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tv   Right This Minute  FOX  April 11, 2015 11:00am-11:31am PDT

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hidden camera catches a woman sneaking into a room. >> looks like she's up to no good. >> the crime that got her busted. a snowmobiler is headed for the peak when -- >> the peak decides to come down and meet him. >> see the moment he's swallowed up by an avalanche. a dad pulls a magic trick, telling his teenaged daughter -- >> i made the coin disappear. >> what happens when she tries to see through his charade. and he's gorgeous she's gorgeous and they travel the world doing gorgeous things from snowboarding to
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parachuting. meet the beautiful couple just built for instagram. you guys are about to see sticky fingers paraded all over your computer screen. this first one, 29-year-old haley adams walking into this bedroom. she's looking around. looks like she's up to no good. >> sneaking around. she's doing the if i step quietly and crouch down no one will see me. >> this is the bedroom of 89-year-old william tanner. this woman is the mother of tanner's great grandchildren. >> she's stealing from him? that is gross. >> the reason there's a camera in this bedroom, tanner's daughter started noticing that his money was missing. often, over a 12-month period. >> how do you do that? how do you steal from someone you consider your family member? >> where do you take it from there? >> you take the video to police.
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that's exactly what the family did and this woman has been convicted of theft. she will no longer be able to go to the house, obviously. she's got six months worth of community service and six months worth of supervision. she's also going to be forced to pay a fine. >> this guy ever going to see his money? she ever going to be forced to pay it back? >> yes, she has also been forced to compensat guy with sticky fingers. this time at boardwalk burgers and fries. watch again. the person working up front went in the back to get the burger ready. you watch him stick his hand right in the tip jar and take $5 right out of it. but he slips that $5 look in his pocket and look he smiles right into the camera. >> what a doofus. >> almost like there's got to be a better way. >> it's easy to put tips in but it's easy to take them out. >> it was so easy for this guy that he got away. however, the owners of this burger place have turned this video over to police and they are investigating. they are looking for this fellow.
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considering the amount of dash cams that we see, i think it's fair to say we qualify as experts. i'm going to put it to the test to see if you guys can spot the danger. this first video comes from dash cam owners australia. what dangers are we seeing there? >> i will go with the road. >> the weird intersection that's coming up. >> a tree is going to fall. >> i'm going to guess there's a kangaroo. >> you're the closest. this guy is not paying attention in the white truck when he decides this is a good time he had his breath knocked out of him. he just had some bruises there but totally avoidable, ridiculous accident. >> right. this one from russia. there's a car, there's a straight road there's a blue sky. where's the danger coming from?
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good guess. watch. boom! fortunately, it just basically disintegrates in front of the car. >> is there some sort of insurance scam by trees to jump out in front of moving cars and claim an accident? >> i think you're barking up the wrong tree with that one. you're in summers, new york and you have a raccoon in your wall who do you call? intrepid wild life services. between a shower and commode in the wall is a raccoon. >> how did it get there? >> how do raccoons get anywhere? they are crafty little creatures. they started cutting a hole in the wall just below where the raccoon is. you have to be really gentle because they don't want to cut or hurt the raccoon. he finally gets the hole open and let's say the raccoon is a squatter and doesn't want to go.
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he's got to kind of pull that thing out. it's screeching its head off. watch as he puts him in the cage. >> oh, my gosh. that thing is angry. >> i swear you can hear the raccoon say ow! >> we go from extraction to complete total absolute cuteness. right there is booty. booty was rescued because since birth he was kept in a cage, didn't move. >> that's right. that's him? >> yeah. when international animal rescue rescued him, whenever they would even move him, he couldn't move. he was in pain. this poor little creature was only served condensed milk. now you can see him right there -- >> he looks so good! >> he does look so good. but here is booty's new friend. this is jenny. what they are eating is guavas and they are hanging it up so once they are released into the wild they are used to grabbing their food and picking it up and eating it. >> look at their faces. they look so happy together. they look like bffs.
