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tv   Right This Minute  FOX  April 15, 2015 9:30am-10:01am PDT

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a suspect going for broke in a bmw. a video monitor shows a little girl in her crib. >> that is 19 months old azsophia. >> would you be able to pass a fifth grade spelling test? >> your teacher might be
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disapinted. >> plus dad stuck in a tight spot even if he doesn't know it. and he's a funny guy with a trick arm. >> let's do this. how that comes in handy when he pranks people in an arm wrestling match. we all love a good dash cam especially when they're from police cars. the first one from birmingham u.k. that's the passenger getting out of the vehicle. pulls over and distracts the police officer for just a second so the driver can take off in what police believe to be a stolen bmw. now the chase is on. the car getting up to high speeds through traffic. lots of people on the road going through red lights and busy intersections, weaving around other traffic. eventually this chase does end when our driver here tries to go up on the sidewalk. >> woe man.
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>> there's some style of concrete post the car couldn't squeeze through. the police did catch up with the 29 year old suspect. more dash cam from seattle. the vehicle takes off slowly. the car this dash cam is in is a police car and you hear sirens plus the driver in that police car up ahead in the right side is not a cop. it's this guy right here who walks right in front of the police car earlier in the video. police car unlocked and running. officers were running on something. he jumps in and takes off. why? what are you going to do with a police car? now you see the police car get speed and take off. he's quickly intercepted by other officers coming down the street. the car comes to a stop and thankfully without incident at gun point the suspect gives up peacefully gets out and gets on
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the ground. >> it is the worst. >> police believe he may have been under the influence of alcohol. >> you're watching videos from a baby monitor. that is 19 month-old. when you buy cribs you consider your child's safety but watch what she manages to do in this crib. she starts climbing over the edge and on the side. there's a horizontal opening just wide enough for her body but not wide enough for her head and before you know it she is dangling from her neck. i guess it was a baby monitor. her mom saw what was happening from a different room and immediately went over to save her child had this monitor not been rolling, this could have been a completely different story. >> just thinking about it i
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didn't see it. i'm looking and thinking it didn't seem so bad. kids find a way into everything. it's a miracle. >> apparently there was another similar incident with the same type of crib. the accompany in the u.k. imported these from china diddo a recall after seeing a video realizing this is a dangerous crib. now, the video is getting a lot of attention because the director of the furniture accompany that sold these cribs which is given a suspended sentence by the court because he plays in an unsafe product in the u.k. it met the chinese safety standards but not the british. fortunately, it was discovered before a major tragedy occurred because of these cribs. >> we're currently screaming through south africa. everything's going according to
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plan but it wouldn't be on right this minute if everything went according to plan. he goes to open his shoot. the opening was extreme and knocked the wind out of him and now he's heading down towards the earth. he quickly cuts away opens his new shoot and goes for it. his helmet comes flying along with a lot of other equipment. all this stuff is spread out all across the city. >> yeah but not the most important piece of equipment. that was a back up. >> it tumbled all the way down to the ground. but now a few seconds after it lands, check it out. some of the locals it was a go pro and a helmet. >> in the end they actually look
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it back. they asked for money and he was reunited with equipment. there was damage to his backpack and stuff like that. >> i have never seen a midair yard sale like that just from cutting away. that's scary. you better check everything. >> not too long ago beth shared the story being a journalist who back in 2011 said i want to find my double gainer. because i say in the world there might be seven people who look like you. she did find someone. >> it was like looking at an older person. >> that sparked these guys to do something. we're trying to find our twinstraers from anywhere in the world. >> these three people are trying to find their twin strangers in the world. >> two weeks later liam got to meet her identical stranger.
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you tell me do you think these girls look alike? >> from the side look at their noses. if someone tried to do this project 10 years ago it would have taken 10 years. now with social media you have someone from the other side of the planet that's your mirror. >> they start putting on make up because they want to make themselves look more alike. can you imagine how freaky it is to be looking at someone who looks just like you? >> that's bizarre. >> i cannot get over this. this is crazy how identical they look. >> what if you dated one of the girls and it did i want quiet work out but you liked her look. maybe the personalities are different enough you get along. >> a run worth watching. >> he impressed himself and buddies at the end. >> i know you like your nails.
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into a technical ali double flat spin and moving on to the double back flip over the ax. finally polishing off the run with a 450 on the down rail. >> that's an ultimate win there. >> 100%. it looks like he's wearing a go pro the whole way down so you can see the hang time he gets. he's anti gravity in the air. look at that. >> i think he impressed himself and his buddies at the end. >> two classic examples of you're doing it wrong. this is not how you clean your
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windshield. >> not sure what happened here. >> mom, what do you think i'm doing, laying down? >> mom tries to help him out. she's laughing so hard. >> everybody's goatetting a good laugh. he realizes how silly his predicament is. in the middle of all this he says he's becoming hydro phobic. i think he means claustrophobic. >> i like to sit there and try and figure out.
