment on the road that had a couple freaking out. >> sir, take a deep breath. >> you take a deep breath, lady. i got a zombie on the hood of my car. >> a skateboarder is holding on to get up to -- >> 45 miles an hour! >> why he's cruising for a major bruising. >> oh, my gosh! >> it's a rough day on the job when firefighters discover -- >> a lifeless body of the family dog. >> but see how their swift
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actions and the right equipment make for a happy ending. >> he's alive! plus the smooth guy who's making a few good impressions to land a hot celebrity prom date. >> so you better go with him now, because once he takes off, he'll give you some serious cow bell. >> and dude reached for the car handle but -- >> felt something fuzzy on his hand! >> what was waiting to hitch a ride? >> ah! >> if you've ever been afraid that the zombie apocalypse might be real be very afraid after you see this video. >> what the heck is going on with that guy? >> the poster of this video titled this video real life zombie encounter, up close and personal. driving down the street headed to a friend's barbecue when suddenly traffic was having to move out of the way because reportedly this man lying in the middle of the lane waving his arms and legs and as jason
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stops the car the guy jumps on his hood. >> there's a guy that jumped on the hood of our car. >> listen to the frontic phone call. all the while, jason's girlfriend just crying. did you sto. >> you hear him say to the dispatcher that they have in fact stopped. you hear the panic in his voice, and you certainly hear his girlfriend panicking. but officer from the las vegas police department show up really quickly. >> he's a black male. >> sir, take a deep breath. we've already got a call set up okay? >> you take a deep breath lady. i've got a zombie on the hood of my car. >> according to the las vegas police department today were able to get this man off the hood without incident and he peacefully released his death grip from the hood and voluntarily went to the hospital for examination. no arrests were made. >> i do feel kind of bad for this guy. it must have been a really bad
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situation. but at least he made it to the hospital. >> unbelievable. this kid had a great idea. he thought, i'm going to get on a skateboard hold on to a car, see if i can get my skateboard to 45 miles an hour. >> brilliant. with no helmet or anything else. >> no helmet. nothing. >> i see a big, bad case of the wobbles coming. >> oh, my gosh! >> [ bleep ]. >> things went horribly wrong. the guy fortunately did not get run over. >> that's what i thought was happening. >> oh, my god! >> but watch what he looks like after. >> i was right. there was road rash. >> severe road rash. he was taken to the hospital. apparently no broken bones and he's on his way to recovery. >> i'm shocked to see his head and face are intact. what a dummy.
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i don't feel bad. sorry, dude. glad you didn't get more hurt but i don't feel bad. what a stupid idea. we have learned on "right this minute" that if the police signal you to pull over, you're supposed to what? >> pull over. >> that's not what this guy did. he wasn't even in a car. he was in a horse and carriage and thought, i can outrun the police. and police say they broke a traffic law and they pursued. as you can see there, ran a red light. they want him to pull over. is he pulling over? no he just speeds up. >> this is a terrible vehicle for a get-away. it's not going to get you far. it left the roadway, went on a pedestrian walkway. they say it caused several accidents and they eventually catch up with the horse and buggie. and look at that. that buggie is not going slow right there. the only reason right there, it goes over a rock or something and the driver falls out. they had to transport him to the hospital because he had a big gash in his head.
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that was the only reason the police seem to catch up with him. >> what actually troubles me about all this is the police couldn't catch the one-horse buggie. >> note to self if i rob something in bell aarus it's on horse and buggy. >> you don't see this often, somebody coming to a knife fight with a crate. he was counting the money. sees the guy coming in with the knife. closes the door. the guy with the knife is pounding on it saying open it up. all of a sudden he reaches over. what made him run away? does he have a gun? no. he was just off with the crate. scared the guy and ran off without any money. >> some people have a fear of crates. >> do they? that's a new one. >> apparently this guy did, because he ran off. >> whatever he did, he didn't get away with any money. the people who were pumping gas at the time had no idea what was going on. >> tatouine had luke skieywalkerskywalker.
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this guy is 18 years old and likes to perch on top of birds like pigeons, getting some pretty spectacular views views that you may not normally see. here he is wearing his go pro, but he's typically up there taking pictures of the city so he's fascinated by the different angles and the ever-changing skyline of new york. but to add a little bit more vertigo to his photos he likes to stick his feet dangling over just to give you that impression, that it's you sitting on the edge of the building. >> the love of heights is strong with this one. >> yes. no kidding. he says the highest building he's ever scaled is 72 floors high. besides security the biggest challenge he faces is strong wind when he's sitting on the edge. >> well yeah. >> he's not getting permission to do this if he is facing security issues. he's just climbing up there and then posting. it's probably pretty easy for officials to find him.
