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tv   Right This Minute  FOX  April 23, 2015 3:00pm-3:31pm PDT

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. disturbing video of a woman disciplining a child. creating outrage on the internet. it's a beautiful shot from a drone. at 102 years old, this former course girl seen a lot of things. >> but never seen herself on camera dancing. >> the remarkable moment she finally gets the chance.
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plus get the buzz word for your shot at a new ipad mini. see how i landed a real fox on my arm and meet 2-year-old molly who. >> loves cheese. >> while keeping the wenldge away from mom has her covered. >> they'll be covered with all kinds of bugs. it's a video of a mother disciplining her son. it gets to a level just flabbergasted. she felt like a hand towel and whipping it across her hands and face the entire time while screaming at him. you can hear how loud she's hitting him. this is from another apartment
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building. she put the finger right in his face. >> she is threatening this child with his life. >> i don't know what's going through her mind as she hangs her son over the seventh floor of this apartment building. she's not done yet. she pushes him a little further and hangs him by one leg saying have you learned your lesson? >> what could a child have done? >> nothing to have deserved this. >> this is not a debate over a spanking. she hung her child off a building.
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>> these drones getting a beautiful shot of the beach way off in the distance. that speck there, that's ryan the pilot of this drone. watch what happens in this video. you'll see ryan getting bigger and bigger. that's because ryan is in full sprint because the drone has lost contact with its transmitter transmitter. you can see it drift down. it comes running down that breaker there. the most dangerous part he captures an expense evidence piece of equipment. saves it just before it crashes down in the water. i'm in a dangerous situation here. >> great video too. >> perfect timing wow.
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>> that was a very expensive drone. in this juking video a guy is capturing a time lapse shot 40 floors up. you see a little bit of movement in the video and then suddenly there's a lot of movement. >> he can still hear the street below. >> minutes later somebody picked up the phone. can't quiet see any images but still. >> i want to know. >> this story is going to capture the hearts of all my melancholy fools out there. >> this just so beautiful. this lady is alice barker. she was a line dancer and danced at clubs such as the apollo the
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cotton club with people like frank sinatra and bill bojangles robin son. robinson robinson. >> she's seen some stuff. >> living history. >> she's never seen herself on camera dancing. mark can'ter found three of her videos and put them on this ipad went to where she is at and in bed propped up the ipad and started playing them back for her. her first comments. she danced in movies and commercials and tv shows but never actually got to see those played back for her ever. >> i think it's absolutely amazing that at the age of 102
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she can look back and see what she was doing in the 30s and 40s. >> get ready everybody. it's almost time to give away another ipad mini. you're going to need three things. wednesday's buzz word you need to be at least 18 years of anyoneage and a u.s. resident. >> stand by for the ipad give away. >> this is just after lunchtime in idaho. this is the northwest title loans accompany and look who comes inside the door. a robbery suspect with an ugly gun and mask. he's holding everybody up. he wants cash. as you can see he's got the cash register and sees the gray bag
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and he takes it from them and gets away. police are looking for this guy. they had an aerial unit out, k-9. you can see it from another angle. that's him walking in the door. >> he had a huge gun, shotgun or rifle, head covered and gloves on. >> especially for the person who walked in as he was walking out. >> seemed like a strange amount of effort for that much money. >> i don't think he considered how much money they had behind there. he was out for what he could get. >> in england. >> this is a late night. >> this guy not having an amazing time. you can see the guy with the hoodie has quiet the outburst. he tries to run behind the counter. they're able to prevent him from doing that.
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all the sudden you're going to see something fly. that is a stool. these guys have to duck and dodge. when he's done with stools he starts throwing whatever he can find at hand like the caution cone. no word on what sparked the outburst and the owner told the star in the u.k. that he has not had anything like this happen in the 20 years they've been in business. they have not found the guy. they want to know who he is. police with looking for him. >> things are a okay on the road until. >> what the heck just happened? >> what happens when a run away tire hits the street? and see how the fighting ring is. >> yes way.
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until future technology cars take over i don't think we'll avoid incidents like this.
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dash cam australia units look out. >> what the heck just happened? >> the tire falls off the truck, bounces and. >> just missed the windshield of the car and yeah it did hit the top of the car leaving a big solid dent. no injuries to the driver. the tire kept bouncing a little bit as it did in this video. look out. >> from an suv. >> the rear left tire of that black suv. it's an infinity. looks like whoever changed the tire forgot to put the lug nuts on or tighten them down. the tire comes rolling across the street. this car here notices it and puts the breaks on. doesn't likeook like it did any damage. >> i hope the woman on the sidewalk was missed. >> it was going straight towards her. >> there was a rear camera as well and you can see the tire just missed her. i bet a teenager wishes he was missed in this incident. another crosswalk incident.