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spring has sprung right? but the snow on this mountain hasn't sprung yet. video on the youtube channel of curtis johnson storming up the mountain before he gets to the peak the peak decides to come down and meet him. there it goes. the snow has sprung. >> turn around, turn around! oh, no! >> that crumpling crunching sound. the snow all around this snowmobiler. he was out there with friends. >> how long does it take for them to get to him? >> pretty quickly you start hearing the scratching of shovels. about two minutes after that you see his buddies finally get the snow away from the camera that's melted on this guy's helmet. >> that's got to be the longest two minutes of your life. >> do they see me do they know where i am do they have their shovels. yes, they know where you are and digging frantically to take all
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the weight and the pressure off this guy. he's entombed in the snow. >> when you are covered, you don't know how deep you are. it could be two inches it could be 20 feet for all you know. >> they dig him out, takes a couple more minutes before they can get his arms free. at one point, his buddy's stepping on his leg. towards the end, thankfully you see this guy free himself and sit up from this snow. >> never has a bad bowl of chili at the resort sounded so good. >> they dig him out and his snowmobile. everybody got out of this okay. caught on camera. an inconvenient birth. >> that's the back of a police car. some bad stuff has probably been back there. >> baby needed to come. you see a last second baby assist next. plus these guys head to water to do some trick stuff. >> are they going to be pulling off tricks? >> see them show off.
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talk about the miracle of life. in this case happening in the back of a police car in brazil. the child, as you see here has already been born. it's still in the back of the police car. that is a doctor that is attending this child, right here, trying to get the baby to cry. you can tell by all the people speaking that a large crowd has gathered to see this. the doctor continues to work on the baby. the mother's still in the car, umbilical cord still attached. >> this woman not getting a lot of privacy, you know? whole crowd of strangers gathers to watch the birth. it's a beautiful thing but it's not necessarily the thing you want people you don't know watching. >> you do hear that doctor finally gets the baby to cry.
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eventually he is able to cut the umbilical cord after struggling a little bit and then they take a blanket and they finally take the baby into the hospital. happy birthday to this baby. >> they got a whole staff there. looks like maybe the police car pulls up to the hospital right? so many medical personnel there. >> this is definitely something you do not see every day. if you basically fill your time by creating trick shot videos on youtube, you've got to get up pretty early in the morning to impress the people here unless you are this guy. they have teamed up with a hydro flight athlete to pull off some slick moves. >> whoa! >> this is just the beginning. they pull off some pretty cool ones. i am honestly a little
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skeptical. how did they make this video? it's just so hard to believe they were able to pull this off. >> there's the hover board and he gets the board board out and starts doing some tricks with that. >> i really do want to know how many tries this takes. is it 47 times and then they finally sink the basket? >> it gets even more impressive when we see the skills when he adds an extra person. it's kind of like ballet slash gymnastics slash flying slash boarding at the same time. in my opinion, they have invented a new sport, flying team water basketball. because there's two people involved they've got a basketball they are both flying they pick it up hit it with a baseball bat, boom! >> i just can't believe that this is possible. you think your life is cool?