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>> so far so good for the guy. no reports of him getting pinched by the po-po. >> this guy wanted nothing more than to be an artist. so he made a drastic choice. find out how he went from homeless to having it all. >> wow! >> that is awesome. >> right? and -- an automatic version of rom romsen's "uptown funk." >> he deserves a grammy for the most interesting interpretation of a hit song. >> see one dude get his groove on with guns, next fefeetet a all day gave me pain here. in my knees. bubut t nonow,w, i i s stetep p onon t this machine anand d geget t mymy n numumbeberr whwhicich h mamatctchehes s mymy d dr.r. scholl's custom fit orthotic inserts. now i get immediatate e relief from my foot pain. mymy k knenee e papainin. . fifindnd a a m macachihinene a at t yoyou'u'rere w welelcocomeme..'re the valet? yea, sorta the valet. bobothth d dririveve f foror a a l living, bobothth l likike e toto s savavee money on car insurance and we both know you may not get
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this is peter he lives in new haven, connecticut. was a general contractor for more than a decade of his life but his passion was art. >> every so often, i would have dreams of me actually painting and i'd wake up and it would feel so real that i would still
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have the feelings and emotions of the dream. >> when the housing market crashed several years ago, that started affecting his ability to earn a living. so he made a drastic choice. he sold everything including his home so that he could be an artist. he tells his story in this video posted to the youtube channel. >> i jumped on the bus with about $500 and i made my way to palm springs, california. and my grandiose thinking i'll be able in six months to put this whole thing together and i'll be making money just like that. and that wasn't the reality. >> he ended up being homeless. but he had this gift that he didn't want to let go to waste. >> it's definitely a choice if you choose to just focus and put all your energy toward something, eventually you're going to get a brain. my big jumpoff was at a 60-foot statue of marilyn monroe. a couple years ago on
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thanksgiving, my neighbor didn't have anything to eat, so it motivated me to go to a portrait of marilyn to meet that need for my neighbor. and it turned into a day job. after a year went by i sold over 700 portraits of marilyn monroe. i decided these go in the tool box. >> wow, that is awesome. >> he says success was a choice but his choice was to only earn his money doing his art. just think if he had quit. >> it's amazing to take something that you're so passionate about, and on a daily basis, it's the first thing that you think of when you wake up in the morning and it's your last thought before you fall asleep. and if those two things happen on a daily basis, you know that's what you're meant to do. firefighters in oak park, illinois working on this structure fire. it is unoccupied at the moment. but there is a family that lives in that house. the firefighters are now in their overhaul stage. they're working their way through the house. they've knocked down the main part of the fire.
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and it's up to them to find any hot spots that may be around. they're going to extinguish them. while inside the house, it's also a firefighter's job to find things and pull them out of the house. look what firefighters found here. the lifeless body of the family dog. >> oh! this breaks my heart. >> after they lay the dog down on the ground the man in the black jacket says this. >> he's alive. >> he's alive! >> if you look closely, you see the chest of that dog rising and falling. that is romulus. more than a 100-pound mastiff. they're putting together an air mask specifically designed for animals and they begin feeding air to romulus. other firefighters begin rubbing him down giving him reassuring pets. this is a happy ending story. the family was out of town when this fire broke out.
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firefighters also saving other animals from inside the home. you see them load romulus up into the back of a small hatch back. they whisk him away to the veterinarian where he is recovering. in the video, you don't see him get to his feet. reports say that he will be just fine. this guy jim has a thing for guns obviously. but he's also a really good musician. he's part of a band in nashville called amber's drive. watch the music he can make combining his passion for both of these things. using his gun, his drum kit. he breaks into "uptown funk" by mark ronson featuring bruno mars. >> he deserves a grammy for the most interesting interpretation of a song. >> basically, you know when he finishes it, everyone's going to clap. no one's going to tell him it
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was crap. >> who knew gunfire could be so funky? >> he also did a cover of the song from "pitch perfect" with guns of course. that video got more than 4.3 million views. >> i got my ticket for the long way round. two crocs and mom's tough spot. >> look at that big crocodile smile on her face. >> see what happens next "right this minute." and still to come he's trying to land a movie star prom date so he got some famous friends to help him out. >> the christopher walk. making a few good first impressions to win her over. >> it's great. >> i know. plus why this kid's in a squeaky situation. >> no! are you sure?