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this guy, this is on youtube. what he's doing is taking this go pro and he's going to take it out and do it from his perspective and even then going to figure out how he does it. >> tonight you're going to be the magician. all you have to do is put it on top. that's going to bring your cards to the top of the deck like that. do you got once or twice? >> once. >> you got to do double time. i should have warned you. double tap. excellent. that should bring your cards right to the top of the deck. >> all at the same time you're watching how slick he is at what
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he does. >> years and years of practice is all it takes to do this stuff. >> i want to point out the most impressive part of his imaginemagic. if you look closely, four attractive women paying attention to him. >> it's a rare kind of bird. >> that's actually a european eagle, al. >> find out where it lands. >> it looks like it could have pierced the skull. >> of course it is. >> and time for a little spelling bee challenge. >> my fifth grade teacher going to be very disappointed at me right now. >> see the results next.
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closed captioning provided by. bebeining g frfreeee f froromm dandruff feels great. maximum strength selsun blue tatargrgetets s dadandndruruffff wiwipipingng o outut flflakes and itch. selslsunun b blulue.e. frfreeeedodom m frfromom d danandruff. ifif y youou c canan't't s shuhut t dodownwn at bedtime yoyou'u'rere n notot a alolonene.. geget t nonon-n-hahabibit t foformrmining g ununisom toto f falall l asasleleepep f fasast.t. ununisisomom.. a a ststreressssfuful l dadayy deservrveses a a r resestftfulul n nigightht. right there is an eagle owl. >> eagle owl? it seems unfair. having two cool first names.
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>> someone must have coached it to her. it went straight to her head. just an amazing experience. think about it to have an owl that big and beautiful to land on your head and not take you out. >> good thing she put her hood up. those thoseal lons looked like they could pie her skull. >> this bird you can easily find anywhere. probably a pet shop or breeder. watch what this bird loves. >> that's scooter. scooter loves the vacuum. when the owner brings it out it's like time to get a head ma sanl. you know how cats
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do. >> going to the salon. getting a blow dry. >> it's playing dead. >> it's called the g 4. they just released this week this is some of the footage of the boat they put out. it flies. >> they've taken the whole thing and combined the theory. >> yep, those wings underneath are hydro and when it gets to a certain speed the boat rises up
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out of the water and sails along. you can see yeah, the wine glasses showing incredibly smooth this boat sails. you're going over the waves. this is incredible. look at it. >> this is being called the world's first sailing cruising yacht. it's easy for people to talk about kids today and the fact they can't spell. you know what are we forgetting how to spell? the guys at buzz feed are taking a fifth grade spelling test. >> first up mediterranean. this is where it gets tricky. >> already people are finding it
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hard. >> err. >> ian. mediterranean. >> yeah. >> having to failed at quiet a few takes. spelling is a privilege. see how they do. >> what did i do? >> it just keeps getting worse. see if it continues with diarrhea. >> heaa. >> yes. i gave them this spelling test and have the results. how is everybody feeling? >> my fifth grade teacher is going to be very disappointed in
9:52 am
me now. >> she may be disappointed because the only word you got right was misspelled. interestingly you and christie both had six attempts and you failed at diarrhea. your diarrhea was correct. >> thank you. >> i never know how to spell that. i know how to spell peptobismol though. >> i was a spelling bee champion in elementary school. >> they team up for a lip sync of carly ray jepson. watch the pairing that includes some mega stars. >> that must be incredible for her to have stars that big parity herself. e fofounundadatitionon for healthy plants just l likike e gugumsms a arere t thehe foundation for healthy teeth. nenew w cocolglgatate e tototatal l momoututhwhwash for gum health. itit k kilillsls g gerermsms a andnd f forormsms a protective shield fofor r 4545% % ststrorongngerer g
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>> we're going to have to try this gail. bring me your hand cuffs. >> i don't have any. >> carry ray jepson seems to have cornered the market of phones that seem to be a parity. early in march she posted the latest video to her song i really like you featuring tom hanks. well it's already starting to get parity. the first one is sword edge in a series called the band jam. they're lip syncing and as the song goes on. >> i think i really really
9:56 am
really like you. ♪. >> more people join in. they're already in the vehicle and they pop up. it's a catchy song. very familiar faces lip this song. grande and beiber. >> it must be incredible for her to have stars that big parity her song. >> we've all done it. this is just with the next level. >> it's the new generation and this is what is happening. >> for today's prank i'm going to a clenl to challenge people to an arm wrestling contest. >> this is riley and he has a body tick. >> what they don't know is they're about to break my arm. >>
9:57 am
oh. >> they hear the arm crack. >> should you call somebody? yes, you need a doctor clearly. >> did you hear the crunch? are you double jointed? >> that was mean. >> i can barely move it. >> wait. >> no. >> stop it. okay. >> what the held. >> the arm believable. the acting, not so much. >> there's something creepy
9:58 am
abt this. >> i cracked my arm. >> oh god. oh my god. >> that's going to do it for us at right this minute. thanks for joining us, everybody.
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. >> announcer: live from new york city, it's the "wendy williams show." today wendy is sounding off on all the juiciest hot topics and
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star of the hit series, "the game," brittany daniel is here telling us whole to expect in the surprising last season. plus, food network star, katie lee shares her favorite warm weather recipes. so bring on the heat. now here's wendy! [ cheers and applause ]


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