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you're about to feel really uncool when you see the lives of these two. i guess you could say the life of these two because they do a lot of these experiences together. we are talking about the life of jay alvarez and alexis wren. jay is an extreme sportsman. his girlfriend the gorgeous blonde is a model. they just travel the world and do all kinds of cool stuff from snowboarding to parachuting. gale's leaving the set. >> i am so boring i couldn't take it anymore. too much fun going on with these two. >> it's getting real fun now. >> they are so gorgeous too. no matter what kind of picture or video they post they just look like some kind of ad. between the two of them they have more than two million followers on instagram. let's show you their pages, because once you see these photos you're just going to feel
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much less cool than you felt before you saw these. >> why are we -- what's the point here? >> the point is to get out there and to explore. that's what jay and alexis both say. get out there and explore the world. >> but you can also tell from their pictures that they really care about each other. that's what is cool. >> you do see a lot of love and you do see a lot of fun. i see your jaw dropping. yes, they're jumping out of a hot air balloon. >> an airborne nerf battle. that's rad. >> what do you want to do next, sweetie? it's all fun and games until you decide to prank your buddy. the cruel joke in midair. >> oh, my gosh. what did he do? and first, she asks him to be in her movie. see how like turned int love and aed
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[ inaudible ]. obviously that guy knew what he was doing. you have to throw the beginner out of the plane. >> you don't prank the beginner! >> this prank may be more suited for the beginners out there. you're going to want to try this on your family and friends out there. take a coin put it underneath the bottle tell everybody around that's watching mi'm going to do some magic. they can see the coin through the water. once i cover it up and do my magic trick, check again and see if you can see that coin. the coin disappeared. it's the water bottle prank and it's sweeping the internet videos like this popping up all over the place. all the guys in the room are in on this prank. they're getting that guy. >> why did he fall for that? that's my thing. >> make him feel it's a magic trick. put some wonder into it. you can see, now i'm going to make it vanish. okay. okay.
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>> it's fun, it's easy, it's harmless. the bensons are at it again with prank it forward. this is the love story of mario and elaine. they fell in love when she was making a zombie movie. she asked him to be in it he said heck, yeah. immediately they fell in love, he proposed, she said yes, but things changed very quickly. she was diagnosed at 30 years old with hodgkin's lymphoma and their lives became more about her health. they soon became heavily in debt with medical bills and so a wedding was no longer a feasible plan. >> that's where we come in. >> yes, that is exactly where these guys come in. they are about to make that dream come true. >> elaine thinks she and mario are just going out for a regular date night at the movies. >> this is unlike any movie date
11:22 am
they have ever been through. she's there by herself, a very special trailer starts playing. >> fate would bring them together. >> i just thought you wanted to be -- >> a zombie extra? thought you would never ask. >> true love of zombies. >> cut! >> because when it's right, you just know. >> it hasn't clicked yet, i don't think. >> no, but it will soon. >> finally, on an ordinary date to the movies mario would get up to go to the bathroom. >> i love the sense of humor. >> and then the lights in the theater would come up and mario would stand up in the front row and say -- >> i love you. >> he is telling her how much he loves her. the theater is full of their family and friends. >> right now, right here. >> dinner movie and a wedding. >> let's get you guys ready to
11:23 am
get married. >> this is the gown your sister picked out for you. >> watch her come down the aisle. >> she looks great! >> wow. >> gorgeous. >> their vows are amazing. >> i never expected you to there for me through t you stayed through everything. i just knew you were the one. >> he is their man. they exchange rings, they are declared husband and wife but there's still a surprise. >> we are sending you on an all expenses paid trip to hollywood, california. you get to see the sights in hollywood. >> not just a trip to hollywood. >> they wanted to present you with a check, $20,000. >> oh, man. >> oh, my gosh. >> it's amazing that he uses the internet to do so much good. dude reached for the car handle but felt something fuzzy on his hand.
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eye, 100 points, perfect shot. cat attack. >> oh! i swear, after watching this
11:27 am
video, i never want to drive a car ever again, because i don't have to get into it and i think you all might have the same reaction. the guy tries to open his car door. i should also mention this is in australia. he felt something fuzzy on his hand. >> under the handle like where the handle is? >> yes. so they spray it, right? then they wait. right about here, you see something come out and say hello. >> don't tell me this doesn't give you the heebie-jeebies. >> he touched it with his finger! that thing starts coming out ever so slowly. you see that it's riled up. >> is that a crab? >> that's a huntsman spider. it's not as big as they can potentially get. from that very freaky moment to
11:28 am
a very squeaky moment. i really do mean squeaky. this kid swallowed a whistle. >> no! are you sure? there are a pack of dogs outside the hospital door right now that are like where is he, where is the toy? >> what do you do? let it pass? >> something that big, they're going to have to take it out. >> poor baby. that's it for us here at "right this minute," everybody. thanks for joining us. see you next time.
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