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itch. selslsunun b blulue.e. frfreeeedodom m frfromom d danandruff. she's spreading it on a little thick. chris couldn't help feeling jealous. oh! why hello there. my name is brian real and i go to st. augustus high school. >> brian real. >> the video grabs you. you already love this guy. you heard him say hi odea. he's talking about odea rush, best known for her role in "the giver" and "the odd life of timothy green." >> every year our high school does a special thing. a special tradition called prom. >> this is a video wanting her to attend the prom as his date. >> in the next minute or so a few buddies of mine are going to give you some reasons of why you should go with me to prom. hey, odea it's me christopher
3:20 pm
walken. yes, the christopher walken. >> oh, my gosh. >> now, brian is a man of great taste. which is why he's asking you, boom -- >> not only is christopher walken vouching for brian. >> hi odea. how are you? it's me arnold. i bet you're doing great with your new movies coming out and the acting. it's great. i know. but this brian guy, he's funny, he does impressions. he likes to do impressions of the christopher walken. >> oh but things go fuzzy, because someone really important has a message. >> greetings ms. rush. i am president barack obama. and i am here to vouch for my good friend brian. >> oh, my gosh. how can you say no to this guy? you can't. he's great. >> and who else could possibly be giving brian a thumb's up? >> you're probably wondering why the heck should i go to a dance with this guy? well asking a girl out to a dance or a date is tough to begin with. it's a tough life for a guy.
3:21 pm
now it takes cajones to do that. that's why you should go with brian to prom. >> i can't hand it. i want to find odea and tell her go with him. >> i leave you with one question. odea will you go to prom with me? i swear, after watching this video, i never want to drive a car ever again. because i don't have to get into it. i think you all might have the same reactions. the guy recording this video had tried to open his car door. i should mention this is in australia. felt something fuzzy on his hand. >> under the handle like where the handle is? >> yes. so they spray it right? and then they wait. and right about here you see something come out and say hello. >> ah! >> hairy legs. >> tell me this doesn't give you the heebie-jeebies. >> that thing starts coming out
3:22 pm
ever so slowly. got it riled up. it's so bad! is that a crab? >> that's a huntsman spider. and it's not as big as they can potentially get. >> from that very freaky moment to a very squeaky moment. and i really do mean squeaky. this kid followed a whistle. >> are you sure? >> there are a pack of dogs outside the hospital door right now. they're like where is it? where is the toy? >> what do you give them? let it pass? >> something that big, they're going to have to take it out. they're going to have to extract it. >> poor baby. first, she asks him to be in her movie. >> he said heck, yeah, but more because he likes her. >> see how like tned into love and a movie date turned into a wedding.
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build took closer to 40 hours. >> wow. we like to mess with people a little bit. >> frank and greg benson they're at it again with prank it forward. this is the love story of mario and elaine. they fell in love when she was making a zombie movie. she asked him to be an extra. he said heck, yeah. mostly because he liked her. immediately they fell in love.
3:26 pm
he proposed. she said yes. but things change very quickly. she was diagnosed at 30 years old with hodgekins lymphoma. as soon as their lives became more about her health. they seemed to become heavily in debt with medical bills, so a wedding was really no longer a feasible plan. >> and that's where we come in. >> yes, that is exactly where these guys come in. because they are about to make that dream come true. >> elaine thinks that she and mario are just going out far regular date night at the movies. >> this is unlike any movie date they've ever been to. she's there by herself. a very special trailer starts playing. >> fate would bring them together. >> i was just wondering if you wanted to be -- >> a zombie extra? i thought you'd never sksm. >> this is so weird. >> mutual love of zombies. >> cut! >> because when it's right, you just know. >> i think i'm in love. >> it hasn't clicked yet, i don't think. >> no but it will soon. >> finally, on an ordinary day
3:27 pm
to the movies mario would get up to go to the bathroom. >> i love the sense of humor! >> and then the lights in the theater would come up and mario would stand up in the front row and say -- >> i love you. >> he starts telling her how much he loves her. the theater full of their family and friends. >> if marry me right here right now. >> dinner movie and a wedding. >> this is so cool! >> this is the gown that your sister picked out for you. >> speechless. >> watch her come down the aisle. >> she looks great! >> gorgeous. >> their vows are amazing. >> i never expected you to be there for me through thick and thin and the way you have stayed through everything. you were the one. >> aw he is her man. they are declared husband and
3:28 pm
wife but there still is a surprise. >> we are sending you on an all expenses paid trip to hollywood, california to get to see the sights in ohio. >> it's not just a trip to hollywood. they've been in debt. >> they wanted to present you with a check. $20,000! >> oh man. >> oh, my gosh. >> it's amazing that he uses the internet to do so much good. that's going to do it for us here at "right this minute." thanks for joining us. we'll see you next time.
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firefighters are digging hard to free a woman who realized -- >> oh, darn. i'm stuck. >> she's 82 years old. and those walls put the squeeze on her. >> don't know what could she possibly need between two buildings, but she got stuck. it's a perfect sky dive, until it's not. >> and of course the famous words. he realizes he's in trouble. >> holy [ bleep ]. >> see how he gets out of a tangled mess. >> wow!


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