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this one is tough to watch. >> he was thrown at least 20 feet. >> that 14-year-old boy looks like he tried to run away the crosswalk. he was hit by the car. all the reports we read say this boy only vooefedreceived a seriously broken leg. other than that expected to make full recovery. the car that hit him went on to hit a tree. look at the damage to the car after it hit the tree. a passenger was also treated for an injury. >> wow, how lucky. >> kids think they're invincible. >> he might be. >> mixed marshaltial arts. they wanted to take it old school. these guys are kicking it out
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like knights at the round table. they have swords shields and helmets. >> this is old school with an e. they've got three rounds. at the end of reach round they're scoring it. the way you wind is a knockout submission. this needs to be at the next renaissance. >> well done russia. >> this is coming to america like tomorrow. >> i hope so.
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>> this man has a soft heart for foxes. >> oh my god, these things are so cute. >> i thought you got to call the wildlife world zoo and aquarium to see if they have a fox. >> oh my gosh. >> they're famous because they're the world's smallest species of fox. notice how much fur is there. she has her own sand shoes. >> they're not for petting. how old is she? >> she's about 4-years-old.
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it varies by state. they're timid and nocturnal. when you're ready to go to sleep chances are she's digging at the dirt and making a lot of noise. >> she can make a lot of noise. she was digging in the back. >> can i touch her? >> you always want to pet the back. >> how big are her teeth? >> they're not big teeth but they hurt. >> she's our most exotic guest on the show for sure. >> rescuing drivers and putting his own life on the line on the next right this minute. still to come capturing a different perspective of new york city. >> this is what goes on when you slow down and look a little
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closer. >> this is beautiful. >> see why these little moments make a big difference. plus we have wednesday's buzz word for your chance to win an ipad mini.
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you hear the child crying. >> what was wrong with him? choking? >> there are two different reports on what actually happened to the child. one says he was choking. another says that a television fell on him and broke his skull. either way, the child made it to the hospital and expected to be just fine. >> wow. >> we showed you a similar video back in february and it's from the exact same police department who pulled off a very similar child rescue where an infant was unconscious and they were able to also save the child's life. >> they seem to be pretty quick. >> new york city is arguably the most beloved city in the world.
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it's so easy to miss some of these beautiful moments in that city unless you slow down and take a look like these photographers did. this video called moments is a collaborative film. it's just the diversity and beauty of new york city you would likely miss this speeding through your day rushing on the train or your day at wo. >> w, giving a face to someone in the city so busy like new york city. >> >> you see people in the distance and wonder what they're amount. >> you're actually taking the time to see someone and wonder what it is they're thinking and saying you're right. >> it also shows the
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universality of it all. you're going to see people who are different and they're really not. they're part of a big community. >> you can see it written all over their faces. it's beautiful moments. it's not for the eye of a good photographer. my favorite moment here they notice beauty in the subway. >> time to give away another ipad mini. >> you're going to have to know the buzz word be at least 18 years of age and be a u.s. citizen. enter the buzz word on facebook twitter or both and you can enter it on each every day. >> wednesday's buzz word is night. >> this week we've also got a
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bonus give away where we're going to be giving away a flat screen tv. make sure you pay attention. >> an adorable bandit made off with the cheese. see the battle to get the block back.
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after flipping over a table. >> clearly, she looked really
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good. >> it's amazing what kids will do for the things they love. in this case jessie heats taking his pills. he loves facebook so much his mom negotiated you take your pills, i'll take a video and we'll share it on facebook. he's not done. he has another type of medicine he has to take. >> he's hosting it now. we're all learning and he's look looking cool. >> this next video mom has set the table and put out cheese for her family to enjoy.
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suddenly the cheese is missing, where could it be? this is little molly. she's 2-years-old. loves cheese so much she stole the entire block and taking big bites and somehow manages to blame grandpa. mom tries to take it away and look what she does. she holds on to it for dear life. that doesn't work because mom takes it back. >> nothing to see here folks. >> that's going to do it for right this
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when luca falls out of the kayak, the owner has. >> quiet a time to catch up with the dog. >> see them struggle to get back to safety. a case of road rage. how a terrified driver gets the evidence on cell phone. plus the buzz word for your shot to wenin an ipad mini how christie is getting her easy rider on and a gym nisnast decides. >> i'm going to do a


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